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[Story Name] Indian village incest
[Author] Incognito
[Type] More/other family

I am a seventeen year old guy. Quite big for my age. I have always lived in a city. But my parents had come from a village though many years ago. Now they were all settled and part of the city elite. My father was insistent that for my summer holidays I should go and visit my aunt and cousins who live in the village so that I become familiar with the village life. I fervently resisted the idea as I had a lot planned with my friends. But in the end my father prevailed and I was packed off to the village to spend 15 days.

I reached the village by train and my aunt was there to receive me as my uncle had died a few years ago. She was about 40yrs old, pleasantly plump with large tits and a broad hips. she was wearing a sari the traditional indian dress.

Now let me explain what a sari is. Its basically a wrap around dress which is wrapped over a thin under skirt(petticoat) and a blouse, with front opening hooks, is worn with it on the top. The blouse small so that the mid- riff remains bare. The end of the sari is used to cover the blouse. In other word the sari can be removed with one forceful yank leaving the women clad only in a thin see through petticoat and a small blouse with a bare mid-riff. Looks extremely seductive

My aunt gave me a welcoming hug and told me how happy she was to meet me after all these years.

She said it was a 15 minute walk to her place. We walked through the village and the house was a few miles outside the village. It was old house with high walls all around it. We knocked on the door and when it opened a 16yr old girl was standing clad only in a petticoat and a blouse. It almost knocked me off my feet because in cities a petticoat and blouse is never worn without a sari. She was extremely beautiful and with one look I realized she was not wearing any bra and her 36D tits were stretching her blouse which was obviously a few sizes small. My aunt introduced her as Tara her only daughter. The girl gave me a lewd smile and welcomed me to their house.

As I entered I was introduced to another lady Nandi who seemed to be in her fifties with white hair but a full beautiful body. I was told she was a distant relative. She too was clad in a blouse and a petticoat with no bra and her 40D tits were struggling to free themselves. Most indian women are a little on the plump side so they have very large breasts.

I had a big hard on which I was struggling to hide but not with much success. My aunt looked at me slit eyed and told me to go with my sister to put away my stuff. When I returned my aunt was sitting there in a petticoat and a blouse. She told me they never wore a sari in the house because of the hot weather. Looking at her I realized that these people had probably never heard of a bra.

We all sat down to eat dinner. But I could hardly eat with 3 beautiful half naked females sitting around me. I quickly finished my dinner and excused myself saying that I was tired from journey and wanted to sleep. I got into my room locked it and took out my 7'' dick and stroked myself to a blissful orgasm before going to sleep. Boy this was going to be one horny holiday! Little did I know how close relief was!!!

Next morning I was woken up by gentle shaking. When I opened my eyes what I saw almost made me pass out. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. Tara was standing next to me bed waking me up. She was only wearing a blouse and was completely naked from chest downwards. I could clearly see her hairy pussy with slightly prominent cunt lips.

She smiled seductively when she saw the direction of my gaze.

I was just taking in the sight before my eyes when my aunt walked in. she too was completely naked except the short blouse. Her pussy was covered with trimmed hair and I could just see her clit peeking out between her pussy lips. Her ass was perfectly rounded and was jiggling seductively with each step. My dick immediately sprang to attention. Luckily it was covered by sheets.

She saw the wide eyed look on my face and started explaining. She said that she was a follower of some ancient teachings which stated that all members of the family should strip their lower garments and should be naked waist downwards every morning. Following this they should sit outside in the open and do certain rituals. This helped to cleanse their inner soul and be in harmony with nature.

Hearing all this I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of dick. She asked me if I would like to join them. I was a bit hesitant since right then I was sporting a 7 inch errrection which was oozing out precum like anything. On seeing my hesitancy she smiled and said that I didn't have to remove my clothes if I felt uncomfortable.

I told them to carry on and would join them shortly. I wore a loose pair of shorts hiding my erection as best as I could joined them in the courtyard.

Yes there they were! all three ladies sitting butt naked cross legged on the ground. They had their eyes closed and were chanting something. I sat infront of them and took advantage of their closed eyes. I openly stared at their bodies taking in the unshaven but trimmed pussies with gaping lips due to their posture. All three women were wearing no bra and their breasts were straining in their blouses. I slowly started rubbing my dick and came there and then in my shorts. I quickly wiped the cum with my t-shirt and was just in time as they opened their eyes.

All of them smiled at me and then said that the rituals were over and hoped I would join them tomorrow. They got up and proceeded for breakfast. None of them made any effort to cover themselves. Again I was hardly able to eat with these beautiful nude female sitting all around me. Here I was on my summer vacation (which I had thought would be completely boring) in a village with these 3 nude females who were completely at home with nudity.

After we finished breakfast my aunt said that I should go and have a bath. After I returned from my shower I saw that all of them had bathed and were once again clad in blouse and petticoats. Only my aunt was wearing sari and said she was going out for some work and would be back for lunch. Meanwhile I could go with my sister Tara and explore the ruins nearby.

Tara gave me another of her seductive smiles and said she was ready to go. It was 15 min walk to the ruins. When we reached there it was pretty deserted. Tara said we should climb to the top of the tower. The view from there was awesome. We started climbing. It was sternous climb and when we got there we were both quite sweaty. Tara's blouse and petticoat were clinging to her body and I could clearly see her nipples and her nice rounded ass. My dick instantly sprang up. There was a nice breeze blowing. I started taking a few photographs of the nice view.

When I turned around I almost lost my footing. There was Tara standing. She had unbuttoned her blouse with her tits hanging out and had lifted her petticoat above her hips. She looked at me and giggled. She said the breeze felt great and I should try it. This was a chance I was not going to miss. I quickly unbuttoned my trouser and pulled them down. Immediately my dick sprang out. She gave it a lewd look grinned and then licked her lips seductively.

She said that it was her duty to please her cousin and not let him suffer the erection without being relieved. She came and knelt in front of me and started licking my shaft slowly running th her tongue on the tip and the under side. She slowly took my dick into her mouth and soon was deep throating me. This girl sure knew her job.

Meanwhile I had ripped of her blouse and was fondling her large titties. I realized that every time I pulled on her nipples she started sucking me faster. Soon I was coming in her mouth. As I shot my wad she swallowed every bit of it.

She got up smiling and proceeded to rip of her petticoat and knelt on all her fours in front of me. I took off my shirt knelt behind her. Her pussy was sopping wet and I could see the cunt juices oozing out. I entered her in one deep thrust. I pumped vigrously moving rapidly in and out of her well lubricated cunt. She was moaning for all she was worth and prompting me to fuck her faster and deeper. Here I was standing at the top of the world fucking the brains out of my 16yr old cousin who was moaning like a bitch in heat. Both of us totally naked and enjoying the cool breeze against our naked bodies.

I felt myself coming and pulled out my cock and started spewing my load on her ass and her back. As soon as my load hit her she let out scream and started coming.

After that both of us lied down and enjoyed the view. After sometime she said that we should be getting back for lunch. we dressed quickly and started back.

She said that she would come to my room at night. What a vacation this was going to be!!!

Maybe I could get to fuck my aunt and Nandi as well. Any thing was possible!!!!