- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Our secret
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

Part 1

Barry didn’t know what upset him the most, his daughter Carolyn’s actions or his own reaction. He and his wife had gone to bed about 11 PM, after receiving a telephone call from their daughter asking if she could stay later at her girlfriend Judy’s house. She told them that Judy’s father would drive her home. (The truth was that the 15-year-old girl was at a party unchaperoned, in her schoolmate’s house.)

Barry awoke about 1 AM to go to the bathroom. Hearing noises from the living room, he went downstairs to investigate.

Carolyn and her boyfriend were so involved and in the heat of passion that they didn’t hear him come down the stairs or enter the living room, walking up in front of the couch.

Barry had initially walked in not expecting to really find anything out of the ordinary, so it was not until he was about four feet away when he saw what was happening. His immediate reaction was to freeze on the spot.

Carolyn was lying on her back with the boy half-standing on the floor and half-lying upon her. Both of the youngsters were obviously beyond awareness of what was going on around them.

His daughter’s blouse was unbuttoned and opened. Her bra was pushed up over her breasts and Austin’s mouth was sucking and slobbering on one of her breasts.

Barry’s eyes moved quickly from one spot to another. He watched in amazement, seeing that his daughter’s jeans were down on one of her ankles and the boy’s hand was inside of Carolyn’s panties, obviously working in her pussy. Her hands were clutching at the back of Austin’s head while her head was tossing from side to side. Her eyes were closed and she was noticeably in an aroused state.

As her father watched, he was sure that they were only moments away from having intercourse. Yet, he could not bring himself to stop them. That was because his own body was betraying his common sense. Upon seeing this scene unfold, his cock immediately had gotten hard and, as he watched, the pressure in his shorts was quickly becoming unbearable. The sight of his half-naked daughter in the throes of passion was so absorbing that Barry could not stop the teens’ actions.

His daughter was thrashing about and moaning.


Her boyfriend pulled his hand from Carolyn’s pussy and moved to pull down her panties. It was when he pushed them down over her hips that she finally opened her eyes. With her passion-filled eyes, she saw her father. Her mind was so befogged with sex and the liquor that she had consumed, that it was not until her panties had reached her ankles that she finally reacted.

As a sudden fear appeared on her face, she let out a shriek, pushing frantically at the boy, in a frenzied attempt to get him off her. She was now totally naked to her Barry’s eyes.

What then followed was simply not believable.

That was because of Barry’s non-reaction. As he stood, the two youngsters scrambled about frantically apologizing, excusing and stuttering. In addition, through the whole episode Barry did not say a word until the end. That was when Austin was fully dressed and the frightened youngsters stood in front of him.

The boy started to say something but stopped as Barry raised his hand like a traffic cop and hissed nastily, “Get out…NOW!”

Thankful for the chance to escape with his life the boy had enough sense to not look a gift horse in the mouth. He made a hasty retreat. Barry then turned to Carolyn. He grabbed her arm with one hand and raised his other hand to act. About to slap her in the face he got a whiff of the alcohol on his daughter’s breath. There was a look of fear in her eyes. Suddenly he thought better of what he was about to do.

He lowered his hand and said, “Get to bed.”

Carolyn hesitated. She was about to say something but she saw the tremendous anger on her father’s face and decided against trying to reason with him or to give him any lying excuses.

As she walked away, she whispered back to him, “I’m sorry Dad.” Then she was on her way upstairs to her room.

When she was gone, Barry sat on the couch and replayed the scene. He didn’t know why he did not try to stop the kids. Thinking back now, he wondered if he would have stopped them if his daughter had not spotted him and they had gone further. All the way?

What bothered him the most was the thought that he wouldn’t have stopped them because of how hot his daughter had looked and how aroused he had gotten watching her hot body moving under Austin’s hands and mouth. He also had truly been fascinated in seeing his daughter totally naked for the first time since she was a little girl.

She’s not a little girl anymore, he told himself.

As he now came back to the present, he felt the pressure in his pants. His hard-on had not gone away. He moved his hand down and squeezed himself. God she had looked so sexy and hot! He knew that this was a forbidden thought but he could not stop it from filling his mind. He had had thoughts about his daughter in the past and he had been able to shake them.

In fact, at one point about a year ago, he confronted this problem. As Carolyn was beginning to fill out, Barry found himself looking at her breasts and buttocks. Frightened with himself he told his wife. At first, Claire threw a fit but after she calmed down they talked it over and she was actually thankful that he told her. She decided that most men had a curiosity about their own daughters and she told Barry to avoid looking at Carolyn’s body in the future. For the most part, he had succeeded.

Now, sitting on the couch, he kept remembering her young firm looking breasts and the hint of bush that he had seen in her pussy area. Most of all he now remembered how sexually excited his daughter had been with Austin.

While he was running this all over in his mind, he began stroking his cock. His mind pictured his daughter’s body as he stroked. The pressure was building as he began mentally visualizing her under him. A groan escaped his lips as the jizm shot from his swollen member onto the hardwood floor. As the final spurt ended, Barry squeezed out one last drop and, as he opened his eyes, he saw that the tables were turned. Carolyn was standing there, with her mouth agape.

As soon as their eyes met, she turned and ran back upstairs to her bedroom.

Barry sat flabbergasted.



Part 2

In the morning, Carolyn came down expecting the worst. It was not to be. She was sure that her father didn’t tell her mother because not a word was said.

Nothing changed on the surface. Yet, from that day forward there was a change, an important one. Until this time Carolyn had never noticed her father’s eyes on her, now she did.

Barry could not help himself. At home with the family, he found himself looking at his daughter more and more. He wondered to himself if he would ever get to see her body again. He secretly fantasized that he might catch her and Austin at it again. Only the next time (he fantasized) they would be fucking.

As the weeks passed, he often found himself getting hard, either from looking at Carolyn, or from fantasizing about seeing her with Austin. He now began masturbating to these visions of her body, or of her frantically fucking her boyfriend.

Whenever his wife was not around his eyes would hone in on his daughter’s chest and buttocks. He did not even try to hide from the youngster the fact that he was looking at her body.

Barry realized that he was in trouble. He not only wanted to see his daughter’s naked body again but if the truth were told, he actually wanted to (God forgive!) fuck her.


Many times now, when he looked at her body he saw her looking back at him. Although she didn’t do anything to encourage him, she didn’t do anything to discourage him either. If she was showing a little too much space under her blouse while bending before him, or if her skirt was a little too high on her legs or her legs were parted a little too much, she made no effort to hide herself.

Barry never brought up the subject to his wife again about his problem of looking at his daughter. He would not dare because his fear now was not that he wanted to look at Carolyn, but rather that he now wanted to fuck her. When he first realized the truth he thought of seeing a priest of a doctor, but he quickly dismissed those ideas, mainly because he knew that there wasn’t anything that anybody could do to cut off his desire.

Soon his imagination led him to plotting how he could go about getting Carolyn to allow him to fuck her. He knew that even though she was only 15 years old that she could tell by his looking at her that he wanted her.

In his number one fantasy, Barry plied the youngster with liquor. Apparently there was something in her genes, he mused, because her mother had had the same problem.

Barry met his wife when she was 16 years old and he broke her cherry the first night that they had some beers at a party. He soon found that she was promiscuous whenever she was under the influence of liquor. She could never fight the urges that alcohol caused her to experience.

Barry assumed that his daughter probably had the same problem because she had been drinking that night that he happened upon her and Austin.


Part 3

It was nearly 7 PM on a Tuesday when his wife called home and informed him that she would not be able to make it home from the day’s business trip in Detroit. She would be staying the night at the Renaissance Hotel.

Barry and Carolyn had pizza for dinner and by 9 PM, they were ready to watch TV. He didn’t usually drink at home but on this night, he opened the bar and took out the vodka. Then he went into the kitchen refrigerator for the orange juice and ice and brought a tray back to the living room.

“Being that mom’s not here to join me, maybe you want to,” he asked her, matter-of-factly.

His daughter looked incredulously at him and with a false indignity she cried, “DAD!”

“Yeah I know,” he said. The he made his drink and sat back down at the other end of the couch from her. He seemed to turn his attention to the TV.

She stared at her father for at least fifteen seconds. “Would you really have let me?” she asked him, and when he turned to face her, she gave a nodding indication toward the drink in his hand.

Now it was his turn to pause. After studying her for a long moment he quietly said, “Maybe.”

Carolyn grinned in disbelief, “Yeah, right!” she retorted.

“Well I’m not stupid enough to think that just because you’re only fifteen doesn’t mean that you’ve never drank before, you know. I mean, Mom doesn’t know but I do.”

She lowered her eyes and became silent.

Barry sipped his drink.

“But would you have? Really?”

“I guess so. If you didn’t tell your mother,” he answered.

She sat confused. When he raised his glass to take another drink she said, “Okay.”

He turned to look at the youngster and her eyes met his almost as a challenge. He grinned, placed his drink on the end table, stood up and went to the bar. He mixed his daughter a screwdriver and brought it back to the couch. He reached out to offer it to her and said, “Our secret, right?”

Tentatively she reached out her hand, honestly believing that he was going to pull it back at any moment and say ‘psych!’ His hand remained extended. She took the glass from her father and smiling, she nodded her agreement to his question.

For the next hour, they drank and watched TV. Barry got up two more times to make the youngster a fresh drink. All during this time, he allowed his eyes to frequently look over at her chest, hoping that she would ‘catch him’ ‘sneaking peeks’.

She did. A few times, she turned and saw that his eyes were moving over her chest and he immediately turned back to the TV when she ‘caught’ him.

Finally, about an hour later when he was handing Carolyn her fourth drink he asked almost nonchalantly, “Were you surprised at me, that time, with you and Austin?”

She looked at her father to gauge his mood. Sensing that he was not building up any anger she smiled and nodded, “That’s an understatement…” and added, “How come you didn’t tell Mom?” Barry detected a slurring in her words.

“Did you want her to know?”

“No!” she said strongly as if she were shocked at her father’s question.

After handing her the drink, he sat back down on the couch. “Did you ever go through with it?” he asked quietly.

“No!” she said more emphatically than before. Then looking over at him she added, “…Our secret?”

He nodded.

The liquor was making her feel brave. She spoke in a soft conspiratorial voice, “Well yeah,” and then hastily added, “But only once.”

Barry forced a smile. He was having a hard time talking in innocent tones. His cock was at full strength within his pants and was actually hurting him. His hour of plying his daughter with drinks, along with his overt ogling of her body and his lecherous thoughts that tonight had culminated from months of fantasizing about her, had his prick throbbing. Her sudden admission that she was not a virgin only inflamed him further. He no longer wanted her to think of him as her father. His mind was quickly becoming obsessed on one thing, and that was his fucking his 15-year-old daughter.

He no longer cared that she was his own flesh and blood. He had been thinking of this night for a long time. Yet, he had enough sense to realize that he needed to go slow. He had no intention of raping the child. He wanted her to consent.

To keep her at ease he spoke as if he was a friend, “How come only once?” he asked, “I mean the way I saw you that night I thought that you two would be shacked up whenever your Mom and I weren’t around. The only other girl that I’ve ever seen so heated and worked up was your mother, years ago.”

Although she was somewhat uncomfortable, she was still feeling very confident because her Dad was talking to her like a grown up. She smiled a somewhat nervous looking smile and added gently, “I guess I was pretty worked up, hah?”

He nodded, “Baby you looked so hot that I swear that if even I was the one who touched you, you would have become excited. I mean, you were really out of it mentally.”

Carolyn did not respond.

Then gathering up his nerve he decided to take the chance. If anything went wrong, he would just deny it and say that she misunderstood.

“Hell baby, you looked so excited that I still can’t get that night out of my mind. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I don’t mean so much about you and Austin as so much as you yourself. You were…well, you were something! I…I’ve had some problems being around you ever since!” he finished nervously and awaited her reaction.

She looked over at him and after about ten seconds of silence she whispered, “I know.”

Barry’s heart was pounding hard in his chest. He kept his eyes on her face, hoping for more from her. His cock was throbbing in his pants.

For at least 30 seconds their eyes held on each other’s. The child’s mind was racing. Her father was sitting there at the other end of the couch talking to her and baring his feelings. It was obvious that he had the ‘hots’ for her and had had them for a long time. Even before that night he caught her and Austin, she had seen her father looking at her. In addition, during these past weeks when his looking was becoming more intense she had even wondered what she would do if he ever tried anything with her.

“Didn’t…doesn’t it matter to you that I’m your daughter Dad?” she probed.

Barry had gotten liquor into her to loosen up her inhibitions. Whether it worked was still to be seen, but it certainly had that effect on him.

Almost in a whisper he replied bluntly, “I…maybe it’s because you ARE my daughter, I don’t know. But let me tell you Carol…when I saw your naked, er, body, and saw how hot and excited that you were, I…I wanted you at that time more than I’ve ever wanted anyone. I was probably hotter then than you were.

“And…now?” she said, her voice barely audible and she gulped at her own brazenness.

He looked nervously up into her eyes and then whispered, “I…still am.”

Carolyn’s little heart was pounding at the illicitness of the situation. This was her own father speaking, but…she did not care! Her eyes had dropped to her father’s pants and she saw the tent in his crotch. She also felt a heat flowing throughout her own loins.

She knew that the next move was up to her. Her father wanted her and finally told her. She had known it and she even suspected that her mother knew it. She had seen him looking up her skirt or down her blouse for months now and deep down she had suspected that this was coming. Now that the moment was actually here, she was frightened. She knew that sex between father and daughter was taboo. She also knew that secretly she wanted to have sex with him. However, she was so afraid.

“Isn’t…wouldn’t it be wrong to do to Mom?” she finally asked.

Barry had not anticipated this question. He suddenly realized that if the did anything it wouldn’t only be himself cheating on his wife but that his daughter would also be cheating…on her mother.

He nodded, “Yeah, it would be, hon,” he answered honestly.

“I…th-think that I’d better go to bed,” she said resignedly, standing up, “I’m sorry Dad, but…I…you’ll…I’m afraid we’ll be sorry.”

His mouth froze. He could not respond.

She walked over to him wavering, kissed him on the cheek and then started out of the room, “It was…I love you Dad…’Night,” and then she was gone, heading off to her bedroom.


Part 4

Barry felt like shit. His daughter had more sense than he did. He finished his drink, shut off the TV and went to his bedroom. Once inside he undressed totally, shut off the light and got under the covers. He was still horny from their conversation and, with his wife gone for the night, at last he would be able to masturbate in his own bed, for the first time in years.

Just as his hand wound around the shaft of his cock a ribbon of light appeared on the wall alongside of him and soon enlarged inside the room. Barry turned his head toward the door and saw the shadow of his daughter closing the door behind her.

“Kar…?” he whispered as he heard her quiet approach.

“I…I don’t know why…” she stammered as he heard a snap of her bra and some movement alongside the bed when she was standing, “…but Daddy, I think I…I want…more than you do!” she said as she climbed up on the bed.

Barry lifted the blanket and she nervously edged herself inside. The heat underneath the blanket from their two naked bodies was as hot as the heat from a furnace.

“Mom’ll never know right?” she whispered.

He gulped and answered, her voice hushed, “Our secret!”

“I…don’t wanna hurt her,” she said softly.

Carolyn moved her body in against her father and he turned on his side to accept her nakedness moving into him.

“Me neither, sweetheart. But I do want you so bad baby,” he said as both of them reached out a hand and placed it on the other’s hip.

Barry’s crotch pressed against his daughter’s and his cock twitched.

“I know Dad,” she responded nervously.

Both of their hearts were pounding inside their chests. Father and daughter were now on the edge of a taboo affair. As the heat overtook them neither was thinking rationally any longer.

Barry’s throbbing hard prick leaked pre-cum from the excitement of his daughter’s young flesh pressed against his. His hand began gently rubbing the child’s hip and, on the first movement of his fingers, he felt her catch her breath and push herself a little harder into him. The liquor had done its job, her body was craving fulfillment.

Barry then moved his hand eagerly over his daughter’s body, first over her hips and curving down to her waist. From there his fingers touched along her quivering stomach and finally moved on to the orange-sized breast, cupping the flesh and feeling her hardened nipple pushing against his palm.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, as her father’s hand began gently squeezing on her flesh. Carolyn felt a pleasurable sensation as he continued kneading her tit. Then he was grasping her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing almost to the point of tenderly hurting. Again, a moan escaped from the child’s lips.

Barry pushed his daughter onto her back as one of his legs moved over one of her legs. His hand continued exciting the youngster and his mouth moved up and began kissing her ear while at the same time his tongue came into action.

Another moan exited from somewhere deep inside of her as she felt her father’s cock twitching against her leg. Suddenly his mouth moved over and his lips lighted pecked at hers. Her heart was pounding wildly with excitement and explosive flashes of pleasure passed through her. There was no holding back for her now. Her body was feeling a desperate need. Then as his lips played with hers his hand moved from her taut breast, moving rapidly downward over her stomach, and was immediately at her mound.

Unable to control her own reactions, Carolyn’s mouth and legs opened, of their own accord. Her hands reached up at the back of her father’s head and she eagerly sought the excitement of his mouth. Hungrily their mouths were opened against one another and his tongue searched greedily inside of the child’s mouth, with a sense of urgency. At the same time, his hand advanced over the short hairs of the child’s mound, and his fingers moved in and gently moved about her clitoris.

“Nnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!!!” she grunted loudly as her pussy pushed up to allow him greater access. She ground herself against his hand as the powerfully thrilling sensations exploded within her. Into his mouth, she was muttering hotly, “Mmmm, ohhhmmmm, oooo Daaaad…I…Ohh-mmmmmmmm.”

She was writhing about as Barry felt his daughter’s pussy become moist and sticky under his assault. She was like a tinderbox as her body was moving about uncontrollably.

“Mmmmmm, baby…oh yeah,” he was talking hotly into her mouth.

His temples were pounding. The frantic child was hotter than any girl that he had ever had. He had to have her now! With their mouths mashing against one another, Barry moved his body, climbed up over her, and placed his lower body between his daughter’s spread legs, moving his hands up on her breasts.

Suddenly her face was fighting him away but her hands were desperately clutching at him, “Mmmm, no…No, Dad, no…please…Oh Daddy don’t, I…I…”

Her father was beyond stopping. His cock was searching for the entrance of the child’s pussy, “Oh yeah, baby. It’s okay…I won’t…it’s okay…I promise.”

Carolyn was still clutching and her body was moving involuntarily under him. Yet she wasn’t ready, “Dad…please I…I…Could you…eat me…I’d like…”

His cock had found her hole and it was pushing through the labia.

“Oh, nnnngggg.” She was groaning as the pleasures ripped through her whole being.

“Can’t wait Kar…I need you baby…Have to now…,” he was babbling as his cock slid deeper into his daughter’s eager pussy, “I’ll…later, baby…I’ll eat my baby later…okay?”

She was in no position to refuse because her body was clinging to his for salvation and she was thrusting her hips up eagerly to receive his thrusting body. Her legs were spread to their maximum, and when her father’s cock finally was completely inside of her, she wrapped them around his hips and legs.

As Barry’s cock finally was totally inside of his daughter’s cunt, he too began moaning. Carolyn’s pussy was as tight as a vice and he felt it clutching at him as he pulled back his body. They were both wild with each other.

Finally, the naked flesh of father and daughter was pushing and pulling wildly, pounding at each other’s hips, and their hands clutched desperately at each other’s body.

“Oooooo…Dad…oooo, mmm, yeah, yeah…”


Although he was fucking into her, Barry had all that he could do to hold on to her as she wildly moved beneath his body.

“Oh baaabee…oooo,” he muttered, “I’m…I’mmmm ohhh I’m gonna have to pull out…I’m gonna cum…”

With those words, his daughter’s clutches became so tight that he could not have pulled out even if he had used all of his force, which he didn’t. Looking down into her face, he saw a look of lustful abandonment. She was no longer there in mind, only in body. Moreover, that body wanted only one thing fulfillment total fulfillment!

“Cumm, ohhh, oh, oh, Dad, Daddy, cum please cum, cum…in me, hurry, hur-oooo, yeah yeah meeeeee too, ooh Dad, I…I love…oooo, Give it to meeeeeee! Nnnnnnngggg!”

Unable to help himself Barry began shooting his load into his daughter’s waiting vagina. Spurt after spurt as she clutched desperately at him with all of her strength, as her own climax shattered her brain’s sensibilities. She wanted every drop of her father’s juice…and she got it!

Finally, he rolled off her body and they both lay there sweating and panting, side by side. Barry reached out his hand and sought hers. The he tightly held her hand in his. A swell of pride filled his head amidst a terrible feeling of guilt.



Part 5

The pounding in Carolyn’s chest began to subside. She moved slightly and felt a total wetness between her legs, “Dad…?” she whispered in the semi-darkness.

“Yeah sweetie?”

“Can…Will…will I get…pregnant?”

Barry tightened up and she sensed it. He had been preparing to ask her if she was possibly on the pill but he knew even without asking what the answer would have been. Her question to him only confirmed that.

“I don’t know baby…I…I don’t know,” he responded honestly.

“If I, er, do get…pregnant…What happens?”

“I’m not sure…I…It depends what you…we’ll have to see.”

There was a pause in the conversation for about a minute and then she asked, “Do you…do you think that I’m bad, Dad?”

Barry squeezed his daughter’s hand tighter and then released it. Then he raised himself up and turned on his side to face her. She, in turn, did the same.

“Oh no baby…No! If anyone…No baby, you’re not!”


Ever so gently, her father reached out his hand to the youngster’s chest. Instead of holding her breast, he rubbed his open hand softly over the young mounds of tit-flesh. Carolyn, in turn, moved her hand to her father’s crotch and took his shrunken peter-flesh in her fingers, gently squeezing and releasing the ‘little fellow’.

“I don’t…I was so weak…I don’t know why…I mean I love you and all Dad, but I…it…I was wrong.”

Again, that guilty feeling came back to him. He remembered how he plied her with liquor. At that point, he hated himself. What if she DID get pregnant?

“No baby…It wasn’t you…It was me hon. I…I wanted you…I…Baby I’m sorry, but I did.”

“No!” she almost shouted and her hand squeezed upon his cock, “No…You’re not… Dad, you’re not sorry are you?” The last was asked in a barely audible whisper.

Barry quickly realized his mistake and recovered, “No…No hon, I didn’t mean that…No, I…Oh baby I loved that…I love you!”

“Will you love…my baby?” she asked as her fingers again worked on his cock and he felt the flesh harden from her ministrations. The thought that she might be pregnant scared him and yet he felt that even if she was not pregnant that deep down inside he wanted to impregnate his daughter.

“Yes Kar…I will…”

“I…I wanted you to make a baby in me…When we were doing it…you know?” she admitted, “I couldn’t help it Dad…”

“It’s okay babe…it’s okay. To be honest with you, when I knew that I was cumming inside of you I wanted to…” he whispered, “I think the thought excited me even more than I was already, and made me cum harder.”

She moved her face to his and kissed him lightly. Her fingers were now squeezing on a hardened cock that now had a renewed vigor.

“I believe it. I thought that you were never going to end. It felt so good and was so long cumming,” she said.

“You were pretty great yourself baby,” he said, feeling the pressure in his loins rising.

Carolyn was silent for a couple of minutes as she was working her father up to a heated state again. Pushing her young chest into his, she moved her mouth to his ear. She licked it for a few seconds, sending chills throughout his body.

Then her hot wet mouth was upon the ear and talking, “You really did a lot in me. I’m so wet.”

“Nnnnnnnnnggg.” He groaned as her mouth was getting him worked up more, “I’m…I wanna do more baby…I want to fill you up.”


Between her mouth and her hand she had him to the point of doing whatever she wanted him to do, “Nooo Dad…Remember…You were…You have to clean me out, remember? After that you can fill me up,” she said with determination and then added, “Here, feel the juices.”

Momentarily, her hand pulled from her father’s cock, moved up, grabbed his hand from her chest, and led it down to her crotch. As her hand returned to his hardened cock she whispered, “Feel how juicy you made me? You’re…you’re gonna…do it right? Clean me…Eat me? You gonna eat me Daddy, right? Please?”

Barry was hot enough by now to agree to anything. Indeed, both the father and daughter’s lust was returning with a vengeance. The youngster raised her upper knee to give his hand easier access between her legs. He felt how wet the child was from her earlier eruptions.

“I…maybe you should, er, that’s my…I’d…” As excited as he was becoming he was stammering and Carolyn sensed why. What he did not want to do was what she wanted him to do.

“Yeah…yeah Dad, please…I…I want you to taste your juice from me…I don…I don’t know why…but it…it would excite me,” she told him, “I…Am I being…a slut?”

Barry wanted to assure her. He also knew that if she wanted him to do that, that he would, “No, you’re not baby,” he started to say but he then had another thought, “Unless…do…do you wanna be a slut baby?” he asked.

His words were like an electric charge to the young girl and she pushed her body tighter into him. Her mouth was talking hungrily on his ear, “I…Yes Dad,” she hissed at him, “I wanna be your slut…Is it okay?”

“Nnnnnngggggg!” Her mouth on his ear was driving him wild.

Then she was rolling over onto her back and pulling her father with her. Her hands were clutching around his neck and Barry felt her pushing at him, putting pressure on his head to go downward on her body.

He allowed his daughter to guide him as he kissed and licked over the flesh of her chest, sucking and tasting the wonderful budding breasts and nipples for a couple of minutes and then moving further down. All the while his hot mouth moved over her body it was kissing, licking and murmuring.

“You wanna be my slut…Daddy’s slut wants to be eaten…She wants her hot cunt eaten, hah?” he whispered hotly. To which she grunted her agreement as her father worked down even further, “My slut wants me to clean her cunt out…to eat, taste myself…and fill her up again…and again…” he was blabbering.

His body had completely turned in the opposite direction and his mouth had begun to tongue her belly button as he stayed on his knees. Her excitement was increasing with every lick, every kiss. Her belly was quivering beneath her father’s oral assault.


“Daddy’s slut wants Daddy to eat her…fill her…suck her…fuck…fuck her mmm-mmmmouth.” At these words, he felt her body react excitedly by thrusting her hips upward, as if in search of his tongue, “Fuck her…ass…!”

Again her body reacted and Barry was aware of the effect that his words were having on the child, “The slut wants her ass fucked, hah?…And her cunt to be eaten…”

Carolyn’s legs were raised at the knees and were spread wide as her father’s head lowered itself between them, foraging inside. His mouth was now kissing at the young pussy hairs. The aroma of his daughter’s twat was overwhelming. The thoughts of his own sperm no longer repulsed him. All that was in his mind now was to smell as much of the child’s pussy as possible.

He felt the juices on his chin and cheeks and knew that it was his own cum which had been seeping back out from Carolyn’s delicious cunt. 

His mouth moved eagerly, opening up and taking her clitoris within. His nose moved into the cum-filled hole and inhaled deeply. His daughter’s hands clutched tightly at the back of his head and her eager pussy forced itself up to his mouth as tremendous sensations filled her whole being.

“Nnnnngggg!!!” Her teeth were clenched, caused by the spasms that were gripping her.

“Mmmmmmmm…” An almost constant murmur was coming from her father as he continued lapping, sucking and smelling at the child’s cunt. His mind was befogged with pleasures.

“Ohhh, e-eat ooo, eat your…s-slut…eat me…your slut!”

He was astraddle his daughter, with his head buried within her pussy, and Carolyn was thrashing wildly beneath him, wildly fucking his hungry mouth, tongue and nose. She was wilder now than ever before.

Barry could not get enough of the child’s hotness. His mouth lapped feverishly into her waiting hole, tongue-fucking in and out while she fucked her cunt back furiously at his face. He had never been with such hotness and he knew that she would say yes now to anything. He wanted to get her to commit, so that she could not easily back out later.

His hands moved around her hot thrashing body and clutched the cheeks of her ass.

Suddenly his mouth stopped licking and just hovered over the child’s pussy. Her hands were at the back of his head trying to force his mouth back into her. He did not move.

Instead he spoke between her legs, “Daddy’s gonna fuck the slut’s ass, right? The slut wants to be fucked in the ass, hah?” he whispered hotly.

Her young hips were thrashing about in search of her father’s mouth and tongue and her hands pushed desperately at him, “Yes, yes…fuck…Dad…You’re gonna fuck the slut in the ass, too!”


With those words his mouth plunged and began licking the cum from inside and around her inflamed pussy, as she fucked up at his face frantically.

“Oooo, mmmm, oh, oh, oh, oh…” With every “oh” her hips thrust upward, “Oh, oh Dad…I’m, oh, I’m cumming…”

His index finger pushed and penetrated the child’s ass hole as she babbled and thrashed wildly about, and as her excitement was reaching its enormous peak, he pushed it and another finger all the way into her rectum.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” The child began spasming and clutching fiercely at his head as her body surged to completion. Her thighs squeezed tightly on his cheeks as she finished and her lower body shuddered.

Finally, as the final tremors passed through her, she relaxed.


Part 6

Barry pulled away from between her legs. His entire face and neck was glistening in sweat. He turned and moved up alongside of his daughter. She was on her back, breathing heavily; she was completely spent.

Yet, he was totally inflamed. At one point while he had been eating her pussy, his prick had released a spurt of cum and had calmed his senses momentarily. However, since then the build-up of his internal excitement had reached an explosive peak. There was no turning back for Barry. He was now totally possessed by his incestuous lust for his child.

“Turn over Kar,” he gently coaxed. By now, the child was completely exhausted. Almost mechanically, she turned over onto her stomach to obey her father’s instruction.

Then he whispered, “Get up on your knees, hon.”

Her body and mind being tired, the girl started to obey, but then she stiffened. Suddenly she realized what he was asking, “Daaa?”

“It’s okay baby. Go ahead; get up…” he said softly, trying to ease her apprehension.

“N…No Dad, I…I, We can’t…” she whispered, obviously frightened.

Barry’s cock was raging more than before. The whole buildup to this point had him twitching. He realized that he would not be able to stop no matter what she said or did.

“It’s okay, hon - - My slut…Remember?”

He had managed to move his body between her legs and he began gently pulling up at her hips, urging her to raise her buttocks.

Carolyn was frightened, “No Dad…No…don’t…!”

“C’mon baby…It’s okay…I…I did what you wanted…This won’t be bad, I promise…But I gotta hon…You got me so hot…” he pleaded.


Frightened out of her wits she seemed to realize that her father was not coherent and that he could not be stopped. Nervously she managed to begin raising herself up onto her knees.

“D-don’t…don’t hurt, Dad?” she quietly pleaded. Her heart was thumping in her chest.

Barry guided her up and once she was on her knees, he looked down with unabashed excitement, marveling at the sight of the twin mounds of flesh that was being made available for his pleasure. The sight of his daughter’s ass charged him up totally. She did not look 15 years old from this angle. The perfectly shaped buttocks looked better than any that he had ever seen in Playboy or Penthouse.

“It’ll go easy baby…You’ll see…Daddy’s slut will see…”

His hands moved over the flesh of her cheeks. The pressure in his cock was so great that it was hurting him. He moved his thumbs over and into the youngster’s crack and then gently pulled it open. His eyes excitedly watched as his hardened prick moved forward to the tiny hole that was enclosed within. Then he pushed into her body with his.

“AHHHHH !” she cried as the head of his cock barely penetrated into the tight orifice.

Barry immediately pulled back, “I…I’m sorry baby…I…I told you I wouldn’t hurt…I…I won’t…Just wait and see…Wait a minute, I’m…I’m not going anywhere.”

Her father moved so quickly that the girl did not realize that he had gotten off the bed and come back. In the interim, he had retrieved his wife’s K-Y Jelly from the night table alongside of the bed.

Back behind his daughter, he squeezed a huge gob of the jelly on his cock, fully lubricating it.

“Hold still, honey,” he whispered to her as he then squeezed liberal amounts within her crack, very gently forcing it into his daughter’s asshole, gob by gob, using his finger, until her channel was loaded with the greasy stuff.

Carolyn felt her father’s finger sliding in and out of her hole, surprised with the ease that it was now going into her, yet fully conscious of what he was doing because she could feel the digit inside of her.

Soon he had his hands separating her cheeks and he guided his cockhead to her hole once more.

“Relax, honey, relax…” he coaxed, “You have to relax Kar. Relax.”

She buried her face into the pillow and clenched it with her tightened fingers. Concentrating her mind, she willed her lower body to loosen up its tenseness.

Once more Barry’s body pushed gently and slowly into his child. As he applied a gentle pressure, he felt her hole being penetrated by the tip of his prick. Then she was being opened further, absorbing more of his hot throbbing cock.

“Nnnnnggggg,” she grit her teeth and her hands clutched fiercely at the pillow as the thing slowly inched further into the extremely tight channel.

The young girl was holding her breath as she felt her insides being filled with man-flesh. There was a feeling of surprised joy caused by the strangely painful yet exquisite pleasure that she was feeling.

The joy was enhanced from knowing that it was her father’s cock going into her depths, causing him a rush of excitement. She was his slut.

“D…D-do it Daddy…Do your slut. Ow!…Oooooo, fuck my ass. Fuck your slut’s ass, Dad…owwwww!”

Barry’s cock was all the way in her ass. It felt as if her ass was going to be so tight that he would not be able to pull out. Nothing in his life had ever prepared him for such a wonderfully hurting tightness. Then he was sliding backward in her channel.

Before reaching the point of exit, he thrust back into her hole and she groaned loudly.

Soon he was fucking into his daughter’s ass with deliberateness, “Oh baby…Oh my…slut…Daddy’s slut…Oh, Oh!”

He felt the sperm building to an extreme pressure in his throbbing prick and he no longer cared whether or not he hurt her.

“AAAAHH, AAHH, YAAAAH!” She was screaming from the hurting pain as his penetration probed to the depths of her ass. Tears began to flow down her cheeks and she was begging him to stop.

He was fucking with a frantic fierceness into the child’s rectum and he never heard her crying. As he fucked, his hands reached around and under her body, cupping her wonderful breasts as he began shooting inside of her.

“OHHH baby. Baby. Baby. Baby. OHHH,” he cried as the spurts of cum erupted from his inflamed pecker deep within the insides of his daughter’s ass.

Then he stopped his pumping and his body sagged. Both of them stayed motionless in that position for at least two minutes, catching their breaths. Finally, he pulled out all of the way and she dropped onto her stomach. Barry dropped alongside of her onto his stomach also. Both of them were completely exhausted.




About 4:30 in the morning, the sound of the front door closing woke them both.

“Mama!” Carolyn whispered passionately to her father.

Throwing the covers off her body she jumped from the bed and scrambled to the door, opened it slightly and, after hurriedly looking about, she quickly darted across to her room.

Barry’s heart was still pounding in his chest. Hearing Claire coming into the room he nervously let out a breath of relief at surviving such a narrow escape.

Claire was assuming that he was asleep and was just going to get undressed, hop into the bed by him and in the morning tell him about her adventure.

Instead, when she opened the bedroom door Barry reached up and turned on the night-table lamp, “Hi hon,” he said softly, acting as if he just that second woke up.

As she approached the bed, something on the floor at the side of the bed caught her eye. She looked down and saw the bra and panties. Moreover, she had done enough wash to recognize that the undies belonged to her daughter.



The End