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[Story Name] Babycakes
[Author] Unknown
[Type] More/other family

Hi, My name is Debbie, and this is my first story. My brother Jimmy let me
use his computer to post it. He's so sweet to me. I think it's cause he wants
to get in my friend Marcy's pants. Or at least her bra.

Marcy and me are only 13, but we're big for our age. I mean, like in the
chest ...you know... we have big tits. My friends used to call me
"DebbieD-cups", that is until I couldn't wear a D-cup no more. Most people
just call me DeeDee now, cause of the size bra I wear.

 I know what you're thinking. Sounds like I'm really big huh? Well, I AM big
in the bust, but you should see Marcy. She's enormous. That's how come I
think Jimmy likes her so much. He stares at her chest the whole time when
she's over at our house.

I don't think she minds though, cause she sticks it out whenever he's around.
Marcie got a head start on me with her boobs. Hers started growing when we
were 8. Even her Daddy started to stare at her when she got big enough for a
D- cup bra. That was when we were 9.

The snotty rich bitch cheerleaders and sorority sluts at school won't give us
the time of day, cause they're all flat as a
board and they're so fuckin' jealous it's pathetic.
Well, we didn't need them anyway. We had all the boys wanting to feel us up,
and have us play with their big thingies. That was our favorite thing to do
on the school bus. We'd go way in the back and sit with the bigger kids. My
brother Jimmy was always back there with Amanda the slut, copping a feel
while she pulled his thing for him.

I have to admit, it was exciting to watch Jimmy's thing get all big. Everyone
said he was way bigger than most of the boys. Even bigger than most men from
what I hear.

Anyhow, Marcy and me always ended up getting our titties mauled by some
gorilla of a boy who would spurt gooey white stuff all over our hands. I bet
those flat chested rich bitches never had that kind of fun!
We decided to get even with those cunts. We had a scheme
cooked up that you just WON"T believe.

BabyCakes - 2

I guess I should explain why Marcy and me are so damn mad at the snotty rich
bitches at school. It's just the way they snicker at us when we walk by, like
they're so much better than we are cause their daddies have money and all. And
they call us cruel names like "trailer trash" and "loser". They're jealous as
hell of us having such big boobs too. They say stuff like "here come the melon
girls", and then they moo at us and shit. Well, maybe our daddies don't have a
lot of money, but they're not bad people. They take good care of us. And it's
not our fault mother nature decided to give me and Marcy such a big bust.
I guess you could argue she went a little overboard, especially
on Marcy. Sometimes she catches me staring at them, her boobs I mean. I can't
help it. They're so pretty and round,
and they're just... so damn BIG. The girl stretches a
sweater all out of proportion with those things.

Maybe my daddy went a little overboard taking good care of mommy in one way.
Mother nature had something to do with this too: I'm the oldest of 12 kids.
You know what they say... the rich get richer and the poor get children.
Well, we got 'em all right. Momma seems to enjoy when she gets big with a
baby. Her bosoms are much bigger than mine or even Marcy's, and they get so
much bigger when daddy gets her pregnant. I can tell daddy likes mommy to get
big. He looks at her all the time, especially near the end...you know.. when
her tummy gets too swollen to fit in any of her clothes. She hangs out of
everything she owns, there's big gaps in front of her dresses, and she has to
stay inside a lot `cause of that. I can hear my parents going at it
sometimes. Fucking I mean. They do that a lot. It must be too much for daddy
to see his pretty Italian wife all swollen with a baby. He can't seem to keep
his hands off momma when she gets real big. It makes me all wet when they do
that and I'm in the house.

Me and Marcy have been thinking about what it would be like to have a baby.
We haven't gone all the way with a boy yet, like letting him stick it in and
all. We're scared I guess. I know we could take birth control pills, but
momma would know something is up. I heard a girl's breasts grow when she's on
those things. Momma would just KNOW. She watches me like a hawk. She can tell
when I'm fixin' to start my period cause I get bigger then. Like, I almost
need another size bra I get so much bigger. She knows when I've let the boys
feel me up on the school bus too. They swell for a couple of hours when I get
that excited, and there's no hiding it from momma. My school blouses get real
tight and she looks right at my chest the minute I walk in the door, and she
just KNOWS.

One day after school, me and Marcy went up to my room and she
measured me before the swelling went down. I was 4 inches bigger
in the bust than normal. NO WONDER momma could tell. I guess the birth
control pills were out. We would have to just be happy doing what we were
doing I guess. I'd be happy to play with Marcy if she'd let me. She couldn't
get me pregnant!

Well, all this curiosity about what it would be like to have real sex with a
boy, and having babies was just too much. We decided we better wait, but we
wanted to satisfy our curiosity right? And we wanted a way to get back at
those rich sluts. We knew they were sluts, cause we always heard the boys
talking about how they "put out". Everybody in the whole school knew they
were sluts. Their parents were always out of town, and they had a big ole
house to play in. Not like me and Marcie. We had a momma and daddy watching
every move we made.

The big spring break party was this Friday. All the kids usually got together
before everybody headed out of town, and each class was assigned to bring some
food or desert. We got the desert detail, the class Marcy and me were in. I
had a wicked thought, but I wasn't sure how to pull it off. I might need Jimmy
to help us. He knows more about sex and stuff.

I knew those sluts we hated so much were taking birth control pills, and not
because they showed any sign of growing bigger in the chest. You have to
ALREADY be big for that to work. I knew `cause I heard the boys say they were
a safe fuck. I was dying to find a way to get those bitches pregnant. We
could use them as guinea pigs and see how they held up under it all, then
we'd know if we really wanted that or if it was just some phase we were going
through. Boy, we could really get back at them if we could only find a way. I
knew Jimmy would come to the rescue. He looked on the internet and found some
stuff on fertility drugs. This Pergonal drug was supposed to make women
ovulate like crazy, and they said it could even override BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!
It was also supposed to make women so damn horny they'd fuck their eyeballs
out. Jimmy knew somebody who had a brother in medical school, and he GOT some
of this wonder drug for us! (We would get in deep shit, Marcy and me if this
ever got out).

Well, we got busy baking our cup cakes for the party Friday, and guess who was
gonna get a SPECIAL batch. We called 'em "Debbie and Marcy's BabyCakes". It
was just our little secret. We mixed up two batches of batter, and crumbled a
whole bottle of pills in the baby cakes one. They just pulverized to powder in
our hands. We decorated one batch with green and red sprinkles, and one with
pink and blue *giggle*. And off we went to the party.

It was easy passing off the baby ones to the sluts, cause we sent them over
to the other side of the auditorium with one of the teachers. Those bitches
NEVER came over to mingle with the "poor crowd", so our friends were safe.
The bitches ate them all right, every last one of those hateful cunts had one.
Even miss goody two shoes Jessica.

 Only problem is, I saw Miss Jennings INHALE one of those things. Then Miss
Andrews. Then Jimmy's little slut girlfriend Amanda. Holy shit! The teachers
usually never went NEAR any of the stuff we brought to these dumb parties.
Well, the best laid plans as they say...

BabyCakes - 3

Two weeks later:

I've been curious about sex for awhile, but now I'm completely obsessed with
it . It's all I think about all day long.
Even when I'm asleep I can't escape. I dream about boys putting their big
things inside me. And filling me with sperm,
filling me so full of sperm that I'll have lots and lots of babies. I've been
looking at Jimmy a whole new way lately.
When he's around, all I do is stare at his crotch. And he knows when I'm
looking at him, because he  gets a big lump
in the front of his pants. I mean, he gets really huge. I know he's my brother
and all, but I  can't help myself. I'm so
much hornier now. Jimmy is looking at me differently now too, and I think I
know why.

 I thought it was just my imagination. But this morning, when I was getting
dressed for school, I couldn't get my bra
fastened. It's that time of month, and I always get bigger, but I don't
remember getting THIS big last month. No
wonder Jimmy was paying so much attention to me. My tits have never been this
huge. Mama made me borrow one
of her bras cause she said I couldn't go to school without one, and none of
mine are big enough now.

When we got home from school today, Jimmy and I just couldn't stand it any
longer. We had been staring at each other for weeks, getting so horny we
could scream. I knew how much he wanted me. I had grown way too big for him
to ignore any more. He started feeling me up, and then I started feeling him
up. Before we knew it, he was inside me. Inside me with the huge thing of
his, just pumping and pumping and pumping. He was so big it was incredible. I
simply could not believe how big Jimmy was.

Of all the boys I could have chosen, I had to pick one that was hung like a
horse. It felt even better than I could have
ever imagined. I guess because I'm so big down there too. I was so wet, he had
no trouble at all getting it in me, and
shoving it in and out of me. I was really afraid that he would squirt some of
that stuff inside me.

 Even though I had thought a lot about being pregnant, I was not sure that I
was ready for it yet. But, I could tell that Jimmy would not last much longer
at all. He was fucking my brains out. And pumping faster and faster and
faster. His face got a funny look on it, and I could feel his thing get
bigger inside me. I asked him to pull it out, but I could already feel this
stuff splashing inside me. Jimmy was cumming in me. And I was bucking my hips
back toward him like one of those sluts Marcy and me hated so much. I knew it
was a big mistake doing that with Jimmy. But we were both too horny to stop.
I have never felt anything like that in my life before. It was wonderful.

No wonder so many people did it. I guess it's no mystery why there are so many
people in the world. Too many of
them doing what Jimmy and I did this afternoon. You remember me telling you
about how my bosoms got real big
after the boys on the school bus played with them? Well, you should have seen
how big they got after Jimmy had his
way with me. I was so enormous that I thought Jimmy was going to stick it
inside me again because he got so excited.
I have always known that my brother had a weakness for such a large chest. One
look at his girlfriend Amanda would
tell you that. The girl is rather large, to put it mildly. In fact, she's
almost as big as Marcy.

Jimmy and I decided to spend a little time on the Internet after we finished
our little exercise. I wanted to check on some more information about the
fertility drugs we slipped into that batch of cupcakes. I was dying to know
more about the effects they would have on those girls Marcy and I hated so
much. What we found out instead was quite a shock. I wish that we had looked
at this yesterday. The articles we found said that it is dangerous to handle
the tablets after they are broken. That you can get an increased dosage of
the drug through skin contact if you handle the pills. I just about fell out
of the chair.

No wonder I've been so horny lately. I have all these extra hormones inside
me. Lots and lots of extra hormones inside me. And now lots and lots of
sperm, thanks to Jimmy and that big horse dick of his. I ran to the phone, to
try to warn Marcy, but she was not home. Secretly, I wished that she was out
with a boy somewhere doing what Jimmy and I just did. I guess misery loves
company. It's not that I wished anything bad on Marcy, it's just that I
didn't want to be pregnant all by myself. Besides, I have always been dying
to know just how huge Marcy's bosoms would get if she got herself pregnant .I
think that maybe deep down somewhere I'm a lezzie.

Marcy has been looking better and better to me the bigger her chest gets. And
her chest has gotten pretty damn big in the past year. Maybe I'm just a
little jealous, I don't know, but Marcy has the prettiest bosoms I've ever
seen. I have used every opportunity possible to be in the shower with her at
school, and I'm not the only one who stares at Marcy's breasts. Every girl in
the shower drops her soap and turns around to look.

What an eye full Marcy is. The last time we talked about bra sizes, Marcy was
wearing a 38" triple E-cup. God knows how big she would get if she were to be
knocked up right now. I'll bet she would be even bigger than my mommy. I did
hear through the grapevine that our rich friends at school were up to their
old habits. Yes, they were going at it even more with their rich boyfriends.
Fucking like minks. And I know they all got a big those of those fertility
drugs. Birth control or not, those girls were going to see some serious
swelling in their tummies. That was a given.

 I can't help wondering what Marcy is up to right now, but I'll just have to
wait till I see her at school tomorrow I guess. In the meantime, now that we
have nothing to lose, Jimmy and me are going to fuck like bunny rabbits for
hours and hours and hours. He says he wants to cum all over my big swollen
tits. If Jimmy is this excited now, I can't imagine how excited he will be
when I end up really big and pregnant. And based on what we are reading, I'm
gonna end up really really big, and really really pregnant. There's just no
doubt about it. How ironic our little joke turned out to be. I guess I'll let
you know about Marcy as soon as I know something. Right now, Jimmy is
sticking his big dick in my face, so I better go.

BabyCakes - 4

Marcy 's story:
Up until now, Debbie has done all the talking. I guess cause she's the smart
one, she can write better than me. When
we were kids, Debbo  got the brains and I got the  ... well... I got the tits.
I thought it was way cool to have bosoms
swelling on my little chest when I was only 8, but less than a year later, all
I heard was "Marcy's knockers, Marcy's
boobs, look how big she is." Everywhere I went, I could hear men
whispering "would you look at the TITS on that
kid?". Women would look at me and gasp, and shake their heads.

 Did Iget tired of this? Well, ...DUH!... do you think a 9 year old girl likes
to hear people talking about her chest all-
day? I guess I couldn't complain about getting enough attention, I got plenty
of that all right. Especially from my
daddy. Mama made him quit bathing me when I became noticeably swollen. But he
had a lot of fun for almost a year.
I remember how good it felt to have his hands on my growing tits in the
bathtub, soaping me up and copping the feel
of his life. From his own daughter for God's sake. Well, I can't say that I
didn't enjoy it. It totally made me what I am
today. I think all that massaging helped me to grow a bigger bust.

I know Debbie has told you all about just how big I am. I am like all tuned in
to Debbie checking me out. I have
caught her in the shower, gawking at my gazongas. Her and every other girl in
the shower. I don't guess I can't blame
anyone anywhere for staring at me. Especially when I was little. Well, ...like
younger I mean. It's not every day you
seea nine- year-old girl whose bosoms are bulging out of a D-cup brassiere.
Now, at twice that size, I stop traffic on
the street, and make teenage girls stop and stare at me in the shower.

 I don't guess I have to tell you what Ido to the boys. I can tell how much
Jimmy likes me. But I have my eye on Scott. Debbie knows all about what I
like in a boy, and Scott has more of that than any boy in school. I think you
know what I'm talking about. That's right, Scott is quite large in all the
right places. I'm supposed to meet him after school today, and we're going to
the park. Oh God, what a hunk that boy is. Every time I see him, I get all
gushy inside, like, you know, wet. Really wet. I know it's wrong to let a boy
stick his thing in you before you get married. So I'm going to try to be
strong. But it's hard. Like way hard. Scott is a nice boy and I know he will

You know what? I've noticed something different about our teachers. You know,
the ones that ate our baby cakes.
There like, so much nicer. It's almost like they are one of us now. They seem
younger, and not as mean. One day, we
got away without any homework. Another day, we got out of class early. I
thought I saw Miss Johnson staring at
Jimmy the other day. I swear she was like, looking at his crotch. She had this
funny look on her face, like the one I
get sometimes when I'm really excited, you know ,by a boy. I told Debbie about
it, and she said well DUH,... she's
horny you nimrod. I guess I should've thought of that.

That stuff we fed them must have them all juiced up. I have even caught some
of them looking at my chest lately, of course none of them are as big as me,
and maybe they're just curious about what it would be like to have such large
breasts. I think most women that look at me wonder that. Except the few that
are bigger than me, like Debbie's mom. She is one big Italian Mama. So
pregnant she can barely move most of the time. Right now, she's about two
weeks away from delivering another bundle of joy. Baby No. 13.

My God, Debbie's daddy must be one horny bastard. I'm sure it doesn't help to
have a daughter that's as stacked as Debbie is wobbling around the house in
nothing more than shorts and a tank top. I know her Mama makes her wear a
brassiere most of the time, but she Yanks that thing off any opportunity she
gets. I think she likes to tease her daddy with those bouncing baZOOMS of
hers slapping together on her chest when she walks by. Even though she got a
later start, Debbie has done her best to catch up with me in the bosom
department. Later that day: Scott and I met at the park.

As I expected, his hands were all over me. I swear I think my tits are like,
magnetic or something. Anytime a boy is around me, his hands are drawn to
them. Scott was all over me. He had his hands between my legs before I knew
what was happening. He was rubbing mypussy and had two of his big fingers
inside me moving in and out. "Stop that Scotty, no, don't do that." "But
Marcy your such a fox, I'm dying here babe". Well, then he pulled that thing
out of his pants. I did not want him to stick that thing in me, but he was
pretty insistent.

I convinced him that I could play with it and make him feel real good. So I
wrapped as much of my hand around it as
I could, and I began to gently stroke it. Scotty had swollen to the point I
thought he would explode any second. Just
looking at my big tits can bring a boy close to orgasm, like so many times on
the school bus. I was really afraid of
getting pregnant, even though Debbie and me talk about it all the time.

As I lay on the grass there petting Scotty's dick, I wondered what those
girls we fed the baby cakes were doing right now. I think I knew what they
were doing right now. It was making me very excited to think about what they
were doing right now. Now Scotty had three fingers inside me, and he was
moving them like he really knew what he was doing. Up and down on the head of
my thing, you know ,my clitoris. I was going insane, bucking my hips so his
fingers would go deeper in me. God, Scott was hard, so hard I thought he
would break. I started to feel slippery stuff come out the end of his thing,
and I tugged on the end of it faster and faster. And I moved my hips faster
and faster until I just lost it. I was squirming, and moaning, and writhing
under Scotty's hand. And Scotty was twitching under mine.

I don't know where these words came from, but I screamed out, "Scotty, put it
in me now!!!" Scotty rolled over on top of me, and stuck that dick, now the
size of a rolling pin, in my wet and throbbing young pussy. My legs were up
in the air, and Scotty was moving in and out of me like a machine. A big,
hard, huge, fucking machine. He was fucking me, and he was fucking me like a
madman. I was screaming at this point, "please don't come inside me, don't
make me pregnant, please pull it out Scotty". Then I started screaming, "oh
fuck me Scotty, fuck me baby, I want to feel you deeper inside me. Oh God,
you're so fucking huge. I can't believe how fucking huge your dick is

He just kept Fucking me, and fucking me, and fucking me. I knew he was going
to lose it any second. I begged him to pull it out, but he just kept shoving
it in. and out, and in and out until I felt it. It was splattering inside me,
it was so hot, it made me cum. Then we came together for what seemed like an
hour, even though it was only a few minutes.

Debbie will die when she hears about what I did today. We usually talk this
time of day, but little did I know how long I would be in the park with
Scotty. Or what I would end up doing with Scotty. I never thought that I
would let him do that to me. But something has swept over me. Something I
can't explain. I feel like I'm on drugs or something, but me and my friends
don't do drugs. We hate those losers that do that. Those rich sluts do drugs.
We figured they deserved those baby cakes. I hope they all end up like big
pregnant whores. It will do them good. Show them a little humility. I can't
wait to tell Debbie what I did today. She will just shit.

Baby Cakes part 5

Two weeks pass I can't believe me and Marcy did what we did without talking to
each other first. But I guess there
was a good explanation for it. We just discovered the explanation a little too
late for it to do us any good. How on
earth were we supposed to know that those fertility drugs would get in our
system from just handling the tablets. I
feel like I let Marcy down by not paying more attention to the dangers of what
we're doing. After all, I'm the smart
one right? At least that's what I thought until now. It's not so smart to get
pregnant the very first time you let a boy
fuck you. Letting your own brother knock you up is about as stupid as it gets.
I guess this time Marcy is smarter than
me. At least she and Scotty are not related.

There was little doubt that those fertility drugs were coursing through our
veins, and causing us to ovulate like turtles.
At the very instant those boys dumped all that sperm inside us. And God, did
they dump sperm in us. When I got up
to go to the bathroom after Jimmy finished with me, it ran all down my legs,
all the way down to my ankles. I should
have known something was different. Just like the teachers that got a dose of
this stuff by accident, Marcy and me
looked more excited. We had aglow about us. A certain softness. That ultra-
feminine quality that comes from being
full of eggs. Lots and lots of eggs, fertile and waiting. We were like, so
ready for that sperm to swim up inside us. All
of our judgment went away, and pure animal lust took over.

I know it sounds crazy, but I can already feel my tits getting bigger. It's
not my imagination either, cause I can SEE my tits getting bigger. Every day.
That can only mean one thing. You guessed it, I'm knocked up. I haven't
confirmed it yet, I just know. I also know what these fertility drugs do to
make a girl pregnant. You usually end up with a lot of eggs fertilized, and
the women that I have seen using them get very pregnant, like with five or
six babies. I don't know if I can deal with that. One thing I do know is mom
and dad would never let me have an abortion, being Catholic and all. Plus,
I'm sure daddy would miss the thrill of a lifetime if he couldn't see his
young daughter swell up like a balloon with a multiple pregnancy.

 Mommy has never have more than one baby at a time. I don't know what daddy
will do when he sees how huge I'll get. He is already starting to stare at my
chest more than he ever did before. Even more than he did when I was only
10,swelling out of my bras as fast as momma could buy them. I went through 3
cup sizes that year, and ended up braless and bouncing around half the time.
Poor daddy must have been in agony. I can't imagine what it will be like when
my tummy starts to swell. And that shouldn't belong now considering the fact
that are probably six or seven babies inside me ready to grow and grow and
grow, stretching my poor young tummy out to gargantuan proportions. I will
probably look like I'm eight months gone by the end of my second month. At
least that's what I hear from the women in town that have taken these to get
pregnant. They got huge and they got huge very quickly. And they just got

I couldn't help but notice that Miss Jennings, the old biddie they use to give
us all homework has started to dress like
a Hooker. She used to put her hair up in a bun, now she's dyed it blonde, and
wears it in pigtails. Her old dresses
looked like sacks, now she wears short skirts, and she has beautiful legs. Her
butt sticks out like a shelf. I caught
Scotty drooling out the corner of his mouth while he watched her write a
problem on the blackboard. She moved
differently too. When she walks now, there is a swing to her hips.

 Poor Miss Jennings does not have much in the way of a chest, but if she keeps
wiggling that butt of hers, one of these
boys around here is going to plant some very dangerous sperm inside her. I can
look at her and tell she is burning up
with desire. You can see it in her face. Plus, I know what those drugs do to a
girl. Like, I know firsthand what they
do to a girl. God knows what they do to a grown woman. Miss Jennings sure is
pretty, and I think she deserves to
have a great big pair of tits. At least she'll get one fringe benefit if she
ends up pregnant by one of those boys. And the
way she's acting, that looked like a pretty good possibility.

Then there's Amanda. The very day Jimmy dumped all that cum in me, he ran
over to see that bitch and dumped the rest of it in her. When I saw her at
school yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes. Her bust line has expanded to
the size of Marcy's. And let me tell you, that is quite enormous. Something
very serious must be brewing in that girls system for her tits to grow that
fast. I watched her with my own eyes as she inhaled 4 of those cupcakes we
brought to the pep rally. Miss Andrews and Miss Johnson both had two of them,
and old lady Baggett ate 3 of the damn things. Miss Andrews and Miss Johnson
are both in their late 20s. But they act like they're in their late'40s. At
least until a few weeks ago. Now they act like we do.

Old lady Baggett and her husband have bought a new sports car. This is very
strange behavior for a couple in their
50s. She is the principal of the school for god sake, and she's acting like a
college kid. One thing about old lady
Baggett though, even the young boys marvel at the size of her tits. She must
have been a sight to behold when she
was young and pregnant with her twin boys. They are teachers at another school
now, and have families of their own.
It is so nice to see the old Gal with some sparkle in her eye.

As far as the sluts we wanted to get knocked up to begin with, they're just
being themselves. Nothing has changed with them at all, except it looks liket
hey might finally be getting a chest. I know they're all pregnant by now just
because of how much they fuck all the time. There is no way that all that
sperm has escaped fertilizing the hundreds of eggs inside those bitches.
We'll just see what develops in the next few weeks. Surely by now they know
something is up, because even I noticed that there blouses are fuller. After
being flat as a board for all those years, even a subtle change should not
escape them. Jimmy is trying to tell me something about one of our teachers,
I'll go see what he wants. See ya soon.

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&#65279;BabyCakes - 6

Two more weeks pass:
My friend Homer and my sister Debbie thought it would be a good idea for me to
put my two cents in. I'm Jimmy,
and for the past month I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I guess you
can understand why if you've been reading
this story. Debbie never told you much about me, and what it has been like for
met o grow up around her, my mama,
Marcy, and all the other girls in our family.

Coming-of-age in a big Italian family can be very hard on a boy. I guess the
pun is intended here. You see, all my cousins are built like Debbie.
Actually, quite a few of them are built like Marcy. The oldest, my cousin
Lucy, is built like mama. And just like mama, she got pregnant at the age
of14 and stayed that way for the last twelve years. Lucy is a teacher now,
when she's not giving birth that is. I almost came in my pants when I saw her
eat two of those cupcakes Debbie made. Year after year I grew up watching
Lucy and mama become pregnant again and again, their already huge tits
expanding month after month as they became bloated with milk. Their  bulging
pregnant tummies swelling out the front of a pretty sun dress . I developed a
serious weakness for pregnant women after spending so much time watching them
grow, and being able to do NOTHING but watch. When I consider what's going to
happen to Lucy after that husband of hers dumps a load of sperm inside her,
it really is enough to make me cum all over myself. But I've been saving it
for Debbie. We found out she was knocked up yesterday, and I guess that
explains why she has been so horny. That, and those fertility drugs. As far
as why I've been so horny, you would just have to take a look around my house
right now.

What Debbie really wanted me to tell you about was the teachers at school. I
know for a fact that Miss Andrews has not let her husband near her in several
months. Sometimes I can eavesdrop on the teachers lounge from the boys
bathroom. I hear all kinds of shit from in there. It's unbelievable to me how
these teachers talk about one another. Seems like Miss Andrews was not
interested in sex anymore, until after that pep rally. According to the
gossip, she is letting him have some now. She told Miss Jennings that she has
been fucking her husband every night for the past week. She makes him wear a
rubber, but she said she felt something leak inside of her the othernight,
and that she was scared. They never wanted any kids. I think thosetwo are in
for a big surprise. Speaking of Miss Jennings, she is looking more like a
babe every day. It's like, I can't believe how cool she is now. She wears
these really neat clothes, like mini- skirts and tank tops. Some of the other
teachers are frowning at her now that she dresses this way, but the boys all
want to fuck  her. She has a perfect ass, and beautiful legs. And for the
past few weeks, her chest has started to swell. It is hard to believe those
fertility drugs are working on her already. She is not married, but maybe she
has a boyfriend doing it to her. I sure wish I could do it to her. If she
gave me half the chance, I would fuck her brains out. I have seen her looking
at me.

I know that I have a strange effect on women. Debbie says it's because my
dick is so big. I guess I never really think about it much, but when I get a
hardon it crawls almost halfway to my knees, and bulges out the front of
myjeans so big you can see it from across the street. I think I got big
because of playing with it when I was a kid. It was ten inches long by the
time I was twelve, and I'm as big around as a coke can. I know women love big
dicks,cause I hear them talking about it all the time. They say a really big
one, especially one as huge as mine feels good inside them when it moves in
andout, and it makes 'em cum real hard. I have noticed Miss Jennings staring
at my crotch after class. She must be interested in me, and I should try to
take advantage of that. I'll let you know what happens when I ask her for
help after class tomorrow.


The next day - more from Jimmy This is supposed to be Debbie's story, but she
asked me to do another chapter and tell you more about myself and the
teachers at school. Debbie always gets what she wants from me. All she has to
do is shake those big tits in my face, and I'm like gone, man. She is one
BOSS babe, even if she is my sister. Even when we were a lots younger I had
the hots for Debbie, cause she turned out so much like momma, you know, with
growing such a big chest and all. Little did I know just how much like momma
she would end up. I guess I secretly knew she had the hots for me. I could
always tell she was looking at my crotch, just like momma did when I started
to get huge. I remember when I was ten, I woke up every day with an enormous
hard on and momma would just stare at it.

My penis had started to develop like way bigger than it was supposed to, and
momma decided to take me to the doctor and see if anything was wrong. I never
measured it but thinking back, I must have been about 8 inches long, and
pretty big around by the time I was 11. It got a lot bigger when I was
excited, which was most of the day 'cause of how momma looked with her big
tits and her swollen pregnant tummy. Every time I looked at her, my dick got
huge. Plus, I would find any excuse to accidently"bump" into her and brush my
arm across one of her huge pregnant bosoms. The doctor couldn't find anything
wrong with me, and said all he could figure was it had to be hereditary. He
asked momma about daddy's size, and momma blushed. She told the doctor that
daddy had the largest penis she had eve r heard of, and asked if he'd ever
heard the expression "hung like a mule". The doctor, now blushing himself
said "say no more dear lady, say no more."

Knowing that momma had a weakness for well endowed men, I made it a point of
parading around in front of her without underwear so my bulge would be more
noticeable. I had to beat off 3 or 4 times a day 'cause of how horny I got
looking at momma's huge pregnant belly and those beautiful bloated tits. And
I knew how horny I was making HER looking at my big young dick. I continued
to swell over the next couple of years to the point I'm so big now it's
almost scary. And I can't control my urges anymore. Even though I never made
a move toward my mom, I couldn't help sticking it in Debbie and fucking the
living shit out of her. I knew exactly what I was doing. I didn't need to
look up anything on the internet about those pills. I KNEW Debbie and Marcy
had got themselves dosed up on that stuff when they handled the pills.And I
knew if I dumped a big load of cum in my sister, she would get so fucking
pregnant she wouldn't be able to move by the end of her term. That's right, I
did it on purpose just so I could watch my sister swell. Watch those tits of
hers get as big as watermelons, ready to feed those 5 or 6 kids I knocked her
up with.

 My friend Scotty and me arranged to split Debbie and Marcy up - divide and
conquer - like we learned in history class. Get them alone, and fuck their
eyeballs out. Mission accomplished dude. Miss Jennings Well I guess it wasn't
my imagination. My favorite teacher really had started getting bigger in the
chest. She has this tight sweater on today, and there THEY are. Tits, Miss
Jennings has TITS for cris-sake. How could I have missed them. She's so damn
BOSS lookin' too, with that ass  stickin' out and that pretty face. Man, I am
DYING here. I decided I'd see if she would talk to me after class. I wasn't
worth a shit at math, so I'd have an excuse. I'd tell her I couldn't
understand a problem. Miss Jennings was happy to see me after class, just
like I knew she would be. She was a good teacher. A good teacher who was
looking more like a BABE by the minute. I walked up to the front of the room
and stood facing her. I tried, but I couldn't take my eyes off her tits. She
was resting her plump butt on the edge of her desk looking at me looking at

"Jimmy, just what are you staring at young man, you act like you've never
seen a woman's chest before" I stammered a little and tried to explain that I
was fascinated that they were so big. She broke out laughing, something I
sure didn't expect. "Now Jimmy that IS funny, coming from a boy who's momma
and sister are absolutely HUGE in the bust. Surely you don't think mine are
big compared to those MELONS of Debbie's do you?" (She had noticed, too, how
big Debbie had grown in the past month)"And the girl just seems to be getting
BIGGER Jimmy. Your sister's tits are GIGANTIC. How could you find my little
mounds attractive?" I explained to Miss Jennings how I had always had a crush
on her and how much her butt turned me on when she would write a problem on
the board, and then I started to get hard. My dick was getting bigger than I
ever remember, just talking to her like that. She looked at my crotch and
gasped out loud."Oh my GOD, you really DO like me Jimmy. I never knew boys
your age could getso...so...Dear GOD Jimmy, you have the biggest... oh
dear... Jimmy, your PENIS... it's so HUGE." It had crawled down halfway to my
knees and bulged out obscenely through the front of my jeans. I was just
DYING I was so big and hard. Miss Jennings looked scared. She said "Jimmy, I
could get in a whole lot of trouble being in here with a minor like this, a
STUDENT no less. You better pack up your books and get on home, and don't
ever ask me to see you after class again, do you hear me?"I heard what she
said alright, but I SAW what she meant. She didn't take her eyes off my
crotch for even a minute. I could tell she was HOT just by the way her face
was flushed and the way she kept trying to describe how big I was. She was
rubbing her butt on the desk by the time I left. I bet Miss Jennings went
home that afternoon and finger fucked herself until she came like an animal.
Getting in her pants was gonna be tougher that I thought. That doesn't mean
I'm gonna give up.

BabyCakes 8

One Month Later "Do you think we should tell her?"..."Well, we're gonna have
to tell her sooner or later, and she's gonna find out anyhow cause we can't
wear sweatshirts forever ya know.""You go first, you tell Debbie what we
did." "Oh God, what if MOMMA finds out?""No, YOU, it was YOUR bright idea to
sneak in to his room like that ..."I overheard this curious conversation
coming out of the kitchen this morning, and decided I had better get to the
bottom of this right now. My little sisters were up to something, and it
sounded like trouble to me. Lisa and Cindy looked guilty as sin when I barged
in and interrupted their little conversation.

"And just WHAT are we gonna tell Debbie, you two?" They were stuttering,
shifting from one foot to another, and wringing their hands, as they looked
around real nervous like. I was scared to death they had let some boy have
his way with them, and they were far too young to be starting THAT. Lisa had
just turned 11, and Cindy was barely 12. They had been raised, like I had, to
believe you weren't supposed to let boys do things to you till you got
married. At least not sticking it in or anything like that. I never thought
playing with their thingies until they spurted the stuff on you was all that
bad. Maybe that's all these two did. STILL, they were so young, and they
didn't even have,... you know,... tits or anything. They looked so sweet and
innocent. Both of them were drop dead gorgeous though, so anything was
possible. There were lots of males out there who didn't need to see a big
pair of tits to get turned on.

"You tell her Lisa" Cindy was lookin' real nervous right about now, as she
had the sleeves of her big sweatshirt, MY sweatshirt pulled over her hands.
Lisa was almost in tears as she told me about her and Cindy going into
Jimmy's room, and hiding in the closet. Sitting there watching while he beat
off like an animal. They said he always had a magazine, JUGGS or something
like that and it had girls in it with great big boobs. Some of them were even
pregnant! Like real BIG and pregnant. This apparently went on for months, and
these two little minks had gotten wind of our scheme to get those sluts at
school pregnant. They heard us talking about how it would make their tits get
bigger, and how much it turned the boys on to see girls with great big

They told me they were dying to have a big chest, just like I was at their
age, especially since my best friend had grown such a huge pair of tits so
much earlier than me. Well, it was my own fault, letting them hear us in the
first place, then leaving the bowl with the cake batter on the kitchen
cabinet after wef inished. I knew I should have washed the damned thing, and
now that I think about it, there was enough batter left over to make a couple
more of those cupcakes. DAMN! Are you thinkin' what I'M thinkin' Could they?
Would they? Did they EAT that freakin' batter?

"I didn't want to, Cindy made me!" Lisa was in tears. "Cindy told me to eat
it an' we'd get big, I mean, we'd...you know... grow BOSOMS like you an'
Marcy have." Poor misguided children. "Well, then we started watching Jimmy
more an' more, and it was makin' us real excited. So much we started rubbin'
on each others chest. Then it started to happen, we got bigger Debbie!!! But
we had to keep it a secret, so we haven't let you or momma see us nekkid, or
in anything exceptin' a loose sweatshirt."I was in a trance over their story.

 They went on to tell me that they went to see Jimmy about a month ago, in his
room one night, and they were so
horny from the fertility drugs, they couldn't wait to show him how much bigger
they were. They knew how gonzo he
was over girls with those big boobs in the magazine, and they knew how much he
loved pregnant girls. THAT was
obvious to the whole world by the way he openly stared at momma's big knocked
up stomach when she was about to

"I lifted my shirt up and showed him how big I was Debbie." Cindy was giggling
at this point, "and he got all red, and
short of breath, and he was gasping." "He was a sight, and then we saw his
THING get all hard like it did when he
looked at the girls in the magazine." Then Cindy lifted her shirt up for
me. "See how big I am Debbie?"

 I damn near fell over. How on earth could I have missed THOSE, those baZOOMS
on that kid. Sweet Jesus, that child was HUGE. She told me she had been
wearing one of mom's old minimizer bras she found in an old drawer in the
attic. She wasn't wearing it right then though, and her nipples were poking
out obscenely. She could have easily filled a D-cup, and she looked so big
cause of how short she was. Somehow, Lisa had gotten even bigger than Cindy.
Bigger and droopier. Both girls went on to tell me they couldn't help jumping
into bed with our brother, and Jimmy couldn't help sticking that gigantic
prick of his in his little sisters and pumping them full of sperm night after
night. All those hormones you know. This is while he's still pouring the pork
to ME for God's sake.

 Needless to say, my dear little sisters, with their newly swollen bosoms,
will have an expanding waistline soon. It even looks like they may have
started already. Their pants look awfully snug, and they can't be over four
or five weeks pregnant yet. No wonder Jimmy's dick stays so hard all the
time. You should SEE these girls, and in another month, well...See ya soon

BabyCakes 9
One Week later

"What do you mean only 9 weeks ago, are you sure?"

"I'm looking at a calendar ditzoid. I marked it in red the day...you know...
the first day we spread our pretty young legs for Jimmy and Scotty. You DO
remember that day don't you?"

Marcy had a terrible memory, but she DID remember that day. Boy did she
remember that day. The results of it were right in front of us. Even more than
I knew at the time.

"Well, the reason I was wonderin' is cause of this,... lookit Debbie." Marcy
pulled her big blue workshirt up so I could see the waistband of her jeans.
The top button was undone, and her zipper was pulled down halfway to her
crotch. Her pretty, swollen tummy parted the top button of those jeans by a
good 6 inches. The zipper was straining under the bulge of this girl's
visibly pregnant belly. Marcy's beautiful tummy just POURED out the top of
those jeans. My eyes were glued to her middle as I felt myself getting wet. I
was sopping wet, in just a matter of minutes. I don't know why, but my best
friend was having more of an effect on me than usual, and I think she knew
it. She swung her hips from side to side. Her hips that had grown so wide
this past year. And she just smirked at me, flashing that smile of hers.

I've already confessed my attraction to her enormous chest, and now THIS. I
guess I must be a lezzie. I swear to God, the girl makes me weak in the knees,
and I know I'm not the only girl she does that to.

"Look how big I am Debbie."

I'm looking, I'm looking I thought to myself. I wondered if I should tell her
how crazy she's made me all these years with those great big tits of hers,
swelling up since we were kids. How I always wanted to be the first in the
shower so I could have lots of time to look at them wobble as she soaped them
up, as she toweled off and they swung from side to side. BIG...FAT... TITTIES.
That's what she had alright, and now that she was pregnant, Marcy was driving
me right over the edge. Her huge pregnant tits stretched her daddy's big
workshirt tight across the expanse of her bust to the point there were visible
gaps between the buttons. Gaps where you could see right in to her enormous
bra. And there she stood in front of me with her tummy swollen over her jeans.

I decided I couldn't keep it a secret any more. I moved closer to Marcy, and
spoke very softly. I told her how horny she had made me all those years
watching her grow such a big chest, and now to see her tummy swell like this
was just more than I could take. I told her how she aroused me uncontrollably,
just like my brother did, except in a different way. I didn't have any
explanation for how I felt.

"Debbie (she said) you don't need to explain. Don't you think I have eyes
girlfriend? Don't you think I noticed all those girls in the shower sneaking a
peek at me, especially that time of month when I'd get so huge? I love you
Debbie, just like you love me."

With that, Marcy put one of my hands on her swollen tummy and another on one
of her enormous tits. "Feel them Debbie, feel my big swollen titties, feel my
pregnant tummy. God, I'm getting so huge, and I'm gonna get so much BIGGER
Debbie. Do you have ANY idea how pregnant we're gonna get Debbie dear

I had no words at this point, as Marcy started to explore MY big chest.
"My my there Debbie, well aren't we the pot calling the kettle black - Jesus
girl, you have grown quite a bit in the bust. Where have you been hiding these
things? And let's see this stomach of yours. Damn!! It looks like you've been
doing some growing there too."

I had done some swelling of my own, but as it was since our childhood, it was
Marcy who led the way. Getting bigger first. Much bigger. Well, at least the
secret was out. We felt each other up for a while, got all hot and bothered,
but it was mostly innocent stuff between friends. Little did I know it would
be the start of something more when we mixed the boys into the scene.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones experiencing growth lately. I looked up
and down the hall today, and there was Miss Goddy Two Shoes Jessica, our
favorite rich bitch (NOT!)
And Miss Andrews
And Ole Lady Baggett
Jimmy's grilfriend Amanda
And the cheerleaders. Those fucking rich SLUTS
Oh my God, my little sisters
And MOM!

I guess we'd have some explaining to do, and pretty quick. I know, we'll blame
it on SCOTT!
See ya soon.

Keeping it a secret

"Do you think they know? I mean, if they missed their period, won't they be
suspicious?"  Marcy was worried that the cheerleading squad and all those
sorority queen sluts would figure out they were pregnant, and their rich
asshole parents would make `em get an abortion. Or send `em to a boarding
school for unwed mothers. That would spoil our whole plan. The reason we
cooked up this scheme to begin with was to get back at those bitches by
making `em so pregnant they could barely walk. So we could watch their tits
swell up, and see that look of horror on their faces as they got these
humungous bosoms bulging off their chest- like the trailer trash they looked
down on so much.

God I used to get so sick of hearing their snippy little conversations about
me n' Marcy. Jessica, that goody 2 shoes bitch would always say how stupid we
were, and what cows we were. "They're just a pair of tits girls - no brain,
no face, no money, no class. Just a pair of oversized fat tits. Look at `em
wobble down the hall, eeeewww they're so gross, how'd ya like to have THOSE
things hanging on your chest. "

Marcy always took it harder than me. `Cause she was SO big, and started to
grow when she was so young, she had to put up with this shit ever since she
was nine.  Snickers from girls 3 or 4 years older who were nowhere near her
size yet and probably never would be. Yes, Marcy had it tough.    Her swelling
young breasts had developed so quickly and she had grown so large that she
stretched a D-cup tight by her 10th birthday. A 32" D-cup bra on a ten year
old girl is quite a sight to see, let me tell you.  Marcy looked obscene. I
remember seeing those bra straps digging into her pretty little shoulders
like it was yesterday. She was already too big for the thing, and her poor
mother had only just bought it. Having to wear such a large brassiere at such
a young age could be rough on a girl.

The cruel part would start when we walked by, when they would "moo" at us an'
shit. One day I heard that Ashley Jenkins bitch make a comment about momma:
"You KNOW that cow Debbie comes from a family of 13 kids don't you. Why
that's what trailer trash does dear hearts, they jus' breed like rats in a
grain barrel. That's what mah Daddy says, jus' like rats in a grain barrel."
Jessica piped up "Yeah, I don't think I EVER saw her mom when she didn't look
like she was carrying a litter. Year after year my momma says, that woman
stays knocked up year after year." That made `em all giggle.

Well, they weren't giggling now. Me and Marcy passed the girl's room this
morning on the way to class, and we
heard this way gross sound coming out of there. Oh God Ashley, Mattie, I'm
gonna. I'm gonna HURL! Then
Tammy and Cindy started. I don't know where the rest of the crew was, but it
looked like this bunch at least, had
gotten themselves all knocked up.

Man, they were puking their guts out. They had to be pregnant. It couldn't
just be coincidence. I had an idea all of a sudden, and I pulled Marcy into a
corner in the hall. "Marcy, I got it! We go in there, and WE act like we're
hurlin'. Then we tell `em that we heard that shit they served us at lunch
yesterday had some kind of botulism in it or something. They'll just think
they got food poisoning." Marcy got this shit eating grin on her face, and
she whispered in my ear "I just love having a girlfriend who's so smart."
Then she licked my earlobe and rubbed her big pregnant tits on my arm. I was
about to lose it, but I decided we better get in that bathroom and start our

Well, they BOUGHT it! For how long though, I don't know. Only time will tell.
We'd have to come up with some other plan for when they started to show,.you
know., when their tummies started pushing out the front of their skirts and
they couldn't get `em buttoned any more. Like Marcy couldn't get her jeans

Maybe they aren't as pregnant as Marcy. I don't seem to be quite as knocked up
as she is. But then again, I AM
showing already and I'm only 9 weeks along, so I might be more pregnant than I
think. Sometimes momma wouldn't
start to show `till after her 3rd  month. Pretty scary huh, already getting a
tummy in just over 2 months time? I wonder
how big we'll get. If I know Jimmy, the more pregnant we swell, the hornier
he's gonna be. So I guess we won't have
a problem getting laid or nuthin.

Maybe Jimmy had an idea to fake those sluts out, make `em think they weren't
pregnant -OH, I KNOW - Scotty!
He'd come up with something. It was Scotty's idea to get those drugs in their
systems to begin with. He or Jimmy
would think of something. Marcy was supposed to meet Scotty after school, and
she asked me if I wanted to come

Sometimes I thought Marcy was spending too much time with Scotty, but that's
cause I think I was beginning to want her more to myself. For so many years I
was scared to tell her how hot she made me, and now that she knew, I just
wanted more attention from her. I must have had some kind of a deep down
obsession with big bosoms from when I was a kid. Maybe it came from momma
being so huge in the bust, and all her sisters and cousins - our big Italian
family full of busty pregnant women.

All I know is ever since Marcy started getting' past the double D-cup size, I
couldn't seem to take my eyes off her chest when she was around. Maybe I
think too much about it. I've certainly told YOU enough about it. I just
don't want you to think I'm perverted or anything. If you could see Marcy you
would understand.

Scotty was waiting for us in his car, and we went over to his house `cause his
mom and dad were both at work. I
think he had something in mind. It was great to know a boy who was old enough
to drive - a boy my best friend had
wrapped around her little finger. Scotty worshiped Marcy. You could see him
just DROOLING when she was
around. Like I said, Marcy had been quite a sight for a number of years, being
quite big in the bust, but now that she
was pregnant her tits were growing absolutely enormous. She had one of
her "come hither" tank-tops on today. So
skimpy that you could see her bra straps when the shoulder straps on the top
slipped, even just a little. You know the
kind - no more substantial than a man's undershirt. Her biggest brassiere, a
double E-cup, was dangerously close to
bursting at the seams and pushed an obscene amount of cleavage up and out of
her top. The swollen tops of Marcy's
breasts were exploding out of her bra, and I noticed Scotty getting hard the
minute we got in the car.

You couldn't miss Scotty getting hard. Marcy had told me about him, but I
really had no idea. He made Jimmy look like a little kid. I think he was
probably as big as my Daddy. What a match he was for Marcy I thought. A
handsome boy like that, with a dick as big as a horse could be a whole lot of
fun for a girl as arousing as Marcy was. Those two were so horny for one
another, they started at it before we got out of the parking lot. We were all
in the front seat, so Marcy was right next to Scott and she started rubbing
that THING of his right through his jeans. It got bigger,. then it got
bigger,. and then it kept on getting BIGGER, and I thought it would never
stop growing. It looked like it was gonna split the fabric of his jeans
before he said "Marcy, you better slow down girl, I'm gonna cum right in my

Scott had his hands FULL of tit in the meantime, as he felt Marcy up one side
and the other, mashing her big
gazongas together and just gasping at the sight of them and that awesome
cleavage she created with all that swelling
girlie titflesh. I guess I don't have to tell you how hot and bothered these
two were making ME at this point,  seeing
Marcy's swollen tits being felt up like that, oozing out of her top, and
watching that boy's dick crawl halfway down
to his fuckin' KNEES for God sake. I figured I had nothing to lose by telling
them just what effect they were having
on me. "Ya'll are makin' me so HORNY doing that" I finally said, and then I
started telling `em what I wanted them
to do, and WHAT I WANTED TO DO when we got to Scotty's. I could hardly believe
it was ME saying the words,
it was like,.you know., some alien or somethin' had taken over my body, saying
all this.

"Scotty, I want to watch you fuck my best friend. I know it was you who got
her pregnant, and you DID get her REAL GOOD and pregnant, you know that? Look
at her stomach Scotty. It's getting big already, and it's gonna get a LOTS
bigger. You did that big boy, with all that CUM you dumped in her. And all
those fertility drugs you had us playing with. When you get ready to cum this
time, after you fuck Marcy's brains out and give her 5 orgasms, I want you to
pull that big dick of yours out, and I want you to cum ALL OVER Marcy's big
fat pregnant TITS Scotty. Then I want you to watch me lick that cum off my
friends big bazooms while I rub some of it in to try and make `em BIGGER. Do
you wanna do that Scott, do you wanna CUM all over Marcy fat titties?"

I thought the boy was gonna lose it, and Marcy couldn't believe what was
coming out of my mouth. I think I was making them as horny as they had made
me. I'm gonna have to finish telling you the rest later, 'cause I'm so damn
hot my tits have swollen up, just thinking about it. Maybe I can find Jimmy
later. I just hope daddy's not around when I get home, cause I'd be DANGEROUS
around him right about now. See Ya soon.

P.S.  Let me know what you think of our adventures so far. If I don't hear
anything, I might give up writing and just spend all my time fucking and
cranking out babies. After all, I do love it when my tits get this big. Oh,
and I'll probably drop out of school too, and go on welfare. So, for your
sake, keep me writing. Let me hear from you. Me and Marcie have had lots of
adventures. Maybe you could ask us about them. I might ask Jimmy to tell you
the next part. He came up with a good way to fake out our rich friends. Or
would you rather Marcy tell you. Maybe she'll tell you about how big her
tummy is growing.

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BabyCakes 11
The Free Clinic

" OH...MY... GOD....  Marcy, look at him going in and out of you.  I can't
believe the size of that thing, it's just... it's...,  look at it,... it's.
SO.. FUCKING... HUGE." How can you take that thing inside you? I thought Jimmy
was big. This boy is a monster. Marcy was bucking her hips back toward Scotty
just like an animal in heat. I couldn't believe she got the whole thing inside
her. They were fucking like dogs, and Marcy was whimpering and moaning as
Scotty slid in and out of her.  I don't think I've ever seen a boy that horny
before. None of the boys on the bus ever got near this big and hard.  Not many
men on earth ever get that big and hard I thought myself.

Marcy's pussy was so wet that it made loud slurping sounds every time he
moved in and out.  He was really moving now, pounding harder and harder and
harder. Marcy was digging her nails into his back now, and she started
screaming " Scotty you're gonna make me cum,... oh God I'm cumming Scotty,
I'm cumming.  I couldn't believe that I was witnessing this.  My best friend
on her back, her pretty legs up in the air, getting her brains fucked out by
a boy that had the biggest dick I have ever seen in my young life.  He was
even bigger than Daddy, and I truly thought that my Daddy had the biggest
dick on earth. Marcy's fat swollen pussy lips were clamped down on Scotty's
shaft like a glove, running up and down every inch of him, squeezing and
throbbing and swelling. They looked so.NASTY fucking like that. I knew it
wouldn't be long now. I was like totally blown away.

" Oh Scotty, it's making me so horny watching you fuck Marcy like that.
You're just like an animal. A big fucking animal. I want you to cum all over
her Scotty.  I want you to pull that thing of yours out of her and splatter
that hot sticky cum of yours all over her big pregnant tits. Oh God Scotty,
you have a dick as big as a mule.  I want to see it cuming on her, I want to
see your cum all over Marcy's huge bosoms."  All that talk must have made
Scotty even hornier, `cause he started fucking her even faster, then he
pulled it out of her and started yanking up-and-down on it until it came.
Hot, sticky, huge messy globs of it.  He splattered it all over Marcy `s
chest, then some of it landed on her pretty face, and in her hair, and on her
arms.  I was moving closer to get a better view now, and caught some of it on
MY face!  It was flying everywhere.  As much as Jimmy and I had been fucking
the last couple of months, I hadn't ever seen anywhere near that amount of
cum before.  I guess I had no idea how much fun Marcy had been having.  No
wonder her tummy is already sticking out, that boy probably has twice the
sperm that a normal man has inside him.

Just  when I thought it was over, a big glob of it landed on my forehead.  At
this point, I was about to come just like they did.  I reached over and
started fondling Marcy's big tits, one of favoritest things to do now,
rubbing all that hot cum into her nipples and mashing her huge pillowy
bosoms together.  I couldn't help myself any more, and I just gave in to my
animal urges.  I started licking her tits, and  rubbing my face all over `em,
and gettin' that cum all over my hair.    Scotty had made such a big huge mess,
and I just loved cleaning it up.  Marcy had my head in both her hands now,
moving me from one of her bosoms to the other, as I licked and slobbered all
over her.  Scotty moved into a position where he could lay his big dick right
on top of Marcy's tits, and I wrapped my little hand around it and tried to
stick the head of it in my mouth.  Even though he had started to get soft, I
didn't have a chance of getting the whole head of that thing in my mouth.  I
stretched my poor lips as far as they would go, and still it was no use. Too
big. Like way too big.  I continued to lick up-and-down the shaft of it
though, and petted it with my little hands while I went like totally ape on
Marcy's EEnormous pregnant tits, and soft swollen tummy.

We were supposed to be coming up with some plan to make sure that our rich
friends at school didn't catch on that they were knocked up.  It didn't look
like we were gonna make a whole lot of progress on that today, but I thought
we should least talk about something, some idea to keep the secret alive.  As
we sat there in a daze, collapsed on the couch, Scotty came up with a
brilliant idea:  " I got it!  I have this friend Homer, his big brother is an
intern at the hospital.  He has to work at the free clinic sometimes, you
know, ...the one where all the poor people go to the doctor. He says a lot of
girls who are in trouble go there `cause they're scared to tell their
parents, and they help them out with free examinations and all.  They give
out birth control pills too, so the girls can stay out of trouble if they
want to.  Dr. Billy, (that's what we call Homer's brother), says a lot of
girls get pregnant so they can collect more welfare, so they don't care about
getting the pill."

Scotty went on to tell us that his plan went like this: we let the rich sluts
overhear a conversation between us.  A conversation about going to the free
clinic to get some birth control pills, and to make sure that we weren't
knocked up, cause we'd been fuckin' so much (we knew they'd relate to THAT,
those CUNTS)  That would plant the idea in their head.      They can go to the
free clinic, their parents will never know, and they can find out if they
were pregnant.    Dr. Billy gives them the test, and guess what?  The test is
negative.  They don't have anything to worry about, except he notices that
maybe they should try to lose a little weight.  He puts them on a strict
diet. No carbohydrates, ice cream, or any of that shit that they like at
school.  The longer Scotty talked about this, the better we liked it, cause
it didn't sound like much fun to me. Now the tits.  How come they had bigger
tits all of a sudden?  That's easy, Dr. Billy tells them that new formulas in
birth control pills prescribed in the past year were found to have caused
breast growth in test subjects, but none of the women were complaining, so
the pharmaceutical companies just kept cranking that shit out.    If they
really wanted to stop the growth, he would be happy to prescribe a new
formula.  Marcy was giggling uncontrollably.  " I can't see that happening
anytime soon, they must think they died and went to heaven with those tits
that they have now."

It sounded like a great plan to us. We were ready to set it up. But right
then, I felt like I needed to get home and find Jimmy. I was still so horny I
could explode. I bet my tits swelled up a whole cup size my bra was so tight.
God was that a HOT afternoon or what? I really do hope daddy's not around
when I get home. I guess I'll let ya know what happens next time I see ya.

EEnormous  Debbie

BabyCakes 12

Later that afternoon:
I was real excited Scotty came up with that idea about using Homer's brother
the young doctor. I had forgot all about Billy. He was so much older than us,
but I thought he was way cool when we were little kids. He came over to our
house once with his momma and Homey (that's what Jimmy and Scotty call Homer).
Sometimes they just call him Home. Those 3 are the bestest friends, and Billy
always liked to spoil them when they were growing up. Scotty said he always
wanted to have a big brother like that. He knew Billy would help us scam those
girls into thinking they weren't knocked up.

 He told us somethin' else too. Homey found some magazines his brother hid in
his room. His brother Billy was off at school learning how to be a doctor.
Anyhow, he had a box in the closet full of these real dirty magazines, and
Home called Scotty and Jimmy to come over there and look at `em. They found
out the kind of girls Billy liked from finding this stuff.

What bad little boys. Now I know why they got interested in girls like me and
Marcie at such a young age. They were only 10 when Home found that box.
"Jeez, man this is AWESOME. Look at this stuff. Look at THIS one, .man I
don't believe the tits on her!!" Scotty was remembering how excited they all
were. There must have been 20 or 30 magazines in that box, mostly big tit
magazines, like every one I ever heard of. Juggs,  D-cup, Busty, Gent on and
on, all of `em with girls that had absolutely GEEnormous titties bulging off
the covers. Some even Marcy hadn't never heard of. She made a point of
looking at any of `em she could find to check out the competition. I think it
made her feel special. She was bigger than a lot of those girls, but when she
found pictures of ones that had even bigger tits than hers she'd get all
pissed. Strange girl Marcy.

Anyway, they looked at page after page as quick as they could, like they
could see it all at once if they tried hard enough.  YOU BOYS!!! What are we
gonna DO with you? They got near the bottom, and Jimmy said HOLY SHIT! Here's
one with pictures of girls that look like MOMMA. I guess that's when they
found out what Billy REALLY liked. That's how come he musta' hid them at the
bottom. So nobody would find out his little secret.

One was called Poppin' Mamas, and it had a woman on the cover that was so
pregnant her belly almost wouldn't fit on the page. Inside it said  "Our
cover model Lunita gave birth to 3 healthy baby boys a week after our photo
shoot." Scotty said he'd never forget the cover of that magazine. Then they
found some amateur looking one that had pictures of a man and a young girl.
It was called "Daddy's little Pumpkin." Who knows where Billy got this shit.
The girl had pretty nice tits, not as big as mine, but nice. She was maybe 12
or 13, and they had her getting fucked from behind on the first page that was
titled "Marianna  and Daddy". The pages had different dates, like a calendar
at the top. The whole thing was about 20 pages. About the third page in, they
noticed Marianna's tits were bigger than on the first page. They kept
flipping back and forth to make sure. They kept going, then they noticed her
doing different things to the man. About halfway into the book, the girl was
on her knees, and had the man's dick in her mouth. She had a bulge in her
tummy, so big they could tell she was pregnant. They leafed back and forth
and noticed her growing a little each page. They flipped to the back, and
there was another picture of her. It was a profile shot, and they almost came
on themselves Scotty said. Here was this young girl standing facing her
daddy, so hugely pregnant she was almost as big as the woman with the
triplets. So then they knew Billy wasn't just into pregnant women, he liked
pregnant GIRLS. Young ones. Like us. (hee,hee)

The magazine had a little story at the end about how this man and his wife
raised 8 children out in the country - 5 girls and 3 boys. They made a living
breeding the girls, and selling some of their offspring to people who
couldn't have kids. They fed them fertility drugs so they could have lots of
babies at once. They took pictures of the girls with their daddy or brother
who knocked them up, and put out a magazine. He explained that Marianna was
disappointed to only be pregnant with twins this time, but he had some new
issues coming out that featured 11 year old Carolyn, their youngest daughter,
who was pregnant with triplets. The man promised weekly progress photos of
her while she grew, and told the story of how Carolyn got a dose of the
fertility drugs they used on the older girls before they ever intended to
start breeding her. He described how it made her breasts abnormally large.
The sick doctors who were helping them with this breeding business said her
breasts had swollen so abnormally due to her getting a dose of the drug so
close to the onset of her first menstrual cycles. One of the man's sons
fucked poor Carolyn and knocked her up before her time, then he said she
couldn't get enough sex. The other two boys and the daddy took turns with
her, and took pictures as she swelled. And swelled, and swelled. Her daddy
blamed it on the size of the young girls breasts, and said they simply
couldn't control themselves. The boys' eyes were bugging out as they were
reading this.

The man promised the reader:  "You have never seen ANYTHING until you've seen
my little Carolyn, so pregnant with her three babies that she needs help to
stand upright. Her grotesquely swollen bosom sitting proudly atop the largest
pregnant belly you will likely ever see. Watch the series as Carolyn swells
out the front of her huge maternity dresses, outgrows one enormous bra after
another, tries on lingerie and swim suits, and gives her well-endowed brother
the blowjob of his dreams. See her face covered with his cum." It went on and
on. They were due to release a video "Corolyn At Full Term".

Well, they just about killed themselves digging in that box to see if Billy
had gotten the next issues of that sick fucking magazine, and lo and behold,
he had the 1st installment. "Little Carolyn's first trimester". I'll have to
let Jimmy tell you the rest of this story sometime.  I've gone off the deep
end here talking about my brother and his friends, but I do love them all,
and I love knowing just how turned on a huge pregnant girl can make them.
Looks like we wouldn't EVER have any trouble getting their attention. All we
needed was a steady supply of sperm, and God did they have plenty of that!

Scotty said Jimmy's hands were shaking as they all looked at all those
magazines.  No wonder he always looked at momma funny when she got so close
to a due date. Sometimes he would just sit and stare at her. He thought I
never noticed, but I did. His tongue might as well have been hanging out You
know how young boys can be influenced at a young age? Well, finding all those
magazines was one hell of an influence Scotty said. From that day on, those 3
were more obsessed with knocked up girls than any boys on earth, and it
looked like Homey's big brother was too. Man did Marcie and me have an ace in
the hole NOW!! We discovered a young horny doctor who had the HOTS for huge
pregnant girls. What we couldn't do with this situation. My mind was racing.
I was thinking about how he would react, the first time he saw Marcy. Maybe
me and Marcy should wait `till our tummies are bulging out like real big
before we go in to see Dr. Billy. Then we can  get this handsome young man so
very horny he would get hard right in front of us. The fact that we knew this
secret about him was like so DELICIOUS.

BabyCakes 13

Debbie asked me to tell you the part about the girls coming to the clinic, so
I'm over here at Jimmy's computer.  I'm reading some of the past chapters and
I can't believe all the shit she told you about us already.  That girl can't
keep anything a secret. Debbie is real good at writing this stuff though -I
got a hard on as soon as I started reading it. Then she came in to Jimmy's
room to see how I was coming along. I told her I hadn't really started, and I
tried to hide my hard on from her, but I think she could tell I was already
excited.  I guess she figured she'd stay and talk to me a little. She told me
she gets all wet while she writes about her friends and family in these
stories, and thinking about all the boys out there sitting in front of their

"You know what Scotty? I get so hot when I write about us that I can feel my
tits swelling up sometimes. So big they stretch out the front of my blouse,
and my bra gets so tight I think it's gonna BUST. I have to stop and feel
myself up, and unhook that tight bra. I fantasize about all the boys and men
out there reading about us.  I wonder how hard their dicks are when they read
the parts about me and Marcy and our big tits, and about how much we all love
to fuck, and how PREGNANT we are. It makes me so horny Scotty! I have to
reach down between my legs and finger myself, and make myself CUM before I
can write any more. That's how come I need your help, so I can get a little
break now and then.

Finally, Debbie said she had to go and start working on this secret project
she had. She said for me to get my young ass in gear and start telling you
about the clinic, and how it went with all those knocked up girls from
school.  She had a million questions about `em, and I said I'd let her read
everything I'm gonna tell you before I send it out.

FIRST DAY AT THE FREE CLINIC Homey, and Jimmy and me told Dr. Billy the whole
story about how we came up with this shit brain idea to put fertility drugs
in these cupcakes, and got these girls at school pumped full of `em. We told
him Debbie and Marcie figured they were about 10 weeks pregnant now.

He agreed if their parents found out they would probably make `em get an
abortion. But they really couldn't do much about it after 16 weeks without
going through a lot of trouble. So he agreed to play along for the next six
weeks. The girls wouldn't dare cause any trouble for him cause they didn't
want anybody to know their little secret.

We could all tell Billy was excited hearing about all those girls in their
motherly condition, but he just about went ape when we told him we knocked up
Marcy and Debbie. He remembered them from when we were kids. "You mean those
little girls, you got those little GIRLS pregnant?  He was asking questions
in a real doctorly way like "are they experiencing abdominal growth yet?"
"are their breasts engorged?"and that kind of shit, but we could tell the
fucker was getting horny over all this. His eyes were bugging out.

We decided it probably wasn't a good idea to tell him Jimmy had knocked up
some even younger sisters . Or that they'd got ahold of the fertility drugs
too. He'd find out sooner or later when they came in to see him. I wanted to
be there the day Jimmy's 11 year old sister Lisa showed up looking like she
was pregnant with a horse. The girl was pretty damn big the last time I saw
her, and she ain't 3 months gone yet. From what he told me, with the way she
loved to fuck, Jimmy had dumped one SHIT load of cum in the girl. Chances are
she had 4 or 5 babies swelling up inside her. Then there's Cindy, but that's
another story.

We already knew what kind of girls Billy liked from when we were kids. We
knew he was helping us just to have all those swollen young pregnant girls
around with their tits about to explode outta their tops. Month after month
they would parade in and out of the clinic. Their tummies expanding with the
growth of so many big healthy babies.

Billy had already gotten assigned to all the maternity care days. He told us
"I have had an interest in obstetrics for some time now." It was everything
we could do to keep a straight face when he laid that shit on us. The clinic
had set aside a Wednesday for women with multiple, or complicated
pregnancies. That was also the day they saw the "underage" girls. I guess
that meant under-18. The other pregnant women came in on Tuesday and

People with other problems could walk in any old time, but we went in on
Wednesday to check out the underage pregnant chicks. And of course, Debbie had
us spying on the rich sluts from school. There were lots of kids there with
runny noses and shit, or their arm wrapped up in an ace bandage. I bet some of
their moms beat the shit out of  `em.

Most of the moms there were pregnant again. Some of them had 4 or 5 kids
there sitting on the floor playing. There were pregnant women everywhere we
looked. Most of `em were real young, ranging in age from 12 to 20 we were
guessing. One girl I saw was with her pregnant mother. She couldn't have been
more than 9 0r 10. Her mama looked like a teenager. She was the prettiest
black girl I had ever seen in my whole life, with big black lips and coffee
colored skin. She almost looked bizarre she was so big. A girl that young
with a tummy big enough to have twins inside her looks like a science
experiment almost. She looked like she would deliver any second. She sat
there rubbing her tummy for a little bit, just looking out the window. I just
about came on myself when she stretched her dress tight across her huge tummy
and her belly button poked out. It looked like a big hard nipple.

Her mama had massive tits, much bigger than her daughter's, and her nipples
were hard. She wasn't near as far along in her pregnancy as her daughter. They
both had their hair in braids, like dreadlocks, and they started twirling it
with their fingers. I was having a tough time keeping it together looking at
these two.

Jimmy pretended to have a sprained ankle, and I had my arm in a sling as we
sat in the waiting room checking everything out. We saw a few of the girls
from school come in. Jessica,  Mattie and Amber. They stuck out like a sore
thumb with their perfect hair and makeup and new clothes. You could tell they
were grossed out as they looked around the room at all the poor people. They
wore loose fitting dresses, and you really couldn't tell they were pregnant
at all if you didn't know, except their tits were starting to grow. They
never had tits before. They looked like Debbie's tits did when she was nine.
They were B-cups I'd guess. Jessica was the biggest. She might have needed a
C-cup by then. They all sat together in a corner, as far away from everybody
else as they could get.

All of a sudden, Jimmy started jabbing me in the side with his elbow "It's
her Scotty, it's her!" I didn't know WHAT the dim bulb was talkin' about. He
was looking across the room at a girl 14 or 15 that was so pregnant she sat
with her legs apart, her huge belly resting between them, and sticking out
almost to her knees. You could see her belly button poking out the thin
fabric of her huge maternity dress. It looked like she had a hockey puck
sticking out of her gigantic belly. This was like the biggest stomach I ever

 "IT'S CAROLYN you nimrod. That girl from the magazine at Dr. Billy's, that
little girl that got knocked up by her brother. You know,. their daddy used
his girls as breeders, and put out that dirty magazine we found with all the
pictures of them pregnant, with cum all over their faces" Jimmy did
everything but point. The girl saw us looking over at her, and she cracked a
wicked little smile. Then she glanced down at her tummy and started
scratching it slowly with both hands. Up and down and all over that big
bulging pregnant belly. Then she started rubbing her huge belly button. She
looked like Marcy does when she's playing with one of her big nipples - she
looked HORNY. You could tell she was so horny that she was about to cum right
there in that chair.

She didn't seem to care that everyone in the waiting room was staring at her.
She looked back at us, never losing that shit - eating grin for a second.
Then she just stared at us for a minute, and looked down at her tits. She was
twice the size of my girlfriend Marcy. I wondered if they even made bras big
enough for this girl's breasts. You could see her fat nipples right through
her dress -  her areola were as big as the palm of my fucking hand. And I've
got BIG hands for a boy. She noticed that the girl next to her was gawking at
her bulging middle. She seemed to have a question on her face,    so  the big
pregnant girl struck up a conversation with her.

"Quadruplets.. I'm gonna have me 4 babies. In a little over a month the doctor
says. That's how come you were looking at my tummy wasn' it? I don't guess you
never saw a girl this knocked-up before huh. I'm not believing how big my tits
got this time. I guess you're wonderin' about them too huh? They huge aren't
they? They been big since I was nine. Then mah brothers got aholt of me when I
was eleven, and I been pregnant ever since." The girl sitting next to her just
dropped her jaw. Then she managed to say something.

 "Oh my God, you mean to tell me you got over a MONTH to go before you
deliver? How you gonna WALK? And you been knocked-up BEFORE, more than ONCE
before? Holy shit girl! You a walkin' baby machine. I bet you like to fuck
even more than me."

Jimmy and me were just sitting there, like we never heard a word, and these
girls just went on talking. You woulda' thought they were the only ones in
the room. We heard about how her daddy knocked her up next, then her 9th
grade teacher. Our rich schoolmates were horrified, and snickering and
giggling under their breath over in the corner

The longer I looked, the more I knew that big huge pregnant girl WAS Carolyn
from the magazine. I'll never forget how her face looked with her daddy's cum
splattered all over it in those filthy pictures. And her tummy all swollen
with her brother's babies. I remember feeling sorry for her. For about 10
seconds before I felt my dick swell.

That was 3 or 4 years ago, but it was her all right. What the hell is she
doin' in this poh-dunk town? I wonder what Billy was gonna do when he saw
her, then I started thinkin'. What if he KNEW she was out here? It was his
magazine we found her in after all. What if he found a way to get in touch
with her parents who were breeding her and her sisters? It was all too much.

Me and Jimmy both were gettin' a raging hard-on right about now, just lookin'
at Carolyn and remembering that day we were kids tearing through Billy's
magazine box. I'm glad we wore our loose baggy jeans that day. There's one
downside to havin' a real big dick, and that's when you get a killer woody
goin'. There's almost no hidin' the damn thing.

Well, it looked like Jessica went into one of the examination rooms for the
maternity patients. They had several set up on Wednesday to handle the extra
volume. Mattie, Amber and the little black girl went into other rooms. There
were 3 or 4 doctors roaming around, but Billy had most of the underage
maternity cases. Lucky bastard.

One after the other, the rich sluts came out. They seemed real happy. Giggly
even. We asked Billy about them later, and he said he told them about a virus
going around that caused swelling and nausea. They all got a pregnancy test,
which he reported to them as negative. They had all been positive. He was
grinning real big over this. He gave them some pills, and put them on a low
fat, low carbo diet so they could get back to their normal weight. We were
gonna ask him about Carolyn, but we decided we better not. Our plan had
worked, at least on these 3. I'm gonna let Jimmy tell you about the next

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BabyCakes 14
Pregnant Progress

One Month Later:

I didn't really feel like writing another chapter of Debbie's story for her,
but you know my sister. She has a way of getting what she wants out of me.
This morning it was a big load of my cum inside her swollen pregnant pussy.
You would think she was trying to make a few more babies the way she craved
it. She told me it made her feel so warm and gushy inside. Sometimes I would
fantasize that I was making her a lot more pregnant than she already was,
every time I came inside her. I can't imagine what would happen if I did.
God, she's getting so big already.

Just 3 and a half months ago we had fucked our little brains out for the
first time. Well, it was Debbie's first time anyway. Little did she know what
she was getting into (or even worse, what was getting into HER). Sometimes I
feel guilty for getting my own little sister so very pregnant. I couldn't
help it. I mean, what would have you have done?  Maybe I should explain why I
have such a rough time controlling myself around my little sisters.

For years I had to watch my pretty mother's breasts swell so huge every time
daddy knocked her up. Again and again, Mama had one baby after another, and
every time, her big beautiful tits got all bloated up as she wobbled around
the house for those nine long months. She would bend over to kiss us
goodnight, and they would almost fall out of her big brassiere. I could
always see right inside her dress to where they bulged so huge out the top of
her bra. Most of the time her nipples and the front of the bra were soaking
wet. She was always nursing. When daddy wasn't fucking her, she was nursing,.
or cooking,. or cleaning. I loved my mother, but seeing her in that condition
for all those years caused me to develop what I read about in an article
once: "A fixation on abnormally large breasts".

Then along came Debbie, my sweet little sister. She was always such a pretty
little girl, and I spoiled her rotten because of it. Just like Mama she had
long, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and that silky olive complexion that
makes Italian women so damn sexy. Even as a little girl, Debbie turned grown
men's heads. Not to mention boys like me. I guess it was those short plaid
skirts and the cute white blouses she wore to the Catholic school we went to.

Then when she turned nine all hell broke loose. Debbie started to grow.you
know. like in the chest. And then she grew some more. She kept on growing.
Debbie's boobs looked bigger every week. In the 5th grade, when she was 10,
she went through 3 cup sizes. By the time she was 11, her friend Marcy was
the only girl in the whole school that had bigger tits than Debbie.

As hard as it was watching her grow like that, she had her friend Marcy around
all the time. I know you've heard about her already. Seeing them grow up
together was enough to cause anybody to develop this obsession I have. Even as
big as Debbie was, Marcy was always 2 cup sizes and a good 4 inches ahead of
her in "the battle of the bras" as they called it.

Just when I thought I could manage to be a good boy and leave Debbie alone,
she and Marcie had to get revenge on those rich sluts. That's what started
this whole mess. None of my little sisters would have ever acted the way they
did without the influence of those drugs. Not with their brother anyway.

Lisa and Cindy came into my room that night and showed me their big tits
because they were so horny from those drugs. Not because they're bad little
girls. I still can't believe how enormous they were. I really couldn't help
myself when they asked me to put "my thingie"in them and make them feel
better. Again I ask you, what would you have done?

They were rubbing on my dick, and pleading with me, with their pitiful faces.
They started feeling each other up and making their tits swell up bigger.
God, they weren't even teenagers yet and they had tits bigger than most grown
women. They told me they wanted to have a big tummy full of my babies, just
like Debbie had, and they wanted their tits to grow some more.

Cindy was the one who pushed me over the edge talking about her little sister
Lisa. "Jimmy, see how big and droopy Lisa's boobs are? You wanna see your
eleven year old sister with a pair of wobbling tits as big as Marcy's? Huh
Jimmy? Get her pregnant Jimmy, you'll see. They'll swell up like balloons.
They'll make you so horny you'll wanna fuck us all day. When we get through
with you, you won't have nothin' left for that slut Amanda."

That did it. Lisa climbed into my lap, and I lowered her on my huge throbbing
dick. I fucked her like she was a little whore until I dumped a load of cum
inside her. Then I fucked Cindy. Then I fucked them both again. And I fucked
them again the next day, dumping as much of my cum inside them as I could. I'm
not ashamed of it.. It happened.they got pregnant. They got VERY pregnant. Now
we have to deal with it.

I have three pregnant sisters at my house now. Somebody was gonna have to
explain something soon, because they were all starting to show, and Mama was
getting REAL curious about why Lisa's tits were so big all of a sudden. She
knew even a girl in a growth phase didn't get that much bigger in just a
couple of months. Not unless something funny was goin' on. The best we could
figure, they all three got knocked up within days of one another, about 3 1/2
months ago. And Lisa's tits were already big and heavy then. Mama just didn't
know `cause they disguised `em so well. I decided it was time to have Dr.
Billy take a look at all of them. Marcy wanted to go too. What a trip this
was going to be. I bet Scotty doesn't want to miss this.

Maybe Debbie will write about the trip herself now that I showed her how to
set up her own email and everything. I'm using her new address now. You can
write her there and ask her how big she's getting. And about Lisa and Cindy.
She loves to write about it and get people all excited. Scotty told me about
their little conversation. You know. about how Debbie gets all hot when she
writes about her and Marcy's adventures, and our little sisters getting
pregnant from taking those drugs and fucking me. She fantasizes about what
the boys do when they sit in front of their computers reading about her big
swollen tummy and Marcy's boobs, now that they're so much bigger. She gets a
lot of mail from people telling her how hot she gets them. She writes back
when I take my dick out of her mouth long enough for her to compose a
sentence or two.

Some of Debbie's mail she sends out is AWESOME. I like it better than the way
she tells our story sometimes. You should write her and tell her how hot she
gets you, and what you like about the story, and how it makes you feel. I get
her horny when I start talking about how she makes my dick hard, and before I
know it, her legs are up in the air and I'm pouring the pork to that little
bitch just like the pregnant whore she. See ya soon. I'm sure she'll talk me
into writing some more.

BabyCakes 15
Two weeks later and four months gone.

"They don't have a clue do they? Listen to them. They think they're gonna
lose that weight if they stay on the diet Dr. Billy put `em on. I told you
they were stupid Marcy."

"You're right Debs, and here all this time I thought I was the dumb one."
Marcy was always self-conscious about her intelligence.  I hate to say it,
but she is kinda' stupid. You could see the dumb looks on her face as she
scrunched it up sometimes when she was tryin' to figure something out. I
guess God just couldn't stand to give Marcy such big boobs and a brain to go
along with `em. As far as our rich slut friends, they all got good grades,
and we thought they were smart but they look pretty stupid now.  Every one of
them is knocked up outta their minds, and they don't even know it.

I guess Dr. Billy did a really good job of faking them out. Jimmy said he had
an explanation for every question they had. Ashley and Jessica were talking
about how much weight they could lose if they could only stop eating ice cream
and peanut butter. They wondered why they had such cravings for all these
things. They should have wondered why they hadn't had a period for the last
four months as their pants got tighter and tighter.

It's so much fun to watch them at the lunch table.  They're starving
themselves to death, and their tummies are still getting bigger. And that's
not all that's getting bigger. Our once flat chested friends were beginning
to swell in the bust. Well DUH, sorta goes with being knocked up huh? This is
the ultimate revenge - they are becoming what they used to tease us so much
for being - bimbos with big tits. Their boyfriends are      excited about their
new bodies though and they've lost all control of themselves.  Even at
school. Behind the gym, in the boys room, in empty classrooms and under the
bleachers you'd see `em..boinking their brains out. You'd hear the moaning
and the panting. It was everywhere, and the teachers were doing nothing to
control it. I think some of `em were getting off on it. I caught that old
pervert Coach Willis watching Davy and Jessica fucking like dogs under the
bleachers last week, and he had his THING out pulling on it. EEUUUUUWWWW he's
so gross.

Yesterday, me and Marcy were crossing the parking lot and we saw this couple
in a car going at it.  As we got closer, we saw it was Maggie and Johnny, two
of the richest kids at school.      They had been an "item" for years.  Johnny
was a real stud, but I never knew what he saw in Maggie.  She had like such a
flat chest and all.  Sure her daddy was rich, but she was such a sad looking
little thing. What a difference a big dose of fertility drugs and some potent
sperm make, huh? Here she was just a few months later getting her big tits
mauled in the back seat of Johnny's car, and moving her pussy up-and-down on
Johnny dick like a whore.  You could hear them from across the parking lot,
and see the car shaking.  We walked closer, hid behind the car next to them,
and watched the show.

They were in the back seat.  Johnny was sitting in the middle, and Maggie was
facing him.  He had both his hands on her butt, and he was lifting her
up-and- down on his dick, faster and faster. We got brave and moved closer so
we were on either side of their car, crouched down right outside the back
doors. Now we could see how big his dick was getting.  The boy was enormous.
His cock was so fat it had stretched Maggie's swollen pussy lips to the point
it could tear her wide open. But she took it. She took all of it as she
wiggled her butt around on this boy's giant prick. We watched her pussy slide
up and down the shaft of Johnny's dick. Her fat pussy lips were just WRAPPED
around Johnny's dick, and you could see her squeezing every inch of him as
she flew up and down on it.

She was so HAIRY, and all around her pussy lips the matted hair was plastered
to her skin. Maggie had the hairiest pussy I'd ever seen in my life. Her
pubic hair went halfway up the crack of her butt, and was all over the
insides of her upper thighs. Thick black hair, dripping with juice, just
bulging out all over this girl's pussy. God it was making me so horny I
started to drool. I had one hand down my panties and the other rubbing my
tits. I started fingering myself, and I could see Marcy through the windows
on the other side of the car. She had this glazed look in her eye. We smiled
at each other and then I licked my lips and blew her a kiss. If Marcy had
been on my side of the car we'd have been all over each other sucking face
and mauling each other's tits.

Maggie was so excited, her tits were swelling as we watched these two fuck
their brains out.  Her boobs were huge, and they were bouncing around right
in front of Johnny's face.  Then Maggie leaned back and grabbed the headrests
on the front seat and we got a whole other view of her. We were like way
shocked by what we saw. I could see Marcy's eyes grow wide as she stared at
Maggie's middle. How could we have missed it?  Maggie's tummy had quite a
large bulge to it. The way she was leaning back, she had it sticking WAY out.
The girl was obviously pregnant.  Surely she had to know.  Anyone who looked
at her would know.  Her mama must have been blind not to notice, but then
maybe she disguised herself like my little sisters did.  Who knows?

We couldn't take our eyes off these two as Johnny jammed his big swollen
prick in Maggie.  They were all sweaty, and Maggie's hair was stuck all over
her face and shoulders.  She started begging Johnny not to cum inside her.
"Please Johnny, pull it out, please don't cum in me. Oh Johnny you might get
me pregnant even though I'm on the birth control pills, it could happen.
Just pull it out and come all over my tits. I know you like it now that I've
gained all this weight and I have these big fat titties. CUM ON ME Johnny,
cum on Maggie's big fat tits. (This girl really WAS stupid! I guess she
believed she was just getting fat, like Dr. Billy had told her.)

Johnny just kept fucking her harder. Harder and faster. Her plump butt cheeks
were slapping against his thighs. Loud wet slapping sounds. Again and again,
he moved it in and out of her. Fucking her. He kept fucking and fucking. The
head of his cock looked as big around as my fist now and it made these
obscene slurping noises going in and out of Marcy. Pulling it out and jamming
ALL of it back in her, that whole BIG HUGE DICK moving in and out of her
again and again and again. I though he would split her in two any second,
then all of a sudden he DID pull his dick out of her. He grabbed it with his
right hand and aimed it at her face, stroking it until one thick, sticky glob
of cum after another came blasting out of that thing.  He plastered the poor
girl `s face with it.  His cum was dripping off her chin down onto her tits,
and she rubbed it in all over her huge chest, squishing her tits together and
pulling on her nipples. Johnny kept it coming as Maggie played with her
boobs. The boy was an animal. Cum was flying everywhere and he just kept
beating off.  It got in her hair, all over the back of the headrests, the
dashboard and the back seat windows. If the windows were open, I'd have got
some on my face I bet.

"OH GOD JOHNNY, it's a good thing you splattered that stuff all over me
instead of dumping it inside of me. I woulda' ended up with twins or
somethin' - there's so MUCH of it!" Marcy let out a loud giggle at this
point. I guess it was too funny to hear this stupid girl say that, knowing
what we did about how pregnant she was. It caused them to jerk up and look
around, but we managed to hide OK behind the next car over. Then we crawled
to the other side of the lot and made our way outta there.

"Was that HOT or what? If Johnny came in her that much when he knocked her
up, she must be pregnant with 5 or 6 babies. God knows how big her tummy is
gonna get. She won't even be able to walk." -  Marcy had called me at home to
talk about what we saw. She was giggling about how all the others were gonna
FREAK when they found out they were pregnant, then when they found out HOW
pregnant they were, they would just DIE!!! We were both in shock over how big
Maggie's belly was. "Could you believe it Debs? - the bitch was HUGE, and
she's only 4 months gone.  And those tits!! That drug Dr. Billy gave `em must
be a miracle. That fucker is gonna get rich." We had both watched Maggie eat
4 of those cupcakes. The poor girl got an overdose of Pergonal I think. Her
belly is even bigger than Marcy's. When we saw how much cum that boyfriend of
hers pumped out of him, it was no mystery why she was so big already.

"Jeez Marcy, know what? We've been waitin' for them to all get four months
along so it'll be a lots more trouble to get abortions right? Well girlfriend,
their mamas and daddies won't have such an easy time NOW cause they ARE 4
months gone!!! Just think. Add it up. Look how big we are. It's true Marcy.
It's already been four months, and they're all gonna be bulging outta' their
clothes in a few weeks anyhow. We gotta do somethin' quick to make sure those
sluts get what they deserve, and get it NOW. I want them in deep serious shit
for being so mean to us all those years."

Jimmy and Scotty came over to Marcy's and we all sat down to come up with
this plan. Actually, it was Scott who finally came up with it. He had such a
devious mind. Him and Homer's brother Dr. Billy took the prizes in that
category. "Ladies, it's time we called a little PTA meeting, and we'll
provide the special snacks. We'll all get our mom's to take them to the
meeting. That should prove to develop quite a LARGE reaction from the parents
and teachers in a few months. Hee hee hee."

The boy was a genius. He went on to explain: "I'll get some stationery from
the school board. Dr. Billy is on the board - just elected - he'll help us.
This is WAY COOL!! We send a letter to the parents urging them to attend a
meeting about the rumor there's this epidemic of pregnancy running wild in
our own `Walton Jr. High School'.

"Let's see, how do we word it? Here we go:

>Dear Parents,
It has come to our attention that there is a problem developing in our grades
7 - 9. It has been reported that quite a few of our students are pregnant.
Rumors include possible experimentation with fertility drugs among the
students. This is a very serious situation that needs to be dealt with
immediately. There have been rampant acts of sexual misconduct on our campus,
and we feel the time is overdue for a meeting to decide how we handle this
crisis. We'll discuss talking to your girls, getting them tested to determine
if they're pregnant, and counseling on birth control if they are not pregnant.
If you have noticed any changes in your daughter's behavior or appearance, you
may be one of the many parents affected by this crisis. Some of the girls in
question are quite young. We will help you to counsel these youngsters and
offer the best solutions available for the good of the families affected.
Meeting will be held Friday evening at 8pm. Come to the main cafeteria. Cake
and punch will be served. Both parents need to be in attendence, but it is
particularly important for the mothers to be present to hear about options for
counseling daughters in the event your is one of the affected.<

I can see it now, parents will freak - all of `em will come. You girls bake up
a big batch of BabyCakes for the women. You know how they huddle up in groups,
the men and women. Me and young James here will get some testosterone and
whatever sperm count enhancers they have available now from Dr. Billy. You can
make us up some `PapaCakes' for the men. Even if the women get some of the
men's cakes, all it'll do is make `em horny. This'll be AWESOME!"

This was such a WILD idea! My mind was spinning with the possibilities. All
these moms, most of them thinking they're finished having babies, getting
pumped FULL of fertility drugs then fucking their husbands like they didn't
have a care in the world. The power of it all was too much.

We were gonna control the fate of these adults - parents and teachers. Turn
them into horny breeding animals. Watch the women swell so huge with their
multiple pregnancies. See the men's cocks grow so absolutely enormous from
the drugs and just being so fucking HORNY all the time that no woman would be
able to resist them. If my dad showed up at this thing and got a dose of what
Jimmy and Scotty find, God knows how big he'll get. Maybe then I can seduce
him, he'll be weak and ripe for fucking. Fucking his swollen pregnant
daughter. Oh God it's making me so horny thinking about it, I'm gonna need a
break. But I'll be back soon, I still have to tell you about our trip to the

Write me OK?

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BabyCakes 16
Dr. Billy examines us.

Jimmy was all worried about his little sisters, like any good brother
shoulda' been. He decided he should take us to see Dr. Billy at the clinic to
make sure we were OK. We're like. SO pregnant and since it was HIS big dick
that did it to us I guess he was feelin' quilty. I'll never forget the first
time I felt that thing inside me. I've had a few months to get used to it,
and I'm even craving a bigger dick now that my pussy is so swollen, but that
first time was unbelievable.

I made Jimmy so big and hard with my ripe and fertile young body. He was
really gentle as he slipped the head of it in me a little at a time, but he
was just so HUGE and swollen and purple. I had never put more than two
fingers in me before, even though I was big enough for a grown man's prick. A
normal grown man that is. Jimmy's was so big it felt like my fist trying to
make it in there as he stretched the opening of my young pussy. The lips were
so tight wrapped around him I thought he'd cum in me right then. He was
shaking it made him so excited. His sweet little sister's pussy hugging his
big prick like that.

He was so excited he just started JAMMING it in me, bucking his hips like a
wild dog. Fucking me. Fuckin' the living shit out of his top heavy little
sister. My legs were up in the air as he humped me like a madman. My big butt
was up off the couch as I met every thrust and shoved my hips back at him. Our
bodies slapped together, again and again and again. I could feel every big
swollen inch of him sliding in and out of me, all wet and hot and HUGE.

I knew he had beat off for years over this vision of me and Marcy and my mom,
our ever expanding chests teasing him, taunting him. My mom's never ending
pregnancies stretching out the front of her pants. Now he was LIVING his
fantasy. He was FUCKING his fantasy. And the result of all this would be an
even more fantastic fantasy come true. A VERY pregnant little sister. One who
would grow absolutely ENORMOUS. He knew as he was fucking me that I had mega-
doses of Pergonal coursing through my body. He knew how fertile I was and it
made him fuck me harder.

He knew he would get me pregnant if he came inside me, and he just kept
fucking me and fucking me, building up to a climax that would dump a big
potent load of BABY JUICE inside me. Inside his sister's fertile young body.

I guess the thought of my tummy bulging out the front of my jeans just pushed
him over the edge. His nuts swelled up to the size of baseballs and I could
feel them thumping against my plump bottom every time he shoved it back in me.
Oh GOD it felt wonderful. Then it happened - his dick grew even more immense
inside me. I could feel it stretching me. He got bigger and bigger and BIGGER,
and then he exploded.

He pumped and PUMPED me full of his cum. I'll never forget how hard he
blasted it all up inside of my fertile, freshly fucked young pussy. I was
twitching for an hour after that, just feeling it all gooey inside me. All
that sperm, darting in every direction to find as many of my eggs as possible

For weeks I craved it. That feeling of cum splattering inside me. Filling me
up. I loved it when it ran down the insides of my thighs. My big brother's
humungous loads of cum, belching out of my swollen vagina. I can make myself
cum just thinking about it. I guess we better get back to the story before I
have to take a break and finger fuck myself.

Jimmy and Scotty took us all to the clinic in Scotty's beat up old van. He
had all but the front seats out of it so we were sitting on these big
overstuffed pillow cushion thingies he had all over the floor. There was
enough of `em so we had some propped up as backrests. Really kinda' comfy. He
had put carpet all over the floor and up the sides so it felt real cozy.

Marcy and me sat on one side facing Lisa and Cindy on the other. Four of the
prettiest little pregnant girls you ever saw. Marcy hadn't seen my little
sisters in quite some time, at least not like she saw them now. The weather
had turned warmer and the girls had become rather brazen in their dress. They
had on these stretch sweat-shorts and halter tops they fished out of mama's
old cedar chest. No bra. Their tits were so big they looked obscene bulging
out the sides of their tops. I guess they were too young to care if anybody
knew they were pregnant. After all, it's not the 11 or 12 year old who gets
in trouble, it's the poor dweeb who knocked `em up.

Marcy was staring at them, mouth open in amazement. She just kept staring at
my little sisters. I felt her hand on my thigh, slowly stroking it. Lisa
finally broke the silence: "Whatcha' lookin' at Marce?" Marcy stammered for a
minute. It's your . well. you've got such. I mean Jesus Lisa, look at your
stomach, and. and your TITS. You're only 11 years old girl, and you're
so.you're just. the way you're dressed everybody can see that you're so."
Lisa and Cindy got the giggles.  They got up on their knees and stuck their
tummies out as far as they could. They were BULGING out the front of those
shorts. Lisa looked as big as a basketball. "I think they call it KNOCKED-UP
Marcy", Cindy said. "And from the looks of her, Lisa might be the most
knocked-up of us all."

Scotty almost had a wreck he was so distracted by all this, but we got there
OK. The waiting room was almost full.  Today was the day they examined all
the underage girls and the women with multiple pregnancies.  From the looks
of things, there had been a whole lot of fucking goin' on in our little town.
I don't know who was getting all these little girls pregnant, but they were
doing one hell of a job. BIG tummies. All over the room. I was beginning to
wonder if there wasn't some experiment going on using all the poor people as
guinea pigs or somethin'.

I met this little girl named Kelly who had just moved here from South Africa
with her daddy.  She was only 12. She told me she was pregnant by her father,
and even though she was barely showing, she knew she had more than one baby
inside her.  It had only been six weeks since she missed her period, but there
it was, her tummy was already sticking out.  She told me how she started
seducing her daddy when her breasts got big.  She developed very early like
Marcy and she ended up with big boobs by the time she was 10. She would wear
these skimpy tank tops and tight brassieres to make her tits look bigger.

Watching her get bigger year after year and feeling her plump little bottom on
his lap rubbing against his dick was just too much for her daddy.  He finally
gave in and fucked her over and over and over again until he got her pregnant.
She went on and on about how much fun it was fucking her own daddy.  It was
making me so horny thinking about how I wanted to do that to my daddy.  I had
to go then, `cause it was time for my examination, but that girl sure got me

Dr. Billy was even more handsome I remember.  He had big broad shoulders, and
a wonderful smile, not to mention the biggest hands I had never seen my life.
Marcy says when a guy has big hands, it means he has a great big...  you
know...THINGIE.  I sat there on the examination table wondering just how big
this man was.  His dick I mean.

He told me to take my blouse and bra off, so he could examine my breasts and
see if there were any abnormal lumps or anything.  His eyes got real big as I
unsnapped my bra.  He acted like he had never seen a girl as big as me before.
Wait till he sees Marcy I thought.  He felt every inch of me with his big soft
hands, mashing them together, and poking and prodding me.

He said everything was find there, and asked me to put my feet up in the
stirrups.  He put some gloves on, and stuck one of his big huge fingers
inside me.  I gave a little shudder, cause Kelly had made me so horny and the
doctor's finger almost made me cum. After I sat up again he asked me a few
questions. Like if I was eating all right, and how many times I had sex in a
week.  His eyes got totally big when I told him 15 or 20.  I explained that
Jimmy was the father of my babies and that he got real horny watching me get
so pregnant.

 Dr. Billy was getting a hard on.  I could tell he was trying to hide it, but
it was just a useless for him to try to hide it as it would be for my daddy.
The theory about the big hands must be true, because this man had a dick the
size of a baseball bat.  The head of it was halfway down to his knees, as it
pushed out the front of his pants leg.    I was so wet I was leaking all over
the examination table.  He could see how horny I was, and he apologized for
getting excited around me.  He said it was totally unprofessional.

I just smiled at him, as my hand made its way to my pussy.  I started rubbing
on myself, and I thought he was going to lose it.  He couldn't take his eyes
off my rounded tummy.  His dick was getting bigger, but he tried to maintain
his professionalism.  The told me that the only reason my belly was so big was
that I was pregnant with two or more babies.  Normally, he said I wouldn't be
this big until I was seven months along.  That was a whole three months away,
and my mind was reeling at the thought of how big I would be by then.  I guess
his was too, because his dick was about to break through his pants leg.

I had this big horny man where I wanted him, and I knew it.  "Dr. Billy, do
you think pregnant girls are pretty?  Is that why you became an obstetrician,
so you can examine girls who are big and pregnant, and feel up their swollen
titties?"  I was about to make this man come on himself, I could tell.  I put
my feet up on the edge of the examination table and spread my legs open.  He
could see my big gaping swollen pussy staring him right in the face.  I asked
him if he wanted to fuck me, and I reached out to try to pull him closer to
me.  He didn't need a second invitation, he was too busy unzipping his pants.

I gasped at the sight of his big huge prick.  Dr. Billy was even bigger than
daddy, and I've seen horses that aren't as big as daddy.  I could tell that I
was in for the ride of my life, as he slipped that thing inside me.  Inside my
big wet pregnant pussy.  Now I knew what it must be like to have a baby's head
in your vagina.  This man was so big, he was stretching me to new dimensions.
Then he started moving it in and out, and in and out.  I was dripping, sopping
wet as this big hunk of a man fucked the shit out of me right on his
examination table..

It didn't take long, and I wasn't surprised when he tensed up and let go of
the biggest load of cum I ever felt in my life. He was all red faced, but it
was amazing how quickly he regained his "professional self". He cleaned me
up, put new paper on the examination table, and had me outta there in less
than 5 minutes. On to the next patient. He was amazing, this young doctor.
I'm gonna let Marcy and my sisters tell you about their experiences with Dr.
Billy sometime, but for now, I gotta go get busy making a batch of BabyCakes
for the PTA meeting.. Write soon OK?  Am I making you all horny again? Poor
baby. You know I like to imagine what you're doing out there. Won't you tell
me? What do you want to hear about next? LOTS is happening. Let us know

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&#65279;BabyCakes 17
The PTA Meeting

There was lots of excitement as me and Marcy rushed around the kitchen getting
the Cakes ready.  Dr. Billy had
given Scotty and Johnny enough Pergonal to get every female in Walton County
pregnant.  We were careful this time
not to handle the tablets with our hands, just  in case it had some long-
lasting  effect. Don't get me wrong, I love
being knocked up, because of what it does to Jimmy, but I don't know how I'll
feel about it four months from now
when I can barely walk.

I thought we'd never get all the kids out of the kitchen, but we finally ran
them out and were able to get the Baby Cakes in the oven.  Just in time,
Jimmy came in with the Testosterone the other drugs for the Papa Cakes. Some
of these drugs were experimental, so Dr.Billy told him to be careful with the
dosage. We were giggling at the thought of how much  potent sperm all these
men would have building up inside them. Increased penis size was a side
effect that had been discovered in one of the drugs, and you can imagine what
that was doing to me. Just the thought of it made me so wet the juice was
running down my leg. I started thinking about Daddy, and what would happen to
him after eating one of these things.

The Baby Cakes were done and the Papa Cakes went into the oven.  We put red
food coloring in the Baby ones, and blue in the Papa ones, just to make sure
we didn't mix them up.  Just as we thought we'd done everything right, Mama
and Tina barge into the kitchen.  Tina is crying, telling Mama we won't let
her have any of the cake batter.  "I thought I ran you out of here young
lady" I snapped at her.  Mama said I was being mean, grabbed a spoon, scooped
up a big glob of the babycakes batter, and handed it to Tina.  "But Mama..."
Before I could get any more words out, Mama had cleaned out the Papa Cakes
bowl and handed the spoon to my little brother Peter.  He had been pestering
us earlier for a taste of the batter, and was obviously determined to get his

Marcy and me just looked at each other, then she cracked a smile. That wicked
little smile of hers.  If those two had been any younger, we wouldn't have
anything to worry about.  But Tina was almost nine, and Peter was 10.  Old
enough, as they say.  There was nothing special about them, except that
Tina's nipples had made an appearance.  A rather large appearance.  She
didn't need a bra, and since she never wore one, you could see right through
her T-shirts - her nipples were two inches wide already.  I could tell this
kid would have a big pair of tits some day, and I guess that day would come
sooner than we thought.  As for Peter, that's a very scary situation. We'd
have to keep a close eye on him around Tina. If he's anything like his big
brother... well, we won't go there.

There was nothing we could do about it NOW, so we went about putting the
frosting on the cupcakes.  Mom and dad
would be ready to go soon, and we didn't want to keep them waiting.  Scotty
came by to see how everything was
going, and told us a funny story.  He had heard through the grapevine that
Maggie and Johnny had been seen slipping
into the storeroom between the hallway and the cafeteria at school. Those two
had developed quite a reputation for
themselves as the horniest kids in the whole school.  People had begun to spy
on them, and here I thought me and
Marcy were the only ones who had caught them in the act! Rumor had it that
these two were slipping into that room
every day after school, and every night after supper.  I knew there was a
reason Scotty wanted to have that PTA
meeting at the cafeteria.  His devious mind always has a reason.  Scotty was
hoping these two would sneak in there at
their usual hour, and make a bunch of loud fucking noises to interrupt the

Maggie and Johnny's parents were two of the richest couples in the county.
Maggie 's mom planned to make a speech on moral values, and how all the
parents should be shocked by the latest rumors.  Both their parents would
shit if they knew what their kids were up to.  They would be in for quite a
shock soon, as Maggie's tummy grew as big as a basketball.  Based on what we
saw, at only four months along she wasn't far off from that now.  The real
vision that I have from that day though is that big hairy bush of hers.  That
poor girl would have to do some serious shaving to look decent in a bikini.
I mean, the hair was BULGING out of that crotch of hers.  I can't believe I
never noticed it in the shower before.  All of us were too busy looking at
Marcy's tits I guess.

Well, mom and dad were off to the meeting.  We sat around giggling about all
that we thought might happen at this meeting, then we decided we wanted to
find out for ourselves.  We loaded up in Scotty's van, and headed over there.
We sneaked up to the windows of the cafeteria, and watched the action from
outside. As usual, the men and women split up in separate groups chatting
with one another, and enjoying our Cakes. It was everything we could do to
keep from breaking out laughing.  We had told Daddy to bring in the blue ones
for the men, and Mama to bring in pink ones.  The plan went perfectly, and
they finished every one of the things.  I heard Daddy say how tasty they
were, as he finished his third cupcake.  Some of our  teachers ate a few more
of them too.  They didn't even know what had hit them the first time, and
here they were going for round two. They chatted for a little while longer.
Then they all sat down and the principal of the school started handing out a
lot of literature on puberty, sexual development, birth control, and all the
things they felt the parents needed to know to help them talk to their kids.

Maggie's mom got up and gave her little speech about how she had tried to
instill a sense of moral judgment in her children, and how important it was
for all of them to set a good example.  Now it was really tough for us to
keep from laughing, just thinking about Maggie and Johnny fucking their
brains out in the car that day like dogs in heat. All of a sudden, there were
these banging and clattering noises coming from the cafeteria serving line.
It sounded like someone was in there knocking things over in the kitchen.
Several of the men got up to see what was going on, then a few more followed.
We knew the noise was coming from the storeroom.  One of the men jerked the
door open, and Maggie and Johnny fell, tumbling backwards into the kitchen.
It looked like Johnny had her on a stool propped up against the door, pouring
the pork to her.  I guess some pots and pans had fallen off a shelf inside
the storeroom.

It was too much!  There was Maggie on the floor, her legs up in the air and
that big hairy bush staring all these men in
the face. She pulled her panties up from her ankles. Johnny was scrambling to
pull his pants up, his big dick waving
around like a baton.  Needless to say, everybody was horrified.  Some of the
men though looked pretty amused by it
all.  Now all the women got up to see what the fuss was about, and we could
hear Maggie's mom screaming.

The woman absolutely lost it.  She was cursing at her daughter, calling her "a
cheap slut", "an ungrateful little trollup"
who had no respect for their family or common decency. Then her mom got a good
look at her - her pubic hair
bulging out the leg holes of her panties, and her BELLY bulging over the
waistband. My GOD, you little WHORE,
you're..... Maggie... OH NO!!... You're PREGNANT!!  Maggie was in tears.  Her
father reached down to comfort
her, and help her to her feet.  Now we felt sorry for poor Maggie, even though
it was pretty funny.  It was worth it
just to embarrass that rich bitch mom of  hers.  The meeting was over, not by
choice, but everybody left just shaking
their heads on the way out.

I think the whole thing made Scotty horny.  All he could talk about on the
way home was Maggie's pussy.  "Did you see the bush on that girl? Jesus, she
looked like a cave woman."  He went on and on about it, how dark and thick
her hair was, and how much of it there was all up the crack of her butt.  I
guess this is something that turns a lot of boys on.  I'll never understand
it.  All I know is Jimmy and Scotty both were hard as a rock, and they were
rubbing on their swelling cocks through their jeans. I'll have to admit
seeing Johnny in all his glory got me pretty worked up too. Scotty pulled the
van off the road, and the boys got in the back with us.

Scotty kneeled down next to me and I got up and put my arms around his neck.
(Marcy had promised me we could
switch partners sometime, `cause I had told her how hot my brother had always
been for her big tits.) She already
knew how Scotty drove ME up the wall.

"So you bad boy, that girl's big fat hairy pussy's got you all hot huh? I
started stroking that big slab of meat between
his legs now. You want Debbie to beat you off while you think about Maggie
don't you?" The boy was drooling.
Marcy had Jimmy in a lather too. He had his dick in her mouth, and she was
swirling her tongue around on the head
of it, looking  over at me and Scotty out the corner of her eye.

Now and then Jimmy would buck his hips forward and you could see the head of
his big dick bulging out her cheek. She started jacking him off, and he was
moaning. I was jacking Scotty off too. "God she was hairy wasn't she. It was
just coming OUT of her panties wasn't it? And her tummy was HUGE. Did you see
it Scotty. She was so BIG. So big and HAIRY." I picked up the pace, beating
Scotty off. My hand was a blur as it flew up and down that big fat dick. He
cocked his head back, looked over at Marcy, and his spurting cock just
ERUPTED all over me. I looked like I'd been hit in the face with a bowl of
pudding. About the time the last glob of it flew at me, Jimmy plastered
Marcy's tits with the biggest load I EVER saw that boy pump out. He'd been
lusting after her for so many years I guess he'd been saving up a special
load just for the occasion. It kept coming. Some of it landed in her hair. It
was all over her arms and got all over some of Scotty's pillows. I'm so glad
Jimmy finally got his wish -  to come all over Marcy's big tits. He used to
tell me how he fantasized about it. Seeing her now, her tits so much bigger
and so very pregnant, I truly understood my brother's obsession with her.

What a night it had been. And what a scene we had caused! This was only the
beginning. Wait'll the rest of those
parents start snooping around, getting their girls tested, asking questions.
Maybe it'll teach those rich fucks to pay
more attention to their kids and quit taking trips around the world. Maybe
they'll quit spending so much time
counting their fucking money. Then again, maybe it won't teach `em a thing.

One thing's for sure - we sure have had a great time pulling this shit off.
We're gonna have an even better time when those rich fucks find out their
daughters are too far gone to get the quickie instant abortion they might
want. We're gonna get to see them swell up, I mean like...
BIG.....like....GARGANTO. See them waddle down the hallways, their hands
propped on the small of their back as their tummies stick out in front of

We'll keep an eye on what develops with the parents. Maybe I'll talk `Miss
Big Tits Marcy' herself into writing a chapter real soon. As for my little
sisters, we need to check on their progress too. See ya soon. Don't do
anything we wouldn't do. (Hee hee)

One month later.
Five months gone.

"Peter you stop that!  Get off her.  Get off her right now.  Do you hear me?
Oh dear God, pull it out of her Peter, pull it out of her now!"

No matter how close I watched them, Peter and Tina were going at it now 3 or
4 times a day.  I would catch them in the bathroom, her butt perched up on
the sink while Peter jammed that thing of his in and out of her.  You could
hardly go to the kitchen anymore without seeing little Tina bent over the
table, and Peter stuffing her from behind. His legs slapping against her
plump little butt cheeks as her fucked his little sister like a whore.

Marcy was over here one day when we walked in on them. Her mouth dropped open
when she saw IT. "Debs, lookit. Jesus, I can't believe it. Look at the
fucking SIZE of that thing. How old is that kid anyway?" "He's only 11 Marce.
I know, I know, he's a HORSE." Marcy was rubbing my ass as we watched these
two kids mating like rats in a grain barrel. Peter had her hypnotized.

She stood there in awe, watching his enormous prick move in and out of Tina's
eager little pussy.  He was so huge, and she was stretched so tight we
thought he would split her wide open, but Tina just shoved her little butt
back at him with every stroke.  This was one horny little bitch.  And who
could blame her. Since mom gave her such a big glob of that cake batter,
those hormones had gone wild with her little body.  If you looked closely
enough, you could probably watch Tina's tits grow.

From nothing on her chest a month ago, she's gone through three cup sizes.,
and her areola are as wide as beer coasters.  It was scary to watch. The kid
is stretching out a C-cup brassiere to the point it's gonna bust, and she's
not even 9 years old yet. Those nipples of hers I told you about are as big
as golf balls. Poking out the front of her fat titties. Even Marcy never grew
at this rate, and I thought she was huge for an 8 year old. We knew something
God-awful was going to happen if she didn't slow down. I would hate to see
her get as pregnant as all the rest of us.

I guess we could blame Mama for Peter too.  She should have left well enough
alone, and left that damn cake batter in the bowl.  But no, she had to give
in to his whining.  Now, at 11 years old, the kid is walking around with a
10-inch prick bulging out the front of his pants.  When he gets hard, it
looks as big as my arm.  The problem is, his dick stays hard all day long.
It's quite a distraction to everyone in the house.  Even Mama is looking at
him funny now.

I think Mama is going to have to get Peter some longer shorts.  The ones he
wears now only come down halfway to his knees.  I caught him staring at me
while he was sitting on the couch yesterday, and he got so big I saw the head
of it poke out the end of his shorts and start throbbing.  I thought he was
going to cum on his leg, but instead he just kept staring at me.  Then he
pulled the shorts down and let that big thing free.  I couldn't take my eyes
off of it, as he started rubbing the length of it with his hands.

"Debbie, I can't help but get horny when I look at you. It's your tits Deb-
they're so BIG. And... and you're so...it's your tummy Debbie...it's so PREGNANT
(I'll have to admit, I have gotten quite a bit larger the past month or so)
I'm sorry. I don't mean to embarrass you."  Then he got this little shit
eating grin and he walked over and stood right in my face.  He started
whacking off right in front of me while he stared at my big bloated tits.
Then he grabbed my head with one hand and shoved his dick in my mouth with
the other.

I was too horny to stop him at this point, and he moved my head up and down on
his gigantic cock. I was about to gag it was so HUGE. Looks like Peter took
after his daddy in more ways than one. My tummy has grown so large this past
month, I just didn't realize the effect it was having on this poor kid. He had
an obvious fascination with my very pregnant body.

This is insane I thought.  My little brother has a dick the size of a mule's,
it's all my fault, and I'm sitting here letting him face fuck me.  But I
couldn't help myself.  You know what the sight of a big huge swollen dick
does to me don't you?  Well, Peter's was bigger than most I had ever seen
before, and I guess I was just in a trance watching that thing move in and
out of my mouth.  The poor boy didn't last very long.  He stood back, I took
it in both my hands and jacked up and down on it faster and faster until it
spurted the biggest load of cum I had ever seen in my life.  The boy came
like a mule too. I guess I should have expected that, but it still came as a
surprise when it hit me on the face.  And then it hit me across my tits,
strings of it landed in my hair, and he aimed the last of it at this big
tummy full of babies I have.

Peter is not the only one causing a stir around here.  You remember me telling
you about how horny my parents were all the time? Well DUH... there are 13 of
us now, running around the house.  Pretty obvious huh? I had no idea that
things could actually get hotter for them until we got the idea of sending
those Cakes to the PTA meeting.  Since Daddy ate three of those blue ones, I
guess I shouldn't have been surprised.  It's not like Mama needed any help as
fertile as she was all her life, but to add insult to injury as they say, we
saw her eat three of the pink ones.  Now a month later, they are both so
fucking horny they have lost all control of themselves.  I used to consider my
mom and dad good responsible parents.  This is a thing of the past.

I know they still care about us and all, and they still get their work done.
We get meals on time, and poor daddy still brings home a paycheck, even
though it's not much.  It's like they don't have any control over...  You
know... their feelings for one another.  Even when we are around sitting in
the living room, or in the kitchen, or in the backyard, or on the porch, they
grope at each other.  It doesn't really matter where they are, or who is
around. At least they still have enough control to go to the bedroom before
they start fucking. Who knows how long that will last. In Daddy's case, all
the feeling up mama does is quite distracting. Even before the Cakes, he had
an absolutely enormous prick.  Now, when he gets hard, he is every bit as big
as one of the horses we have out in the barn.

A cock that huge just looks so much bigger on a man. I can't take my eyes off
it when she puts her hand on him and he starts to swell. I guess they're just
so worked up they don't care that we're watching. Daddy is now well over 14
or 15 inches long when mama gets him horny, and he's as big around as my
ankle. His cock literally crawls all the way down to his knees. I did catch
daddy looking at me the other day as mama was stroking him. He glanced down
and saw how far down his pants leg it had swollen, then he looked at me and
cracked the faintest little smile. He was teasing me. I just know it. Well
TWO can play this game.

I think I became fascinated with big dicks the first time I watched Daddy rub
down one of the horses, and watched his big thingie come out.  I never in my
wildest dreams, thought I would see a man with one that big, and now I'm
living with one.  And I watch it grow bigger every day, knowing all I can do
is look at it. Unless I can figure out a way to get him interested in fucking
me. But that wouldn't be fair to Mama would it?  Sometimes I think I don't
care what's fair.

I'm five months pregnant with triplets. We found out yesterday.  My pussy is
getting bigger every day, and as I get hornier I'm craving a bigger and bigger
dick.  Nothing against Jimmy or Scotty, it's just that Peter and Daddy make
them look like little boys now.  And I need a man.  A big, huge man like daddy
to FUCK me.  Hell, at this point I would settle for Peter.  He certainly felt
good in my mouth.  I just wish he was as huge as Daddy. Maybe I can lure Daddy
away from mama, just long enough...

Marcy says her Daddy is growing too. She was teasing him the other day by
wearing this tube top stretched across her big pregnant tits, and she had
these bikini briefs like she goes swimming in. She paraded around the house
in nothing more than that until she saw him start staring at her in the
kitchen. He left the kitchen and went into the den to watch TV. I guess to
avoid the temptation. Marcy followed him in there and sat on the couch across
from his easy chair. She put her feet up on the couch and spread her legs
open so her big belly spread out between them. She's as big as a beachball
now, and he couldn't take his eyes off her. She told me she saw his dick get
hard. She stared right at it as it swelled up. Then she caught his eye. She
smiled that wicked little smile of hers. Never said a word. I know she''
gonna have her way with him soon.

I guess It'll be a race now to see which of us gets a pussy full of our own
daddy's cum first. Knowing Marcy, she'll come in for the kill soon. We
certainly have a lot to update you on. The rich sluts and their parents, the
teachers at school, my little sisters, and of course the changes in our
rapidly swelling bodies. Marcy has her own email now, and she's gonna be
helpin' me write some more chapters. Jimmy promised to write some more too.
Marcy loves to tell people what she does when she fucks Scotty, and how she
teases her poor daddy. You should write her. She said it was OK for me to
give you her email address. marci_kins@yahoo.com Isn't that cute? We'll see
you soon. Marcy may see ya sooner than me. Let her know what you think of our
latest little escapades, and who you think will get their daddy to fuck them


Another month passes

It's two months now since the PTA meeting, and SIX months since the first
batch of us got knocked up. The evidence of our little prank was everywhere.
And I'll have to tell you, it was pretty funny to watch.  Marcy and me are
like, cracking up most of the time at school.  Watching Jessica try to get in
her desk today was hilarious. Miss " goody 2 shoes" herself, so pregnant her
big bloated belly won't squeeze in one of our school desks.  It's not like
they are small either.  Lots of the bigger boys get in them  just fine.  But
poor little Jessica is six months gone with quadruplets, and quite a sight to
see.  She has one of her momma's big maternity dresses on today, and her
belly stretches it out so tight that you can see her big navel poking out the
front of the thin material.

She waddles down the hallway like a little penguin with her hand on her back
trying to keep herself balanced, but it's really no use.  Those four babies
swelling her tummy are just getting too big.  I guess the fact that she's
only five feet tall makes it a little bit tougher for the poor girl to get
around. She's not used to having tits either, and she's always bumping into
things with them, knocking her books off the desk, and her pencils and stuff.
 It's hard not to laugh when I think back on how cruel she was to Marcy and
me.  Her and all her stuck up friends.    Well they sure aren't stuck up any
more. Knocked up maybe,(HEE HEE).

Little      goody 2 shoes and her rich slut friends got themselves in a big mess
of trouble with their mommies and Daddy's.  They can't go out anywhere after
school, they can't do anything.  There grounded for the rest of their lives,
or at least until they moved out of their rich parents houses.    We heard
through the grapevine yesterday that Maggie's momma tried to get her an
abortion, but their priest heard about it and raised a big stink with some of
the other parents, saying how wrong it was and how they were gonna go to hell
if they did that.  Being the rich society bitch that she was, she buckled
under the pressure from all the other parents.  We also found out yesterday
that young Maggie, just now 14 is gonna have herself five bouncing babies.
Count em- five.  She has three whole months left in her pregnancy, but she
already looks like she's about to give birth.

Maggie makes no attempt to hide her condition.  In fact, I think she enjoys
flaunting it.  She came to the pep rally last week in these stretched out
shorts with half her huge belly bulging out over the top, and nothing more
than a halter top on that did very little to contain her enormous bosoms.
Her tits were wobbling all over the place.  I couldn't help but notice the
football coach staring at her.      He's one of the lucky teachers that got a
sample of our Cakes.  Coach Dixon took one look at Maggie and his dick got
hard.  You could see his hard on from 50 yards away.  No kidding, it was that
big.  Whatever was in those Cakes sure did make that man huge.    I wondered to
myself how he could even walk.      He had to sit down to avoid embarrassment,
but everybody had already seen that thing.  It was the talk of the whole
school the next day. Every girl that walked past him with stare at his
crotch, and look at him and smile.  I guess me and Marcy work the only girls
who had a soft spot for man with great big dicks.

Five of our teachers, and 10 of the moms who attended that PTA meeting have
now gotten pregnant.  Rumor has it they are all knocked up with more than one
baby.  So in just a few months, we're gonna have quite a few more big bellies
roaming around the school.  Miss Andrews and Miss Jennings are the only
teachers right now who are as knocked up as me and Marcy, and the rich sluts.
A dozen girls, and 2 teachers, all of us swelling up like pregnant cows.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I have 2 little sisters at home who are as big
as I am, and a little Tina trying her best to catch up with her sisters.
There's no explanation for this, but Tina is not pregnant yet.    Peter has
been dumping load after load of CUM inside the kid every chance he gets, but
none of it hit home yet.  What she is getting though he is a set of tits
that's hard to believe. Three more cup sizes in a little over a month.  At
this rate, the kid is going to run out of alphabet letters.  She will be nine
years old next month,an than in and her DD-cups are too tight.    It's a good
thing she has me and momma to borrow bras from, cause we would go broke
trying to keep up with her.  She loves to show them off, and she's getting so
big so fast that Daddy is paying way too much attention to her.  More than he
ever paid to me.  Maybe it's the fact that she's so young that drives him

Sometimes I see Tina bumping into Daddy on purpose, rubbing her big tits on
his arm.  She bends over in front of him all the time, giving him a good look
down her top, which usually has a ton of cleavage bulging out of it.  I
caught her the other night sitting on his lap, and rubbing her butt up and
down on his dick.  I knew what she was doing.  The two of them weren't
fooling me.  They had the hots for each other, and it was driving me crazy
with jealousy.    Tina didn't deserve Daddy, I did.  I waited for him all these
years, watching that big dick of his swell up every time momma touched it.
And now, now that he has all those drugs in him, he's as big as a horse.
It's just not fair for Tina to get him now. He's MINE goddamit!  What am I
gonna do? What would you do?  I guess I need some advice here.

I know Daddy has a weakness for pregnant girls.  And I am getting so big and
pregnant, I won't be able to stand up straight in another couple months. My
tummy has swollen so big, I'm 45 inches around right now. Over twice the size
I was before I got knocked up. Why is Tina getting his attention now and not
me? Please tell me what I need to do. Should I get some tighter clothes so my
big tits bulge out the tops of my blouses, and there's big gaps in the front
of my dresses he can see my pregnant tummy through? Please HELP! I want my

My Pregnant Daughters

I bet you're surprised to hear from me, the very last person to find out that
my three oldest daughters are pregnant.  My name is Tony, and I'm Debbie's
dad. Yes, the father of the healthy young girls and boys you've been hearing
about. There's 13 of them in all, just growing like weeds.

My wife Maria and I have done our best to raise our kids right, and now I
find out we went very wrong somewhere along the way.  I stumbled upon the
truth by accident while I was using my son's computer.      I couldn't believe
eyes when I found the file with the story of all the details of this scheme
my kids have pulled off at school. We've taught these kids right from wrong,
and now they've gotten in all this trouble, just to get revenge on a few
nasty little girls and play tricks on us parents.

All those young girls, pumped up with fertility drugs, and now swollen with
multiple pregnancies.  All the grown men and women, parents and teachers full
of chemicals that'll make the women ovulate like crazy, and cause the men
produce enough sperm cells to repopulate the south.  I knew something was
terribly wrong with me when I started to maintain an erection 8 to 10 hours a
day and my penis had swollen so much larger. When I came on Maria's face last
night, I spurted out twice what I normally did. It covered her forehead,
splashed in her eyes, went up her nose, and splattered all over her cheeks.
She didn't know what hit her. She just sat there with it dripping all over

Since I was a boy I got used to women checking out my crotch. Even the other
boys in gym class couldn't believe the size of my cock, but now it was
different. Now my own daughters, and other girls their age will just stare at
the front of my pants. And I'm so much bigger than I ever remember getting. My
cock is over a foot long now even before I get hard, and I get excited so damn
easy these days.

I was always taught that incest was wrong, and I never thought of my
daughters in the way I see them now. When I look at them I see sex oozing out
of every pore on their ripe young bodies. They are living, breathing proof of
their sexuality. Their big bellies sticking out so far, so much larger than
their mother's ever got, announcing to the world  "that's right mister, look
at me,.... I got FUCKED, and I got fucked GOOD." They had done such a good job
disguising their condition with baggy clothes all this time, and I guess they
figured it was time to give up.

Now my little girls have taken to walking around in their panties and their
mother's old brassieres. They have grown too large for her old dresses, since
Maria never had more than one child at a time, and was never so huge as my
three little fertility queens are now. Lisa tried to fit in one of her old
button-up-the-front numbers the other day, and half her *pregnant with Quads*
belly bulged out the gap where her belly button parted the material. She had
left 4 of the buttons undone, and stood in front of me rubbing on it, and
smiling at me. "Daddy, does it make you excited to see your little girl so
pregnant? I know you like it when mommy gets big, do I make you horny too
Daddy, I'm so BIG. Oh DADDY you ARE excited."

I was embarrassed to tears, my own little DAUGHTER for God's sake, making my
dick get HUGE like that. She wanted to play with me while I rubbed cocoa
butter on her big tummy. But I flat out refused. Debbie has been tempting me
even worse, pulling her enormous breasts out of her bra, and smiling at me
while she tugs on her nipples. She stands in front of me and measures her
belly. The last time I looked at the tape it read 64". The girl is bigger
than a beachball. She even came out and TOLD me she wanted me to stick my big
prick inside her and fuck her because I had the biggest dick she ever saw and
she needed a big one.

So far, I have resisted, because I think it is just WRONG to have sex with
your daughters. Maria sure is getting a workout lately because of it, and we
found out she is pregnant again. Based on what this story says, she is going
to be VERY pregnant. I am going to resist these girls as long as I can, but
it's hard. It is VERY HARD. Any advice you can offer is appreciated. I know
you are reading this Debbie. Your father loves you, but I don't think it's
right to love you in the way you want me to.

"But you saw what he said Marcy, he's never gonna do it to me.  No matter how
big I get, or how sexy I am.  Even if my tits get as big a yours and I was so
pregnant I couldn't walk, Daddy is not gonna fuck me."

Debbie was in tears, I had never seen her like this.  I softly stroked her
hair and tried to comfort her.      I wiped the tears off her face, and kissed
her on the lips.  I always thought Debbie was a pretty, but now that she's
seven months pregnant, I think she's beautiful.  She was sitting on my bed
with her legs apart, and her big belly bulging out almost to her knees.
Debbie's tits were so big now they sat like a shelf perched on top of her big
tummy.      They stuck out almost a foot from her body, and her big brown
were enormous, poking out the fabric of her blouse.

How her Daddy could resist her I'll never know.  That was the whole idea
behind putting those drugs in the Papa Cakes, to make sure her Daddy turned
into a raving horny lunatic.  To make sure that his dick stayed so hard that
he would have to stick it in anything that was available.  We never figured
he would play the good father routine to this extent, denying his horny
pregnant daughter the satisfaction of getting fucked by the biggest dick in
Walton County.

Debbie was so upset, she says that she can't even write any more, and that
I'm gonna have to tell our story for a while.  Besides, she doesn't want to
post anything from Jimmy's computer any more now that her Daddy has
discovered what's on it.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that my Daddy
fucked my brains out last night.  He was so easy it was amazing.  Of course,
I knew momma was the only thing that stopped him before.  I remember how
excited he used to get when my tits started growing.  You know, when I was
like eight years old and he would bathe me.  Mama made him quit after a
while, but he got to watch me grow huge right before his eyes. I was almost a
D-cup before mama stopped him, and I could watch daddy get so hard every time
he soaped up my swelling boobs.  Sometimes I would see his eyes grow wide
with excitement when I put on weight, because all of it went straight to my

Those two years, between the ages of eight and 10, Daddy made sure that I ate
three meals and 3 snacks each and every day, and the result blew his mind.
His and everybody else's too.  I put on 15 pounds, and I swear 10 of it went
to my chest.  I had cleavage bulging out of every bra I owned.    I could see
Daddy's tongue hanging out as he watched my young tits wobble and slap
together when I walked past him.  I made it a point to do that several times
a day, because he made me just as horny as I made him.      I knew even then
I wanted to fuck him.  I'm just sorry that it's not his babies that I'm
carrying in my tummy.

Within a few weeks after I got pregnant, I could tell my Daddy knew something
was up.  He had watched me gain weight before.  He could see the change
happening to me right away.  My bosoms grew four inches and a cup size in
just a month.  He began to stare at me just like he used to, watching every
move I made as my breasts and my  belly got larger.  Within four months, I
looked so pregnant that people thought I was going to deliver any day.  Now,
three months later, I look like a science experiment.  My belly has swollen
to the point it has parted my tits to either side of it, and they rest at the
insides of my arms.  I quit wearing a bra two months ago because I have to
order them from a catalog and they cost too much money.

At least I am not the only girl going through this right now.  Debbie and her
little sisters are around all the time to keep me company.  We like to compare
our pregnant bodies and talk about how much bigger we are going to get.  Some
of the other girls at school are getting really huge too, and Lisa has even
gotten some pictures of them.  A couple of the teachers made the mistake of
leaving some pictures laying around the teachers lounge too.  Cindy grabbed a
couple of them the other day and gave them to me. I'll bet that you have never
seen pregnant women this big before.  And it's all our fault for giving them
those fertility drugs.

Well, it is fun to watch. I would love to hear about it, if you like pregnant
women as much as my Daddy does.  Especially pregnant women with great big
tits.  Tell me all about what drives you crazy, and maybe I'll send you a
picture of Miss Jennings.

I hope Debbie will be up to writing a new chapter soon.  She's so much better
at it than I am.

Seven Months Along

It's been 3 weeks now since I had my daddy's enormous cock inside me for the
first time. I guess I always knew I would beat Debbie at being the first to
get my own father to fuck me. It wasn't much of a contest really, what with
daddy having the hots for me all these years anyways. Mama went to the store
one night, and I had got myself ready for any chance she would leave the

I'd been planning this ya see. Every day as my belly got bigger and bigger
and my tits got to lookin' like they would explode, I knew the time was near.
I had dug out an old maternity skirt that mama wore towards the end of her
last pregnancy. When she had the twins. It was a yellow ankle length cotton
skirt that buttoned up the front. I kinda knew it would be too small on a
count of how big my tummy had grown, but that was the best-est part. I
remembered she could barely get it buttoned right before she delivered and I
figured that even though I'm 2 months away, I have twice as many babies in
me, so I was already bigger than her. A lots bigger.

I was right. No way was that skirt gonna button over my GEE-normous pregnant
belly. I left 4 of the buttons undone and my tummy POURED out of the front of
that thing. The buttons I did manage to get closed were so strained, it
looked like I was gonna pop outta the skirt. I'm so big, you can see my
quadruplet- swollen middle bulging out wider than my hips even. It stuck out
in front of me a good two feet.

Next, I found this real SLUTTY top she used to wear when I was little. It was
like a tank top, 'cept it was open in the front and laced up with a shoe-
stringie like thing. The string was waylong but still it was barely enough to
let me lace it up, and my tits are SO big now, I was comin' OUT of that thing.
You could see all this cleavage through the front of it. My big swollen tits
all mashed together by that laced up top just looked HUGE. If I was wearin' a
bra, I woulda needed a Double F-cup or somethin'. I knew I would make daddy's
dick hard. I just KNEW it.

And boy did I ever...... make his dick hard I mean. He was sittin in the den,
I walked over to him and stood in front of him. I didn't say nothin'. I just
wanted him to look at me for a minit. I looked down at him over my huge bosom
and my beachball belly, half of me pouring out all over the place. I smiled
at him, and I started to slowly stroke the bare part of my big belly sticking
out between those buttons. Then I reached up and pushed my tits together from
the sides, causing my boobs to ooze out the top of that lace-up blouse. I
bent over a little so they would hang in front of his face.

Daddy started to groan, then he finally muttered something..... "Marcy..... oh
baby.....oh Marcy you're so..... fucking....... BIG baby. Daddy's little big-tit
princess is so HUGE and KNOCKED UP. Oh God baby, you're gonna make your poor
daddy CUM looking at you like this."

I couldn't stand for that to happen I thought. I wanted him to stick that
thing INSIDE me, and FUCK me with it.

"Oh daddy, I know Marcy's big. I'm your big pregnant girl daddy, and big
pregnant girls like Marcy get so HORNY daddy. Won't you PLEASE put that BIG
dick inside your pregnant little girl. PLEASE daddy!!" He didn't need a second
invitation. He unbuttoned my skirt as I stood in front of him, and he started
kissing me all over the tummy. His hands were all over me. God he was so sweet
I thought. I almost felt sorry for him cause I knew how horny I had made him.
He was groaning so much it was like he was almost in pain.

Then daddy stood up, and I could see why all the groaning. His dick was so
swollen, it was like nothin I ever saw before. I swear it was big as my
fuckin ARM. It had to be 15 inches long, and big around as my ankle. Whatever
the hell was in those cakes we made had turned this poor man into a mule. It
scared me it was so big. I wondered for a minit if it would hurt my babies if
he stuck it in me. But I was so wet, my body took over and my brains got left
behind. (Don't say it I KNOW what you're thinkin')

I thought it would be a good idea to get it good an' slippery so I got me
some vaseline and globbed a bunch of it on him. He had these big blue veins
bulging out all over the place, like he was gonna burst open and he was so
HARD. I could barely get both hands around the damn thing but I managed to
run them up and down the length of it till it got good an' greasy while poor
daddy was shaking he was so excited. I stopped when I could tell he was gonna
spurt cum on my face, and he told me to get on all fours on the floor. He
slipped that thing in me and I thought I would LOSE it. It felt like he had
stuck his leg up in me. He grabbed me by the hips and started pulling me back
towards him. He got the damn thing ALL the way in me. How, I don't know. Then
he moved me back and forth on it while he bucked his hips forward. I started
bucking my hips back toward him, and I could hear his legs slapping my butt
soon as we got this rhythm going. He was fucking me like an animal, just
JAMMING that big dick in my pregnant pussy.

God it was so loud and WET fucking him like that. No wonder mama didn't want
to give any of this up I thought. Daddy couldn't last long at this pace. I
knew he would be cumming any second, and when he did he pulled it out and
HOSED my big butt with his cum. It splattered up on my back, all in my hair,
and I turned around just in time to catch a big HUMUNGOUS glob of it on my
tits. The man was a fountain, a spurting, spasming CUM fountain as I watched
him beat off and milk the last drop of it out into my waiting mouth. I had
cum all over my body.

My big pregnant body, all cummed-up. I felt like such a nasty little slut
fucking my own daddy like that and ending up covered in his cum. It's a good
thing it went quick. I had time to hit the shower and dress for bed. I
pretended to be asleep when mama got home. Me an' her never got along that
good, and I had NO problem taking daddy away from her. She was such a slut
anyways. She got knocked up with me when she was only 13, so what kind of girl
did she think I would be?

Well anyhow, Debbie is still like...so bummed out over HER daddy. I feel sorry
for her, but her "little" brother Peter has been doing his best to "comfort"
her. If you know what I mean. Her little sister Tina is fucking like a mink,
and the only girl in the family (over the age of 9) who's not pregnant yet.
We're gonna hear lots more about her soon. Her tummy's not growing, but her
tits are getting.......Well, you'll find out soon enough.