- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] the family bible
[Author] Dastardly Dodo
[Type] More/other family


Sixteen year old Tim foster put a video in the vcr and prepared himself for a long night. He had Protested when his parents had told him to baby-sit his little sisters, but to no avail. "Damn!" He muttered as he turned on the video. "This is going to be a long night." He made himself Comfortable on the couch and watched the movie. Suddenly a scream rang through the house. Startled tom jumped up.

"ooooooohhhhh!!!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" He heard his sister, lisa, wail. Quickly Tim ran up the stairs. "what’s wrong!" He exclaimed as he burst into lisa’s room "that!" The eleven year old girl cried. She was pointing at the family bible that was lying on her Desk. Tim looked at the bible and saw a list of names on the offending page. He looked a bit closer And saw that it was list of births in his family. It showed the parents first and then the name of the Child. Suddenly he saw what was wrong. His parents’ names were on the list twice. They were Brother and sister. ‘oh fuck!!!’ he thought. He decided the best thing to do was to act as if nothing Was wrong. He took lisa in his arms and hushed her. "do you love mom and dad?" He asked her when she calmed down a bit. Lisa nodded. "ok, and do think they love us?" "yes," lisa replied. "and do you think they love each other?" Lisa started to giggle. "judging by the noise they make almost every night, I would say they do."

Tim smiled. "so you hear them too," he said. Lisa nodded. A dejected look appeared on her face as She said. "but it’s incest." Tim kissed her on her cheek. "do you never think about it?" He asked. "I know you have been trying to peek at me while I’m in The bathroom." Lisa blushed.

"I just wanted to know what a man’s thing looks like," she muttered.

"well I sometimes think about you. You are real sexy and sometimes I wonder how it would be to Have sex with you," Tim said. "hey don’t worry I'm not going to rape you or hurt you or anything,"

He added when he felt her tense up. Lisa thought about it. "so you don’t think it’s wrong?" She asked. "no, I don’t" Tim replied. "you know, I have an idea. Why don’t we make a family history? That

Way we can find out how it happened. We could start tomorrow by visiting aunt sally to ask her About it."

"oh! That’s a great idea." Lisa exclaimed. Tim smiled.

"good, we’ll do it then." He tucked her under the covers and added. "now get some sleep. We’ll Have to be up early tomorrow if we want to go to aunt sally’s."

The next morning lisa couldn’t wait to get to her aunt’s. "when are we leaving?" She asked Tim During breakfast. "as soon as you let me finish my breakfast." Tim said with a grin on his face.

"hurry up then." Lisa said impatiently. Tim smiled and gave her a hug. "don’t worry we’ll get there."

"where are you two going?" Their mother, Tammy, asked.

"oh, I promised to take lisa to the fair." Tim lied. He finished his breakfast and went out with lisa. "they look a lot like us don’t they." Tammy said to her husband, john, as she watched them going Out of the door.

"yes they sure do," he replied. Suddenly a worried look appeared on Tammy’s face. "you don’t think they..." "like us? No. Tim has enough on his hands with that hot blonde he has been dating for the last Three years. You know, Ellen what’s her name." John replied.

"yes, you’re right. You think he gets into her pants?" Tammy asked.

"if he’s anything like me, he is in her pants at least once day," john said with a grin on his face.

Tim and lisa arrived at their aunt sally’s house a few hours later. Sally opened the door and let Them in. "hi kids, do you want something to drink?" She asked.

"yes, thank you," they both said. Sally went into the kitchen and came back with some drinks. When they were all seated she looked at them."so what brings you here all the way from the city?"

Tim looked at his sister, who nodded, and said. "well last night lisa was looking in the family Bible. And then we discovered that mom and dad are... Ehhh... Well are... Ehhh."

"brother and sister." Sally finished his sentence.

"yes, that’s it." Tim acknowledged, "we have decided to make a family history to find out how it All happened." "I see." Sally replied. "well, we used to live on a farm you see. The nearest neighbours were miles Away so we didn’t have any other kids to play with. We played with each other. Well, one thing lead To another and sex became part of it. In fact where we lived it wasn’t all that uncommon for girls to Marry an uncle or nephew who got them into trouble. I’m married to my cousin, although he didn’t Get me into trouble until after we married. I guess that what I'm trying to say is that people on the Farms out there didn’t think much of having sex with a close relative. So nobody said anything About it when your mother and father got involved with each other."

"but why didn’t they tell us?" Lisa asked.

"that’s because your parents moved to the city. People have strong convictions against incest there. Your parents didn’t want you to get hurt so they decided it was best to pretend that they were a Normally married couple. That is also the reason why they never come to the family reunions." A Faraway look appeared in her eyes as she added. "it was on one of those reunions that I got fucked By my husband for the first time."

She took a sip of her drink and said, "i’ll tell you what happened."

Unaware of the eyes in the bushes following her every move, sally undressed. It was a sweltering Day and the fourteen year old had decided to go for a swim. When she finished undressing she Cupped her breasts in her hands and examined them. The big round globes seemed to be on fire. The long pointy nipples ached to be touched. She moved her hands to her nipples, pinching and Twisting them.

"ohhhhhhh!!!! You are dirty little girl!!" She moaned lustfully. She pushed one of her tits towards Her mouth and tried to lick the nipple. "damn!!!! I wish someone would suck on my nipples!!!" She cried when her efforts were Unsuccessful. Frustrated she pulled her nipples outwards hard, as if she was trying to make them Longer. Highly aroused she laid down in the sand. With one hand she continued to toy with her Nipples while she brought the other hand to her cunt and started to play with it.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!!!" She moaned as she dipped her finger in her wet slippery cunt. Each thrust of her Finger up her virgin fuck hole sent a jolt of electricity through her body and made her gasp. A Raging fire built up in her body as she touched her hot throbbing clit. Squeezing her thighs around Her hand, sally rocked her hips up and down, fucking herself on her twisting finger. Images of male Family members with rock-hard, giant, hot dicks filled her mind

"ohhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!!! Fuck me!!!!!!!" She moaned as she imagined her male relatives Fucking her one after the other, filling her hot hungry hole with their meat. Ramming their poles all The way into her cunt until they were in her womb, then filling her to the brim with their scorching Hot sperm. She added another finger to the one already in her cunt and franticly humped up and Down on them, fucking them with her tight virgin pussy. Hot juices seeped from her steaming twat, Leaking down the crack of her ass, leaving a wet stain in the sand. With her other hand she caressed The soft silky skin of her tits and belly, trying to extinguish the fire that was raging within her.

"ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Godddddddd!!!!!! Somebody fuck meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!" She Cried. Now, she was ramming three fingers into her cunt, trying to mimic the feeling of a thick hard Cock going in and out of it. Her other hand went to her clit and started to violently pinch and pull The red-hot little knob, sending herself over the edge.

"i"m cominggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as her orgasm erupted, wracking her body With spasms, sending streams of fire through her brain. The fire finally extinguished, she collapsed On the ground. The hot sand quenching the last fires in her body. "mmmhhhh." She sighed, satisfied, as the last spasms of her orgasm ran through her body.

A loud crashing sound, behind her, caught sally’s attention. She turned around and saw her cousin Rolling through the bushes towards her. He had tripped over a branch while he tried to get a closer Look at the masturbating girl and now was lying flat on his face in front of her. "richard! What are you doing?" Sally cried out in surprise. Quickly richard stood up.

"I ehhh... I..." He stuttered. But sally was not listening. She was looking at the enormous hardon That was hanging out of his pants. It was at least eight inches long. Richard’s head turned a deep Shade of red when he saw what sally was looking at. "ohhh god!!!!! I ehhh..." He mumbled as he tried to stuff his meat back into his pants. Sally Stopped him.

"ohhh!!! That’s a nice cock!!!" Tentatively she stuck her hand out and touched the head of his Cock. "it’s so big!!!" She sighed. She wrapped her little hand around the shaft and started to stroke up and Down as she had seen her brother do when she spied on him.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!!!!" Richard moaned. He couldn’t believe that his cousin was Jacking him off. "does it feel good?" Sally asked with a little girl’s voice. "it feels fucking great!" Richard replied. "but it would feel even better if you sucked on it."

"what do you mean?" Sally asked surprised.

"take it in your mouth and suck on it!" Richard groaned in reply. Sally felt unsure about it.

Hesitantly she stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of his cock with it. When she found that it Didn’t taste bad she got bolder and started to lick all around the head.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!! Suck on it!!!!!!" Richard groaned. After licking the Head of his cock for a while she opened her mouth and started swallowing his cock. When she was About halfway down she started bobbing her head up and down his cock, using her tongue to lick The shaft and cockhead. With her hands she started to fondle her cousin’s balls. It was driving the Boy crazy.

"ohhhhhh!!!!! Godddddddd!!!! You are going to make me shoot my Load!!!!!" He exclaimed when he felt his balls contract. He came with a load groan, shooting his Hot sperm in sally’s mouth. Sally yanked her head off his dick in surprise when the first shot of his Sperm hit the back of her throat. The second shot hit her in the face covering it with sperm. The rest Landed on her tits and belly.

"oh boy! That was awesome!" Richard said when he was finished cumming. Sally licked her lips And then said "yes but next time I want it all in my mouth." Richard looked at her cum covered Body and grinned. "yes you are a mess!"

"well why don’t you do something about it?" Sally retorted. Still grinning richard took a Handkerchief out of his pocket and started to wipe sally clean.

"no! No! I want you to lick me clean." Sally cried.

"you want what?"

Sally shook her head and sighed, "I want you to lick me clean."

Richard nodded. Tentatively he began licking sally’s body. When he found that his sperm didn’t Taste bad he began to lick with more vigour. First he licked her face clean, pausing at her ears to Nibble on them. Then he began to lick her tits with long broad strokes.

"ohhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!! Lick my tits!!!!! Suck my nipples!!!!!!" Sally moaned. Richard carefully Licked her tits clean and then sucked on her nipples. After a while he let go of her tits and started to Lick his way down to her pussy. Sally was shivering and moaning with every touch of his tongue.

Richard licked every inch of her belly, making sure that he didn’t miss a spot. He stopped at her Belly-button and gave it some special attention, making sally giggle. Then he continued on his way Down to her centre of delight. When he arrived at her pussy he stopped.

"you’re clean," he said with a grin.

"good! Now lick my pussy!" Sally groaned. Richard grinned.

"you have beautiful thighs," he said as he stuck his head between her legs. He started to lick and Kiss the inside of her thighs, making sure not to touch her pussy. The teasing touches of his tongue, Making her fire burn higher and higher without the promise of release, was driving sally wild.

"oh god! You are driving me crazy. Please lick my cunt! Please!!!!!" She cried.

"your wish is my command," richard said as a smile split his face from ear to ear. He gave her Pussy a kiss and then started to probe every fold with his tongue until he found the entrance to her Cunt.

"ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Godddddddddddddd!!!!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!" Sally shouted When he shoved his tongue into her tight virgin hole. It was the first time that something else then Her own fingers had penetrated her tight cunt and she felt ready to explode. Richard probed her cunt With his tongue until he hit her hymen. Then he took his tongue out and replaced it with his finger. He started to finger fuck her slowly, sending streams of fire through her body. Sally was shaking all Over as the tremors of an impending orgasm swept over her body. Richard added a second finger to The one that was already fucking her steaming hot pussy. He brought his tongue to her clit and Started to suck and lick her pleasure button while he kept shoving his fingers in and out of her cunt.

This was too much for sally.

"ohhhhhhh!!! Goddddddd!!! Yesssss!!! Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" She Screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her.

"jeez, that was my best orgasm ever" she sighed when she finally came back to earth.

"glad you liked it," richard replied. Sally smiled. She gave his dick, which was hard as a rock Again, a kiss and said. "now fuck me!"

"are you sure? You are still a virgin." Richard replied.

"I know and now I want you to do something about it. Fuck me!" Sally retorted. Richard nodded.

He knelt between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. With one push he Shoved half of his dick into her cunt and through her cherry. Sally let out a small scream as his Massive organ tore through her hymen.

"are you alright." Richard asked with a concerned look on his face. Sally managed to grin. "yes, Just wait a while until my pussy gets used to having that baseball-bat inside." A few minutes later The pain subsided and she told richard that he could fuck her now. Richard pulled back a bit and Then, with one stroke, shoved his swollen cock into her pussy until he hit her cervix.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!!" They both moaned, when his cock was all the way in. Richard started fucking lisa With a slow rhythm, taking his cock almost all the way out and then shoving it all the way back in Again. Her hot virgin cunt gave pleasure beyond belief.

"ohhh god!!! Your pussy is so fucking tight!!" He moaned. Sally felt like her whole body was on Fire. Jolts of electricity were shooting through her body from the tip of her toes to the top of her Head. Richard changed his tempo and started to fuck her with short quick jabs, driving the fire in Her to heights she had never experienced before.

"ooooohhhh...yes...ooooohhhh... Fuck me harder!!! Do it!! Fuck meeeeee!!!" Sally

Moaned. Richard started to speed up and soon he was pounding her like a jackhammer. Sally Started moaning louder as her orgasm drew near.

"oh god!!! Oh god!!! Ooooohhhh goddddddddddd!!! Yeaaaaa!!!!!" She screamed As her orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer. Richard started to pound even harder as he neared his Own orgasm.

"" ooooohhhh! ... Ooooohhhh!!! Ooooohhhh yes ...I'm cumminggggggg!!!" He shouted.

He buried his dick deep within her pussy, spraying his cum into her cunt. Feeling richard cum Inside her, made sally orgasm for the second time.

A big silence followed when sally was finished with her story. She stood up and collected the Glasses. Then she went to the kitchen to fill them.

"that was a hot story," Tim said when she returned. Sally smiled.

"glad you liked it," she replied. A grin appeared on her face as she added "you know, I think I still Have photos from those days." She collected some photo-albums and showed them to Tim and lisa.

"how about this one?" She said showing them a photo of two teens, fucking.

"ohhhhhhh!!! Godddddd!!!!!" Lisa gasped when she saw that the teens in the photo were her Parents.

"yes, they look hot!" Tim said. He looked at his aunt and added. "can we use your story and some Of those photos for our family history?"

Sally smiled. "yes you can. You know what? If you collect stories and photos from the rest of the Family i’ll ask my husband to print it like a real book. Then we can give it to everyone at the next Family reunion."

"but you said my parents don’t want to go to those reunions." Tim said.

"I know. But once they find out you know that they are brother and sister, and you will have to tell Them sometime, they will love to go." Sally replied

"I think it is a great idea," lisa said.

"yes, you’re right." Tim agreed.

"good you can start by going to your grandparents." Sally said. Tim and lisa agreed.

That night Tim put lisa to bed. "tomorrow we’ll go to our grandparents," he said as he tucked Her in. He gave her a kiss and went to the door.

"Tim?" Lisa said as he was leaving the room.


"do you really think I'm sexy?"

"yes, you are," Tim replied as he turned off the lights.



"can I see your thing?"

"I don’t know," Tim muttered.

"please!" Lisa begged.

Tim considered it. His parents had gone to a party, and their Eight year old sister, tina, had gone to bed hours ago, so it Was unlikely that they would get into trouble. ‘oh what the Hell,’ he thought. He turned the light back on and sat down on Her bed.

"it’s called a cock or dick or penis."

"ok. Can I see your cock?" Lisa asked

"ok sis," Tim said as he took his dick out of his pants.

"ohhh!!! It’s so big!!" Lisa exclaimed when his cock came into View. Tentatively she reached out with her little hand and Touched it. When nothing bad happened she brought her other hand To his cock too, and started to examine it.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!" Tim groaned. The eleven year Old’s little hands, roaming over his cock, had him almost ready To cum.

"does that feel good?" Lisa asked with an innocent voice.

"ohhhh yes sis!!! But it will feel even better if you move your Hands up and down." Tim moaned. He took her hands into his and Showed her how to jack him off. Lisa started to rub his cock With vigour. The knowledge that she could make her brother feel Good made her feel all grown up. Tim was lost in a haze of lust.

"ohhh!!! Yessss!!!!! That’s it!!! You are going to make me Cum!!!!" He moaned.

"is the white and sticky stuff going to come out?" Lisa asked.

Tim nodded. "put it in your mouth and suck on it," he groaned. Lisa seemed to be unsure if she should follow tim’s last instruction "suck on it?" She mumbled.

"oh god!!! Yes!!! Suck on it!!!" Tim yelled. Slowly lisa brought Her face to his dick and took the head of it in her mouth. When She found that it didn’t taste bad she started to suck and lick It. That was too much for Tim.

"oooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed as He shot jet after jet of his hot semen into his little sister’s Mouth. Lisa tried to swallow all of it, but there was just too Much. It came out of the corners of her mouth and started to Drip down her chin.

"did you like that?" She asked when Tim was finished cumming.

Tim took her in his arms and kissed her. "I loved it," he said.

He grinned and added, "I think you missed some."

He started to lick her face clean, finishing with a passionate Kiss. After a while Tim broke off their kiss and said. "I love You sis and I want to make you feel good too. Would you like That?"

"yes. What are you going to do?" Lisa asked nervously.

"don’t worry, you are going to love it." Tim replied as he Removed her night-shirt. Then he removed her panties and sat Back to look at her. He admired the two small mounds on her Chest. He admired the nipples on them, pointing out proudly. He Admired her flat belly and her bald, preteen cunt. "oh god sis, You are so beautiful!" He gasped, entranced by the sight before Him. He bent over and started to suck on the little girl’s nipples, Sending streams of fire through her body.

"ohhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!! Goodddddd!!!!!" She moaned. After a While tim’s mouth left her nipples and started its journey Downwards to her cunt, kissing and licking every inch of her Eleven year old body on the way. Lisa moaned, gasped and giggled Each time tim’s tongue found one of her sensitive spots.

"like it sis?" Tim asked with a smile.

"ohhhhhh yes!!!!!!!" Lisa sighed.

"well, it’s going to get even better," tom said as he stuck his Tongue in her cunt. Lisa nearly jumped of the bed when his Tongue entered her virgin cunt, setting her body on fire.

"oohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Godddddddddd!!!!!!!!" She screamed. Tim Started to lick his sister’s preteen cunt with long broad Strokes; touching her clit on the end of each stroke. With his Hand he started to caress the crack of her ass. He found her Anus and started to rub the tight opening. Lisa was in heaven.

She had never felt anything like this before. Tim pushed his Finger into his sister’s ass and started to fuck her with it. "ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" The eleven year old cried as she felt His finger invade her virgin ass. She started to push her ass Back on his finger in an attempt to get more of it in her anal Passage. Tim put a finger in her cunt and finger fucked both her Virgin holes at the same time. Pushing one finger in while he Pulled the other one out, making sure that one of her holes Always had a finger in it. At the same time he took her clit Into his mouth and started to suck on it. Lisa went through the Roof.

"ooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" She screamed as the biggest orgasm of her Life came crashing down on her. Tim was licking her cunt as fast As he could, trying to drink all of the delicious fluid her Virgin cunt was squirting into his mouth.

When her orgasm died down Tim kissed her and said. "well how did You like your orgasm."

"oh it was wonderful!" Lisa exclaimed. She got a serious look on Her face and added, "are you going to fuck me now?"

Tim smiled. "do you want me to?" He asked. Lisa nodded.

"ok, but it might hurt a bit the first time." Tim said. When he Saw the scared look on her face he hugged her and added. "we do Not have to fuck, you know."

Lisa nodded. "I want to fuck, but I'm scared," she replied.

"i’ve go an idea," Tim said. "why don’t you sit on top of me And put my dick in your pussy yourself. That way you are in Control."

"ok," lisa said with a smile. She knelt above his cock and put The head at the entrance of her cunt. She pushed down and the Head of his cock shot into her tight, virgin, pussy. Almost Immediately it hit her hymen and lisa stopped pushing.

"it won’t go any further," she said with a disappointed look on Her face.

"yes it will," Tim said, "it’s blocked by your hymen. You have To push real hard to get it through. That’s the part that will Hurt a bit. It’s something all girls have to go through on their First fuck."

Lisa nodded. She lifted her herself up a bit and then with one Mighty push rammed herself down on his cock until it hit her Cervix. She let out a small scream when his dick tore through Her hymen.

"are you ok sis?" Tim asked with some concern in his voice.

"yes. I feel stuffed. But it is ok." Lisa replied. She looked Down and saw that she still had a bit more cock to fit into her Cunt.

"you’re still not all the way in," she complained.

Tim laughed. "it can’t go any further sis. I’m at the entrance Of your womb. You would have to push it through your cervix into Your womb to get it all in," he said.

"oh good," lisa said. She pushed down hard and suddenly his cock Shot through her cervix.

"ooooohhhhwwwwww!!!!!" She cried as the last part of his dick Disappeared into her cunt. Tears appeared in her eyes. A wave of Excruciating pain shot through her body as his cock entered her Womb.

"oh god sis!!! Are you all right!!" Tim screamed as he tried to Pull her off his dick.

Lisa stopped him. "I'm ok," she said. "I just have to wait a Little until my pussy is used to your dick."

After a while the pain went away and she started to bob up and Down on his cock.

"ohhhhh!!! Goddd!!!!! Your cunt is so fucking tight!!!!

Ohhhhh!!!!!! Fuck my cock with your cunt!!!!!! Do it!!!!!" Tim Moaned. He put his hands on her ass and started to fuck her Back.

"ohhhhh!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!! I can feel you in my womb!!!!!!!"

Lisa moaned. She could feel her orgasm nearing and started to Bounce up and down his cock as hard as she could. "stick your Finger in my ass and fuck me with it while your cock fucks my Cunt!!!!!!" She cried.

Tim shoved a finger into her ass and stared to fuck her with it.

"oohhhhhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!! I’m fucking your ass with my Finger and your cunt with my cock!!!!!!!!" He screamed. They Fucked each other franticly, working towards their orgasm. Tim Added another finger to the one that was already in his eleven Year old sister’s ass and finger fucked her backdoor with all His might. This was too much for lisa. She came with an ear Piercing scream. Her body started to convulse uncontrollably as Wave after wave of intense pleasure scorched her body. Her cunt Clamped down on tim’s dick taking him over the edge too.

"ooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! I’m Cumminggggg!!!!!!!!" He screamed as he planted his seed directly Into her womb.

When lisa tried to get off his dick, after their orgasm had died Down, Tim realized that he still had two fingers buried in her Ass.

"you sure are one horny bitch," he said with a grin as he pulled Them out.

Lisa blushed. "I really like having you fuck my ass with your Fingers," she replied.

"so you like something up your ass?" Tim murmured.

"yes, it’s nice," lisa replied

"just nice?" Tim said teasingly.

"hmmmmm. Very nice." Lisa replied, as she cuddled up to him.

Exhausted they fell asleep.

The next morning Tim woke up in lisa’s bed. She gave him a kiss And said, "thanks."

"for what?". Tim replied.

Lisa smiled. "for waking up with me."

Tim started to get up and said, "well I better go to my own room Before mom and dad find us like this." Lisa pulled him back in To the bed and started to kiss him passionately.

"we’d better stop before we start something we can’t stop." Tim Groaned.

"I don’t mind starting things." Lisa giggled.

"parents!" Tim reminded her.

"spoil sport!" Lisa pouted as she turned away from him.

Tim smiled. "see you at breakfast," he said as he left the room.

The stupid grin on her face and the funny walk as she came Downstairs announced lisa’s secret to the world.

"who is the lucky boy?" Tammy asked.

Lisa blushed. "no one," she mumbled.

"ohhh, come on tell me." Tammy insisted.

John stopped her saying, "leave the girl alone. She’ll tell us When she is ready."

"you’re no fun!" Tammy pouted.

John grinned. "I know. That’s why you stayed with me all those Years." Tim and lisa gave each other a knowing look.

"did lisa do it with a boy?" Tina asked innocently. Lisa’s face Turned bright red.

"that’s none of your business!!" She hissed. She and Tim ate Their breakfast in silence and left as quickly as possible.

"phew!! That was close!". Lisa said when they were in the car.

"yes, we’ve got to tell them soon, before they find out by Themselves," Tim replied. He put his arm around lisa and said, "I love you."

Lisa smiled. "I love you too," she replied.

"I have been expecting you," terry (grandma foster) said as she Opened the door for lisa and Tim.

"your aunt sally called me yesterday evening," she added when She saw their surprised look. She ushered them into the living Room and got them something to drink.

"sally told me that you two are working on a family-history,"

She said when everybody was comfortable. Tim and lisa nodded and Explained everything that had happened during the last few days.

"so you two are lovers now," terry concluded when they finished Their story. A grin spread across her face as she added, "your Parents will have a heart-attack when they find out you followed In their footsteps."

"I hope not," lisa mumbled.

"don’t worry. I’m sure they will be very pleased with it once They get over the initial shock." Terry replied. She took a sip Of her drink and said. "I guess you want to hear my story." Lisa And Tim nodded. A thoughtful look appeared on terry’s face.

"now lets see. Six years before I was born my father’s parents Died, leaving him and his six year old brother as orphans. They Had four other brothers and sisters but they were all married And out of the house. My father was eighteen at the time. He Decided to quit school and work on the farm, so he could take Care of his little brother. Two years later my father got Married and two years after that I was born. Because we were the Only kids on the farm my father’s brother and I were always very Close. And by the time I was twelve he fucked me for the first Time. I think it was in the summer of 1943. He probably got me Pregnant that day, because I missed my next period." She smiled And added, "I guess you can say that is how we discovered anal Sex."

"what do you mean?" Tim asked.

"well at that time I didn’t want another baby and in those days The only way to practice birth control was not fucking. So I Told my uncle that he couldn’t fuck me anymore. Of course he Kept begging me to let him fuck me. In the end I decided to let Him fuck me in the ass."

"oh come on terry, let me fuck you. Please!" Tom begged the thirteen year old girl that was sucking on his dick.

Terry pulled his dick out of her mouth and said, "no, tom. I Don’t want to get pregnant again. You know that."

"please! I’ll pull out before I cum," tom whined.

"yes, sure. Just like you promised to do the last time you got Me pregnant," terry retorted.

Tom sighed and sat down next to her. "I know. It’s just that I Really want to fuck you," he said.

"I do, too," terry said, her resolve wavering. She wanted to Fuck him but she didn’t want to get pregnant again. Then she got An idea.

"perhaps we can try something else," she said.

"what?" Tom asked.

"well, I heard from one of the girls at school that she lets her Boyfriend fuck her in the ass. Perhaps we can try that." Terry Replied.

Tom looked stunned. "are you sure?" He exclaimed.

Terry grinned. She sat down on all fours and said. "well, what Are you waiting for?" Tom smiled. He knelt down behind her and Put the head of his dick against her anus.

"here it comes honey," he said as he started to push. Slowly his Dick started to disappear in the thirteen year old’s ass.

"ohhh yes!!!! Fuck my ass!!!" Terry groaned. Tom started to fuck Terry’s tight ass with slow, long strokes; taking his dick Almost all the way out and pushing it all the way back in again With each stroke.

"ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Goddddddddd!!!!!!!! Your ass is so fucking Tight!!!!!!" He moaned. Terry rammed two fingers in her cunt and Started to finger fuck herself.

"oohhhh!!! Godddddddd!!!!!!! Fuck me!!!! Fuck my ass!!! Do it Harder!!! Fuck meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed. Tom started to Fuck the thirteen year old at top speed; ramming his cock into Her ass with full force.

"ooooohhhhhh!!!!!!! Goddddddddd!!!!!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!

Tear my shitter apart with that cock!!!!" Terry screeched while She rammed her fingers in and out of her cunt. Tom was hammering His cock in and out of her ass without mercy."ohhhhh!!!! Yesssss!!!!! Fuck yourself with your fingers while I Fuck your ass with my cock!!!" He cried. He grabbed terry’s tits And started to pull on her nipples. This took terry over the Edge.

"ooohhhhh!!!! Fuck!!!!!!! Yessss!!!!!!!!!

Cumingggggggggggg!!!!!!!" The thirteen year old screamed as her Orgasm hit her. Her body became rigid and her anus clamped down On tom’s cock making it almost impossible for him to move. He Felt his balls boil and rammed his cock in as deep as he could.

"ooohhhhhh!!!!!! Jezusssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Yessssss!!!!!!!!! I’m Going to cum in your ass!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Goddddddddd!!!!!!!! I’m cumingggggggg!!!!!!!!" He shouted as he Sprayed his semen into her bowels. He kept cumming for what Seemed to be hours.

"ohhhh!!!!! Yesss!!!!!! Ohhhh!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!

Yesssss!!!!!" He chanted as he shot strand after strand of his Sperm into terry’s ass. The pleasure became too much for terry And she passed out. Oblivious to it all, tom kept pissing his Sperm into her bowels until his orgasm finally died down.

"did you like it?" Tom asked terry when she came back to earth.

"I don’t think i’ll be able to shit for a week." Terry replied,

Her face still glowing from pleasure. They both laughed.

A smile appeared on terry’s face as she relived her memories. She looked at Tim and lisa and said. "well, we both liked it a lot and it became our favourite position, even after we decided to have more children."

"now there is just one more problem I have got to solve," Tim said on the way back from their grandparent’s. "what?" Lisa inquired.

"Ellen," Tim sighed. "we promised each other that we would get Married and have babies. I still want to do that, but the Problem is that I want to do that with you too."

"ohhhh really?" Lisa cried out as she started hugging and Kissing him.

"hey! Watch what you’re doing!" Tim exclaimed when the car Almost went off the road. Then he smiled and added, "yes really.

That is if you want to have my babies."

"at least two," lisa replied with tears in her eyes.

"hey, what’s wrong?" Tim asked when she started to cry.

Lisa didn’t answer. She pushed her head against his chest and Cried her eyes out.

"after we fucked last night I was worried about getting Pregnant," she sniffed when she finally stopped crying."but you just said that you want to have my babies," Tim said, Surprised.

Lisa smiled. She gave him a look full of love and said, "yes, But I didn’t know if you wanted them too."

Tim gave her a kiss and said "well I do." Then he cursed as the Car almost went off the road again. He stopped the car and took Lisa into his arms."I love you sis, and I want to have lots of babies with you," he Said.

"well we better go and tell Ellen then," lisa concluded.

"together? Right now?" Tom said confused.

"yes. Together and right now," lisa answered.



"oh, it’s my favourite hunk," Ellen said, when she saw Tim standing at the front door. She hugged him and gave him a passionate kiss.

"hi, Ellen. We have got to talk. Can we come in?" Tim said to her. Ellen gave him a surprised look.

"sure, we can talk in my room." Then she saw lisa standing beside Tim and her look became even more questioning as she led them in.

"so, what’s up?" She asked when they were in her room.

"eh.. Well.. Ehh.. I have eh.. Got to tell you something," Tim stuttered as they sat down on her bed.

"what?" Ellen asked impatiently.

"well eh.. I eh.." Tim started.

"we are going to make a baby together!" Lisa interrupted him.

"you two are going to make a baby?" Ellen croaked after a long silence. Unable to speak Tim just nodded.

"but what about me?" Ellen cried.

"well tell her," lisa said, poking Tim in his side when he didn’t speak up. Tim cleared his throat and started to tell Ellen what had happened to him and lisa the last few days. He told her that his parents were brother and sister and how that had affected his life.

"so that’s how lisa and I ended up having sex," he said, finishing his story. "and now I have a problem. You see I still want to marry you and have babies with you, but I want to do that with lisa, too."

A little smile appeared on ellen’s face. Without saying anything she leaned back against the wall and gave Tim a long hard look.

"well you can marry me, and lisa can live with us. That would solve your problem," she said after a little while.

Tim looked stunned. He had expected tears, crying, screaming, but nothing like this. He tried to say something but the words wouldn’t come.

Ellen put took his hand in hers and said, "I guess I have to make a confession too." She pulled her legs onto the bed and continued, "I have been fucking with my father since I was ten."

"you what!" Tim exclaimed

"are you mad at me?" Ellen asked with a trembling voice when she saw the look on his face.

Tim calmed down a bit. He hugged her and said, "no, how can I be mad at you fucking your father when I'm fucking my sister. I was just surprised, that’s all." He gave her a kiss and added, "how did it happen?"

Ellen blushed and giggled a bit. "well, it is a bit of a silly story. You see the first time my father fucked me was by accident. He didn’t even know he was fucking me at first. It happened one night when there was a big thunderstorm. And you know how I hate thunderstorms."

Tim nodded and smiled. "yes I will never forget the day you jumped into my arms." He said.

Ellen grinned. "ok. I admit that thunderstorms have some good qualities too."

Lisa gave them a puzzled look.

"I was at a game with the high school football team when lightning struck. Ellen was there too. The thunder scared the hell out of her and she jumped into the arms of the person who was standing closed to her, which just happened to be me. So there I was, thirteen years old with a squirming sixteen year old in my arms pushing her breasts in my face. I almost came in my pants," Tim explained.

"no you didn’t. You were far too surprised to do anything but just stand there," Ellen giggled.

Tim smiled. "well you managed to make me cum in my pants on our second date."

"I wouldn’t call a frightened girl jumping into your arms a date," lisa remarked.

"I wouldn’t either. It’s just that our first real date turned

Out to be a real disaster," Tim replied

"how is that?" Lisa asked.

"I guess you could say that it was my fault," Ellen said. "I figured that Tim would brag about me jumping into his arms. So when I arrived at school the next morning I expected everybody to know about it. But Tim hadn’t said a word. I figured I owed him one, so I decided to give him something to brag about. I took him out on a date. I made sure we visited all the places where his friends would be so they could see who his date was. After a few hours Tim still hadn’t tried anything, so I said to him ‘you know usually boys try to make out with a girl when they are on a date.’ he gave me one of those funny looks and replied, ‘I really appreciate you taking me on a date, but you don’t have to pretend that you want to make out with me.’ that pissed me off big time. I threw him out of the car and drove home.

"by the time I got home I started to feel guilty. He was right I had only taken him on a date because I thought I owed him one and because I thought it would be funny to have a thirteen year old brag about me. But unlike your average horny young male, who would have been all over me, Tim saw right through it and didn’t try anything. I didn’t understand it and spent the whole night thinking about it. They next day I picked Tim up, when he was walking home from school and drove him to the lake. Then I apologised and told him that I really wanted to make out with him. Well, he must have been really horny because, when I said that, he shot his load in his pants."

"yeah, well, I had been cursing myself all night for shooting my mouth off instead of making out with you," Tim said. "so when you picked me up the next day, I decided that whatever happened I was going to make out with you. By the time we got to the lake I was so hard and ready that I just lost it." Ellen and Tim both smiled and kissed each other.

Tim pulled lisa close to him and said to her, "you know I just thought of something. We haven’t been on a proper date yet." Then he gave her a kiss and added, "do you want to go on a date with me?" Lisa blushed.

"I would love to go on a date with you," she whispered. She cuddled up to Tim and then said to Ellen, "so what about your father?"

"oh yes where was I?" Ellen replied. She lay down and put her

Head in tim’s lap. "ehmm... Well the thunder really scared me so

I went to my parents’ room and crawled in bed with them. There

Is one thing you should know. My parents sleep naked and so do

I. So when I cuddled up to my father there was no way I was going to miss it if something came up." Ellen laughed at her own joke and then continued.

"anyway sometime during the night my father got a wet dream and I felt his cock become hard against my leg. After a while he began to make fucking motions and his cock slipped between my legs. It was real funny, feeling his cock sliding in and out between my legs. And then ,and I still don’t know why, I took his cock in my hands and put it against my pussy. I guess I did it because I had spied on him fucking mom a few times and seen him put his cock in her pussy. But at the time I didn’t think about those things. I just grabbed his cock and held it against my pussy. At that moment my father moved his hips and shoved his cock halfway up my cunt. It hurt like hell. In fact it hurt so much I thought I was going to die. I screamed so loud it must have woken up the whole neighbourhood. But not my father. When he is asleep you can fire a cannon right next to him without ever waking him up. That would have been it if my mother had not been woken up by my screams. I would have never let anyone put anything in my pussy again. But fortunately my mother woke up and I was spared the trauma and frustration. She immediately saw what was wrong and woke up my father by slapping him in the face. ‘huh, what. What are you hitting me for?’ he grumbled when he finally woke up. ‘I thought that you wanted to be awake when you fucked your daughter for the first time,’ my mother replied, pointing at the spot were his cock disappeared into my pussy." Ellen’s eyes twinkled and a big smile appeared on her face as she continued.

"I have never seen my father so scared in his life. It was really comical and I started to laugh. But not for long. He yanked his dick out of my pussy and I screamed again. It hurt almost as much as when it went in. Well my parents cuddled and comforted me, and my daddy said that he was sorry that he hurt me. Then they told me about sex and that little girls were not supposed to have sex, especially not with their fathers. Well they didn’t need to convince me. After what happened I didn’t want to have anything to do with sex.

"I guess my mom was worried about that, because a few days later she bought me a vibrator and showed me how to use it, telling me that sex could feel really good if you know what you are doing. Even though I didn’t believe her, I was curious enough to play with the vibrator. After about a week I got enough courage to put it in my pussy. At first it just felt strange, but after a while a started to feel good. I started to push it in and out of my pussy like mommy showed me and suddenly I went off like a rocket. That decided it. Mom was right, sex feels really good. I decided that I wanted to try out a real dick. Preferably the dick of my father. For the next few weeks I tried to get my father to notice me. I guess you can say that I tried to be sexy for him. Apparently it worked because, after I had done this for a few weeks, my mother suddenly sent me out of the kitchen during dinner. About fifteen minutes later my father came to get me. He picked me up and carried me back into the kitchen. Then he put me in his lap and said, ‘do you want to fuck with your daddy?’ I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded. ‘ok. You can sleep with us tonight.’ my daddy said. I didn’t eat after that;

I was just too nervous. I kept asking my parents when we were

Going to bed. After a while my father got tired of it. He put me

Under his arms and carried me to their bedroom saying, ‘right

Now honey.’ fifteen minutes later he fucked me for the first

Time. I had three orgasms before he came and when I felt him cum

In my pussy I came for the fourth time. It was then that I

Decided that I wanted to have my father’s baby. I also decided

To wait until I had finished school"

She kissed Tim and said, "but then I met you. I still fuck with my father, but I didn’t want to cheat on you by having his baby."

Tim stroked her hair and said, " I think it is wonderful that you want to have a baby with your father. You can have as many babies with him as you want." He curled up her hair in his fingers and said, "do you want to marry me?"

"you know I want to." Ellen replied.

"no I mean do you want to marry me?" Tim insisted.

"you mean right now?" Ellen said surprised.

"well I don’t think right now is practical, but in a few months so we have time to arrange everything." Tim replied.

"oh my." Ellen croaked. "I mean yes." She corrected herself.

"good, i’ll ask your father then." Tim said as he kissed a tear from her cheek. Then he turned to lisa and said "and you, do you want to marry me?".

"brothers and sisters can’t marry." Lisa replied.

Tim smiled. "I know, and I also know that I can’t marry two girls at the same time, but I want to marry you anyway. So do you want to marry me?"

"oh yes!" Lisa cried as she hugged him.

Then she hugged Ellen and cried. "I'm going to get married."

"me too, kiddo." Ellen replied. She raised her head and kissed lisa on the lips. Lisa replied likewise and thrust her tongue into ellen’s mouth. Tim joined them and a passionate hugging and kissing session ensued. After a while Ellen started to work on the buttons of lisa’s blouse. Lisa did the same and moments later the girls were hurriedly undressing each other. When they were nude they resumed their kissing as their hands started their wondrous journey towards each other’s centre of joy. In the meantime Tim had taken his cock out of his pants and was slowly stroking it as he watched the girls make out. The girls moaned as their breasts mashed together, heating their passion.

"ohhh god. Fuck me with your fingers." Ellen moaned when she felt lisa’s hand touching her pussy. Then she took her own advice and plunged two fingers into lisa’s cunt. Their heat rising, the girls rolled around on the bed, finger fucking each other’s cunt with unbridled passion. Needing to release her pent-up emotions, lisa pushed Ellen back onto the bed.

"eat my cunt!" She demanded as sat down on the other girl’s face. Then she bent over and stuck her tongue into ellen’s pussy, searching for the source of the delicious juices that were flowing from her cunt.

"ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" Ellen moaned into lisa’s pussy when lisa speared her tongue into her tight fuckhole. Vigorously she started to suck the juice out of lisa’s preteen cunt, her tongue snaking around every fold, trying to get as much the precious nectar flowing from lisa’s tight little fuckhole as she could. The sight of the two girls making out had made Tim extremely horny and he wanted to fuck. For a moment he considered which of the holes available to him he would put his dick into. Then he grabbed lisa’s hips and shoved his cock into her tight preteen ass.

"hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" Lisa screeched as she felt a hard cock enter her anal passage for the first time in her life. Tim started to pound his cock in and out of her tight ass as fast and as hard as he could.

"oh yes!!!!! Fuck my ass!!!!!" Lisa cried. Then she shoved her tongue back into ellen’s cunt and tongue fucked the girl for all she was worth. Ellen did the same to her and the room was filled with the moans and cries of the three kids mating with each other. Tim was ramming his cock in and out of lisa’s tight, preteen ass like a madman.

"ohhhhhh!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Your ass is so tight!!!!!" He moaned. Lisa replaced her tongue with three fingers and started to finger fuck Ellen while her tongue went in search of ellen’s clit. Ellen did the same and just moments later they screamed in unison as their combined pleasure exploded into a gigantic orgasm. Their bodies seemed to melt together as the orgasm overtook them. They clawed and sucked and licked at each other’s body, feeling each other’s pleasure as if it was their own. Watching them having an orgasm took Tim over the edge too. He rammed his cock into lisa’s ass as far as it would go and spayed his semen into her bowels, hurling lisa into another orgasm. When he came down from his orgasm he let himself drop back onto the bed with a satisfied sigh. Then he watched as the girls continued to finger and lick each other through another series of orgasms.

That was how ellen’s father found them as he entered ellen’s room. He had heard screams coming from her room and had come to see what was wrong. But nothing could have prepared him for the sight before him.

"oh my god!!!" He cried when he saw Ellen and lisa in a sixty-nine position on the bed, eagerly lapping at each other’s cunt, with Tim lying beside them, cum still dripping from his cock. His cries brought Ellen back to reality.

"oh daddy! I’m going to marry Tim." She cried cheerfully when she saw her father standing there.

"with your permission, sir." Tim managed to say before Ellen continued.

Ellen jumped of the bed and hugged her father. "and, daddy, I want to have your baby," she sighed.

Things were going a bit too fast for her father. "eh what?" He said, surprised.

"I want your baby daddy," Ellen told him. "oh it’s ok. They know that I'm fucking you," she added when she saw her father looking at Tim and lisa.

"but... But..." Her father stammered, still not sure what was happening.

"it’s ok mr. Latimer." Tim said. "we are not going to tell anybody. In fact my sister and I are going to have a baby too."

Ellen’s father sighed and sat down on the bed. "I'm sorry but I don’t understand. What brought this all on?" He asked.

Ellen sat down next to him and explained everything. "so I'm going to marry Tim. And we can have a baby if you still want to."

Her father smiled. "you know I want to honey. I love you and there is nothing in the world that would make me more happy than making a baby with you."

Ellen put her hand on his crotch and rubbed his dick through his pants. "well what are you waiting for?" She said with a grin on her face. Her father stood up and practically ripped his clothes off. He pushed Ellen down on the bed and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt.

"get ready for my cock dear," he moaned. "I'm going to ram into your cunt and shoot so much sperm into your womb that you will have triplets."

"oh yes daddy!!! Do it!!! Fuck me hard!!!" Ellen encouraged him. Her father let out a low grunt as pushed his cock all the way into her cunt in one go. Lisa climbed onto her brother’s lap. His cock had got hard again just from the thought of watching Ellen fuck her father, and lisa slowly impaled herself on it. When tim’s cock was all the way in she started to bob up and down on it while she watched Ellen and her father mate. In the meantime ellen’s father had set up a slow rhythm; taking his cock all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in again.

"oh fuck!!! You’re so tight. I love your tight pussy, honey!!!" He moaned. He took ellen’s tits in his hands and started to squeeze and knead them.

"oooohhh yes, fuck me daddy! Oooooohhhhhhh yes, harder!!!!!!

Fuck me harder and make me cum!!!!!! Ellen moaned.

"oh yesss!!!!!! I’m fucking you honey!!!! I’m fucking your tight

Little cunt!!!!!!" Her father moaned in reply. He picked up speed and started to ram his dick in and out of ellen’s cunt with all his force. Ellen’s moans became screams as her orgasm drew near. Her father was pounding his cock into her cunt like a jackhammer.

"oh god!!!! Oh god!!!! Oooooohhhhh!!!!!! Godddddddddd!!!!!

Now!!!! Now!!!!! Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!" Ellen cried when her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her cunt, clamping down on his cock, took her father over the edge too.

"oh god!!!! Oooooohhhhhhhh godddddddddd!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!

I’m cummingggggggggg!!!!!" He shouted as he planted his seed into his daughter’s womb.

"ohhhhhh yesssss daddy!!! Fill me up with your sperm and make me

Pregnant" Ellen screamed when she felt her father’s semen entering her womb. A new wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her body each time her father shot another strand of his cum into her welcoming womb.

"ohhhh yessss!!! Ohhhh yessss!!! Ohhhh yessss!!!" She chanted, until the pleasure became too much for her and she passed out. Lisa and Tim were not far behind, and their cries mingled with those of Ellen and her father as Tim shot his load into lisa’s womb.

A few days later Tim took lisa out on her first date.

First they went to the drive-in to watch a really bad movie. Actually they didn’t see much of the movie because they were making out most of the time. Kissing and groping and fondling each other just like normal teenagers on a date.

After the movie was over they went to the hamburger palace to get something to eat. While they ate their hamburgers Tim played footsie with lisa under the table and had her blushing and giggling for most of the time. When they had finished they went to the lake. Tim parked the car near the lake and told lisa to stay in the car. He got a blanket and a bag from the back seat. He put the blanket down under a tree near the shore of the lake and then went back to the car. He opened the door on lisa’s side and took her into his arms.

"the stars shine for you tonight my love," he whispered in her ear as he carried her to the blanket.

"don’t be silly," lisa giggled.

"ah, but it is true," Tim said as he put her down on the blanket. He sat down next to her and continued, "but they pale at the sight of you, the most beautiful of them all."

Lisa’s face turned bright red. "stop it," she giggled.

Tim produced two glasses and a bottle of wine from the bag. As he poured it he asked, "wine my lady?"

"I'm not supposed to drink," lisa said.

Tim smiled. "you should not fuck with your brother either," he said as he handed her a glass. Lisa giggled as she accepted it.

She put her head on tim’s shoulder and whispered, "I like this."

Tim smiled and put his arm around her. "me too," he replied. For a while they just sat there looking at the stars. It was the first time for lisa who had never been out this late.

"there are so many stars," she whispered.

"yes and there are millions more we can’t see," Tim answered.

"do you and Ellen come here often?" Lisa asked.

Tim smiled. "yes we come here a lot." He gave her a kiss and added, "but now I'm here with you and I want to come here a lot with you too."

Lisa smiled and cuddled up to him. "i’d like that," she whispered.

Tim kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth, exploring every nook and cranny of her delicious mouth. Lisa’s tongue met his halfway and then continued on into his mouth. Their tongues entwined in a passionate duel.

"I like that too," Tim said when he finally came up for air. Lisa giggled a bit. She felt the wine going to her head and lay down, putting her head in tim’s lap.

"Tim?" She asked a few minutes later.


"I don’t know what to do. I have never been on a date before."

"you don’t have to do anything," Tim answered.

"but what do people do on their first date?" Lisa asked.

"well if she is a good girl they only kiss a bit. If she’s a daring girl she will let her date fondle her tits. If she’s a naughty girl she will let him fondle her pussy too, and a really naughty girl will let him go all the way."

Lisa grinned and said, "well I guess that I should be a good girl, but I would rather be a really naughty girl."

"ah, but it doesn’t work like that," Tim said with a grin on his face.

"it doesn’t?" Lisa said

"no. You see this is only our first date. I have to convince that you want to be a really naughty girl first."

"and how are you going to do that?" Lisa asked.

Tim took a little box out of his pocket and handed it to her. "I think this might do the trick." Slowly lisa took the lid off the box. Inside it was a beautiful silver ring.

"it’s an engagement ring," Tim said. He took the ring out of the box and put it on her finger. "I love you," he whispered. Lisa just lay there not knowing what to do or what to say. Tears filled her eyes.

"are you really going to marry me?" She finally croaked a few minutes later.

"yes, I am," Tim replied.

"but we can’t!"

Tim grinned, "well I think I have found a way."

"how?" Lisa demanded to know.

Tim gave her a kiss and whispered in her ear, "you’ll find out when it is time."

"that’s not fair!" Lisa pouted.

"does that mean that you don’t want to be a naughty girl?"

"if you don’t fuck me soon I'm going to scream," lisa replied.

Tim put his hand under her shirt and started to fondle her tits.

"well I guess i’ll have to fuck you then," he said.

"hmmmmm... I guess you do," lisa murmured. Tim let her slip to the ground and then pulled her shirt up, exposing her budding breasts. He brought his hands to the small mounds and squeezed them. At the same time he brought his lips to hers and gave her a long soul searching kiss.

"fuck me Tim. Do it. Fuck me," lisa panted.

"I will sis. I will," Tim replied. He pulled her skirt up and removed her panties. And then he just sat there and looked at her. Love filled his heart as he looked at the beautiful preteen, lying there with her legs spread wide eager for him to fuck her. That she was his, that he had fucked her and was going to fuck her again, was something that he found hard to comprehend. And then there was Ellen, who accepted that he was fucking with his sister and was still going to marry him. Tim still couldn’t believe it.

"what’s wrong?" Lisa asked.

Tim smiled and kissed her. "nothing. I was just thinking how lucky I am and how much I love you."

"oh. Are you going to fuck me now?" Lisa replied.

Tim started to laugh. "yes, I'm going to fuck you now." He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt and started to push.

"ohhhhh yes!!!!! Fuck me!" Lisa moaned as her brother’s cock slowly sank into her tight, preteen, pussy. Tim revelled in the heavenly feeling of the tight preteen cunt squeezing his around cock. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then shoved it back in again, setting up a slow rhythm. He took her tits in his hands and fondled them, paying special attention to her nipples.

"ooohhhh!!!!! Yessss!!!!! Ooohhhh!!! Fuckkkk!!!! Ooohhhh!!! Godddd!!!!!!" Lisa moaned. She thrust her hips up to meet his cock in a desperate attempt to get more of that hot pole into her pussy. Tim pulled and twisted her nipples and rammed his cock into her steaming cunt as deep as it would go. Lisa clamped her arms and legs around tim’s body and started to spout a stream of encouragement.

"harder!!!! Harder!!!! Fuck me harder!!!!!" She yelled over and over again. Faster and faster Tim rammed his cock into her preteen fuckhole. With one hand he kept playing with her nipples while he brought the other one to her anus. He shoved two fingers in her ass and started to finger fuck her backdoor in the same rhythm that his cock was going in and out of her cunt.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Godddd!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Yessss!!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!

Fuck!!!!!" Lisa howled as she felt his fingers ravaging her tight, preteen, anus. Tim was fucking her with long, hard strokes, driving his cock deep into her cunt. He started to twist his fingers around in lisa’s ass and at the same time fucked them in and out. It was driving lisa crazy.

"oohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Godddddddd!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" She screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her arms and legs started to flop around as she lost control over her body and her mind exploded into millions of colours. Tim pulled his fingers and cock out of her holes and then drove his hard pole all the way into her tight, preteen, ass in one go. Lisa let out an inhuman wail as tim’s cock, going into her ass, set off another orgasm. Tim rammed three fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her while rubbing her clit with his thumb. He was ramming his cock in and out of her ass with short quick jabs, fucking her through one orgasm after the other. Each stroke of his cock, mercilessly pounding into lisa’s preteen ass, took him closer to his orgasm. Finally he could not hold out any longer and, with a loud groan, dumped his load deep within her bowels.

"oooohhhhhhh!!!! Godddddddd!!!!!!!!! Cummingggggggg!!!!!!!" He cried as shot strand after strand of his semen into the eleven year old’s tight, preteen, ass. Feeling her brother pissing his sperm into her ass was too much for lisa and after a final scream of delight she passed out.

"hmmmm!!! That was good!!" Lisa murmured when she finally came back to earth.

"yes it was." Tim agreed. He stood up and added, "i’ll be back in a minute." He went to the car and came back with a pocket knife.

"what are you going to do with that?" Lisa asked.

"watch," Tim replied. He carved a heart with an arrow through it into the bark of the tree and then placed their names at each end of the arrow.

"oh my." Lisa croaked. She threw her arms around Tim and hugged him tightly. Tim kissed her and their tongues entwined in a loving duel, becoming more urgent as the fire in them started to rise again. Lisa put her hand on tim’s dick and whispered, "do you want to do it again?"

"yes I do honey, but we can’t. We have to go home," Tim said.

"I wish I could stay here forever," lisa sighed.

"me too. But we can’t," Tim replied. He gave her a kiss and added, "I promise that I will bring you on lots of dates here." Then he picked her up and carried her to the car.

Four weeks after their first date lisa and Tim were in lisa’s room, putting the finishing touches to their family history.

"we will have to tell tina you know," lisa said when they were finally finished.

"hmm I don’t know. She’s only eight. I don’t know if she will understand it," Tim said.

"Tim, she may be only eight, but she certainly isn’t stupid. She will find out sooner or later. And I think that it is better if we just tell her instead of letting her find out by herself. And if you are worried about the sex part, she already knows about masturbating. She asked me about it a few months ago, and she also knows what mom and dad are doing almost every night. The noise they make is hard to miss you know.".

"you told her about masturbating?" Tim said, surprised.

"yes, well, she was experimenting on her own with it when I caught her doing it one day. So I showed her the best way to do it."

"I would have liked to see that," Tim sighed.

"I bet you would," lisa giggled, rubbing his cock through his pants. She gave him a kiss and added, "anyway, I think we should tell her."

"ok I guess you’re right," Tim agreed.

"i’ll get her then," lisa said as she went out to find her little sister. Moments later she returned with the eight year old.

"so what do you want to tell me?" The little girl said as she sat down on the bed.

Lisa sat down next to her and replied, "well, mom and dad are brother and sister."

"oh. So they are just like you and Tim," the eight year old concluded.

"what do you mean?" Tim said surprised.

"well, you and lisa are having sex. Just like mom and dad," came the reply.

Lisa started to giggle when she saw the shocked look on tim’s face. "I told you that she isn’t stupid." Then she turned to her sister and said, "how did you find out?"

The little girl shrugged her shoulders. "you make a lot of noise, just like mommy and daddy." Then she pointed at the picture of her parents that their aunt sally had given to Tim and lisa and said. "what are they doing?"

Lisa smiled. "that was mom and dad when they were young. And that’s called fucking. You remember what I told you about that?"

The eight year old nodded. "I want to do it too," she sighed.

Tim put her on his lap and said, "I think you’re are a bit too young for that."

"am not. I’m already eight," the little girl pouted.

A grin split lisa’s face. "yes you’re right," she said. "but it would probably only hurt if you tried to fuck. I know something else that we can do though."

"what?" The little girl demanded to know.

Lisa started to laugh when she saw the suspicious look on the eight year old’s face. "I bet you would like Tim to lick your pussy," she replied. The little girl started to nod vigorously.

"eh... I don’t know..." Tim mumbled.

Lisa sighed when she saw the look on his face. "when I showed her how to masturbate I also told her about oral sex. And she really likes it. It won’t hurt her, Tim." A naughty grin appeared on her face when she added, "I can take pictures of it for our family history."

Tim took his camera out of its bag and handed it to lisa. "ok sis," he said. He looked at tina, who was still sitting in his lap, and took her face in his hands. He kissed her on her forehead, nose and cheeks and then nibbled on her ears. It made the little girl squirm and giggle. Then he brought his lips to hers and started to kiss her. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and explored every nook and cranny of it. At first the eight year old didn’t know what to do, but then she got the idea and thrust her tongue into tim’s mouth. Their tongues entwined in a loving embrace, tasting each other for the first time.

In the meantime lisa had got the camera ready and was taking pictures from every angle she could think of. Tim broke off the kiss and started to remove tina’s dress. When it was off he admired her flat chest for a while and then started to kiss and lick her nipples.

"ohhhhhh!!!! Goodddddd!!!!" The little girl sighed. Slowly Tim licked and kissed his way down towards the eight year old’s panties. When he got there he took her panties off and planted a kiss on her bald virgin pussy.

"ohhhhhhh!!!!! Yessssss!!!!! Lick my cunny!!!!!" The eight year old cried. Eagerly Tim complied. He started to lick up and down her virgin cunt with long broad strokes touching her clit on the end of each stroke. He loved the strong fresh taste of the juices that were flowing from her virgin pussy and tried to drink as much of the precious fluid as he could. He plunged his tongue all the way into her pussy until he hit her hymen and then started tongue fucking her for all he was worth. The eight year old started to shake and moan. She took his head in her hands and pushed his face into her pussy.

"ohhhhhh!!!!! Yessssss!!!! Godddddddd!!!!" She moaned. Taking his cue from her actions, Tim placed his lips around her clit and started sucking on it. This took tina over the edge. She let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her body started convulsing and her pussy flooded with cum. Then her body slumped back to the bed. Tim licked her pussy until her orgasm subsided. Then he lay down next to her and kissed her, letting her taste her own pussy juices.

"ohhh!!! That was great!!!" The little girl sighed.

"yes it was!" Lisa confirmed. "i’ve taken some great photos."

They all started to laugh at that last remark.

The next day Tim and lisa brought the finished product to aunt sally and uncle richard to have it printed. Together they looked through the family history and had a few laughs about the pictures that were in it.

"oh my! Your mother is going to have a heart-attack when she sees this one," sally exclaimed, when she saw a picture of Tim licking tina’s cunt. ‘I want to fuck too!’ the eight year old had written under the picture in big block letters.

"yes, I bet daddy will have one too," lisa said.

Richard laughed, "no he’ll probably just want fuck her."

"she’s much too small for that," Tim remarked.

Richard shrugged his shoulders, "in the end it is her choice. If she really wants to fuck she is going to fuck someone. And it is better for her if she does it with someone who loves her. That way she can find out if she is ready or not without getting hurt."

"I know that," Tim replied. "it is just... Well she is only eight!"

"you can’t stop nature Tim," sally told him. "and to judge from these pictures, I would say that she is more than ready to try.

Tim looked at the picture and said, "well I hope she has fun when she does it." Everybody agreed with that.

"so when is the book going to be printed?" Lisa asked.

"well, I can print it some time this week. Then you can give it to your parents next saturday," richard replied.

"are you going to be there too, when we give them the book?" Tim asked.

"oh yes. I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world," sally replied.








Ellen and her parents were the last to arrive that saturday

Evening. As they came in Ellen walked over to Tim and whispered,

"I want to fuck you tonight."

Tim gave her a surprised look. They had stopped fucking while Ellen tried to get pregnant by her father; she wanted to be absolutely sure who the father was.

"but aren't you afraid that I will knock you up?" He asked.

"not anymore," Ellen replied with a big grin on her face.

"what do you..." Tim started, but then it dawned on him. "oh my god! You're pregnant!" He cried.

"yes, I am. The doctor confirmed it yesterday," Ellen replied.

Tim took her in a tight hug and kissed her.

"I'm so happy for you," he said. Then he congratulated her father saying, "congratulations sir. It happened a lot faster then I expected."

Ellen's father grinned and said. "I guess that I have really potent seed. Oh, and you can call me mark."

"ok mark," Tim laughed. He turned to tom's wife and said, "congratulations to you too..."

"rita," she interrupted him. Tim smiled, "congratulations to you to rita."

"what's all the excitement about?" John asked when they came into the living room.

"Ellen is pregnant," Tim replied.

"oh goodie!" Lisa cried. She jumped into to ellen's arms and kissed her. A few hectic moments followed in which everybody congratulated Ellen and her parents.

"I guess that means that you are going to marry her," john said to Tim. A mischievous smile appeared on tim's face.

"why, I'm not the father."

"Tim! Stop that," Ellen giggled, poking him in the side.

"ok, ok." Tim laughed. "one of the reasons that we are here tonight is that Ellen and I have decided to get married in two months time. It's not because she is pregnant, but because we love each other." He looked at his parents and added, "and for those of you who don't know yet, Ellen is pregnant by her father." The stunned looks on his parents' faces were met by giggles.

"what?" John cried, turning the giggles into a roar of laughter.

"Ellen is pregnant from her father," Tim repeated when the laughter had died down. "which brings me to the other reason why we are all here." He turned to lisa and said. "your turn."

Lisa stood up and with a solemn voice recited the line she had rehearsed.

"the book I hold in my hands tells the sordid tale of an incestuous brother and sister." She started to giggle and added, "illustrated with pictures and comments by their children." Then she handed the book to her parents. With trembling hands Tammy accepted the book.

"how did you find out?" John asked after a long silence. Lisa sat down next to him and explained everything that had happened, carefully leaving out the part of her fucking with Tim.

"well what do think of the book?" She asked after she had finished her story. Tammy opened the book and started to giggle, "oh my. I didn't know that someone still had that photo." She sniggered when she saw the picture of her and john as teens. Everybody gathered around to see what she was looking at. Tammy flipped the page and inhaled sharply.

"I told you so," she said to john.

"yes you did," john agreed laughing. They were looking at a picture showing Tim and lisa naked on the couch. Lisa was impaled on tim's cock and they were both smiling and waving at the camera. 'Keeping the family tradition alive.' Tim had written under it.

"I suppose that you are going to have his babies too," Tammy

Said to lisa

"oh yes," lisa exclaimed. "at least two I hope." Tammy smiled and hugged her. She flipped the page and was confronted with the picture of tina having her pussy licked by Tim.

Much to sally's surprise she just turned to the eight year old and asked, "is he any good with his tongue?"

Tina blushed and said, "oh yes, he is."

"well, i'll have to try that for myself then," Tammy said as she turned to the next page.

John pulled the eight year old into his lap and said. "you're a little too young to fuck, honey."

"hmmmppphhhh! Am not!" Tina snorted. For the next 30 minutes they looked through the book, giggling and commenting on the pictures.

"oh my. She has really grown." John remarked when they came to a nude picture of sally and carl's 20 year old daughter tara.

"yes, she has." Marc replied.

"I bet she makes some lucky boy very happy." Richard said.

Tim nodded. "I wish it was me," he replied. Ellen and lisa thumbed him in his side.

"don't you think two girls are enough?" Ellen said. Everyone started to laugh.

"men! They only think with their dicks!" Tammy said. "oh well..." She put the book away and stood up.

"time to show mommy what you can do with your tongue, dear," she said as she shoved her crotch into tim's face. Tim laughed. "sure mom. But it would help if you take your clothes off first."

"if you take your clothes off too, I can fuck you while you eat your mother's pussy." Ellen said to him as she started to strip herself.

That was the signal for everybody to get into the action. A few minutes later Tim was lying on the floor with his mother riding his tongue and Ellen riding his dick. Ellen and Tammy kissed each other as they used tim's body for their own pleasure. Tim was having a good time too. His tongue was buried all the way into his mother's cunt in search of the delicious fluids that flowed from it. His hips moved in unison with Ellen, slamming his dick in and out of her tight pussy.

Lisa had impaled herself on her father's dick and was moving up and down on it as fast as she could.

"oh yes daddy!!!! Fuck me!!!" She cried. She hadn't bothered to take her clothes off. She just had pulled her panties aside and stuffed her father's cock into her hungry, waiting, fuckhole. John was holding her by her hips and was ramming his cock deep into her tight, preteen, cunt.

Sally and rita were kissing and fondling each others breasts while their husbands fucked them from behind. The room filled with the moaning groaning of everyone present. Well... Not everyone. Tina was sitting on the couch looking very annoyed. Everyone was having fun but her. Frustrated she shoved her hand into her panties and started to rub her pussy while she watched the action going on around her. John had put down lisa on the floor and, encouraged by a moaning and groaning lisa, was hammering his cock in and out of her preteen cunt with all his force. Tim had three fingers in his mother's cunt and was licking and sucking her clit. At the same time Ellen was riding his cock as fast as she could. Richard and marc had switched holes and were now pounding their cocks in and out of their wives' asses. Tim was the first to cum. Howling, he dumped his semen into ellen's cunt. Feeling his sperm coating the walls of her pussy set Ellen off too. She let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Their orgasms set off a chain reaction and the room was filled with cries of orgasmic pleasure. That was too much for tina.

She jumped into the centre of the room and ripped her clothes off screaming, "I want to fuck too!!!!!!!!"

Startled, everyone looked up and then burst out laughing as they saw the angry little girl standing naked in the centre of the room. Tammy got off tim's face and sat down on the couch. She pulled tina on her lap and said. "and who do you want to fuck?"

"daddy!" Tina replied. John sat down next to them and said. "are you sure honey.?"

"yes!" Tina and Tammy replied in unison and then burst out in giggles. John nodded. He put tina down on the floor and started to kiss her. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and started to explore every nook and cranny of it. Tina replied likewise and their tongues entwined in a loving embrace. Lisa and Tammy sat on either side of tina and started to kiss and lick her nipples and chest, sending shivers down the eight year old's spine. John broke off the kiss and went to work on tina's pussy.

"huuuuuuu!!!!! Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!" She cried when she felt her father's tongue enter her virgin cunt. Tim had taken john's place at tina's head and was kissing the little girl passionately. Tina was in heaven, she had never got so much attention in her live. John replaced his tongue by a finger and finger fucked the eight year old, shoving it in as far as he could without breaking the hymen.

"oooohhhhhhh!!!! Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Tina was panting into tim's mouth. John added a second finger to the one already in tina's virgin fuckhole, ramming them in and out with all his force. He brought his mouth to her clit and started to lick and suck the sensitive little nub. This was too much for tina. Her body started to tremble and she let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm came crashing down on her. When he saw tina come john pulled back his fingers until the were almost all the way out. Then he rammed them all the way back in through the eight year old's hymen. Tina gave a surprised yelp as her daddy's fingers tore through her cherry, immediately followed by another orgasm as john kept manipulating her little clit.

When she came down from her orgasm john placed the head of his cock against her tiny pussy and said, "get ready, dear. Daddy is going to fuck you."

"oh yes daddy! Fuck me!" The little girl cried. John started to push and the head of his cock shot into tina's tight, preteen, cunt with a loud plop.

"oohhhhhhhh!!!!" The little girl moaned as she felt her father's cock enter her pussy. John had to stop for a moment to prevent himself from shooting his load too soon. The eight year old's cunt was gripping the head on his dick tightly. It almost seemed like it was sucking a vacuum around his dick in an attempt to extract the sperm from his balls.

"ohhhhh!!!! Goddd!!!!! Your pussy is so tight honey!!! Daddy loves your tight pussy!!!!!" He moaned. He slowly started to push his dick further into tina's preteen fuckhole. Looking down he could see her little belly bulge as his cock slowly went deeper into her pussy. When he hit her cervix he pulled his cock almost all the way out and then pushed it all the way back in again, setting up a slow rhythm. Tina started to move her hips in time with his strokes.

"oh yes!!!! Fuck me daddy!!!!!" She cried.

"he is fucking you honey," Tammy giggled. She brought her mouth back to the little girl's nipple and started to suck on it. Lisa did the same with the other nipple, making the little girl squirm and moan. John was ramming his dick in and out of tina's tight, preteen, fuckhole with all his force.

"ohhhhhh!!!! Goddddd!!! Ohhhhhh!!! Fuckkkkkk!!! Ohhhhhh!!!! Goddddd!!!" He chanted. Faster and faster he hammered his dick into the little girl's pussy as he felt his orgasm nearing. Tammy started to rub the little girl's clit, taking her over the edge.

"huuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" Tina screeched as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her tight little cunt clamping down on his cock took john over the edge too. With a loud groan he jammed his cock into the eight's year old's fuckhole as far as it would go and started to spray his semen into her womb. Tina gave a satisfied sigh when she came down from her orgasm. Then she kissed her daddy and said, "oh, that was wonderful daddy!'

John smiled. "for me too, honey," he replied.



A few days later Ellen took lisa shopping.

"where are we going?" Lisa asked when they passed all the stores she usually went to when shopping with her mom.

"we are going here," Ellen replied with a grin on her face as she pulled lisa into a store that sold bridal gowns.

"oh, we're going to buy a dress for you?" Lisa said, sounding a bit disappointed. Instead of answering Ellen walked over to a sales girl and whispered something to her. The sales girl nodded and took them to the back of the store. There she pulled some gowns from the rack and showed them to Ellen and lisa.

"they're much too small for you." Lisa remarked.

Ellen grinned and replied. "well perhaps you can try them on so I can see what they look like." Lisa nodded. Ellen selected a few dresses and had lisa show them.

"oh my. That's the one!" She exclaimed when lisa showed her the third dress she tried. "what do you think?" She added, pulling lisa in front of a mirror.

"yes, it's nice," lisa mumbled looking forlorn.

"hey, what's wrong?" Ellen asked.

"I'm never going to get married," lisa sighed.

A grin appeared on ellen's face as she said. "who do you think we are buying a wedding dress for?"

"for you." Lisa replied.

"no. Not me. I'm going to marry in the wedding dress from my mother," Ellen giggled.

"but.. But.." Lisa stuttered.

Ellen hugged her. "Tim promised to marry you, remember?" She said, "and he always does what he promises."

"oh jeez!" Lisa croaked, tears appearing in her eyes.

"well? What do you think of this dress?" Ellen asked. Lisa looked at herself in the mirror and started to cry for real. Ellen took her in her arms and hushed her.

"it's beautiful." Lisa said, when she finally stopped sobbing.

"well, we'll take this one then," Ellen replied. She made arrangements with the sales girl for delivery of the dress and then said, "now let's see if we can find you something sexy to wear under that dress." She took lisa by the arm and led her to a lingerie shop. Together they browsed through the collection.

Ellen took a white lace, crotchless teddy off the rack and found some matching stockings. "here try these on. I want to see how they look on you."

Lisa blushed. "i've never worn stockings and garters before."

Ellen smiled and said. "let's go into the changing room and i'll help you with them."

When lisa was dressed Ellen looked at her and said, "oh god. You look hot." Then she took lisa in her arms and french kissed her. Lisa replied likewise and her tongue started to explore ellen's mouth. Ellen put her hand on the eleven year old's crotch.

"my god, you are soaking," she exclaimed as she started to rub up and down lisa's cunt.

"oh god, someone could catch us," lisa moaned. Ellen grinned. She pushed her tongue back into lisa's mouth and shoved a finger into her preteen fuckhole.

"ooooohhhhhhh!!! Goddddddd!!!" Lisa moaned into ellen's mouth when Ellen started to finger fuck her. Ellen added a second finger to the one already fucking lisa's cunt and rubbed the little girl's clit with her thumb. Lisa was shaking all over, unable to control herself.

"oooohhhwwww!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" She moaned as she suddenly exploded into an orgasm. Her body tensed up and she let out a muffled scream as she reached her peak. After a few minutes she came back to earth. She looked at Ellen with a big smile on her face and sighed.

"that was awesome."

Ellen smiled at her and said. "you'd better get dressed. We have some more shopping to do."

The girl behind the counter gave them a strange look when they came out of the changing room.

"have you found what you are looking for?" She said. Lisa blushed and nodded. Ellen just smiled as she paid for the lingerie.

"oh my god! She knows," lisa grunted when they were outside.

Ellen grinned. "yes, I bet she would have preferred to be in there with us."

"you think so?" Lisa giggled.

Ellen nodded. "oh yes, I'm sure of it." She led lisa to a jeweller. Tim was already waiting there for them.

"hi sis. Ready to buy a wedding ring?" He said to lisa.

Lisa still couldn't believe that her brother was actually going to marry her.

"are we really going to be able to get married?" She asked.

Tim hugged her and said, "well we are not going to get an official paper saying that we are married, but one of our uncles is a priest and he has agreed to marry us in three weeks time at the family reunion."

Lisa just stood there, unable to speak. She had never imagined that Tim would find a way to fulfil his promise.

"unless you don't want to marry me?" Tim said after a long silence. Lisa grabbed his balls and squeezed.

"don't you dare trying to get out of marrying me," she exclaimed.

"I won't, now will you please let go of my balls," Tim squeaked.

Grinning, lisa released her grip and said, "let's get that wedding ring."