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[Story Name] My daughter and me
[Author] Frank McCoy
[Type] More/other family

I should have seen it coming. I had been completely set up by my wife and daughter. Before I get too much into this story let me introduce myself, my name is Steve and I am 38 years old, my wife Beth is 35, and our little daughter Suzy who just turned 12.

For the last two years my wife and I have been trying to have another baby. We would later find out that she was unable to have children any more, us having Suzy were a miracle according to the doctors.

About six months ago Suzy had her first period, my little girl was becoming a women. Then three months ago Suzy celebrated here twelfth birthday. My wife told me to give Suzy a very special birthday gift; Beth told me she wanted me to fuck Suzy. She had talked it over with Suzy, and Suzy was eager to lose her virginity, she had no problem with the idea of fucking her own father. I had to admit Suzy was a knock out and I knew people had already started to look at her in a sexual way. If I did not agree to fuck her she would be losing her virginity to some guy in the back seat of a car. I figured that she should surrender her virginity to someone who cared for her, not some punk kid who lived by the idea of the 3 F’s, that is find em, fuck em and forget them.

My wife went to Suzy and told her that I had agreed to fuck her that night. Suzy was waiting in her room as I came in to give her the birthday present. I had to admit I was anxious at that thought of fucking a twelve-year-old girl let alone my own daughter. If some told me this before hand I would think of them as being sick, Here and now I was in a completely different position. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss, but her first lovers kiss. Suzy showed her innocence by not knowing quite how to react. I began to prepare my daughter for her first time. I knew it probably would not take much to get her hot and bothered. I took her blouse off as she was now in front of me in nothing but her bra in panties. For a twelve-year-old girl my daughter had a nice chest. I had not really noticed it until now; I thought how nice her young breast would be to suck on. By now my cock was rock hard dying to find its way into her virgin twat. My daughter was by now ready, I reached behind her and undid her bra and pulled off her panties. I then began to caress her chest; Suzy let out a sigh as I did this. Suzy then lay down on her bed as she laid back I finished undressing. When Suzy saw my cock she let out a gasp, she asked if that was actually going to go into me. I said it sure was. I then went over to her bed and got on top of her as my body completely covered hers. I was about to start my assault on my little girls virginity, as I heard my wife come in, she was wanting to watch me fuck Suzy. I then asked Suzy if she was sure about this, and I told her it was going to hurt. Suzy was aware of the pain that was associated with losing her virginity and said she did not care about the pain, she just wanted her daddy’s cock inside her. I then positioned my cock at the entrance of her preteen virginal twat, I could hardly wait to get inside her, the temptation to shove it in all at once was there, but I wanted Suzy’s first fuck to be a pleasant experience I mean how many little girls get to fuck their own daddy’s, let alone get to surrender their virginity to their daddy. I knew though I would have to relax and pace myself or I would be cuming inside her before I had properly fucked her. I then began to gently work my cock into her. Suzy let out a brief cry, as I began to work my cock into her. I was only able to work my cock into her about a millimeter at time. I was doing my best not to cum. Suzy was very tight, she was definitely a virgin. I was just about to break my daughter’s maidenhead as she began to beg me to fuck her. Then with a quick thrust I broke her cherry. My wife watching intently told my daughter that she is a woman now. I then began to fuck my little girl; Suzy and I were both into it at this time. Her young heart was pounding like crazy as her daddy’s cock pistoned in and out of her. She could hardly believe that she was able to take it inside her. Suzy was enjoying it as she urged me on, begging me to fuck her and pleading with me not to pull out. I was determined to bring her off and make this twelve year olds first fuck even more better. I then picked up the pace and before I knew it I had Suzy cumming, she had no idea what was happening until my wife explained it to her. I then came in her, pumping my young girl full of my incestuous seed. We spent that entire night together in a father-daughter incestuous union. This is the only night that we fucked. You just don’t go to the doctor and have your twelve year old daughter put on birth control and I would feel somewhat weird buying condoms when people knew I was happily married.

Well that was about three months ago. A month in a half ago my wife said she had to run down to the store and have me check on Suzy, make sure she was up and getting ready for school. I said I would and about 7:30 I went down to her room to make sure she was up. I heard Suzy in her bathroom and my little girl was getting sick. Suzy was bent over the stool vomiting. Suzy then got backup and said hi daddy. About this time my wife came in and told Suzy she got it. I saw her holding a home pregnancy test. I knew right away that I had knocked up our little girl. We all watched as Suzy took the test and waited patiently for the results that we knew were already. After bit we checked the result and Suzy was most definitely pregnant. We then made an appointment with the doctor, to have Suzy checked out. She told the doctor she had no idea whom the daddy was. She explained how she went to this party and been part of an orgy where few of her classmates all gave up their virginity to each other. She guessed she was the only unlucky one to get knocked up.

I loved watching Suzy grow and blossom through her pregnancy. It did not take long for Suzy to start to show. When she was about three months along we all went shopping for maternity clothes and baby stuff. People were in shock to see a girl so young in her most definitely pregnant state. To me Suzy was an erotic site, to know that her bulging belly was a result of our love. I even had a special maternity top made for her; it read DADDY’S BABY with an arrow pointing down to her bulging belly. Suzy could only wear this at home; it was enough of scandal that she was pregnant at twelve. The school administrators tried to find out what happened, they tried forcing Suzy out of school unless she revealed who had did this to her. We then got our lawyer after them and they let up. Suzy would deliver a beautiful baby girl that my wife and I adopted to raise as our own, we would name the child Michaela. I would find out later that it was all a plan. Beth had talked Suzy into carrying a baby for her. This was in turn that the person she most loved would fuck her for the first time. When Beth realized that Suzy was fertile as can be on her birthday it provided the perfect chance. I have never been able to say no to my wife or daughter and as we all know now I obliged. We are all now planning on another child. Suzy is thirteen now and is eager to give my wife and I another child. Wish us luck.