- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Loving families
[Author] Unknown
[Type] More/other family

Frank Howard looked at his twelve year old granddaughter Julie sitting
beside him on the couch. While she watched TV with him she was fiddling with
the front of her T shirt over her young pointed tits. She scratched at her nipples
and made them stand up, then tweaked them between her forefinger and
thumb. "Tits itchy, Julie?" asked Frank with a grin. Julie grinned back at him.
"Yeah, kinda," she said, "Mind if I scratch 'em a little?" "You go ahead," laughed
Frank, "You know I always like to watch you playing with your tits." "Almost as
much as you like playing with them yourself, eh?" said his granddaughter with a
grin. "Well, you know if you want any help, you only have to ask," replied the
horny grandfather. "You wanna quick feel?" asked the young girl, "or would you
like to look at 'em first?" "Let's see 'em," said Frank, twisting sideways to face his
granddaughter as she turned to face him and lifted her T shirt above her young

Frank admired the young pre-teen's small high conical breasts with their
dark nipples. "You sure got a nice pair," he said, "No wonder you like playing
with them all the time." "You always told me they'd get bigger if I played with
them," laughed the girl, "And even better, if you played with them!" "Well, it
worked with your mother," replied the man, "I used to play with her tits all the
time, and she sure has a nice big pair." "And we both like to play with them,
don't we?" laughed the twelve year old, "and suck them too!" "Speaking of
sucking," said Frank, "Would you like a little titty suck now?" "Well, sure," said
the girl, letting the T shirt drop to cover her tits again, "But you have to give them
a nice feel first." She pushed her chest out towards her grandfather and said,
"Come on, feel 'em for me."

Frank slid his hands underneath the girl's T shirt and up to her young tits,
cupping them and flipping the nipples with his thumbs. Julie looked down as
her grandfather groped her young tits and arched her chest towards him. "That's
nice," she purred, "You sure know how to feel a girl's tits, Grampa!" Frank
laughed. "You're just saying that because you want me to suck 'em," he
said, "Like I used to do when you just had little nipples to lick and no titties at all."
Julie peeled her T shirt off over her head. "Sure," she said, "You always were
good at sucking my nipples. You sure made them feel good!" "Just like I made
that little cunny of yours feel good, eh?" asked the older man. "You mean this
little thing?" asked the horny sixth-grader, turning to sit sideways on the couch
with one leg up on it. This opened her crotch, and she lifted her skirt to her waist
and exposed her young cunny to her grandfather, leaning back so he got a
good view. "Why Julie Phillips, you're not wearing any underpants!" Frank
pretended to be shocked as he looked at his granddaughter's tight young
pussy. "I left them off on purpose because I know you like to look at my cunny
every chance you get," replied the girl.

"I like to feel it and play with it too, you naughty little girl!" said the man,
staring at the young girl's crack with the light downy hair at the top. "The way
you're sitting I can see your cunny hole," he said. "Where?" she asked, giggling,
and he slipped a finger down to her crotch and up the girl's vagina. "Right here, "
he replied, "That feels like a cunny hole to me." "That feels like your finger to
me," said Julie, "Haven't you got something bigger to stick in there?" "I might
have if you want to get it out," replied Frank, leaning back to let the girl get at
him. Julie undid his belt and trousers and reached inside his underwear. "I bet
this will fit where you've got your finger," she said, releasing his erection to
wave and jerk between them. "I guess it might," said Frank, "It always has up to
now." "Yeah, even when I was eight," laughed Julie as she stood up,
"Remember how tight it was then?" She stood up, released her skirt and stood
in front of the couch naked.

"Come on, Grampa," she said, fingering her clitty while she jumped up
and down a little so her tits jiggled, "Let's do lots of dirty stuff!" Her grandfather
slipped his trousers and underpants off and she climbed onto his lap, straddling
his legs. "Now I can feel that little cunny better," he said, "and you can pump on
my cock and get it even bigger before I put it in." He slipped two fingers up his
granddaughter's young cunny and felt how slippery and warm she was inside.
She cuddled his balls with one hand and pumped gently up and down on his
cock with the other. "Let's do it," she said, "I wanna stick it in me." She held onto
his cock and lifted up, then sank herself down on it, sliding it up inside her
vagina and pushing forward to get it all in. "Mmmm," she said, "Feels just as
good as always." She was bouncing up and down on her grandfather's cock
when her mother and father walked into the room.

"Hi guys," said Julie, "Grampa's cock is nice and big today!" "I bet you got
it that way by letting him feel your cunny," laughed her mother, watching her
father fuck his granddaughter. "And my tits, too, Mum. My tits were itchy so he
helped me scratch the itch." George and Mona stood either side of their
daughter and each fondled one of the young sixth-grader's tits as she bounced
up and down on her grandfather. Frank reached inside his daughter's blouse
and felt her tits, then slipped his hand up underneath her skirt. "You're just like
your daughter," he said, feeling her furry pussy, "You don't have any underpants
on either. Show us those nice big tits of yours!" Mona Phillips unbuttoned her
blouse and slipped it off, revealing her large firm tits. She cupped them and
flipped her nipples till they hardened and poked out. While Frank fingered his
daughter's cunny he watched the father of the sixth-grader he was fucking unzip
his trousers and let them fall. Julie slipped her hand inside her father's
underwear and pulled out his erect cock.

"Why Daddy, what a big cock you have!" she said. "The better for you to
play with," he laughed as she began masturbating him. Just then she felt her
grandfather's cock begin squirting cum deep inside her cunny. "Why
Grandfather, whatever are you putting inside my little cunny?" she asked with a
grin. "Just some of that nice cream you like so much," he replied, panting as he
thrust his cock deep into his granddaughter. "And the stuff I love too, don't forget
that, Dad," added Julie's mother with a grin as she fondled her big tits, "After all,
I used to drink your cum when I was just a little girl, didn't I?" "You wanna suck
Grampa's cum out of my cunt, Mom?" asked Julie. "Sure, honey," Mona replied,
slipping her skirt off and lying down on the floor. Her daughter straddled her
face and lowered her crotch down, legs wide apart. "I love lapping this nice little
cunny," said Mona, moistening her lips and licking her daughter's slit all over.
She slurped out the cum as it drooled down and fell into her waiting mouth in
long stringy globs, then tongued up inside the sixth-grader's vagina to get the
last of it.

"You alway have liked licking it, Mum," laughed Julie, "Even when I was
really little. And I always liked licking your cunny and my Daddy's cock," she
added, pulling her father's erect penis to her mouth and slipping it inside. She
looked up at her father as she sucked on his cock, winking at him naughtily as
he smiled gently down at her. She cuddled his big balls and he held onto her
head and guided it as she bobbed her head back and forth, burying her father's
cock all the way in her mouth till the knob slid into her throat. Frank watched his
granddaughter sucking off her father, and knew when he started coming
because she pulled her head back so just the head was in her mouth. They all
knew she liked to make the cum squirt right onto her taste buds. George
Phillips seized the shaft of his cock and masturbated it into his daughter's mouth
while she fiddled with his balls to get more cum out. When Julie had sucked all
the cum out of her father's cock Frank licked his daughter's cunny till she had a
nice cum, while Julie and her father each played with one of Mona's big tits.

"I forgot," said Mona as she sat up, "We came to tell you that those new
people that moved in next door are sitting out in their back yard. George and I
were looking out the window at them. "What were they doing?" asked Julie.
"Well, I think they like getting lots of sun," replied her mother, "Because they
aren't wearing a lot of clothes!" The four went into their sunroom and adjusted
the venetian blinds so they could see out without being seen. "I see what you
mean," said Frank, "Look at that blonde girl - she looks about sixteen. She sure
has nice long legs!" "And they go all the way up to her cunny!" laughed George,
"Look, the way she's sitting you can see right up her cutoffs!"

They all got ten power binoculars and focussed them on the scene next
door. "That's better," said George, "Now I can see up the girl's shorts better.
Look, she's not wearing any underwear - you can see her cunny hair!" Julie and
her mother were looking at the young man about eighteen who was lying on his
back with a small tight bathing suit on. "That suit is so tight I can see the head of
his cock," said Julie, "It looks like a nice big one, even when it's soft it's over six
inches long. And nice and thick, too." Another girl, about fifteen, came out of the
house wearing a small bikini. "Wow," said Frank, "Look at the way those big tits
swing! How did such a young girl grow such big tits so fast! And her suit slips
right into the crack of her ass!" he added as the girl faced away from them and
displayed her round bum cheeks with only a string disappearing between them.
"I bet you'd like to slip into the crack of her ass too, Dad, wouldn't you!" laughed
his daughter as she felt for her father's cock and fondled it. "Sure," said Frank,
"Just like you'd like to see how big that guy's cock gets when it's hard!" The girl
sat down on a lounge chair and leaned back. Another young man about
seventeen came out of the house wearing a pair of shorts, and flopped down on
the chair next to the blonde.

"Now there's a nice big cock," said Julie, nudging her mother, "Look, you
can see up his shorts too!" "I think I'll get the camcorder," said George, "This
looks like it might be good." He found a place to use the camcorder where he
wouldn't be seen. Just then a girl about ten, together with a child of about four
ran out of the house, dressed only in their underpants, and ran to the wading
pool. "Hey, look!" exclaimed Frank, "They have kids, too!" The girls splashed in
the water and played around. "The big one has started to grow tits," observed
George, "See, Frank, they're just little hills." "Bet she'd like having her nipples
sucked," replied the grandfather. "Look, their underpants are all transparent
from the water now," he added, "I can see their cunny slits." "You always liked
little girls' hairless cunny slits," laughed Mona, "You used to play with mine
when I wasn't any bigger than the little one there." "That's because I found you
playing with it yourself in bed," replied her father, feeling her big tits while he
watched next door, "I just helped!"

"I don't think they realize there's anyone home here," said Frank as the
blonde looked around and then undid her halter top, letting her big tits spill out.
She leaned back again and said something to the girl in the bikini, who looked
around and slipped her top off as well, displaying her large breasts. The two
small girls ran over and said something to the older girl, plucking at their wet
underwear as they spoke. "I think they want to take off their wet underpants,"
observed George as the girl nodded. The two children stripped off their wet
underpants and pranced around naked. "Lovely little cunnies!" said Frank, "Are
you getting some good pictures of them, George?" "I sure am," replied the
younger man, "I can zoom right in on them!" The two girls ran naked around the
garden, chasing each other while the others watched. Then the older one
helped the younger one to turn somersaults and do headstands, allowing
George to get good closeups of their hairless cunnies.

"Hey, look!" whispered Mona, indicating one of the young men, "His cock
is getting bigger!" They all watched the young man in the tight bathing suit and
saw that his cock was certainly swelling, and was noticeably thicker and longer
than it had been. He slipped a hand inside his bathing suit and adjusted his
genitals, letting his cock lie so it poked up towards his waist. The thickening
shaft curved slightly as it bulged against the waistband of the suit, poking it up
and out.The blonde in the shorts scratched her thigh lazily, then drew her hand
up and over her crotch as she looked over at the man and his thickening cock.
She undid the waistband snap, slipped her hand inside her shorts and said
something to him. He grinned over at her, said something in reply and looked
around to see if he could see anyone, then pulled his bathing suit down far
enough to let his cock snap out and bounce up, then pushed his suit down and

The girl looked around as well, then unzipped her shorts and slid them
down her slim thighs and kicked them off. Now she was naked, and she ran her
hand through the bushy blonde hair of her cunny and rufffled it as she lifted her
legs and spread them to the sides. The watchers could see right into her crotch
now, and with their powerful binoculars could see almost every detail of the
girl's hairy cunny. "Look at that clitty!" said George, "Look at her playing with it! It
must be two inches long - it sticks right up and out of her pussy lips!" He filmed a
closeup of it. "Wonder how it tastes," said Julie, smacking her lips at the thought.
"I bet it tastes just as good as that nice big cock she's looking at," suggested
Julie's mother, fingering her slit at the thought. The other girl slid off her tiny
bikini bottoms and bared her cunny, and the other man slipped his shorts off,
showing that he had an erection as well.

Suddenly the two small girls seemed to notice that the adults were all
naked. They went up to the blonde and the first young man, and stood in
between them, facing away from the watchers and showing their cute little
bums. The older girl said something to the blonde, and reached out and
touched her on one of her large breasts. The blonde laughed and let the ten
year old use both hands to fondle her breast and play with the nipple. In turn,
she reached out and seemed to be touching the young girl somewhere on her
lower body. It looked like she was fondling the little girl's cunny, but all they
could see was her small tight bum cheeks flexing as she thrust her hips forward
a little.

The girl that looked about four held onto herself between her legs and
danced around. It looked like she was indicating that she had to go to the
bathroom. The others laughed and the blonde pointed to the ground. The little
girl faced the hidden watchers as she squatted and they saw the stream of pale
yellow piss as it squirted out of the deep pink gash of her small crack and
hissed onto the ground. She went back to the man and he reached in between
her legs and cupped the little girl's vulva. She giggled and reached up and
used both hands to hold onto the young man's erect penis. She moved her
hands up and down on his thick cock as if she were masturbating him, and he
laughed, picked her up and sat her on his knee. She let her legs fall open, and
he fondled her in between them again as she played with his erection. He said
something to the others and jerked his head toward the house and they nodded
agreement. He put the little girl back on the ground and the group went into the

"I think we should go pay a call on our new neighbours," said George
with a smile. "You just want some of that nice blonde cunny, Daddy," teased his
daughter, fingering her clitty. "Sure I do," agreed George, "and I bet you won't
say No to that big cock up your own cunny, will you?" Julie shook her head, and
the four of them slipped on short beach robes to hide the fact that they were
naked underneath. "Let's take some beer and Pepsi," said Frank, "Watching that
little girl peeing reminded me how much fun you can have with your piss."

When they knocked at the back door there was a pause before the
blonde answered the door. Her big tits jiggled and swung beneath the man's
long shirt she was wearing. The top three buttons were open, revealing the
hollow between her soft breasts. "Hi, we're the neighbours," smiled Mona,
"Come to say Welcome to the Neighbourhood and stuff." Susie, the blonde, let
them in and introduced the young man who had been playing with the small girl
as Chad, and the girl herself as Angela. Chad was sitting at one end of a couch
with a towel over his lap, with Angela standing next to him. She was still naked,
and he said as if to explain, "The kids have just been in swimming. Angela was
just going to get dressed, weren't you, honey."

Angela looked at them solemnly and shook her head. "No need to get
dressed if you don't want to, honey," said Frank to the little girl, "I think little girls
should run around naked if they want to, just the same as anyone else." The
older girl came in just then, also naked, and stood beside little Angela. Susie
introduced her as Tracy, and Frank looked at the two naked children and asked
the girls how old they were. Angela said Four and Tracy replied Ten, and Frank
told them both they were very pretty. "You have very pretty little titties," he told
Tracy, "My little granddaughter Julie here started to grow her titties when she
was just your age, and look how nice and big they are now. Come on, honey,
show everybody your tits!" Julie opened her beach robe at the top and showed
off her high pointy tits. "I like to play with them," she told Tracy, "Do you like to
play with yours?" Tracy nodded and said, "I like to play with Susie's too. She's
my sister and she has nice big ones, don't you Susie." The blonde nodded.

"Come on, then, Susie," said Frank, "Get Them out!" Susie unbuttoned her
shirt to her waist and opened the top to reveal her firm upthrusting breasts.
"Nice tits!" said George admiringly, "I like a nice big set to suck on." Little Angela
looked at Susie and spoke up. "I used to suck on Mummy's titties when I was a
little baby to get milk," she said, "But now I just do it because I like it, and she
likes me to do it, don't you, Mummy." Susie nodded. "My younger sister had a
baby not too long ago," she said, gesturing to the upstairs of the house, "So
Angela knows that new Mummies have milk in their titties, don't they." Angela
nodded solemnly. "I like sucking Kelly's titties and getting milk out of them," she
said. "So do I," said Tracy, "It's neat!" Kelly's feeding the baby with a bottle,"
Susie explained, "But she likes getting her tits sucked, and we like doing it, too."
"We all like sucking on Mona's, here, don't we," said George, "But we don't get
any milk out of them, do we honey. Show us all that nice big pair of yours!"
Mona slipped the top of her beach robe back and showed them all her big
breasts. "We've got a real tit parade here," said Chad, and they all laughed.

Susie sat down on the couch beside Chad and cupped her big breasts in
both hands. "Got any hair on your cunny?" Chad asked Julie. The young sixth-
grader shook her head. "Just a little fuzz at the top," she replied. "Wanna see it?"
"Sure," answered Chad, "I always like looking at a nice cunny, specially one
with no hair on it." "OK then," said Julie, and letting her beach top slide off the
young teen stood naked in front of Chad and Susie. "How's that?" she asked.
"Nice," said Chad, "I bet it's all tight inside when your Dad fucks you, isn't it."
Julie nodded, "And Grampa too," she said, "They both have nice big cocks."
Susie let her legs fall to the sides and undid her shirt to expose her cunny. "Big
enough to fill this hole?" she asked them, pulling her cunny lips apart to spread
her vagina open. "Nice big cunny!" said George admiringly. "Nice big clit, too!"
added Frank, as Susie leaned back and let them have a good look at her
oversized clitoris. Julie peeled back the skin from her clitty and showed her clitty
to them all as well. Tracy looked at the fuzz at the top of Julie's pussy and
asked, "When did you get hair on your trickle?" Julie looked down at herself and
said, "Last year. My Daddy and my Grampa and my Mummy told me that if they
licked me there it would make the hair grow on it just like Mummy's, and I guess
they were right!" They all laughed and Tracy said, "Is that why you guys all lick
my trickle?" "I bet they lick it because it makes you feel nice," said Frank,
"Besides, everyone likes licking little girls' trickles, don't they? They're so pretty,
the way they bulge out from your belly with their big fat lips, and the slit between
them." "I sure like licking trickles," said Chad to Angela, "Don't I, honey?" "Yes,
Daddy," replied the four year old, "You were going to do it to me before these
people came. Can you do it now?" The child stuck a forefinger in her small
crack and rubbed it up and down.

"That's a good idea," said Chad, "You play with your little trickle and get it
all nice and warm and gooshy and then Daddy will lick the stuff out of it, OK?"
"OK," said Angela, and hopped up on her father's lap. The child sat sideways,
her legs thrown over her father's, and leaned back against the big cushions at
the end. She spread her legs up and to the sides, exposing her private parts.
She peeled the skin fold back from the bud of her clitoris with two fingers of one
hand and began rubbing it with her other forefinger. The others all watched the
four year old child masturbating. "I always like to watch kids doing it," said
George to Chad, "They have so much fun finding out about their bodies." Chad
nodded. "Makes my cock get nice and hard, too," he laughed as the little girl's
movements came faster and faster and her hips jerked up and down. She got
red in the face as a spasm went through her, then relaxed with a sigh.

"Does Angela know what to do with a hard cock?" asked Frank. "Sure,"
said Chad, "What do you like to do with Daddy's cock?" he asked the little girl
beside him. Angela looked up at her father. "I like to make it nice and big and
hard and then you let me play with it," she said, still working her fingers gently in
her small slit. "How do you play with it?" asked Frank. Angela pulled the towel
off her father's lap and revealed his erect cock. "Oh, Daddy," she said, "It's nice
and big!" She squirmed onto his knee and grasped his cock with both hands. "I
do like this," she said, using both hands together to go around the thickness of
her father's erect penis. She moved her linked hands up and down, sliding the
smooth skin of the cock back and forth over the rigid core. "I bet your Daddy
likes it when you do that to him," said Frank. "He sure does," said Angela, "He
makes it into a cream fountain!" "My Daddy does that too," said Julie, "And so
does my Grampa. I like to drink their cream! Do you drink your Daddy's cream?"
she asked the child. "Sure," said Angela. "So do I," said Tracy, who had been
watching and listening with one finger stuck into her crack. "We suck on
Daddy's cock too and he makes the cream go right into our mouths," added
Angela. "And he puts his cock in my trickle hole and fucks me," said Tracy
proudly, "Just like he fucks Aunt Susie and Aunt Kelly."

"Would you like to put this in your trickle hole?" asked Frank, slipping his
beach robe off. Tracy looked at the older man's erection. "Sure," she said, "My
Mummy told me I could put anything in my trickle I want to. You have big balls,
Mister! Do they make lots of cream?" "They sure do when cute little girls like you
play with them," replied Frank with a grin, "Would you like to do that?" "Sure!"
exclaimed the ten year old, "I love playing with big men's balls." "Let's sit over
there," suggested Frank, pointing to an armchair, "And you can sit on my lap
and play with my balls while I put my fingers inside that trickle hole of your and
see how big it is. Would you like that?" "Yeah!" replied the ten year old, "And
you can feel my titties, too!" When he sat down the little girl climbed on his lap
and began playing with his genitals, while he fingered her private parts gently
and made her squirm with delight.

Just then the other girl, Kelly, came down the stairs, followed by the other
young man. Kelly had on a white T shirt that was just long enough to cover her
crotch and hung straight down from the large breasts that thrust out beneath it,
jiggling and swaying as she walked. Tod was wearing a brief pair of shorts.
Frank introduced himself and his family and Susie asked her fifteen year old
sister, "Whatcha been doing, Sis?" Kelly shrugged. "Just changing the baby,"
she replied. "Got anything under that shirt?" asked Frank, looking up from
fondling the ten year old's naked cunny. "Whyncha feel up underneath it and
find out?" replied Kelly, going over to him. Frank slipped a hand up underneath
the teen's T shirt and felt her between her legs. "Feels like a nice big cunny to
me," he laughed, fingering her slit at the same time as he fondled her little sister.
"You gonna show us your tits?" asked George, looking at the way they bulged
out under the thin shirt. "Your nipples are leaking," he added, and she looked
down at herself and saw the dark wet circles on the shirt over her big nipples. "I
guess I might as well take it off, then," she said, and pulled it off over her head.
The young girl's breasts were large and firm, swollen with milk and with huge
dark nipples. "Nice tits," said Frank as he masturbated the ten year old girl on
his lap, and slid his finger in and out of her teenaged sister. George looked at
the fuzz between the girl's legs and added, "Nice cunny too!"

"You want those nice big tits of yours sucked?" asked Frank. "How about
if we watch you squeeze the milk out of them?" suggested George. "Sure," Kelly
said, "Where will I squirt it?" "Squirt it all over my cunny," offered Julie, squatting
slightly and spreading her cunny lips with both hands, "See how much you can
squirt into my cunny!" "Yeah, then I'll lick it out of your hole," offered Tracy,
getting up from Frank's lap, "How about lying down so Kelly can get a nice shot
and won't waste any!" Tod slipped his shorts off to reveal his rigid eight inch
penis. "Nice big cock!" said Mona, "I bet I can tickle my tonsils with that!" "Go
ahead and try," laughed Tod and Mona knelt in front of him and began licking it.
Julie lay down on the floor and spread her legs, holding her cunny hole open
with both hands and peeling the skin back to expose her clitoris. Kelly knelt
between Julie's legs and let her tits swing down over the younger girl's cunt.
"Boy, they are nice and big," said George, kneeling beside the girl and hefting
one of her big tits with both hands, "What are they? 40Ds?" "They're 44DD,
actually," replied Kelly, looking down at her dangling breasts.

"How about you try squeezing the milk out of my tits onto your daughter's
cunt," suggested Kelly. "Sure," said George. "I'll do the other one," said Frank,
while little Tracy watched them and masturbated as she waited to lick her
sister's milk out of the other girl's cunny hole. Frank knelt on the other side of
the fifteen year old mother and the two men lifted and fondled the girl's big
breasts and squeezed her nipples, squirting the milk onto Julie's cunny. "That
feels funny when you hit my clitty," giggled Julie, wiggling her hips. "You're
supposed to get it in her hole," said Tod. "Yeah, but it dribbles down her cunny
and drools into her hole after it hits her clit," replied George. "Ooo, you got that
squirt right up my cunt!" laughed Julie as her father made a jet of hot milk spurt
up his daughter's vagina. "This is like milking a cow," laughed Frank as he
squeezed the teen's tit and worked the milk down to her nipple, then made it
squirt out. "Yeah, I wonder if they like getting their tits felt like I do," said Kelly as
she watched Julie's hole fill up with her milk. When it was full Kelly got up and
Tracy knelt between Julie's thighs and licked and lapped at her cunny, sucking
out her sister's milk.

"I gotta fuck those big tits of yours," said Frank to Kelly as he stroked his
cock. "How about sticking that big thing in my cunny first and giving me a nice
cum, and then fucking my tits," she smiled at him. "Sure, honey," agreed the
older man, "Just so I get to blow my load all over that pretty face of yours!" "You
wanna jerk off into my mouth or just cum on my face?" she asked. "Either way,
honey, whatever you want," he replied, "Just so I get to stick my cock between
those big knockers and fuck Tem. "I'll hold my mouth open and you see how
much you can get in there," she smiled as she spread her legs and held her
cunny open. "Come on, big boy, stick it in me!" she said, grinning at him as she
thrust her hips up towards his cock. Frank slipped his cock into the girl and
drove it in and out while she fondled her tits and thumbed her nipples. "'nh,
unh, unh, UNH!" she cried as she came, and Frank pulled his cock out of her
cunt and straddled her chest. Kelly wrapped her big tits around the older man's
cock and he slid it back and forth in the valley between them.

Every time he thrust it forward he paused so she could lick the big purple
head. "Your tits are leaking again," he grunted, looking down at the milk
seeping out of her nipples. "They always leak when I'm feeling horny," she said,
"You gonna gimme some cream to go with that milk?" Frank laughed. "Sure,
honey," he said, "We'll have a real dairy delight here. "I wanna drink the Dairy
Delight!" said little Angela, and jumped up from the couch. The child knelt down
by Kelly and Frank and fingered her little cunny while she watched him fuck her
tits. "You can play with my balls some more so they make lots of cream," Frank
told Angela, and the little girl cuddled the adult's balls as he thrust his cock
between her aunt's big tits. "Here's the cream!" he grunted and as he leaned
forward and grasped his cock Kelly opened her mouth in front of it. "Shoot it,
Mister!" cried Angela, rubbing her fat little crack with one hand while she
cupped his balls and fondled them as he masturbated at the other girl's face.
Thick streams of cum shot out and splashed into her mouth and all over her
face. "Wow, lots of nice cream!" said Angela as Kelly smacked her lips and
gulped it down. Frank sat back and watched as the four year old child licked his
cum off her teenaged aunt's face, lapping it up and swallowing it, then licked
and sucked the milk from her leaking nipples. "Anybody want to clean my cock
off?" he asked, and let the child lick his cock clean and suck the last traces of
semen out of it.

George was watching young Tracy lick her sister's milk from Julie's
cunny. "Feels good, hey Julie?" he asked. "Sure does," grunted the young sixth-
grader, thrusting her hips up towards the ten year old's mouth. "This kid knows
how to eat pussy! She's got her tongue right up my cunt, licking me out!" Tracy
looked up at her and said, "We all like licking cunts, and sucking cocks too!"
"What else do you like doing?" asked George, slipping a hand under the
kneeling girl and feeling her small tits as they dangled down from her chest.
Tracy looked sideways at the man's erection. "Whyncha put that big thing in
between my legs and see if you can find a place to hide it," replied the ten year
old, "Then I can get back to licking this nice cunny" "Yeah," said Julie, "Give her
something to think about while she makes me cum!" George knelt behind the
child and slipped his hand up between her legs. "Mmmm," murmured Tracy
happily as she shifted her thighs farther apart so he could get his hand in
between them easier. George fondled the child's hairless cunny, watching the
way the fat mound pooched out toward him from between her legs, and the slit
opened a little. "Nice cunny," he said as he licked a finger and slid it up the
child's vagina, "Wiggle your hips if that feels good." Tracy wiggled her hips back
and forth and pushed back towards him. George held his erection with the other
hand and slipped it up and down the child's cunny slit. He watched his thick
penis part her fat hairless lips, and saw the knob was getting slippery with the
juices that drooled from her vagina.

"This looks like a good place to hide it," he said, poising his cock at the
entrance to the ten year old's body and tickling her cunny lips with the head of
his cock, "Shall I see if it'll fit?" Tracy wiggled her bum again and pushed back
at him, so he held his postiion while the girl thrust back against him and sank
her hairless cunny around his penis. She stopped licking Julie's cunt long
enough to sigh, "That's great, now just push it in and out a little till I finish licking
her cunt." George let his cock slide slowly in and out of the ten year old's tight
vagina till Julie grunted and jerked as she came. Tracy lifted her head and
looked back at George. "You wanna finish like this, or you want me to sit on you,
or what?" she asked George.

"Yeah, how about you sit on me and do some of the work," laughed
George, lying down and holding his cock in the air, "That way I can look at that
nice little hairless cunny and play with your clitty and your titties too, how about
that?" "Sure," laughed Tracy, squatting over him and holding his cock in
position under her spread-open cunny as she sank down onto it. "Besides," she
added, "I like to wiggle it around and stir up my insides." She lifted up and
down and stroked the man's cock into her for awhile, then asked, "You wanna
come inside me, or shall I suck your cock the last bit and eat your cum?"
"Lemme come inside you and then you can sit on my face and I'll eat that nice
little cunny and suck it back out of you again," replied George. Tracy moved
faster and faster on the adult's cock, her face getting red as she came, and
George filled the ten year old's vagina with load after load of thick semen. She
squatted over his face and let him lick her cunny as the slippery strings of his
own cum drooled out. "I like the way you put your tongue up my cunny hole,"
she laughed, looking down at him, "I told you Mummy said I could put anything I
wanted in my hole!"

"Who wants a sandwich?" asked Mona, bending over and parting har
asscheeks to show off her bum hole as well as her cunt. She licked a finger and
tickled her anus with it, then slipped it up inside. "I wouldn't mind a back door
shot," said Tod, stepping up behind his new neighbour and feeling her between
her legs. "Nice tight cunt!" he said, fingering it, "Want some, Chad?" "Don't mind
if I do," said Chad, lying down on the floor and holding his cock in the air, "Come
and sit on this, honey." Mona squatted over him and slipped his cock up her
cunt, then leaned forward so Chad could suck her tits and play with them, and
Tod could get behind her. Tod lickled her asshole until it loosened up, then
stuck his thumb in it and wiggled it around. "Nice ass," he said, placing his cock
at her open hole, "Here comes something to fill it!" He slid his cock into the
woman's ass slowly as she sighed with pleasure and shifted back to get it all in.
"We haven't had a sandwich in awhile, Chad," he said, probing in and out with
his penis, "I'd forgotten how nice they are. I can feel your cock just like they were
in the same hole." "You can put them in the same hole if you want to,"
suggested Mona, "Dad and George like doing that sometimes. Makes my cunt
nice and full, too!"

"Maybe another time," said Tod, "I wanna cum in your ass this time. I
gotta real load to mix with all the shit I can feel in there." Mona chuckled. "Sure,"
she said, "You make it all soft and slippery so I can shit it out easy." Their
movements came faster and Mona cried out as she reached her orgasm. After
Tod squirted loads of cum up her ass, he pulled out and watched as her
asshole slowly puckered and shut. After Chad shot his load into Mona's cunt
she climbed off him and he let Julie lick his cock clean. Mona cupped her hand
over her cunt. "My cunny's leaking cum," she said, "Who wants to clean me
out?" "Me, me!" said Julie, letting go of Chad's cock and lying down on the floor
so her mother could straddle her. She sucked and licked at her mother's cunt
till she had sucked out all the cum, then Angela took Mona to the toilet so she
could empty her bum . "I wanna watch it come out," said the four year old. Mona
squatted forward on the toilet so the little girl could get her head up close to
Mona's bum and had a good look as the mixture of shit and cum squirted out
and splashed into the toilet.

Julie sat beside Susie on the couch and played with her tits while the
other girl masturbated. "I never saw a girl with a clit as big as yours," said Julie
as she watched the other girl stroking two fingers up and down the three inch
length of her rigid clitoris. "Wanna play with it?" asked Susie, spreading her legs
a little more in invitation. "Sure!" replied Julie, reaching over and fondling the
other girl between her legs. Susie showed Julie how to masturbate the big
clitoris while the others watched. Little Angela knelt in front of her mother and
fondled her vagina. "Can I do it, Mummy?" asked the child. "What does she want
to do?" asked Frank. "Just watch," replied Susie, and to Angela she said "Sure,
go ahead, honey." Angela used one hand to hold her mother's vagina open and
slipped a finger of the other hand into her. "It's all nice and warm, Mummy," she
said. "Go ahead, then, honey. Let's show these nice people what you like to do
to your Mummy."

Angela nodded and slid two more fingers into her mother's cunt. "That
feels nice, honey! Now the rest," said her mother, pushing her pelvis forward.
Julie continue to masturbate the other girl's big clitoris as Angela shaped her
hand so it would slide into her mother's vagina more easily. Susie pushed
forward with a sigh of pleasure as her four year old daughter worked her hand
into her mother's cunny. "Oooo, that's nice, darling," sighed Susie, wiggling her
hips, "Do it some more. Push your arm inside me all the way." "You're all nice
and warm and slippy, Mummy," said Angela as she slid her arm up her mother's
cunny, "I can feel your insides!" Susie giggled. "It feels funny when you wiggle
your fingers like that," she laughed.

Angela stroked her arm in and out of her mother's cunny while Julie used
two fingers and a thumb to masturbate the teenaged mother's three inch clitoris
until she jerked and thrust her hips as she came. Susie pulled her arm out of
her mother's cunt and said, "Can I put your clitty inside me now, Mummy?"
Susie looked down at her clitoris, which had softened and shrunk back inside
its sheath after she came. "Sure, honey," she said, "You'll have to get it all hard
again, first, though." "I like doing that!" exclaimed Angela, leaning forward into
her mother's crotch. She began licking and lapping at the mother's cunny lips,
sticking her tongue up the vagina where she had just had her hand and arm,
and the others watched as the big clitoris started to enlarge and poke up out
from its protective covering.

The litle girl licked it as it emerged and then pursed her lips and sucked it
into her mouth. "Oooo, I love it when you lick the end of my clit with your tongue
like that," sighed Susie as her daughter sucked on her clitty. When it was hard,
Susie lay on the floor and Angela straddled her mother, spreading her legs as
far as they would go. Susie held her clitoris vertical while her four year old
daughter lowered herself so that it poked a the entrance to her vagina. The child
seized it and moved it back and forth, tickling the entrance to her cunny hole
with it, and then sinking down on it. "Ooo, that feels nice, Mummy," sighed the
child as her mother fucked her with her abnormally large clitoris. She bounced
up and down on it while her mother fondled the child's own clitty and they all
watched the child get red in the face as she reached her orgasm.

"I never saw anyone get fucked with a clit before," laughed George as he
stroked his cock. "That's how Susie fucked me the first time, too," observed
Tracy, "We still do it, but I like a cock inside me Tcause they're bigger!" "Pierre
the poodle's cock isn't much bigger than Mummy's clitty," said Angela as she
dismounted from her mother's clitoris and squatted with her legs apart, feeling
her cunny hole with one hand and her clitoris with the other. "No," agreed
Tracy, "But Pierre makes it go in and out so nice and fast, doesn't he!" Angela
nodded. "Do you kids fool around with dogs?" asked Frank. "Sure," shrugged
Tracy, "We've got four of them. Do you like doing it too?" "Of course," replied
Julie, "When you live on a farm you get to like all sorts of animals. Come on over
later and we'll have some fun with them."

"Whatcha got on the farm then?" asked Susie. "We got two horses, a
couple of ponies, a goat and a sheep," replied Julie, "As well as the three dogs,
of course. And we have a nice young heifer calf for Daddy and Granddad."
"She's got a nice slippery little cunt," said Frank with a wink, "And she likes
licking cocks and cunnies too." "Hey, sounds great!" said Tod, "I never tried a
calf before."

"I gotta pee," announced Tracy, holding onto her small cunny, "Angela
went outside and now I gotta go." "We saw Angela peeing," said Frank, and
Tracy asked, "You wanna watch me?" "Sure," said Frank, "I always like
watching people pissing." "Hey, great, come on then," said Susie, "We like
playing games like that," and she led the group into the bathroom where Tracy
hopped up on the toilet and spread her legs. "Here goes," she said, and they all
watched as a thin stream of pale liquid spurted from the little girl's hairless vulva
and splashed into the toilet. "I bet your pee's all warm," said Frank. "You can
wash your hands in my pee and find out," giggled the ten year old, stopping the
stream of piss while the older man stepped forward, knelt down and held his
hands under the little girl's crotch. "Yeah, nice and warm," said Frank as she
pissed all over his hands, watching him cup them and let them fill up with the
young girl's piss. When they were full she stopped pissing again while he lifted
them up and stuck his tongue down into the lake of warm child's piss.

"Mmm, tasty!" he winked at her, and slurped down his double handful of
piss. "Anybody else want some?" asked Tracy, and George said, "Yeah - how
about you sit over my face and pee right in my mouth - then I can lick all the piss
off that cute little cunny of yours. "Ooo, yeah!" squealed Tracy, hopping off the
toilet and holding onto her cunny while the man lay down on the floor. The ten
year old straddled him and sighed as he tickled her pee hole with his tongue,
then opened his mouth for the stream of piss that she squirted from her body.
George gulped it all down and licked her cunny clean, slipping his tongue up
the little girl's cunny hole and making her giggle with pleasure. "I love kids'
piss," he said, licking his lips, "It always tastes great."

"I feel like a nice Golden Shower," said Susie, stepping into the bathtub
and lying down. "Who's going to give me one?" "How do you want it?" asked
Chad, stroking his cock as he stood alongside the tub. "Somebody piss on my
cunny and up my cunny hole," replied Susie, lifting her legs and spreading
them to the side so her private parts were open. George knelt in the tub with his
cock pointing at the young teen mother's crotch. She used both hands to open
her vagina as wide as she could, and as George began to piss all over her
cunny her clitoris began poking out from its hood and erected. George pissed
on it as it got bigger and longer. "Aaah!" gasped Susie as the stream of hot
urine hit her clitty and ran down over her vulva. George directed the stream of
piss into the teen's vagina, moving forward so the head of his cock entered the
girl's gaping hole and slipped up inside while he continued to piss into her.
"AAAAH!" cried Susie and her hips jerked up and down as she came. George
pulled his cock back out, still spouting the golden stream, and lifted it so it
splashed down all over the girl's body and over her tits. Susie used both hands
to rub the man's piss into her body, purring with happiness as George watched
his piss run back out of her cunny.

Now it was Kelly's turn to get into the tub. The fifteen year old mother
fondled her huge tits as she looked up at the others. "I want somebody to piss
on my tits and all over my face." "You wanna drink?" asked Chad with a grin.
Kelly grinned back up at him. "Sure, why not?" she replied.

"I gotta have a shit," announced Tracy. "Hey, great," exclaimed George, "I
love watching a kid's asshole open up and a nice big turd come squeezing out."
The young girl looked at him and asked, "Does somebody wanna lick my
asshole and help it open up so the shit'll come out easier?" "Sure, I'll lick you all
over that nice little bum and cunny of yours, and stick my tongue right up inside,
you, how about that?" "Great!" she said, and the ten year old knelt on all fours in
front of the older man. George slipped his tongue up the child's cunny that
pooched out between her legs, while he lapped and licked all over her tight
bum cheeks, and then at the brown pucker of her asshole. Tracy looked around
at him and giggled. "That feels neat, Mister! I like it when someone licks my
holes!" George felt the child's rectum relaxing as she sighed with pleasure, and
poked his tongue into the opening sphincter. "Mmm," he murmured as his
tongue penetrated the ten year old girl's asshole and lapped at the inside of her
body. "Her hole's really open wide," observed Frank to Susie, who replied, "Oh
yeah, Tracy likes things up her ass. She gets the dogs to fuck her in the ass as
well as up her cunt. She says a Doggy Sandwich is the best - she squats over
one dog and puts his cock in her cunny and lets the other one mount her and
stick his cock up her asshole."

"My hole's all nice and open now, Mister," said Tracy, looking around at
the man licking her open asshole. "I'm ready for my shit. I'll do it so you can
watch." George helped the young girl sit on the toilet backwards, so her asshole
was facing them, and they all watched the ten year old girl's sphincter open up
and a slippery brown turd appear in the opening, lengthening and then
dropping into the toilet with a splash. When she was finished George licked the
girl's hole clean. "Mmm, tasty," he said as he ran his tongue around the partly-
open hole and licked the traces of shit from it and Tracy giggled, "Really?" "Next
time I'm gonna get you to shit right into my mouth," promised George.

"Let's get the dogs," suggested Susie. "I feel like a nice fast Doggy fuck.
"Hey, yeah!" said Julie, "Let's try yours and then we can go over to our place
and you can see how you like the ponies and horses." Susie went upstairs and
came down with three golden Labradors and a poodle. "Lemme show you how
I have fun with Goldy," cried Tracy, clapping her hands and dancing around.
The others watched as she lay down on the floor and spread her legs, lifting
them up and to the sides to part her fat cunny lips and open a wide gap
between them. "Come on, Goldy," she cried happily, "Show everybody how you
lick my trickle!" The dog sniffed at the little girl's crotch, making her giggle, then
put out his long dark pink tongue and gave the ten year old's cunny a lick.
"That's it!" sighed the youngster, thrusting her crotch up towards the dog's
tongue, "Keep doing it. Make me feel all good first and then we'll play some

The others all watched as the ten year old urged the Lab to lick her
private parts, using both hands to hold her fat cunny lips apart so he could lap at
her better. "Unh, unh, unh, UNH!" she grunted as she wriggled and jerked her
hips and thrust up at him, then sighed and relaxed. "Ooo, that was a good one,"
she said, "I liked you watching me while Goldy licked me. Now I'll do something
that'll make up both feel good." The little girl got the golden dog to straddle her
so the fuzzy sheath containing his cock hung down just in front of her face, and
began fondling it with both hands. Soon a pointed pink tip appeared at the end
of the sheath, and Angela giggled as she watched the other little girl fondling
her pet. "Here comes Goldy's poker," she announced, and Susie explained.
"Angela called a cock a poker the first time she saw it, because Chad was
poking it into me." Tracy nodded. "Angela can't wait till her Daddy puts his poker
inside her like he does with Susie and me," she said. "But now she does it with
Mummy's clitty and Pierre's poker."

"And what do you do with Goldy's poker?" asked Frank, kneeling beside
the young girl so he could see better. She looked sideways at him as she
continued to fondle the golden Lab's penis sheath and his testicles. The horny
dog's penis slid out of his sheath, glistening and bobbing, the thick pink shaft
tapering to a deeper red point at the head. "Watch," she said, and guided the
big dog forward so the end of his penis was just in front of her small mouth. She
put out her tongue underneath the dog's penis and lifted it so the animal's cock
rested on it, tasting the clear liquid that dripped from the hole in the end. "Mmm,"
she said, then opened her mouth and guided the animal forward so his cock
slid along her outstretched tongue and into her mouth.

She closed her lips on the shaft of her pet's cock and helped him slide
more into her mouth. Frank could see her tongue working as she lapped and
licked at the animal's cock buried in her mouth.The dog whined a little and his
hips started to move, shuddering and jerking, then settling into a thrusting
motion that made his cock slide in and out of the ten year old girl's mouth. She
used both hands to hold his fuzzy sheath and cuddle his balls as he stroked his
cock into her mouth faster and faster until suddenly the big dog whined a little
as his hindquarters quivered and jerked. "Mmmph, gllmmmph, glllphph,!" said
Tracy, her eyes opening wide and her lips stretched tight around the animal's
cock. "He's giving her a good big load!" laughed Susie, fondling her cunny
while she watched her ten year old sister sucking off the dog. Tracy looked over
to her and smiled around the animal's cock. "gllp, gllpp, gllmph," she said,
swallowing while she continued to cuddle the animals' balls and stroke the part
of his penis she couldn't fit into her mouth.

"Hey, don't swallow it all - let's see a that cute little mouth of yours all full
of dog cum!" urged George, and Tracy looked over at him and nodded. The dog
whined again as the young girl fondled his sex parts and coaxed him to squirt
all the animal semen he could into her mouth. When he stopped shooting it she
sucked his cock clean and let him pull it out. He went and lay down in a corner
and licked his cock clean as it shrank back into its sheath. Tracy opened her
mouth wide and showed all the others the deep lake of dog semen inside it.
"Gimme a bit," said Angela, "I wanna rub it on my trickle so Pierre can have
something to lick off me!" She lay down and spread her legs wide, holding her
her small cunny open with both hands while her ten year old aunt knelt between
her legs and held her mouth just over the four year old's cunny that she thrust
up towards her.

"Do it now!" said Angela, and Tracy let some of the sticky strings of dog
cum dribble out of her mouth right onto the child's cunny. "Hey, look," said
Frank, "It's going right into her hole!" That's where she likes it," said Susie,
"Pierre can put his tongue right up her hole and lick it out, it feels great." "I gotta
try that," said Julie, lying down and spreading her legs, thrusting her crotch up
so the slippery goo could dribble into her hole, "Gimme some, Tracy." and she
laughed as the girl let the dog semen dribble into her cunny. "It's all warm and
slimy," she said, feeling herself and slipping a finger up her cunny hole. Tracy
gulped the rest of the dog cum down and licked her lips. "I thought I wasn't
going to get much, the way you guys all wanted some," she said. "I'll let you
have nice big drink of pony cum later on," said Julie, "It tastes great!"

Susie brought the French Poodle up to the four year old, lying on the
floor with her legs spread lewdly apart.. "Come on, Pierre," said Angela,
thrusting her crotch up towards the dog, "Come and see the nice cream I've got
for you!" The dog sniffed at the four year old's crotch and began licking her
cunny lips. "Ooo, yeah!" said Angela, holding her cunny lips apart as far as she
could, "Come on, put your tongue up inside me, put it into my trickle hole!" "Hey,
he's really doing it!" exclaimed Frank as the poodle slipped his tongue into the
four year old's vagina. "Ooo, he sure is!" giggled little Angela, wiggling her
slender bum as the dog licked at the inside of her vagina. Her face got red as he
kept licking and lapping at her, and she jerked as she came.

"My turn now," said Julie, calling the dog over and spreading her legs as
he began to lick her cunny. While he was making her cum, Frannk said, "Hey
look, he's got a hard on!" Angela reached under her pet and fondled his erect
cock. "He's going to put that inside me, aren't you Pierre?" She knelt on all fours
and pushed her bum out towards the black dog, who sniffed around her crotch
and licked a little at the hairless cunny that pooched out between her legs.
Angela giggled. "You licked me already," she said, "Now its time to fuck me."
The dog scrambled up on the four year old's back and placed both front paws
on her shoulders as he stepped forward and felt for her vulva with his penis.
The others watched the dog's penis poking and stabbing blindly towards the
four year old girl's hairless cunny, and Susie knelt beside her daughter, her big
tits swinging down as she reached up under the dog and guided his cock to the
entrance of her four year old daughter's vagina. She rubbed it along the
hairless cunny lips and the dog stepped forward as she placed it at the opening.

"Ooo, Mummy, that's the place," sighed Angela as the dog thrust his hips
forward and sank his pointed cock into her cunny. He clasped both front paws
around the child's slender waist and began thrusting his hindquarters towards
the little girl's body. "Aaaah!" sighed Angela, pushing back against the force of
the dog's thrusts as they came faster and faster. Her face got red and she jerked
and trembled. "Aaahhh!" she sighed, and then "Ahhh! I can feel him squirting it,
Mummy! He's squirting it inside me! His stuff is going way up inside my trickle
hole! Ooo, wow wow wow!" "Angela sure loves it," laughed George, stroking his
erection as he watched the four year old getting fucked by her dog. "She sure
does," agreed Susie, "She loves the feeling of the stuff inside her hole."

"My turn now," said Tracy, "I think I'll have a Doggy Sandwich." She
made one of the dogs lie down on his side and fondled his cock until it began
poking out, then licked and sucked on it till it had a full erection. She got him
over on his back with his cock pioking up in the air and straddled him, rubbing
herself against the animal's shiny cock and letting it slip up inside her hairless
cunny. "Somebody wanna get my asshole nice and loose for Sparky?" she
asked. "Sure," said George, slipping around behind the child and caressing her
exposed bum hole, making it twitch and relax. He licked his finger and sank it
into the young girl's anus as she sighed at the feeling. "Come on, Sparky," she
said to another Lab, which padded over behind her and sniffed between the
childTs legs, then began to lick her asshole. He mounted the child, his red pointy
cock poking and thrusting towards her asshole. George cuddled the animal's
cock and guided it towards the child's asshole, setting the tip in place and
watching closely as a push from his hindquartes sank it into her puckered hole.
"Ahhh!" sighed Tracy as she pushed her bum back towards the animal's cock in
her ass, and the dog underneath her twitched and thrust his cock in and out of
her hairless cunny.

While they were resting, the doorbell rang. They threw beach tops or
towels over themselves while Susie answered the door. A cute, slender girl of
about eleven with her dark hair in a page boy cut was standing there with a
collection tin. "I'm collecting for the Brownies," she said, "Would you like to give
me something?" "Ask her in," said Chad, and Susie let the girl in. "We always
like helping the Brownies," said Chad, "What's your name, honey?" "Francine,"
she replied. "How old are you, Francine," asked George. "Eleven," she replied,
and Frank asked her if she was wearing underpants and she giggled and said
Yes, and Chad asked her what colour they were. She told him they were white
and he asked her if she had ever seen another girl naked and she said she had
when she was getting ready for gym class. Frank asked her if any of the girls in
gym class had hair in between their legs, and she shook her head No.

Susie asked her what she called the part of her in between her legs and
she told them, "My pee pee." "Does your pee pee ever feel funny, so you want to
touch it?" asked Tracy as she fondled herself under her towel. Francine looked
at her and nodded. "Do you touch your pee pee when it feels like that?" asked
little Angela, and Francine nodded shyly. "Does your pee pee feel funny like
that now?" asked Tracy. Francine nodded again. "Mine does too," said Tracy,
pulling the towel off her lap and letting the other girl see that she was naked
with her legs spread apart. She slipped two fingers into her slit and began
rubbing them up and down it. "Is this how you like to do it?" she asked. Francine
watched the other girl masturbating, and nodded. "We like doing it too," said
Susie, and all the girls took their towels or beach tops off and showed the young
girl how they liked to masturbate.

"Would you like to do it too?" asked Susie, and when Francine nodded
she said, "Come on, then, show us your pee pee. Show us where you like to
touch." Francine lifted her Brownie uniform up to her waist and exposed her
underpants to the others. "That's a nice pair of underpants," said Frank, "I can
see the crack in your pee pee showing through them. Come over here and I'll
pull your underpants down so you can show us your pee pee." The girl stood in
front of the older man, and he took both hands and slid the thin white cotton
underpants down the eleven year old girl's thighs, exposing her cunny. "Oh,
that's a lovely pee pee," said George, and Frank agreed, slipping the young
girl's underpants down and off her. "Now you can show us how you like to play
with your pee pee and make yourself feel good." Francine slipped a finger into
the top of her crack and began masturbating while she held her Brownie
uniform up to her waist with the other. "I bet you'd be more comfortable lying
down on the floor, wouldn't you honey?" asked Susie, and Francine nodded
and sat down, then lay back. Susie pulled the young girl's Brownie uniform up
to her waist again, exposing the child below the waist as she spread her legs
wide and began masturbating again. Soon her face got red and her breath
came in short jerks as her hips thrust up at her hands, and the others watched
as the child came, then lay and caught her breath.

Susie helped her out of her uniform and they played Coin Roll with the
young girl, and every time the coin rolled all the way up to the ten year old's
naked cunny the one who rolled it got to lick her all over in between her legs.
Soon she was squirming with delight as the others licked her hairless private
parts. Frank fondled the young girl's immature breasts and licked and sucked
on her nipples.

"Have you ever seen a man with no clothes on?" Frank asked the young
girl. Francine shook her head. "Would you like to?" he asked, and she nodded.
Frank knelt up beside her and showed the eleven year old girl his erection.
"Oh!" she exclaimed, and looked at the other men. As she looked their way, they
removed their towels and exposed themselves to her. Frank balanced some
quarters on his cock and showed her how to reach them by putting his cock in
her mouth. "That feels good," he grunted as the child tried to get as much of his
cock in her small mouth as she could. "All this work will make you thirsty. I'll give
you a nice drink of cream - it'll keep your mouth from getting all dry. Just keep
sucking and I'll give you a nice drink of cream." Francine looked up at him and
nodded, and then suddenly her eyes widened. "Gllp, gllph!" she said, and
pulled her head back. "Keep sucking, honey," grunted Frank, "I'm giving you the
drink of cream I promised." Francine looked up at him and slid her lips forward
on his cock again. "Gllp, glllp, Mmmmf, gllph," she gurgled, swallowing as the
man filled her small mouth with his semen. When the spurts of cum had stopped
she looked up at his questioningly. "That's right, honey," he said as his cock
began to shrink inside her mouth, "Now you can reach the rest of the money."

Francine caught the rest of the quarters from the man's softening penis
and let them fall into her hand. "That stuff tastes good," she said, wiping off her
chin with the back of her hand. "Would you like some more cream?" George
asked her. "Sure," she replied, and quickly slipped the man's cock into her
mouth. Soon she had sucked all the men's cocks and swallowed their loads of
cum. When they had finished they gave the little girl five dollars for the
Brownies. They agreed to meet over at Frank's house later on for some more
fun. Francine promised to come back and see them later and have some more
fun. "I'll bring my little sister," she said, "She's eight and I bet she'd like to play
the money game and get a nice drink." The others all thought this would be a
great idea...

The End (so far)