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[Story Name] Coris' story
[Author] Coris
[Type] More/other family

dear incestgrll, love your site very much.
I am sending you a true account of my incest experience with my mother and younger sister.
For your information, I live in Malaysia and I work
part-time as a porno actor.
I am Coris and I grew up in an Oriental family. My incestual experiences
began three years ago when I was 16 years old and my mother 46. My
younger sister was then 12.
My mother has a habit of taking off her clothes in the living room
before she goes for a bath regardless whether her friends or I am
present.One afternoon, she strip before me, her male friend aged 40 and
another lady friend of hers aged 48.Responding to her stripping, her
female friend warned her that I may get a hard on watching her naked.My
mother then told her that she would know how to relief me if the need
arises.Her friend's hand then reached for my hard-on and told my mother
that she had better keep her promise.Soon, my mother was sitting beside
me and her male friend with her hands on both our cocks.With her friend
watching, my mother stroke our cocks until we climax, shooting sperm all
over her hands.The sexual activity was too intense for my mom's friend
to just be an observer. That afternoon the sexual activity was a mixture
of double penetrations and blow jobs.A week later, the male friend, with
my mom's consent, encouraged me to have sex with my younger sister.One
evening, the male friend played some locally produced kiddie porn videos
for us to watch.Both my mom and my sister wore only panties and bras
while the man and wore only underwear.Soon the man kissed my sister on
the mouth while I licked her nipples.My mother was sucking my
cock.Subsequently, the man licked my sister's cunt until she was wet. My
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missionary style.While I was fucking, my mother fondled my balls and
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while I penetrated her asshole.When I was about to come, I shot my sperm
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Soon the man began to introduce us to people who would pay us to watch
my mother or my sister and I fuck.I have also made a few porno videos
with my mom and my sister.Subsequently,my mother and I became involved
in making videos young children, some as young as seven or eight.In the
videos, with very little story line,my mom would be spreading the legs
of a the girl or the butt of a boy for me to fuck.Later she would be
fucked by me and the boy.It was in one of the videos that I got my mom
pregnant.Our daughter is now three years old.When she is six or seven I
plan to show how how I masturbate and fuck my mother. My mother and I
still make videos for local and foreign producers.