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[Story Name] Born to breed
[Author] Unknown
[Type] More/other family

Born to Breed - Part 1

Born to Breed - Part 1
Diary of a young fertility goddess

It was because of my bust development. That's what momma always said. She
blamed everything on the size of my chest. I couldn't help it. I came by my
endowments naturally, although they didn't come from momma, that's for sure.
It was my daddy's mom. Her side of the family was "blessed" as they say. My
daddy's sisters and aunts - every one of them - could be classified as
"rather well endowed." When I was growing up I remember thinking how
absolutely enormous they seemed to be. Especially my grandmother. During the
holidays around her house, everywhere I looked was a pair of big bulging
BAZOOMS wobbling around, stretching their blouses out till the buttons were
about to pop off. Some of them, mainly the pregnant ones, looked almost
obscene to me as a little girl.  My mother and her sisters on the other hand,
were flat as a board. I mean, they had NOTHING.

Some people would claim that I was OVERLY endowed. I think I definately took
after grandma. The doctor described me as having "abnormally large breasts"
at the age of 10. I'm 14 now, and I guess you've gathered this so far - I've
got a pair of BIG FUCKING TITS. There - I've said it. None of this "amply
endowed" crap. Let's face it, when you get to be my size there's just no
better description than BIG TITS. How big? I knew you were going to ask! I
should probably start at the beginning, when I first noticed the swelling in
my little nipples. I was 8 at the time. Far too young for anything like THAT
to be happening, but there it was.

I woke up one morning and looked down at my chest. There were these THINGS
the size of golf balls there, and my nipples were TWICE the size they were
just the day before. Talk about scary! In one summer, those "golf ball sized
tits" that were stretching my nipples out had swollen to the size of tennis
balls. I was wearing a B-cup, and I was only 8 years old. Momma, poor thing,
never grew out of a Double A. I can't imagine what it must have been like for
momma to buy her 8 year old daughter a bra that was bigger than her own. By
Christmas-time that year, right before my 9th birthday, my bust had expanded
to the point I needed a C-cup. I was small for my age, and that seemed to
exaggerate my rapid development. When we showed up at grandma's, I could tell
how proud she was that I had obviously taken after HER side of the family. I
had officially, if not quite so abundantly, joined the ranks of the well
endowed Johnson family.

Yep, nine years old with tits the size of softballs. For about a month
anyway. Mother Nature had just begun to cast her spell on me, and I guess she
decided it was time for another trip to the Tit Fairy. Maybe it was all that
food around the holidays. I had eaten like a little pig, and for some women,
I had heard the extra weight goes straight to their chest. Could have been my
periods about to start too. Some women get a LOT bigger right before their
period. Whatever the reasons, I grew another cup size by the middle of
February, and there seemed to be no end in sight. Momma and I went to the
Wal-Mart and found me a 32D that she had to alter to fit snugly around my
back. I still had a tiny frame you see, so I wasn't very big around, I just
had these big TITS sticking out the front of my chest. We drew a small crowd
of men in the aisle watching us holding up these enormous bras, and staring
at my absurdly swollen bosom. I could tell it pained poor momma to watch her
little girl becoming such a BIG girl so quickly. Little did she know just how
far this trend would continue. Her older sister, my Aunt Harriet came to
visit around this time and I cought her looking me over one night. She said
"Debbie, you sure do have big tits child, you're gonna have to do a better
job of covering them up for the sake of decency." I shut her up quickly.
"Aunt Harriet, I can't help having such big tits, maybe if you had any at all
it wouldn't bother you so much and you'd mind your own business." It was
cruel but true.

All of this bulging bosom development was driving poor daddy crazy, and I'm
afraid I was doing NOTHING to help the situation. I just loved putting on one
of his tank top undershirts with half my enormous bosoms hanging out the
sides. Then I'd lounge around the couch with my panties on and nothing else.
One day, after sex educatiion class, I came home and asked him if he knew
about how some women grew huge bosoms after they got pregnant. I thought he
was going to lose it. This set the stage for the next few years of my
childhood, and it also sets the stage for me to reveal the next few months
out of my diary.

Born to Breed - Part 2
Diary of a Young Fertility Goddess

March 1

I sure don't have much time lately to relate some of the past chapters out of
my diary - you know - the ones about my early bust development. Even though
I'm only 14, I have a lot of responsibility with all the babi... OOPS! I'm
getting ahead of myself again.

As I looked back to the page in my diary where we left off, I couldn't
believe what I was reading. How could I have asked daddy such a dumb
question? Of course he knew that some women developed huge bosoms when they
got pregnant. He is the oldest of 18 children by an Italian Catholic mother.
An Italian Catholic mother with a great B-I-G pair of tits. I can just
imagine daddy watching her get pregnant year after year, those enormous
bosoms of hers getting bigger and bigger every month, stretching her blouses
out until the buttons were straining under the pressure. All that bulging
pregnant tit flesh wobbling around in front of him. I had already learned a
lot in sex education class about how babies were made, and how men were
attracted to women, so I knew that daddy must have been one very excited

I was beginning to understand why daddy looked at me differently now that I
was blossoming. I must remind him of his mother, I thought. Momma being flat
chested as a ten year old boy didn't help matters. I've learned since then
that daddy kept her knocked up the first 8 years of their marriage just so he
could watch SOMETHING swell up on her anemic little body. Since I'm the
oldest, I can remember how she looked when she was pregnant with some of my
brothers and sisters. The fact that she had NOTHING up top, and she was such
a tiny woman, served to magnify the swelling in her middle. When momma got
knocked up, she looked like she was pregnant with a horse. I mean she was
HUGE. I could tell that daddy looked at her with a WHOLE lot more interest
during these times.

You know, I'm not real bright, but I was figuring out real quickly just what
my daddy found attractive, and since I loved his attention so much, my
devious little mind was plotting a way to get MORE of that attention. I
started to spy on daddy. One night I saw him go into the bathroom with a
magazine. He thought everyone was asleep, so he wasn't very careful about
closing the door, and I could peek in! The cover of the magazine said JUGGS
or something like that, and he opened it to a page with this girl that had
GEEnormous bosoms. I'm sure she was not a DAY over 18, and she looked much
younger with her hair pulled up in pig tails. They had her dressed in saddle
oxfords and white socks, and a plaid skirt and white blouse JUST LIKE I WEAR
TO SCHOOL. He turned the page, and I caught a profile shot of this girl's
tits bulging out over the top of her huge bra, and further down, it looked
like there might be a bulge in her tummy.

Very interesting, I thought. Daddy turned to the next page and I heard him
gasp. In this photo, the girl's tummy definitely WAS bulging. Like a LOT more
than the first picture. I was not prepared for what happened next since I had
never seen a grown man naked before. And GROWN is the operative word here.
Daddy unzipped his pants and hauled out this THING that had to be damned near
the size of my forearm. I had seen illustrations of a man's penis in books at
school, but they looked nothing like this. Daddy looked like he had a
baseball bat in front of him. He got a big glob of vaseline and smeared it
all over the end of it and started pulling on it up and down as he stared at
the magazine. He turned the page again and I heard him say "HOLY SHIT". His
eyes took in the sight of this girl whose pregnant tummy was now as big as my
momma's was the day before she delivered my twin brothers. I have never seen
a pregnant woman that big before or since. Daddy began to move his hand up
and down that huge penis of his, faster and faster as he had this strange far
away look in his eye. Then I saw it. Big ropes of this white stringy stuff
came flying out of the end of his penis and it landed on the wall in front of
him. It kept coming out, just covering the wall, dripping down in a puddle on
the floor. Daddy was moaning, and going OH SHIT, DAMMIT, and stuff like that.

As you can imagine, this was all quite a shock for me at the tender age of
nine. Here I was, my bosom swelling uncontrollably, and witnessing a sight
that made me more curious than ever about sex. I didn't know it at the time,
but curiosity was the wrong word. I think it had made me just plain HORNY. My
hormones were obviously in overdrive. Why else would I have these TITS
bulging out the front of my school blouses?

April 1

It was early spring and over the past month, as if I needed it, my young
bosoms had swolled another cup size. MY GOD I thought. I'm huge. I would wake
up in the morning and stare at the mirror in disbelief, but there THEY were
in all their enormous glory. Jutting straight out in front of me. I would cup
my little hands under them and lift them a bit, giving them a bounce or two.
God, they were heavy (little did I know at the time just what HEAVY really
meant.) My areola had expanded to roughly 3 inches in diameter, and they were
all pebbly, with big hard nipples in the middle. They were so pretty, I
thought to myself. So pretty and so BIG.

I decided to see if I could manipulate daddy into paying some unusual
attention to me. Attention that a daddy is not supposed to pay to a daughter.
Knowing what I knew then about his weaknesses, I felt fully equipped to pique
his interest. (No pun intended) Next installment in dear diary will examine
my devious plot to get daddy attention. I'll let you guess just how I did
that. Let me know how you think I did it, and also, how you like the first 2
chapters of dear diary.
Born to Breed - Part 3
Diary of a Young Fertility Goddess

April 15 It's funny what you forget until you look back at your diary. I'm
enjoying my trip back in time as I relate the events of my youth. Ah, my ever
so abundantly endowed youth. Growing up with a big chest is quite an
experience for a little girl. It's scary at first. Especially in my case,
since my bust expansion was so dramatic, and happened so quickly.

I was less than nine and a half in this chapter. My last growth spurt pushed
me into the Double D-cup capacity. And I was quite a FULL Double D-cup thank
you very much. Women I had never met before would come up to momma and me in
the grocery store and say things like "My LORD lady, your child is quite the
busty young thing - she's bigger than most grown women, can't you see that -
don't you worry about her attracting the wrong attention? You better cover
her up better!" I think most of it was jealousy, but it got momma worried. So
worried she thought it was time we visited the doctor to see if there was
anything wrong with me. Daddy's momma assured her that I was fine, and "she
just takes after her poor grandma" but momma still insisted.

After several tests, and being poked and prodded, the doctor came back with
some sobering news. Apparently I had quite a hormonal imbalance. The elements
that normally regulate growth in young girls entering puberty were missing in
me somehow. He didn't know why, but my hormones were RAGING he said "to put
it mildly". As a result of this, he told us that I was EXTREMELY fertile,
having just started my periods a month ago. Momma was in shock of course, and
I was both scared and excited at the same time. I knew enough about sex and
having babies and all to understand the implications of it. I also knew just
what got my daddy's undivided attention. The attention I craved so much I
could just DIE.

The doctor recommended I start on birth control pills IMMEDIATELY because, as
he put it "with the child's hormones in this state, she can not be expected to
control her sexual urges like a normal girl her age, and she could end up very
pregnant very quickly without the proper protection."

What he meant by very pregnant we didn't know, so momma asked him. He said,
in cases like mine, that meant multiple births, as in twins, triplets and so
on. That's all it took for momma to consent. There was one warning that came
with the birth control pills - a side effect that could not be controlled.
They typically caused enlargement in the breasts, especially in women who
were abundant in that department to begin with. I know what you're thinking.
We were about to expand on mother nature's generosity. It seemed absurd that
I could possibly grow any bigger in the bust, but it looked like I might as
well get used to the idea. I don't know if that will be possible for poor
momma. Everywhere we go, all eyes were on me. Nobody gave her the time of day
when I was around sticking my chest out as though it wasn't obvious already
how much BIGGER I was.

May 15

I turned into a cruel tease rather quickly after the birth control pills
began to work their magic. In just over a month I've added 2 inches and yet
another cup size to my generous bosom. The tags on my bras now read 34DDD. I
don't know if you've ever examined a bra this size, but the cups on one are
BIG, let me tell you. Daddy couldn't take his eyes off me when I was around
now. I continued my "ask the dumb question routine" to arouse him and tease
him unmercifully. "Daddy, why do boys like girls with large breasts?" "Do you
think my big bosoms are pretty daddy?" "Daddy did you think you would ever
have a little girl whose bosoms got so big" And on and on and on I would go
until I began to see this swelling develop in his crotch. I knew it wouldn't
be long before daddy would cave in and give me the attention I craved. I
would just have to be patient. I'll tell you soon about my next move, and my
next blunder. -- Me so naughty.

Born to Breed - Part 4
Diary of a Young Fertility Goddess

June 1 Well, June was bustin' out all over as they say. The continued
expansion of my chest measurement was no exception. I looked like I was
poured into those triple D-cups, and my cups had runneth over. There was
bulging girlie tit flesh oozing out of the tight confines of even my biggest
bras now. Looks like those birth control pills had pushed my hyper active
hormones over the edge. Momma decided to take me for my first custom bra
fitting since it was becoming difficult to find a bra that was big enough to
accomodate my enormous tits, and small enough to fit around my back. Lest you
forget, I was still a little girl everywhere except UP FRONT and I could
truly be described as top heavy.

I ended up getting a couple of 34 E-cups. Then momma insisted I quit taking
the birth control pills because she "trusted me" not to do anything wrong,
and she was afraid if I didn't quit I would end up with breasts the size of
basketballs. I'll have to admit that was pretty frightening to me too, so I
went along with the decision.

That was my first BIG mistake. What neither of us counted on was the fact
that mother nature has a way of completing her agenda. Procreation was big on
mother nature's agenda. I know that now, but learned far too late for it to
help me. You can't fool with mother nature as they say.

She had a way of knowing how to work the magic. Yes, the mysteries of life
that we mere mortals know so little about. After going off birth control, it
turns out, women are more fertile than ever, and if that wasn't bad enough, I
became unbelievably HORNY the very DAY after I got off the damned things. I
could hardly control myself around daddy any more. I came downstairs one
Saturday morning after everyone had gone out shopping, wearing just a bra and
panties. Daddy and I were alone in the house. This was a very dangerous
situation, and I knew it. I also knew that my hormones took over and I lost
all control of my reason. I walked up to daddy and told him I knew how much
he loved big tits because I had seen him in the bathroom with that magazine.
I told him I also knew how much he loved pregnant women. I told him I had
heard about him keeping momma knocked up all those years cause it turned him
on so much to watch her tummy get big. He couldn't believe his ears, but his
crotch responded in just the way I thought it would. Daddy was getting huge.
That big penis of his was starting to crawl down his pants leg as I told him
how fertile I was, and that if he "put it in me and squirted that white stuff
inside me" I would probably end up so very huge he wouldn't be able to stand

I have to go now. Just remembering this through these pages in my diary is
making me so horny, I need to find daddy RIGHT NOW. I'll see you soon.

Me so fertile.

Born to Breed - Part 5

I hope it's not too frustrating for you to get such little bits and pieces
out of my diary. Seems like just as I get into the thick of recalling that
time in my life when by bosoms were swelling so fast, something happens to
interrupt my concentration. Last time, I got so horny telling you about it I
could have died. I went to find daddy to get some release. When I finally
found him, there he was watching a video of some of our neighbor's kids. 12
year old Jessica was nine months pregnant with twins when her father shot the
video daddy was watching. She was standing tummy to tummy with her older
sister Daphne who was 7 months pregnant with TRIPLETS at the age of 13. The
girls were about the same size - that's right - ENORMOUS. Daddy was beating
off like there was no tomorrow, his huge fist flying up and down that
gargantuan dick of his. He was drooling out the side of his mouth. I managed
to get him to stop long enough to stick that beast inside me and fuck the
living shit out of me until I came like the animal I had grown to be. OOPS!!!
There I go getting ahead of myself again. No wonder I can't get through this
story. Back to dear diary.

There I was, nine and a half years old, just quit the birth control, horny as
hell, fertile as a rat in a grain barrel, with my tits so swollen daddy was
about to cum on himself just looking at me and listening to me talk about how
enormous I would get if he knocked me up.

I was a nasty little slut who needed fucking bad, and I was just DYING to get
pregnant and watch my tummy swell while my daddy got so horny he would want
to fuck me three times a day. Just like he had gotten so horny watching these
big TITS of mine swell. "Oh daddy won't you please get me pregnant so I can
get big like your mommy did when you were growing up? That's what you miss
isn't it daddy, you miss seeing a real woman around the house, a real woman
with big TITS that get even bigger as her pregnant tummy swells with babies.
Oh daddy daddy daddy you make me so horny my tits are getting bigger. See
daddy, they're huge I'm so horny thinking about you knocking me up." Daddy
couldn't take much of this before he scooped me up in his arms and hauled me
over to the couch. Gotta run again. See ya soon.

Me such a little tease.

Born to Breed - Part 6
Diary of a Young Fertility Goddess

Daddy wasted no time at all preparing to shove that big dick of his up inside
me - his little girl with the big chest he adored so much. I knew daddy loved
me. Now he just loved me in a whole new dimension. Who could blame him. If you
could have seen me at the time you would understand. I was any grown man's wet
dream at the age of 9 1/2. Long dark hair, a beautiful olive complexion, my
abundant bosoms swelling over the top of my enormous bra. So young and so

"Oh daddy, it looks like little Debbie has made you so very horny. Is that
why you're this hard daddy? Is your little girl making her daddy crazy with
all this talk about me getting pregnant and my tummy swelling up so big? Or
is it my big tits that make you so horny? Are you thinking about how much
these big bazooms are gonna swell when I get knocked up? Oh my poor sweet
daddy, I remind you of your mommy don't I - when you were growing up - seeing
her big bosoms swell as she kept getting pregnant year after year?"

Daddy looked like he might cum all over himself any second, but before he
did, we went over and sat down on the couch. He had me straddle his thighs so
that I was facing him. His dick had gotten so big at this point that the head
of it reached all the way up between my cleavage. I thought he was going to
yank my bra off and stick that thing between my tits. I guess hearing me beg
him to get me pregnant so I could have a big tummy like his momma was too
much temptation though. He pulled my panties off instead. I took the bra off
myself cause I wanted him to see my nipples. My areola and nipples were so
big and brown and HUGE, I looked like a nursing mother that had been suckled
for hours. I guess I was just as horny as daddy was cause I never remember
being quite so big there before.

"Daddy, do you like mt big nipples? Can you imagine how much bigger they'll
get when you knock me up? Oh daddy, that makes you horny doesn't it?"

God I was such a little tease. I wrapped both my little hands around the head
of his dick then, and started tugging on it. Even with both of them, I could
barely reach around the thing. It was bigger than my fist. He told me I'd
better stop if I didn't want to get all messy, and he laid me down on the
couch and got on top of me. I was so excited I could scream, but I was also
scared because of how big he was. The man was as big around as a beer can,
and I had never had any more than a couple of fingers inside me. He got some
vaseline and greased that enormous prick of his, beating off a little while
he was at it, then he smeared some of it all over my little vagina. I went
into spasms I remember, at this point. I had never felt anything that good
before than my daddy's hands rubbing me all over with that greasy stuff.
Daddy then very gently eased a little of his huge dick inside me. Just the
head was a BIG challenge. He looked so excited, that strained look he had on
his face made me think he would cum inside me any second, even before he got
the shaft in me. But daddy showed incredible restraint. He just eased more
and more of it in his busty little daughter as I squirmed and moaned under
him. "Oh daddy, I can feel how HUGE you are. Give me some more daddy, but
please don't hurt little Debbie. Oh daddy, you're so big, how did you ever
get to be so fucking BIG daddy?" I was really squirming now. It was beginning
to feel really good to me and I don't know where all the nasty talk came from
but I continued telling daddy things like "Daddy fuck me now, come on, fuck
the living shit out of your little girl, and knock her up with a fucking
litter of kids. Make my big tits swell up - get me PREGNANT daddy, so
pregnant I won't be able to stand up straight" Daddy began to respond with
harder and longer thrusts, and I was wiggling my plump round bottom in
response. Yes we were fucking all right. Like dogs in heat. He was mashing my
tits together with his hands, going "Goddamn girl, your tits are so fucking
big you're gonna make your daddy CUM just looking at them child. How did you
get to be such a big titted little slut at such a young age baby. You're
daddy's little big titted slut, you know that? And I'm gonna BREED you baby.
I gonna knock you up, and make you HUGE."

I knew it wouldn't be long now, I could already feel something leaking inside
me, but what came next I was TOTALLY unprepared for. "Oh GOD I'm gonna CUM
baby, daddy's gonna cum in his sweet little girl." Then it came. It felt like
someone had stuck a firehose inside me. It was so HOT, like SCALDING as it
splashed in me. I kept wiggling and squirming under him until it all seemed to
be out of him, then he pulled that THING out of me.

Daddy was straddling me at this point looking down at me with this shit
eating grin on his face. He grabbed his dick and started tugging on it until
he had ANOTHER one of those funny looks on his face and announced "Daddy's
gonna cum all over those big TITS of yours now baby. All over those big
bulging bosoms that make your daddy so damned horny he could die" Then it
came AGAIN. Glob after glob of this stuff came flying out of daddy's huge
prick and it splattered all over my tits, all over my face, some of it even
landed in my hair. I didn't appreciate that shit hitting me in the eyes or
going up my nose, but I guess it goes with the territory. Whew! I couldn't
believe what we just did. I felt so NASTY. But it felt so good. I remember it
like it was yesterday. I had grown up so quickly. I guess it's unavoidable
when your bosoms begin to swell at the rate mine did. Men do get very excited
over young girls with a big chest. I just didn't count on getting so excited
myself. When you're a horny little girl who happens to have tits big enough
to make MEN horny, you've got yourself a bad situation. I think daddy and I
both knew what we did was VERY risky. It didn't seem to bother us though. I
was very excited about the prospect that he could have gotten me pregnant
just then. I was a little scary when I remembered how fertile the doctor said
I would be. I'll tell you all about it later. -- Me so nasty.

Born to Breed - Part 7
Diary of a Young Fertility Goddess

While I've been on a break from re-writing my diary for you, I checked in to
see what daddy was up to. It made me incredibly horny telling you about the
first time daddy fucked me. So horny I finger fucked myself for an hour before
I found daddy. He was STILL glued to that damned TV watching our neighbor's
kids. I can't believe that pervert Mr. Dixon took videos of his pregnant
daughters to give to his friends. Rumor has it he and one of his brothers
knocked them up. Anyway, Jessica(12) and Daphne(13) stood facing one another
and rubbing each other's hugely pregnant tummies. Daphne, the older and bigger
of the two, commented on Jessica's size "Damn Jesse, you are one knocked up
little bitch aren't you?"(Jessica was about a week away from delivering twins)
"Look how fucking big you are girl." Jesse just giggled and said "Talk about
the pot calling the kettle black - you look like you've got a 3 year old in
your tummy Daphne!" (Daphne was 7 months along with TRIPLETS, and already
bigger that Jesse) Daddy was entranced by this whole scene. The girls were
adorable, I must admit, but I've gotten way off track. I'll bet you want to
hear more about what happened after daddy fucked me that first time almost 5
years ago. Back to dear diary then.

August 1

Two months had passed since daddy dumped that load of sperm in me that could
have knocked up half of Manhattan. Once I had gotten a taste of it, I could
not seem to get enough sex after that. Every opportunity we've had since
then, we've taken advantage of. Momma would SHIT if she found out what was
going on, although she would have to find out eventually. Probably sooner
than we would like. Daddy was so horny all the time it was no challenge to
lure him into more incestuous fucking sessions. He even got so horny one
night he fucked momma for the first time in years and got her pregnant again.
She didn't care about fucking any more, he had told me, so I guess for his
sake having me now was like manna from heaven. Now that she's pregnant, she
wants even less to do with him. I don't think she wanted any more kids, but
poor momma is in for them anyway, maybe more so than she knows. You see,
she's already beginning to show a bulge in her tummy after only a month.
That's when they calculated it happened. I've noticed it but I haven't said
anything cause I'm in the same boat myself. I'd rather not DEAL with it until
I have to. After all, I wouldn't be 10 yet until the end of the year. How's a
little girl supposed to tell her mother about being pregnant. It's hard
enough for a teenager.

Momma had been keeping bust measurements of me ever since I had started to
swell so quickly over a year ago. She given up after I got to the E-cups I
wear now because it depressed her too much I guess. I had kept them up
though, and started adding my waist measurement and hip measurements to see
what mother nature was doing to me there. My hips had begun to flare out
about 3 or 4 months ago to the point it was alarming. Like my bust had
swollen a year ago. Now, I guess the divine plan was complete, because my
waistline was beginning to expand as well. According to the last measurements
I took, I've added 4 inches to my waist in the past 2 months. I haven't been
eating any more, so I can only draw one conclusion. You guessed it - I must
be a VERY pregnant little girl. I just had no idea HOW pregnant.

September 1

The expansion of my waistline continues. With avengence. I should be
accustomed to dramatic changes in my body by now, having grown a set of
enormous tits in less than a year, but I never expected this. Another 4
inches in just one month. There was no hiding my protruding tummy any more.
Or my swollen tits. Good lord, my TITS. They were so sore and swollen all the
time, I could hardly believe it. I had grown into a EE-cup and now those were
getting tight. Young, firm, BULGING pregnant tit flesh. EVERYWHERE it seemed.
They wobbled around on my chest like a couple of overfilled water balloons in
a bra that simply could not contain them all. Momma was beside herself. I was
so obviously pregnant all of a sudden and it made her furious to be the last
one to know. I tried to get her sympathy by putting on my innocent, pathetic
routine but she was on to me. She had caught me giving daddy the "teasing
eye". Sometimes I would catch his eye, and then look down at my bosom and
back up at him, smiling like the cat that ate the mouse. Oh well, it looks
like I would be dealing with her sooner than later. I'll keep you posted.

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Me so swollen now.

Born to Breed - Part 8
Diary of a Young Fertility Goddess

October 1 In this chapter of dear diary, I was 4 months pregnant. My bloated
bosoms had been the center of attention the past couple of months - God
they're humungous. But now my tummy was really starting to swell, and I was
getting a LOT of attention from that. Especially from the male teachers at
school. I had no idea pregnant little girls made grown men so horny. I
thought daddy was just wierd.

Those catholic school uniforms just couldn't quite contain little pregnant
Debbie any longer. When I tried to button my blouses, there was a huge gap
between the buttons where you could see in and there must have been 6 inches
of cleavage bursting out the top of my bras. It even made ME horny to look at
it. God I was so enormous. As I wobbled down the hallways at school, I could
see these boys and men just STARING at me go by. I had gained SIX inches in
my waist during the month of September, bringing my total waist expansion to
14 inches since I first got pregnant. That's like WAY more than normal. No
wonder men were staring at me. Must have been the fact I was so young. Or was
it the big tits? I think what it boils down to is this: when they see the way
tummy stretches out the front of my skirt, they know I must have gotten my
brains fucked out, or else why would I be so knocked up? I guess they figure
I must like to fuck, and THAT'S what really gets them horny. Imagining me
riding up and down on a big huge dick, my long black hair flying around and
my tits bouncing, wobbling and slapping together as I build up to a huge
orgasm and start screaming FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEE!!

Well, they're right, I DO like to fuck, and I've been ready to do just that
to my handsome math teacher Mr. James. He's been so sweet to me, even though
I not the brightest kid in the class - well, I might as well face it, I'm
actually pretty stupid. I guess you just don't get tits the size of mine and
brains too. Mr James didn't care how smart I was. I think he just wanted to
feel up my big tits and maybe have me play with his dick or something. At
least that's what I thought until I got pregnant. He couldn't take his eyes
off my tummy now. The bigger I got the more he got this pained expression on
his face, like he was just DYING to see what I looked like, feel me up all
over, then stick it in me and FUCK me until he came all over my tits. That's
what I think anyway.

I'll tell you all about it sometime, but now I hear the neighbor kids Jessica
and Daphne giggling outside our door. I need to go see what they're up to.

Born to Breed - part 9

November 1

I've been having a lot of fun the past month. I'm past the halfway mark, now
that I'm 5 months pregnant. Only 4 more to go. I've experienced quite a bit
of swelling in my middle this month. I'm so big right now I look like I could
deliver this afternoon. Momma decided it was time for another trip to the
doctor. You might remember me telling you a few pages back in dear diary that
daddy had knocked momma up too. About a month after he dumped that load of
cum in me, his busty little slut of a daughter. I don't even feel bad about
being such a slut. It felt good to have tits a big as I had, and it felt good
to have so many men drooling over me, wanting to fuck me as my tummy
continued pushing out the front of my skirts, getting so much bigger every
week. I thought poor Mr. James at school was going to cum in his pants one
day just looking at me.

Anyhow, momma was damn near as big as I was at this point, and she was dying
to know just how pregnant we both were. Poor momma, so flat chested with her
skinny little arms and legs, no hips at all, and this THING the size of a
beachball bulging out the front of her maternity dress. At least I had a pair
of big tits to balance it all out. She looked like a science experiment, and
I'm afraid I wasn't far behind.We went out to the waiting room after they ran
some tests on us, and when the doctor called us back into his office, he told
us we had better sit down. I guess we should have been prepared for this, but
we were still in shock. He told us that I was pregnant with triplets, and
that momma was pregnant with quadruplets! Good God no wonder we were so huge.

So I had 3 babies swelling my poor distented tummy. I guess I should consider
myself lucky. At least mother nature built me for this task. I looked like I
should be knocked up with a lot of babies. Poor momma had a bigger load to
carry with little or no equipment. No, life was not fair. If I could have
carried those babies for her I would have. God knows my tits are big enough to
feed 10 babies.

I'm so tired all the time from carrying these big tits, and now these 3
growing babies. The doctor says I will swell to over twice the size I am now
before it is all over. It's hard for me to imagine, and if you could see how
enormous I was already, you would find it hard to believe. Or maybe it would
just get you as horny as Mr. James is thinking about how big I'll end up. I
will barely be able to walk, the doctor said, since I'm SO top heavy, and my
back is not real strong. I guess I'll get by lying on my side getting my
gushy, dripping wet pussy fucked by daddy or whoever is available.

I'll read some more out of my diary soon!

Getting Bigger Every Day

Born to Breed - Part 10

It seems like every time a take a break from recalling the chapters of my
diary for you, I catch Daddy at some kind of naughty game. I know it's been a
while since we revisited that time in my life when my young body went through
such explosive changes. You must be wondering how my first pregnancy
progressed, and what kind of attention I started getting as I approached my
6th month and my swollen tummy had gotten oh so very large.

We'll get back to dear diary soon, but I just can't help telling you about
daddy's latest obsession. It should come as no surprise to you how fascinated
he is with young pregnant girls, having knocked me up before I was even 10
years old. So I guess I shouldn't have been shocked to see our neighbor's
daughter Daphne sucking daddy's dick like a little whore. Well, licking his
dick would be a better description. The head of that thing was way too big to
fit it her mouth. She had both hands wrapped around the shaft of it as she
tugged and licked and rubbed it all over her face. Daddy's dick had swollen
so huge that it looked like the girl was beating off a baseball bat. God she
was such a nasty little slut. The fact that she was only 13 and now 8 months
pregnant with her daddy's squirming triplets made the whole thing absolutely
obscene. As daddy watched this girl work him over, he would occasionally look
over to the scene next to him which was equally appalling. Daphne's little
sister Jessica, who had just given birth to twins, was getting the living
shit fucked out of her by HER daddy, while her uncle was yanking her head up
and down on his dick. He had her by her pig tails, pulling her head up and
down so fast it seemed like a blur. As if Jessica had needed it, her tits had
swollen uncontrollably after she gave birth, and she spurted milk like a
fountain all day long. You see, Jesse was one of those "early bloomers" like
me. She had passed the D-cup size by the time she was nine.  It amazes me her
daddy could wait till she was 11 to knock her up. She damn sure didn't need
her tits to get any BIGGER, but there she was in all her busty glory.

Daddy was talking real nasty - like I've never heard him before. "Daphne,
you're just a knocked up little whore who needs a mouth full of dick! Suck
that big dick of mine you little slut. Beat me off until I cum all over those
swollen tits of yours. Look at your slutty little sister over there- she
looks like a fucking cow with those tits of hers dripping milk while she gets
fucked. Come on you little bitch, make me cum all over your face, I wanna see
it in your hair, and on your big bloated tits, and all over that knocked up
tummy your daddy gave you, you whore!" Daddy let go at this point, and did
just as he promised - he COVERED that little bitch in cum. She was a
dripping, sticky mess as she sat there in front of him tugging on his dick
until one last blast hit her square in the mouth.

As for Jessica, she DID look like a fucking cow. The girl's tits were stuffed
in to a FF-cup bra with half of them spilling out. Her nipples poked out over
the top, and were steadily dripping. As she neared orgasm, the dripping
turned into a steady stream. Milk was RUNNING out of the girl's tits as her
daddy kept pouring the pork to her, and her uncle kept yanking her head by
her sweet little pig tails. "Oh my sweet little baby girl has turned into
such a milky little slut, hasn't she - you like to fuck your daddy don't you
baby - you're daddy's little milk maid baby, and I'm gonna plant some more
cum in you so you can swell up with a big pregnant tummy again and give me
more babies and more milk - come on, make daddy cum baby."

Jessica was wiggling that plump bottom of hers around on his dick, and
pushing back with every thrust he made. She looked like a bitch in heat, even
more horny than her daddy was, if that was possible. They were fucking like
animals. His big dick looked like a piston going in and out so fast the more
excited he got. I knew it wouldn't be long before Mr. Dixon lost a big load
of cum inside his daughter. Jessica decided to turn up the heat and started
wiggling and spasming around his dick with that dripping, sopping wet pussy
of hers. "Oh daddy, your dick is SO BIG when you get this horny. Jesse wants
you to CUM daddy. I know how much you like it when my tits get this big
daddy. I want them to get even BIGGER next time I get pregnant, so you'll
have to knock me up with triplets, like Daphne is - oh daddy, I want to be
HUGE, so CUM in me daddy, CUM in me NOW." That's all it took. The man let go
with so much cum, I saw it oozing out of her as he continued to fuck her like
a mad man. Her uncle had lost it too, and was splattering her face and neck
and tits with GOBS of stringy, sticky baby juice. What a waste, I thought to
myself. The amount of cum that man splattered on her face alone could have
impregnated half our school.

There I go again, getting side tracked. I bet you thought I had forgotten to
go back to my diary. Let's see, where did we leave off?

I know:

It was the 1st of December, and I was 6 months pregnant with triplets. We had
just found out last month why momma and I had swollen so quickly. Yes, I had
3 of daddy's babies stretching out the front of my schoolgirl skirts, and
momma had 4. As the months went by, I had come to feel more and more sorry
for momma. If you could have seen her you would understand. She was so small
and frail, but she had such a GARGANTUAN pregnant tummy. Momma could barely
walk without help at this point, and she had one month longer than I had
before delivery.

Daddy had knocked us up good. One day last week, we were at the store
checking out when the cashier began staring at us. I asked her "what the hell
are you looking at, you flat chested little bitch." She had her eyes glued to
my tits. Now in my 6th month, they had gotten so large they hung out of just
about any outfit I had. I was wearing overalls with a tank top underneath,
and no bra. Half of my huge tits were bulging out the sides. I guess I
shouldn't have blamed her for looking. She said: "God girl, did you fuck a
horse or something, I never saw anyone your age so big before! You are
knocked up out of your mind, and your tits are HUGE!" I told her if she saw
my daddy's dick she'd know I might as well have been fucked by a horse, but
that I got the big tits from daddy's mom. "As you can see, my momma is no
bigger than you in that department." Momma was indignant at this point and
said "That will be quite enough young lady." It must have frustrated momma
more and more that people were so curious about my abundantly developed and
pregnant young body.

I was beginning to arouse the attention of my older cousins now when they
came over to visit. Daddy's brother had 2 boys that had developed a
fascination for me all of a sudden. Jimmy was 14, and Johnny 15. They
definately took after the other men in the family when it came to penis
development. I always compare other boys and men to my daddy and they usually
come up short. But these boys surprised me. I noticed them staring at me one
day and said "Haven't you guys ever seen a girl with big tits before?" They
were a little embarrased I could tell, but managed a response: "Gee Debbie,
we just never saw one so knocked up before." I couldn't resist giving them
more, especially when I glanced down and saw what looked like my arm swelling
out the front of their jeans. They were so big, they were scary looking. As
they stared at me they began to rub the length of it, up and down the front
of hteir pants leg until they looked like they were hiding a rollong pin in
their pants.

I unbuttoned the front of my dress, just enough to expose the biggest expanse
of my hugely pregnant tummy. My belly button had already popped out, and
looked like a big nipple as I flicked my fingers over it. I turned toward
them and twisted my hips from side to side, wagging my tummy at them, then, I
unbuttoned the top few buttons in front of my engorged tits, and pulled them
out of my big bra. They were resting on the shelf of my enormous tummy as I
started tugging on my nipples.

Some day, I'll tell you all about what Jimmy and Johnny did to me that day.
Gotta go now. I hear some activity in the other room involving a very pregnant
nieghbor of ours.

Too big for comfort.

Born to Breed - Part 11
Debbie's Cousins

I guess I should't have unbuttoned my dress like that and pulled my big
pregnant tits out of my bra. I could have done without exposing my bulging
belly button too, but what fun would have that have been? I continued to tease
these boys as they rubbed on their dicks through their jeans.

"Just what is it about little Debbie that makes you boys so horny? You know
I'm only 9 years old don't you ? Is that it? I guess you've never seen a
pregnant nine year old have you? At least not one as pregnant as I am huh? I
bet you like my big tits don't you? They are huge I'll have to admit. They've
been swelling up for over a year now, and they're so big and heavy now that
I'm so pregnant with all of daddy's babies. I think it IS my big tits that
are making you boys so horny. Plus, you know how much I love to fuck don't
you? How else would I end up with a pregnant tummy so huge?"

Those poor boys were getting so horny listening to me and watching me tug on
my nipples and flick my fingers over my big belly button. I thought they were
going to cum in their pants. They were drooling out the corners of their
mouths at this point. "Oh my God, you look like a couple of horses over
there! Debbie is making her poor cousins get so BIG." I couldn't help but
comment on the size of their DICKS. They had to be over a foot long at this
point, and it looked like they were getting bigger the more I teased.

I asked them to come over and suck on my tits. They felt so full all of a
sudden. I knew I wasn't supposed to have milk for a couple more months, but I
swear I felt like I would burst if someone didn't come and SUCK on me. They
were on top of me before I could blink, one on each of my enormous swollen
pregnant tits. It felt wonderful to have them nursed. I could feel the milk
gushing out of them into their hungry mouths.

I still don't have any explanation, but I was one milky little knocked up
slut, even though I was only 6 months pregnant. Well, they sucked away until
I grabbed one of their dicks. Now they were making ME horny, and I needed to
be fucked BAD. When my tummy first started to swell, I remember being more
horny than usual. But now that I was huge, the pressure of those babies
bearing down on my clitoris was like being masturbated all day long. All I
wanted to do was have a great big dick pounding in and out of me 5 or 6 times
a day. Between Daddy, my math teacher and now these horny boys, my dreams had
come true.

One of my cousins hauled me over to the couch, and I got on all fours so one
could be in front, face fucking me while the other grabbed my hips and pounded
his dick in and out of my gaping wide pussy. I was dripping wet, needless to
say as one of them slid all the way in me. The other one had me by the head,
moving it up and down on his shaft. We worked up quite a rythm, and I was
moving around just like a little whore, in spite of being so damned big. My
tummy was brushing against the couch I was so pregnant at this point.

"Dammit Debbie, you have the biggest tits of any girl we ever fucked! You are
such a slut to let your cousins FUCK you like this. No wonder you're knocked
up, you little whore, letting your daddy fuck you. We're gonna cum all over
you to see how you look covered in it. You're suck a nasty little bitch, you
know that Debbie?"

They kept pounding in and out of me like there was no tomorrow, and then I
knew it was coming. God dammit, we're gonna cum on you, you little SLUT, OH
GOD here it comes - They came and came and came. It felt wonderful all over
my back, and face, and butt, and arms and hair. It was all over the damned
couch and the wall and the carpet too! What a fucking mess. Well, I have to
get back to some unfinished business now, but I'll be back to relate the last
months of my first pregnancy from dear diary and the horny escapades that
went with it. I guess we'll cover when I was 7 months along. Who knows, I
might just skip to my 8th month when I got really huge. I'll never forget how
big I was right before I delivered those 3 babies!!

Me so horny.

Born to Breed #13

Whew!! When I think back to the first time I saw my brother's giant prick, it
gets me uncontrollably hot. Even though I'm five years older now, and God
knows I've seen my share huge dicks, I still can't get over it. That boy was
HUNG. And only 10 years old. You should see him now. Billy is a freak of
nature. So huge, lots of girls in my class are afraid to let him near them. I
remembered conjuring up images as I had listened to my mom explain the the
experiments at the clinic, and our involvement. I wondered, as she spoke what
effect the drugs would have on my little sisters, and on Billy. I had already
witnessed first hand my cousins' staggering development, yet I had never
thought of my brother in sexual terms before. Too busy trying to get daddy to
pay attention to those big tits of mine so he could get me pregnant.

February 15

I had gotten my wish alright, and then some. At 8 1/2 months pregnant, my
nine year old body was a sight to behold. My bust measurement had expanded to
42". My bulging pregnant tummy measured 58" around, and I still had a few
weeks to go. The doctor said the last few weeks would show the most dramatic
expansion. Already, my arms could not reach all the way around the front of
my belly. I had grown so incredibly huge. Walking had become difficult, and I
barely fit in the front seat of the car. At only 4'5" tall, my swollen middle
stretching out almost 3 feet in front of me, I had difficulty even standing
up without assistance. What they next few weeks would hold, I was scared to
consider. Yet, everyone said I had a beautiful "glow" about me and told me
how pretty I was. Especially Daddy. And I was pretty I remember, with my big
pregnant tits resting atop the shelf of my bulging middle, splayed out a
little to either side, wobbling gently as I moved about the house in my bra
and panties. Young, barefoot and pregnant. With long dark hair and sparkling
eyes. My soft olive complexion just was just glistening. I was ripe, and I
was ready.  A fantasy come true.

Maybe I was the fantasy that Billy had envisioned as he sat in the downstairs
bathroom with his fist wrapped around the head of that gargantuan member. As I
watched him, I imagined I was anyway, but I was in such shock over the whole
scene that I screeched instead. Momma was right behind me.

"Holy shit Momma, LOOK at Billy. LOOK at that thing. MY GOD. OH MY GOD momma.
Billy's thing, it's so..., so... BIG, look how big Billy is Momma. It was
truly amazing. The head of my brother's prick was the size of a small apple.
His fist did not fit all the way around it. The shaft of it was as big around
as a soda can, and it looked to be 9 or 10 inches long. He did not quit
tugging on it even though we stood there in the doorway gawking at it. Momma
yelled at him: "Billy you stop that this instant young man!" Billy kept
yanking on his dick, his hand flying up and down the shaft as he closed his
eyes, and leaned his head back. "I can't help it momma," he said "Debbie's
big tits have been making me so HORNY I just don't know what to do. Momma,
she's just so pretty, and she makes me so HOT. Billy had this screwed up look
on his face, and his dick began to swell even bigger. An inch, two inches
bigger, it continued to grow as his hand flew up and down, up and down the
length of his huge member. The head was purple now, engorged and ready to
spew, I could tell.

And spew he did, all over the bathroom mirror. Big sticky ropes of it, one
after another flew at the mirror and landed with a splat. 10, 20, 30 seconds
went by as he covered every inch of the mirror and vanity in front of him,
groaning and twitching like an animal. The kid deposited enough semen on that
mirror to impregnate thousands of young girls. Just what those bastards at the
research facility wanted, I thought to myself. We just stood there with our
mouths open, in shock over the whole scene.

Later, I confronted my brother about his fantasy. "So, your little sister has
been making you all horny huh? Poor Billy. You poor baby. Why didn't you tell
little Debbie what her big tits did to you? They are big aren't they Billy.
So big and so pretty. Everyone says so. Daddy made me this big, did you know
that Billy? Big and pregnant. Girls with big tits get MUCH bigger in the bust
when they get themselves knocked up, did you know that, dear brother of mine?
Do you know how girls get knocked up Billy? They have boys with big dicks
spurt cum inside them Billy. Like daddy came inside me. That's right, instead
of splattering it all over the bathroom, you squirt it inside a girl, and she
gets HUGE, just like me. <giggle> Well, they don't all get QUITE so big as me
now do they?"

Billy just sat there on his bed as that huge prick of his began to swell out
the front of his pajama bottoms. God he was enormous, I thought. I went over
and sat down next to him. I couldn't resist touching "IT". I reached out, and
he had already pulled that thing out of his pajamas. I grasped the head of it
with both hands and tugged ever so gently, rubbing all over it. I twitched in
my hands, and a little fluid spurted out that helped make it slippery. I knew
it wouldn't be a good idea for Billy to stick that thing in me, so I leaned
over and put my mouth over the head of it, gently flicking my tongue all
around, wrapping my little lips around as much of the head as I could. I got
about half of it in and swirled my tongue around. OH GOD, he moaned, I'm gonna
CUM Debbie, GOD, you're making me CUM!! And God DID he cum! I never had quite
so much sperm blast down my throat before.  I had done this to daddy before,
but he had NOTHING compared to Billy. I pulled it out in time to have some of
it hit me on the face. I love cum on my face.

Just then, we heard my little 6 year old sister crying and asking for momma.
She said there was something wrong with her. I was too busy lapping up the
rest of my brother's cum to find out what was wrong.

Next chapter, we find out what the problem is, and explore the further
adventures of Billy and me.

It won't be long now.

Born to Breed Part 14

I just THOUGHT Billy had finished cumming on my face. As I sat there on his
bed with both my hands wrapped around the head of that THING, another big
glob of cum came blasting out and went right up my nose. Jesus, the boy was a
HORSE I thought to myself. I wiped Billy's cum off with my hands and massaged
it in a slow circular motion all over the front of my big pregnant belly.

"Look at my huge tummy Billy. See how big Daddy made your little sister?"
Billy started stroking the length of his enormous prick again as I spread his
cum all over my knocked up stomach. He was getting hard again. I was sitting
on the edge of the bed now with my legs spread out to either side so my tummy
could rest between them. I was so pregnant, my belly reached down to my
knees. My belly button was the size of a walnut. I had never seen one so big.
It looked like an enormous nipple.

Any man who had a yen for young pregnant girls would have cum in his pants if
he saw me at that point. The men I know tend to like their pregnant girls B-I-
G, and by God I fit the bill on that score. Unlike my momma, and lots of other
women out there , I had a pair of GEEnormous tits to go with my big bloated
tummy too. Why on EARTH any experimental clinic thought I needed  enhancement,
I'll never know. But I guess it all makes sense now. Why I've gotten so big
this quick, that is. Even my grandma, enormous as she was, didn't start to
swell near as early or near as MUCH! I mean, my GOD, I'm barely 10 years old,
and I'm so HUGE.

I had almost forgotten about my little sister Lisa who was crying her eyes
out about something. I could tell she was getting closer as she made her way
down the hall. "Debbie, Debbie what's wrong with me?", she yelled. Billy
grabbed his bathrobe and I quickly covered up with the sheets on the bed. We
didn't want our 6 year old sister to see our obscene display of incest at her
tender age.

Lisa came into the bedroom and sat down next to me. "What's wrong sweetheart"
I asked her. "Debbie, there's these THINGS on me, I don't know what's WRONG
with me Debbie, I'm SCARED!" She was sobbing uncontrollably at this point as
I tried to console her. "Now now Lisa, it'll be OK. Show Debbie what you're
talking about." Lisa unbuttoned her pink flannel pajama top and pulled it
open. "There!" she said "There they are! Debbie, what's wrong with me. What
ARE these things? They weren't there yesterday! I'm scared."

The poor kid had reason to be in shock. There on her chest were two perfectly
formed, puffy little breasts. Each the size of half a tennis ball. She was
right. They weren't there yesterday. What caused me to gasp though were
Lisa's nipples. They were the size of my thumbs. And her areola were a good
two inches in diameter. They looked freakish on her tiny frame. Far out of
proportion with her little breasts. So THIS is what experimental drugs do to
little children! My poor little sister, I thought. I would have been pissed
if Lisa hadn't fascinated me so much.

I couldn't take my eyes off her big nipples. Neither could Billy. His massive
prick was tenting out the front of his robe, and he started rubbing it again.
"Billy, STOP that, I can't believe you, she's only SIX you creep!" All the
while, I could feel my vaginal fluids oozing out I was getting so horny. Gee,
I never expected my little SISTER to turn me on. "GOOD GOD Debbie, look at
the NIPPLES on her!" Billy was flogging his prick at this point. It looked
like he had a tree branch sticking out the front of his robe. I had a VERY
lewd idea all of a sudden. I had read somewhere about a young boy's cum
having a dramatic effect on developing breast tissue. The article claimed
that sperm from young boys could triple the growth potential of the
developmental cycle.

I figured Lisa would experience dramatic change no matter what, since I knew
what got her in this mess to begin with. Why not give her big tits right now.
Make that why not give her HUGE tits right now. Billy looked like he would
lose it any second. "Billy, I want you to CUM on my tits so I can massage it
on Lisa's and make them feel better. Don't worry Lisa, Billy's gonna give
Debbie some stuff to make your bosoms feel better. You know that's what you
have don't you? You have BOSOMS Lisa, and they're gonna get BIG like mine
honey. Would you like that? Debbie loves having big bosoms and you will too I

Lisa seemed relieved all of a sudden, but then a little shocked as she saw
Billy beating off like an animal as he knelt in front of me on the bed.
"What's Billy doing Debbie? Why is he so big?" Lisa was entranced as she
watched our brother's hand fly up and down that mule dick of his. His face
twisted up and I knew I would have boy cum splattered all over my chest in a
matter of seconds. Here it came. Big sticky ropes of it flying through the
air, laying right across my big bloated tits. Half of it ended up on my
pregnant belly, making it  glisten in the moonlight from the window. I
scooped it up and started rubbing it on Lisa's big nipples. Jeez, I need a
break from this for a minute. Back soon with another chapter from dear diary.

I'm due any day now.

Born to Breed 15
Lisa Swells

One Week layer

I'm due to deliver my triplets a week from today. My tummy gets bigger every
hour it seems. I am so swollen all I can do is lay around and wait now. That,
and give Daddy or Billy an occasional hand job until they splatter their cum
all over my gargantuan pregnant belly. Momma measured me yesterday, and my
tummy stretches the tape to 62". The doctor says each of my babies weighs 6
pounds. They're HUGE for triplets. No wonder my poor tummy is so enormous.

My tits have started to swell with milk prematurely. I guess that's a side
effect from the experimental drugs coursing through my system. I just thought
I was big before. My chest measures a full 46 inches now, and my little
sister Lisa has taken to sucking the milk out of my engorged breasts now,
just like a little baby. She will lie in bed with me and stroke my swollen
belly while she suckles at my bosom.

Lisa's growth has been astounding. Her tits are swelling up like balloons. In
a little over a week, her tits have expanded to the size of softballs. I
guess that story I read on the internet is true. Boy cum DOES exaggerate
breast growth. The drugs in combination with all of Billy's cum smeared on
her were taking their toll. You could almost WATCH the little bitch swell.
Every day, she got bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER. When she's not stroking my
tummy and suckling at my tits, Lisa sits around and feels herself up all day,
tugging at her huge nipples.

What I didn't realize was what she and Billy were up to. Until I caught them
that is. She liked the fact that Billy's cum was making her tits swell so
much, that she got him to start splattering it on her directly, instead of
waiting for her big sister to share in the fun. The little cow. No wonder she
was so big. Billy had been ejaculating on her chest every day for a week.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on those two, and I'm sure
glad I did. This morning I found Billy on top of Lisa in the living room.
They were fucking like dogs right on the floor. Lisa was on top riding up and
down on his dick like a whore, moaning and twitching as her tits wobbled in
his face. I have never seen Billy's dick get that big. I pulled Lisa off him
just as he spewed a pint of cum all over the place. God knows how much of it
made it inside her. Only time will tell.

Billy told me he just couldn't help it. When her tits started to swell, he
just couldn't get her out of his mind. Soon, we'll know the damage he's done
to my dear little sister. --

Born to Breed 16
Debbie's Overdue

Two weeks later

I was supposed to deliver these enormous triplets of mine a week ago, but
they're still in my tummy, swelling me out to gigantic proportions. I
gathered a small crowd in the grocery store the other day. Momma was
following me around in one of those wheelchair cart things usually reserved
for old people who can't get around very well. It came in handy for me, a ten
year old pregnant girl whose tummy was so big it reached all the way to my

Yes, my gargantuan pregnant tummy was resting on my lap as momma followed me
in the motorized cart. I saw all the men staring at me, and when I glanced at
their crotches (that's the FIRST thing I look at on a man) they all had a big
hard-on. I just smiled and felt up my big tits. I swear I made one of them
cum in his pants watching me. I looked him in the eye, and then occasionally
would glance down at my tits and back up at him. I knew I could make him cum.

I love being the center of attention, and I knew that it wouldn't last long,
so I made the best of it while I still could. Lisa's tits continued to swell,
and she became more and more horny with each passing day. Although I had kept
a close eye on her, I could hear her in Daddy's room now in the middle of the
night. Momma had gone to visit one of her flat chested sisters, and Lisa had
moved in for the kill on Daddy, about 10 seconds after momma was out the
door. Daddy was fucking Lisa's brains out at night, while Billy was reaming
her out during the day. The girl would be pregnant rather quickly at this
rate, if she wasn't already. I can hear her and Daddy now. Will let you know
how the birthing of the triplets goes, and Lisa's progress soon.

Born to Breed 17
Lisa's Big Tits
Debbie's Bouncing Babies

April 1

Well, now that my babies are a couple of months old, I've finally grown
accustomed to my huge milk filled tits. The birth went well enough I guess. I
was so big by the time the babies came (at two weeks overdue) that Daddy
could do nothing all day but yank on that big dick of his and plaster my
tummy with glob after glob of cum. I was quite a sight, I'll have to admit.
Sitting around on the couch with my tummy swollen out past my knees, that
gigantic belly button looking oh- so- much like a swollen nipple about to
burst. Daddy would tell me over and over that I was the most beautiful
pregnant girl in the world. Then he would tell me how much he loved me and
how happy I had made him by getting so big. Yes, Daddy's little girl had
gotten ever so big and pregnant. Ready to explode with 3 kicking, squirming,
ENORMOUS babies, all the product of my incestuous union with daddy. All that
fucking, all those hormones, the experimental drugs, and not to mention the
big tits I had inherited from grandma had combined to make me a pregnant
lover's dream come true. I was the classic fertility goddess. Barely 10 years
old, so pregnant I looked like I was carrying a horse, and sporting a chest
that most grown women would die for.

No wonder daddy could do nothing but cum all over me morning noon and night.
Billy was busy fucking Lisa, who has now swollen another 4 inches in the bust
over the past month. It's her 7th birthday today, and the child looks like a
victoria's secret bra model. She's getting huge, while our sister Suzy, a
full year older, remains flat as a board. Suzy is beside herself as she
watches Billy fuck Lisa's brains out right in front of her. The cruel little
bastard has no heart at all, asking her wouldn't she like to have a pair of
big tits like Lisa has so she could get fucked like that, and on and on. Lisa
just smiles and moans and pushes back with every thrust of Billy's horse
sized prick- the little whore. This morning I heard the little slut getting
sick in the bathroom. Her tits are particularly swollen today too. Hmmm. I
wonder. I'll bet you're wondering something too.

Born to Breed 18
Lisa's Endowments

May 15 Six weeks have passed since the last peek at dear diary. My 3 babies
are growing like weeds. They nurse at my nipples for hours. My big, rubbery,
faucet sized nipples. It doesn't matter how long they suck, I'm still
engorged with milk at the end of the long ordeal. My tits are so big and
sore, I have to rub a soothing mixture of cocoa butter and A and D ointment
all over my areola. They're bigger than the palms of my hands now, all dark
and bumpy, crowning an immense pair of tits that just ache to be fondled.

You know what happens to girls with big tits right after they give birth
don't you? That's right, to add insult to injury, the damn things get even
BIGGER. As if my tits weren't big enough already. Jesus. And the milk. Even
after the babies finish, and Lisa suckles at them, the milk continues to
spurt out for hours, puddling all over my legs, on the furniture, soaking the
bed, dripping on the carpet, and dribbling all the way down the hall into the
bathroom. The experimental drugs that prick doctor gave me must have had
something to do with THAT too. The women in Daddy's family (you know, the
ones with the KNOCKERS) all had a tendency to produce a lot of milk anyway.
That fucking doctor should have given drugs to the women on my MOTHER'S side
of the family. The poor flat chested wenches. The women on momma's side of
the family looked like a bunch of 10 year old boys. I mean FLAT. NADA. NO

It finally occured to me why poor little Suzy wasn't growing any in the bust.
She looked an awful lot like momma and her side of the family. That must be
it. Even though she got a dose of the stuff that helped make me so huge, it
just didn't work. Maybe you have to have some predisposed condition to begin
with. Who knows?

It damn sure seemed to be having an effect on Lisa. My dear little sister
Lisa. To look at her, you would think 6 years had passed instead of 6 weeks.
Lisa's bust had swollen to 28" around. She needed a C-cup bra already. Two
months ago, she had been as flat as one of momma's sisters. Yes, just as flat
as her older sister Suzy.

Billy just couldn't keep his hands off Lisa (or his dick out of her either).
Lisa had grown to love fucking almost as much as Billy did, if that were
humanly possible. I would see her walk up to him in the living room sometimes
and pull her tits out of her little stretched out top. "Billy, I'm horny" she
would say, "Will you put that big ole thing inside your horny little sister
Billy?" "I know you want to, cause it makes my tits get bigger when you fuck
me Billy! You like it when my tits get bigger don't you. I know how much you
like big tits Billy, I see you looking at Debbie and HER big tits. I know
what else you like too Billy."

Well, you  know what "else" it was that Billy liked don't you? Lisa loved to
tease Billy. Especially now that her tummy was beginning to show. Yes, it was
about 6 weeks ago to the day that I heard my dear sister throwing up that
morning. I knew it then, as well as I know it now. Billy had knocked Lisa up
allright. Looks like he knocked her up good. Lisa knew how much Billy went
bonzo over pregnant girls. You would have to be blind not to know that. After
all, she watched Billy beat off for hours as he drooled over MY big swollen
tummy, pregnant with those triplets and about to burst. She watched him
splatter cum all over me, the same cum I rubbed into her budding little
mounds. It seems like a lifetime ago. Things happen so quickly it seems when
you're dealing with little girls and their swelling bustlines. I guess we
shouldn't have been surprised when she turned up pregnant. Getting her brains
fucked out night after night would tend to do that, especially pumped as full
of hormones as she was by that PRICK doctor. That's what made her so horny
I'll bet.

"Billy, can you tell there's anything different about me?" I would hear this
little game of Lisa's going on in the den every day. Lisa would turn sideways
so Billy could see her profile. She would look over her shoulder at him and
pull her shorts down in front, exposing her ever so slightly swollen tummy
for him. Then she would stick it out as far as she could. "I'm gonna have a
baby Billy!" Then she would rub it all around and smile at him again. "See
Billy, my tummy's getting bigger, see!!" "You know what Billy? I might have
MORE that one baby, like Debbie did. All that stuff you squirted inside me
might make a LOT of babies Billy, and I might get really REALLY big!" Billy
always had his dick out by this point, flogging it, about to spurt a big load
on little Lisa. Sometimes Suzy would watch this disgraceful display with a
look of horror on her face, unable to participate in any of the fun. Maybe
there was something that could be done for poor Suzy. We'll find out soon.

Born to Breed 19
Debbie's Pregnant Again, What a Surprise!

August 1
I got myself all knocked up again the day we last visited dear diary, 10 weeks
ago. Watching Billy cum all over Lisa's face made me so horny I could have
screamed. I did scream as a matter of fact, as I fingered myself to an
explosive orgasm.

Watching my brother plaster our little sister with all that jism drove me
right over the edge. Our little 7 year old sister,at the time 6 weeks
pregnant by my horny brother was already "showing". Her tits as you may
recall already filled a C-cup bra. No wonder Billy was ready to splatter her
with cum all day long. The child looked like a fertility goddess with her
tummy starting to swell, and those tits looked absolutely enormous on her
tiny frame.

And what a little tease! She would find the tiniest little tops to stretch
over those swelling bosoms of hers, and I swear to God her tits were getting
bigger every DAY it seemed. Now that she was pregnant, they were swelling
like balloons. She knew just how to cast a spell on Billy, and boy did he
fall into the trap. Every time I turned around, I caught them going at it.
They were fucking day and night, as though they wanted to plant more babies
inside poor little swollen Lisa. Now 10 weeks later, it looks as though they
might have succeeded in knocking her up even more. Not quite 4 months
pregnant, Lisa's tummy looks as huge as a grown woman's at full term. God
knows how pregnant the child must be. I measured her carefully this morning.
44". Can you imagine a 7 year old with a pregnant tummy that measures 44"
around. She looks obscene. So obviously pregnant, announcing to all the world
- YES I have a big swollen tummy allright because I'VE BEEN FUCKED. The way
she looks at grown men makes them weak in the knees. Boys too. Especially
boys. She'll catch their eyes and smile, glance down at her tits (which have
swollen ANOTHER 8 inches in the past 2 months) and look back at them with
this shit eating grin on her face.

As for me, my grandmother(dad's mom - the one with the big TITS) tried to
offer me some small consolation when she found out I was pregnant again.
"Child, when you're built like us, there doesn't seem to be an end to all
this breeding. So I guess you might as well get used to your poor little
tummy swelling up every year. Men are animals, Debbie honey. They see a big
set of tits on a girl like you and their hormones go crazy. Nature tells them
you're ready to breed, child and breed is all they want to do. When they get
you pregnant, it makes you even more voluptuous, and they want to do it to
you even more. They go into overdrive after the babies come because your poor
bosom swells again, and off they go again, getting you pregnant and making
you bigger. It happened to me 18 years in a row child. Your poor ole granny
would no sooner be over one pregnancy than your grandpa, or one of my
brothers would be after me to plant another baby."

I guess there's something about a young girl with a swollen middle that gets
to a lot of men. Especially if that girl is blessed with a set of big bulging
tits like mine. Jesus I'm huge right now. My babies continue to suckle at my
breasts for hours, and I continue to produce milk like a little cow. Now that
I'm 10 weeks pregnant, they're starting to swell again. Pregnant AND milking.
What a combination for a 10 year old to have to deal with. A very BUXOM 10
year old I might add. I can see the way men are looking at me these days,
even more than they used to. The bigger I get, the more attention I command.
And boy am I getting big. In a short two and a half months, my waist
measurement has expanded by 10 inches. I look like I'm a good 4 or 5 months
gone. Yep, I'm knocked up, that's for sure, and I don't even know whose it
is. On my way home from school, I've been letting the boys on the bus take
turns fucking me, them daddy gets his turn, and Billy sometimes. I'll keep
you posted on Lisa's tits, as they swell to obscene proportions. And on our
ever rounding tummies.

Born to Breed -20
Belinda joins the family

September 15 Another six weeks have passed. I've flipped ahead in my diary to
the time where little Lisa was almost 6 months pregnant(and getting bigger by
the minute), and yours truly was 4 months. Our 13 year old cousin Belinda is
living with us at this point.

I had almost forgotten about Belinda, till I got to this chapter that is. Then
it seemed like yesterday. Her mother, my aunt Mary was really strict. A real
bitch. Never let her go out or do anything with the other boys and girls at
school. She was worried that Blinda (that's what we called her) would get
herself in trouble.

You see, Blinda was blessed (or some would say cursed) with the same genes
that ran on my Daddy's side of the family. Like my grandmother, and all of
her sisters and daughters, Belinda had developed quite an abundant pair of
breasts. At about the same time I did I guess, except she was 3 years older.
I used to marvel at how large her chest was when we were over at aunt Mary's.
I remembered wondering why she was so much bigger than her mother, even when
she was nine. Come to think of it, that's when I first began to notice daddy
staring at girls with big tits. When he stared at Blinda's chest swelling out
the blouses on her Catholic school uniforms. She was so big by the time she
was ten, that she'd have these 3 inch gaps spread open around the buttons on
the front of her blouse. You could see right in to her bra, and where her
tits came bulging out the tops of the cups. Aunt Mary was too cheap to buy
her new bras, so she stuffed her big tits into a WAY too small 32" D-cup.
Blinda was tall for her age, so she could have passed for a teenager at the
age of ten.

Long dark hair, big brown eyes, with a gorgeous olive complexion, Belinda was
captivating. She pretty much kept to herself in those days, I guess she
wanted to be a "good girl" for her mom. But by the time she was 12 or so, I
suppose she just couldn't take it any more. She started hanging out with
these black boys at school. I overheard some girls talking once that Blinda
liked big dicks, and that the black boys had really REALLY big ones. One day
on the bus, I remember a group of them huddled around Blinda - she was
SITTING on one of them, with her back to him, and moving up and down. I
didn't know it at the time, but she was FUCKING this kid. Another boy had
this huge thing stuck in her mouth, and she was sucking on it and running her
hand up and down the shaft of this dick that could have been a foot long, and
as big around as my wrist. I saw this white gooey stuff splat on to her face,
and I knew the boy had "cum" on her. This was one of my earliest memories of
sex. And still one of the hottest.

Well, Belinda kept up this pace for a few months, and before long - you
guessed it - she indeed got herself "in trouble" as her momma feared. Aunt
Mary went ballistic and threw her out of the house. I remember the day she
called here asking if she could come and stay with us,      telling us that she
wanted to keep her baby. Daddy almost tripped over himself getting to the
phone to tell her she could. Horny bastard. I knew what HE wanted. He already
had two daughters who were pregnant as cows, our tits swelling by the minute
and our tummies about to burst. Now he would have Blinda wobbling about the
house, her 13 year old body so ripe it could explode. As voluptuous as I
turned out at 10, Blinda made me look small. She could have passed for a
grown woman at this point, and at 3 months pregnant, her bosoms had expanded
to fill a double E-cup bra. On any size woman, that is quite enormous, and
there seemed to be no end in sight for Blinda's bust expansion. She had
swollen steadily for the past 5 years, since she was 8, and now she was

Lisa is fascinated with her big cousin. In her bare feet, Lisa measures about
chest high on Blinda. I would see Lisa walk up to her cousin and just STARE at
her big tits sticking out, right there in front of her face. Lisa was getting
so cute now that she's so pregnant. She would stick her big tummy out and ask
Belinda if she thought she was pretty with her big tummy. She loved having
Blinda around to compare bodies. Like having another big sister I guess. Well,
more adventures to come soon.

Born to Breed -21
Growing Girls

November 1

Another 6 weeks have passed. Poor little Lisa is so pregnant she can barely
move. Her 8th birthday is coming up soon, but you would never guess it to
look at her now. Over 7 months pregnant with twins, my little sister looks
like she's carrying a mule. Her swollen middle has expanded another 8 inches
in the past month. Now Lisa's protruding tummy measures 52" around. God she's
huge. Her tiny frame is what really exaggerates it so much. The average 8
year old is not very big, and Lisa is small for her age, or I guess I should
say Lisa WAS small for her age. Those days are history. When Lisa sits down,
her bulging knocked up belly swells out all the way to her knees. Even after
her babies are born, with tits the size of hers, I will never be able to call
her my "little sister" again.

Neither will poor Suzy. Over a year older, Suzy has yet to show any signs of
development. Yep, she's still flat as a board and SKINNY to boot. While her
"little sister" wobbles around the house with a pair of big bouncing knockers
slapping together, so pregnant she can barely stand up. Day after day Suzy
has to watch Billy fuck the living shit out of Lisa as they get it on all
over the house. He had her on the kitchen table the other day, her butt
resting on the egde while she leaned back to support herself. He jammed that
enormous prick of his in and out of her, in and out, just pouring the PORK to
the little bitch. Lisa was squirming and moaning and thrusting back just like
a little whore. You would never have known she was so pregnant the way she
was fucking Billy. She was fucking like an animal. Then I saw them in the
bathroom. Lisa was sitting on the toilet sucking his dick while her fist went
flying up and down the length of his shaft. I don't know how, but that boy's
dick has managed to grow in the past month. It's as big around as a damned
beer can. The boy is a fucking mule. Must be all the excitement of seeing his
little sister blossom into a fertility goddess before his very eyes.

Lisa tells me she's so horny all the time now that she's so huge. She keeps
Billy in a constant state of erection by wearing these tight tank tops and
bras that force her big tits to spill out over the cups. That and a pair of
bikini briefs is all she ever has on anymore. Shit, that's all that will fit
her. Momma won't buy her any clothes, and the school doesn't want her back
until after she gives birth, so she just hangs around the house teasing Billy
till he can't stand it and fucks the living shit out of her. Either that or
he beats off till he cums on her tits. Lisa loves to rub cum on her tits. She
says it makes 'em bigger.

"Billy, do you think my tits are big enough?" She would ask Billy this
sometimes as she pulled her big, bloated pregnant breasts out of her bra.
Then she would start tugging on her enormous nipples. The kid's nipples are
bigger than MINE for God's sake. Then she would start rubbing her tummy, and
flicking her fingers over her protruding belly button. That thing was
GARGANTO. Bigger, MUCH bigger than her nipples. It drove Billy completely
insane. She would say things like "Billy, you really did knock your little
sister up good didn't you? Are you happy I got so big for you Billy. You made
my tummy so huge Billy, with all that CUM you dumped in me. You made your
little sister get so PREGNANT Billy. Do you know that? See how big I am? I'm
big and pregnant. So big and pregnant I can barely walk. YOU did this Billy,
you FUCKED your little sister and knocked her up, and now I'm making you so
horny with my big tits and swollen tummy that you have to KEEP fucking me!!"

This was one hot little bitch we had on our hands here. As hot as Lisa made
Billy though, Belinda was doing an even worse number on Daddy.

I don't know what all those black boys dumped inside Blinda, but it might as
well have been horse cum. Belinda, now only halfway through her pregnancy,
was even bigger than Lisa. I've seen grown women at the doctor's office who
were at full term with twins, and that's what Blinda looked like. She's going
in for an ultrasound next week to find out exactly what the hell is inside of
her. Last time she saw the doctor, he had no clue how she could have gotten
so big this fast. Belinda was enormous allright, and those TITS. I had always
been jealous of my big cousin's tits. She was by far the biggest of the
cousins, but now they had reached the point of staggering development. She
must be pregnant with 7 or 8 babies I remember thinking. God knows how
knocked up she is.

The fact that she was so beautiful made it very hard on Daddy. Very hard
indeed. He had such a weakness for pregnant girls. And this was the biggest
and the prettiest pregnant girl I had ever laid eyes on. Shit, she made ME
horny with those gigantic tits of hers stretching out her bras and her school
blouses to the point they would burst. I can't imagine what she was doing to
poor daddy. He liked his girls pregnant allright. BIG and pregnant. And this
girl was absolutely enormous.

 Regardless of all the shit she was getting, Blinda had continued to go to
school. She let out the waist of those plaid school skirts to allow her tummy
to swell to obscene proportions, but now the biggest size she could buy was
too small. I guess that's all the school for her. At least for a while. She
would have nothing better to do but get her brains fucked out by daddy, now
that she didn't have her black studs pouring it to her in the bathroom, on
the bus, in the locker room and wherever else they dumped their cum in her.
She got it good, that's for sure. She was one knocked up slut. We'll keep a
close eye on her continued expansion here in dear diary. She does get a lot
bigger as I recall, and even hornier if that's humanly possible.

Born to Breed 22
Expanding Endowments

January 10

Lisa should have given birth to her twins in mid December. She is still
pregnant. Nine months and 3 weeks pregnant. There is no way in hell she has
only 2 babies in that gargantuan stomach of hers. You should see it. For the
past 6 weeks, she has swollen beyond recognition. Her enormous pregnant tummy
now measures 69" at its largest point, a gain of 17 inches in 6 weeks. She's
breeding a litter in there. Her tits have enlarged to the size of cow's udders
in preparation for all the feeding she'll have to do. I swear, they're as big
as cantaloupes now, wobbling uncontrollably with the slightest movement.

The doctors have turned to researching Billy's sperm for the answer to this,
since he has been depositing so much of it in her since her belly really got
big. Their findings were frightening. Seems that Billy's semen is  highly
concentrated, with 4 times the normal sperm count. If that were not bad
enough, the experimental drugs those fuckers gave him have caused his sperm
to mutate. It is highly powerful, and has the ability to penetrate and
refertilize an ALREADY FERTILIZED EGG, causing it to clone itself.

So this is the cause of my poor little sister's cruel fate. Almost 10 months
pregnant with God knows how many babies kicking and squirming around in her
big bloated pregnant body. All this time Billy couldn't take his eyes off
Lisa. If he wasn't rubbing lotion all over her tummy or massaging her huge
tits, he was yanking up and down on that big dick of his until he splattered
her face with cum. Or stuffing that THING up inside me and Belinda and
fucking our brains out until he dumped gobs and gobs of that mutated sperm
inside our immensely swollen pregnant pussies. If I'd had ANY idea what that
shit was capable of, that fucker would never have gotten near me with that
dick of his. No matter how big it was, or how good it felt, I just wouldn't
have risked it. As for Belinda, she was so fucking huge already, what's
another baby or two gonna hurt I figured. She's built for it. Built to carry
8 or 10 if need be.

With all that sperm at my disposal now, I had an idea. An idea that I hoped
would make my sister Suzy big and pregnant and happy like Lisa and Belinda
and I were. I knew it broke her heart to watch us swell so large while she
remained a skinny little rail with no chest at all. I had Billy fill up a
turkey baster syringe with that potent sperm of his, and I stuffed it me
sleeping sister's vagina. I pulled the plunger. I left a few ounces to smear
all over her flat chest just for good measure. If that doesn't do the trick,
NOTHING will. I'll keep you posted.

Born to Breed 23
Billy's powerful sperm

February 1

Ever since we found out about Billy's sperm count being so high, and the
mutations that developed within his semen due to the experimental drugs, I
tried my best to keep away from him. I missed that dick of his rutting away
deep inside me, but it was just too risky to have one of his sperm cells
penetrate one of my already fertilized eggs and cause it to clone. I was far
too pregnant already. Triplets is enough for an eleven year old to be carrying
around, and I am due to deliver any day now. Belinda is due in a month.

All that cum Billy dumped in Lisa had taken its toll. The twins she was
carrying had multiplied into quads after some of Billy's sperm found its way
inside her embryos and cloned them. That's why her belly had swollen so. My
my but the child was enormous before she finally gave birth - full of life as
they say- VERY full of life. She ended up delivering after 10 1/2 months of
the most swollen pregnancy I had ever witnessed. She got so much bigger than
I did the first time it was hard to believe. Her tits are the size of
honeydew melons now and just bursting with milk to feed her 4 hungry babies.

When she's not feeding, Billy jams his dick up between her bloated milk jugs,
squeezing them together and tit fucking her until he spurts gobs of cum all
over her face and tits and hair and arms. The milk is flying everywhere
during this whole scene, and the cum is just as plentiful. It's a sticky,
dribbling gooey mess, but Lisa is always relieved when Billy finishes
squeezing so much more of the milk out of her. I remember how painful it is
when your tits are so full of milk they're about to explode.

It has been over a month since I deposited that syringe full of Billy's cum
inside of Suzy, and rubbed the leftovers on her tits while she was sleeping.
I was not surprised to hear her throwing up this morning in the bathroom. I
had felt so sorry for little Suzy, the only one of us that hadn't developed
tits yet. The only one who couldn't attract boys, or even her brother or
daddy. Having to endure watching her sisters (one of them a whole year
younger) growing big breasts, getting fucked, getting knocked up and swelling
like pregnant cows. Then having to watch as her cousin and both her sisters
continued to grow bigger breasts and huge pregnant bellies. Getting their
brains fucked out by a boy with one of biggest dicks in the county. Watching
us get our whole bodies splattered with sticky cum. It must have been too

I guess I wouldn't have to feel sorry for Suzy any more, although I would have
some explaining to do. I knew she must have been pregnant by the way she was
hurling. What needed the explanation now was her swelling chest. Yes, Suzy was
starting to grow. And only a month after I smeared that potion of Billy's on
her chest. God knows what's in that sperm of his, but I know I dumped a BUNCH
of it in her, and I rubbed PLENTY on her flat little chest. It's not flat any
more. Not by a long shot.

Suzy had a tight t-shirt on as I stared at her chest in the doorway. It was a
crop top, showing a foot of bare midriff. The only other clothing she had on
was a skimpy pair of panties. Her pubic hair was so black and bushy that it
bulged out from between her legs obscenely. It even peeked out over the top
of her waistband. Suzy looked like a different girl. Her hips had grown wider
by a good 8-10 inches. I mean they REALLY flared out. I hadn't even noticed
until I saw her sillhouette in the doorway. Her nipples were hard and they
were enormous, poking right through the flimsy t-shirt. Her tits were about
the size of half an orange. For Suzy, that was BIG let me tell you.

"So big sister" Suzy started "I guess you though I was asleep when you
squirted that stuff inside me and rubbed that sticky goo all over my chest.
Well, I knew exactly what was going on. Maybe you should keep your little
plans a secret."

At first I thought she was mad, then I saw a wicked grin cross her face as she
cupped one of her new tits and flicked her nipples for me. Yes, at nine and a
half years old Suzy was a different girl allright, and just in the nick of
time. Another of our youger sisters had busted out on the scene, seemingly

Seven year old Melissa was the classic blonde bimbo in the making. It's cruel
to say it but this child was so stupid you could see it on her face. I guess
I shouldn't talk about her like that but it's the truth. I don't know whether
this goes with being stupid or not, but the kid had an enormous pussy. She
would sit around on the couch and run her fist in and out of it until she got
this screwed up look of orgasm on her face - yes, she was CUMMING right in
front of us. For the past couple of months, Melissa's tits had swollen onto
the scene. In less than a month, the kid's bust had expanded to a C-cup, and
now she was approaching a full and bulging D-cup. She was twice the size of
her older sister Suzy, and loved to rub it in. "Suzy why are my tits so much
bigger than yours? Aren't yours supposed to be bigger since you're older? Why
is Lisa so big Suzy? She already had babies, how come you don't have babies

All I can say is it's a damned good thing I got Suzy started on the road to
womanhood when I did or there would be hell to pay.

I had to pull Billy off Melissa the other day. He had her on all fours as he
fucked her from behind. He had grabbed her hips and was just pounding it to
her like she was a grown woman or something. Like those teachers of his he
liked to fuck so much. Melissa had no trouble taking him either. She was
thrusting back with his every move, just like a whore. She was so wet, the
juices were dripping all over the couch as Billy fucked the living shit out
of his little sister. They were making these wet sucking sounds that only the
wettest pussies and the biggest dicks can make.

"Billy STOP it you son of a bitch, you know what your sperm could do to that
poor little girl! Don't you DARE cum inside her you little bastard. Pull it
out NOW. " I went over and tried to pry them loose, but it was no use. I
heard him groan. I knew that groan all too well. He had started to squirt
that devil juice inside my little sister.

"Oh God Debbie, I couldn't help it. Look at the TITS on that little bitch,
and she's so stupid she LET me do it Debbie. I didn't even have to try. She
told me she had to have something as big as me inside her cause her pussy was
so huge. Besides, I WANT to knock her up and see how big her tummy will
swell. Is that so wrong?"

I guess the fucker had a point. Somebody was gonna knock the child up. One
look at her and you could tell she wouldn't be a virgin for longer than a
week. Not unless we locked her in a closet. She was as beautiful as she was
stupid. And it was awfully hard to ignore those big tits of hers. Billy
dumped some cum on them, and I swear they're even bigger now. She did look
sexy covered in cum like that. Soon, she'll be joining her sisters with a
swollen tummy poking out the front of her school uniforms.

Speaking of school, Billy's reputation has spread far and wide. Especially
among the teachers who want to have kids. The size of his dick is a major
topic of discussion too. There were quite a few of the teachers who were
fertile, but just not getting pregnant with their husbands. Billy has
impregnated 8 teachers this year, all with multiples. Yes, all over school,
there are teachers waddling around with twins, triplets, and even a set of
quads swelling their tummies out. Billy has been a very busy boy. He loves to
fuck, and he has no trouble getting women to spread their legs for him. All
they have to do is see that huge dick swelling out the front of his pants as
he rubs it and they melt. We'll learn more about his escapades later.

February 15

Melanie Ames, Billy's 6th grade math teacher was the envy of all the other
women on the faculty. At 25, she had the youthful good looks of a teenager.
She had something else too. Something that had drawn a lot of attention to
her since she was a child of 8. Aside from her beautiful, long blonde hair
and pretty freckled face, Melanie had breasts. Large breasts. Some would say
her breasts were abnormally large. There was no ignoring them. Since
childhood, she had become accustomed to seeing men stare at her chest.
Anywhere from 2 to 4 inches a month since she was 7, her bust expanded. And
she got bigger, and bigger, and bigger until her bloated bosom filled a
double D-cup brassiere at the tender age of 8 1/2. Her growth continued all
through puberty, her teens and twenties until she reached the staggering
proportions she now lived with. Melanie needed a 44" double F-cup bra to
contain her big wobbling udders. Men's stares had become commonplace, and she
thought nothing of it.

But she had not become accustomed to the attention she was getting now. Never
had an 11 year old boy looked at her the way Billy was looking at her. As she
turned around from writing a problem on the blackboard, she caught Billy's
eyes. Glued to her chest. He was drooling out the corners of his mouth, and
had a look of extreme pain on his face. She suspected what the problem might
be. Melanie had shrunk her favorite wool sweater, and as she tugged at it to
get it stretched over her enormous bosom that morning, she remembered
thinking it was probably a bad idea to wear something that tight. She had to
be careful, because her breasts were SO large that even a trench coat
couldn't hide them, but she had been in a hurry.

She found it very distracting to watch this boy stare at her and drool like
that, so she dismissed class early. She asked Billy to stay after class and
went over to lock the door. She perched her butt on the edge of her desk and
looked out to the back row where Billy was sitting. She asked him to come to
the front of the room, and stand before her. Billy did it without taking his
eyes off her tits for a second. With that tight sweater stretched over them,
she looked as big as a cow he thought. Even bigger than his sisters. The boy
was about to lose it.

"Just what are you staring at young man, don't you know it's rude to stare at
people Billy" Billy stood there speechless. "Answer me young man"

Billy stammered "I...  I'm , I'm so sorry Miss Ames, but it's your ... your
bres.. it's your breasts. They're so , they're just so, OH GOD, You're so BIG
Miss Ames."

Melanie crossed her arms under her enormous shelf of a bosom, which did
nothing but make it look LARGER. Then she looked down at Billy's crotch to
see what effect she was having on the poor child. This was always one of her
favorite things to do since she had first developed her enormous chest - see
how big she made the men swell. She gasped.. "Oh my.. Oh dear..." Billy
unzipped his pants, because he had swollen so large it had become painful for
his giant member to remain confined in his jeans. When erect, Billy had now
grown to the point he was 11 inches long, and 3 inches in diameter. The
swollen purple head was bigger than his fist.

"OH - MY - GOD Billy, you're,... good lord, it's ... my word Billy, your
penis, it's so..." Billy interrupted "Huge,... I know Miss Ames. Everyone
says so. Everyone says I have a gigantic dick." "I'm dangerous too, cause I
get girls and women pregnant real easy. VERY pregnant, VERY easy."

Melanie had secretly been jealous of the teachers she had seen in the hallways
with their tummies starting to swell. Everywhere she looked it seemed. But she
was new at the school, and didn't know what was going on. She remembered
wondering why all these teachers were pregnant at the same time.

There were 8 or 9 of them. And students too, dozens of them it seemed.
Ranging in age from 9 or 10 to 16 or 17. Girls with swelling tummies
populated every classroom. Young girls. Some of them didn't even look like
they had reached puberty. Some of them had large breasts. Much larger than
normal.  Tits almost as big as hers on 10 year olds.  Something wierd was
happening around here, and she was beginning to get the feeling Billy knew
more than he had shared so far. Her bosom was swelling with excitement, and
Billy had begun to tug on the head of his grossly swollen dick.

Next chapter, we return to the scene, and explore the results of Billy's stay
after class session with Miss Ames.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The day Billy came home and told me
about staying after class with Miss Ames. He said her tits were even bigger
than mine were right after giving birth and bulging with milk. Now that I
think back, I do remember seeing her and her big tits wobbling around the
hallways at school. I think she wore clothes that made her look bigger on
purpose. Those tight sweaters she was so fond of looked like they were
STUFFED with bulging titflesh, and her every move caused them to bounce and
wobble and shake. She was enormous, that's for sure. And Billy was determined
to make her even bigger it seemed.

 I devoted lots of space to space to Billy's account of that day in dear
diary, so I guess we better get back to where we left off.

"Young man, just what do you think you're doing?" Billy had reached into his
jacket and pulled out a tube of A and D ointment to smear on the head of his
dick. It was the only thing that would soothe the stretched out flesh of his
grotesquely swollen member. "Oh that feels better Miss Ames, I'm sorry but I
just get so excited when I see,... you know... big, huge, TITS.. I mean
bosoms, I mean large breasts."

"Well Billy, when you're my size, I guess TITS would be the best word to
describe them. And yes, they are quite large, aren't they? I mean they're
huge. I'm enormous... I do have a great big pair of tits don't I Billy?"
Billy just stood there with his mouth open slowly stroking the length of his
shaft. He had grown so big he could barely get his hand around it. "Oh God
Miss Ames, you're bigger than my sisters - even bigger than they were after I
got them pregnant."

"So that's why you're so fixated on my big tits. I see now. Are all the girls
in your family well endowed Billy? Did you grow up with big bouncing BAZOOMS
all around you?" Billy told her about our grandmother, and how that whole side
of the family had such big tits. Then how his little sisters had developed so
abundantly at such an early age. I can't believe he told her about knocking us
up. The dumb little fuck.

I'm glad he stopped short of telling her the whole ridiculous story of the
experimental drugs and our extremely fertile state. He did warn her about how
easy he got women pregnant at least. So as far as I was concerned, the bitch
got what she asked for.

"So Billy, you've been getting girls pregnant have you? That's not nice Billy.
Especially not nice to get your sisters pregnant. You're a bad boy aren't you?
A bad boy with a big huge dick aren't you Billy? How many girls have you
knocked up Billy? How many of them are pregnant with your babies?"

"Gee Miss Ames, I dunno. Lost count. 20 or 30 maybe? I got a bunch of the
teachers pregnant too Miss Ames. They asked me to stay after class, just like
you did, except none of them are as big as you. I mean up top. They're not as
big in the chest."

"Well, dear boy, not many women are. I guess I can't blame you for staring at
Miss Ames and her big tits." With that, she pulled that skin tight sweater
over her head, her long blonde hair tumbling out of it as she pulled it free.
Billy was faced with the biggest brassiere he had ever seen. The shoulder
straps were damn near 3" wide. The cups looked like they could hold a
volleyball. She was gargantuan. He noticed a stream of juice inching down the
insides of her thighs. Billy recognized this.

Miss Ames was wet. So wet her juices were running out of her. He could tell
how horny she was by the way she was just gaping at his huge dick as he
stroked it. "Billy, I've never had one as big as yours inside me before. A
penis I mean. You've made me very excited Billy, and I want to feel that
thing fucking me. Fucking me until you splatter my vagina with baby juice.
I'm ready to get pregnant Billy, and getting pregnant by an 11 year old boy
with an enormous prick makes me so excited I could scream. Put it in me
Billy. Come over here and stick that big thing in me."

She perched her ass on the edge of the desk and hiked her shirt up. She moved
her panties to one side and revealed a bright red pussy that looked so big
Billy could have driven two of his dicks inside it. Billy liked bigger
pussies cause they didn't make him cum so fast, and if this woman was like
Melissa, she could clamp down on his member anytime she wanted to. Like when
she was ready to get herself blasted with semen.

Billy moved toward her and eased it in her slowly. God she was wet, he
thought, and so hot. He felt like his dick was on fire she was so hot inside.
He started miving. Faster. She reached behind her and undid the hooks of her
enormous bra as Billy started pumping faster and harder. Her tits tumbled
free and she shook her chest from side to side, causing her tits to slap
together audibly. They were so pretty, with the biggest nipples he had ever

This woman was a goddess he thought. He was so excited to see her tits he
went mad and pumped so fast and hard he began to spew gobs of cum inside his
teacher within a couple of minutes as she bucked her hips back at him and
whispered, "knock me up Billy, get me pregnant, get me VERY pregnant Billy.
Come on Billy, I don't care if it's twins or even triplets, just get me
PREGNANT. I want to swell Billy. Do you know how big Miss Ames' tits are
gonna get when you knock her up Billy? If I'm this big now, can you IMAGINE
how fucking HUGE my tits are gonna get Billy? Does that make you wanna CUM

She made Billy cum... and cum ... and cum. He pulled it out of her and came
all over her big tits too. Billy could not quit telling me about this story.
In fact , he's told me this story a dozen times. Listening to it the first
time, when I was 2 weeks overdue with triplets, and swelling more everyday
seemed to be like a cruel joke Billy was playing on me. Now that I'm reading
it so many years later, it makes me so horny I could just die. I'll tell you
the results of this and other escapades, as well as my pregnant progress, and
then there's Belinda, Suzy and Melissa's pregnancies developing.

 Not to mention all those teachers and young girls at school. Goodness. There
must be something in the water. There are big pregnant tummies bulging
everywhere I look. Girls I've never even seen before. At the store, at the
park, at school, at church. And Billy continues to stick it inside anyone who
will let him. Who knows where it will stop.