- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Bonding Tabatha
[Author] Phil Phantom
[Type] Father/daughter

Once upon a time, in a land of many freeways, a mother passed
away and another took her place--real fast.
                         *   *   *

Dorothy drove the car while Craig organized his briefcase on the
seat between them.  Los Angeles International Airport was ten
minutes away.  They were early, so she didn't fight the freeway
traffic; instead, she fought her nerves. 

"Craig, I don't like this.  I don't like this one bit.  You can't
leave me alone with those kids this soon, especially not for two
whole days."

"What are you talking about, Dorothy?  You've already got those
boys calling you Mommy.  I can't believe a fifteen-year-old girl
has you all tied in knots."

"Damnit, Craig, she knows.  Having me move in right after we
scattered her mother's ashes was a big mistake.  Having me do the
scattering in front of those kids was sick.  It was stupid, just
plain stupid.  I think you want to get caught.  I think you're
one of those criminals who commits a crime, then subconsciously
leave clues so you can be brought to justice.  I'm not that way,
and I don't like playing this dangerous game."

"Relax, will ya?  I'm not trying to get caught.  The plan worked.
No one outside the family suspects foul play.  She got sick and
her heart gave out.  The insurance company paid the death claim.
Her ashes are spread to the four winds.  We can't get caught
regardless of anyone's suspicions.  The wicked witch is dead,
Dorothy, and as far as the kids are concerned, you get all the credit."

"Bullshit, I get all the blame."

"Credit, Dorothy.  I staged that performance so the shock factor
will work on thier minds.  When the shock wears off, they'll see
you as the hero.  I know my kids, Dorothy.  Don't let their sad
faces and tears fool you.  The bitch was not loved.  We'll, maybe
Tabatha loved her in a sentimental way, but she made Tabatha's
life hell, too.  Can you imagine a girl with a cute body like
Tabatha's having to live and dress like a cloistered nun?  She's
itching to show us her stuff, and she'll have you to thank when
she finally comes around.  She's weakening; I can tell."

"Yeah, well it's been two weeks and we haven't seen shit yet.
She's as cold and uptight as she was on that hill, even more so.
You should see the way she looks at me when I walk around the
house in my panties.  If looks could kill..."

"Yeah, but it won over the boys, just like I said.  One look at
those magnificent hooters of yours and they were calling you Mommy."

"Yes, but they're not treating me like their mommy, unless you
think nursing on me counts.  I feel like a damned cow, a dry cow,
a juvenile pacifier with a twat they can wash their grubby little
hands in.  I wanted a family, kids that loved me and called me
Mom because they think of me as their mom.  I especially wanted a
daughter.  You said we'd have a real family life, but the more I
follow your orders, the more I am perceived as a whore that likes
running around half naked."

"Hey, that's the kind of mother those kids want after Gretchen.
Trust me, Dorothy, even Tabatha wants you to be that way.  She'll
warm to you, but you have to let her know who's boss.  Take
charge of her.  If she so much as looks cross-eyed at you, yank
her pants down and blister her cute little fanny for her.  Do it
in front of her brothers, and you'll be an even bigger hero.  Tie
Tabatha to her bed and let them have at her, and they'll erect a
monument to you in the back yard."

"Honestly, Craig, I see right through you.  You just want me to
warm her up for you, do your dirty work.  You just want to screw
the kid."

"The kid needs screwing.  She's been asking for it since her tits
popped out.  Who can screw the little bitch better than me?"

"Well, you finally came out and said it.  You know, I always
suspected Tabatha was the reason you wanted Gretchen dead and not
just divorced."

"I had many reasons for wanting her dead.  Tabatha's tight little
pussy was one, yes.  You and three-hundred thousand dollars to
treat you right were the top two, in that order.  Don't ever
forget that, darling."

"I know.  Don't worry.  I won't get in your way.  I may even hold
her legs open for you if she gives me any more shit."

"If you take any shit off that kid, you're a fool.  I'm going to
be terribly disappointed in you if I return from this trip and
Tabatha doesn't run naked into my arms and cry, "Oh, Daddy,
you're home.  Let me suck your dick, then you can butt-fuck me
while Mommy eats my pussy."

"You're in for a big disappointment.  If anything she'll cry,
'Daddy, you're home.  Look, Mommy taught me how to eat her pussy.
Wanna watch?'"

The car pulled to the curb before the check-in area.  Craig
smiled while getting out and said, "I would not be disappointed
if you managed that.  Work on her.  If you want to make me happy,
don't take any shit, and be extra nice to my boys."

"You're not going to be happy until the boys are fucking me, and
you are fucking Tabatha."

"I'm not going to be happy until we are one big happy fucking
family.  We also need a young Swedish maid and a big fluffy dog
with a foot-long cock.  Tabatha always wanted a dog.  She'll get
one.  Boy, will she get one.  I can't wait to get that girl some
proper breeding."

"I don't know why that shocks me, but it does."

"Nothing shocks you, Dorothy.  You're a slut, and I love you for
it.  See you on Wednesday."  They kissed, and Dorothy drove away
with a great deal on her mind.

Craig exerted a tremendous influence over her.  He turned her
nursing skills to killing.  He turned her normally modest
demeanor to that more fitting a shameless slut.  He had her
nursing teenage boys at her double "D" breasts with two-inch
nipples, and now he had her thinking of ways to seduce a young,
innocent virgin.  He wanted to turn little Tabatha into a
plaything to amuse his friends at their wild parties.  Dorothy
knew she would do all in her power to see that Craig was not
disappointed; still, the task of training Tabatha would fall on
her, and the task would be a difficult one for her. 

Dorothy had strong maternal instincts, and she was a professional
nurse, dedicated to healing people's wounds, not inflicting them,
physical or mental.  Tabatha was already terribly wounded,
suffering a deep loss.  Tabatha was the daughter Dorothy always
dreamed of having.  She wanted a living doll to dress up, talk
to, show off, and would spend hours brushing Tabatha's silky,
long brown hair, doing her makeup, and teaching her how to
attract male attention while preserving her modesty and lady-like

Craig had Dorothy thinking about shaving Tabatha's pussy,
teaching her how to shoot bare beavers, how to present her loins
for mounting by a dog, how to suck cock and eat pussy--her
father's cock and his whore's pussy.

Though he called her, darling, Dorothy thought of herself as his
whore, especially after standing on that windy hill in a light,
short dress with no panties, scattering the children's mother
while her dress blew up around her waist, facing the kids,
letting the wind have its way with her dress, pouring the silty
ash in a slow stream over her shaved and naked pussy, sopping wet
from their recent fuck, allowing the ash to swirl though her legs
and stick to the wetness of her inner thighs and vagina, held
open by the fingers of her left hand, then pouring the last in
her palm and stuffing it up her twat, exactly as Craig wanted
their symbolic private ceremony to be: the end of one mother, the
rise of another. 

He never spoke of marriage.  She was his nurse whore, and more
and more, he treated her that way.  More and more, Dorothy
succumbed to the treatment.  When they returned from the hill
with four somber kids, he took her straight to the bedroom and
made her cry out, "Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Fuck me on her death bed!
Fuck the bitch into my cunt."  They didn't actually fuck as the
abrasive ash would have hurt them both, but he did enter her and
they made the appropriate fucking noises.  He jacked off in her
cunt and they stirred the mess into a muddy froth.

When they emerged, naked, arm in arm with Gretchen's ash turned
to grey mud on their wet genitals, the kids saw their father as a
monster, but they saw Dorothy as being worse.  She made him that
way.  The most difficult task for Dorothy was presenting her out-
thrust loins with her cunt lips held open, inviting each kid to
come and kiss their old mother goodbye one last time before she
showered and washed her into the sewer.  None was interested in a
last goodbye kiss, and Tabatha ran crying from the room.

Craig was right, though, the boys soon accepted having an
outrageous whore sharing their house.  The three boys were won
over when she padded through the house after the shower wearing
only skimpy panties.  From then on, Dorothy wore either short
skirts with no panties, or panties only.  She went topless always
when indoors.  The boys' eyes followed her bobbing, swaying
udders like they were attached to the nipples.  If they ever
thought about their poor mother, those thoughts never showed.

Tabatha, however, could not hide her disdain and disgust.  Her
father remained a monster, and Dorothy was the monster's pet
gargoyle, a pet that did his dirty deeds, a murderous gargoyle
without shame or remorse with the ashes of her dear mother fucked
into her cunt.  She could not stand to be in the same room with
Dorothy, much less say anything to her.  Dinners were a silent
affair that she tried to hurry through.  She could not stand to
watch her brothers making fools of themselves, fawning over their
father's whore and their mother's killer. 

The younger ones, Brad and Mike, liked to take their meals, each
sitting on a naked thigh, licking their dinner off the gargoyle's
boobs.  And her big brother, Bradley, was the worst, getting
under the table and placing his plate on her seat between her
wide-spread thighs, making her giggle all though the meal.  And
her father, watching them in silence while keeping an eye on
Tabatha, making her eat slowly and chew her food properly, then
making her stay for desert, making her sit through the entire
disgusting performance.  

Desert was the most disgusting show of all.  They had pudding,
always pudding: tapioca, chocolate, vanilla custard.  Dorothy
would go off and fill her vagina somehow, then return and sit on
the table before each person in turn, letting them use a spoon or
lick right from the vaginal bowl.  And she always stopped before
Tabatha last to offer her obscene and messy spread.  Tabatha
refused to look and begged to be excused each time.  Her father
pressed hard to get her to try some, to get her to lick the bowl.
She steadfastly refused and would cry when he persisted.

Dorothy hated to see Tabatha cry, but after having fed four
mouths from her cunt, she hated seeing her getting excused
without licking the outside of the bowl clean at least.  As
Dorothy pulled the car into the driveway, she resolved that
Tabatha would not be getting excused tonight, and the congealed
sperm-like Tapioca would be desert.

Dorothy was surprised to see Tabatha sitting alone in the living
room.  With school out for the summer, she always stayed away as
much as possible, especially if the two might be alone in the
house.  The kids could come and go as they pleased, but the
evening meal was mandatory.  They all had to be in by seven.  The
boys were at the community center pool, as usual, checking out
the high school girls in their string bikinis.  Tabatha owned a
modest one piece suit and swam only in their backyard pool, and
rarely then. 

Dorothy didn't know what to make of this, but decided to break
some ice or warm some cute fanny.  She pulled her dress over her
head and tossed the thin dress over a chair by the door should
she need the dress to answer a caller's ring.  Wearing only high
heels, she padded over to stand between Tabatha and the TV she
was watching intently.  Tabatha tried to look around Dorothy's
pelvis as Dorothy blocked her view and said, "We have two whole
days to get better acquainted.  I want you to remain at home.  I
insist you remain at home.  I want to take you shopping for some
sexy new clothes, and we must get you one of those itsy bitsy
bikinis the girls are all wearing.  You'll make them all green
with envy, because yours will be the itsiest and the bitsiest.
Look at me when I talk to you, Tabatha.  I said, look at me!"

Tabatha turned hard eyes up to Dorothy to hear, "That's better.
I want us to be friends.  We can do each other's hair and nails.
I can teach you about makeup.  I'll be the mother you should have
had and deserve to have."

Tabatha gave Dorothy an icy stare with her jaw tightly clenched
to hold in what she wanted to shout.  Dorothy ignored the defiant
stare and calmly said, "My toes need retouching.  Come.  I'll
show you how to do a pedicure.  Give me your hand, Tabatha."
Tabatha reluctantly lifted her limp hand and Dorothy hauled her
to her feet.  She led the stiffly plodding teen into her mother's
former bedroom, took a seat in her mother's vanity chair, reached
for her mother's polish remover, buffer, and polish, then ordered
Tabatha to sit on the floor at her feet.

Tabatha knelt and sat back on her heels in resignation, hanging
her head to avoid having to look into Dorothy's mature vagina.
Dorothy made that difficult by hanging her left leg over the left
armrest while placing her bare right foot in Tabatha's lap,
pressing her toes in Tabatha's crotch.  Dorothy wiggled her right
toe, saying, "What's the matter, Tabatha?  Does seeing all your
mother's stuff just as she left it make you sad?"  Tabatha
remained silent.  "When I talk to you, I expect an answer."

Tabatha said, "Yes, it makes me sad."

"I'm so sorry.  Does it help if I tickle your pussy."

"Stop it!"

"Don't you have a pussy between your legs, Tabatha?  I don't feel
a pussy.  That would explain why you're such a sour puss all the
time.  I'd be sour too if I had no pussy."

Dorothy continued probing the top of Tabatha's vagina.  She could
feel the start of her slit and the tight puffy labia, but
pretended she couldn't, watching closely for Tabatha's reaction,
her true reaction, for to go by the pained facial expression she
made would not give her that.  Dorothy noticed that Tabatha made
no move to remove the foot, though whenever Dorothy rested a hand
on her shoulder, Tabatha quickly brushed it off. 

Tabatha tolerated the obscene rubbing with a bright red face as
Dorothy continued her taunting tease, saying, "Your mother gave
you two of almost everything.  Didn't she give you at least one
little pussy to play with?"

"My mother gave me everything I need, including that."

"Well, then, let's just see."  With that, Dorothy brought her toe
to the edge of Tabatha's skirt and dipped under between her bare
knees.  Tabatha stiffened as Dorothy's toes ran slowly up her
right thigh, then turned in toward the center as the foot neared
her crotch.  Tabatha tensed and turned her head as the toe made
contact over panties, then turned the foot on edge so as to fit
between the gap in her thighs.  Dorothy nestled her toes in the
cleft and felt the full length of Tabatha's slit with the big toe
pressing in, saying, "Oh, there it is.  Yes, you do have a pussy,
a cute little pussy, too.  There's the clittie, and there's the
nice fat lips.  I can feel a well-defined pussy crack, not too
long, just right.  And there's the pussy hole, right over the wet
spot.  My goodness but you are wet.  What are you thinking about,
you nasty little girl?

Dorothy dug her toe into the hole, pushing in panties and all,
making Tabatha wince.  She said, "I asked you what you were

Tabatha looked in Dorothy's eyes and said, "You killed my mother.
I hate you.  I hate you.  That's what I was thinking."

Dorothy was stung by the unexpected accusation, but forced calm
in her voice, saying, "And that makes you horny?  You are a
perverted little slut, aren't you?  I'll bet you liked the part
when I poured your mother on my cunt.  You must have climaxed
when you saw me stuffing her ashes into my pussy."

"Then you admit you killed her?"

"I admit nothing, but if it turns you on, I'll play along.  It
does seem to turn you on, Juicy Lucy."

"Stop doing that.  I hate it.  You're disgusting."

"Your mouth says one thing, but your hot, horny, little pussy
says another.  Which of your mouths should I believe, the mouth
with teeth or without?  Since a pussy's mouth can't lie, you must
be lying through your teeth."

"Believe whatever you want, but I truly hate you, and I hate what
you're doing to my pus...vagina."

Dorothy reached up with her foot and hooked her toe in the panty
waist band.  She pulled down hard until they ripped and the
panties hung loose.  She then wedged her toe through the lips of
naked wet pussy until she was under the hole.  She pressed up and
entered the girl's hole, sinking her full toe inside, saying,
"There, that's better for both of us.  By the way, you can say,
pussy or cunt; in fact, I prefer you use pussy from now on.  The
word will sound precious coming from your lips."

"Take your toe out of my pussy.  I hate it."

"That's a lie, and I can safely assume that other stuff was a
lie, too.  You don't hate me, and you love what I'm doing to your
pussy.  You want your little pussy fucked so badly that you'll
even settle for a woman's toe, even the toe of the woman who
murdered your mother."

Dorothy could see that her toe was driving Tabatha to
distraction.  Tabatha managed to move her knees six inches apart
without being too obvious, and she raised up off her heels
slightly, giving Dorothy's toe easier access and room to work,
room to fuck.  Dorothy continued her taunting teases, saying, "I
think you're glad I got your mother out of your life so you can
start living life a little, start dating and showing off that
adorable figure.  Your brothers and your father are dying to see
you naked, Tabatha."

Tabatha accidently let a moan escape on hearing those words, and
she held her cunt steady for the toe-fucking she was getting.
Dorothy said, "I sure won't stop you; in fact, I can help.  I can
even see to it that your cute little pussy gets the proper
fucking it needs and craves.  I'm not talking about toe fucking,
girl.  I'm talking about hard, throbbing, sperm-shooting, cock
fucking.  You mother would never let your pussy have any cock.
You'd be a virgin until you were twenty-one, and you know it.
I'll be a much better mommy to you, and you know that, too."

Dorothy slowly raised Tabatha straight up on her knees and had
her jutting out her loins to receive the toe fucking.  Just as
Tabatha was about to reach a climax, and her pelvis began to hump
and grind, Dorothy withdrew her toe, taking her foot from under
Tabatha's dress.  Tabatha stared with a hunger denied and sat
with a slump onto her heels again, panting and frustrated.  Her
face was red as a fire truck with a combination of arousal and
embarrassment.  Dorothy said, "I wanted my toes done, remember."

"Bonding Tabatha"  (Part two of two)

Tabatha gradually regained her composure, then took Dorothy's
right foot and wiped the wetness away with her skirts.  She began
applying the polish remover, holding Dorothy's foot high,
frequently looking over the toes to catch visual snatches of
Dorothy's finger lazily stroking through her wet snatch.  Dorothy
waited until Tabatha caught another snatch, then said, "Do you
like my pussy, Tabatha."

"No.  I was just thinking you might make me shave it for you.  I
wouldn't put that past you."

"I hadn't thought of that, but since you suggested it, why not?
>From now on, you not only shave my pussy, but you take care of
all my pussy hygiene.  You'll handle my periods for me, and clean
up after sex.  You'll wash it, douche it, dry it, and perfume it,
daily.  And when you're done, you'll kiss it."

"I won't kiss it."

"Yes you will, and the kiss will be a long French kiss."

"I'll kiss it if I have to, but no way will I French kiss your pussy."

"Actually, French kiss isn't exactly right.  You'll actually be
tongue-fucking my pussy with your face pressed in tight with my
cunt lips pulled wide open, so you can get your face inside and
rub your nose on my clit."

"That's disgusting.  Look, if I promise to French kiss your pussy
real good, will that do?  I'd die if I had to tongue-fuck a
pussy, yours especially."

"I suppose, but you'll have to make me cum."

"All right, I'll French kiss your pussy until you cum."

"And lick up the mess you make."

"All right, I'll lick you clean afterwards.  Making me do that is
sick, I hope you know?  There is probably some of my mother still
in there."

"I know.  That's what makes it so excting.  I can't wait."

"Do I have to do it now?  Is that what you're saying?"

"All right.  I'm in no hurry.  Why not do it now?  I need to
teach you the right way to love my pussy.  Put that stuff away
and scoot in close."

Tabatha did as she was told, trying to mask her enthusiasm.  She
scooted in close as Dorothy laid her right leg over the armrest.
Tabatha started in for the kiss, but Dorothy stopped her, saying,
"Not so fast.  Don't be so eager."

"I just want to get this over with."

"I'd better never see that in your expression or in your actions.
If I do see that, I'll blister your behind for you.  If you ever
insult my pussy again, I'll take a belt to you.  I believe a
daughter should worship her mother's pussy."

"You're not my mother.  You're not even my step-mother."

"That doesn't matter.  I am assuming the role with your father's
blessing.  He made me your mother, and you'd better learn to
accept that fact, and show me the proper respect.  I can be very
nice, or very mean.  That will all be up to you, but you will
worship my pussy regardless.  Do you understand?" 

Tabatha nodded and submissively said, "Yes."

"Okay, the first thing you do is warm up my pussy, but before you
do that, you must be naked."

"What?  I don't want to get naked in front of you."

"I want you naked, now strip!"

Tabatha rose slowly to her feet and turned her back on Dorothy as
she began undoing her dress.  Dorothy said, "Face me when you
strip for me, and act sexy.  This is all part of warming up my
pussy, and you should use the strip to try and turn me on."

Tabatha turned slowly and began to sway in a wide stance as
buttons and zippers parted.  As each item came off, Tabatha,
accented the skin uncovered with delicate hands.  Like a model on
a game show showing prizes, she traced patterns over flawless
young skin.  When her breasts came into view, Tabatha presented
them.  Dorothy lifted her foot, toyed with the tight mounds, and
pinched the button nipples in her toes as Tabatha held steady. 

When the torn panties, the last garment, slithered down Tabatha's
legs and were removed, Dorothy followed their progress with her
toe, then ran the toe back up Tabatha's right leg and resumed her
earlier toe explorations while Tabatha held herself steady with
her knees parted in a standing half squat, her small hands
gripping her inner thighs, framing her vulnerable sex.  Dorothy
had her on the brink of orgasm when she said, "Now, turn around
and show me the full view.  Pull those cheeks apart."

Tabatha quickly assumed the desired pose, eager to get that toe
back in her pussy.  She gave Dorothy a wide spread, with her head
peering up at her pussy from between her knees.  She watched the
toe tease her pussy flesh, probe the hole, then slide up the
crack to her anal rosebud.  She then endured the uncomfortable
penetration of her small asshole.  When Dorothy had her toe in as
far as it would go, Tabatha said, "That feels weird."

"It feels weird to me too, pleasantly weird.  You should feel a
big cock in there with a big pair of hairy balls banging against
your wet pussy."

"Have you done that?"

"Too many times to count.  All right, sweet pea.  Let's get the
lesson started."

Tabatha got down and scooted up close to the wide beaver Dorothy
presented.  Her full facial blush hid the mask of disdain
completely.  Only eagerness showed in Tabatha's eyes as those
eyes devoured the details of Dorothy's mature vagina.  Dorothy
said, "Use the fingers of both hands to massage my cunt.  That's
it, push everything around, rub lightly on my clit, and lightly
finger my hole.  Yes, that's nice, slow and easy, get my juices
flowing, make that pussy juicy.  Did you ever French kiss anyone?"

"No, but I know how."

"Tell me what you know about French kissing."

"You kiss with your mouth open and use your tongues in each
other's mouth."

"Well, my pussy has no tongue to kiss back with, but you have the
right idea.  Just get a good lip-lock on my pussy hole, seal your
face in tight, and stick that tongue of yours way up inside.
Lick my ovaries and lick the walls of my cunt real good, twirl
that tongue, and stick it in and out real fast.  Tongue fuck my cunt."

"Want me to do it now?"

"No, I want you to prove that you can do it right by kissing me
as you will kiss my cunt.  I won't have you experimenting on
something as valuable as my pussy.  Come up and lie over me and
show me what you can do.  First, we'll French kiss.  Pretend I'm
your lover."

Tabatha timidly laid over Dorothy as Dorothy took Tabatha by her
small ass cheeks and brought their cunts together.  Tabatha's
eyes went wide as she felt the warm wet tissues of Dorothy's
pussy merge with her own, then swooned when pussies began
grinding against one another under Dorothy's ass massage.
Tabatha's lips pressed to Dorothy's and their tongues were soon
exploring each others mouths.  Dorothy could feel the passion
building in Tabatha's kiss as the little tongue fought to lick
every square centimeter of Dorothy's oral cavity.

When Dorothy broke the kiss to speak, Tabatha kept kissing and
licking her moving lips as Dorothy said, "Now, show me how you'll
French my cunt.  Pretend my mouth is my cunt hole.  Show me how
you'll use your mouth and tongue to please my pussy."

Tabatha made a tight seal over Dorothy's mouth, then sent her
tongue in deep.  She licked teeth, gums, roof, and the inside of
Dorothy's cheeks, then licked all over and under the slack
tongue.  Dorothy was busy as well.  Dorothy no longer had to move
Tabatha's ass to rub their cunts together; Tabatha was doing all
the rubbing herself.  Dorothy entered Tabatha's ass with her
middle finger and used the stiff digit to fuck the girl's ass,
driving Tabatha wild.  The excited teen fucked herself on the
finger and humped her pussy against Dorothy's in the process, all
the while licking Dorothy's mouth like a hungry pup. 

When Dorothy saw that Tabatha was nearing her climax, she pushed
Tabatha's head away and withdrew her finger, saying, "Hey, you're
here to learn a lesson on cunt worship, not to rub off on me like
a horny dog."

Tabatha, on the verge of tears, collapsed over Dorothy's body
with her head resting on a pillowy breast, breathing hard, trying
to restore order to her rebellious body.  Slowly, she turned her
eyes up and said, "Do you want me to French your pussy, now?"

"First, you have to love on my pussy.  You have to show my pussy
that you love it."

"How do I do that?"

"By planting tender kiss all over and licking lightly.   Go ahead
and start doing that.  I'll coach you along." 

Tabatha began by sucking each nipple, then kissed her way down
Dorothy's body as she slithered down to the floor.  She pressed a
tentative kiss to the top of Dorothy's crack, then kissed down
one lip and up the other.  When she got to the top, she eased off
and licked her wet lips, saying, "Your pussy juice doesn't taste
bad like I thought.  Was that good?"

"Fair, and that was probably your father's sperm you were
tasting.  We fucked right before I drove him to the airport."

"I heard you.  Do you want me to love your pussy some more."

"Yes, you've just started."  

Tabatha immediately returned to kissing, pressing most of her
kisses to the wet crack, especially at the hole.  She kissed and
licked her way up the center, then planted numerous kisses to the
clit before giving it a few parting licks prior to looking up
again and saying, "Was that better?"

"Much better, now start using more tongue.  Yes, lick the crack.
Like around the inside of my pussy hole.  Good, now peel back the
lips and lick all the pink meat.  That's it; lick up everything.
Lick up Daddy's sperm.  Now use the broad flat of your tongue to
lap my pussy from my asshole to my clit.  That's it, lap like a
dog.  Plow through my cunt.  Show me how much you love my pussy."

Tabatha showed her with a dramatic display of affection, at
least, affection for her pussy.  She lapped hard and fast,
putting her all into the task.  Dorothy never thought Tabatha
would be this easy and saw hope that the job ahead would be
easier.  She said, "Oh, that's wonderful.  You do love my pussy,
even after I killed your mother and stuffed her ashes in it.
That mean old bitch is dead, and now you're loving the pussy that
killed her.  My pussy loves you, too, Tabatha.  Now, show me your
best French kiss.  See if you can suck the last remains of your
mother out of my cunt."

Tabatha dived into the kiss, sealing her open mouth tight, then
reaching in as far as she could.  Dorothy cried, "Oh, Jesus,
that's good, Tabatha.  Oh, honey, you kiss cunt so damned good.
Twirl that tongue, baby.  Suck, baby, suck!  Lick all those nooks
and crannies.  Lick your mother out of my pussy!"

Tabatha performed her task with great enthusiasm, appearing to be
trying to get her head inside.  Dorothy let her go for ten
minutes or so, then said, "To make me cum, you'll need to come up
and suck on my clit.  I'm ready when you are.  That's it, suck
the whole thing in your mouth.  Slap it around with your tongue
while you suck hard and munch easy.  Oh yes!  Oh, Shit!  Oh fuck!
Yessss!  Yesss!  Ohhhhhhhh!   Ahhhhhh!  Yesssss.  Yes.  Yes,
Tabatha.  Oh yes, baby.  That was fantastic."

Tabatha raised up to say, "Wow, you sure bucked around hard.  I
had trouble hanging on.  Was I really that good?"

Dorothy patted her smiling cheek and said, "You were the best I
ever had, Tabatha.  Now, lick up the mess you made."

"Oh, wow, it is messy.  Okay, here goes."

Dorothy watched Tabatha licking at the wetness seeping from her
hole.  She held a hand on Tabatha's head and repeatedly told her
what a good cunt lapper and pussy sucker she was.  This inspired
Tabatha to resume her French kissing and she lapped Dorothy's
cunt walls. 

Dorothy wanted to see how long Tabatha would continue if she
didn't stop her.  Tabatha continued French kissing for ten
minutes, then began tongue fucking her hard, smacking her face
into the open maw with her stiff tongue fully extended.  She did
this for another five minutes, then went up to suck on the clit
without being told.  Dorothy stopped her at that point, and
Tabatha settled back looking disappointed.  Dorothy said, "I
couldn't take another so soon.  Maybe later.  You have toes to
finish, remember?"

"Oh, yeah.  Sorry.  Did I do that good?  Is that how I have to
kiss your pussy every day, after I do all those other things?"

"Yes, exactly like that.  You're a good daughter, Tabatha.  I
hope one day, you'll call me Mom."

"I'm just doing this because I have to.  I'll never call you Mom."

"I think you will.  I think you will very soon."

Tabatha let that go unchallenged and resumed her pedicure.  A few
minutes into her work, she said, "Are you really going to make me
get naked in front of everyone."

"Of course."

"Are you going to let them fuck me, all of them, even Daddy?"

"Daddy most of all.  He wants to make you his little whore, as if
you didn't know."

"I figured as much.  He's changed.  You corrupted him."

"You can thank me later."

"I'll be his whore, as if I had a choice in the matter, but I'll
never thank you for making me one, never."

"As long as you're a good whore, that will be thanks enough.  If
you can fuck the way you suck pussy, you'll make a great whore
for your Daddy.  He has lots of friends he wants to share you
with.  I'm sure you'll make us proud."

"My Daddy would not let other men fuck me, no way would he do that."

"That's all he talks about, but I won't argue with you.  You'll
find out soon enough.  When you have a big dick fucking your ass,
another fucking your pussy, and you are sucking on a third with
six horny men waiting for a hole to get free, you'll see."

"Oh, God, Dorothy, would he really do that to me?  Have you ever
done three at once?"

"No, but you will, and often, right here at home.  You have four
cocks to serve and only three holes to serve them with,

"Aren't you going to help me?"

"Not often.  I have you to satisfy me, and you can still satisfy
two cocks when your mouth is busy between my legs."

"Oh, God, I really will be a whore."

"That's right, a three holer whore that also worships my pussy.
Tabatha, climb up on mommy's lap.  I think you and I need to have
a good mother/daughter talk."

Tabatha got up without comment, and sat on Dorothy's lap, lying
back in the crook of her left arm, while allowing Dorothy to
spread her legs.  Tabatha had her ass over Dorothy's mound with
her right leg draped over the right arm rest; the left rested on
the floor.  Dorothy squeezed her large left tit, offering the
distended nipple to Tabatha's mouth, saying, "Nurse on me,
Tabatha.  There's no mother's milk, but we can pretend."

Tabatha sucked in the nipple and began nursing, looking up into
Dorothy's eyes as she did.  Dorothy stroked a finger through
Tabatha's open slit, then slid inside the receptive hole.  She
set up a gentle massage of Tabatha's aroused sex as Tabatha
moaned while sucking.  Tabatha enjoyed the gentle stroking and
paused in her sucking to say, "You're a witch, aren't you?"

Dorothy laughed and said, "And if I am?"

"I don't mean a bad witch.  I think you're a good witch.  You
have powers."

"I do, huh?"

"Yes.  I think you killed my mom with your powers.  You cast a
spell on my dad, and you cast another spell on me.  I can feel it
working.  I feel like calling you, Mommy.  I can't help

Dorothy said, "Good, then that means the spell has taken.  You
are completely in my power, now; but you're right, I am a good
witch.  I use my powers to bring pleasure not pain and

"I know.  I like good witches.  I like being under your spell,

"We want you to be the family whore, Tabatha.  We want you to
serve all of our sexual needs.  Will you do that willingly?"

Tabatha nodded while sucking, then widened her legs and lifted
for the fucking finger.  Dorothy went on, "Good, I knew you'd be
a good girl, Tabatha.  Now, you've earned your reward.  Just
relax and nurse.  Let Mommy make you cum, sweetheart."

Tabatha nursed, but she could not relax.  When Dorothy set up a
strong, steady finger fucking of her excited pussy, Tabatha had
her ass lifted high, rolling her pelvis and humping the finger.
As the powerful orgasm built to a crest, Tabatha took her mouth
off the nipple and cried, "Oh, Mommy, make me cum.  Fuck my
pussy, Mommy.  Mommy!  Mommy!  I love you, Mommy!  Ahhhhhhh!
Ohhhhhh!  Ahhhhh!"

Tabatha screamed out her release at the top of her lungs, then
collapsed totally.  After a few minutes to catch her breath, she
threw her arms around Dorothy's neck and began planting tender
kisses over Dorothy's face, neck, and chest.  With every kiss,
Tabatha praised Dorothy's beauty and called her Mommy.  Dorothy
basked in the loving attention, offering up body parts for the
devoted affection. 

Tabatha could not get enough and climbed to straddle Dorothy's
hips, pressing their bodies face to face while centering her
kisses on Dorothy's mouth, saying, "I love you, Mommy.  I want to
be the best whore you ever created.  I'll make everyone happy for

When Dorothy opened her mouth to talk, Tabatha's tongue shot
inside.  Dorothy found this amusing and talked with Tabatha's
tongue licking inside her mouth, having to enunciate and form her
words slowly to be understood, saying, "We'll see, Tabatha, but
there's something you should know.  Your father wants you to have
a dog, a big dog, a male dog, a male dog with a foot-long cock.
I think you know what that means, don't you?"

Tabatha excitedly said, "Yes.  The dog is going to fuck me, isn't he?" 

After saying this, Tabatha resumed licking inside Dorothy's
mouth, licking more feverishly than before.  Dorothy said, "Yes,
and you'll suck the dog's cock.  You will also be performing a
live sex act with the dog at parties.  We want you to get good at
putting on a real nasty show.  Come up with positions that best
show the dog's cock fucking your pussy.  You'll need to practice
often, and you'll need to experiment.  I can't help you with dog
fucking lessons.  That's a subject I know nothing about.  You're
on your own.  Can you do it?"

"Yes!  I'm sure I can.  I'll train him myself.  I'll do it for
you, Mommy."

"I'm sure you'll do fine then.  After we finish here, we'll go
out and find the perfect dog.  I'll let you pick him out, but
make sure he has a nice big cock.  I'll see that we have time
alone with each one we look at so you can find out what he has to
offer.  Will you do that?  Will you suck their cocks hard and let
them cum in your mouth so we don't leave a horny dog or a mess?"

"Yes.  I'll do as many as it takes, Mommy, and I'll swallow all
their cum for you."

"Good, sweetheart.  We need to surprise your father when he gets
home.  Won't that be fun?"

Tabatha sat back with a dreamy-eyed expression and said, "Yes."

Craig entered the house on Wednesday evening and Tabatha ran into
his arms wearing nothing but spike high heels and a smile.  He
cupped her naked ass cheeks as she threw her legs around his
waist, leaning back to show her tits.  She said, "Let me suck
your cock, Daddy, then fuck my cherry pussy for me.  I'll eat
Mommy's pussy while you fuck me, then I'll show you what I taught
the dog."

The huge dog padded over and began licking Tabatha's sex as Craig
held his daughter's pussy lips open and got his fingers licked as
well.  She said, "He's great, Daddy, a great dane with a foot-
long cock that feels terrific in my ass.  I can suck his cock all
the way down my throat.  I'm dying to feel him in my pussy, but I
wanted to save my cherry for you."

Dorothy, standing between Craig and the astonished blonde Nordic
girl in the ridiculously brief maid's uniform, said, "Are you

"I am very satisfied.  You did good, Dorothy, but then you always

"I was afraid you wouldn't like the dog.  He's not fluffy."

"To hell with fluffy.  With him, we'll see everything."

"Yes, and there's a lot to see.  He's not only big, he's
insatiable.  You're in for a real treat.  Our daughter is a bitch
in heat."

"Mommy is right, Daddy.  I am a bitch in heat.  I'm already a
two-holer whore.  If you'll put me down and open my third hole,
I'll be a three-holer whore, just like you want.  I can't wait.
The mean old witch is dead, and I want to celebrate."

"So do I, sweetheart, so do I."

And they all lived happily ever after; but then, what did you
expect from a story with a good witch in it?

                           The End