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[Story Name] Pregnant daughter
[Author] from Xfamily letters
[Type] Father/daughter

   I feel that I must share my experience with your readers.  My wife had passed away when my daughter was only a little girl and I had never remarried.  This, of course, means that all the responsibilities of taking care of my daughter rested upon me.  I took her to game parks and all that.  For my part, I have always wanted my girl to be conservative and shy.  That's why, when it came to clothing, I always took her to buy really old-fashioned clothes that cover everything up.  Even when it was time to buy bras and panties, I always stood beside the changing room to make sure she took only the plain white fabric.  I never allowed my daughter to go for any school activities, except swimming.  I would always walk around or sit near the pool to watch her swim.
    As time passed, my daughter grew a sort of rounded figure.  She is about five foot four inches and is a little bit on the plump side.  She is not that pretty, with long brown hair.  She wears DD+ bra, and her pussy hair is very, very dense, long, black and curly.  How do I know?  Because my room is adjacent to hers, and in my cabinet I have a peeping hole to check her every movement.  I even have a peep hole in the toilet.
    She went to a community college and afterwards worked as a waitress nearby; neither required her to move away from home.  At the age of twenty-five, she met a short guy with very thick glasses, the bookworm type, which I didn't mind since I didn't want any playboy chap near her.  They married and lived in my house.  Soon my daughter was in her last stage of pregnancy with twin girls inside.
    One day in the winter when I came home from work, I saw my girl was crying.  After asking her what had happened, she said she had gotten a phone call from the police station telling her that her husband had died in a car crash.
    Frankly, I never had a liking for this lad.  He and my daughter only fucked once or twice during their entire marriage; he was too lazy to take care of her sexually.  Every time when I thought of him drilling his little dick into my daughter's inviting pussy, I would just take out my pecker to jerk off, wishing it was I who had planted the seed in my daughter's womb.  From the very beginning, I kept asking myself how such an ugly fellow could deserve such a voluptuous girl, while it should be her dad who brought her up who should enjoy her sealed fruit.  I always had doubts that his little tool could travel through my girl's very hairy cunt and up to break the hymen
    Unsurprisingly, the few times of them getting together only lasted a couple of minutes, and in the old-fashioned way - my daughter lying on her bed, legs spread.
    When my daughter received this news, she locked herself up and was not willing to eat or do anything.  She would just lie on her bed, totally naked, without any cover.  Finally, I could hold it in no longer.  I went to her room with only my shorts on to sit on her bed and say some comforting words, but she didn't seem to listen.  While I talked, I gazed at her swollen body.  Her tits before the marriage were already big; now they were so big that they dropped to both sides.  Her nipples were the size of stoppers in a kitchen sink.  Her belly must have been like four basketballs squeezed together.  I pretended to walk to the end of the bed to pick up something from the floor, while keeping my gaze on her cunt.  Her cunt hole was so invisible that one might think she was still a virgin.
    I sat on the bed again.  This time she just broke out crying.  I kissed her tears right away, then she started murmuring how she couldn't live without him and who would take care of her children.  I said, "Your old man will always be here for your needs."  Without anymore hesitation, I started kissing her mouth, down her neck, gently sucking her nipples.  Her nipples soon protruded and were two children's thumbs.  I sucked so vigorously that some milk spilled out the side.  All those years I had spent waiting for that moment.  My daughter kept muttering to herself.  I kissed her belly and then her hairy bush.  I had to use my two thumbs to spread her and bring the crack into view.  I kept licking everywhere there was hair, and finally licked her clitoris.  Her come flowed out slowly, and I drank it all, then quickly took off my shorts.  I stared jerking off.  When I felt my cum was coming, I aimed my shot at her bush.  All that sperm landed nicely on her patch of pussy hair - my sperm got its first taste of my very own daughter's pussy.  Soon my daughter was exhausted from crying and fell asleep, her cunt hair sticky with my semen.  At that moment I was hoping one of my sperm could swim to its destiny.
    During this last stage of pregnancy, I helped her with everything, from toilet to fucking.  I would tell her to think of me as her dead husband.  Using my hands, I lowered her slowly to my already stiff cock.  Of course, I had to teach her this and that, and in a way this was quite difficult, since now her belly was so large.  But in the end it was worth the pain; just thinking my dick was fucking near my two granddaughters' heads was such a joy.  She would often suck my dick and then I fucked her doggie-style.  We would also lie on our sides and fuck.
    I went to see her giving birth and videotaped every moment.
    All this was a long time ago.  I have plotted with my daughter to tell my granddaughters that I was her lifesaver, that someday when they grow up, they cannot marry but must repay me with their bodies.  Of course we never let them know of our relationship.
    I repeated the same routine with my granddaughters as with my own daughter; buying bras and panties and everything else.  The day of their eighteenth birthday, my daughter stood by the bed giving instructions to my granddaughters.  Now each of my granddaughters has grown up exactly like her mother, except that their tits wear size E bras, but they have the same hairy bush.  Their mother told them they must break their own hymens by lowering themselves on my rigid pole, all the time while I kept fondling their jiggling breasts.  Of course there was blood spilling out onto my cock, but I didn't mind.  I made sure I squirted enough semen into their twats.
    Both my daughter and granddaughters share the same bed with me.  The good news is that today both my granddaughters have bursting bellies with more twins inside.  I just can't wait for my great-granddaughters to come into the world.
    I hope X-Family Letters will publish my letter.  I have always supported your magazine and I need your encouragement, too.
    Finally, there is one thing I notice your magazine doesn't have very often; fucking somebody while she is pregnant.  Is it because there aren't that many such cases?  I hope I am not the only one who has this kind of encounter.
                                                                Mr. L.C., Ontario