- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Wet dreams
[Author] Eros
[Type] Father/daughter

       Sue Morris gasped with shock as she entered the master bedroom.
    There on the bed was her well-hung husband, Peter, ramming a massive
    erection into their naked twelve-year-old daughter's upthrust cunt.

       Peter looked up and smiled, not missing a stroke into his
    squirming daughter as his wife entered the room. Sue's eyes were
    glued on the slimy junction of her husband and child's tightly
    meshed organs. Despite her initial shock, Sue's cunt began to drip
    at the lascivious sight. Her daughter opened her eyes dreamily and

       "Look, Mommy!", said, Tammy proudly. "Daddy's fucking my cunt! He
    says I'm a big girl now!"

       Sue stared at the way her daughter's tiny tits shook and the way
    her hairless little cunt swallowed her husband's prick. She
    certainly had to agree with the girl. Despite her age and the size
    of her husband's cock, little Tammy was accommodating her father's
    impossible huge erection easily... and, by her hip movements and
    loud moans of pleasure, the gorgeous young kid was obviously
    enjoying every second of it!

       But despite her liberal attitude towards sex and the stirring
    sight before her, Sue was still deeply shocked! Well, maybe not so
    much shocked as jealous... jealous of the way her daughter's arms,
    legs and cunt clung carnally to her husband's large masculine body,
    but more importantly... jealous because Peter was enjoying it so
    much. She could see it in his face as he rammed his long, thick
    prick again and again into their daughter's squirming, quivering

       "Oh God, Peter!", she screamed. "How? How could you?"

       Sue's husband just grinned at her and kept on fucking the tiny
    writhing girl beneath him.

       "Easy, dear!", he panted. "I just sucked her sweet little twat
    until she was good and hot, and ready for a big stiff cock up her
    cunt, then let her have it!"

       "No, I don't mean that?  I mean, WHY Peter? She's only twelve!
    And she's your own daughter for Christ's sake!"

       "Why??", replied her husband, grunting as he continued to ram his
    massive cock into the girl's eagerly upthrust twat. "Because she's a
    hot little slut that loves to fuck! That's why! Just look at her!
    Look at the way she's fucking her cunt up at my prick! Jesus, she's
    got it all, and she wants more! She can't get enough!" Then to
    Tammy. "Can you, baby? You like Daddy's cock up your hot little
    cunt, don't you, honey. Tell Mommy how much you love Daddy's cock!"

       "Ohhh, Mommy! Yes! I love Daddy's cock! I love to fuck! I want
    Daddy to fuck me forever! Uuuuuhhhhhh! Harder, Daddy! Fuck me
    harder! Make me come again, pleeeeease!!!"

       Sue was speechless! Her daughter and husband had never acted like
    this before. She couldn't believe it was happening, yet something
    deep down inside her didn't want it to stop either. The sight of her
    handsome big-dicked husband reaming out her twelve-year-old
    daughter's tight, clinging little cunt was suddenly an incredible
    turn-on. Her cunt began to drool as she watched Pete's massively
    thick prick plow again and again into Tammy's tiny, bulging
    fuck-slot. Her daughter was really enjoying the huge pole of
    man-meat pounding into her juvenile twat. Sue could tell it was
    stretching her little cunt terribly, yet her sex-crazed young
    daughter just seemed to beg for more.

       Peter looked over at Sue and grinned. "Aren't you going to get
    you clothes off and join us, honey? I'm sure I can take care of both
    of you at once. maybe Tammy would like to help. How 'bout it baby,
    wanna suck mommy's cunt while I fuck yours?"

       Sue couldn't believe what her husband was suggesting, and fully
    expected her daughter to refuse in revulsion. She was wrong!

       "Ok, Daddy," panted Tammy. "Just don't stop fucking me. I'm so
    close, and I want you to make me come some more!"

       "Don't worry, sweetheart," Sue heard her husband reply. "I don't
    intend to stop fucking your hot, tight little cunt till squirt your
    insides full of cum!."

       "Oooohhh, goody!", squealed the deeply impaled youngster. "Come
    on mommy let me lick you between the legs. Daddy sucked me off twice
    before we started fucking and I loved it."

       As if in a daze, Sue walked towards the bed, removing her
    clothes. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't seem to help
    herself. But before she made it to the bed, the door opened and Sue
    heard a familiar voice behind her.

       "Mom? Dad? I heard funny noises. What's going on?... Jesus!"

       Sue turned around to face her thirteen-year-old son, Jimmy. His
    eyes flew from her tits to her cunt and then to his sister and
    father on the bed.

       "Jesssssuuuuus!" he repeated.

       Sue was speechless. She just stood there unable to move, letting
    her son stare at her nakedness. Jimmy moved over to the bed,
    watching his father fuck his sister with undisguised relish.

       "Christ, will you look at that!", he said, rubbing his young
    crotch. "Shit, if I'd known Tammy was hot to fuck, I'd have busted
    the horny little cunt's cherry ages ago!"

       "JIMMY!", Sue scolded. "How dare you talk about your sister like

       Jimmy turned his attention to his mother, his dark eyes roaming
    her naked body like two red-hot coals.

       "Nice tits, Mom!" he breathed finally. "Can I suck on them for a

       Sue just stared at her son. She couldn't believe anything that
    had happened since she woke up! What had happened to this family?

       Jimmy walked over and brazenly grabbed one of her tits, his other
    hand snaked down between her thighs, his fingers sliding into his
    mother's pussy.

       "Oh, Mom!", he moaned against her naked breast. "Your cunt feels
    so hot and wet and slippery!"

       Sue felt her son's fingers wriggling deliciously inside her
    steamy sex. She liked what he was doing so much, she even hunched
    her cuntmound against his busy hand. When Jimmy began rubbing her
    cuntslit with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other, Sue
    almost fainted. She instinctively reached down and gripped her son's
    cock through his pajamas.

       "Yeahhh! Jerk me off, Mom!", said the boy, fucking two fingers
    steadily in and out of Sue's cunt

       Sue gasped as she felt the size of her son's cock. It was
    rock-hard and impossibly big for a thirteen-year-old boy. She pulled
    it out of his shorts and looked down. Sue gasped again. The thing
    was enormous! Jimmy was hung like a horse! She hefted the massive
    prick in her hand and began to jerk her fist up and down the shaft.
    With Jimmy's fingers in her cunt and his prick in her hand, Sue was
    beside herself with lust.

       "Ouuuuhhhhhh, Jimmy!", she moaned. "I can't stand it any more!
    Let's get on the bed!"

       Jimmy looked up at her.

       "Why, Mom?", he smiled devilishly. "You wanna fuck?"

       Any other time, Sue would have slapped her son's face, right then
    all she wanted was his hard young cock slamming into her cunt. She
    nodded her head.

       "Say it, Mom," he urged. "Say it!"

       "Ohh, Jesus!", moaned Sue. "God help me, Jimmy, I want you to
    fuck me! I want you to shove that monster in momma's hot, horny cunt
    and fuck the piss out of it"

       "Okay, mom!", grinned Jimmy. "Get on the bed and spread!"

       Sue tumbled onto the bed where her husband was still fucking
    their daughter. She lay on her back with her legs spread wide and
    watched as her thirteen-year-old son mounted her. He fitted the tip
    of his grossly exaggerated prick into her cuntslot and inched
    forward. After the head popped into his mother's tight slit, Jimmy

       "You want it bad, don't you Mom?", he husked, leering down at
    her. "Tell me how much you want my cock!"

       Sue hunched her hips up off the bed, trying to push more of her
    son's deliciously hard prick into her yearning cunt.

       "God, Jimmy! Don't tease me!", whimpered Sue. "Shove that damn
    thing in my cunt and fuck me you little bastard!"

       "Yeah, don't mess around, son," puffed his father, "Can't you see
    your mother needs a good fuck. For crissake get on with it, boy!

       Jimmy flashed his mother a devilish grin and grabbed her by the
    tits, ramming his long, hard cock into her drooling cunt to the
    balls. Sue screamed. But not in pain... in pure, unadulterated
    pleasure! She wiggled her hips up at Jimmy trying to screw more of
    his gorgeous thirteen-year-old prick into her hungry twat.

       "Jesus, yesss! Fuck me Jimmy! Fuck me hard!", screamed Sue, as
    her son started ramming his huge erection into her hairy cunt with a

       Beside her on the bed, Sue heard little Tammy begging her father
    to do the same. As Jimmy's prick pounded into her, Sue reached up
    and gripped his jiggling ass, pulling the boy's sparsely thatched
    pubes harder against her own, grinding and humping her pussy up at
    her son like a two-dollar whore.

       "Like it, Mom?", grunted Jimmy, fucking his mother hard.

       "Uhhhh! Yesss! Oh.. uhhfff... fuck.. yes.. unnnggghhh... baby!",
    gasped Sue. She held onto her son's ass now for dear life, fucking
    him back with a fury she never realized she had.

       Peter leant over and gave his wife's open, panting mouth a hard
    passionate tongue-kiss, never missing a beat as he kept slamming his
    monstrous prick in and out of his daughter's tightly clasping cunt

       Sue felt a massive orgasm building deep in her loins as Jimmy
    kept pounding away. Her young son seemed to have boundless energy.
    `God, even Peter never fucks me like this', she thought. Yet, right
    at that moment, Peter seemed to be even outperforming Jimmy! He'd
    never once stopped ramming his incredibly huge cock into their
    twelve-year-old daughter's hairless, sucking cunt since she walked
    in on them ten minutes ago. They were both fucking like tireless

       Sue screamed in orgasm, thrashing about under Jimmy's powerful
    onslaught as her cunt quivered and spasmed around his cock like a
    vice. On impulse, she reached round and stuck a finger into Jimmy's
    asshole. The boy came immediately, hunching and groaning and
    shuddering as he filled her cunt to overflowing with his sperm.


       Peter looked over at Sue and grinned evily.

       "Fuck her, Jimmy!", he urged. "Fuck your mother's hot cunt! Get
    her all nice and juicy for me."

       "Ooooohhhh, I'm almost there too, Daddy!", whimpered Tammy. She
    clutched her father's strong muscular shoulders with her tiny hands
    and began jerking her hips up off the bed in wild sexual abandon.

       "Yeah, you hot little fuck! You cum too!", growled Peter,
    slamming his cock into the child's cunt with piston-like power and
    speed. "Cum all over my cock, Tammy.... you tight-cunted little

       "Uuuuuhh! Yeah! I am! I'm your slut, Daddy!", chanted the little
    girl as her father fucked her harder and faster than before. "Fuck
    me, Daddy! Fuck your little slut, and cum in my cunt! Ohhh, Jesus!
    God, I love to fuck! Ooooooooooooooooooohhh!!!"

       Tammy came with a loud squeal, grinding her hairless little twat
    up against her father's humping prick just as ferociously as her
    mother had done with Jimmy, only seconds before. Her little cuntlips
    bulged and dimpled around the impossibly huge pole of rock-hard
    cock-flesh slamming into her tight slippery little twat.

       In a post-climactic trance, Sue watched her little daughter
    writhe and twist in orgasm under her father's powerful prick. The
    kid was squealing incessantly, coming again and again as Peter
    fucked his rampant cock right up into her tiny, heaving belly with
    rapid, jack-hammer thrusts.

       Sue couldn't believe how much punishment the little youngster was
    taking, yet it was obvious that Tammy was loving every second of it.
    Peter was fucking her savagely now, slamming his fully-grown cock
    into her hairless, juvenile cunt as hard as he could. The whole bed
    shook with his thrusts, making Sue's tits wiggle in sympathy.

       Jimmy licked his lips and pulled one of her nipples into his
    mouth. He sucked it hard, squeezing and kneading the soft, firm
    flesh like he was trying to milk her. Sue grabbed his head and held
    it to her breast, letting her son suckle her tit just as he had done
    thirteen years ago.

       After a while, Jimmy switched to the other nipple and sucked it
    hard. Then he pushed his mother onto her back and lowered his head
    between her legs. Sue gasped as she felt Jimmy's mouth close over
    the lips of her drooling cunt and suck hard.

       "OOOOOOOHHHH! Jimmy! What are you... UHHHHHHH! OHHHH! YESSSS! EAT

       Jimmy sucked his mother's tasty jizz-filled cunt like crazy,
    licking out his own sperm and her copious pussy-juice like it was a
    melting ice-cream cone. Sue came again almost as soon as Jimmy began
    sucking on her clit, grinding her open slit up against her son's
    juice-smeared face like an epileptic belly-dancer. But Jimmy kept on
    fucking her, spearing his tongue impossibly deep into his mother's
    ripe, juicy pussy, sucking her throbbing, cumming clit like mad.
    After her fifth orgasm in a row, Sue fainted from the intense


       As conscious began to filter back up through Sue's lust-clouded
    brain, the first thing she felt was an incredibly large prick
    sliding in and out of her ravaged pussy. She remembered having
    fucked her son, and a sudden pang of guilt began to flood her dazed

       "Nooooo, Jimmy! Don't! Don't fuck me again!", she cried. Then she
    opened her eyes.

       It wasn't Jimmy fucking her, it was a total stranger! A big man
    wearing some kind of white uniform jacket, and little else.

       "W...what... who... are you and what the hell do you think you're
    doing?", screeched Sue trying to push the big man off her. But he
    was too strong for her and just kept pounding away at her pussy like
    a machine, a big lewd grin on his rough features.

       "I'm fucking your tight, juicy fucking cunt, lady!", grunted the
    man. "That's what I'm doin'! Don't ya like it?!"

       Then, Sue recognised him. It was their milkman! Shit! She was
    being fucked by the damn milkman!

       "Jesus! Get off me, you bastard!", yelled Sue. She tried to roll
    out from under him but his massively thick cock was literally
    pinning her to the bed!

       Gradually, she gave up struggling. After getting over the initial
    shock of waking up to find a complete stranger fucking her in her
    own bed, Sue decided that the man's cock felt good. It was huge!
    Long and stiff and very, very hard... and he was really fucking her
    deep. His monster shaft dragged along her protruding clit with
    delicious regularity and his fat cockhead punched up against the
    entrance to her very womb with every powerful stroke.

       "Ohhhhhhhhgggghh! Godddddddd!", she moaned, lifting her hips
    slightly to help him penetrate her further. "Come on, you big
    bastard! If you're going to fuck me, fuck me hard! Harder!!"

       The man responded by ramming his huge prick into her all the way,
    fucking her just as she'd asked, long and hard and fast. Slamming
    into her frothy, upthrust cunt until her teeth rattled from the
    force of his cock-thrusts.

       "Uuuuhh! Unnnhgghh! Ohhnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmm! Yesssss! Fuuuuukkkk
    Meeee!", squealed Sue, holding on the man's big hairy shoulders for
    dear life."Jeeeesssssuuss! I'mmmm cummmmmmmungggg!!!!"

       As she climaxed, Sue's tightly-stretched cunt clasped the big
    pole of solid flesh as it pounded into pussy like a piston. She
    heard somebody screaming and it was several seconds before she
    realized it was her. Then, the most powerful climax Sue had ever
    experienced thundered over her thrashing body like a tidal wave,
    washing away her consciousness once more.


       When she came to, the milkman was gone and Sue found herself
    alone in her bed. The room looked like a hurricane had hit it. There
    were clothes, sheets, pillows and furniture strewn all over the
    place and the bed was covered in cum and pussy juice. The heady
    smell of sex was almost overpowering. Sue got shakily to her feet
    and headed down the hall, determined to find out where the rest of
    the family had gotten to. The house was empty. Sue walked to the
    front door and looked outside. What she saw almost made her eyes pop
    out of her head!

       There were naked people fucking on her front lawn. She recognised
    some of them, the other's were strangers. Then she spotted her son,
    Jimmy. He was across the street on his hands and knees, sucking some
    little blonde girl's wide-spread cunt.

       Without thinking, Sue raced out of her house. Dodging the
    copulating couples on her lawn, she ran over to where Jimmy was. As
    she got closer she recognised the little girl whose hairless little
    cunt Jimmy was so eagerly licking. It was Jenny Henderson....
    nine-year-old Jenny Henderson!

       Sue was speechless! Her mouth opened but nothing came out. She
    watched as her son's tongue snaked out a good four inches and buried
    itself in the child's smooth, bald little cunt. Jenny was groaning
    and writhing her hips up at Jimmy's mouth and tongue more like some
    horny teenaged slut than the cute innocent little nine-year-old that
    Sue remembered her to be.

       "Jimmy! Stop doing that!! Leave Jenny alone and come home this
    instant!", screamed Sue, trying to pull her son off the squirming
    little girl.

       Pretty little Jenny looked up at Sue and snarled. "Leave him
    alone! Go and get your own cock to fuck! This one's mine!"

       Sue reeled back in shock. What was happening to the world? Was
    everybody mad? Since when did a nice little fourth-grader like Jenny
    Henderson begin to talk and act like that!!???

       In a daze, Sue wandered off down the street, looking for her
    husband. All around her were people of all ages engaged in every
    possible sexual perversion. Sue's mind began to swirl with lustful
    sights and lewd, lascivious visions of depravity. To her surprise,
    the further she went the wetter her pussy became, until she was so
    horny the juices were running down her thighs.

       Then she spotted a police car, cruising up the street, swerving
    occasionally miss couples or groups whose mindless fornication had
    spilled onto the street. Sue watched as the car pulled up in front
    of her and a big burly officer got out.

       She was about to speak to him when she noticed the cop was naked
    from the waist down. His cock was stiff as a railroad spike and
    vibrated obscenely up and down as he walked toward her with a smile
    on his face.

       "Anything I can do for you, ma'am?", he asked with a grin,
    incongruously lifting his cap.

       "Errrr....n....yes, ummm, I m...mean no, officer," muttered Sue,
    staring at his huge, throbbing erection. "I'm looking for my

       "Well, I hope you find him, ma'am I'm looking for a clever little
    hooker who escaped my custody just down the street. She's got some
    unfinished business to attend to", said the cop, pointing at his
    shiny prick.

       It looked so tempting, Sue was about to offer to suck it for him
    when the cop spotted two young girls of about twelve or thirteen
    wearing short cheer-leader skirts walk past giggling and pointing
    at his formidable erection.

       "Hey, you kids! Come here!", shouted the cop, running after them.
    "I got something real tasty for ya to suck on, girls!"

       Sue walked on. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the cop holding
    the smallest girl down as he attempted to force his huge hardon into
    her mouth. The other girl was rubbing her tits and had her dress
    lifted up, pushing her naked pubescent little pussy against the
    cop's thigh.

       As Sue rounded a corner, she saw her husband Peter kneeling in
    front of a pretty, red-haired woman sitting on a park bench. At
    first she didn't recognize him, because his face was buried in her
    firey red cuntbush. Sue walked over to them.

       After all she'd seen and experienced today, the depraved scene of
    her husband sucking off another woman somehow wasn't all that
    shocking anymore. In fact, the more she watched, the more it turned
    her on. Her eyes locked onto Peter's hard glistening cock as it
    throbbed obscenely between his legs, looking as long and as hard as
    an iron bar.

       Without a word, Sue crouched down and took her husband's cock in
    her hand. It was hugely swollen and sticky with cum and cuntjuice,
    and Sue wondered how many women and girls her husband had fucked
    with it since he'd left her this morning. The lewd thought made
    Sue's cunt drool and twitch, and with a moan of lust, she lowered
    her head between Peter's legs and took his slimy prick into her

       Peter moaned into the red-head's cunt as he felt his fuck-meat
    enveloped by Sue's lips. Sue swallowed the monster relishing the
    taste. Her husband's well-used cock was tangy with the flavour of
    numerous cunts, including her own daughter's, Sue remembered with a
    deliciously depraved thrill.

       She sucked hard, using her fist to jack off the substantial
    proportion of hard, thick stem that would not fit easily into her
    mouth. Peter lifted his face from the gooey red snatch he was
    feasting on and looked down at his wife's bobbing head.

       "Hi, sweetheart!", he grinned, "Nothing like a little bit of
    dining out is there?"

       Sue moaned an unintelligible answer into his hairy crotch as she
    slurped her lips up and down her husband's glistening cock.

       Suddenly, Sue felt a pair of hands on her hips. She was so horny
    from swallowing Peter's tasty cock, she didn't even look around to
    see who it was. She just lifted her ass and spread her legs,
    inviting the unseen stranger to do whatever they wished with her
    gooey, gaping gash.

       Sue grunted as she felt something small and thin enter her pussy.
    Her lust-crazed mind didn't register it for a while until she
    realized that it whatever it was it was much to damn small to be a
    man's cock. She lifted her head and looked over her shoulder to find
    a little boy poking his finger into her pussy. He was about eight or
    nine and so cute looking he almost looked like a little girl. His
    tiny middle finger was completely inside her pussy and he was
    twisting it around. Sue gasped as his little knuckles ground against
    her clit.

       "God kid!", groaned Sue, jacking her fist up and down on her
    husband's cock. "Stick another finger in me! I can hardly feel it!"

       The boy did as he was told, inserting two, then three fingers
    easily up Sue's hungry hole.

       "Ohhhhh, yeah! That's better! Now fuck them in and out, hard!"

       Sue went back to sucking off her husband's cock, satisfied for
    now with having at least something shoved up her yearning cunt, even
    if it was only a couple of kiddy fingers.

       The boy became bolder and stuck another finger into Sue's gaping
    fuck-hole. Sue moaned loudly and really went to town on her
    husband's cock, deep-throating the huge fucker until she felt his
    balls against her chin.

       Meanwhile the little boy finger-fucking her cunt was trying to
    get his thumb in her pussy as well. Sue was so excited now, she
    didn't care! She simply hunched back to help him insert all his
    young digits into her wet, clinging twat.

       Sue groaned with pleasure as the kid's whole hand slid into her
    cunt. She lifted her mouth reluctantly off her husband's slick dong
    to give the lad encouragement.

       "Ohhh, yesssssss! Fuck me with your hand, son!" she moaned. "Make
    a fist and shove it up my cunt as far as it'll go! Uhhhhggggghhh,
    God, yes! Fuck me with your fist, baby!!!"

       The boy began to fuck Sue with his hand. His little arm was
    buried in her sopping cunt up almost up to his elbow. To Sue it felt
    like she was being fucked by a horse, but it felt fantastic!

       Sue went back to work on Peter's bloated cock as the little boy
    rammed his fist into her cunt with a deliciously regular fucking
    rhythm. Sue heard the red-head squeal above her as her husband's
    talented lips and tongue brought her off, and she creamed into his

       Sue felt Peter's cock swell in her mouth and she knew he was
    going to cum too. She sucked as hard as she could, wanting to his
    hot load fill her mouth, all the time grinding her fist-filled cunt
    back at the little boy.

       Peter lifted his juice-speared face from the red-head's gaping
    cunt and arched his back, forcing his prick deeper into his
    cock-sucking wife's velvet throat.

       "Suck it, bitch!" he yelled. "Suck the cum out of my fuckin'
    prick! Uhhhhhh, yeahhhhh! Fuck! Here it comes!! Take it all, you
    hot-mouthed little cunt!"

       Sue felt the boy's fist-fucking speed up as he heard Peter's cry
    and Sue found herself cumming too as the first jets of sperm from
    her husband's prick splattered against her tonsils.

       The boy was really ramming her with his fist now, slamming his
    whole arm up her twat like a fifteen inch cock, and Sue was loving
    ever cunt-stretching second of it. Her clit was being squashed and
    rolled around like never before and she felt his knuckles rubbing
    along the insides of her slippery, dilated fuck-channel.

       Sue let her husband's cock fall from her mouth and arched her
    back, raising her ass in the air as she felt the most powerful
    orgasm of her life explode inside her ravaged pussy. Then she
    slumped forward against her husband letting the boy's arm slip from
    her gaping fuck-hole with a loud slurping plop.

       They all lay there gasping for a few minutes, trying to catch
    their breath before the redhead got up and staggered off in the
    direction of three construction workers who were taking turns
    fucking a rather pleased-looking young schoolgirl up against a tree
    in the park.

       Sue stared at the sexy-looking little teenager. Her panties were
    around one dainty little ankle and her dress was up around her waist
    as she squirmed her plump little cunt around the huge hairy cock
    currently grinding into her. She was grinning insanely and moaning
    with pleasure as the two other burly construction men held her
    creamy young legs apart, sucking a tit each as the horny little
    youngster kept them hard by jerking on their enormous cocks, one in
    each tiny little fist. With a twinge of jealousy, Sue longed to be
    in her place, it was such a turn-on watching the young girl getting
    royally fucked by the three, rough-looking men.

       Sue turned her attention to the boy who had fist-fucked her.
    Although he was only eight or nine, he had managed to give her one
    of the most mind-shattering orgasms of her life, and she felt she
    owed the cute little kid the same in return.

       Reaching out, Sue pulled the boy closer and began to fondle his
    cock and balls. His prick wasn't nearly as small as Sue had expected
    it to be. It was no where as big as her son's or as huge as her
    husband's well-used monster, but a nice five or six inches of stiff,
    throbbing boy-meat all the same.

       She took it into her mouth and sucked hard, swallowing the hard,
    jerking young prick whole. When her lips collided with his hairless
    little balls, Sue began to suck on the shaft hard, causing the kid
    to grab the back of her head and moan loudly.

       Sue rolled onto her back and pulled the boy on top of her in the
    classic sixty-nine position. Spreading her legs, she pushed his cute
    young baby-face into her hairy twat and went back to sucking his
    cock. The boy began to lick and suck the glistening pink folds as if
    he'd been it all his life! Sue was soon moaning and groaning around
    the boy's cock as she easily deep-throated the stiff little prong.

       While Sue and the little boy were sixty-nining, Peter sat on the
    bench and fondled his seemingly tireless cock into another massive
    erection. Watching his wife suck the nine-year-old's hard little
    cock as the kid ate out her juice-filled cunt, was a tremendous

       A mother and her little girl of about ten, walked by and stopped
    to stare.  Peter's cock was sticking up like a thick, purple
    flagpole. With a lust-crazed look in her eyes, the mother walked
    over and grabbed it, jacking Peter off. The girl just watched,
    rubbing her little cunt under her dress.

       "Do you want to fuck her?", the mother asked, seeing Peter's eyes
    on the little girl's crotch.

       Peter just nodded, staring at the cute little girl who now had
    two fingers stuffed up her hairless little cunt, under her panties.
    The mother told her daughter to get her clothes off and come sit on
    the nice man's cock.

       Peter lay back on the bench and the naked little girl climbed on
    top of him. The mother helped her straddle Peter's large, hairy
    thighs by spreading her skinny young legs and then guided his
    impossibly huge cock into her daughter's tiny, hairless little cunt.
    The kid's pubescent fuckhole was so tight, Peter's cock wouldn't go
    in very far, so the mother pushed down on the girl's shoulders,
    screwing her daughter's tight, little twat down until Peter's huge
    prick was fully buried. Peter could see the shape of his huge cock
    moving inside the child's small belly as he began to fuck her.

       With a moan, the mother pulled of her panties and straddled
    Peter's face, grinding her hairy wet cunt into his open mouth. Peter
    licked her juices out and sucked on her big clit. The little girl
    was squealing like a pig as Peter's big prick fucked in and out of
    her tight, elastic little hole. But she wasn't screaming in pain,
    she was loving every second of it. She began bouncing up and down
    chanting, "Fuck me with your great big cock!... great big cock...
    great big cock! Fuck me with your great big cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!
    Fuck me!", to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb".

       She was so tight, Peter had trouble lasting more than a few
    minutes and soon he was coming like a fire hose inside the little
    girls's cunt. Her tiny, flat belly swelled like a balloon because
    the grip of her hairless twat was so tight, the sperm couldn't get
    out. The little girl's cunt made loud squelching sounds as she rode
    his huge fucker to her own orgasm, twisting and screaming. Peter was
    surprised that a girl so young could come so hard.

       Peter sucked hard on the the mother's fat clit and flicked it
    with his tongue. Within seconds she was coming too. She spilled her
    cum-juice all over his face and then climbed off. Peter's prick was
    still buried to the balls inside her daughter. She bent down and
    pulled her child's cunt off Peter's cock with a loud slurp, then
    plastered her mouth over the kid's gaping, dribbling well-fucked
    little hole and sucked out Peter's cum. The little girl climaxed
    again, screaming and kicking in orgasm as her mother ate out her
    gooey, cum-filled little twat. Peter stuffed his cock up the
    mother's asshole and began to fuck her while she sucked her daughter
    off, cumming another bucket load up the woman's tight butt.

       Then mother and daughter licked his cock and balls clean. Peter
    shoved his cock deep into the little girl's mouth and fucked her
    tiny face, finally emptying another load of hot spunk down the
    gurgling child's throat. Peter couldn't believe that after all the
    fucking and sucking he'd done this morning, he still had a hard-on
    that wouldn't quit. He told the little girl to suck off her mother
    and when she got down on her hands and knees between the woman's
    thighs, Peter shoved his cock up her tiny, hairless twat from behind
    and fucked her so hard the kid's pretty little was face mashed into
    her mother's cunt on every brutal stroke.

       Holding onto her skinny little hips Peter fucked the girl hard.
    Then after he'd come another load up her tight, hairless little
    twat, he pulled out and shoved his still-hard cock up her
    cum-lubricated little ass. The girl screamed into her mother's cunt
    but did not stop licking for a moment. The child's asshole felt like
    a vice clamped around Peter's cock.

       As she loosened up a bit, he began to fuck her hard and deep,
    ramming his prick up her ultra-tight little anus like he was fucking
    her cunt. Peter reached round and stuck three fingers in her cunt.
    He can feel his cock in her ass, separates by a thin sheath of
    tissue and wraps his fingers around it. He can't believe it. He's
    actually jerking himself off with his fingers inside her cunt.

       The little girl was sucking her mother for all she was worth. The
    mother seemed to cum constantly, bucking her hips up at her
    daughter's vacuuming mouth like a machine. They all came together
    this time... the mother holding her daughter's head in her gooey,
    slime-drenched cunt, the girl with a huge cock and hand stuffed up
    her twin holes, and Peter jerking himself off inside her
    tightly-gripping preteen ass.

       The three of them collapsed in a heap, exhausted. Meanwhile,
    beside them, Sue and the little boy were sucking on each other's
    nasty bits like there was no tomorrow, slurping and licking each
    other's privates like a pair of dogs on heat. The boy lapped up her
    sticky spendings and Sue, in turn, swallowed his hard young tool
    again and again, literally fucking his stiff little prick with her

       The boy began to moan and suck Sue's clit like mad as he came,
    filling her mouth almost to overflowing with a surprisingly large
    load of little-boy sperm. Sue licked it all up and cleaned off the
    kid's hairless little balls with her tongue, not missing a single

       "Mmmmmmm! God, you're a tasty little morsel," she grinned jacking
    the boy's slippery cock up and down with her fist. "Wanna fuck my
    cunt now honey? I'm hot again"

       Sue lay back and spread her legs for the boy, guiding his
    throbbing young prick into her pussy. She was amazed at the speed
    with which the kid had gotten hard again. His limp prick seemed to
    grow to full erection within seconds. And it was so big! Much bigger
    than a nine-year-old boy's cock should be. But, then again, Sue
    wasn't surprised at ANYTHING she experienced today.

       Despite it's formidable size, the boy's cock slid into Sue's
    gooey snatch with ease, and he immediately began pumping his skinny
    young hips back and forth, fucking Sue with a surprisingly powerful
    rhythm. Sue pulled his curly young head down to her tits and offered
    the boy her nipples which the kid sucked with relish.

       Sue was just about to come deliriously on the boy's deliciously
    pounding pecker when a woman's voice sounded harshly above them.

       "Bobby! Stop that immediately! What do you think you're doing?
    Get off that woman, you don't know where she's been!""

       The kid tried to ignore her and, to Sue's great pleasure, kept
    pounding his prick up her hot, horny hole, but the woman grabbed him
    by the ear and pulled him off her.

       "Shit, Mom!", cried the kid, standing up. His long, stiff cock
    waved tantalizingly in the breeze, glistening wetly with Sue's
    copious juices.

       Sue looked up at the woman standing above her. She was blonde and
    extremely pretty, except for the furious look on her face. Sue
    backed away, trying to hide her nakedness as the woman's eyes bored
    into her.

       "What the hell were do you think you were doing with my son?!",
    she screamed.

       Sue started to mutter an answer, but the woman cut her off.

       "Just leave him alone, okay!", bellowed the woman. Then, she
    turned to her son and hugged him tightly. "Ohh, Bobby! I've been
    looking everywhere for you, baby!"

       The boy's cock was still rock-hard, and Sue watched as the woman
    reached down and began to fist her son's huge erection.

       "I need you to come home, darling", she murmured, jerking up and
    down on her nine-year-old boy's sticky young erection. "Daddy's too
    busy fucking your little sister to be any use to me, honey. And
    Mommy is ever-so-horny!"

       As if to prove her point, the pretty, blonde mother lifted her
    dress and began to rub her panty-less crotch with her other hand.

       Bobby squeezed his mother's tits through her dress and then
    dropped a small hand to her naked crotch. He slid three fingers up
    into his mother's juicy gash and began to finger fuck the horny
    woman with hard little jabs of his wrist.

       "Will you suck my cock whenever I want, mom?" he asked, shoving
    another finger up into his mother's drooling snatch.

       "Uhhhh, Jesus! Yes, baby! I'm sorry for not sucking your cock
    this morning when you asked me, but that nice milkman was doing
    such a good job of fucking my cunt, I couldn't think straight,

       Sue wondered if it was the same big, hairy milkman that had
    fucked her so deliciously this morning. But before she could ask,
    Bobby pulled his mother's dress up around her waist and pushed her
    back onto the bench seat.

       "Spread you legs! I wanna fuck you right now, Mom" he grunted,
    lifting his mom's long, slender legs up over his wiry young

       "Ohhhh, baby! Yessss!" gurgled the woman, grabbing the cheeks of
    her son's tight ass in both hands as the boy fell on top of her,
    fucking his hard young prick deep up into his mother's hairy wet
    pussy with the same, long, powerful thrusts that Sue had been
    enjoying so much only minutes before.

       Sue left them at it, heading off down the street in search of...
    she knew not what.... In the back of her confused brain, she
    remembered she was naked in a public street, and suddenly she had
    the strange urge to cover herself. It was strange because everybody
    else she saw was totally or at least partially naked.

       Then she saw a dress hanging out to dry in someone's backyard,
    she went over and took it off the line. But before she could put it
    on, someone in the house saw her, it was a little boy about Bobby's
    age. Sue put her finger to her lips and beckoned for the boy to come
    on out. Bobby's interrupted fucking had made her pussy as horny as

       The kid hurried down the steps and stood staring at Sue's naked
    body. He started to get a hard-on, which Sue noticed was
    exceptionally large for a such little boy. She was so horny after
    her fucking Bobby, she almost creamed herself just looking at it.
    Sue grabbed the boy and pulled him into a shed. She undid his pants
    and gasped when she saw the size and shape of his cock. He was
    younger than Bobby but his cock seemed even bigger! Instead of a
    tiny boy-sized prick she expected, the cute little kid had a man's
    hairy, full-grown cock in his pants. And it was rock-hard!

       "Can I fuck you, lady", he asked brazenly. Sue replied by
    grabbing the boy by the ass and swallowing his cock. God, the little
    kid is even bigger than her husband, she thought as his balls
    slapped against her chin. The boy began groaning and humping Sue's
    mouth, before cumming down her throat in a torrent. Sue sucked him
    hard again and lay back on the floor, her legs spread wide and her
    knees bent. The kid crawled between her thighs and stuck his little
    hand up Sue's cunt to the elbow. Sue groaned and came instantly. The
    kid then pulled out his arm and licked it clean. Sue grabbed his
    shoulders and pulled the boy on top of her. His incongruously large
    cock slid into her well-lubricated cunthole with a wet slurp. It
    was so impossibly large that it seemed bigger than his arm!

       The little kid fucked Sue to with an inch of her life, filling
    her with so much cum she almost drowned in it. Then the door of the
    shed flew open and the boy's mother, father and two other children,
    a girl of about eight and a boy of about fifteen, came into the
    room. Sue was a little apprehensive after her last encounter with
    Bobby's mom, these people weren't angry at all. In fact, they were
    all smiling!

       They all started getting undressed and the father came over and
    knelt at Sue's head, shoving his big hairy prick down her throat.
    The mother and daughter began to fondle the fifteen-year-old's cock
    as they watched. Then the eight-year-old girl got on her knees and
    began to suck her brother off. The mother pulled her son's head down
    and he began to suck her big, round tits. "Finger-fuck your mother
    please baby", she cooed, grinding her fat, drooling cunt against her
    son's muscular young thigh.

       The older boy stuck three or four fingers into his mother's cunt
    and twisted them around, fucking them in and out of her hairy,
    gaping hole, making loud slurping sounds. His cock was almost
    completely inside his little sister's mouth, and as she
    deep-throated her big brother, the little girl was finger-fucking
    her own tiny, hairless cunt with her fingers.

       The father came in Sue's mouth but the little boy fucking her
    cunt just seemed to go on and on and on... giving Sue the most
    incredible series of orgasms she had ever experienced.

       The mother lay down on the floor and pulled her finger-fucking,
    tit-sucking son on top of her. The boy's cock popped out of his
    little sister's mouth and slapped against his mother's hairy
    cuntmound. With practiced ease the boy entered the woman's
    wide-stretched twat with a single deep thrust. The woman moaned and
    started fucking her cunt up at her son's hard, downward thrusts. The
    little girl looked unhappy, and a trifle left out, so she ran to her
    father who was sitting down beside Sue's head, recovering after
    dumping his load down Sue's throat.

       The little eight-year-old went straight up to her father and
    rubbed her hairless little cunt in her daddy's face. "Suck me,
    Daddy!", she said, pressing the man's mouth into her tiny crotch
    with both hands. Sue watched the man's stiff tongue spear into the
    youngster's slit and wriggle lewdly around. Then he covered the
    little girl's whole cunt with his big mouth and sucked noisily. The
    horny young kid almost hit the roof, squealing and grinding her
    tight, naked little ass in an effort to get as much of her daddy's
    tongue into her squirming eight-year-old twat as possible.

       Through a blaze of mindless lust, Sue felt the boy fucking her
    start to stiffen and shudder as he finally emptied his young load
    into her heaving belly. Sue came with him as buckets of hot juvenile
    sperm splattered her innermost recesses. The little boy fell off her
    and rolled aside, leaving his jism to run out of Sue's gaping cunt
    in torrents.

       Sue closed her eyes in the afterglow of her multi-orgiastic
    release. Then she felt a warm, wet tongue at her messy crotch. It
    felt so good, she stared to build up towards another climax
    immediately. The tongue seemed to slither all the way inside her
    cunt to lick out her cunt-cream and the sperm that the incredible
    big-dicked kid had just deposited there. Sue began to cum again!

       As the orgasm blasted through her loins, Sue opened her eyes to
    see who was giving her such wonderful pleasure. She almost died!
    There lapping away at her drooling red gash, was the family dog, a
    huge great dane! Sue just stared, unable to relinquish the pleasure
    the animal was giving her. Throwing caution to the winds, she
    grabbed its head and hunched her hips up at its snout, cumming and
    cumming as the dog's long, hot tongue slurped in and out of her cunt
    like a semi-hard cock.

       Beside her, the father had finished sucking his little daughter
    off and was busily trying to get his cock inside her tight little
    eight-year-old snatch. He had her on her hands and knees, her little
    thighs wide apart, as he forced his prickhead slowly into her small
    juvenile hole. The little girl arched her back and moaned with
    unashamed pleasure as her father's huge prick penetrated her
    impossibly tiny young cunt. The man held her little thighs wide
    apart with his large meaty hands. Lifting the skinny little
    eight-year-old bodily onto his stiffly skewering cock, he began to
    fuck her powerfully.

       The dog was still licking Sue's cunt, sending another series of
    small quivers through her insatiable loins. She looked down between
    her wide-spread thighs and watched the big animal lap up her juices.
    Then she spied the dog's cock. It was pink and glistening and
    incredibly long and pointed, throbbing between the Great Dane's legs
    like a shiny, red railway spike. Sue rolled onto her stomach and got
    onto all fours, wiggling her cute tail at the horny dog. She
    suddenly had the most depraved urge to have the big animal fuck her
    with that huge, scarlet prong quivering menacingly between his furry

       Beside her the little girl was taking every inch of her father's
    impossibly huge cock up her tight, clasping little cunt... and
    screaming for more! The young boy who had fucked Sue first was
    stroking his now completely recovered prick, and staring at his
    mother's puckered little asshole with a gleam in his eye. He moved
    forward and unceremoniously shoved the massive pole of his dick up
    his moaning mother's ass as he'd done it every day of his life.

       His mother grunted and pushed back onto her youngest son's deeply
    invading penis. Her eldest son was still fucking his cock up into
    her sloppy, gaping cunt like a pile driver. Sue envied the woman,
    getting two pricks at once. Her own cunt was twitching with need, so
    she concentrated on trying to get the Great Dane interested in her
    own lewdly gaping fuckhole. But all the dog seemed interested in was
    licking the juices which were pouring from Sue's wantonly displayed

       "Jesus! Get up on me and fuck me, you stupid mutt!", she screamed
    in frustration. "Uhhhhh, Christ! Someone fuck my cunt!"

       Suddenly she felt a pair of big strong hands on her hips, and a
    voice she recognized whispered hotly into her ear.

       "I'll fuck you, baby!" the deep, familiar voice boomed, and Sue
    felt an impossibly huge cockhead nudge her hairy, gaping cuntlips.

       "Daddy?" cried, Sue in total disbelief.

       "Yes, honey!"

       She looked back over her shoulder and found that it was indeed
    her handsome grey-haired father. He was naked. His lean, muscular
    frame kneeling behind her as his big, rough hands grasped her firmly
    by the hips, easing her juicy twat onto his rampant cock. Without
    any further dialogue, Sue found herself suddenly and deliciously
    impaled on her father's massive fuck-stick. And, as the huge,
    incredibly stiff organ slid into her buttery cunt, Sue realized that
    it felt just as good in real life as it had in her fantasies.

       God, she couldn't believe it, her own father was fucking her
    horny, upraised pussy, doggy-style. "Uhhhhh, Daddy!" she moaned with
    a grin, watching the Great Dane saunter off to lick avidly at the
    little 8-year-olds cock-filled cuntlips, "Well fuck you, Rover!"

       Sue forced her ass back up against her father's deeply pounding
    prick. Shit! It was every inch as long and thick and hard as Sue had
    imagined it would be. Ever since that night, she'd spied on her
    parents fucking, Sue had secretly had a yearning for her Daddy's
    gorgeous cock. She was twelve or thirteen at the time, but she
    remembered staring lustfully at her daddy's long, hard prick as it
    plowed into her mother's upthrust cunt. Thinking how much she wanted
    to be in her mother's place... getting fucked by Daddy.... and now,
    she was!

       Sue came hard, bucking her tight, creamy ass back against her
    daddy's deeply pounding prick. Her vision began to cloud over as she
    lost consciousness, but not before she witnessed the total depravity
    in the room around her.

       Somehow, her son Jimmy had also joined them in the shed, and was
    stuffing his hard young cock into the woman's mouth as her two son's
    took turns fucking her ass and cunt. Her daughter, Tammy was also
    there, her tight young twelve-year-old cunt filled to the balls with
    the hairy man's hard, pistoning prick. He held Tammy up by the ass,
    fucking her small quivering young frame hard up against the wall of
    the shed. Sue could hear her daughter's cries of lust as she begged
    the big, powerful man to fuck her tight little cunt even harder.

       Then she saw her husband, Peter. He was sucking out the little
    8-year-old's pussy... sticking two, three... then four, big thick
    fingers into the little girl's, tiny stretched twat. The horny
    little youngster seemed to love every deep, hard jab he gave her.

       The great dane was licking the little girl's asshole, swiping his
    big fat tongue up into the child's sloppy-wet crotch each time Peter
    shoved his fingers up inside her.

       As Sue started to loose consciousness, she watched Peter pull the
    hot little 8-year-old's tiny body up over his own and plunge his
    massive prick deep up inside her bulging pussy. With a growl the
    Great Dane mounted the little girl from behind and shoved his long,
    pointed doggy-cock deep up into the kid's tightly stretched little
    poop-hole and began to assfuck the whimpering young girl with a


       Sue awoke with a start! She was lying naked in her bed, the
    sheets rumpled around her and the pillows all over the bed. `Jesus,
    it was all a dream!... Christ, thank God for that', she thought,
    reaching out for her husband, Peter. But the bed beside her was
    empty. Sue could hear voices coming from down the hall so she
    pulled on a robe and headed towards the source of the sounds. As Sue
    approached her daughter's room, a feeling of deja vu came upon her.
    Then, quite clearly, she made out the rhythmical creaking of Tammy's
    bedsprings and heard her daughter's high-pitched squeal as the cute
    little twelve-year-old whimpered; "Ohhhhh, Yesssssss! Fuck me Daddy!
    Fuck me good!... You too, Jimmy!"

       Sue felt her knees buckle beneath her as the, by now familiar,
    dark, sensuous cloud of unconsciousness engulfed her shocked mind.

                              The Beginning.