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[Story Name] My helpful uncle
[Author] from Family Letters
[Type] More/other family

      Thanks to a dear friend that introduced me to your publication,
I've finally found a way to pass on a very important happening
in my life.

      When I was a young girl of eighteen years, I experienced some
of the most thrilling and satisfying times of my life.  I was
just at that time in a girl's life where she really starts to
become a woman.  I had only one real girlfriend that I saw on
weekends when my folks went to visit her family.  My mom and dad
both worked.  I had few friends to talk to, except for some
school chums.  They weren't close friends.

      One day my uncle came to stay with us for the summer.  He had
been married once, a long time before.  He was free to travel
and do what he pleased now.  He wanted to rest up from all of
his traveling and work that he'd been doing.

      I liked to listen to my uncle.  He'd had a lot of real exciting
experiences and was always eager to listen to me or answer any
questions I might ask him.

      It was early during school summer vacation and my folks had
gone to the big city and were to have been gone all day.  My
uncle had been sleeping in that morning and was still in his
room.  I was downstairs watching TV, when my titties started to
hurt.  I had been slowly rubbing them for a while when I was
startled.  I heard my uncle say, "Did you hurt yourself?  I've
seen you rubbing yourself there since I left my room and came
downstairs."  Since he had seen me, I decided I would ask him
what was wrong with me.  I knew I could talk to him without him
telling anyone, including my folks.

      I said, "Uncle, my titties really hurt."

      He said, "Do you want me to take a look?"

      I was a bit scared of what he would find.  I told him,
"Unbutton the back of my dress."

      He did, and I let the dress fall and stepped out of it.  I
stood with my back to him.  He pulled over a footstool and
gently turned me around.  I saw a smile come over his face, and
then he asked, "Where does it hurt?"

      I took his hand and put it on my tittie and rubbed his soft and
warm hand all over it.  It really felt good.  I asked him to do
it to both my titties.  No sooner had he laid hands on both of
them, the pain started going away.  The outside of my titties
started getting soft and warm, but the middle stayed hard and
felt good.  I noticed the usual lump between my uncle's legs
seemed to be getting longer and he was seeming to get nervous.
I started to get that strange feeling down low in my tummy.
After a while, I thought I'd ask my uncle about that, too.

      I took one of his hands off my tittie and put it on my lower
belly.  He sort of stroked my belly down to below my panty
elastic.  After doing this for a while, I told my uncle that it
felt like I was going to faint.

      I asked my uncle to lay me on the couch.  When he picked me up,
I really felt something in his pants that felt like a steel rod.
He laid me down on the couch, gently.  One of my legs slipped
off the couch, and I noticed that the crotch of my panties was

      My dear uncle remained kneeling beside me on the couch.  He
bent over my face and lightly kissed me on the lips.  He told
me, "You are now a woman."  I asked him to explain.  He told me
that someday some man would kiss my titties, rub them, lick them
with his tongue. and suck them til my head felt light and til my
nipples grew hard.

      I asked him, "Show me how it feels, cause I sort of have some
of that feeling now."

      He asked, "Are you sure?"

      I told him, "Yes."

      He told me, "I won't hurt you, okay?"

      With that, he kissed me lightly on my lips and slowly worked my
mouth open a little.  Then he slowly pressed his tongue to mine.
It really felt good.  He took the thumb and two fingers and
gently rolled the nipple between them.  It felt so good, I could
hardly stand it.  I was starting to wiggle all over the couch.
He took his lips from my mouth and placed them over the nipple
of my right tittie.  He kissed it wetly several times, then
sucked it gently and rolled it between his lips.  He'd relax the
sucking, then drive me wild while he ran his tongue around the

      By this time, I was really rolling my bottom all over the
couch.  That itch between my legs was back.  I asked my uncle if
he would rub me down there because of the itch.  He lifted the
edge of my panties, at the top, and slowly moved his hand down.
He stopped at the top of my crack and played in the hairs there.
The itch was getting worse.  I took my left hand and pushed his
hand down my crack.  He then took his middle finger and started
rubbing it up and down my crack very quickly.

      By this time I wasn't wanting anything except something down
there to stop the itch.  I told my uncle, "Please stop that

      He lifted my bottom and took off my panties.  He crawled
between my legs, kissed the top of my slit.  He took his hands
and placed them under my bottom.  With light fingertips, he
spread open the lips of my slit.  I remember him saying, "God, I
want to really eat your pussy."  With that, he took his whole
mouth and covered my pussy.  He sucked it up into his mouth,
then took his tongue and put it deep down the middle.  After
playing there for a while, he took his tongue and started
running it up and down my pussy very quickly.  After awhile, I
felt myself getting real tight inside and warm all over.  Then I
felt myself melt inside my pussy.  My dear uncle was sucking as
hard as he could and drank up every drop.

      I still felt like there was a deep itch further than my uncle's
tongue could reach.  I pulled his face away from my pussy and
asked him, "What can you do to stop this itch inside my pussy?"

      He leaned back and unzipped his pants.  It popped out.  It was
that rod that I had felt earlier.  It was about seven inches
long, with a reddish-purple head.  It sort of reminded me of a
lollipop.  I reached out to touch it.  It felt like a smooth but
throbbing rod.  I touched it, then rand the fluid between my
fingers.  It was as slick as oil.  I rubbed the rest of the
fluid around the top of his rod.

      Uncle told me that men called the rod their cock and sometimes
their prick, that the end of the rod was called the head of the
cock.  I gave my uncle a good kiss and could taste my juice on
his lips.  It tasted sweet and I wondered how his juice would
taste.  I put my mouth down by his cock and put the tip of my
tongue on the other drop of fluid that had since oozed from it.
My uncle's cock smelled fresh from his shower, and the liquid
reminded me of eating ripe olives (something I really like).

      After tasting this fluid for a moment, I put my mouth over his
cock's head and started sucking the fluid out of the hole.  To
my surprise, his cock got bigger still, but I still had that
itch.  I sat on my uncle on the couch with his cock and legs
near the edge.  I stepped over his legs and slowly lowered my
pussy over the slick head of my uncle's cock.  I took my fingers
and spread wide the lips of my pussy.  My dear uncle held his
cock and guided it into my burning pussy.  I felt my pussy being
opened and felt the warm tip of his cock working its way up into
my belly.  I soon felt my uncle's cockhead pressing firmly
against my cherry.  I stopped there for a moment, keeping the
pressure there.  Then, there was a short sharp pain, and his
cock continued to enter me as I continued to settle down on its
full length.  God, I never knew of anything that hurt so little
and felt so good.  I could have stood it forever, it felt so

      My uncle began to start a bucking motion which pulled his cock
in and out of my pussy.  He lifted me off floor with his cock
still deep in my belly.  He held me tight, then lowered me back
first onto the couch.  He spread my legs wide apart and
continued to thrust his cock in and out with rapid motions.  H
cock was rubbing the little button at the top of my pussy, and I
knew I was going to reach my climax again.  Soon I felt him
starting to breath hard, and it felt like his cock was getting
thicker.  I started to tighten the muscles of my pussy around my
loving uncle's cock and told him to do it harder.  I was
yelling, "Oh, Uncle, harder.  I'm melting ... agghhhh!"

      Right after I came, I felt his magic wand begin to throb, then
I felt if squirt shot after shot of his warm juice deep in my
womb.  We both collapsed into each other's arms and rested for a
while.  I soon felt his cock getting soft, then it began to slip
out of me.  At about the same time, my uncle's and my juices
began to flow from my pussy.  I grabbed some Kleenex and cleaned
up the crack of my bottom where our juices had run.

      It amazed me how much my uncle's cock shrank.  I turned around
and played with it, only to feel it start to grow a little.  I
wondered if it would grow again if I sucked it like I did
earlier.  I thought I'd try.

      I ran my tongue around his balls and up his soft shaft.  I took
his complete cock into my mouth and ran my tongue around it like
he had done to my breast.  I kept bobbing my head up and down on
it til it was rock-hard.

      He turned me around and began to nibble and suck my pussy
again.  Soon he had me hot again, and I kept sucking him all the
faster.  I knew I had him coming, and I wanted to taste his
juice in my mouth.  It didn't take either one of us too long.
He came in my mouth.  It was so warm and nice.  I held it in my
mouth for a while before swallowing.

      My uncle was still hard, so I turned around quickly and pulled
my uncle over me again.  I was so wet from his eating me out
that his cock went all the way on the first try.  It didn't hurt
this time, and I relaxed and learned how to pick up the same
rhythm my dear uncle had.  We French-kissed and he sucked on my
titties.  We really had a loving feeling.  We fucked for thirty
minutes before we cam.  We slept for about an hour in each
other's arms, then got up and showered.

      My dear uncle kept his bedroom door unlocked for the duration
of his visit, and I would visit him each night.  When my folks
were gone, we'd really have a fantastic session.  We continued
our special affair whenever my sweet uncle came back from his

      Our affair continues.  I am now twenty-one and married to a
sweet guy that resembles my dear uncle.  He has a promising
career.  I'd been taking my basal temperature in the hope of
getting  pregnant.  I thought I had my fertile time figured out,
but his sperm count is low.  I called my dear uncle and he
arranged to arrive here for a visit, unexpectedly of course,
during my most fertile time.  Uncle drove into town in his motor
home and stayed at a local RV. park.  I would pick him up and
bring him home, or we would stay in the RV., trying not to raise
too much noise.  Uncle had me filled with his cum almost
constantly.  This lasted over a three-day period.  My poor hubby
had been too tired to take me to bed during the day of my peak
temperature time, so I told dear hubby that my time occurred the
day he finally fucked me.

      Well, to make the story shorter, I used one of the new
pregnancy tests and found that I was in fact pregnant.  My hubby
thinks it is his, but Uncle and I know better.  It's a beautiful
baby boy.  He's now six months old.  Hubby and I are talking
about another baby.  Uncle agrees.