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From the desk of Incestgrrl ().
February 19, 2003

Hello People

I added the cartoon section back to the site. a bit different than the old one. not sure I'm pleased with it myself. maybe I'll change it again later (let me know what you think, or if you have an easy alternative for adding pictures.)

I got some stories backupped that I have yet to convert and place, as well as the incest in the movies/tv/books stuff. but some new stories (recently submitted) have been added already (thanks to people submitting the stories formatted using the templates (read the faq <- left)

If you want to submit stories in other languages, you are welcome to. please include a summary in english if possible. all languages are welcome. I noticed there are a lot of visitors from Germany, India, Scandinavia, Japan and other non-english speaking countries, so I guess there is a potential audience for those stories out there.

xXx Igrrl

the link was also deleted (but not strangely) by the good people [insert toilet flushing sound here] of V3 around the same time, two years ago, and it appears to have been bought by someone who, for a while, had a mirror of the site online there. it now appears to be changed to another site, called IncGrrl (?!?) ....  Just so you know, that's not me. I'm either Incestgrrl or Igrrl
BTW they answered my questions with an IP ban for their forum. real professional!

if you want to mail me, you can send it to (no direct link, because virusses scan pages for email adresses)

ps: Taboo 1 & 2 are now available on remastered DVD

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