- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] losing my virginity
[Author] W Blake P
[Type] Father/daughter

I am a 23 year old brunette named Amanda. I've been having sex, as long as I could remeber. You may think I'm a slut, but I've only had sex with 6 people. My husband, my 4 ex boyfriends, and my father. Thats right my father. I still have sex with him to this day, and have 6 children by him (don't tell my husband though, he thinks the last 2 are his, hehe).
Like I said I've been having "sex" as long as I can remember. I use the term "sex", because up untill I was 7 I still had my cherri, dad only made me suck him and touch him. At the age of 7, mom left us because she found me with my lips wrapped around my father's member. Actually I should say the tip of his member. To this day I still can't get it all in my mouth. My father was a big guy. You know 6'3'' 190 lbs, nice build and well endowed. I understood at a young age why I heard my mom scream at night. You'd scream too, if you had a dick in you that was 13'' long and 3'' thick.
Well after my mom moved out, my father started make me sleep in the bed with him, I didn't mind, it felt good to have his arms around me. Well during one winter night in January dad and I had sex for the first time. I tell it as I remember. (parentasies is what dad said happened)

"Yes little princess?"
"Your dick is poking my bum"
"I'm sorry.... it is just hard" he paused for a moment "would you like to help me?"
"sure" I said, rolling over, taking his rod in my hand and lightly tugging it. "like this daddy"
he moaned "thats it baby....mmmmm"
I continued to tug on his penis steadily for another 15 minutes or so untill he started to cum
"don't let it on the sheets" he said groaning as I cupped my hands to gather his cum in my hands. After he finished cumming I brought my hands to my chest and rubbed the cum into my little buds. I loved how it felt, all cool and wet, it made my tummy feel funny, a good funny.
"thank you baby" daddy said as I roled over, to try to sleep, but I had to pee. I taped my dad on the shoulder as I rolled over to face him again
"daddy, I have to pee"
"okay" he replyed calmly
"No... daddy, I HAVE to pee. I can't make it to the bathroom.... it hurts"
"Well....I guess I'll have to help" he said, sliding under the covers and spread my legs, and kissed my thighs
"Daddy.... what are you doing?" I giggled
"I'm gonna help you"
"But How is this gonna help me when I have to pee?"
"your gonna pee in my mouth" he said as he kissed on my hairliss slit
"just pee Amanda"
"But.... but.....mmmmmmm" my complaints we stopped as I slowly started to pee, my dad with his lips sealed around my cunt, gulping away at my golden well water.
"thats it sweety" he said as he pulled away after I finished peeing, then he started to lick my tight hole, I squirmed, the feeling in my tummy returning
"mmmmmm, that feels nice daddy" I said as he licked me for about 5 more minutes then came up to lie beside me
"why'd you stop?!"
"Cause I know how to please us both"
"How?????" I was curious, as the feling in my tummy started to faid, the feeling I wanted to keep.
"Remember how I told you about sex?"
"But you said not untill I was 13"
"I said that when mom was around, she's gone, so I say now"
"You told me it would hurt"
"I know. But don't worry, I'll be gentle, now get on top of me like I told you" I paused for a while, but slowly got up and put my pussy atop his swollen memeber. I slowly slide and poped the head in, it hurt. But dad said it would be okay, so I slide down more, and let out a scream, I wanted to get off, and looked down at my father. I started to raise my hips up, but he grabbed them and pulled me down, as I screamed in pain.
"daddy..... it HURTS...... stop" I sobbed
"shhhhh..... mom left cause of you, I'm just making sure you replace her"
"No daddy.... stop" He didn't listen, instead he rolled over so he was on top, pinning me down, as he slid to my hymen
"bite down on your lip baby" I bit my lip as he pushed past my hymen and caused me to scream in pain, as he tore my insides up. After this it's kinda fuzzy, I was in too much pain.
"thats it baby... so TIGHT" he groaned as he pumped deeper into me once he was about 8 inches into me, he had all that would go in, or so I thought. He was pumping me gently and slowly, as my insides were being torn up. He bent over and started to suck on my nipples, pulling on them lightly. I let out a soft moan as I felt the first sign of pleasure. Soon it was gone as my father started pumping harder, pushing against my cervix. I was screaming as I looked down to see my father's bloody cock pushing into me.
"Daddy.... it HURTS" I groaned
"shhh....mmmmmm baby" he groaned havily, pumping in and out of me faster, as I felt his penis proab my cervix I screamed. My dad looked at me once and thrust as deep as he could, streaching my cervix, as he tore my pussy up. A few moments later I screamed in unimaginable pain as he pushed into my womb
"I'm cumming sweety" he said as I could faintly feel his cum splash my womb. He pulled out and lied bside my, and whiped his dick with a wash cloth. We both lay painting, me in pain, him in exstacy, with a pool of pinkish cum ozzing out of my torn and blood stained slit, leaking into the pool of blood between my legs.... I slowly fainted off to sleep

That was my first time with my father. I ended up going to the hospital the next day to get my outer labia sewn, because it was torn. My father waited another month before we had sex again. After about 4 more times, I started to like it, and by my 8th birthday I was loving it. For my 12th birthday, my father gave me a baby. We told the doctor it was my boyfriends. I actually had one, and had him convinced the kid was his.... he he he. I later went on to have 4 more boyfriends, all of which thought they gave me a baby. I get lots of child support. Curently I am pregnant again, with my father's child. Tim, my husband thinks it is his. This baby will make 7.... all by my loving father. Who I have sex with instead of "work". I use the child support money to make Tim think I work. About 2 thousand a month. I need to take my oldest son to his "grandpa" to start his teaching.... and soon my eldest daughter. By the way. 3 girls, 3 boys. Bye.