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[Story Name] the family guide to practicing incest
[Author] Superstud01
[Type] More/other family

Incest takes place every hour of every day in every country.  There
are whole
communities that exist around the world who all descend from
generations of incestuous
sex and pregnancy.  Families that practice incest introduce their
members to it early in life,
and it becomes the only way of life any of them ever know.  Every
little girl yearns to
marry her father or brother...  Some men take advantage of that
yearning to sire children
with a daughter or sister, who is only too willing to surrender her

As sexual gratification began to involve the risk of contracting
deadly viruses, the appeal
of incest rose.  Surely virgins have no sexually-transmitted diseases,
many men reasoned;
certainly their own daughters were disease free (after all, they knew
who their own
children had been with!)  The skyrocketing divorce rate also created
millions of single,
horny parents with custody of young and horny members of the opposite
sex, their own
children.  With the desire and the opportunity, more than one single
parent succumbed to
the temptation to engage in sexual intercourse with their own sons and
(Current research estimates that 20% of all American children have
incest with a parent).

Families that practice incest introduce the younger ones to sex at the
earliest age, by doing
it in front of them.  By teaching the children to accept a casual view
of nudity and incest,
they look upon sex as a natural part of their lives.  The reality
about incest is that even
though every society has taboos against it, every society has a high
incidence of incest
being practiced.  There are primitive societies that forbid sex
between a mother and son or
a brother and sister, but these same societies hold sacred orgies in
which males have actual
sexual intercourse with their own mothers and sisters!  There is also
a high incidence of
sex between males that is not reported -- especially between brothers
-- who feel free to
indulge in all-male sodomy and fellatio, confident that the subject
will never be brought
up.  The sex drive of males being as powerful as it is (especially
among teenage males), it
should come as no surprise that at any time males do not benefit from
the company of
women, that they will engage in secret sex with each other.

The motivation to indulge in incest is different for every person
involved in it.  Generally,
sex is engaged in because the participants are horny.  Incest,
however, involves the special
attraction of the taboo, of forbidden sex.  Like sex between boys,
incest is usually kept as
a family secret.  Of course, not all people who practice incest do so
as a family. Very
often a brother and sister will have sex with each other, without the
knowledge of their
parents.  Brother/sister incest is probably the most widespread, even
though the incidence
of mother/son and father/daughter incest is on the rise.

Many, many people are interested in engaging in incest, but they have
no idea of how to
go about inaugurating it.  This Family Guide to Practicing Incest is
designed to serve as
a step by step "HOW-TO" instruction manual.  By using the techniques
outlined in this
book, anyone should be able to successfully introduce their own family
to the thrills of
incestuous sex.

People are ultimately animals, and they will fuck like animals given
half a chance.  The
suggestions in this Guide offer that chance, making it possible for
motivated individuals to
enable incest, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Most people are resigned to live
with their sexual
fantasies unrealized because they don't have the courage or
self-confidence to actually
admit that they WANT sex.  Sex is the most natural bodily function
required of mammals.
The need for sex is as important as the need for food and water.

The incest prohibition is steeped in taboo and superstition.  The fact
that people engage in
incestuous sex DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT IS PROHIBITED, suggests that
prohibitions against incest are what make it appealing.  The sex act
involves penetration,
going beyond the point of no return.  When a father puts his erect
penis inside his
daughter's cunt, or when a mother allows her son to slide his erect
penis into her vagina,
or when a brother coaxes his sister into letting him slide his hard
cock all the way into her
pussy, the most powerful erotic stimulation gained from sexual
intercourse is derived
from the irreversibility of the sex act.  The fact that the father's
sperm spawned the pussy
of his daughter, and that the mother's womb gestated the penis of her
son, invests the
incestuous sexual union of mother and son, and father and daughter,
with powerful
forbidden overtones; the same holds true of sex between a brother and
sister.  The
possibility that the forbidden sexual act of incest may result in the
impregnation of the
female, and the conception of a child, has the end effect of causing
the actual physical
sensations of sex to be intensified and magnified.  A girl made
pregnant by her own
father; a woman made pregnant by her own son; a sister made pregnant
by her own
brother, this is what makes incest so EROTIC to the millions of people
who practice it.

Even though incest is now widespread and popular, there is still a
stigma attached to it, as
well as deep-seated fears that children born from pregnancies caused
by incestuous sex
would be deformed or retarded. The reality is that incest has been
around for thousands of
years, and most fears are unfounded.  Modern society is heavily
reliant on incest for
almost all of its meat and dairy products, and in particular domestic
pets, who are the
products of inbreeding refined to an artform. The entire livestock
industry is totally
dependent upon incest, even if the impregnation of animals is done
artificially (there is a
significant market for bull sperm).  In fact, the art of breeding
quality animals demanded
inbreeding for the attainment of desireable traits.  Of course, incest
involves the
compounding of genetic traits, and if those traits are negatives then
negative traits will be
compounded.  But by the same token, it is for the attainment of
positive traits that incest is
deliberately used for breeding purposes, and when slavery was still
legal, the principles of
inbreeding -- dependent as they are on incest -- were applied to the
breeding of new
human slaves.

Above all, incest is fun.  It is fun because it is exciting, and it is
exciting because it is
forbidden.  By the same token all forms of sex can be exciting,
providing the individual is
open to new experiences.  The incest fantasy seduces us with the
promise of a never-
ending supply of fresh, new sexual partners who are young and firm,
and always
AVAILABLE FOR SEX; bred for our sexual gratification from sperm and
wombs that
were BORN TO BREED.  Incest is SEX-in-the-HOME, sex that is easily
had, that does
not require the exhaustive process of cruising bars, or using worn-out
pick-up lines.  It's
good old-fashioned fucking for no reason other than because IT FEELS


The best person in the family for sponsoring incest is the father.
The father is in the best
position relative to the mother and children to successfully introduce
the family to new
sexual activities, because the father of a family has POWER.  If the
father insists that the
household function a particular way -- such as in the nude -- the wife
and children are
basically helpless to oppose him.  The first thing the father can do
is declare the family
home a Free Sex Zone, in which the inhabitants have permission to seek
gratification openly.  The idea of Free Sex Zones is central to the
sexual liberation
movement, the motto of which is: "GO ALL THE WAY!"  There is no
leader, no
headquarters, no board of directors, no membership, no dues. The
sexual freedom
movement is nothing more than individuals in their homes, PRACTICING
FREEDOM.  By agreeing to operate according to the Fundamentals of
Sexual Liberation,
the father can convert the family home into a Free Sex Zone, listed at
no charge in the
Universal Directory of Free Sex Zones.  (See the Fundamentals of
Sexual Liberation in the
Appendix, in the back of this book).  This Universal Directory enables
all the participants
in the sexual freedom movement to open their homes (their Free Sex
Zones), to each other
so that people who enjoy sexual experimentation can get together in
private and explore
the forbidden sex they have always wanted to try.

The Fundamentals of Sexual Liberation openly assert that virginity is
for losers, and that
sex is GOOD.  The Free Sex Zones require MANDATORY NUDITY, because the
practice of nudity at home is the most direct way to initiate sex. (In
order to encourage
sexual activity, ALWAYS PARTY NAKED). The Sex Zones also openly
suggest that
promiscuity holds the promise of true animalistic sexual
gratification, especially when
promiscuity leads to acts of forbidden sex. Virginity is openly
scorned in the Sex Zones,
and real social pressure is brought to bear on virgins to submit to
DEFLOWERED. Sex Zone participants are constantly reminded that there
are no limits,
that when it comes to sexual pleasure ANYTHING goes...  If it feels
good, DO IT!

Nudity at home is essential, because the exposure of the genitals
begins the process of
sexual arousal.  The fact that sex organs are generally kept secreted
away in pants and
dresses, hidden from view, invests them with a powerful fascination.
Total nudity enables
one to suddenly view that part of someone else that is usually kept
covered -- their SEX
organs -- spontaneously causing the average person to start getting
HORNY!  When
nudity is practiced correctly SEX IS THE NATURAL OUTCOME!  The father
insist that every night after the sun goes down, that all the members
of the family take their
clothes off and remain nude until morning. (Of course, all houseguests
would be expected
to disrobe too).  The evenings should be organized as planned special
events, sessions of
mandatory nudity during which the father openly pursues sex with his
daughters. The
father should also openly suggest that his sons have sex with their
sisters and their
mother.  This will create pressure inside the family to coerce the
various members of the
family to give in and engage in incestuous sex.

The father should openly "make-out" with his daughters by feeling them
up, sucking on
their tits, sucking their pussies, and by introducing the girls to the
idea of getting fucked
by a hard COCK.  The father should encourage his daughters to
fantasize about being his
"girlfriends," and he should grope them while insisting that it is his
RIGHT to grope
them.  The father should gradually start "dating" his daughters; and
his sons should be
encouraged to "date" their own mothers and sisters.  (Additionally,
the father should make
lewd suggestions to the mother of his sons urging that she begin
sexually gratifying her
own sons by having sexual intercourse with them.  To facilitate this
the father should
photograph and videotape his own sex with his wife, in order to
provide the resulting
pornography to his sons, to encourage them to become horny for their

Sunset should be the cue for everyone to strip naked, transforming the
family home  into a
Free Sex Zone, a place where sexual freedom has an asylum and
sanctuary; where sex can
be enjoyed in a non-judgmental, guilt-free environment.  Anyone inside
the house after
dark with clothes on should be required to strip naked or leave the
premises.  Nudity is
the key to enabling sex, making it possible for sex to take place.
When people have their
clothes off they will automatically have sex on their mind, because
when people are naked
together, they become sexually aroused just from the fact that they
are nude in a room full
of naked people.  (Additionally, nudity makes extensive mutual
fondling possible, because
when people are naked their sex organs are right there within each
other's reach).

Recent studies indicate that people who are reluctant to engage in sex
usually have their
reluctance worn down by constant pressure to give in.  Most girls have
their first sexual
intercourse because their boyfriends want them to.  This is why the
guys of the family
should take the time to "date" the females -- their daughters, mothers
and sisters -- or
even "marry" them, because sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a
"spouse," is
EXPECTED.  Young girls often fantasize about marrying their fathers or
brothers, and
with a little subtle suggestion this can lead directly to HARDCORE
incest sex.

The most effective way for the father to initiate incest in the family
is by making it a
mandatory nightly activity, that coincides with the nightly nudist
sessions.  Ideally the kids
should be introduced to sex around age 9 or 10, but age 13 or 14 can
be effective too.  Of
course, some people are attracted to youth as their lure to incest,
and they will prefer sex
with the young; while others will have a preference for older
individuals.  These individual
proclivities have to be taken into account, and the desires of
individuals must be taken
seriously.  However, at puberty most young people are in a formative
stage, and they
are capable of almost ANY kind of sex act.

The father should openly grope his daughters at the nightly nudist
sessions, especially in
front of their brothers and mother.  The family's members should be
told bluntly that the
nightly nudist sessions are held primarily for the purpose of
encouraging everyone in the
house to engage in SEX acts. To accomodate the general promotion of
promiscuity the
father should announce a NO PANTIES household policy, banning the
wearing of panties
AT ALL TIMES by any and ALL the women of the house, (including the
mother).  This
is called PUSSIES-WITHOUT-PANTIES, highlighting the fact that all the
cunts in the
family are to be sexually accessible.  For it to take effect the
father must collect ALL the
panties in the house, and throw them away.  (Or burn them).  And all
the males of the
house must act vigilantly to make sure that none of the females ever
again bring a pair of
panties into the Free Sex Zone.

The father should organize live sex shows as part of the nightly
nudist sessions.  He
should do this by choosing two of his children who will be REQUIRED to
have sex
together in the middle of the room, as a performance.  The function of
this live sex show is
to act as a form of pornography, the purpose of which is to sexually
arouse the audience.
Once people are horny they have a tendency to proceed to engage in sex
acts themselves.
This is one of the more powerful means a father has at his disposal
for encouraging the
members of his family to engage in incest.  The father must not only
insist that his sons
fuck his daughters (their sisters), he must insist that they DO IT

The father should orchestrate the deflowering of his daughters,
preparing them for the
most significant event of a girl's life, when she gives birth to a
baby sired by her own
father.  All young girls are supposed to have their first child
fathered by the girl's own
father, who is ENTITLED to deflower the product of his sperm, his
(Deflowering means that the children are fucked for the first time,
the result of which
is that they lose their virginity).  Pregnancies that result in the
birth of new children
INCREASE the wealth of the family, because each child's sex organs
constitute additional
resources to the father, which he is free to barter in any way that
benefits the family. For
this reason ALL the females in the family are encouraged to become
pregnant as often as
possible through incest with their brothers, fathers, and sons.

Impregnation is an essential component in the practice of incest,
because it makes use of
the oldest technology known to man, guaranteeing an endless supply of
fresh, new virginal
cocks and cunts: BREEDING.  Additionally the impregnation of women has
the effect of
locking them into the practice of incest.  Once a baby is on the way
as a permanent
product of incest, it can be held over the women.  By becoming
pregnant as a result of
incestuous sex with a son, brother or father, the woman is
compromised.  She must be
loyal to her unborn baby AND the baby's father.

Once the family's nightly sex sessions have introduced the whole
family to incest, the
father should address the sleeping arrangements of the family.  The
various members of
the family should be paired up with other members of the opposite sex
father/daughter, brother/sister), so that the sleeping arrangements
necessitate each couple
to sleep nude together, while OPENLY EXPECTING EACH COUPLE TO HAVE SEX
TOGETHER. Through this arrangement the father can establish conditions
that will
virtually GUARANTEE that incest will take place.  The father must
arrange it so that one
of his sons sleeps in the same bed with his own mother. The father
will sleep in the same
bed with one of his daughters; and each son should sleep in the same
bed with one of his
sisters.  (If there are many brothers and few sisters, the brothers
should share the girls).

The father should openly encourage each mother/son, father/daughter,
and brother/sister
couple to GO ALL THE WAY and FUCK.  As an incentive the father should
promise one-
time cash payments to those couples who have sex together.  It is
important for the father
to reward the individual's in the family financially every time they
successfully overcome
a taboo by engaging in forbidden sex. There is no better encouragement
to perform sex
acts than receiving MONEY everytime the encouraged behavior is engaged
in.  This
means that any money given out to the children should reflect their
cooperate with the father's plan to introduce the family to incest.

While it is not hard for a father to seduce his own daughters, or to
arrange for his sons to
have incestuous sex with their sisters, it CAN be hard to convince the
wife -- the mother
of the children -- to go through with having sex with her sons.  The
ideal situation would
have the mother voluntarily joining in the nightly nudist sessions,
but if that is an
impossibility, her participation must be coaxed out of her.  Initially
the father should take
pornographic pictures of his wife for the express purpose of providing
them to her sons.
The father might even have particularly lewd photographs blown up to
poster size, for
display in her sons' room, or on public display in the den or living
room.  But if she
completely resists the father's designs for her to have sex with her
sons, the father should
methodically get his wife drunk (or drugged) to the point of
unconsciousness, so that he
and his sons can carry her into the room where the family nudist
sessions take place.
There they would strip her, and her sons would all take turns fucking
her, while their
father takes pictures. That way the mother can be shown all the lewd
sex acts she engaged
in with her own sons when unconscious.  (Not coincidentally, the
threat of showing the
pictures to her friends if she does not continue to participate in the
family's nightly incest
sessions, can be a powerful form of leverage to force her

An important device for getting family members to engage in incest is
the idea of a
"marriage."  Many young girls have been seduced into bed with a
brother or father
because the man staged a mock-wedding ceremony, (which some of the
girls actually
believed was a genuine ceremony!)  After a wedding there would appear
to be sound
logic behind having sexual intercourse.  Once a girl has been
"married" to her brother or
father, it is fairly easy to insist that she become pregnant and bear
children.  Once a girl
has given birth to a child sired by a brother or her father, the girl
should be "divorced" and
then re-married to another brother, by whom she would have a second
child.  This should
continue until every girl gives birth to several children, each of
which is fathered by a
different male.

Each baby the women give birth to increases the resources of the
family, because when the
babies grow up they can work and contribute to the family's welfare.
Additionally, they
will be the source of new babies through the continuation of
incestuous practices. To
accomplish this the father should completely disallow any kind of
birth control in the
house.  Pregnancy should be a GOAL, and even the mother should be
impregnated.  Each
female should bear several children, each fathered by a different
male.  The allowance
given out weekly by the father to his children should openly be based
on the number of
pregnancies each child is responsible for.  Girls should receive NO
allowance until they are
successfully impregnated, and their allowance should only continue
during the term of
their pregnancies. Upon delivery of the baby the girl's allowance ends
until she successfully
becomes pregnant again.  Boys should also have their allowances tied
to the number of
pregnancies they cause, there being NO allowance in the absence of any
pregnancies.  The
amount of the boys' allowances should increase incrementally based
upon the total number
of girls a boy has made pregnant AT THE SAME TIME.  The more girls a
boy has
impregnated, the larger his weekly allowance should be.  Additionally,
there should be a
one-time bonus for pregnancies that involve incest, the highest
payments being made to
sons who have successfully impregnated their own mothers.

If a family practices incest and inbreeding, especially during the
early formative years of
the children, it will become natural to them and a source of pleasure.
By bringing his
authority to bear the father can override the objections of his kids,
to literally require that
they engage in incest.  Once the whole family is having sex together,
the father may begin
exploiting the product of his sperm -- his children -- for financial


When sex is kept inside a family it is possible for the various
members of the family to
become bored.  The best way to keep excitement in the sexual
entertainment of a family is
to encourage sex between members of the family with people who are
strangers to the
family.  The Free Sex Zones also act as a network, so that like-minded
pursuing sexual gratification can gain access to each other in a
confidential and private
place, where sex can take place with no one knowing about it other
than the participants.
This makes it possible for small scale private bartering to take
place, whereby sex acts can
be traded for items of value.  Yet while sex can be traded within the
confines of the Free
Sex Zones, there are also innumerable opportunities for deflowered
members of the family
to put their newly learned sexual talents to work, earning lucrative
incomes.  One example
involves the father instructing his sons to sell their sisters'
pussies to their buddies at
school, in order to bring the money home to him every day.  (Because
of the risks
involved, the father should never appear as part of the deal: The
brothers should do it as
though it is all their own idea, to protect their father.)  On the
other hand, where the
really BIG money is to be made is in the prostitution of MALES.  The
market demand for
young guys willing to sell sex to other guys is bottomless, and every
teenager who has
spent even an hour on the street has been tempted to engage in sex
with other guys IN
EXCHANGE FOR A CASH PAYMENT, because the availability of money-making
opportunities is so widespread.  Once they realize how easy the sex
is, it is just a matter
of time before they become full-time prostitutes.

The father must emphasize to his children that sex is the way they
must "pay rent," it is
the work they are required to perform as their contribution to the
family. With no source
of income the children must become reconciled to the fact that they
must put out sexually
to compensate for the expense they cost.  The mindset of cooperation
is essential if the
father is going to be able to successfully use his children at a
profit.  Caution should be
exercised, but sex is one of the most bought and sold commodities on
the Earth.
Prostitution ("sex work") takes place universally through the common
consent of the
MILLIONS of participants, who agree to remain silent due to the laws
prostitution.  Of course sex is a FANTASTIC indulgence, and as a job
it outranks the
drudgery of menial labor, which is never fun or fulfilling.  Sex work
also pays a hell of a
lot better.

The father should train his children in the art of seduction and
solicitation, so that each
child is individually prepared to target customers and systematically
arouse them.  A
youngster can climb into a man's lap so that what seems innocent on
the face of it -- a
child in an adult's lap -- is in fact an erotic exercise, as the young
boy or girl discreetly
gropes the potential customer in a not-so-innocent effort to give the
man an erection.
Once a male has an erection the sale is virtually in the bag.  All
that remains is the
negotiation of what sex acts the customer desires, at what price.

Prostitution is one of the only booming businesses today. The market
demand for sex
shows no signs of levelling off.  Prostitutes appeal to people largely
because they embody
the ideal of sex-on-demand.  The bottom line in the transaction
between the buyer and the
prostitute is that for a specified amount of money the prostitute will
engage in a sex act
with the buyer, and the buyer doesn't have to waste time seducing
anyone to get what he
wants.  If a particular look, or particular sex act, turns him on, he
can in effect just BUY it,
avoiding all the obligatory courting rituals (and deceptions) involved
in relationships or
one-night encounters.  The straight-forwardness of the arrangement
between the prostitute
and the customer makes sexual gratification and fulfillment possible,
enhancing the sex
itself.  Additionally, when the sex is over, there are no
uncomfortable strings attached that
oblige the customer to make small-talk; if it is his desire, he can
just get dressed and leave.

While the prostitution of children is against the law, so is the
prostitution of adults.  The
only real way to avoid the risks is for parents to develop a wordless
exchange, that never
necessitates the vocalization of the sexual services the children
provide.  If a man wants to
"use" a child for a couple of hours, the parents must presume that the
use he shall put the
child to will be legal.  Any compensation paid to the parents for the
use of the child should
be given unconditionally, like a donation to a church; or a gift.  As
though the payment of
monies has no relation whatsoever to the sex the man will have with
the child.  This is
where the Free Sex Zones come into play, because donations for the
upkeep of the Zones
can easily be justified.  (If parents have no knowledge of the sex
their children engage in
with full-grown men behind closed doors, they cannot be prosecuted for
pimping out their

Prostitution is a thriving money-making enterprise largely because the
alternatives for
unskilled workers are grossly inadequite minimum wage jobs.  When a
teenager is faced
with the prospect of making $50.00 to $100.00 for a sex act that takes
20 minutes, versus
working half a week at McDonalds for the same amount of money, any
reservations the
teenager may have had about sex-for-hire usually resolve themselves in
favor of
prostitution.  People who would never cross certain lines sexually,
all of a sudden WILL
cross those lines when the final benefit of crossing that line is a
cash payment.

It is often implied that children are not mature enough to handle sex
acts, but the truth is
that CHILDREN  LOVE  TO  FUCK.  All children enjoy doing what they are
told, and
being told how well-behaved they are.  They have an innate desire to
do what adults ask
them to do, and children have been known to take a great amount of
pride in their abilities
to sexually gratify adults.  As prostitutes they have that added
ability of being able to help
support their own families, performing job duties that not only feel
good, but which they
are rewarded for financially in amounts that would not be possible if
they were employed
in ordinary hourly jobs.

Prostitution is a legitimate business enterprise that anyone with
attractive features can
exploit.  The majority of the world's population would probably
welcome an offer to
perform sex acts in exchange for money, because the only force in the
world that is
stronger than the temptation to indulge in sex is the opportunity to
make money.
Ironically, what makes individuals bend their own morals sufficiently
to prostitute
themselves is not any kind of abstract sexual desire, but a very
pragmatic realism that
acknowledges how generally difficult it is to come by money.  Whether
a teenager is in
need of another bag of pot or an expensive concert ticket, what
ultimately moves the
teenager to engage in prostitution is the very real need to earn the
money to pay for those
things he desires.

Once a youth has been acculturated to accept sexual freedom by contact
with Free Sex
Zones, and the Fundamentals of Sexual Liberation, it's easy to accept
the fact that what he
or she has to sell is sex.  Incest prepares the children of the
practicing family to handle
sexual intercourse; it prepares youngsters for the reality of sex as a
bodily function,
smoothing over the rough spots that have been known to imprison the
unprepared in a
downward spiral of guilt and shame.  By accepting sex as something
that merely FEELS
GOOD, people are able to indulge in it without destroying themselves.
Prostitutes -- both
male and female -- have existed during every historic period largely
because they need
money to live on, and the opportunity to perform sex acts for pay was
offered to them.
They may have thought about the fact that they were being asked to
perform sex acts that
they otherwise would never engage in, but usually the lure of the
money is strong enough
to distract them from the undesireability of the sex they are paid to
do.  Male prostitutes,
in particular, will recite all the sex acts they will not engage in,
but should the right price
be offered, suddenly there is no sex the prostitute will not sell,
because his need for money
is greater than his inhibitions.


Many people are perfectly happy fantasizing about sex without
experiencing the
realization of their fantasies.  They are generally frustrated people
who lack the self-
confidence it takes to single-mindedly pursue the realization of their
desires.  They also
may be influenced by fear that the pursuit of their desires may be
socially unacceptable,
giving them a powerful excuse justifying their own lack of will.
Inevitably, people who
get what they want do not allow themselves to be deterred by anything
that would distract
them from their goals.  They steel themselves for the challenges they
must face, and they
forge on, determined to accomplish whatever goal they have set their
sights on.

The pursuit of sex is part of the basic instinct of all animals, and
it constitutes a driving
force in human life.  While people will hold serious discussions about
their own sexual
limits, often offering detailed lists of sex acts they feel that they
would never participate in,
the reality of sexual arousal does not respect such rational
decisions.  Sexual desire is an
impulse, and no one knows exactly when it will strike, or why.  People
are often caught up
in the moment when they become horny, largely forgetting all the
carefully rationalized
restrictions they intended to impose upon themselves.  Taboos fall by
the wayside because
the need of the body for an orgasm can become an obsession in the time
it takes to drop
your pants.

No one starts out by deciding that he or she will deliberately violate
a sexual taboo;
instead, the opportunity to violate the taboo arises, and the
individual is too captivated by
lust to stop.  While some people do actually create plans for the
pursuit of their unrealized
desires, most people are unable to set out a reasonable plan that has
a chance of success.
The reason that most people are unable to create plans that can
succeed is that they are so
totally misinformed that any plans they may design are doomed from the
start.  After a few
failures the average person realizes that he or she doesn't have the
capacity to design any
kind of plan, and they decide to go without the realization of their
fantasies instead of
suffer another failure.  Of course, those people who realize their
fantasies also suffer
through failures, but their iron will and resolve to get what they
want motivates them to
keep on trying, and they make a deliberate effort to learn from their

Tens of millions of people have sexual fantasies about incest.  A
substantial number of
those people are also actively engaging in incestuous sex, but because
the whole issue is
shrouded in secrecy we have few reliable figures as to the total
number of incest
practitioners.  The difference between the people who only fantasize
about incest, and
those people who DO IT, can be found in the determination of those who
practice it to
ignore the disapproval of society.  The fact that incest, by
definition, limits sex partners to
the members of one's own family, means that the opinions of those
outside of the family
will have no impact on the realization of the incest fantasy.
Ultimately, the only thing that
might be a stumbling block to engaging in incestuous sex is the
reactions of family
members, who are the individuals targeted for seduction.

The inauguration of incestuous practices inside a family is, like any
seduction, something
that can be accomplished as long as the person trying to initiate the
incest is not impatient.
The resistance of individuals to engage in incest sex can be worn
down, providing enough
time is taken to make the transition gradual.  The very idea of incest
can be so forbidding
to some individuals that it scares them, and the only remedy is a
gradual introduction that
reinforces the sexual gratification that is possible.  As the practice
of incest becomes
increasingly familiar, the unknowns that previously made it scarey

The introduction of incest into a family should start with nothing
more than the idea that
incest sex FEELS GOOD, and that there is nothing wrong with engaging
in it.  The family
environment should be full of sexual suggestiveness and innuendo,
directed at those
specific individuals targeted for seduction.  The desire for incest
should gradually become
common knowledge within the family, so that when the pursuit of incest
graduates from
the level of ideas to the world of actions, it will be something
expected and accepted.

The most important means for launching incestuous practices inside a
family is the practice
of home nudity.  Nudity in the home -- behind closed doors -- removes
most of the
intimidating factors that accompany the idea of incest.  Through the
practice of nudity,
and especially open masturbation, the sexuality of family members
becomes an accepted
fact of life instead of something uncomfortable, and the path is clear
to sexual
indoctrination.  Nudity leaves nothing to the imagination. If the rule
requiring mandatory
nudity in the family home is enforced, there will be nothing to stop
family members from
satisfying their natural curiosity over each other's sex organs.  This
would naturally involve
touching, feeling and rubbing, but the most important step is just
seeing each other in the
nude, so that a sexual intimacy is established that can become a
foundation for the
eventual introduction of sexual intercourse.

Seduction should be understood to be the very heart and soul of any
effort to persuade
family members to begin practicing incest.  The bottom line is that
people engage in sex
acts because they are seduced.  If the seduction is complete the fact
that incest is involved
should never be a concern.  Seduction requires that the seducer weave
a spell that
thoroughly captivates the object of the seduction.  A good example of
this is the notion
many girls have at the time that they lose their virginity, that the
man who deflowered
them LOVES them.  It is advisable that the seduction designed for the
purpose of
initiating incest should focus on single individuals, at least until
the seduction has been
successful.  This is because individuals need to be the center of
attention of the seducer, if
the seduction is to have the allure it requires to succeed.

The best way to address this need of individuals to be the focus of
attention of the seducer
is for the various members of the family to be paired up, so that both
individuals in each
couple can become a focal point for each other's attention.  Each
couple should be
encouraged to explore the nuances of intimacy with each other through
the idea that they
are "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."  (Father/daughter, mother/son,
brother/sister). In order
for this to lead to the logical conclusion that each couple will
become sex partners, the
nightly nudist sessions should require that the (naked) females of
each couple SIT IN
THE LAPS of their (naked) male partners.  This will enhance their
sexual sensory
stimulation due to the physical contact, and can result in sexual
arousal.  Once the
individual members of the family have experienced being sexually
aroused, it will just be a
matter of time before hardcore incestuous sexual intercourse will

It is VERY important that each incestuous couple be encouraged to
"date" like any
average couple.  This means that the man should bring the woman
flowers or candy, and it
must be INSISTED UPON that the outings be called "dates."  The dates
should start off
innocently as non-sexual outings, consisting of such conventional
dating events as a dinner
and a movie, or a picnic in the woods.  Gradually, each couple must
embrace the notion
that they are "boyfriend" and "girlfriend," even if at first these
labels are accepted as
nothing more than a joke.  As the dates progress the male should begin
bringing pressure
to bear upon the female based upon his jealousy over her dating other
men.  Accompanied
by compliments about how desireable each female is, the males should
begin applying
pressure upon their female partners to have sex with them, if they
have not had sex as they
are expected to as bed-partners.  As this phase of the dating begins,
the dates should
include a fair amount of alcoholic beverages to lower the couple's
inhibitions, and the
dates should take place in ever more remote locations, where the
possibility of sex could
be realized.

The idea of dating has a magic appeal to women, who are largely
flattered when men ask
them out.  Flattery is the most important tool in the possession of
the seducer, because
women never get enough of it.  Issues of incest will fade into the
background, if the ladies
are properly courted by their brothers, sons and fathers.  If there is
any confusion as to
who should date who, the father of the family should take charge and
assign which female
shall be coupled with which male.  In the event that additional
incentive is necessary to
motivate any particular couple to proceed and engage in incestuous
sexual intercourse,
they should be reminded of the weekly allowances that are paid once
the women have
been impregnated.  Additionally, if sex does not occure after a
prolonged period, it may be
necessary for a couple to be split up, so that the individuals can be
re-assigned to other sex
partners that may be more desireable based on issues of personality
and individual


The most impactful form of seduction is to be found in the nudity of
women.  This is
because heterosexual males respond to the mere sight of naked females
by becoming
sexually aroused, whereas women are generally not as easily aroused by
the sight of naked
men (although there are, indeed, a few women who can become sexually
aroused by the
sight of a naked man).  All a young girl has to do, to say, seduce her
brother into fucking
her, is allow her breasts to be visible to him, as well as her pussy.
By deliberately
exposing herself to her brother (or her father, for that matter), a
female can cause a male
to have an erection, which usually has the effect of suspending all
the normal priorities of
the horny guy, in order to enable him to pursue that which is sexually
stimulating him.
The development of a hard-on by a male has the immediate effect of
overwhelming his
normal decision making processes, by the sheer lust that emanates from
his hard penis.

Of course, the sight of people having sex together is also a powerful
source of sexual
arousal for most people, because human beings are essentially
voyeuristic.  Witnessing
others engaging in sexual gratification can have a powerful impact on
the individual,
because the sexual processes of stimulation and orgasm are
fundamentally universal.  Male
orgasms are always the same, and female orgasms are always the same,
because human
sexuality is based on biological processes that transcend individuals.
This is a basic fact of
all animal life, and human beings are animals.

While the father of a family has enormous power, whereby he can
effectively compel the
members of his family to indulge in incest, the females of the family
have a natural capacity
for catching the attention of the males because the great majority of
heterosexual males
are attracted to women and their sexual genitalia.  While there is no
end to naked women
in magazines or pornography, most average males do experience a basic
shortage of
women available to them in their every day lives for sexual purposes.
For this reason the
sight of naked tits has a mesmerizing effect on the average horny
male; and needless to
say, the sight of a naked pussy is showstopping.  Add to that a pussy
that is hot and wet
because the woman whose legs it's between is herself sexually aroused,
and you have what
every male dreams about.  The basic reality which underlies the penis
can be found in the
dynamics of male sexual arousal, whereby it becomes hard and erect,
necessitating its
insertion into a hole-like sexual orifice (mouth/pussy/asshole).
Anything with the ability to
make a penis ejaculate has the power to hold the attention of the
great majority of males in
the human race.

In the absence of female members of the family willing to expose their
naked tits and
pussies to the male members of the family, it is within the power of
the father to demand
that mandatory nudity prevail within the premises of the family home
as a substitute.  It is
this nudity that is the decisive factor, because sexual arousal
operates according to
dynamics that could best be explained as the Dominoe Effect.  Once the
first dominoe
falls, causing the whole line-up of dominoes to fall, the force
causing the dominoes to fall
is unleashed, and the process will not come to a conclusion until all
the dominoes have
fallen.  Likewise when something arouses someone, sexual satisfaction
cannot be attained
until the sexual arousal culminates in the attainment of orgasm,
because a sexual orgasm
amounts to the release of all the sexual energy that accumulates as a
byproduct of
becoming horny.

Having family members perform in live sex shows constitutes a
significant stimulus for the
family to experience the kind of sexual arousal that can lead to
incest.  The basic transition
that must be undergone in order to initiate incestuous practices
within a family involves
altering the fundamental perceptions family members have for one
another.  As a rule
families that do not practice incest go out of their way to play down
the sexuality of family
members, especially in regards to one another.  They in fact go to
great lengths to avoid
the possibility of exposing themselves, largely on account of the fact
that nudity has an
intrinsically sexual aspect to it.  They create relationships that are
devoid of sexual content
largely to avoid the influence of incestuous desire, which always
exists at the front door of
every family.  The fact that any family that practices incest must
invite that sexual desire to
enter, reveals how pre-meditated the whole process really is.
Although once sexual desire
is inflammed it developes a will of its own, outside of the direct
control of individuals, just
like a fire that burns out of control because the forces of nature
that ignite and fuel fire
converge, enabling a small spark to grow into a conflagration.

Ultimately even though women can seduce men more directly because men
respond to
pornographic stimulation, men do have the capacity to seduce women by
appearing to be
romantic when they "court" the women.  Women want and need to feel
loved, and when
they have that feeling there is no limit to what they will give to a
man.  This also relates to
the differences in erotica that men and women respond to, because
while men prefer
hardcore pornographic displays of X-rated sex acts with as little plot
or storyline as
possible, women prefer a strong romantic plot, and they often do not
even enjoy seeing
hardcore images of sex.  This is not to say that out of the whole
female population there
are no females that enjoy hardcore pornography, there are indeed many,
many women
who are sexually excited by hardcore erotica; what is important to
understand is that
underneath the raw desire to be fucked, many women have an emotional
need to feel cared
for.  This is why so many young girls give up their virginity to
boyfriends who convince
them that they love them.  It is the belief of the girls that they are
loved that enables them
to feel safe engaging in sex acts for the first time in their lives,
whether or not their
boyfriends are sincere.

The most powerful tool a male has to seduce a woman -- especially a
sister, daughter or
mother -- is his ability to convince her that he sincerely wants to be
her boyfriend.  Once
the effort is made to establish a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship
say, with one's own sister,
or mother, there is a strong sexual dynamic attained by introducing
one's sister or mother
to third parties as one's girlfriend.  To put an incestuous sexual
relationship on open
public display is to defy all the conventions that -- in the past --
made individuals engaged
in incest keep it a family secret.  This does not mean that people
practicing incest should
take risks, because in most jurisdictions incest is actually illegal,
and individuals can be
prosecuted for engaging in incest if they are caught by law
enforcement authorities.  What
it does mean, however, is that by going that extra mile to convince
one's sister or mother
or daughter that one seriously will fill the role of the boyfriend, it
increases the likelihood
that she will agree to violate social taboos, to engage in incestuous


The sexual liberation movement is in the process of developing an
international series of
resorts that will cater to the needs of the sexually liberated crowd.
The idea behind the
Nudist Sex Resorts is that they will be places one would take a
prospective sex partner,
with the hopes of inaugurating a sexual relationship while there.
Unlike conventional
nudist resorts, which explicitly disassociate sexuality from nudity
and nudism, the Nudist
Sex Resorts will be set up to employ nudity for the sole purpose of
assisting individuals in
their quest to engage in sex with partners of their own choice.  The
first Sex Resort is
planned for development in Mexico, and future Sex Resorts are planned
for Thailand,
Brazil, India, and Russia.  Each Resort will be staffed by young (18+)
nude Hosts and
Hostesses, and they will carry a variety of erotic entertainment, from
live sex shows to
hardcore X-rated pornographic films, videos and magazines.
Additionally the staff will
provide a wide array of personal services designed to enable sexual
activity to flourish,
and which will make each guest's stay memorable and safe.  Special
"honeymoon suites"
will be available for incestuous couples, which will include special
marriage ceremonies,
and single honeymoon beds that will make it possible for sex to take
place, for those
couples who need a special setting to inaugurate their special sexual

(The only qualification for use of the Nudist Sex Resorts shall be
that guests are
members of the Sexual Liberation movement, who are listed in the
Directory of Free Sex Zones.  Per night rental charges will be
assessed, based on
local conditions.  The Resorts will also have special areas reserved
for families with
minor children, suitable for families, where erotic services will not
be offered)


Every human being has the natural RIGHT to pursue sex, and to be free
to engage in sex
acts that FEEL GOOD, in order to have  orgasms.  For that purpose
individuals are
invited to declare their homes FREE SEX ZONES, where the pursuit of
gratification is permitted and encouraged.  FREE SEX ZONES comply with
the following

1.  Sex is GOOD.  Virginity is for LOSERS.  The slogan of Sexual
Liberation is "GO ALL

2.   Sex Liberation is based on the triad of Free Sex Ethics:

                a) NUDITY-at-HOME
                b) PROMISCUITY, and
                c) the DEFLOWERING of VIRGINS

3.  Encourage sex,  ALWAYS  PARTY  NAKED!

4.  When nudity is practiced CORRECTLY, sex is the natural outcome.


6.  No one should be allowed to wallow in guilt or shame for engaging
in sex acts.  There
are no perversions in the pursuit of an orgasm, the orgasm justifies
ANY sex act.
Sodomy, fellatio, sexual liberation requires personal exploration into
forbidden sexual

7.  Sex is a commodity which can be privately bartered.  Free Sex
Zones are open to all
supporters of Sexual Liberation who practice Free Sex, however,
admittance to any Zone
is strictly based on the permission of the person who starts it and
sponsors it, as private
property.  Admittance to a Zone may be denied to any person at the
discretion of the
sponsors of any Zone, without cause.  Every Sexual Liberation
supporter who desires to
attend any activity or event at any Free Sex Zone is required to
telephone the Zone 24
hours in advance, and is required to follow all the house rules of the
Zone, as established
by the Zone sponsor.  Individual Zones may charge a special events
admittance fee, but no
Zone may charge for sex.  Each Zone is an independently operated site
under the control
of its sponsor, who is obliged to use reasonable care and due
diligence to ensure that no
illegal sex ever takes place at any time in any Zone.

8.    Sexual Liberation supporters are invited to participate in the
International Elite
Nudist Resort Trust, which is setting up Nudist Sex Resorts around the
world for the
pleasure of the members, who are entitled to the free use of the
resorts by paying a one-
time membership fee.  The Resorts are being designed to serve the
needs of Sexual
Liberation members, for the purpose of sex vacations where members may
bring a guest
who the member intends to initiate sexual relations with.

9.     Masturbation should be encouraged, including mutual
masturbation, especially to
climax.  The natural complement of nudism is open masturbation for
both men and
women.  Masturbation is the only reliable source of sexual
gratification in the absence of
actual sex partners, and it should be encouraged as a way to release
the pent up tensions
that naturally accumulate when regular sexual intercourse is not

10.       Free SEX Zones are allowed to use the FSZ logo, the FSZ
Letterhead, the booklet
FREE SEX, and a camera-ready ad for local personal papers, for the
purpose of enhancing
the Free Sex experience.  There is no central authority in the Sexual
Liberation movement
with power to accept or reject any person who sets up a Free SEX Zone
in his or her
home.  The Universal Directory of Free SEX Zones is a listing service
only.  By agreeing
to comply with these Fundamentals any person may declare their home a
Free SEX Zone,
that is eligible for a free listing in the Universal Directory of Free
SEX Zones.

(The actual names of correspondents have been removed to protect the
privacy of the

Subject: Incest
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 21:22:18 PDT

Hi, and thank you so much for posting the Family Guide to Practicing
Incest to
alt.sex.incest. I've been turned on by the idea of incest all my life
- as long as I can
remember, I've thought my mom was beautiful and sexy. Now I'm married
and I have
three kids of my own. Lately, I've stopped being satified with just
the fantasy of incest...I
want the real thing!

Anyway, I was using the DejaNews web site to look for stories about
incest, and I found
the guide you posted. It looks great - I'm going to try it right away!
What would you
suggest as the "first step"?

A little about myself: My name is J, my wife is named P. We have three
children - J
(female) 13, K (male), 11, and S (female), 8. Hopefully I'll have a
lot more children in the
future! I'm a small buisness owner - my wife and I are both in our
late 30's. I'm sure P will
be dead set against incest - but that's her problem...she'll have to
learn to love it. If incest
is half as good as I'm sure it will be, I know she will, even if it
takes drastic means like
getting her drunk.

Last but not least, I assume from the guide you posted and from some
of your other posts
that you practice incest. I'd love to discuss your experiences. If
not, let me know about
anyone else who has gotten their family involved in incest using the
guide you posted.

On June 17th, 1997, I found your post on The Family Guide to
Practicing Incest, and was
ecstatic!  I am just 18 years old myself, but I already seek incest so
that my daughters will
have a young father to bang.  Anyway, any more information you have on
incest, anything,
and any size file or files would be greatly appreciated, if sent to
this e-mail address.
Thanks so much for your help.

(Editor:  You can't start making babies early enough, so you'd better
get it started if you
want to have daughters to fuck)
Great post!  Wish I could be part of a family which practices that
degree of incest.  I grew
up in an incestuous relationship...  Can't wait for the movie!

Naked in New Orleans
Hi, I have seen your posts on the incest newsgroup and then when I
read your Family
Guide to Incest, I thought that I would write and let you know that
incest in my family is
well and alive.  I am a little nervous about sharing with others about
my brother's and my
relationship, although I know there are a lot of siblings who explore
sexually and others
who practice incest regularly.

My first intercourse (fuck) happened just after I turned 14 and was
staying over with a
cousin, she is a year older than me, and I woke up in the night and
she and her older
brother were fucking.  When they realized that I was awake, they
turned the light on so I
could watch.  It was so exciting to see his cock going in and out of
her pussy...  when they
were thru they asked me if I wanted to try it, I wanted to but was
afraid...  They assured
me... that he would be very gentle with me.  They were right, I got on
him and slid his
cock in me and it felt wonderful.  I fucked my cousin several times
more and really loved

I knew that I wanted my brother to start fucking me, and I took G down
to the river on
our horses and we went to an old treehouse where we had been playing
for years, and I
told him what I had been doing with our cousin E.  I could see the
bulge rising in his jeans
and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me too.  Of course, he wanted to.
We undressed and
I laid down on our clothes, and let him slide his cock in me.  It felt

In college I did as much research as possible on incest and it seems
that it is on the
increase.  Statistics say that Japan is the leading country and New
Zealand is close behind.

Read your article concerning incest.  Of which I agree in many things
that you said.  When
growing up I wanted to fuck my mother and give her a baby...

My son has fucked his mom many times, leaving his sperm in her.  He
impregnated her
several times, although there was some question on one pregnancy for
she had two
nephews and my son on the same night.  The only multiple (sex
partners) my daughter has
ever had is when I slammed her hard for five minutes...  she never
went "belly up" on my
semen, although her brother impregnated her twice...  You're right...
as the years go by
and the single parent still prevails, something's got to give...

COOL dude!!!  I knew I wasn't the only guy to mess around with his
mom, but I never
realized so many took fucking to its natural conclusion.  My mom
started jacking me off
when I was little, and I could fuck her properly when I was 8.  She
first got pregnant with
my little sister/daughter T. five years ago when I was 13.  That was
an accident, but giving
T. a kid brother to play with three years ago sure as fuck wasn't!!
It's just like you say,
they're both completely healthy, and horny as hell!  Mom doesn't want
any more kids, but
we both get real hot at the idea of me or even little D. knocking up
T. when she's older!
So keep it hard, and most of all KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY!!!