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[Story Name] Daddy's little baby makers
[Author] Unknown
[Type] More/other family

Intro to the Chronicles of Melissa and her sisters

We came from a big family, my 6 sisters and I. With 4 brothers to pester us,
16 aunts and uncles and their 45 children living nearby, it's a wonder we got
any education at all before dropping out of high school. With all those
relatives around the house, how's a girl to concentrate on anything serious?

There's another reason you might consider us a big family. You see, my Mom,
her sisters and cousins are what you would call "rather well endowed" in the
bosom department. Yep, every last one of them has a pair of big wobbling
knockers that made me and my sisters green with envy when we were younger.
Daddy used to say "When God was passing out tits, those bitches stood in line
twice." He's the last one that should make jokes about being too big. Daddy
gives the expression "hung like a mule" a whole new meaning. I'll never
forget the first time I saw "IT". Seems like yesterday, even though I'm 17
now and was 8 at the time. I had barged into the bathroom without knocking as
Daddy was getting out of the shower. I stopped dead in my tracks, and stood
there with my mouth open just GAPING at it. I swear the fucking thing was as
big as my little arm was at the time. It aroused my first curiosities about
sex, as you can well imagine. Daddy quickly grabbed a towel, but not before I
saw the son of a bitch actually begin to swell up. My father scolded me
saying "you shouldn't barge in here without knocking, and quit looking at
Daddy like that" (later I would find out Daddy really enjoyed our little
encounter, of course) Many of the other men and boys in the family were
substantially endowed as well, but not all of them (thank God for small
favors.)Still, my daddy has the most absolutely enormous dick I have ever
seen in my life.

About a year later, Mom told me some secrets about our family that I have
never shared with anyone until now. It was my ninth birthday, and my little
bosoms were beginning to swell. After all those years of being jealous of the
"BIG girls" in the family, I seemed to be making up for lost time. My hips
had already flared out in a big way (a bit out of proportion), and I really
didn't know "what was going on". Mom explained something she had heard from
the old family doctor. He knew the amazing history of incest that had run in
our family for so many years (more on that later) and apparently did some
research on the varied effects of many generations of inbreeding. One
conclusion he came to from the research was that girls who were the product
of more than three generations of inbreeding had a genetic predisposition to
develop abnormally large breasts, even prior to puberty, and after the onset
of puberty, were prone to produce two to three times the number of eggs on a
monthly basis. This did not bode well for me and my little sisters. With the
males, even two generations of inbreeding produced staggering penis
development (I guess that explains daddy)

Mom decided it would be a "safe" idea for me to go on birth control pills,
since I
was looking more and more womanly by the minute. In the next installment, we
begin to question her judgement. OOPS!

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - Part 1
Melissa blossoms and discovers daddy's fantasy

Well that old fart of a doctor was right about the early breast development,
but my mom's decision to put me on the pill was a B-I-G mistake. It
complicated an already serious problem brewing in my system. The doctor said
I had twice the hormones raging through my young body than I needed in the
first place, and the pills just accelerated their effects. Mom decided he'd
better have a look at me. In the three months since I started on the pill, I
was transformed from a normal, flat chested little nine year old to an
obscenely curvaceous little nymph capable of stretching a 32" C-cup bra to
its limits. The doctor was entranced - beads of sweat formed on his forehead
as he poked and prodded me. He was almost drooling. It was the first time I
realized the effect my voluptuous young body had on a grown man, and I LOVED
it. It made me feel so powerful. It made me want to stick my chest out. I
couldn't WAIT to get bigger. I wanted to be HUGE like my Mommy. Well, he
didn't find anything "wrong" with me but told my mother that it would be a
good idea to get off the pills in the hopes it would even out my hormonal
balance and allow my swelling bosoms to expand at a slower rate. (I wasn't
crazy about the idea) After all, he said, I hadn't started my periods yet,
and that would probably be another year off. "You'll just have to keep the
boys away from her Becky" he said, snickering. "Easy enough for you say", was
my mom's response, remembering so vividly how she had gotten herself all
knocked up with my twin brothers at the age of TWELVE. Yes, I was shocked to
find out later that her DADDY, my grampa was the father and that they had
been fucking their brains out for YEARS. It was ME she was worried about, and
for good reason. Walking in on my Daddy a year ago and seeing that THING the
size of my arm hanging between his legs left an indelible impression on me. I
realized that even then, it made my blood boil as I just stood there, mouth
open, gaping at it. Now it makes my little pussy so sopping wet I have to
change clothes 3 or 4 times a day. It was time to plan my Daddy's seduction.
I knew it wouldn't be long before my period started, a year or so maybe, and
I couldn't get pregnant until then right? Who would be the wiser? I now had
the tools for the job - I knew daddy was a "tit man" by the way he looked at
Mommy and her sisters. I had caught him ogling some of my bustier young
cousins as well - Jennifer really drove him nuts. I can certainly understand
why. For an 11 year old she was quite a sight. Absolutely gorgeous with long
blond hair and big blue eyes, it was unfair how much mother nature had
bestowed upon this child. I saw one of her bras when I was over at their
house the other day. That little BITCH, I thought. She was wearing a 34DD!
She was such a little tease too, wearing stretched out tank tops with her bra
straps showing. She would sit around our kitchen table visiting with me and
daddy and start feeling herself up. Then she would ask daddy "uncle billy, do
you think I've grown any since the last time you saw me? Mommy had to get me
some new bras last week. Aren't they big uncle billy? I guess I'd have to put
up with it though - she IS family. I discovered by accident one day the REAL
way into my daddy's heart. It meant getting into his pants first though. We
were at the grocery store, in the produce section when this man and his
daughter wheeled their cart around the corner. The man was blocking our whole
view of the girl at first, but I could tell she was young, about Jennifer's
age I guess - 12 at the oldest. Her light brown hair was pulled up in pig
tails and her face was REALLY cute - lots of freckles. It looked like she had
been out in the sun. I was not prepared for what we saw when the man left her
side to go down another aisle. The man's little girl was pregnant, and I mean
very VERY pregnant. She could barely stand up and had to hang on to the cart
for balance. The poor little thing had to be carrying twins at full term,
hell, she could have easily had triplets a week overdue in there as huge as
she was. Daddy was mesmerized, openly staring and walking in her direction. I
had to admit I was curious too and as I walked along side daddy, I saw that
gigantic dick of his begin to crawl down his pants leg. The man is a freak of
nature I thought to myself - daddy was getting so huge, it looked like he had
a baseball bat in his pants(he was over twice the size he was when I spied
him in the bathroom that time, and I thought THAT was big). The little girl
knew she had daddy's attention, even though he was pretending to look at
radishes. She was wearing a cute sun dress that buttoned up the front, only
she was so big the buttons just couldn't close around the largest part of her
tummy. Her babies had settled in low, in front of her big wide hips. (That's
funny, my hips are beginning to look like that, I thought - a dose of reality
hit me square in the face all of a sudden.) Close to a foot long gap in the
front of the girl's dress exposed her enormous, distented belly button. It
looked like a gigantic nipple, as she glanced over at us and smiled, lazily
rubbing her little hand around and around the bare expanse of her hugely
pregnant tummy. Then she turned to squarely face us and began to wag her
tummy at us obscenely - her big belly button looked like it would pop any
second. It was more than daddy could take and I gasped as I saw the bottom
half of his pants leg become completely soaked - DADDY HAD COME IN HIS PANTS
just watching this huge pregnant girl and her absolutely obscene display. Of
course daddy was embarrased, and headed for the car, but I was not going to
pass up the opportuinty to find out more about this little girl and her huge
tummy. I could use some of the details on daddy later! It turns out that she
WAS knocked up with triplets. She thinks her uncle did it, but it could have
been her teacher, her brother or her daddy. She went through a "real horny
streak" when her tits started to swell up about a year ago and didn't keep
track of just who she fucked when. When she told me she just celebrated her
10th birthday, thats when the dose of reality really hit me. So daddy liked
pregnant girls huh. Not just pregnant, but bursting with a litter and ready
to tease. Like I said before, I have the tools.

In part 1, we discover daddy's weakness for enormously pregnant young girls,
having witnessed him CUMMING IN HIS PANTS at the sight of an obscene display
of teasing. The teaser was a truly naughty little girl named Trudy, I
learned, and she was 9 months gone with triplets. At ten years old, Trudy had
been very naughty indeed, having fucked like a mink for the past YEAR.
Everyboby from her daddy to her teachers, to her uncles had gotten a piece as
her hormones raged uncontrollably. Turns out her little bosoms had sprung to
life when she was only 7. At 8 she was stretching a C-cup to its limits, and
she steadily grew to a whopping DOUBLE D by her ninth birthday. (I just
THOUGHT I was getting big!) At that point, there was not a male around who
could keep their hands off her - not that she resisted of course - the raging
hormones that were responsible for her astounding bust development were also
making her so fucking horny she could scream. She told me she WAS a real
screamer too! She said her daddy just loved it when she went into her little
last part would always make her daddy absolutely explode inside her. The
first time she tried this on him, she said he came so violently, he pulled
his big dick out of her and splattered huge globs of the messiest, stickiest
cum she had ever seen all over her tits, all over her face, all over her arms
and all in her hair.  What a little tease! No wonder she made my daddy cum in
his pants. Daddy's Little Baby Maker Part 2- Melissa gets bigger, and lays a
trap for Daddy Well, it was springtime - my favorite season. I've always
loved seeing everything blossom. And this spring, at nine and a half years
old, it appeared I was doing some more blossoming of my own! My nipples, and
the area around them had tripled in size the past few months. I had never
seen anything like it since mom was nursing little Jimmy. They were huge - I
mean like the size of beer coasters. I should have known I would take after
my mom in the bosom department, but I never expected THIS. Since I was 6, I
prayed day after day for God to give me a great big pair of tits like mommy
and her sisters had. Well, my prayers were being answered, even though I was
still behind some of my younger cousins,like Lucy - the little COW. How was I
supposed to compete with an 8 year old who stuffed, and I mean STUFFED a 32DD
bra. She was a tiny little girl too which made her look even more obscene.
She had reached my C-cup size by the time she was 7! I knew she noticed daddy
watching her when she was over here. I had to find a way to divert his
attention, and I did. I had read about it in some magazine - putting lipstick
all over your nipple area to make them show up better under tank tops. I
found some dark flesh tone lipstick and went to work. I found one of my 7
year old sister's little tank tops. I carefully smoothed the lipstick out,
tugging on those distinted nubs until they felt like they were going to
burst. I found an old B-cup bra that could not possibly contain me now that I
was nearing the D-cup capacity, so it acted like a push up and created a
damned foot of cleavage. I was ready. My nipples poked out over the top of
the bra I was stuffed into. I carefully stretched the top over my huge,
swollen bronze nipples and 3" wide areola. I could have easily been mistaken
for a nursing mother. Daddy was in the den watching TV. We were all alone. It
was perfect. I sat down on the couch across from him as he relaxed in his
favorite easy chair. Daddy, I said, I couldn't help but notice you staring at
that little girl in the grocery store the other day. What did you like about
her Daddy? When he looked over to answer me he damned near fell out of his
chair. His eyes were glued to my chest, and just like I stared at him the
first time I saw that gargantuan dick of his, Daddy stared at me, mouth open,


Part3-Melissa's hormones go into overdrive.  I must confess, seeing my daddy
cum in his pants, after that cruel display of teasing I subjected him to,
made me feel more powerful than ever. I wouldn't be 10 yet for another 3
months, and I had already reduced a grown man to a quivering mass of sexual
explosion. All I have to do now is mention Trudy's big tummy swollen full of
triplets, and that big bulging belly button of hers, and he goes insane. The
poor thing didn't have a chance when I asked him what he thought would happen
to my big tits if I got pregnant, and just HOW pregnant he thought I would
get the first time. I think the images he conjured up were just so vivid, he
HAD to explode. Can you blame him? Less than 10 year's old, my bust had
swollen dangerously close to a D-cup. My areola were now 3 inches wide, and I
had the "breeding hips" of a 20 year old. Surely mom had told him about the
old doctor's research findings - you know- the side effects of over 3
generations of inbreeding. Well the first one was reality - I had abnormally
large breasts prior to puberty all right. My guess is dad was obsessing about
the second side effect - the probability I would produce two or three times
as many eggs as a normal woman, month after month after month. Well, at least
my periods hadn't started yet, and I was glad. Now that the doctor took me
off the birth control pills, I had no protection at all except my youth. I
was so horny I could die. I had Daddy where I wanted him. Momma, and all the
rest of the kids were going to grandma's tomorrow. I wanted his undivided
attention. Lately he's had quite a bit of distraction with my cousin Jennifer
-the little COW - coming over all the time and feeling herself up, asking
"arent they big uncle billy?" And more distractions are on the way I'm
afraid, in the form of two busty little sisters that I'll need to keep a
CLOSE eye on. At 8, Amanda is even bigger than I was a year ago. Momma says
she already needs a C-cup. Cindy is not far behind, either. If the little
bitch doesn't slow down, she'll be entering the first grade wobbling around
in a custom made D-cup brassiere (I don't think they MAKE 24" D-cups!)Yes,
the competition was everywhere. Mom was knocked up again, so I guess she'd be
happy for a while. Pregnancy number 10, and she was only 24 years old! I
guess I knew what the future held for me, if I was to believe the old doctor.
He's been right on target so far though. Me, Amanda, and little Cindy with
big tits already. The frightening part is it's happening to Debbie. I went
upstairs to help Momma bathe our little 6 year old sister and I went into
shock when I saw them - she had BIG nipples, and puffy areola sprouting up
around them. No tits to speak of, but those nipples were as big as some grown
women's! Well,it was time for me to get busy, that's for sure. The minute Mom
left the house with all her busty little brood, I went upstairs and found my
sexiest pink panties. I went into daddy's drawer and found a threadbare tank
top style undershirt of his. I managed to squeeze my tits into it after
stuffing them in one of Amanda's new pink bras. I had a REALLY tough time
getting into that seemingly tiny C-cup bra. Come to think of it, I was
feeling unusually swollen the last few days, an unfamiliar feeling- I wonder
what was going on? Yes, I confirmed it as I looked in the mirror, my tits
WERE bigger - they simply POURED out over the top of that C-cup. That
threadbare undershirt left little to the imagination with that huge bulging
bra under it! I was positively obscene. Daddy was in his favorite easy chair
as usual, in swimming trunks and a T-shirt. Every time I look at him, my mind
goes back to when I was 8 and had walked in on him when he was getting out of
the shower. That THING of his, the size of my little arm, swinging from side
to side, then swelling as he watched me stare at it, just standing there
gaping at the thing with my mouth open. I went over to Daddy and sat in his
lap. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek, then I
nuzzled my nose in his cheek and told him how much I loved him. "Daddy, I
said, do you remember the time I saw you in the bathroom?" Yes sweetie, he
answered, I do, it made daddy excited when you stared at it, did you know
that? Well, Daddy, I did have eyes at the time, I giggled. Did it scare you
honey, seeing your Daddy like that? Oh, I wouldn't say scared is the right
word daddy. In fact, I haven't been able to put it out of my mind, any more
than you can put these big swollen tits of mine out of YOUR mind. Do you like
my big tits daddy? He was breathing real heavy by now, and I could feel that
mule sized dick of his getting hard under my butt. It felt like I was sitting
on a log at the creek! His hands came around and felt all over the top of my
tits, rubbing in my cleavage. I eased off his lap and knelt in front of my
Daddy. Just like my reaction two years ago, my mouth fell open when I saw
that enormous fucking dick of his. It had crawled out of his trunks and made
it half way down to his knee. The head of it was damned near as big as my
fist. Daddy's dick, now so hard it looked like it would break, was as big
around as a beer can! I reached out for it, and wrapped my little hands
around the head of it. I pumped it slowly, and just looked at it in awe. My
God daddy, I knew it was big, but having it in my hands, I realize now just
how fucking HUGE you are daddy. Oh daddy, I want you to fuck me with it. I've
been fingering myself and letting boys feel me up for too long daddy, I've
got to have this big fucking dick of yours up inside of me, and I want to
feel your CUM inside me daddy. Do you know how PREGNANT I'll get if you come
in me Daddy? Do you know I've got lots of eggs daddy, and I'll get so huge.
Do you want to see your little girl nine months pregnant with quadruplets
daddy? I'll get even BIGGER than that little girl in the store daddy, and my
tits will get so huge and swollen! I was really tugging on daddy's dick now,
and I think I went JUST A LITTLE too far. As I was looking at it swell up
even more, and start to pulse, I knew it was all over - It began to erupt
like nothing I could have imagined. I had heard the older girls talk about
men cumming, but I had NO IDEA! It came out in huge stringy globs, one after
another - the first one hit me square on my little jaw and splashed around
into my hair. The second load went across my lips, and onto my nose. The rest
of it, and there must have been a cup of it, he aimed at my tits. My
cleavage, and the entire front of the undershirt and bra were COVERED in CUM.
My face was COVERED in CUM, and I never felt so fucking NASTY in all my life.
Just wait till I tell you what happens next.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers-Part 4.MELISSA GETS NASTY. There I was kneeling in
front of Daddy, both my little hands wrapped around the head of his simply
enormous dick as I gently tugged at it. Then I slid them down to the base of
it, which must have been 14 inches away. With both my hands, my little
fingers could just barely reach around the thing - I had to squeeze a little
to make a complete circle around it, and as I did, Daddy surprised me with
one last glob of sticky cum which hit my left cheek, then splattered on my
ear. The rest of my face, and every inch of my tits were just COVERED with
the stuff. I looked like I had been hit in the face with a bowl of pudding
that fell in dollops all over my big swollen tits. Oh daddy, you got Amanda's
pretty pink bra all messy, I said -DAMMIT girl! daddy yelled, as yet another
HUGE blast erupted from his now spasming prick. It flew toward me and hit me
with a SPLAT! right across my chin. My God in heaven Melissa, are you telling
me you have your little 8 year old SISTER'S bra on? Oh, so THAT'S where that
last gusher came from, I thought. The image of little Amanda looking that
huge in this pretty pink bra had been too much for him to take I guess. Are
you finished cumming on your little girl now Daddy? I didn't wait for an
answer as I rubbed the head of his now softening dick all over my cheeks, all
over my chin and all over my lips. I slipped my little lips over the very tip
of it and opened wide to try and get the whole head of it in my mouth. It was
no use, even at half the size, I couldn't get my lips around the whole head
of it. I might as well have tried to swallow my fist. I would have to settle
on licking the end of it with my tongue. I found it hard to believe, but
there was STILL cum dribbling out the end, and I lapped it up as Daddy jerked
and twitched. Daddy, does it make you horny when I talk about having you cum
inside me and make me pregnant with lots of babies? You know I don't REALLY
have lots of eggs YET. But I will, cause Mommy and the doctor say so. And
when I DO get my periods, I want YOU to fuck me and make me big and pregnant.
You know why daddy? Why is that pumpkin? Cause YOU made me the way I am
daddy. You and Mommy. Yes, I know all about you being Mommy's B-I-G brother,
and I don't blame her at ALL for not being able to resist you. I don't blame
you for making me inside her daddy. Mommy's REALLY pretty. And ever since I
was little, I noticed how you looked at her great big tits. It made me
insanely jealous! I prayed and prayed for God to give me a pair of big huge
tits like Mommy has, and it came TRUE daddy, it came TRUE!Now I find out that
I've got such big tits because of all your inbreeding - YOU are responsible
for it. It makes me love you that much more and I'm going to TEASE you with
them daddy, till you just can't stand it any more and I'm gonna make you sooo
horny you'll just HAVE to fuck me. It won't take much to get this little
tummy of MINE swollen, because all that FUCKING you and mommy did made an
inbred little egg factory named Melissa. Melissa is going to take that great
big dick of yours and figure out SOME way to get it into her tight little
pussy. Then she's gonna get you so fucking hot you're gonna CUM like a
firehose and blast billions of little sperms in me to find my eggs and get me
SO knocked up that my tits will be TWICE this size, mt little tummy getting
bigger, and bigger, and bigger until I won't be able to stand up striaght. Oh
my goodness daddy, I see something big swelling up.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - Part 5
Melissa Gets Her Wish

"Poor daddy, I guess listening to me talk about my big tits swelling up, and
seeing me splattered with all that CUM you just let go, made you all horny
again. Oh daddy, I think you definately ARE horny again. You must be thinking
about knocking up your little 10 year old girl and watching her tummy get so
absolutely enormous with quadruplets. I'll be lucky if that's all I get
knocked up with, all the eggs the doctor says I'll have. Will you be able to
stand seeing me walking barefoot around the house, my bulging tummy poking
out of a short, cute little sun dress, just like Trudy's?"

Daddy just couldn't take it any more. He reached under the easy chair and
pulled out this big tube of stuff called K-Y jelly, and squeezed a huge gob
of it on the head of that mule sized DICK of his. God that thing was big. I
just couldn't get over it no matter how many times I watched it swell. It
seemed to get BIGGER every time. Maybe it wasn't my imagination, daddy WAS
awfully excited thinking about his little girl getting all huge and pregnant
from this incestuous FUCKING I kept talking about. Looks like little Melissa
was going to get her brains fucked out after all. Daddy rubbed the stuff all
over that monster of his as he looked at me and drooled out the corner of his
mouth. I went over to the couch and asked him to get on top of me so we could
ease it in slowly, inch after inch until maybe we could get half of it in my
tiny little hole. As you can well imagine, he was over there before I could

"Daddy, maybe we should put some of that stuff in ME, I said." Daddy worked
some of it in me, being very gentle and rubbed up and down my little slit
until I started shaking it felt so good. I couldn't wait to have that thing
inside me. Just the thought of it made me cum before daddy even got it in.
After I calmed down, he began the long slow push - just the very tip of it
was 3 inches in diameter, so it took a while. I could tell daddy was about to
burst but he was patient, and with all that lubrication, it finally made its
way in. It was sort of like having my fist stuck up inside me.

"Baby, I'm going to FUCK you now and you've gotten your poor daddy so horny,
he's gonna blast you so full of his hot sticky CUM, you'll have enough sperm
to get knocked up with 10 babies if you want. Is that what you want you nasty
little thing? Tell daddy you want a belly full of his babies. Do you want to
waddle around the house in your little bare feet with your big pregnant tummy
swelling bigger every day? Do you want to swell up so big your maternity
clothes won't fit? Do you want daddy to make those tits of yours so big
you'll have to get yourself a double E-cup bra? Do you want to squirt milk
all over the front of your dress, just like a little cow? Oh my little
Melissa so big and so very VERY pregnant. Oh baby, daddy can't wait till your
little tummy starts to grow. Daddy wants to see those big tits of yours get
so HUGE. You're already so big for just a little girl, angel. When you get
huge, daddy just won't be able to keep his hands off you!"

I couldn't believe how HOT daddy was. Half that humongous dick was slipping
in and out of me, in and out like a damned piston. He was squirming, I was
squirming back. We were FUCKING like dogs in heat. He was getting so HUGE. I
never imagined it would be like this. It's a damned good thing I had been
practicing with mommy's big black dildo, not that it was anything close to
what I had in me right now. I was time to turn up the heat and get what I had
REALLY been wanting from daddy.

"You're making your little girl CUM, did you know that daddy? Did you know
that great big fucking dick of yours is driving me insane? Can you see how
much bigger my TITS are daddy? You make your little girl's tits so much
bigger when she CUMS daddy! I want to make YOU cum daddy. I want you to dump
a load of cum in me so big I'll give you LOTS of babies, and keep you so
horny you'll have to keep me knocked up AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN daddy.
Barefoot, pregnant and bulging daddy, with my big tits pouring out over the
tops of my bras. I'll walk around the house with just my bra and panties, in
my little bare feet with my HUGE swollen pregnant tummy sticking out in front
of me, and my tits spurting milk ALL OVER the front of my bra!"

"Here it comes baby, oh God, I'm CUMMING Melissa. I'm CUMMING in my sweet
little girl."

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - part 6
Melissa's latest developments

"Oh Daddy! I can feel your cum splashing inside me. I never knew it was so
HOT. Oh my God, you're cumming like a firehose daddy! Look daddy, you're
cumming so much it's making my little tummy pooch out."

Daddy just kept pumping his enormous dick in and out of me, just fucking the
living shit out of his little 10 year old daughter. It felt like he would
split me in two, even though we were so wet with my juices, the quart of cum
he was pumping in me, and the KY jelly we smeared all over us to get that
huge prick inside me. I was wiggling my butt around in a POOL of gooey,
sticky, slimy MESS. All that wiggling, and the tightness of my little pussy
was milking every last drop of sticky, potent cum out of my daddy. I kept
thinking to myself that it was a good thing I hadn't started my periods yet,
and I'm sure you know why. That's right, if I had started, and it was the
right time of the month, I would get so fucking pregnant I probably wouldn't
be able to walk after a few months. The amount of CUM daddy was pumping into
me right now, mixed with the abundant number of eggs the doctor predicted I
would have, would be a REAL dangerous combination! I didn't tell daddy I was
glad my period hadn't started. I wanted to fuel his fantasies about my ever
rounding tits and tummy. I wanted him to keep thinking about the vision of
me, his little 10 year old daughter, walking around the house barefoot,
wearing just a bra and panties, so very pregnant I would look like I'd been
knocked up by a horse. Given the size of daddy's dick, that wouldn't be far
from the truth. I knew this vision drove daddy mad. I had found his weakness,
and I would exploit it to the fullest (no pun intended.)

"Baby you're making daddy cum so hard, oh honey, you're squeezing so much cum
out of daddy's big dick I'm afraid my poor little baby will get pregnant."

"Daddy, I don't care if you get me pregnant, I love you and I want you to be
so happy watching me get big. Keep cumming in me daddy, that's it, see my
tummy swell? That's your cum filling me up daddy, glob after glob of it
spurting up inside me. All that cum you splattered on my tits the first time
is making me huge daddy. See how big my tits are?"

I began to rub my tits with both hands, massaging all the slimy cum daddy had
splashed on them into my 3 inch wide areola and huge swollen nipples. I began
to tug at my nipples, which made my pussy spasm. This caused another blast of
life giving cum to erupt from daddy's now softening dick. I thought the man
would NEVER quit cumming. My tits had indeed swollen beyond my wildest
expectations. I had heard talk about how massive amounts of cum being
splashed on a girls tits could cause dramatic growth, but I didn't know
whether to believe it. Well, I'm a believer now. As I kept rubbing the stuff
in and tugging on my huge swollen nipples, I watched in awe as they continued
to swell in my hands. If I was fitted for a bra right now, it would be a
Double D-cup at least. I was truly enormous, compared to the size I was just
a few hours ago. I guess the fact that I was CUMMING MY BRAINS OUT helped the
process along.

Just then, daddy pulled his dick out of me and began pumping on it with his
fist. I didn't think there could possibly be any more cum inside him, but here
it came, splattering all over my tits and hands as I furiously rubbed every
last drop of it into my swelling bosom.

"Oh God honey, watching your big tits swell up like that was too much for
daddy to take. How on earth did you get to be such a nasty little bitch with
those enormous tits of yours in just 10 short years?"

I think daddy already knew the answer to THAT question. Yes, all that
inbreeding made the girls in our family develop some big tits alright, and
when that happens, the men have never been able to control themselves. Daddy
had been such an easy target for me to seduce. And I don't feel guilty at all
about taking advantage of my enormous endowments. It's not my fault I ended
up with big tits at such an early age. And it's not my fault that I'm so
horny either. I'm going to enjoy it instead of worrying about it.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - Part 7
Melissa gets the shock of her life

For years, I had dreamed about what it would be like the first time daddy
fucked me - ever since the time I saw that THING the size of my little arm
hanging between his legs. I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy it,
cumming again and again. Nor was I prepared for how messy it would be. Even
after beating daddy off with my little hands and having him splatter cum all
over my face, my tits, my arms and my hair, he still dumped a good pint of
cum inside my spasming little vagina. It was oozing out of me now to join the
pool of gooey mess I had been wiggling my plump round butt on for the past
half hour.

God, I felt nasty. Daddy said we should clean up our mess in case we got
company. Mom and the kids wouldn't be back until tomorrow, but with all the
relatives that lived nearby - 16 aunts and uncles, their 45 children, and a
few grandchildren, we seemed to always have company. Nobody knew about me and
daddy, not that it was any big deal. We just hadn't let out that we were so
fucking HORNY for each other, that's all. We began mopping up all the cum off
the couch, put some dry towels over it and a slip cover, and figured it would
dry by the time mom and my little sisters got home. It had been nice having
daddy all to myself. The boys were away at summer camp, so they were out of
the way, but now my little sisters were coming back. Damn those kids.

Here I was, 10 years old and just now getting a nice sized pair of tits.
Amanda, at a little over 8, is stuffing - and I mean STUFFING a C-cup. Cindy,
barely 7, is almost as big, and seems to be swelling by the minute. Her tiny
little frame looks positively obscene with the size tits she's carrying
around. I guess I'd have to get used to the fact they would be hanging around
the house all summer in their stretched out tank tops, just straining under
all that swelling young tit flesh. It was going to be quite a distraction for
poor daddy. Add that to the fact mom was now 6 months pregnant with TWINS,
her 10th pregnancy, and you can begin to see why I was glad to have daddy to
myself, even for a short time. Daddy goes bonkers when momma's tummy gets
really huge, and those TITS. Well, let's just say it would be years before I
could compete with those big wobbling knockers mommy had bouncing and
slapping together on her chest. Yep, daddy was going to be one poor horny
bastard I thought to myself. Well, at least for now, my tits were still a lot
bigger than my sisters'. I would have to take advantage of every opportunity
I could get.

Next Morning: "Billy, Melissa, we're home!" It really was good to see my mom
and sisters. Momma said she needed to talk to me right away though. I hoped
nothing was wrong. "Melissa honey I've been to the doctor to get a checkup
and everything's OK with me, but he had some new research related to you that
we need to talk about."

Mom went on to tell me that in addition to developing abnormally large
breasts before puberty, and producing 2 to 3 times as many eggs as normal,
the doctor had discovered yet another side effect to the inbreeding that ran
in our family. Seems that the beginning of menstrual cycles occured far
earlier than normal in girls that were the product of more than 3 generations
of inbreeding. And there was little warning sometimes other than an unusual
swelling sensation in the breasts. So while the average age of 11 was normal
for girls to start having periods, subjects like me and my sisters, when
tested, had started as early as 6 or 7!

Momma was worried, but not half as much as I was. I was in a true state of
shock. Unprepared. Completely unprepared. If you've been following my story,
you'll remember me wondering about this strange swelling sensation I felt
when I was trying to stuff my big tits into Amanda's bra. I was scared to
tell mommy about the feeling or about what daddy and I did while they were
gone. She would SHIT!

All of a sudden, mommy looked at me funny. She was STARING at my tits.
"Melissa I don't remember you being so big honey, have you been hiding
something from mommy?" I told momma that it was probably just the tight tank
top I had borrowed from Amanda, but I don't think she bought it. "Now
Melissa, you may not know this, but I was a D-cup by the time I was 11, and
I'm well aware how fast a young girl's bosoms can grow. I can also tell that
you're bigger now than I was at 11, and you're a whole year younger. I just
want you to be careful honey, that's all. Men and boys alike tend to get
really excited when they see young girls with breasts as big as yours. I'm
afraid one of them will take advantage of you when they see how big you are.
You're bigger than a lot of grown women honey. Mommy got herself pregnant
when she was only 12 and I was hoping you would have more time to just be a
little girl."

"Oh Mommy, I love you, but please don't worry about me, I'll be allright."
Famous last words. If she had any idea who was taking advantage of WHOM in
this house! As far as being a little girl, I guess that was already history.
Only time would tell what was in my immediate future, but I had a sneaking
suspicion there were some big changes in store for little Melissa.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - Part 8
Melissa starts a growth trend

June 1:
It was June, and I was bustin' out all over. I thought my tits had gotten so
big just because daddy had cum all over them, and I was in a highly aroused
state. But they never completely returned to normal after that day. I guess
that's why mommy was suspicious that something was up.

The new D-cup bras we had bought just a couple of weeks ago - the ones that
were LOOSE at at time, were now so tight I felt squeezed into them. I let the
straps out as far as they could go and used the loosest hooks in the back,
and I could still barely get the things on. Even the biggest one forces my
tits up and out so that I had an obscene amount of cleavage bulging out of my
skimpy tank tops. My little sisters started calling me "Melissa the Moo Cow."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Cindy was the one who amazed me
the most. She also did the most teasing, the little bitch. She was small for a
7 year old, which made her tits even more noticeable. Amanda was letting her
have the smallest of her C-cups to wear, but the child just couldn't get into
them any more. She has grown so quickly those old bras that fit just 2 weeks
ago were useless. Maybe it was all the sun they got at grandmas - who knows.
Anyway, she was as big as Amanda now, and almost  a year and a half younger!
Talk about your sibling rivalry.

Then there's little Debbie, our adorable 6 year old sister. You may recall my
shock at seeing her in the bathtub a few weeks ago. She didn't have tits yet,
but had grown a huge set of nipples, and areola that were 2 inches in
diameter. Now it seems she has the beginnings of puffy little tits swelling
under those big nipples. Good Lord, what will develop next I wondered.

The kids were outside playing in the pool, and momma was fixing lunch while
daddy and I sat in the den watching a movie. At least I thought daddy was
watching the movie. I turned to look over, and caught him staring at my tits.
I guess I couldn't blame him. The bra I had on was forcing half of them out
of my tank top - you could almost see the tops of my nipples! His dick was
hard. It looked like he had a tree branch stuck in his pants leg. What if
mommy came in, I thought. I had a plan.

"Daddy, I'll bet if we went to the upstairs bathroom, and were real quiet,
nobody would hear us, and we could have a little fun." He bit. Men with a dick
as hard as daddy's usually do! God he was easy.

We made it upstairs, and I found a big jar of vaseline in the bathroom
drawer. I would need it for the job I was about to do on daddy. As horny as I
was, I didn't figure we had enough time to fuck, and I knew just how to get a
big load of cum out of daddy quick. I could tell how badly he needed to cum
by the way he was looking at me and drooling. I would be daddy's favorite, I
figured, if I could make him come to me for release and to fuel this fantasy
of his about young, stacked, hugely pregnant girls that loved to suck and
fuck and talk nasty. Sound like anyone we know?

I sat down on the toilet while daddy stood in front of me and pulled his
pants down. He reached in and drug that huge prick out for me. I gasped as if
seeing it for the first time. I still could not believe how huge that thing
was. I got a big glob of vaseline, and greased both my hands up really good,
then I worked some around the head of his dick with one hand while I pumped
up and down on the shaft with the other. He was so swollen now that I had to
use both hands to reach all the way around the shaft of it, so I did. I
wanted him to feel both my little hands smearing vaseline all over every inch
of him. This was not an easy task for something as big around as a beer can,
and over a foot long! He was so fucking big even at this point, I thought he
would explode any second, and I hadn't even started my teasing yet. THIS
wouldn't take long, I giggled to myself.

"Daddy, I couldn't help noticing you staring at my big tits. They have gotten
rather large, wouldn't you say? I'm glad they make you so horny daddy, cause
I really love playing with this big dick of yours. You know what momma told
me daddy? She said the doctor told her I could have already started my period
without much of a warning but one. Do you know what the warning is daddy? He
said that sometimes a young girl would feel an unusual swelling sensation in
her breasts, and that would be the only warning. Do you know what kind of
sensation I had before I squeezed these big tits of mine in Amanda's bra
daddy - you know - the one you came all over right before you FUCKED me and
filled my pussy up with sperm? That's right daddy, I felt a SWELLING
sensation in my breasts."

I could see daddy's mind reeling as he thought about the consequences of what
I was saying. I moved both my hands up and down the length of his prick,
faster and faster, and I squeezed just a little harder, and a little harder.
My hands were FLYING up and down that huge shaft of his as I cocked my head
back and prepared myself for what I knew would be a shower of hot sticky cum.

"MY GOD MELISSA, you mean you might be preg..." He couldn't even get the
words out before the first long rope of slimy cum erupted from his dick and
plastered itself right across my face. Half of it ended up in my hair, as I
braced myself for another blast that splashed across my tits, then my arms,
my lips, the wall behind me and the shower curtain. I had never seen him cum
like this before. It was splattering everywhere as I continued to pump the
shaft of his enormous dick faster and faster and faster. It was so slippery,
and so fucking BIG as I ran my little hands up and down, up and down.

"You certainly are a mess sweetheart. It's making me horny all over again
seeing you covered with cum like that. You just drive your poor daddy crazy,
you know that pumpkin?" I just giggled.

"Daddy, I think what's driving you crazy is the thought of me possibly being
pregnant with God knows HOW many babies, that's what I think. I'll bet you're
just imagining what it will be like as my tits swell to make enough milk to
feed all of them, and I bet you're wondering how big my tummy will get, aren't
you daddy? Is that what made you cum so much? Thinking of your 10 year old
daughter getting a big tummy like that little girl we saw in the store? You
can't fool me daddy. I know what drives you wild."

Daddy didn't say anything. He didn't have to. I saw that strained look on his
face, the kind he gets when he's just so horny it hurts. Then I saw his dick
swell up again. I knew we had better call it quits though, and get cleaned up
before someone barged in here.

July 4: It was time for the annual family picnic, and I grabbed my favorite
shorts - the ones that were cut all the way up to the crack of my butt. I
loved wiggling my plump round ass in front of my uncles. It went perfectly
with my big tits, and my wide, child bearing hips. Daddy started calling me
his little fertility goddess because of the way I was built. In the past
month, my bust had grown another cup size. Now, I was barely able to squeeze
my tits into a DOUBLE D- cup. When I slipped my shorts on, I began to wonder
if daddy knew something I didn't. I couldn't get them buttoned! They were
always a little snug, for effect, but now they were nowhere close to being
big enough. I hadn't noticed my tummy swelling before because I wore loose
clothes most of the time, but the evidence was here. My tummy was bigger.
About 3 or 4 inches bigger I'd guess, and I was scared to find out why.
Secretly, I think I already knew. Daddy had knocked me up was my first
thought, and I must be knocked up good to get so big so quick. I trembled
when the reality of it hit me, then I went quickly into denial. I told myself
I sure had been eating a lot lately, and "of course you get fat when you eat
a lot dummy." Now I was talking to myself. Things were not good. I had to
satisfy my curiosity. First, we had to go to the picnic though, so I found a
pair of elastic waist shorts to slip on. They hugged me pretty well and were
short enough to give all the men a little thrill. The clingy material
definately showed a paunch in my tummy. I wondered if anyone would notice?
They would probably be too busy ogling my huge tits encased in a bright
yellow bikini top that created about 8 inches of cleavage on my chest. Half
my bosom was bulging out the top, and some of me was even coming out the
sides. I would have some of these men cumming in their pants, I thought.

Momma looked me up and down with a disapproving glare as we prepared to leave
for the picnic. Then I saw a look of shock and concern cross her face, as I
think she realized what I already knew. She was staring at the bulge in my
tummy allright. She already knew about the bigger tits - she bought the new
bras herself. She took me aside and told me we needed to go to the doctor
tomorrow and make sure everything was OK with me, and that I was to "behave
myself" at the picnic.

Everyone who saw us commented on "how those little girls had grown." Little
did they know, I thought. I could see people huddled in little groups, and
imagined they were discussing the bulge in my tummy. Every man that got a
look at my tits had a hard on, I could tell. All their wives, and some of
their daughters were pretty big, but I was only 10, and I was ENORMOUS. There
aren't too many 10 year olds I know that can stuff a Double D-cup. My sisters
may prove to be an exception to the rule though. They were causing quite a
stir themselves. I wasn't the only one that had grown a cup size in the last
month. Cindy, the 7 year old got her first D-cup last week. I told you the
kid was swelling up like a balloon. She still had a ways to go to catch her
big sister Melissa, but she had already gotten bigger that Amanda.

The rest of the picnic was pretty uneventful. I couldn't wait to get to the
doctor's and see what he had to say about that curious bulge in my tummy.
It's all I could think about. When we arrived, the poor old doctor's jaw
dropped when he saw how big my tits had gotten. Then he focused on my swollen
tummy. He immediately gave me a pregnancy test, even though he could see how
dramatic the changes in my body were in the short time since he saw me last.

"Becky, I'm sorry to tell you that your little daughter is pregnant, and from
the results of this test she may be more pregnant than we ever expected, as a
result of the continuous inbreeding in your family's history. I can't tell how
many babies Melissa is carrying yet, but I know it is more than two. Yes, even
though she is two years younger than you were when you had those twin boys,
your little Melissa may have as many as 5 or 6 embryos in her womb."

I guess that explained why my waist had swollen 4 inches IN A MONTH. I guess
it also explains why I gained another cup size. Momma was beside herself.

"Melissa, honey why didn't you tell me you've been having sex, I could have
gotten you some protection - you know I wanted you to be careful."

I broke down and cried at this point and I let everything out. How I had
found out daddy's secret fantasy about young, huge pregnant girls, and how I
wanted to BE his fantasy and grow so absolutely enormous for him so he would
get horny and FUCK me all the time, splattering load after load of CUM inside
me, and on my tits, and my face, and my hair. And I told her how jealous of
her I had been since I was a child. Her and her big tits, and her big
pregnant tummy as she stayed knocked up year after year, getting all of
daddy's attention. Now it was MY turn, I told her, as I stormed out of the
doctor's office.

I wish I hadn't let all of that out!

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - Part 9
Melissa's Third Month

August 1
I'm a little over two months pregnant now. Momma and I made up after I stormed
out of the doctor's last month, and she is being so sweet about everything.
Let's face it, she couldn't be that pissed - her own daddy knocked HER up when
she was only 12. Add that to the fact that daddy was her big brother, and she
had little room to accuse ME of doing anything wrong. The whole thing with mom
is that now she's got one little girl who's pregnant, and three others
outgrowing their bras as fast as she can buy new ones. She's no longer the
center of attention in the house. She has given up trying to control our
behavior, as our raging hormones have completely taken over. What little
judgment we had is long gone.

She just shook her head in resignation when she caught us going at it on the
floor in the den one day. Cindy had been sitting on the couch rubbing her
little pussy with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other. She had
this really stupid, far away look in her eye that told me she was close to
losing it. My little 7 year old sister was about to bring herself off when
she asked me if I would lick her "down there."  "Please 'Lissa, she begged,
it would feel so good." I couldn't help myself. Ever since the little girl's
tits started swelling up, I had been strangely attracted to her. I wasn't
attracted to girls in general, just Cindy. I guess it was the fact she had
gotten so huge so quickly. Even though I had been jealous of her getting big
tits so early in her childhood, the sight of them drove me insane. Cindy was
enormous now. Her firm young bosoms had continued to grow steadily over the
past few months. Cindy's nipples are as big as mine are now, and she's not
even pregnant yet. Momma had to get her a custom made 26 inch Double D-cup
bra. She passed her big sister Amanda sometime in July. Now Amanda was
getting Cindy's hand me down bras.

I think Cindy knew how horny she made me. She sat there and pulled her tits
out of her halter top and mashed them together from the sides with both
hands. The little girl had damn near a foot of cleavage bulging out at me.
Then she started wobbling them back and forth, until they started slapping
together. She kept slapping them together with her hands. "'Lissa, do you
like your little sister's big tits? They make me really wet down here." She
started rubbing her little pussy again. God, this was one nasty little bitch
I thought. She didn't get much in the way of brains, but she sure did make me
HOT. I lost control at this point and got her down on the floor. She spread
her legs wide for me and I stuck my tongue in her little pussy, running it up
and down her slit like a dog lapping up ice cream. She was so sweet! That
sweet little horny girl with those big bouncing tits was driving me out of my
mind with lust. She thrashed around under my expert tongue, and began to go
into convulsions as she grabbed my head and pulled me tighter and closed her
legs around me.

Daddy walked in at this point. What a sight that must have been for him! The
next thing I knew, that fucking beast of a dick he had was rubbing up and
down the crack of my ass. "Oh my sweet, nasty little girls, you've driven
daddy completly insane, do you know that. Melissa, daddy is going to fuck
your brains out while you make little Cindy cum baby, would you like that?"

Daddy knew I couldn't resist a good fucking now that I was so pregnant with
all his babies. He slid it in slowly, but with no problems at all. I was
wetter now than I had ever been in my life. "I just love to watch my knocked
up little angel her sister's pussy while I fuck her, do you know that baby?"
Daddy was really moving now, he wouldn't last long at this rate. He was
fucking the shit out of me, moaning and groaning and heaving on top of me.

"Oh baby, you're so beautiful, I want you to suck on little Cindy's big
nipples honey, would you do that for daddy. My little baby has such enormous
nipples - look at the SIZE of those things- suck on them Melissa, suck on
Cindy, oh God she's so huge baby. You're gonna make daddy cum while you suck
on Cindy; here I Cum baby!"

I knew what was about to erupt from that gigantic prick of daddy's, but Cindy
had no idea, or at least I didn't think she did. You should have seen her
expression as the first blast of daddy's cum splattered ALL OVER her face. He
aimed the second blast at her tits, and covered them. He then proceeded, like
a fucking MULE, to cum all over my butt and flip me over so he could lay a
few globs of it on my nicely rounded pregnant tummy. Little did we know,
mommy had been watching this whole utterly OBSCENE display of ours Little
Cindy looked even more adorable with that cum splattered all over her tits.
The fucking things actually looked bigger. My tummy looked especially nice as
I rubbed it in, around and around with my little hands. All that cum that got
me so knocked up to begin with, splashed all over me.

You must be wondering by now just how big that pregnant tummy of mine is
right about now. (I thought you MIGHT be wondering that.) Well, at two months
gone, I've gained a total of 10 inches in my waistline. I look like I have a
small round throw pillow tucked inside my elastic front shorts. I'm not huge
yet, at least not my tummy, but the doctor says most women aren't even
showing at all at this stage. He says women carrying just one baby aren't as
big as I am until they'r 4 or 5 months along.  I guess it's pretty scary that
my waistline has swollen 10 inches in the first two months. My tits are a
completely different story. They ARE huge. I'm already an E-cup, and they
seem to get bigger every day. That was the first thing I noticed, especially
right after we found out I was knocked up - my tits went from pretty big to
truly enormous.

I promise to keep you posted on my expanding condition.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - part 10
Melissa at three months along

September 1 Fall is in the air and it's time for school to start again. I
wouldn't have to write about what I did on summer vacation. Anyone who looked
at me now would know just exactly what I had been up to, as my tummy had
swelled another 6 inches since the 1st of August. Considering the fact my
waist was only 18 inches around to begin with, I had almost doubled in size.
You would have to be blind not to know that I was one knocked up little
bitch. If anyone gave it much thought, they would figure out just how knocked
up I was. Let's see, no tummy at all at the beginning of the summer. Now I've
added 16 inches to my waistline and I'm 3 cup sizes bigger in the bust. This
is pretty abnormal, wouldn't you say?

My twin brothers, mama's first born, were back from camp, and suddenly more
interested than ever in their little sisters. Like father like son I thought
to myself. I just didn't know how well that phrase described both of them. I
guess 3 months with no little girls to look at was pretty painful. They had
this look of shock on their faces when they saw how big my tits were, then
they saw my tummy. I'm sure they put two and two together, but they certainly
didn't know the whole story. They were entranced when they saw little Cindy.
She had that effect even on grown men these days. You just don't see 7 year
olds with tits the size of grapefruit. And I mean BIG grapefruit. Lately she
had taken to going without a bra because as soon as she got a new one, it
would start getting tight after a couple of weeks. Mom was about to give up
trying to keep her bosomy little girl in bras. Now when Cindy ran around the
house and played, those big tits of hers would sway back and forth, wobbling
and slapping together, and she'd have to stop and hold them still with her
little hands. It was so cute, but it made me so HORNY to watch her.
Apparently I wasn't the only one getting horny over her ample endowment. I
had caught daddy AND my brothers ogling her at every opportunity. At least
she couldn't compete head to head with me for daddy's attention - she would
have to get pregnant to do that. VERY pregnant. That condition is what really
turned daddy's head, and I was fast becoming the center of his universe.

Mom was now 8 months pregnant with twins, and certainly enormous, but she
still couldn't compete with me. I guess it was my youth that drove daddy so
insane with lust. Add to that the knowledge that I might have as many as 5 or
6 babies inside me. At the rate I was swelling, I would soon look like
someone's science experiment. I hadn't even been fooling around with
fertility drugs, but it was obvious SOMETHING abnormal was going on. It was
all that inbreeding that did it - turned me into a horny little baby making
slut that loved nothing more than to get my brains fucked out 3 or 4 times a
day if I could get it. When daddy wasn't pumping me full of more cum (as if
he could plant a few more babies in me) he was stroking his own dick, beating
off furiously as he watched me eat out my little sister's pussy. While Cindy
was cumming, he loved to splatter both of us with big globs of his baby
making sperm. Cindy looked adorable with it all over her big tits. Sometimes
I think he liked it as much as fucking.

September 15 Every day when I woke up and looked in the mirror now, it seemed
as though I had added an inch or two of expansion somewhere. My tummy had
swollen another 4 inches in just 2 weeks. It was very pronounced now, as I
walked around the house barefoot wearing just a pair of bikini briefs and one
of my newest E-cup bras. My tummy bulged out over the top of my waistband.
That brand new bra was already snug. It was barely a week old. We still
didn't know just how many babies I had in my swelling tummy, but it was
beginning to look like I had more than we ever bargained for. My tits began
to feel really engorged, like something other than fat tissue was massing on
my chest. I wonder what THAT was all about. They were getting heavy all of a
sudden too. My nipples and areola were a dark chestnut brown and had swollen
to 4 inches in diameter. They were the size of beer coasters at this point,
big and rubbery. After a good tugging, I could stretch my nipples out to an
inch and a half! I stayed so fucking horny all the time that my nipples were
hard all day long. The only relief I got is when daddy or Cindy sucked on

Little Cindy was truly a joy to have around. When daddy wasn't available, we
would lick and suck on each other for hours. She would rub my swelling tummy
and make it feel so good. I would massage cocoa butter into her enormous
young tits and tug on her big nipples until she was a quivering little mass
of sexual explosion. I had to say I felt sorry for her though. You see, Cindy
had an affliction that was more commonly associated with inbreeding than the
abnormal developments I've experienced with the multiple eggs and the big
tits and all. Hers was a problem with mental development. Not to be cruel,
but Cindy was as dumb as a fence post. You could tell sometimes when you
asked her a question. She would just sit there with this blank look on her
face, like she didn't have a brain in her head. We literall had to bring her
in out of the rain once as she sat in the front yard humming while the
thunder and lightning had even run the dogs under the house.  She was going
to be the brunt of many a dumb blonde joke when she got older. I guess you
can't have it all though. What God didn't give her in brains, he sure the
hell made up for it in tits. Looks like he had other plans in the grand
scheme as well. Her hips had flared out to the point they looked obscene on
her. And her little butt, what I would call a "bubble butt" was so plump and
round it would make a grown man cry. I may not have mentioned this before,
but Cindy was a beautiful child, with big blue eyes, long blonde hair that
she kept in pig tails, and the cutest little freckles you have ever seen.
This was all a very bad combination. The fact that she was so incredibly dumb
stripped her of any defense against the men and boys I saw looking at her
every day with their tongues hanging out.

Oh well, time would only tell what the future held for my busty little sister.
As for me, the next few weeks should prove enlightning.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - part 11
Melissa's continued expansion

October 1 It's been 4 months now since daddy dumped that humungous load of
cum in me that got me into this absurdly pregnant state. It seemed like every
day when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I had put on a few inches
somewhere. My tits are huge now. I just thought they were big before I got
knocked up. Now they're the size of cantaloupes.  I had always heard about
women's breasts swelling when they got pregnant, but until you experience it
first hand, I guess there's no way to really appreciate it. I quit wearing a
bra when I got too big for the E-cups momma bought for me last month. I think
she was sick of buying the damn things only to have me outgrow them in a few
weeks. The day you outgrow an E-cup is the day you know you've got a truly
enormous pair of tits.

One of my favorite outfits now is a tank top stretched over my big naked
tits, with my huge nipples poking through, and a pair of cut-off jeans that I
can only zip up a couple of inches to cover my crotch. My tummy pours out
over the waistband of the unbuttoned shorts, and the tank top just barely
covers my tits. There's this huge expanse of my big, naked, bulging pregnant
tummy sticking out for all the world to see. In the past two weeks, I have
added another 7 inches to my waist measurement. I don't know if you've been
counting, but according to the chart mommy keeps on my measurements, my waist
is now 45 inches around. It seems like the further I get into this pregnancy,
the more accelerated the growth becomes. I've gone from being a top heavy
little ten year old to a bulging pregnant fertility queen in 4 short months.

I loved to sit around on the couch and rub cocoa butter all over my swollen
belly, around and around my hands would go, as I could almost feel myself get
bigger by the minute. One day Cindy and I were on the couch. The kid was so
horny all the time, all she wanted to do was rub on her pussy or have me lick
on it. So there we were, me rubbing on my tummy, Cindy rubbing on her pussy
with that stupid look on her face that reminded me just how dumb she was. I
pulled my tits out of my tank top, and she pulled hers out of her bra. We
both started tugging at our nipples. Daddy must have sensed something was up,
he had a sixth sense for that sort of thing. He came in and sat in his easy
chair, just mesmerized by what we were doing. I saw this as a great
opportunity to tease daddy into a frenzy, and maybe get a nice load of cum
splattered on us in the process. Little did I know what that horny little
slut Cindy had on her mind.

"Daddy, did you ever think you would have two little girls with tits as big
as mine and Cindy's?" We were pulling and tugging and twisting on our nipples
so hard, they looked like they had doubled in size. We both got some cocoa
butter and rubbed it all over our tits, mashing them together as we smiled at
daddy and started blowing him little kisses. "We sure do have big tits don't
we daddy? Are we big enough for you?" All of a sudden, dumb little Cindy
surprised me and told daddy "I know how you can make my titties as big as
Melissa's daddy. You could get me big and pregnant, just like she is daddy."
That little slut! I was amazed she had the presence of mind to think of
anything that complex, but when it came to sex, I guess she made an extra
effort to understand things.

Cindy went over to daddy and climbed in his lap, just like a little dog in
heat. You could SEE how horny she was. She sat on his lap and started rubbing
her butt all over his dick until it looked like he was going to cum in his
pants. Cindy was really doing a number on him. "Daddy, I know I'm only 7, but
I have a really big pussy. I've been using mommy's sex toys on it daddy, and
they're huge. I'm so big now I can even fit YOU inside me daddy.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers
Part 12
I'm so HUGE

November 1
It's been a whole month now since you've heard from me. Maybe you were
wondering what has been going on with me and my pregnancy. I'm 5 months along
now - but I guess you know that if you've been paying attention. I'll bet
you're  wondering about my little 7 year old sister too. You know - the dumb
one with the big tits. Well, she hasn't gotten any smarter, but she swelled up
another cup size in the bust. She wears a Double D now. Can you imagine?

Daddy didn't have the heart to fuck her that day she put the moves on him,
even though she made him cum all over himself as she wiggled her plump little
butt on his dick. She kept telling him how she had stretched her little pussy
out with all of Mom's enormous black dildos. Then she told him she wanted him
to knock her up so her tits could get as big as mine were and he just lost it
- right in his pants. He told her she was just too young and she would have to
wait her turn.

Cindy just proceeded to put the make on my twin brothers Jimmy and Johnny. At
13, they were at the peak of their sexual curiosity, and her little animal
instincts sensed that they would be easy prey. They were momma's first born -
she was knocked up with them by her father at the age of twelve. Like her
father, Jimmy and Johnny were hung like a couple of horses. I had noticed
Cindy staring at the bulge in their crotch, and then I'd see her rub on her
little pussy, so I knew it was only a matter of time before she had her way
with them. At the same time, ever since the boys came back from camp, they had
been drooling over Cindy and her big tits.

It was inevitable. I came home one day and found the three of them in our
bedroom. Jimmy was on one end of her with his dick buried in her little pussy,
Johnny on the other with his huge prick stuffed in her mouth as her moved her
head up and down on it. There was Cindy, on her hands and knees blowing one of
her brothers while the other one was fucking the living shit out of her. Her
tits were all red and swollen hanging down there under her - swaying and
slapping together as the boys just poured the pork to her. It made me so
fucking horny I could just scream. I just stood there and watched though,
until Jimmy announced he was going to dump a big load of cum in her pussy so
she could get as knocked up as she wanted to get, and Johnny pulled out and
came all over her face and tits about thirty seconds later. God she looked
adorable with that cum all over her.

That was a month ago today, and this morning I heard my precious little sister
getting sick in the bathroom. I don't want to jump to conclusions here, but
I'm sure you know what I'm thinking.

As for yours truly, my pregnancy just continues to bring more changes. At 5
months along, the doctor says I am as big as a woman carrying twins AT FULL
TERM Just in case you've never seen one, let me tell you, that's HUGE. I
should know, momma just delivered another set of twins, and I couldn't get
over how enormous she was.

Momma said it was time to go to the doctor again, to see if I was OK and to
find out just how many babies were swelling my poor stretched out tummy like
this. I started wearing a bra again because mommy said I may hurt my tits if I
didn't. She had gotten tired of buying new ones, but was worried I might start
to sag before my time. At 10 and a half, I was now an F-cup!

The doctor looked like he was in shock as he examined the ultrasound in his
office. "Melissa honey, I am astonished to report that you will be the mother
of 4 in just a few short months!" He said he would need to monitor me and the
babies very closely from now on. I think he was monitoring my TITS. Oh well, I
guess I couldn't blame the poor horny bastard.

I'll try to keep in touch more often, now that I get closer and closer to that
big day. In the meantime I'd like to hear from you. Are you enjoying the story
of my youth? Do you want me to tell you more about my little sisters? In case
you want to find earlier parts of my life story, go to the main dejanews
search engine, recent, adult archives, and type in : pregnant,big,tits. That
should give you most of the series. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers
Part 13
The Final Weeks Approach

February 1 I've been a really naughty little girl in the 3 months since
you've heard from me last. I know I promised to write more often and tell you
about all the fucking and sucking and cumming and of course, about all the
SWELLING that's been going on in our family. Frankly, I've been so obsessed
with getting my now enormous pussy reamed out (and getting my face and my big
tits splattered with cum) that I'm just now slowing down enough to document
any of it. Well, there's a lot more to tell too!

For the past 3 months, the bigger my tummy and tits have swollen, the hornier
I have gotten. As if I wasn't horny enough to begin with, these 4 babies I'm
carrying are putting a lot of pressure on my clitoris, and it feels like I'm
being rubbed down there every minute of the day. I'm on the verge of an
orgasm every minute, and the only release I have is to find Daddy, my
brothers, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Frank, Bobby, or one of my other cousins to
stick one their huge dicks in me and fuck me until I actually DO explode in
an orgasm. A dick the size of my Daddy's is the only thing that does it for
me these days. You can imagine how being 8 months pregnant with quadruplets
has stretched my uterus out. A normal man would get lost in there. But not
the men in my family! I don't know whether it's a curse or a blessing, but
everywhere I look, the boys and men around me have a bulge the size of my arm
stretching out the front of their pants as they walk around in an
uncontrollable state of horniness. I'm talking all night and all day here. At
any given time, someone is fucking their brains out in our house. I guess I
should explain.

I'm a major contributor to all the horniness around here. Daddy says I am the
biggest pregnant woman he has ever seen in his whole life (and I just turned
11!) The size of my tummy just drives him into a state of lust that he says
he can't even describe. I now measure 76" around my middle. I look like some
mad scientist's fertility experiment. Imagine a 4'5" girl with a beachball
tucked under her dress, and you'll begin to get the picture. I feel like I'm
carrying a 3 year old in my tummy. Every time Daddy sees me, he can't help
but kneel down in front of me and rub his face all over my tummy. Then he
starts kissing me all over and rubbing on my big tits. We usually move to the
nearest bed or couch at this point and he pulls out that gigantic dick of his
and starts stroking on it. I just about pass out from horniness but before
that happens he slips it in from the rear. I am always DRIPPING wet, so he
goes in with no effort at all. Then he just pours it on, fucking me like
there was no tomorrow. We copulate like animals in heat for hours sometimes,
the babies kicking and squirming inside me all the while. If Daddy isn't
around, the same thing usually happens with my brothers - I end up blowing
one until he splatters cum all over my face while the other one fucks the
living shit out of me. Jimmy likes to spank my butt while he fucks me and
Johnny likes to grad hold of my pig tails and hank my head up and down on his
huge prick.

Problem is, I'm not the only contributor to all the horniness around here.
You may remember an incident a while back (4 months ago to be exact) between
my nasty brothers and my horny little sister Cindy. Well, as you may have
guessed, Cindy is now 4 months pregnant. Pregnant with what, we don't know
yet. From the looks of her, a fucking mule could have done it. Cindy is as
big at 4 months as I was at 6 months. That's right, she's as big as a grown
woman who's 9 months pregnant with twins. She was sitting next to one at the
doctor's office the other day. The woman couldn't take her eyes off Cindy.
Finally she asked my little sister if she was there to get her final checkup
before going to the hospital to deliver. Cindy just giggled and said "gee
lady, I have another 5 months left - my brothers came inside me a BUNCH."

You can imagine the stir Cindy is causing around the house. As I head to the
delivery room a month from now, I'm sure she'll be getting fucked 8 ways to
sunday by whoever she can find in the house. The girl can't even last through
an hour long TV show wothout wanting to get fucked again. That 4th and 5th
month are tough, as your tummy starts to REALLY swell. It does make it tough
to keep your mind on anything but fucking. In Cindy's case, she doesn't have
much of a brain to begin with. She's what Daddy calls "BORN TO BREED." Her
hips are already wider than mine are, and her tits are absolutely enormous.
Momma bought her a Double F-cup the other day, and she is SPILLING out of it

You may remember Amanda, my sister 1 year younger than me. Her tits had quit
growing when she hit the C-cup size, and she just wasn't getting the
attention Cindy attracted with her swelling udders - the little COW - so poor
little Amanda withdrew into her own little world. My brothers, in their lust
to fuck anything with a PULSE, sort of brought Amanda out of hiding, and
introduced her to the many pleasures of incest. While they were at it, they
knocked her up too. Now they had two of their sisters walking around swelling
bigger every day with their babies, as their tits became enormous. Amanda is
quickly catching up with the rest of us.

Oh, did I mention that the horny old doctor momma is so fond of knocked her
up 3 months ago? Momma didn't want any more kids. She's been pregnant every
year of her life since she was twelve. There were kids running around all
over the house. 3 of us are pregnant. VERY pregnant. And 6 year old Debbie
was overheard throwing up this morning. At 24 years old, having just given
birth to her second set of twins, momma wanted a little rest. That asshole
doctor substituted fertility pills for a prescription of "new" birth control
pills he told her he was writing. Then he proceeds to slip her an aphrodisiac
and fuck the shit out of her on one of our office visits. You would think
that seeing her 3 little girls swelling up with their multiple pregnancies
would be enough of a thrill for the old bastard but NOOO. He had to plant SIX
of his own bastards in my poor momma's tummy. She was simply beside herself!

I think you would enjoy hanging out at our house right about now. That is, if
I know you as well as I think I do. There are little girls with swelling
pregnant tummies everywhere you look. Some are absolutely gigantic. Others
are merely huge. But we are all so horny that you wouldn't be safe for long.
We would have you cumming all over our tummies or thring to plant a few more
babies inside us before the day was out. Did I mention my tits are about to
explode from all the milk I'm making? I have to be milked about once an hour
to keep from leaking all over the front of my clothes.

I have to go now, Daddy is tugging on my nipples, and I see his dick getting
hard. I'll see you sometime before the babies come I hope!

Daddy's Little Baby Makers
Part 14
Melissa is overdue

March 15 I would never have believed it in a million years. I always heard
that women with multiple pregnancies delivered EARLY. Here I am, barely 11
years old, and nine and a half months pregnant with quadruplets. Two weeks
overdue, and so HUGE I can't even walk without a lot of help. I feel like
I've been pregnant for two years. Forget that - I LOOK like I've been
pregnant for two years. The last few weeks of any pregnancy are a dramatic
growth period, but for me, the word dramatic doesn't do my growth justice.
Try gargantuan. A month and a half ago, I measured 76" around my bulging
middle. Now my poor swollen tummy stretches a tape at 98". My belly button is
3 inches wide and sticks out over an inch and a half. I have what looks like
an absolutely enormous nipple poking out of my tummy. I think I have finally
figured out why men are so turned on by pregnant women. Especially men that
are obsessed with big tits. A huge pregnant tummy with a big belly button
poking out looks an awful lot like a huge bulging bosom, don't you think. Aw,
I'm sorry - this is making you horny isn't it? To compound the problem, when
a girl gets knocked up her tits swell up too, causing you even more agony.
Then after the baby is born, her tits get the biggest they have ever been,
and she spurts milk all over the place, driving you insane with lust to the
point you have to fuck her again and again and the cycle repeats itself.
She's pregnant again, and swelling. Her tits are getting even bigger this
time because you've planted even more babies in her. You're hornier than
ever, and the cycle goes on and on.

When all this happens to a ten year old girl (or even younger girls in the
case of my sisters and cousins), the men I've known just don't know how to
cope. I guess the sight of such a young girl with her tummy bulging out and
her tits so huge they wobble from side to side is just too much to
comprehend. They go insane with horniness. They have to be fucked or sucked
or have their dicks yanked on 4,5, or 6 times a day. The inevitable result is
- you guessed it MORE pregnancies. Even little Debbie is pregnant now - at
the age of six - 3 months gone. Her tummy is already huge. And Cindy - 5 and
a half months gone -  just found out that she's going to have quintuplets.
Momma has 6 of the doctor's little bastards kicking in HER tummy, and Amanda
got knocked up with twins by my dear big brothers. It's a good thing me and
my sisters and mommy are so horny all the time, or the poor men around here
would have to depend on themselves for release.

Now that I know why men love pregnant girls so much, I decided to give Daddy
the fantasy of his life. I found some dark flesh colored lipstick - the kind
I used the time I painted my big nipples to make them stand out under my tank
top for Daddy. You remember - her came all over my tits in that outfit. This
time I painted a huge, 6 inch wide areola around my belly button so that it
looked like the gigantic nipple of a pregnant nursing mother - dark brown and
crinkly looking. I slipped on a very sheer white gauze like tent dress Mommy
made for me out of an old pair of curtains. I had no bra on, so my huge tits,
and I do mean HUGE TITS were clearly visible underneath, with their own 4
inch wide areola showing through. My tits were so big now that they rested at
the insides of my arms, with my tummy separating them in the middle. I was
leaking milk, so the dress was plastered to my nipples. I sat on the living
room couch and waited for Daddy to come home, my tummy resting on the couch
cushions between my spread apart legs. God, I'm so HUGE I thought. I heard
Daddy at the door.

"Daddy, I think I finally figured out why me and mommy, and all the other
pregnant girls in your life make you so horny. I should have known it when I
saw you lose it over that pregnant girl in the grocery store. Our belly
buttons make our big tummies look just like a big huge bulging bosom, huh

"Do you like Melissa's big huge nipple Daddy? See how big I am? Oh Daddy, you
really do like my big nipple don't you. I'm just so HUGE. And it's making
your dick so HARD Daddy. I've never seen you so hard before Daddy - or so
fucking BIG!! You know who made me this way don't you Daddy? You and all that
cum you dumped in me are responsible for this big huge nipple Daddy, and I
want to beat you off until you cum all over my big pregnant tummy, with its
big huge nipple!"

Daddy started stroking his enormous dick, and gave it a good coating of
vaseline. I grabbed it and began to pump up and down on it with one hand
while I gave the head of it some quick short strokes with the other hand.
Daddy loved the way I beat him off. He couldn't take his eyes off the huge
nipple I had painted around my bulging belly button, and I knew it wouldn't
be long before he came like a fucking mule. I pulled the dress I was wearing
up over my head and began pumping on his dick again.

"Daddy, I just love being so big for you, I know how horny it makes you
Daddy, and I want you to be so happy with your hugely pregnant little girl. I
love you Daddy, and I want you to CUM all over my big pregnant tummy, all
over my gigantic nipple. Come on Daddy, splatter your little girl pregnant
tummy with all that baby making sperm of yours. That's it, oh GOD!"

It was flying everywhere. On my face, across my tits, finally, what looked
like a bowl of pudding got dumped on my huge, bulging tummy, as I massaged it
in lovingly. I really do love my Daddy. Now I have given him just one more
fantasy to think about.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers
Part 15

Melissa the Milkmaid

April 1
All things considered,the delivery went well. Of course, pushing 4 healthy
babies out of my 11 year old womb wasn't EASY. Healthy is the operative word
for the babies I delivered, that's for sure. Each of them weighed close to 8
pounds. No wonder my tummy was so huge!

Just when I thought all the swelling was behind me, and the babies were
safely delivered, I felt this strange sensation in my chest. Like my tits
were erupting. Momma had measured my chest right before we went to the
hospital, just to see how much bigger I would get after the babies were born
and my milk REALLY started to flood in. Her mouth dropped open when she
measured me again today. I had swollen another 6 inches in the bust, bringing
my bust measurement to 53 inches. Yep, I had a pair of big honey dew melon
sized TITS that were so full of milk, I was literally SPRAYING out of my
nipples when they got really engorged. Mother Nature went a little overboard
when it came to providing milk for my 4 hungry babies. I had enough for twice
that many. They were all very hungry, so I guess it's good that I have so
much. After all, I'm sure Daddy will want some, and my twin brothers - I even
caught Cindy looking  at my huge chest as I lay there with a baby on each
nipple, contented as a little cow.

There's something really freakish about my babies that I'm very concerned
about. The doctor doesn't have an explanation, but is doing some research on
it. I think the horny old bastard likes nothing more than researching the
effects of inbreeding. He uncovers the strangest things! Anyway, my concern
is this - I have two girls and two boys. I told you how healthy they were,
but I didn't tell you all of it. You see, the girls have what appears to be
slight swellings under their nipples, and the swelling seems more pronounced
today than it was yesterday. I'm worried. The boys concern me even more.
Their little "thingies" are hard all the time, and they're about 3 inches
long. It really does look freakish, but I guess I won't worry about it until
I find out there's a problem.

Melissa Comes Home

When I got home from the hospital, there was Cindy with my brothers in the
living room. It was hard to believe, but their dicks had actually gotten
bigger in the last few weeks. Could be they are just so much hornier now that
Cindy is getting so huge, and Momma, Debbie and Amanda are starting to really
show. Anyway, Johnny had Cindy by her pig tails, like he loves to do, just
yanking her head up and down on that big dick of his, as it bulged out the
side of her mouth. She was moaning as Jimmy was fucking her from the rear,
grabbing her by her big wide child bearing hips and pounding his massive dick
in her. They both pulled out just as we were coming in the door and let fly
with what must have been a pint of cum each. Most of it splattered on Cindy -
all over her pretty face, and her plump round ass, but some of it landed on
my cheek from way across the room. Mom even got a glob of it on her left arm.

My brothers inherited their obsession with big tits from their
father/grandfather. Worse than that, they inherited his obsession with
pregnant girls. Whenever they see one, at the store, in the park, at the
beach - wherever- their dicks  get hard. Just like I've seen Daddy do so
often, they get so excited they cum in their pants. This usually happens when
the girl is really far along and has a big huge tummy.

When the twins get this horny, all they want to do is fuck, and there are
plenty of takers when the girls see how big their dicks are. Those boys are
HUGE, and just like grandpa they are highly motivated to get as many girls
pregnant as they can. After all, they need to fuel their obsession, so what
better way to have your fantasy than to see it swelling up  right before your
eyes. They definately had the time of their lives watching Cindy swell with
their 5 babies kicking inside her tummy. This gave them the encouragement to
knock Amanda and Debbie up. Poor little Debbie. She'll be 6 months pregnant
with triplets on her 7th birthday. I overheard my brothers talking the other
day "Like grandpa says, the younger the better, the bigger the better." I
guess I had better watch out for MY little daughters. It's scary to think
they're taking after a man who got every one of his 14 daughters
pregnant(many of them ended up pregnant with twins) and he knocked some of
them up 4 or 5 times. Now I hear he's impregnated 8 of his granddaughters.

Do you remember my cousin Jennifer? She's the one who used to come over to
our house and feel herself up and ask Daddy if he thought she was getting
bigger. Jennifer Juggs we used to call her. Well, she's the first one grandpa
knocked up. She's already showing after only two months, so I guess she's
like the rest of the inbred girls in our family - producing far more eggs
than normal and getting pregnant with God knows how many babies. Considering
the fact that the men in our family are so obsessed with pregnant girls, and
that we all get so pregnant so easily, I just don't know where this will all
end. Everywhere I look now there are little girls ranging in age from 6 to 16
with big tummies bulging out the front of their dresses, and gigantic tits
spilling out of their bras.

Cindy's Progress

Cindy was the center of attention now, that is when Daddy or the twins
weren't sucking the rest of the milk out of my gargantuan tits. GOD they're
big. From the looks of Cindy though, she may be the one setting the records
around here. At 8 years old, and 6 months pregnant with quintuplets, she is
one enormous little girl. I guess it's a good thing she's so stupid. She
doesn't ever worry about anything. All she cares about is fucking, sucking on
Jimmy or Johnny's dick, and getting splattered with cum. She tells me it
feels so good on her tits now that they are so swollen. Daddy was right, what
God didn't give Cindy in brains, he sure the HELL made up for it in tits. I
thought I had grown up with a pair of big ones, but Cindy broke all the
rules. Barely 4'5" tall, the child now wore a 38" FFF-cup bra. If it wasn't
for the huge tummy, she could not have stood up for lack of balance. She
needed help sometimes as it was, and the poor little thing had another 3
months to go! God knows what her tits will look like after those 5 kids of
hers are born. She really enjoyed sucking on my tits, so maybe she can
entertain herself on her own when they get too full. That would be a sight!
My little sister sucking on one of her owm huge nipples and getting a mouth
full of milk.

I'll let you know what the doctor's latest research turns up. In the meantime,
how about posting some messages about my story. What do you want to hear more
about? I have a lot of cousins getting pregnant these days, and they sure are

Daddy's Little Baby Makers #16
Too Young and Too Fertile

Five years pass

My how time flies. I'm sweet 16 now. I guess it won't surprise you to know
that I got pregnant again just a few months after I delivered my first born -
the abundantly healthy quads. Daddy stayed so horny watching me nurse my
hungry brood that he couldn't keep that monster dick out of me for very long.
Soon he was dumping load after load of potent baby juice inside me and it
quickly found my endless supply of eggs. I did nothing but encourage him of
course: "Oh Daddy, I miss being so big and pregnant. I know how horny it
makes you. Won't you plant some more babies in little Melissa? Please Daddy,
knock your little girl up again so you can watch her pretty little tummy get
big. I want to have 6 of your babies this time Daddy. Can you do that to me?
Come on Daddy, make me HUGE!"

And so it went, year after year. Melissa got bigger and bigger and bigger. As
soon as I delivered one set of screaming babies, I was knocked up with
another one in a few months. Daddy and my twin brothers were in a constant
state of uncontrollable lust as I swelled month after month. I walked around
all day long with cum oozing out of me, running down the insides of my
thighs. Sometimes the three of them would get together and dump a huge load
all over my face and tits. This was when I got to be too big to fuck. I just
loved to nurse on the head of one of their big dicks while I watched the
other two beat off furiously until they splattered me with sticky cum. "God
you are one horny little knocked up bitch Melissa", Daddy would say. "Do you
want one of your brothers to plant another baby in that stretched out tummy
of yours - you little slut? Is that what you want? That's all you're good
for, you know that? You're just an ovulating little baby factory with big
knocked up tits Melissa. Do you want us to cum all over those swollen
pregnant tits of yours? You think it'll make 'em bigger don't you, you little
bitch. DAMMIT girl, I'm gonna cum all over those huge tits of yours. I'm
gonna splatter that big pregnant tummy with so much cum it's gonna find its
way into your pussy and plant ANOTHER baby in you." Daddy just loved to talk
dirty !!

All those pregnancies turned out to be quite profitable. I didn't have the
heart to adopt out my first born, but the others would have been too much of a
financial burden, and they would not have had the advantages they have now in
such a crowded household. I went on to place two sets of triplets, a set of
quads, and a set of quintuplets in nice foster homes. They all paid dearly for
getting what appeared to be healthy babies. Heaven help them if they have the
kinds of problems I've having with MINE right now.

My quads are 5 now. The boys have never quit nursing at my big rubbery
nipples. Even now, they'll spend hours sucking on my enormous milk filled
tits. I guess I should be grateful. Someboby's got to drink it. Each of my
gigantic bosoms produces half a gallon of milk a day, and if I'm not properly
drained, I just spurt all over the place. It's quite a mess.

The real problem I'm having though, is that the both the 2 boys and the 2
girls have continued the development that I told you about right after I
delivered them. That's right, the little girls continued to grow tits - right
from birth. And the boys remained in a constant state of erection. Only
problem is that instead of their dicks being three inches long, as they were
at birth, they've grown an inch a year. You heard me correctly. My little 5
year old boys each have a penis that's 8 inches long and as big around as my
wrist. Their sisters tease them constantly by squeezing their now
considerable breasts into some of my old outfits. They are both as big as I
was at the age of nine. The doctor says that since these kids are the product
of FOUR generations of inbreeding, even more pronounced side effects could be
expected. You know what that means - bigger tits at an earlier age. More
pronounced penis development, but worst of all - more staggering increases in
egg production from the girls.

I've already caught the boys fucking their sisters the other day. Like father
like son, I thought. I pulled them apart only to find that the boys had
aldeady cum inside them. The excess just poured out of them. Chances are my
sweet little 5 year old girls already have a set of babies swelling in their
tummies. Now the boys are trying to fuck ME every time I let them nurse. This
has got to STOP!

Daddy's Little Baby Makers
Part 17
Melissa Turns Eighteen

Two years have passed

My birthday is coming up soon. I'll turn eighteen in just a few weeks. I've
been pregnant every year since I was 11. Not just pregnant, but VERY
pregnant. As in a set of quadruplets at the age of 11, two sets of triplets
at 12 and 13, another set of quads at 14, a set of quintuplets at 15,
triplets AGAIN at 16 and surprise surprise!! You guessed it, I'm pregnant
again. This time there are 8 of the squirming little bastards inside me. I
was due to deliver them a week ago. That's right, I am 9 months and one week
pregnant with octuplets. A 17 year old mother of 22 inbred children. Soon to
be the mother of 8 more.

Most of the sperm responsible for all these babies was dumped inside me by my
loving Daddy - the same man who had dumped the load inside my mommy that was
responsible for making ME, the product of 3 generations of inbreeding. Yes, I
turned out to be the little fertility goddess that our doctor predicted I'd
be and it looks like my abnormally well endowed offspring will be following
in the family tradition of breeding like rats in a grain barrel. I think that
my own little boys planted these eight babies inside me. You know - the ones
who nursed at my big rubbery nipples until they were 5. Well, when they got
tired of that, they started trying to fuck me. I had been concerned about
them being so big for such young boys, but I was not prepared for what
happened when they turned 6.

You see, their dicks had only been growing about an inch a year since birth.
Since they were 3 inches long at birth, they had reached 8 inches by the time
they were 5, and they were hard as a rock ALL DAY LONG. A year later, their
growth began to accelerate, and at 6 and a half, they were damned near a foot
long. Daddy said he was 13 before he got that big. We were all amazed. Well,
I guess you could say I was more than just amazed. If you know me like I
think you do, you know what a weakness I have for big huge swollen dicks. The
bigger the better. That's what got me in trouble in the first place, that
gargantuan horse dick swinging between my Daddy's legs. Since the first time
I saw it at the age of 8, I had wanted him inside me, fucking me until he
blasted a load of cum so big I would get enormously pregnant. All these years
later, I haven't changed in that regard.

Yes, it made me horny every time I saw those kids of mine with their huge
dicks bulging out the front of their shorts. They knew they made their mommy
horny too. They quit wearing underwear, and the head of their enormous member
would crawl out the end of their shorts sometimes. I don't know how they
managed to walk they were so horny. It was more than I could bear, and I soon
quit resisting their advances. As I walked around the house with my big
wobbling tits slapping together, I would see them staring at me with that
pained look on their face. They would just gawk at my huge bosoms and pull
their dicks out their pants. Sometimes they would just stare at me and start
tugging on their enormous pricks. They became more bold when I encouraged

"My poor babies, do mommy's big bosoms make you horny. You want to suck on
them don't you? You want to stick your big things in mommy and make her tummy
get big again don't you?" I knew they loved it when mommy's tummy got big. I
couldn't help but notice their interest the last time I was at full term. I
made them cum in their pants on many an occasion by rubbing my belly button
and pulling my tits out of my bra and tugging on my nipples until the milk
started to spurt out. They got so horny during these teasings that they would
fuck their sisters later in the day - the ones they had shared a womb with
during my first pregnancy. Turns out there was even more of this going on
than mommy knew about. I had caught them at it once, and was afraid they had
knocked the poor little things up. These kids were getting it coming and
going. I let them start fucking me because I felt sorry for them, and they
had already been fucking their sisters twice a day because I had gotten them
so horny. What's a mother to do?

As much as I loved to fuck, I had little to complain about. My little boys
were big enough now to stretch my huge vagina almost as much as Daddy did,
and they came inside me like a couple of mules. I know they are the ones who
knocked me up. When you've gotten yourself pregnant as many times as I have,
you know when it happens. My twin brothers were wanting some at least once a
day, and Daddy was still as horny as a stud horse, so when the boys weren't
cumming in me, the three of THEM were splattering a load in me or all over my
pretty young face and my impossibly huge tits.

My poor little boys are so horny now I truly feel sorry for them. There's one
thing I haven't told you - they apparently inherited their Daddy's weakness
for pregnant girls - big HUGE pregnant girls with more than one baby growing
inside them. Another thing I haven't told you is we found out their sisters
are pregnant. About two months along we figure. They already have tummies the
size of a normal girl who's 4 or 5 months along. You know what that means
don't you? My little 6 and a half year old girls are probably pregnant with
more than one baby. The way that those boys cum, and the fact that they are
all the product of some SERIOUS inbreeding, God only knows how many babies
are inside their pretty tummies. The kids are already stuffing a Double D-cup
bra. They are truly enormous, and swelling bigger by the minute it seems, as
my poor little boys walk around in a state of horny agony. Their mother is so
huge with their 8 babies inside her, and now their sisters have swelling
tummies to tease them with, and boy do they TEASE. We'll find out more about
them, and I'll tell you more about my big pregnant tummy in chapter 18. In
case you missed some of my story, you can find it by going to dejanews search
- past, and recent adult archives, and search for: pregnant,big,huge,tits.
Between the past and recent listings, you should find the story of little
knocked up Melissa and her hugely endowed, inbred family.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers
Part 18
Melissa's Big Babies

The doctor had warned us, oh so many years ago, that the side effects of
continued inbreeding would eventually catch up with our family. With each
additional generation, the side effects were more pronounced, but we all just
kept fucking each other like minks. My mommy and daddy being brother and
sister was a bad enough start for me. And my children were even further down
the chain. Daddy had impregnanted me with my first born, the well endowed 6
year old boys who knocked me up with 8 babies, and their 2 sisters, who are
now also pregnant by them. We don't know how many babies they planted in my
adorable little girls, but they are both getting huge, and getting huge
quickly. It's scary to watch their tits swelling up like balloons, like some
witch has cast a spell on them. They are so big, I have given up on trying to
keep them in bras. Now I know how mommy felt when I outgrew my first E-cup.
Only difference is, these kids are approaching that size, they're PREGNANT,
and they're not even 7 years old yet!

As my little girls' tummies get bigger every day, and they do get bigger
EVERY day, they seem to need more and more sex. They've even gotten to our
daddy now that their tits are so big and their tummies stick out like they're
6 months gone. Daddy has no willpower at all when it comes to little pregnant
girls. Especially when they're as horny as my two seem to be. They have both
taken to wearing bikini briefs with their tummies bulging out over the
waistband, and these threadbare tank tops I used to wear, stretched over
their big naked tits. These kids have enormous nipples too, almost since
birth. But after they got knocked up a couple of months ago, they have
tripled in size. Their areola is as big around as the palm of my hand. I
shudder to think how big these girls will be at full term. Needless to say,
daddy finds them impossible to resist, as they walk around barefoot, feeling
up their tits and rubbing on their big naked tummies. Suzy was sliding her
pussy up and down on daddy's dick like a monkey on a pole the other day. Just
like a grown woman, getting her brains fucked out and moaning about the size
of his dick. Oh daddy you're so BIG, OH OH OH daddy I know how much you love
my big tummy, it makes you get so HUGE. Oh I wish I had some of YOUR babies
in me daddy, just like mommy did, please put some more babies in little Suzy
daddy, OH, CUM in me daddy and make me BIGGER!

In the next room, my twin brothers were fucking our little sisters like there
was no tomorrow. You remember Cindy don't you? The dumb one with the
impossibly huge tits? And Amanda, the "late bloomer?" Well, they have both
stayed knocked up for the past 8 years, just like your eternally pregnant
friend Melissa. The way those girls like to fuck, what else do you expect. No
birth control whatsoever, getting huge loads of cum dumped in them 3 or 4
times a day by my eager brothers, daddy or my horny uncles. They loved to
keep it in the family though, because the men in OUR family were the only
ones with a dick big enough to get their attention. The boys at school were
always wanting to pour the pork to my slutty knocked up sisters, but their 7
or 8 inches just didn't cut it. How can you ever be satisfied with a normal
man after you've had one of my brothers bury his foot long monster inside you
and splatter you with a pint of cum. There was no going back. That's what
complicated the whole inbreeding mess. Our compulsion to fuck our well
endowed relatives produced offspring with even more staggering bust and penis
development, and the females produced more and more abnormal quantities of
eggs resulting in all these multiple pregnancies. The minute any of the men
in my family began to notice a young girl's bosom start to swell, it got
their attention, and when the girls got bigger they started the instictive
teasing I practiced on daddy - making sure the men noticed their big nipples,
and the bulging tits that announced they were now women, and ready to be
bred. That always resulted in them getting fucked and fucked until, without
exception, they were knocked up with God knows how many babies.

Speaking of knocked up, my eight babies are now TWO weeks overdue now, and
words can not describe how huge I am. Each of the babies weighs around 6
pounds, what you would call HEALTHY for a litter that size. My waist measures
115 inches now, and my tits are as big as soccer balls. I simply cannot stand
up without help. I'm way too big to fuck, but now I amuse my little 6 year
old boys by beating them off - one in each hand while I ask them how much
they like their mommy's big tummy, and then I tell them they can suck on
mommy's big huge tits if they give me a load of cum all over my  tummy. It
works every time! See ya soon.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers #19
Melissa's almost a grandmother

6 months pass

I feel so sorry for my daddy. My little girls are driving him crazy. Well,
they aren't very little any more. They're both nine months pregnant. But, at
seven years old, they're still little girls to me - their sweet faces are so
adorable. It's actually a shame their brothers couldn't just let them grow up
normally, but that's not an option in our family it seems. Growing up
normally would mean getting your period at 11 or 12, and then starting to
develop a bust and hips and all. Remaining innocent of sex and all that goes
with it until you're a teenager. It's a life I never even knew, and for my
sweet girls, the innocense of youth was snatched away even earlier than it
had been for me. Now all they can think about is trying to get daddy to
splatter their swollen tummies with his cum. They are both due to deliver
triplets in just under a week, which will make me a grandmother at the age of
18. Even though they are way too huge to fuck - the doctor absolutely
prohibits it - they prance around the house rubbing their tits and their
tummies until daddy starts beating off - furiously pounding his dick with
those big hands of his until he sprays them like a firehose.

At any time of the day, you can see Suzy or Sally with cum dripping off their
tits. Poor daddy just has such a weakness for them. Well, for any pregnant
girl. The fact that they're so young is what pushes him over the edge. Have
you ever seen a pregnant 7 year old? Well, as you can imagine, 7 year olds
aren't very big. My little girls are barely 4 feet tall. Their pregnant
tummies are actually bigger than they are with those 3 babies kicking in
there, and their tits have swollen past an E-cup.

Yes, they're huge, and I can't blame daddy for having to beat off every time
he sees them. He also has to contend with seeing me, my sisters and my mommy
walking around with swollen tummies too! And after he splatters a big load of
cum all over my little girls, his sweet pregnant grandaughters, he has to
live with this vision of seeing the cum drip off their faces, their tits,
their tummies, and everywhere else it lands. He tells me every time he thinks
of what they look like with cum all over them, he has to beat off again, or
find one of my sisters to fuck. Only problem is, we are all getting so big
now that poor daddy is having to beat off more and more. I'm sure he'll be
happy when all of us deliver our babies so he can get back to some serious

I miss having daddy's humungous dick up inside me. Of course, you know that
already. That's how come your little friend Melissa stays so knocked up all
the time - pumping out baby after baby that grows up to be a fertility
goddess just like their mommy is. I hear something. UH OH. Looks like it's
time to take my swollen little girls to the hospital. They're in labor all
right, and there's my daddy standing in front of them, letting fly with one
last glob of cum across Suzy's tits. I swear the man is incurable.

In the other room I can hear Cindy screaming FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME JOHNNY at
the top of her lungs, and mommy has taken to sucking my little boys off until
they cum all over her face now. I guess I'll have to take the girls to the
hospital myself. I have a tough time getting my tits behind the steering wheel
now, ever since the octuplets you know - my how my tits have swollen. Well,
more on that later.

Daddy's Little Baby Makers - The Final Chapter
Melissa's Offspring Multiply

It has been quite an ordeal, these last 10 years. If you've been following
the story of my youth from the beginning, it seems like I've lived 3
lifetimes since I was 8 years old. At the tender age of 18, I am the mother
of 22 children, and now the grandmother of 6. Yes, my sweet little girls gave
birth to their triplets. My first born, barely 7 years old, had endured an
incredible amount of swelling through their pregnancy, but held up like
troopers through the whole 9 months.

It was fascinating to watch their tummies stretch out the front of their
jeans until they couldn't zip them up any more, and their bosoms, swelling
like balloons those first few months until the buttons on their blouses
almost popped off. Everywhere we went, grown men would have to just stop and
stare at my little girls with their bulging tits and their swollen
oh-so-pregnant tummies. They created quite a stir those last couple of months
when their tummies got so huge that none of their clothes fit. There was no
way to keep all that swelling flesh covered, so I'd tell them just to button
up as best they could and make the best of it. There would always be a foot
long gap at the largest part of their tummies that poked out the front of
their buttoned up  dresses. I think they enjoyed having their enormous belly
buttons poking out for all the world to see (I sure did when I got to be
enormously pregnant!!)

One day Sally came down stairs crying "Mommy, my tits are too big," she
sobbed. Sure enough, (she was about 6 months gone then) half her enormous
bosom was literally spilling out over the top of a DD-cup bra that I had worn
at the age of 10. She was also bulging out the sides of it. It was hard to
believe just how huge the child's tits had gotten to be. Her tummy looked so
big, you would have thought the poor little thing was carrying a horse in
there. And she had ANOTHER 3 MONTHS TO GO! No wonder grown men stared at her.
I thought my Daddy and the other men in my family were strange for being so
obsessed with pregnant girls. Little did I know that there were LOTS of men
who were just crazy about them. The bigger the better and the younger the
better it seemed, as my hugely pregnant 7 year olds commanded quite a bit of
attention. The fact that they were bulging out of their clothes probably
didn't help matters.

Both of the horny little wenches are already talking about when they get
pregnant again. You would think they'd had enough, but maybe they miss all
the attention. As it is, when they finish nursing their hungry threesome,
daddy and their brothers are right there to finish sucking the milk out of
their spurting tits. I caught Daddy fucking the shit out of Suzy after he
milked her dry the other night. She was riding up and down on his prick like
a little whore. He had his hands on each of her butt cheeks, just moving her
pussy up and down on that mule sized dick of his. Lifting her whole body up
and down on it, up and down. I had never seen his dick get quite so huge. It
looked like Suzy had a baseball bat inside her. Then daddy started to moan.

"Oh my sweet baby girl, you want daddy to make you all pregnant again don't
you? Is that what you want your daddy to do angel, do you want to see that
sweet tummy of yours swell up till you can't button your little jeans. You
want to stretch your mommy's old bras out don't you, with those big swollen
tits. So young and so huge, OH BABY you're gonna make daddy CUM in you and
get you so fucking PREGNANT you won't be able to stand up."

That was all she wrote. Daddy blasted load after load in my sweet baby girl.
And so it went with Sally too, and then me, my mommy and sisters. Daddy had
ALL of us pregnant again within a couple of months. Of course, my little boys
are doing their best to impregnate as many girls as they can at school. There
seems to be an epidemic among the 8 to 12 year olds. It's funny to watch the
bus unload at the corner with one girl after another carefully hanging on to
the railing as the make their way down the steps to the curb, their big
pregnant tummies bulging out the front of their dresses as they wobble to and

At last report, there were 17 cases of girls impregnanted at the grade school
this year. My little boys claim responsibility for each and every one. If you
could see how big their dicks are, you would find it easy to believe. The
kids have massive pricks. They walk around all day long with their huge dicks
bulging out the front of their crotch. More than one teacher has taken
advantage of their horniness. One of them ended up pregnant with triplets.
She had no idea how potent my little boys were! Nor did any of the other
unsuspecting girls they had knocked up. I saw one of their innocent little
victims the other day in the grocery store. Poor thing. She had to hold on to
the shelf she was looking on to keep her balance. The boys told me they had
both cum inside her, and that they heard she was pregnant with quintuplets.
Barely nine years old, and about to be the mother of 5. Goodness gracious.
Where will it all end. For now, I will leave you to ponder what may happen to
me and my fertile family as we fuck and suck each other into the next
millenium. We'll continue to create more and more inbred offspring that are
so amply endowed that no man or woman alive will be able to resist their
advances. If you see a pregnant 10 year old with big tits, you can bet she's
probably one of my offspring in some form or fashion. I hear there are lots
of them running around these days with their tummies all swollen and their
tits wobbling around. My boys will continue to do their best to populate the
world with little pregnant girls, and I hope you all appreciate it!