- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Michael
[Author] Kitty
[Type] more family

Chapter 1

The darkness of night enveloped the train as it pulled out of the station. Within a couple of stops the carriages had emptied out leaving only Michael and a young girl sitting opposite him. 'About 18' he estimated, and good looking as well. She was wearing a translucent white blouse that emphasised her ample bust and a short red skirt. When she moved her legs, he got brief flashes of her white panties. Moving his eyes slowly upwards he gazed dreamily at her breasts imagining her naked body resting beside him with his hand cupped around one of those gorgeous breasts; its warmth in the palm of his hand. Continuing up, he was suddenly shocked to discover that the girl was watching him. Embarrassment took over and his face flushed red. The girl smiled and ever so slightly opened her thighs, giving him a more revealing view of her panties.

'Hi, my name is Lee-anne' she said, 'and how far are you going?'

'T-t- to the end of the line' and 'M-m-my name is Michael', he stammered.

'Me too' Lee-anne replied with a wide smile.

Suddenly Lee-anne's face twisted up in a grimace of pain.

'Sorry if I upset you by staring' said Michael, 'you are so beautiful, I just couldn't help myself.'

'That's not the problem' replied Lee-anne, 'I didn't mind your staring at all, and that is the nicest thing that anyone ever said to me.'

'Then what is the matter?' asked Michael, 'Is it something I can help you with?'

'I can't tell you' said Lee-anne, 'It's too embarrassing!'

'More embarrassing than my getting caught staring at your crotch and boobs?' asked Michael. 'Please tell me, I only want to help'

'Well, I have this problem' said Lee-anne, 'I can't tolerate beer, it gives me gas, and... I had a couple of drinks after work.'

'Well, burp away!' replied Michael, 'it won't bother me.'

Lee-anne began crying, tears streaming down her face. 'You don't understand, I don't need to burp, it's the other end, I need to... you know... fart, and my stomach is cramping badly', she sobbed.

The light of understanding dawned in Michael's mind as he realised one of his favourite fantasies was about to come true, and he wasn't about to let the chance go by.

'Go ahead and let it out' said Michael as sympathetically as possible, 'I won't mind at all'

'Oh I couldn't' sobbed Lee-anne, 'It's so embarrassing, it could be noisy, and what if it smells!'

'I really, really don't mind' said Michael again.

'I just can't' sobbed Lee-anne, 'I'll just have to hold it in and wait.'

'Well... okay, if you are sure' said Michael, disappointed.

As soon as he stopped speaking, Michael became acutely aware of the erection that had been steadily growing and filling the crotch of his jeans. Slowly he slid his hands down until they covered the telltale bulge. Even the thought of this beautiful girl farting in his presence was bringing him close to orgasm. He shivered as the head of his penis slid around inside his jeans, slipping and sliding on the lubricant oozing from his cockhead. Looking over at Lee-anne again, he became aware that she was studying his face and seemed to be frequently glancing down at the hands covering his crotch. A short time passed with them just looking at each other, when suddenly, Lee-anne was racked

with pain again. She doubled over, clutching her stomach and grimacing. Michael got up and moved across the carriage, sitting down beside Lee-anne. He put his arm around her and began

rubbing her back.

'Please let it out, Lee-anne' he said, 'You're in so-o much pain!'

'But what if it smells?' sobbed Lee-anne again.

'Honestly, I won't mind' said Michael.

'W-W-Well, if you are sure?' said Lee-anne.

'I am positive' replied Michael, 'Do it now!'

'O-kay, here goes' said Lee-anne, as she ever so slightly lifted one cheek from the seat.

Shortly a faintly bitter bottom odour reached Michael's nostrils. He lent closer to Lee-anne and took a large sniff of her essence.

'What are you doing?' she asked.

'Well, when I told you I didn't mind if it smelled, it wasn't quite the whole truth. The truth of the matter, is that it really turns me on,' replied Michael.

'I thought I saw you covering your crotch earlier, does it really have that much effect on you?' asked Lee-anne.

'You couldn't begin to imagine how big an effect it has,' said Michael.

'Well, I could always look for myself,' said Lee-anne shyly.

With that she reached over and undid the top button of Michael's jeans and slid down the zipper. Sliding his underpants down, Lee-anne exclaimed 'Oh my, it does have a big effect, how wonderful.'

'Why wonderful?' asked Michael.

'Because I only let out a little bit of my fart in case it smelled bad, just enough to ease the pressure. I still have a lot more inside,' replied Lee-anne, 'And now I know you really do like the smell, here comes some more....'

This time Michael heard a slight hiss, as the sweet smell of the fart passed from her anus. The odour in the air suddenly got stronger with the smell of her latest emission.

'Oh, no!' cried Lee-anne, 'that one smells horrible, and it stinks of my shit. Oh, what have I done! This is so embarrassing... Sorry!'

'Not to me' said Michael, 'it smells absolutely wonderful, I would love anything your body could produce. I can't wait for the next one.'

Lee-anne cried out, 'Well I hope you're sure, because here comes another one...'

With a loud noise, Lee-anne farted once more. And this time, she pulled Michael's head over and pushed it into her lap.

'Enjoy!' she cried, as Michael's nose was suddenly submerged amongst the odours so recently expelled from her bowels.

The smell was intense, and once more Michael marvelled at how such a powerfully foul odour could have such an effect on him. By rights it should drive him away, but he just had to get in closer and get more. Often at parties, he had gone into the toilet immediately after a girl, in the hope that she had gone for a poop, or done a fart while in there. Occasionally he would get lucky and he would sit there on the toilet, breathing in deep those wonderful feminine fumes. And sometimes, although far too rarely, he would find that they hadn't flushed the toilet properly, or not at all. Their poop still sitting in the pan, waiting for him. On those occasions he would reach in and pick up this treasure, and rub the smelly substance into his cock. He would then masturbate until he came using the slippery poop as a lubricant. Returning his mind to the present, Michael gently pushed apart Lee-anne's legs and moved her panties aside, shoving his nose deep into her crotch. The smell was really driving him wild. He began trying to slide his tongue into her pussy, but he could only just reach the very top of her honey pot. Lee-anne accommodated him by lying back on the seat. Suddenly, Michael had full and open access to her hot cunny. His tongue slid inside her pussy lips and began to lap up her sweet juices.

Lee-anne began moaning, 'Yes, oh yes!' she groaned.

As Michael began to slide his tongue deep into her sweet slit, Lee-anne began to move her hips up and down, pressing harder and harder against him. Suddenly another fart slipped out with a low rumble, bringing with it more of her sweet fumes, Michael's was in ecstasy, he couldn't help himself, he wanted more. He slid his tongue down until it reached her tight little rosebud anus, and began to lick around the opening in a slowly decreasing spiral. Michael was in heaven! Lee- anne tasted wonderful and the slight taste of poop was exciting him to the point of orgasm. A stream of pre-cum was oozing steadily from the tip of his penis, running down his stomach and dribbling down his thigh. He had to have more of Lee-anne and he shoved his tongue hard into her anus pushing it as deep as it would go. The taste was incredible. Lee-anne began bucking harder and harder against him forcing it deeper. She reached down with one hand and began rubbing her hot and wet slit. Her fingers hit her clitoris and with a sudden shout of 'Yesss!' she began to come. Her juices began pouring out of her already soaked pussy. Every muscle in her body tensed up and then suddenly relaxed. She felt wonderful, sex had never been like this before. As her muscles relaxed, another fart slipped out around Michael's tongue. 'I think I'm going to come!' he cried out. 'I, know you are!' said Lee-anne as she pushed him over on to the seat and threw her head into his lap, sucking his long hard cock between her lips. She moved down on him, quickly taking him deeper and deeper into her throat. Lee-anne began to move her head up and down, sucking on him, his cock pistoning in and out of her lips faster and faster. Pre-cum was pouring out of Michael's penis in a constant stream now and Lee-anne eagerly swallowed the slightly salty fluid. Suddenly Michael tensed and a spurt of hot milky white cum jetted into Lee-anne's mouth. Again and again it poured into her mouth. Despite the salty taste, Lee-anne loved it and swallowed every last drop. Sucking eagerly on his cock to get the last dribbles.

'That was absolutely wonderful!' cried Michael.

'I know, wasn't it' said Lee-anne dreamily.

The two dressed themselves and kissed. Sure now of not offending him, Lee-anne continued to regularly squeeze out farts for him during the rest of the train trip.


Chapter 2

As Michael and Lee-anne stepped down from the train, the dark platform appeared deserted.

'How are you getting home from here, do you have a car?' asked Michael.

'By bus, it leaves from over there' indicated Lee-anne.

'No way, you can't' said Michael, 'it's too dangerous at this time of night. I'll drive you'

'You've done enough for me tonight already, I'll be all right' replied Lee-anne, as she commenced walking towards the bus stop. Suddenly she doubled over, in pain again.

'Don't be silly, you can't go home on the bus alone in that sort of pain' said Michael, 'my car is just over here. Please let me help you.'

'Okay, if you're sure it's not too much trouble' replied Lee-anne.

She lent heavily on Michael as they made their way to his car, stopping frequently as her stomach was racked with spasms. 'This is the worst it has ever been' said Lee-anne as she climbed into the car. Soon they were motoring along the freeway heading for Lee-anne's home.

They hadn't gone far, when Lee-anne said 'I really have to fart again, is it okay in here?'

'Of course' said Michael, 'No problem at all.'

Soon the car was filled with the now familiar smell of Lee-anne's farts, and once again Lee-anne noticed Michael's crotch bulge rising.

'Wow, again already?' she thought to herself.

Lee-anne smiled and continued to fart frequently, until suddenly she went red and cried, 'Oh no!'

'What! What's the matter?' panicked Michael.

'That last fart,' whimpered Lee-anne, 'it felt hot and wet. I think I've pooped in my panties.'

'That's okay' said Michael, 'I don't mind at all, and I'll have you home soon.'

At this, another smile crossed Lee-anne's face. She began to slide back and forth on the seat, rubbing her pussy lips into the soft warm poop in her panties. The sloppy mess spreading everywhere. And her smile got bigger as she looked down at Michael's bulge. His cock had suddenly become enormous, with him thinking about her farting and pooping her panties.

'We are nearly at the address you gave me' said Michael.

Shortly they pulled into Lee-anne's driveway and Michael helped her from the car.

As she stood up, Lee-anne doubled over in pain again and said 'Could you help me inside, my accident in the car was just a small one, I'm afraid there's a big load knocking on my backdoor now, it's very strong and I can't hold it in for much longer.'

Michael helped her over to the door, asked her for the key, and let them in.

'Quickly! She said, take me to the bedroom. It's the first door on the right.'

Michael helped her across the living room, Lee-anne farting with each step she took.

'Quickly, now into the bathroom please, it's the door near my bed!' cried Lee-anne.

When they reached the front of the toilet bowl, Lee-anne urgently began to pull down her panties, but once again she was racked with pain, and couldn't bend down to remove them. She looked over at Michael, who was now backing out the door attempting to give her some privacy, and said, 'I'm sorry Michael, I cant do it myself, could you help me?'

'Of course,' said Michael, his erection nearly breaking his zipper at the thought of possibly remaining in the bathroom while this beautiful girl went to the toilet.

Michael returned to her and gently pulled her panties down. Unable to resist the chance, he looked at the fresh shit in them and lifted them to his nose, took a deep breath of her wonderful scent.

'Ahh bliss!' he thought, slipping a finger into the gooey mess scooping up a sample as he returned them to the floor. Unsure of what was expected, he again started to leave hesitantly, but Lee-anne grabbed his arm and said nervously, 'You don't have to leave you know, you can stay if you want.'

'In here you mean?' queried Michael, hoping he wasn't misunderstanding her.

'In here now, and my bed for the night.' replied Lee-anne.

With that Lee-anne sat herself down on the toilet, then she lifted her bottom a little so that Michael could see better, and began to fart continuously, relief showing on her face as the pressure eased a little.

'Take your jeans off so I can hold your cock!' cried Lee-anne.

Soon she had his rigid member firmly in her hand, squeezing it rhythmically. Bearing down with her pelvic muscles, she squeezed out another fart and with a hissing sound she began to pee into the bowl.

'STOP!' shouted Michael.

Lee-anne squeezed her sphincter muscles shut and stopped immediately, 'Why, what's wrong?' she asked worriedly.

'Because I want you to pee on my cock and balls' said Michael, as he lay down on the white floor tiles.

'Oh, is that all' said a relieved Lee-anne as she hopped up off the throne and squatted over his stiff member.

Michael stared in wonder at her beautiful pussy; it was as naked as a baby's. All her pubic hair had been removed by some permanent method. There was no sign that she had ever had any. It was truly beautiful and very, very exciting. The sight bringing back instantly the memory of their train trip.

'Do you like my naked pussy?' Lee-anne asked, 'it's just like a little girl's.'

'I love it,' replied Michael.

Lee-anne smiled and leaned over to kiss him. Suddenly, with the extra pressure on her bladder, she cut loose and her golden fluid began gushing in a hot river over his cock, and running down his balls.

'That feels wonderful' he said.

'Not as good as this I bet,' said Lee-anne, 'I hope you like it.'

With that Lee-anne moved up and began peeing on Michael's face. It gushed all over him, he opened his mouth and greedily began drinking her golden pee. As Lee-anne squeezed out the last dribbles, another fart escaped and she decided it couldn't wait any longer, she had better move quickly. She resumed her position above the toilet seat and once again firmly grabbed Michael's cock as he returned to stand in front of her. A gigantic fart heralded the imminent arrival of her poop, and once again the room was filled with her warm arousing odours. Michael breathed deeply, over and over, savouring her essence, his penis rock hard. Finally, the moment came. With a giant grunt Lee-anne squeezed and a mass of smelly runny shit exploded from her bowels into the toilet. Part of the giant poop coated the sides of the pan in a sloppy mess and was running down slowly and joining the mass in the bottom of the bowl. Lee-anne pulled Michael's cock in closer and began sucking it while she continued to empty her bowels into the toilet in giant fart accompanied splatters. The smell was awesome. For what seemed a lifetime Lee-anne continued farting and depositing her poop into the toilet. Finally the cramps eased off and she started to reach behind for the button to flush the toilet and remove the smelly mess.

'Don't do that yet' said Michael, pulling her arms gently and lifting her from the toilet.

He turned her around, and placed her hands on the cistern. With Lee-anne bent over in this position he had full view of her poop stained bottom. Michael bent over and inhaled her scent, and briefly licked her anus, savouring her flavour, and licking off small lumps clinging to her rosebud opening. Then, he took his cock and rubbed it in the sloppy shit still coating her cheeks, covering it with her lovely poop. Spiralling inwards, Michael placed the tip of his rock hard penis against her poop covered anus. With impeccable timing, Lee-anne once again farted, and as the fart rumbled out, Michael pushed his cock in. Lubricated by the slippery poop, the head of his throbbing dick popped through her tight anus muscle deep into her warm interior. She felt so tight! He began to press forward slowly, sliding his cock deeper into her bowels.

'It's not hurting too much, is it?' asked Michael.

'No, it only hurt as it went in, now it feels great!' replied Lee-anne, 'Kind of like the sensation of doing a giant poop, only the feeling just keeps going. Keep going, fuck me in the arse, please!'

Michael began to move, stroking in and out, slowly at first and then getting faster.

Lee-anne began to moan, louder and loader. 'Oh yes! fuck me harder.'

Excited by her moaning, Michael started to thrust harder and faster. Lee-anne began to press back against him, forcing his cock deeper into her bowels. Michael was in ecstasy, the feeling of her shit filled bowels surrounding his cock was so tight, and so hot, it was driving him out of his mind. He could feel the remaining shit in her bowels squirming around his cock as he pushed in and out, churning it up. He reached around Lee-anne's body and began playing with her nipples. They were hard and erect, and they felt like they would erupt from her breasts. His touch on her nipples sent Lee-anne to new heights of frenzy. She began pushing back harder, until she could feel Michael's balls slapping against her backside with every thrust. She lifted one hand off of the cistern, and reached down between her legs, and began rubbing herself, frigging her hot cunt with her fingers. Her clit was standing tall and stiff like a miniature cock, and she flicked at it with her finger tips, sending shivers of ecstasy shooting through her pelvis. Leaving her hot wet honey pot for the moment, Lee-anne reached around further between her legs. She grasped Michael's cock momentarily as it slid in and out, coating her fingers with a slippery mixture of poop and pre-cum. Wondering to herself what the mixture tasted like, she lifted one finger to her mouth and sucked. 'Hmm not bad.'

Then she resumed rubbing her hot slit, her fingers sliding around, spreading the slippery mixture of poop and pre-cum over her clit, and slipping her fingers into her hot hole, fucking herself savagely with her fingers. Suddenly, it was time, she couldn't hold it any more.

'I'm coming!' she screamed, and every muscle in her body tightened convulsively as she orgasmed over and over again.

Michael screamed, 'Me too!' as her anus sphincter tightened around his thrusting shaft. He exploded, a stream of hot cum shooting up his cock, forcing past her constricting sphincter and out into her churning bowel, mixing with her poop.

Finally, they both collapsed from exhaustion and lay on the floor recovering.

Presently, Lee-anne said 'Let's have a shower together and clean up.'

'Great!' said Michael, 'Lee-anne, you were wonderful.'

'Does that mean you will stay the night?' asked Lee-anne.

'I'd love to,' replied Michael, 'I love you Lee-anne.'

'And I love you too, Michael,' said Lee-anne.


Chapter 3

Michael awoke with Lee-anne's head lying on his arm. As he lay there, staring into her face, he thought back to how wonderful the night before had been. Lee-anne's eyes slowly opened.

'I love you,' she said, and kissed him.

She lay back on the pillow looking into his eyes. A few minutes later, a strange look passed over Lee-anne's face.

'Still got stomach cramps?' asked Michael.

'No, no it's not that' said Lee-anne, beginning to cry. 'It's a different kind of cramp. I'm due for my period and I think it's started. And I so wanted to make love again this morning,' she sobbed.

'Why should that stop us?' said Michael.

'Y-You mean that?' asked Lee-anne, 'You don't think it's disgusting?'

'Of course not!' replied Michael, "I told you I would love anything your body produced.'

Leaning over, Michael kissed Lee-anne deeply on the lips. He pulled back the sheets and moved his kisses slowly down her body. Starting from her lips, along her neck and on down her chest, stopping to suckle briefly on her two erect nipples and nuzzle her warm soft breasts. He kissed and nuzzled his way down her tummy and into her pubic region. Then he gently spread her legs and lay himself between them, kissing and licking her thighs as he moved upwards. Looking up at her slit, he could see a slight dribble of menstrual flow oozing down towards the crease of her backside and collecting in a pool on her little brown anus. He moved his head forward and slid his tongue upwards lapping up the pool of fluid and rolling it around his tongue before swallowing it. The taste was exquisite, like nothing he had ever tried before. A sweet yet bitter taste, warm, with a slightly jelly like texture. His cock hardened immediately. He had to get more. Like a bee, he pushed his tongue between her now swelling vagina lips and began to probe for more of her delicious honey. The taste was sensational and he lapped deeper and deeper looking for more of her sweet menstrual juices. By now Michael had a thick, dark red coating of menstrual fluid covering both his face, and Lee- anne's thighs. He began licking off some of the mess that was spreading over Lee-anne's inner sanctum, savouring the taste. Lee-anne was enjoying the sensation and spread her legs further apart to give Michael access to her innermost places. As she spread her legs wider, a fart exploded out of her, directly into Michael's face. He instantly went wild, going into a frenzy. Sucking and licking on her clit, and thrusting his tongue deep into her horny cunny. As Michael's excitement reached new heights, he started licking her anus as well. Lee-anne lifted her hips slightly and pushed against him, encouraging his tongue to explore the inner depths of her bowels. Then, she could stand no more, she desperately needed to be fucked, and hard! Lee-anne pulled Michael's face up along her body until he was on top of her. Using one hand she pulled his face down to hers so she could kiss him, and at the same time, she used her other hand to guide his stiff cock into her. She felt the head of his penis enter her at exactly the same time that she got her first taste of her own menstrual fluid from his lips. Lee-anne was delighted at the strange taste of her own fluids, she began furiously kissing Michael and licking his fluid covered face, while pulling on Michael's backside with her hands, to force his cock deeper within her. Michael, exited by her reaction, began to fuck her harder and harder, and Lee-anne could feel herself cramping. She knew that more of her menstrual flow was making its way down to a meeting with his cock, deep within her love canal. This was going to make one enormous mess, but at the moment she didn't really care. She just wanted to keep fucking. Michael felt the menstrual fluid pouring from her. It covered his cock in a slippery coating, and flowed past his hard member, spreading out over his balls, and Lee-anne's crotch and abdomen. He fucked Lee-anne harder and faster, pushing deeper into her hot cunt, her fluids making squishing sounds as he pistoned in and out. Michael had an idea and quickly pulled his cock from her cunny before he came. He lifted her legs and placed the tip of his rock hard cock on the entry to her anus, rubbing it in small circles. But he didn't get the chance to push it in, as soon as Lee-anne felt it there, she shouted, 'Yes!' and pushed up against him.

The head of his fluid covered cock entered her rosebud with a pop as she thrust upwards, his cock with its slippery coating, sliding straight in until his balls rested against her. Pushing deep into her darkest recesses, Michael thrust in and out a few times, then removed his poop stained cock and replaced it in her hot cunt. He thrust in and out of her cunny until his cock was once more covered in menstrual fluid, then moved back to her anus again. Back and forwards he went, mixing menstrual fluid with poop until finally they both came explosively. Michael shot his load deep into her bowels, spraying her insides with his hot cum as all her muscles clenched around him, milking his every drop. Afterwards, while Lee-anne was lying on the bed recovering, Michael slid back down and proceeded to use his tongue to lick every trace of menstrual blood, poop and semen from her cunny and anus leaving her squeaky clean. Spying a box of tampons on the bedside table, he took one out and unwrapped it, before gently inserting it in her vagina with his finger.

Lee-anne sighed, looked down at him and said, 'Can I keep you?'

'Is that a proposal?' asked Michael.

'YES!' said Lee-anne.

'Ohh, yess!' replied Michael.


Chapter 4

'These past few months since we got together, have been the happiest of my life,' said Lee-anne.

'Me too,' replied Michael, sneaking a quick look at his wife's beautiful body, then returning his gaze to the road. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

'Bob and Carol's party tonight should be great,' continued Michael, 'I'm looking forward to it.'

'I am too,' said Lee-anne, 'But I'm a little unsure about Bob's friends.' 'Listen Michael, there is something I've been wanting to tell you.'

'Sounds intriguing, go ahead, I'm listening Lee-anne,' replied Michael.

'Well, you know how you asked if I had any fantasies I would like to fulfil' said Lee-anne, 'Well... I've always wanted to make it with more than one guy and sometimes I imagine it while we make love. I hope that doesn't upset you, it's just a fantasy.'

'Honest, the thought of you with other men doesn't upset me' replied Michael, 'I know you love me and would never leave me, and that's all that matters. I think I might find watching you enjoying yourself with other men exciting. Even thinking of sloppy seconds, dipping my cock in other men's cum in your pussy, interests me! Maybe one day we could make your fantasy come true. We're nearly there, and this talk is making me so hard I can't drive. We should leave it for now, but you can tell me all about your fantasy after the party when we are home in bed, and then we'll make wild passionate love together thinking about it.'

'Sounds good!' said Lee-anne.

The party had been going for quite some time now, and everybody was getting more than a little drunk. Especially Lee-anne. Michael had started her off drinking beer, hoping she would fart for him on the way home. But then Lee-anne had moved on to the Scotch whisky. Michael had also had more than he should and was feeling more than a little drunk himself. The music playing was pretty intense and several people were in the middle of the living room floor dancing. Michael and Lee-anne were lying together in a bean bag watching the dancers. Michael was idly playing with Lee-anne's nipples while thinking about their plans for later, and from the stiff crinkling of Lee-anne's nipples, that was what was on her mind as well.

Bob wandered over to the couple and asked Lee-anne for a dance. At first Lee-anne protested that she was too drunk, but Bob persisted, and Lee-anne agreed to dance. They made their way out to the middle and were soon dancing, oblivious to everyone else. Shortly someone changed the music to a slower tune and turned the lights down. Another of Bob's friends turned the television and VCR on. He slipped a tape into the VCR and the picture on the television was replaced with, of all things, a porno film. The dancers kept on dancing, oblivious to what was going on, but everyone else in the room turned their eyes to the TV and kept them there, fascinated by the action. Michael watched the porno film for quite a time, until finally he was distracted by the uncomfortable position his now erect penis was in. He reached down into the waist of his jeans and straightened it up. Then returning his hand outside his jeans, he lay it across his bulge and gently stroked his throbbing cock with his fingers while looking around the room. His gaze wandered across Carol who was laying on the sofa opposite him. She too, was intently watching the movie. He was surprised to see her with her skirt pulled up and her hand openly inside her panties, masturbating herself. She was blissfully unaware that anyone was watching her. The only thing on her mind was the warm tingly pleasure she was getting from rubbing her wet cunny. Looking around further, Michael noticed that most of the other men watching the video were also either rubbing themselves or sporting very large bulges in their pants. Several more of the women watching were masturbating as well. Some openly, some surreptitiously, and those that weren't certainly had their legs spread wider than they would normally allow in public. Glancing back at the dancers, Michael saw that Bob was now dancing with another girl and Lee- anne was dancing with one of Bob's friends. The music was very slow and they had cuddled in close. He had his arms wrapped around her. Lee-anne had spotted the video and was watching it while her head rested on her partner's chest. To Michael's amazement, the man she was dancing with slid his hand around and up between them, and began to gently rub Lee-anne's nipple through her blouse. Lee-anne being slightly drunk and very engrossed in the movie, failed to notice at first. Lee-anne had worn no bra that night, and Michael could see her nipples start to harden and crinkle up. Finally Lee-anne realised what was happening, and she looked up at her partner and looked deep within his eyes. She seemed about to say something, then changed her mind and lay her head back down. The man got bolder at this, and began to massage her breasts. He bent his head down, nibbling on her ear and neck, before sliding his lips around to hers and kissing her. Lee-anne returned the kiss tentatively for a few seconds before surrendering herself and opening her mouth wide, allowing his tongue entry. While kissing her passionately, her dance partner tugged at the bottom of her blouse and freed it from her skirt. He slid his hand up inside her blouse and began to massage her breasts directly and play with her hard nipples. Michael was getting very aroused watching his wife let herself be seduced by another man in front of all these people. He wondered just how far Lee-anne would let it go. Lee-anne in the meantime was so engrossed in the pleasure of having her breasts fondled, that she failed to notice that her partner was slowly undoing her blouse buttons. Eventually, he had all the buttons undone and Lee-anne's blouse fell open revealing her firm creamy breasts for all to see. Lee- anne looked down, and already very excited and just a little drunk, decided that fun was more important to her than modesty. She left the blouse open and pushed the mans head down until he was suckling on her breast. The sensation was electrifying and the naughtiness of her public display served only to drive her to new heights of ecstasy. While nuzzling her warm breast and suckling on her stiffened pink teat, her partner slipped a hand between them and under Lee-anne's short skirt. He gently stroked his fingers back and forth over her cunny through her panties. Lee-anne's juices gushed forth wetting the crotch of her panties instantly. Feeling the hot dampness in her crotch, he slid his hand inside her panties and began to rub her now steaming cunt. It was incredibly hot and wet, and he began to rub his fingers up and down her slit, feeling the shivers run up and down her body every time he did so. Occasionally he would slip his fingers inside her steaming cunt, feeling her hot moistness surround them. Lee-anne began to hump against his hand, rocking her hips back and forth, and pressing herself down on his fingers. He reached down with his other hand and pulled her panties down out of the way. Lee-anne, feeling this, pushed them down all the way and stepped out of them. She spread her legs slightly and gave him easier access to her hot and horny cunt. Lee-anne couldn't believe she was letting all this happen in a room full of people. She didn't even know the man's name, yet she was too far gone to stop now. Lee-anne unbuttoned his shirt then pressed her naked breasts up against his bare chest. Her hand slipped down between them and undid the zipper on his jeans. She reached in and pulled down his underpants, to be greeted by an enormous rock hard cock. His cock felt slippery from all the pre-cum that had dribbled from it. Lee-anne ran a finger over the tip of his rock hard cock, collecting a huge glob of pre-cum and transferred the finger to her mouth, sucking the tasty clear fluid off. She returned her hand to his cock and began stroking him up and down. Her hand produced loud squishing noises as it slid up and down his lubricated cock. Her partner reached down and undid the button of his jeans, then pushed his jeans and underpants to the ground and stepped out of them. Gently, he lowered Lee-anne to the floor and lay her back until she was on her back on the carpet with her knees up. Moving in front of her, he gently pushed her thighs apart with his body as he slid forward, until his cock was poised at the entrance to her love canal. With a gentle push, the tip of his penis penetrated her opening and his cock slid home, deep within her. His hot cock so big, that she could feel the head pushing against her cervix. Lee-anne was wild with passion and began thrusting her hips up and down, her tight cunny muscles gripping on his cock and milking it. The dancing had now stopped and the whole room was watching this couple making very public love on the floor in front of them. Lee-anne thrust harder and harder, using her muscles to squeeze tightly on his cock. Suddenly he orgasmed, thrusting deep into her cunt, the tip of his penis pierced her cervix and entered her womb. His hot cum jetted into her womb, spraying the walls of her baby room with hot sperm. He thrust and thrust, spilling more and more hot spunk into her, filling her to bursting point. As Lee-anne lay there recovering, her erstwhile partner hopped up and off her. She lay there dreamily with her eyes closed, warm semen oozing from her cunt and down her legs. She felt him return, and looked up to discover that it was someone else. Another man was on top of her and trying to enter her. She sighed happily and spread her legs for him.

While all this had been happening, Michael had taken his cock out and masturbated while watching his wife getting first seduced, then fucked by another man. About to orgasm, he had to let go of his cock before he came. He lay back to watch the show as Lee-anne's second lover entered her with another huge cock causing her to moan with delight. He was distracted from the scene as he felt a strange sensation. Looking down, he saw Carol wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking on it. Unnoticed by him she had moved over and was now giving him a fantastic blow job. She would stroke up and down a few times, then pause, holding him right on the edge, over and over. Carol grinned; she had no intention of letting him come until this show was over.

Lee-anne's new man meanwhile, was approaching orgasm and suddenly he exploded, his cum spraying into her and mixing with the previous man's. The sloshing sounds were very loud, as the sloppy mixture of cum was forced out by his pistoning cock, past his giant member, and running down her thighs in warm rivulets to form a pool on the carpet. The man sighed and climbed off, immediately another was waiting, followed by another, and yet another. Each one quickly reaching orgasm with the warm sloshy feeling of the previous men's spunk in her dripping tunnel. Each one adding their own sperm to the sloppy mixture inside her, filling her to capacity and beyond, forcing the excess cum to pour in warm rivers from her happy hole. After the fifth man climaxed, another took his place, but this time instead of climbing on top of her, he lifted and turned Lee-anne so that she was on her hands and knees.. He rubbed his cock in the semen mixture pouring from her cunny, and then, lining up with her anus, rammed his cock home into her puckered opening, filling her bowels with his cock. Her brown ring was so tight and it was so hot inside her anus that after only a few strokes he came, drenching her bowels with cum. As he pulled his cock out, Lee-anne farted, causing hot cum to pour from her anus and run down the back of her legs. Several more men were waiting to take advantage of her anal opening, each one spraying her bowels with copious quantities of hot cum. Two more men approached. The first, who had a simply huge penis, moved behind her. The other knelt in front of her and placed his cock in front of her lips. The man behind her slowly slid his gargantuan cock deep into her bowels, stretching her anus to new dimensions. As he entered, Lee-anne felt as though she was being split in two. When his cock was fully in, he paused, giving her time to adjust. The feeling of incredible pain changed slowly to a new sensation of being wonderfully full. Slowly, he recommenced fucking her tight arsehole, Excited, Lee-anne moaned and began sucking on the cock in front of her. In no time at all, her sucking brought him to orgasm, his cum pouring out in such a torrent that she couldn't possibly swallow it all. Lee-anne sucked his penis dry, chasing every last drop, while his milky white cum dribbled down her chin, escaping from the corners of her mouth. Another penis appeared in front of her mouth, and she hungrily devoured it while the mammoth cock behind her continued to fuck her tortured arsehole. This time both men came together, giving her a massive cum enema and hot spunk drink at the same time. As they pulled out, cum dripped freely from her every orifice. Her anus was so stretched that it remained open in a wide hole, revealing her cum drenched bowels to the world.

Lee-anne started to stand up when she heard a voice say, 'Where do you think your going? Turn over onto your back!'

It was one of the other girls from the party. A little shocked, Lee-anne did as she was told.

The girl stood over her and said, 'It's my birthday and I want my present, it's my turn now. I want you to do me too!'

With that she squatted down over Lee-anne's face, grinding her damp pussy lips against Lee- anne's mouth. Lee-anne hesitated for only a moment before opening her mouth and beginning to tongue the girl's hot slit. Surprised, Lee-anne discovered that she liked the taste, and began to probe with her tongue looking for more girl juices. She discovered the girl's clit and gently sucked on it. Lee-anne slid her tongue up and down the girl's slit, pausing regularly to probe her innermost recesses with her tongue. The girl moaned and started to orgasm, squatting lower and spreading her knees wider to grind her hot pussy against Lee-anne's now slimy face. As she squatted, a fart escaped from her into Lee-anne's face.

'Hmmm so this is what drives Michael so crazy,' thought Lee-anne, 'not bad!'

As the girl farted, the extra tickling sensation as it passed through her anus, combined with the embarrassment of farting, to drive her over the edge, and the girl reached her orgasm. Her body shook involuntarily, and she screamed out, 'Ohhh Yess!'

Lee-anne was soon to find out this girl was one of the minority of girls who spurt out quantities of fluid when they come. The girl ground her cunt into Lee-anne's face as she came. Her fluids shooting into Lee-anne's mouth. Lee-anne licked her lips and swallowed every drop of rich flavored girl cum.

'Okay, who's next?' called Lee-anne.

'I am!' called another girl. 'If you'll have me?' she continued, as she parted her legs, revealing a thick reddish brown patch of menstrual blood coating her pussy and inner thighs, 'I'm on my period.'

'I'm willing to try if you are,' replied Lee-anne, 'get your fanny over here.'

The girl squatted over Lee-anne's face, and Lee-anne flicked her tongue up, testing the taste of the girls blood soaked cunny. 'Hmm, what a strange taste. Yet not unpleasant' thought Lee- anne, and commenced thrusting her tongue deep into the girl's inner sanctum seeking more of this strange new taste. 'The fresh flow inside seems to have a different texture, slightly slimy like half set jelly,' she thought 'but still quite nice!'

Noticing that Lee-anne seemed to be enjoying herself, the girl proceeded to bear down on her stomach muscles, forcing out more fluid. As well as pushing out more menstrual fluid though, an enormous fart exploded out of her anus, her foul fluff filling the air instantly with the stench of her poop.

'Ohh sorry!' she exclaimed.

'Don't be,' said Lee-anne and she moved her tongue around and thrust it deep into the girls tight poop filled shitter.

'Ohh yes!' cried the girl.

This was all too much for Michael and he came, shooting gallon after gallon of hot cum deep into Carol's mouth. Carol greedily swallowing as much as she could. The excess escaped from the corners of her mouth, dribbled down her chin, and dropped onto her ample breasts. Carol smiled and sighed happily before getting up and moving over to wait her turn with Lee-anne. By the time the party finished Lee-anne's every hole had been violated. Every man at the party had fucked her, most of them, more than once, and she had licked out every girl's cunt, some of them sperm filled. She lay exhausted on the carpet, rivers of cum dribbling from every hole. She was totally satisfied, and still quite drunk.


Chapter 5

Both Michael and Lee-anne were quite drunk after the party, so they decided to walk home through the park. They had been strolling for a while holding hands, when Michael spoke.

'That was so exciting, I have never been so aroused in my life.'

'Really?' asked Lee-anne.

'Definitely,' said Michael, 'My cock is getting hard again just thinking about it.'

'Well let's do something about it' said Lee-anne , 'I'm already wet, and there is still cum dripping from me from the party, I have it everywhere. Quick, get your clothes off!'

'Here?' asked Michael.

'Why not?' said Lee-anne, 'It's dark and it's very late. There's nothing here but soft grass and summer breeze.'

They both undressed and lay on their clothes on the grass.

Lee-anne whispered 'I think that beer is starting to work!'

She jumped up and squatted over Michael's head, squeezing out a long burbling fart into his face. Along with the delicious smell of her fart, came a trickle of mixed poop and cum. Michael took a deep breath of her wonderful fumes, and then licked delicately at her rosebud, savouring her delicious taste. Michael dragged his tongue away from her beautiful anus, running it up and around to the front again, where he placed his lips over her stiffened clit and sucked it in gently, giving her the female equivalent of a blow job. Lee-anne shivered with ecstasy, and accompanied by a selection of farts both big and small, the mixture of cum and poop began to splurt out of her anus again, spraying Michael's chest and running down the cheeks of her bum.

'Turn around and kiss me while I fuck you,' said Michael.

Lee-anne turned herself around, then lowered herself onto his rigid cock, impaling herself.

'Ohhh, that feels good' said Lee-anne as she began to rock her hips up and down.

As Lee-anne rocked herself up and down, massaging her sodden pussy on his rigid penis, Michael felt a warm flood of old cum gush from her pussy. It flooded down his hot cock, and coated his balls in a hot sticky mess, before dripping into his puckered brown arse, where it pooled briefly before running down between his cheeks.

'There's a group of dogs watching us,' said Lee-anne.

'Kiss me,' said Michael.

Lee-anne leaned forward to kiss Michael and something changed, something new, it felt different, but still nice. Glancing behind, she could see the source of this new sensation. One of the dogs had come over, and he was licking the trail of spunk leading from her cum soaked poop hole, to the bottom of her cock filled cunny.

'Such a strange feeling,' thought Lee-anne, 'But sooo good. I don't suppose it could do any harm.'

The dog's tongue felt warm and slightly rough, very moist, and most importantly, nice and hard. Aroused by the scent of her cum covered bunghole, the dog licked around and around, poking at her tight hole with his stiff tongue. Presently, the dog became a little more adventurous, it licked down a little lower, this time taking in Michael's cock and balls. With a start, Michael looked up and saw for the first time, what was happening. He came in an instant, flooding Lee-anne's cunny with a fresh load of hot cum. Lee-anne rocked up and down a little too high and Michael's still hard penis plopped out and dropped to his stomach. His fresh cum began to dribble from Lee-anne's cunny, dropping in a stream onto his penis and balls, and running down his bum crack. The dog pushed its head in between them, and began to lick Michael's fresh cum straight from Lee-anne's cunny, sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine as its hot tongue violated her. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the dog stopped and bounded away.

'That felt really good,' thought Lee-anne, 'I wish he'd stayed longer.'

No sooner had that thought popped into her head than she heard the dog return. Lee-anne wiggled her fanny provocatively to entice the dog to lick her again. Instead of the expected tonguing, she felt his front paws land on her back and something hard was poking around near her cunny.

'Ohh no, I think he's trying to fuck me,' thought Lee-anne.

She tried to lower her fanny so that he couldn't penetrate her, but the dog nipped her on the back of her neck and growled a warning. Shaking, she lifted and resumed her original position. The dog's prick poked around a couple more times, then found her cum-soaked opening. Sensing success, the dog immediately pushed forward, Lee-anne was violated by the biggest cock she had ever felt. It was huge; it stretched her in every direction. The dog started to hump and its huge cock pistoned in and out of her abused cunny. It was painful, but the pleasure was so intense that the pain didn't matter. Excited now, Lee-anne began to thrust back at him. The dog began panting and thrust harder and faster. As the dog's excitement built, Lee-anne could feel a slight bulge growing in his cock. It got bigger and bigger until a large lump was beating at her entrance with every thrust. Then with one almighty thrust, the dog pushed the lump deep inside her. As soon as it was thrust inside, the lump doubled in size, locking into her and further stretching her abused cunny. Her feeling of fullness was incredible. Lee-anne realised that this must be his knot. She had read about it once, when two dogs were fucking, the knot tied them together so that the male's sperm would have time to enter and fertilise the female. There was no way of removing it now. The dog's giant cock pushed in and out, faster and faster. Then with a howl, the dog came, filling her insides with his hot doggy cum. Lee-anne could actually feel the rhythmic muscle contractions running down the dog's penis as it injected it's sperm deep within her. It's body temperature must have been higher than hers, because she could feel the heat from it's hot spunk spraying around her insides. On and on, went the contractions, pumping more and more doggy cum inside her, until she could hold no more. Doggy cum began to leak out of her cunny past the knot in the dog's giant penis. It ran in hot rivers down her thighs and bum cheeks before dripping on to Michael's once again erect penis.

Finally finished, the dog dismounted from Lee-anne's back and turned around to face away from her, his knot tugging at her cunny, trying to pull her insides out.

'Wow!' said Lee-anne, finally catching her breath.

'You said it, WOW!' replied Michael, 'That was amazing.'

After a few minutes the dog's breathing returned to normal and his knot began to subside, releasing his cock from its prison. With an audible plop, his cock pulled out, followed by an immense rush of doggy cum pouring out of her soggy cunny. Satisfied at last, the dog moved off to one side and began to lick his cock clean. Meanwhile another dog had moved over and begun to sniff at Lee-anne's cunny.

'Oh no you don't, it's my turn, you'll have to wait,' said Michael, as he pulled Lee-anne down, once more impaling her on his cock.

Undisturbed by it all, the dog tried to mount Lee-anne and began probing, looking for her hole with his hardened cock. They could both feel the hot cock moving around, looking for an entry, but her hole was already filled, denying him any access. The dog puzzled by its lack of success, moved slightly upwards. Then quite by accident, it's penis hit Lee-anne's cum covered anus. Thinking it had finally found the right spot, the dog shoved it's penis forward, and lubricated by the hot spunk still covering her poop hole, popped inside and slipped deep inside her bowels. With Michael's cock thrusting in her cunny and the dog's huge cock filling her bowels, Lee-anne felt as though her belly would explode. The now familiar panting started and the dog's knot began to grow. Humping away at her, he finally managed to get his knot inside her tight shitter, and once inside it began to expand rapidly, just like the last one. Stretching her to unimaginable dimensions. Combined with Michael's cock it was too much and the pain was immense. She screamed from the pain. Michael pulled his cock out to relieve some of the pressure, and slid out from underneath her. He began to rub her breasts with one hand and her back with the other. The dog was panting faster and humping harder, then, like the first one, howled as he came deep inside her, filling her bowels with his hot doggy enema. Finally, the dog stopped humping and slid down to await his release from her.

Looking around, Lee-anne smiled and gasped to Michael, 'Please kiss me!'

Michael knelt down and lent over to kiss her, entwining his tongue with hers. The first warning he had of what was about to happen, was a dog licking and sniffing at the cum which had dripped down to his arsehole earlier. He tried to stand up but the dog growled and nipped at him. The next thing he knew, he had a dog mounting him, and poking his backside with its hot hard cock. He could feel hot dribbles of pre-cum flowing from the tip of the doggy cock and spreading over his virgin anus. The dog thrust against him, and lubricated by slippery pre-cum, its penis slid past his tight ring with a pop and forced its way deep inside. Suddenly, he was in ecstasy. The dog began to hump him. The feeling of a cock pumping deep inside him for the first time was wonderful. It was just like that pleasurable feeling you get when you squeeze out an enormous shit, except it just went on and on. Why hadn't he tried this before?

'Oh my God!' he screamed.

'Now you know!' said Lee-anne, 'Wonderful isn't it?'

A wet sounding fart from Lee-anne announced that her doggy partner's knot had finally gone down enough for her to release the trapped cock. Lee-anne sighed contentedly as the dog moved off to begin cleaning himself up. She knelt beside Michael to get a better view of the huge doggy cock violating him. The movement triggering yet another long wet fart from her which pushed great gobs of poop stained doggie cum out of her anus to run down her thighs. She grabbed a handful of the gooey mess and began to smear it over her breasts. She rubbed it into her nipples, massaging her firm globes and creating a lovely sticky mess that caused her nipples to crinkle up and try to explode from her body. Aroused by what was happening to Michael, and also by her own stimulation, Lee-anne got very horny, and taking another handful of doggy cum from her bowels, she began to masturbate herself with it. Massaging the poop and doggy cum mixture deep into her pussy. Michael had been watching all this and had been distracted from thinking about his doggy partner's knot. By the time he remembered, it was already deep inside him and expanding. The pressure was immense, he could feel it pushing against his prostate gland, generating waves of pleasure. Pre-cum was flowing out of his penis in a steady stream. The dog began to pant and hump him faster, deeper, churning up the shit inside his tortured bowels. The dog howled and suddenly he could feel it coming. Filling his bowels with its hot doggy cum. The huge cock kept on pumping more and more doggy sperm into his bowels, spraying everywhere, until he could hold no more and it began to leak out.

Finally the dog stopped, Michael had never felt so full. The spent dog dismounted and stood behind him, they remained tied together as two lovers. Lee-anne slid underneath between his arms and spread her feet around his legs so she lay under him. Michael lowered himself and his penis entered her. He began to fuck her, rapidly thrusting faster and faster. His excitement building again, stimulated by the thought of fucking her, still with a doggy penis violating his bum, tied to him by it's knot. Lee-anne and Michael orgasmed simultaneously, Michael adding more spunk to Lee-anne's drenched pussy. As the dog finally freed itself from him with a loud 'plop', Michael said to Lee-anne, 'That, was wonderful.'

'It sure was!' Lee-anne dreamily replied.

As they looked around, they saw about 10 more dogs circling and looking at them.

'Perhaps we won't go home just yet!' said Michael.

'Looks like more fun' said Lee-anne, hugging him tightly.


Chapter 6

After their canine interlude, Michael and Lee-anne finally recommenced the walk home. They continued on their way, happily smiling and cuddling each other.

Shortly, their route took them past a 24hr Adult Bookstore. The sign outside read, 'XXX Books, Videos, Toys.... Video Booths available Intrigued, Lee-anne asked to look inside. As they passed through the doorway baffle, Michael spotted a video surveillance camera and quickly lifted Lee-anne's skirt, flashing the camera.

'Won't they get a surprise when they check the tape,' he said.

'More than you think darling,' she replied 'I didn't put my knickers back on, they're still back in the park.'

Laughing, they entered the store.

Inside, a few men were wandering around and browsing. Aside from a female sales clerk, who was busy chatting with two of her customers, Lee-anne was the only female in the store. Glancing around the store, Lee-anne was mildly interested by the magazines, and was scanning the covers and titles when she spotted the display of sex toys.

'Oh! We have got to get some of these,' Lee-anne exclaimed.

Her comment aroused the interest of the other customers and several looked up. She grasped a long, double-ended dildo made of firm pink jelly-rubber. It was almost as thick as her wrist.

'Hmm, we could both use this together,' she murmured to herself.

Overhearing her comment, Michael once again felt the familiar stirring in his loins as his cock started to harden.

Michael and Lee-anne added to the shopping basket, a selection of fake cocks in a variety of shapes and sizes, several vibrators, and assorted butt plugs, then made their way to the sales counter. As they crossed the store to the counter, Lee-anne nudged Michael, gesturing at a row of booths in the back of the store.

'What's all that about?' she asked.

'They're video booths,' he said, 'I'll get some change and show you.'

Michael handed their purchases to the sales clerk, together with his credit card.

'I'll take all these', he said, 'And can I have twenty dollars worth of change for the video booths?'

'Sure', said the sales clerk, smiling at him. 'The store has a policy of one person per booth,' she went on, glancing at Lee-anne meaningfully. 'But in a couple of minutes, I have to check the magazines and might not be watching,' she continued, winking at him.

'You can leave your purchases here, I'll keep them behind the counter, unless of course, you want them now,' she said.

'Great, and thanks!' said Michael, then he led Lee-anne over to the center of the three booths.

They entered the booth and the door sprang closed behind them with a thump. Michael latched the door shut and looked around, it was dark and quite cozy inside. Looking around, he spotted a coin slot beside a dim green light. He fed in a stream of coins and the video screen at the front of the booth lit up, revealing a scene from a wedding reception. The bride was lying naked amid the food on a table, wearing only her hair piece and veil. The groom was watching on while masturbating, as two guests were pumping his new bride, one with a monstrous dick between her cherry red lips, and the other fucking her ass with his huge cock. One of the bridesmaids was suckling on the bride's left breast. The bride's fingers were busy diddling the bridesmaid's wet cunt.

'Ohh...' said Lee-anne, 'So that's what these booths are all about, and those tissues screwed up in the corner, and the wet patches on the carpet, give me a pretty good idea as to what men do in here while watching.'

'You guessed it' said Michael, 'Now... can you guess what I'd like to do to you in here?'

'I think so,' giggled Lee-anne, as she reached down and gave Michael's cock a firm squeeze.

As they both undressed, a low groan attracted Lee-anne's attention. Her eyes lit upon a large hole that had been bored in the side wall of the booth, just below waist height. There was someone peeping through it, gazing at her naked body. She shivered with delight. The watcher realised he had been seen, and quickly disappeared. Looking across, she saw that there was a matching hole on the other side.

'What are those holes?' she asked Michael.

'They are glory holes,' Michael replied, 'Men watch each other masturbate through them, and sometimes they stick their cock through for shall we say, a more personal touch.'

'Hmm,' pondered Lee-anne, 'turn about is fair play.'

She squatted down and put her eye to the glory hole. In the next booth the man was standing with his jeans around his ankles. His hand was stroking up and down a massive cock, producing squishing sounds as he masturbated the slippery member. He glanced down and spotted her, his eyes pleading.

'You can watch if you like' she whispered.

Leaving the glory hole and returning to Michael, she bent over and took his stiff cock into her mouth, sucking gently up and down. The watcher returned to the glory hole. As her head bobbed up and down sucking on the juicy cock, she felt a familiar pressure grow. Shrugging to herself, she gave a small squeeze and was rewarded with a loud wet fart. The booth filled with her odour and a trickle of cum ran from her anus, dribbling down to her cunny. A loud groan escaped from the man in the next booth.

'Ohh yess!' he moaned.

'Well, if you liked that, you'll love this,' said Lee-anne.

She turned to face the glory hole and squatted with her knees wide apart. A short squeeze, and she was rewarded with a jet of golden pee, arcing out to splash on to the carpet in a warm golden puddle. As the flow was finishing off, a couple more squeezes produced several dribbles and two more small farts.

Relieved, Lee-anne stood up and nuzzled against Michael's ear.

'How do I get him to put his cock through the hole?' she whispered.

Michael turned his lips to her ear and whispered in reply, 'Rub you finger around the base of the hole for a few seconds then take it away.'

As Lee-anne bent to the glory hole, the eyes disappeared. She inserted her index finger in the hole and rubbed it sensuously back and forth around the base of the curve. She removed her finger, the man's eyes returned and he briefly studied her face. Then his face disappeared once more, this time to be replaced by his hardened cock, dripping pre-cum as it pushed through the glory hole.

Michael smiled as Lee-anne bent down and took the hard cock into her mouth, sucking hungrily, her head bobbing in and out, slurping.

The anonymous man's cock got even harder, and rivers of pre-cum began to ooze into her mouth. Pausing briefly in her sucking, Lee-anne scooped up a large gob of the pre-cum on her index finger, and motioned for Michael to turn around and face away from her. When Michael turned, she rubbed the gob of pre-cum on her slimy finger against his anus, covering it in slippery lubricant. Using her other hand, she kept her anonymous lover happy as she masturbated him, sliding the giant cock back and forth through her firm grip. Her attentions were rewarded by groans of pleasure from both her lovers. She pushed her finger past Michael's tight hole, deep into his interior. She began finger fucking him. Her finger sliding in and out of Michael's hot shitter easily in the slippery pre-cum. The movements frequently accompanied by small farts from him.

The thump of a door closing heralded the arrival of someone in the booth on the other side of them. Sure enough, Lee-anne shortly spotted a pair of eyes at the other glory hole. As the new watcher took in the scene in Lee-anne and Michael's booth, his eyes widened with interest. Continuing her exploration with her finger still up Michael's hot shitter, Lee-anne guided it around a lump of semi soft poop, playing with the soft lump as she passed, and pressed forward with her finger tip, applying pressure to his prostate gland. Michael exploded into ecstasy and humped himself back against her finger. Quickly Lee-anne removed her finger before he could come.

'Not yet', she said.

She hunched up against the wall straddling the anonymous cock protruding from the glory hole, and slid it deep into her pussy. She rocked back and forth, fucking herself on it, while diddling her clit with her fingers. Michael squatted in front of her and began to lick at her clit, his tongue fighting her fingers for prime position.

Lee-anne murmured through the wall 'Would you like to fuck my ass?'

'Yess!' came the muffled reply.

Slipping herself off the hot cock, Lee-anne held her finger to her lips and motioned for Michael to back up towards the wall. As Michael got closer, Lee-anne guided the cock against his anus. With a final push backward, Michael impaled himself for the first time upon another man's cock. Spreading his cheeks with both hands, Michael flattened himself against the wall getting as much penetration into his ass as possible. The cock was so deep inside now, it seemed as if it should be bulging out his front.

'Okay, you're in me' whispered Lee-anne through the wall, smiling and winking at Michael, 'You can fuck my ass now.'

Michael felt his anal invader begin to pull out, tugging at his insides, pulling back until it almost popped out. Then it reversed, and rammed home again, filling him once more. Michael's excitement increased as the slow thrusts in and out of his anus built into a full scale fucking. His own hard cock was sticking straight out, signalling his enjoyment to Lee-anne. Lee-anne crossed to the other glory hole and whispered quietly to the watcher there 'Now it's your turn, you get to fuck my pussy while I suck him off.'

She spread her pussy and backed up to the glory hole, then remaining hard up against the wall, she leant forward and swallowed Michael's hard cock. To her surprise, instead of fucking her straight away, the stranger behind the wall licked at her pussy through the glory hole, lapping at her juices. Eventually, the tongue disappeared and was replaced by the head of the watcher's cock. He pushed forward and the cock slid deep inside of her. He commenced fucking her horny pussy, pumping her through the wall. After only a couple of thrusts, she heard 'Ohhh fuck!' through the wall and her pussy was filled with cum. With a mumbled 'Sorry!' he left the booth.

The sound of whispering came to her through the glory hole. Lee-anne wondered who her erstwhile lover was talking to, then mentally shrugged and went back to sucking off Michael. Suddenly her pussy was violated again by a new cock. 'Now that's more like it,' she thought and began humping back against her new lover's hard cock.

Meanwhile, the invading cock from the other booth had steadily pumped Michael's ass, but the thrusts were getting faster and harder now. Finally his anonymous lover came, his cock spraying Michael's rectum with hot spunk. His lover's shrinking cock was pulled from him, leaving behind its deposit of hot cum. The feeling of hot spunk running from his ass was enough to tip Michael over the edge, and he flooded Lee-anne's hungry mouth with his sperm as he too came.

Lee-anne sucked and slurped up his hot cum, swallowing it to the last drop. Spent, Michael pulled from her mouth, reached under and began playing with her pussy. Michael diddled her clit, and thrust his fingers in and out of her hot cunt, forcing them up beside the hammering cock that was still raping her through hole in the wall. The feeling of two objects moving in different directions deep inside her was insane. With a scream, Lee-anne came, her cunny muscles clenching around the hot cock inside her and causing him to spurt as well. With a plop, he pulled his penis from her love canal, causing a thick flood of hot cum to run down her thighs.

Shortly, with a bang of the doors, the two men left the booths on either side of them and all was silent. Lee-anne and Michael cleaned themselves up, dressed, and left the booth to collect their purchases.

The store was empty now, other than the sales clerk. Michael asked her for their package. The sales clerk looked from Michael to Lee-anne, then back again. Shyly she asked, 'What about me?', glancing down at her own crotch where she had a growing wet patch.

'What happened' asked Lee-anne, 'Did you have an accident?'

'I haven't peed, if that's what you mean', said the sales clerk, 'There are closed circuit cameras in the booths. I was watching you on the screens under this counter, and now I am so horny I

could die.'

'Ohh!' said Michael.

'Ohh ho!' said Lee-anne, I suppose we had better help you out with that. Who do you want, me or Michael?'

'Both!' said the sales clerk, smiling cheekily.

Smiling back, Lee-anne said 'Well you had better lock the door then hadn't you.'

They started undressing again, this was turning out to be a night to remember.


Chapter 7

As they left the Bookstore, they were suddenly bathed in a bright white light. Neither of them could move, they were paralysed. Everything went black as they sank from consciousness.

When they awoke, they were naked and in a strange metal room. Three other people, all naked accompanied them. A handsome man, a good looking female, and a teenaged boy who was currently occupied with staring intently at Lee-anne's nakedness, and sporting an erection.

'Let me introduce us, I'm Paul', said the man, 'This is my wife Lisa, and our son Peter.'

'Hi, I'm Michael and this is my wife Lee-anne' replied Michael.

A previously unseen door in the wall opened with a hissing noise and two aliens entered. This was obviously a spaceship. The question was, were they still on Earth, or out in space? The aliens were purple skinned and semi-humanoid. They were naked and appeared to be hermaphrodites, having both male and female sex organs. And what organs they were! They both displayed enormous penises, gigantic even in their current flaccid state, and just below their penis, was what appeared to be a fleshy pink vagina. They were obviously mammals, their boobs were not overly large, but were firm and perky with dark brown nipples protruding from them.

'What do you want with us?' asked Michael of the larger of the two aliens.

'We need you two as replacements to survey the planet Eros for us,' came the reply.

'Replacements?' asked Michael, 'Who are we replacing, what happened to them?'

'We don't know' replied the alien, 'But we can't risk any more of our own people to find out.'

'And these other three?' queried Michael.

'They are to become breeding units and sex slaves' replied the alien, 'Watch, and learn!'

The aliens approached the family trio, grasping Lisa. Paul tried to intervene, but all his will to resist disappeared.

'As you can see, we have the ability to control your minds,' said one alien.

'And we can also use our control to give pleasure,' said the other, narrowing its eyes and staring towards Lisa.

Suddenly, Lisa's nipples became erect and she began moaning, twisting her thighs together. The alien continued to stare at her intently. Lisa spread her legs and began to rub her cunny, gently at first and then with more force, until she was tearing at herself with her fingernails. She began slipping her fingers inside herself, thrusting them in and out. Her juices were flowing, making her cunt wet and slippery. Faster and faster, she rubbed until she quivered and began to squat down, her whole body shaking. The quivering increased and her whole body shivered as she forced out a moan, 'I'm COMING! aaaah!'

But the alien's control did not end here, Lisa lifted her fingers to her mouth and carefully licked them clean of her juices.

'Now it's your turn,' the alien turned to her teenage son.

'Oh, I see you won't take much persuading' continued the alien, looking at Peter who was holding his erect cock in his hand, 'Well lets get started, come over here.'

Peter approached the alien with fear, his cock, which had been standing to attention while watching his mother's performance, began to droop. As Peter got closer, the alien leant over and placed its lips around Peter's cock head, and began to noisily slurp upward along the boy's dick. When Peter's balls were against the alien lips and his cock was fully inside, the alien reversed the process and pulled back, withdrawing the boy's cock until only the head was in its mouth. Repeating faster and faster, the alien gave Peter his first blowjob. Peter couldn't believe how good this felt. He looked over at his father for guidance, but Paul was busy receiving a blowjob of his own from the other alien. Accepting his fate, Peter closed his eyes and relaxed, enjoying the wonderful new experience of having his dick sucked. He had masturbated in bed at night many times, but nothing before had ever felt this good!

After a while, he opened his eyes and looked around. His mother was busily masturbating herself again while watching her husband and son receive their blowjobs from these two aliens. Peter's boyish cock had become incredibly stiff and large. The alien stopped sucking, and concentrated its gaze first on his mother then him. Under the alien's control, he walked over to his mother and began suckling on her breasts like a baby. They felt warm and smooth, and her hard nipples felt pleasant against his tongue. The aliens must have done something to his mother's breasts because milk started dripping from her teats, he sighed and drank deeply of his mother's warm sweet honey. Peter looked up into his mother's eyes, and met her gaze. Still frantically masturbating, her other hand was shaking as it moved slowly down and firmly gripped his rigid cock. A jet of clear pre-cum spurted out of the end of his penis and into the palm of her hand.. She began to masturbate him, her hand slipping up and down, slurping noisily in the slippery coating of pre- cum. Suddenly, Lisa let go of her son's hard cock; she had received other instructions. She turned around facing her back to her son and bent over. The alien willed her son forward. As Peter moved forward, he began to rub his cockhead up and down against his mother's slippery cunt.

'NO!' screamed Paul as he watched his son preparing to fuck his own mother.

'Yess,' said the alien.

'No, you don't understand' said Paul, 'My wife is in the middle of her cycle, she is fertile and his sperm will impregnate her.'

'It's you who don't understand' said the Alien, 'We told you that you three would become a breeding unit. We have ways of ensuring that the first child is a girl, and as the girl child grows, you will fuck her and fertilise her eggs with your sperm.'

Paul could only watch in horror as his son Peter finally gained entry and slid his young hot cock straight up his mother Lisa's soaking wet cunt.

Lisa screamed, 'NO!' as her son first violated her. But when his hot cock slid all the way in, she surrendered and moaned, 'Yess!'

Peter began to move his hips back and forth impaling his mother on his rigid cock.

'Yess, ohh, yess!' she cried.

Paul's cock dribbled pre-cum all over the floor as the sight of his wife and son fucking excited him. Soon he placed his hand over his cock and began to masturbate. He felt his control disappear again as the alien once more took over his mind. He walked towards his wife and son. Standing behind them, his hand began to rub his cockhead up and down on his son's anus.

'Oh no, dear god, not that,' he thought.

All resistance was useless as he continued to rub himself against his son's arse, lubricating it with pre-cum oozing from the tip of his penis. The sensation of his cockhead rubbing against his son's anus was driving him to ecstasy. Then, the command he feared came. Lining his cockhead up with his son's virgin anus, he began to push. Slowly the puckered opening gave way and his mighty cock forced its way in. Pushing deeper and deeper into his son's bowels, his hips began to hump, thrusting his cock in and out of his son's tight arsehole. They were all too excited to stop fucking now, the cycle was complete, and the alien slowly relaxed mind control for all of them. Peter was thrusting his young cock deep into his mother's cunt, banging against her cervix, seeking entry for his fertile young sperm. Lisa could no longer stop either, her arousal was total and she was fucking back against her son as hard as she could. It no longer mattered to her that this was her son, she wanted to keep fucking him until his hot seed sprayed into her womb, making her pregnant. Paul meanwhile, had his immense member deep within Peter's poop filled bowels, stretching his violated virgin arse and stirring his bowel motions. In a chorus of screams the threesome orgasmed as one. Lisa's whole body shook, her cunny muscles clamping down on her son's hot cock, pulling it in deeper.. Peter thrust his hips forward, forcing the head of his penis through his mom's cervix and into her fertile womb. His young seed spraying out deep within her baby factory. At the same time, Paul grunted and his hips began to thrust forward hard, fucking deep into his son's arse, filling him with hot spunk, his daddy cum invading the inside of Peter's bowels to mix with the poop there. Finally they were all spent and collapsed on the floor.

The aliens nodded their approval, 'Very good. We will repeat that each day until Lisa tests pregnant with her son's baby. Then perhaps we will allow Peter the pleasure of fucking both his mother and father up the arse. Now, rest and sleep.'

With that the threesome cuddled up together on the floor and fell fast asleep. Little knowing that within Lisa, a new life was already stirring.

'Now, as for you two....' said the larger alien to Michael and Lee-anne.

'But you said we were needed for surveying a planet, not breeding,' said Michael.

'Yes, but we need some distraction to pass the time during our trip to Eros, and you're it!' replied the alien.

One of the aliens looked into Lee-anne's eyes, summoning her. She arose and walked over. An immense wave of arousal swept over her, the nipples on her breasts hardened and lifted, crinkling into hard little nubs. A thrill ran through her abdomen, her pussy lips flushed red and puffed out, her cunny dripping fluid to form streams that ran down her thighs. She leant over and slid the alien's gigantic member into her mouth, sucking on it as it hardened. The alien cock began to exude a steady stream of fluid that she noisily slurped up. The alien picked Lee-anne up and lay her on a table, her legs hanging over the edge. Lee-anne lifted her legs high into the air and onto the alien's shoulders as it moved it's gigantic cock closer to her fluid soaked cunny. The alien rubbed the giant head of its cock over her cunny adding large gobs of pre-cum to the flood of lubrication her own body was producing. Moving forward the alien parted her pussy lips with its cockhead. When it was lined up with Lee-anne's carnal canal, the alien slowly pressed forward, driving its cock within her.. Lee-anne felt as though she was being split in two. Her poor cunny was stretching to breaking point. Irresistibly, the giant cock slid slowly deeper until the alien was fully within her. Throughout Lee-anne's carnal violation, the other alien was sucking on Michael's cock, slurping noisily. Swallowing Michael's lubricant, while furiously masturbating its throbbing alien cock. As Lee-anne's inner cavity was filled to bursting point by the alien's giant cock, the pressure forced out a gigantic fart. Michael's cock immediately hardened as he first heard then smelled his lovely wife's fart.

The masturbating alien was now fully erect. Leaving Michael, the alien moved over behind the other one, who was violating Lee-anne, its huge cock still thrust deep in her vagina. Still masturbating, it watched as its mate impaled the human girl and thrust into her like a rag doll on a stick. Fully aroused now, the alien reached forward and used its fingers to part its mate's cunt lips. Then inserted its huge cock between them and thrust deep into its mate, filling the empty void within. Looking back at Michael, the alien resumed control of him. Michael walked over and placed his stiff cock at the entrance to the alien's dripping cunt. Pushing through the cunny lips, he slid his prick deep inside, pleasantly surprised at the tight fit.

'We stretch and contract better than humans' said the alien, sensing his surprise.

Michael began to thrust his hips, his hot cock fucking deep into the alien's tight cunt, probing its innermost depths. His alien in turn began to fuck the cunt on Lee-anne's alien, and finally, Lee- anne's alien began to move again, slowly thrusting in and out of her tortured cunt. The alien began to fuck her faster and its cock expanded again. The pressure was incredible.

Each movement causing Lee-anne to fart again. Now she began to pee as well. The hot golden stream flooding arching out over the alien. The alien's huge penis continued to expand inside her, increasing the pressure and Lee-anne began to poop as well as fart. Her poop was sloppy and ran down her backside, pooling on the table under her. Each new fart adding more to the runny pile. Seeing and smelling her runny mess, Michael came instantly, ramming his penis home, and filling the alien with his sperm. The aliens both came as well, one exploding into the other's cunny, and the other blasting Lee-anne's tortured cunny with its hot spunk. Cum sprayed over her insides, quickly filling her, and began to pour out of her over stretched cunt, flowing around the alien's cock to run down her cheeks. Their needs fulfilled for the moment, the aliens left, and the two humans walked over to the sleeping trio, cuddled up to them and fell fast asleep.


Chapter 8

As they watched the spaceship dwindle in the sky, Michael and Lee-anne could only wonder at what had happened to the previous survey team. The planet looked like a 'Garden of Eden'. There was a soft carpet of green grass; birds and trees were everywhere. In the three days it took to set up their base camp, they hadn't yet seen any large animals or predators, but it was a big planet.

'Oh well, there's nothing like the present,' sighed Michael as he picked up the hand held scanner/mapper. 'Apparently the sensors in this thing do everything, we only need to carry it with us.'

'Yeah, we'd better go, the aliens are due to pick us up and leave in six hours. If we miss the pickup we'll be stranded,' replied Lee-anne.

Gathering their packs, they set off down the valley. They had been walking for hours when they came across a lovely shady glen with a stream rippling through it.

'Let's take a dip,' said Lee-anne.

'Great idea!' said Michael, throwing down his pack.

They both stripped naked and jumped into the cold stream. The water was refreshing and they swam and frolicked for nearly 20 minutes before climbing out.

'Mmm, I need a nap, the grass under that tree over there looks lovely and soft.' said Lee-anne.

'Which one?'

'The one with the leaves dangling down like a weeping willow!'

'Looks good, let's go,' said Michael.

They made their way over and lay down on the soft grass, closing their eyes. Presently, a strange tingly feeling began to wash over them. They no longer felt sleepy, they were feeling... HORNY!

Rolling together, they began to fondle each other. Michael's cock quickly hardened, Lee-anne squatted above him and began fucking herself on his rigid penis. They were both so engrossed in what they were doing that they failed to notice the tendrils from the tree slowly closing in on them. Slowly and silently, the tendrils wrapped themselves the two bodies carefully avoiding contact. Suddenly the tendrils contracted and wrenched the pair apart, Michael's hard cock was now glistening in the open air.

'Wha-a?' said Michael, 'What the hell is going on?'

'You are both mine now,' a melodious voice chimed.

'Who said that?' cried Lee-anne.

'Me, I am the plant above you, I communicate telepathically.'

'What do you want with us?' asked Lee-anne. 'I am a symbiant,' said the plant mind, 'I feed on endorphins from other organisms, and I need you to survive.'

'Endorphins, what are they?' queried Lee-anne.

'The chemicals produced when you are pleasured,' said the plant mind.

Lee-anne watched helplessly as two tendrils snaked out and wrapped around each of her breasts. The tendrils felt warm and firm, and they seemed to have a strong pulse running up and down them. The pulses seemed to flow into her body, vibrating and stimulating her pleasure centres. The ends of the tendrils entrapping her breasts began to open out into small cup shaped flowers. The cups seated themselves over her nipples and began sucking. Lee-anne's nipples promptly sprang up, her hard little nubs fitting themselves firmly in the cups. The pulses emanating into Lee-anne's nipples from the cupflowers were stronger, sending tingles of pleasure up and down her spine. She felt a pain as if something had injected her nipples, a few minutes later she could feel herself begin to lactate. The cupflowers hungrily slurping up the warm breast milk as it flowed out of her. A smaller tendril snaked out to wrap around her neck. Its tip changed to a needle shape. The tip of the tendril pressed against her skin, and with no pain at all, slid into her artery, sealing the wound as it went.

'Don't be alarmed, that is how I extract the endorphins,' said the plant mind, 'It will also provide nourishment to your body.'

Lee-anne glanced at Michael and saw that he too now had a tendril inserted in his neck. He also had a tendril with a large tube shaped flower covering his erect penis. Lee-anne could it rippling with contractions that moved up and down the length of the flower. It seemed to be milking his penis.

'You are correct' said the plant mind, 'I have injected him with chemicals which will make him constantly produce large quantities of semen for as long as I continue to stimulate him.'

Watching her husband milked by the plant had aroused Lee-anne even further and her cunny juices began to flow. Sensing the new fluid oozing from her cunt lips, a tendril snaked over and sampled her. Apparently liking the taste of her honey, the plant mind altered its tendril into the shape of Michael's penis and inserted it deep into her vagina. The plant cock too began to emanate the pulsations causing a warm rush of arousal to spread outwards from the centre of her being. Losing herself in her arousal, As it fed on her tasty juices, the plant cock grew inside her, Lee-anne began to hump her hips up and down, fucking herself on the giant plant penis. The plant mind's cock grew small cilia from its tip that spread out and multiplied like roots, filling her womb and exploring her every crevice. Lee-anne felt the movement deep inside her. A small tendril branched off low down on the plant cock and wove its way into her tiny pee hole, sliding up until it inserted itself in her bladder Lee-anne could hear it slurp as it drank up her golden pee.

Another penis shape branched off the main tendril further down and made wormed its way over behind her and began to press against her anus. Finding it difficult to enter, it backed off and the cockhead sprayed her anus with a clear fluid.

'Your husband's pre-cum' the plant mind chuckled, 'He has a plentiful supply, and it's very tasty!'

The tendril once again pushed against her anus, this time sliding in easily. Once inside her, it began to expand and pulsate with a deep throbbing vibration. But there was another sensation as well, a movement starting deep within her bowels. A bulge was moving down the penis shape. It popped out past her anus and along the tendril, disappearing into the trunk. Another followed, and yet another. It seemed the plant mind was eating her poop! A quick glance at Michael confirmed he too was feeding the plant from his bowels.

Fighting to think clearly through the waves of pleasure, Lee-anne called to Michael, 'Michael we have to escape, we can't stay here until we die.'

'I know,' said Michael, 'any suggestions?'

'Yes as a matter of fact,' said Lee-anne, 'listen and remember with me.' 'Think about the train when we first met, me farting, and later pooping for you.'

'Yes, I remember, and fucking your beautiful poop covered hole!' said Michael, getting into the spirit.

'Think about making love during my period, coated with menstrual blood. Think about the party, me with all those men and women, think about the dogs, and the Bookstore, and most of all, think about our aliens.'

Remembering, both Michael and Lee-anne exploded into orgasm as they never had before. Suddenly they were free, the tendrils were dropping off of them, dying.

'What happened?' asked Michael.

'Endorphin overload,' said Lee-anne, 'It killed the plant I think. Thank god it worked.'

As they walked back to the base camp, Lee-anne said 'Well, it wasn't all bad, the plant left us with a few benefits.'

'What are they?' asked Michael.

'Well, in case you haven't noticed, you now seem to have a permanent erection and I'm continuously lactating. You're going to have to feed hourly to relieve me. Starting now!'

'Yummy!' Said Michael, 'But you know we missed our pickup, we will have to stay here and populate the planet ourselves now.'

'I know, and its just the two of us,' replied Lee-anne, 'Maybe I'm still horny from the plant, but I'm thinking, that means in around 12 or 13 years we will have our own son's and daughter's to fuck with. We'll be a breeding family, just like Lisa and Paul!'

'Mmm, let's start making babies now!' said Michael, with a big smile on his face and an even bigger erection.


Chapter 9

The twin red suns sank low in the emerald sky over Eros as the restless Lyga's squealed disapproval in their pen outside the house. Like all higher lifeforms on Eros, the Lygas had an enormous appetite for anything sexual, particularly inter-species sex. As pets of the household, they were used to regular sexual encounters with their human masters and their children. The Lygas were hermaphrodites, and the singing emanating from within the two-story building had aroused them. Their thick corkscrew cocks were stiff and dripping lubricant which ran down and coated their horny cunts in a thick coating of slimy lubricant. Once more squealing a final note of displeasure at the lack of attention from the humans, they gave up and began mounting each other in a wild orgy of combinations.

Inside, the comforts of the house were a tribute to the years of effort Michael and Lee-anne spent in constructing it and adding improvements. The singing got louder....

'Happy birthday dear Crystal and Paul, Happy birthday to you!' sang the family together. The twins 14th birthday had been very special and the party had been a great success. Even the babies crawling on the floor were chuckling and goo-ing with laughter. While the children were distracted with cutting and distributing the cake, Lee-anne disappeared. Shortly Michael knew exactly where she had gone, as he felt the hem of his Lyga-skin skirt lift and a pair of moist lips wrapped themselves around his cock. He had taken to wearing skirts made from animal skin years ago when his only pair of trousers wore out, and now found them very comfortable (and convenient!). Luckily, the Lyga-skin tablecloth hid all signs of what was now happening under the table from the children. Lee-anne quickly sucked Michael's cock into an even harder erection, slurping up and swallowing the pre-cum that was oozing already from the head of his cock.

'Ohh yess!' Michael sighed to himself, as he closed his eyes and slouched down a little more in the seat. Lee-anne gently sucked a testicle into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it, then did the same with the other. Gathering a small amount of pre-cum on her finger, she began to rub the slippery fluid into his tight anus. As the lubricant spread and worked in, she pushed her finger deeper and deeper into his puckered hole. Pushing deeper, until at last her finger slid right in. Immediately Lee-anne curled her finger towards his belly, pressing it up behind his rigid cock and massaging his prostate gland. Michael's cock began to pour out a continuous stream of clear pre-cum from the intense arousal. Lee-anne quickly gathered up the delicious fluid with her tongue and greedily swallowed it. She began to pump her finger in and out of Michael's tight anus, causing spurts of fresh pre-cum to spray from his cock every time she thrust in. Pulling her mouth from his cock, she gathered the clear fluid in the palm of her hand and spread it all over his hard member, making it slippery and wet. Michael had told her years ago, that men, like women, always enjoyed being masturbated more when they were well lubricated. Her hand now slid easily up and down his rigid pole in a pumping motion, squeezing him firmly. Michael was in ecstasy with the feel of her slippery hand squeezing up and down his hard cock, milking him, and her other finger pumping his arse and violating his inner sanctum. He felt her grip leave his throbbing shaft, 'Probably cramp' he thought, and sure enough the hand returned shortly. With each stroke he came closer and closer. He could feel a load of cum gathering in his balls ready to explode. Hearing a sharp intake of breath, he looked at Crystal sitting beside him. A red flush was rising from her cleavage to her neck. She was panting quite heavily and squirming in her seat, with her hands under the table.

"Hmm... obviously masturbating herself' thought Michael to himself, 'I wonder how long she's been doing that?'

Then he looked again at her arms and realised the left one was on the wrong angle for her to be rubbing herself. It was HER hand that was playing with his cock! He slowly lifted the tablecloth a bit, and sure enough, there was his daughter's hand firmly gripping his hot slippery cock. He nearly came on the spot. Calming himself and regaining his composure a bit, he lifted the cloth a bit further and found the reason for his daughter's panting. Lee-anne was under the table tonguing her daughter's hot pussy, and Crystal's right hand was frantically diddling her own clit. The sight tipped Michael over the edge and he exploded into orgasm, spraying his hot cum all over his daughter's hand. Crystal continued to masturbate him until his convulsions ceased and then returned her hand to her own crotch.. She rubbed her father's hot semen into her cunny, thrusting her fingers into the opening of her young cunt until they hit against her hymen. Her body stiffened and she let out a yelp, then relaxed. 'What was that?' asked Paul from the other side of the table. 'Ohh, nothing!' replied Crystal, as she looked at her dad and smiled. Michael looked down under the table in time to see Lee-anne also smiling.

Later that night, as Michael and Lee-anne were heading for bed, they passed by Crystal's room. The door was slightly ajar, and hearing whispers from the room, they quietly pushed open the door a little. There was Paul on Crystal's bed with his sister. Both the children were naked. Paul was sucking noisily on Crystal's tiny nipples, while she was playing with his penis. While certainly not adult sized yet, Paul had already achieved a respectable sized cock, and by the look of it, now a very erect one. So far the children had not seen their parents watching, and they continued their games.

'Mom told me that boys like lubricant,' said Crystal, as she spat in the palm of her hand before returning it to his hard shaft.

'She was right!' said Paul, 'That feels so much better now it's slippery.'

Slipping his hand down between Crystal's thighs, Paul began to rub his fingers over her horny young cunt. She was already very hot and wet, and the feeling of her most private parts sliding under his fingertips was sensational. Watching their children masturbating each other, Michael and Lee-anne both began to get aroused and masturbate themselves. The children, blissfully unaware they were being watched, continued with their experimentation. Feeling a change, Paul looked down at his fingers.

Horrified, he said, 'My God, I've hurt you, you're bleeding!'

'Don't be silly' giggled Crystal, 'It's just my period, you know, my menstrual cycle! It started this afternoon.'

'Ohhh!' exclaimed a very relieved Paul, and curious, he lifted his fingers to his mouth to taste his sister's juices.

'Do you like the taste?' asked Crystal.

'Delicious,' replied Paul, 'but now I want more.'

'In a moment,' said Crystal, 'But first kiss me so I can taste it too!'

As Paul kissed her, Crystal shoved her tongue deep inside his mouth questing for the remnants of her juices.

'Mmmm it does taste nice?' said Crystal.

With that she pushed her brother onto his back and climbed above him, with her crotch straddling his face, her knee beside him, and facing his stiff cock. She leant down, sucking his hot cock hungrily into her mouth. Then slowly, she lowered herself down until her hot cunt rested on Paul's mouth. Paul understood and eagerly began licking at her, pushing his tongue between her cunny lips and probing her innermost reaches. Crystal allowed a small amount of Paul's pre-cum to escape her questing tongue and scooped it up on her finger. Following her Mother's example, she used her finger to rub round her brother's virgin anus in ever decreasing circles until finally she pushed her finger deep into his rectum. His cock seemed to jump to attention in her mouth.

'Mmmm so you like that?' murmured Crystal.

'Mmm-hmm,' replied Paul, as he thrust his tongue deeper into her virgin cunny, pushing it against her hymen while searching for more of her delicious menstrual flow. Taking a lesson from his sister, Paul left her honey pot, and started running his tongue around and around her little pink rosebud anus. He could smell and taste a slight odour and it really turned him on. Curious, Paul began to push at her anus with his tongue, desperately seeking entry into her bowels. Enjoying this new sensation, Crystal tried to help him enter, relaxing her muscles. Paul's tongue was slipping deeper into his sister's anus, when suddenly she farted. It was a loud rumbling fart that rolled out around his tongue and into his face. Somehow the odour seemed at once, both foul and very attractive. Paul couldn't help himself as he took a deep breath, savouring her scent. She certainly was ripe. Noticing Paul's interest, Crystal squeezed hard and pushed out another fart. This drove Paul wild, he threw his sister over onto the bed and lay on top of her, his cock between her legs. He lined his cock up with her virgin cunt, hesitated briefly. Crystal placed her hands behind him, pulling him into her until his cockhead was resting against her hymen.

'Do it, do it now!' she cried, and Paul thrust forward, rupturing her membrane and sinking his cock deep inside her.

Watching from the doorway, Michael could stand no more. He bent Lee-anne over, and rubbed the slippery tip of his stiff cock against her anus, then slipped his member deep into her warm poop. He began fucking her tight arse in a frenzy, coming after just a few thrusts and filling his wife's bowels with hot cum.

'Come back downstairs while the children finish, and I'll eat you out,' he whispered to Lee-anne.

'You'll also have to drain my breasts again, they're full and beginning to hurt. The babies aren't due for a feed for another hour,' whispered Lee-anne in reply.

'Mmmm,' said Michael, smiling.

They gently shut the door and disappeared downstairs.

Meanwhile on the bed...

'Fuck me Paul! Oh, yess, fuck me!' cried Crystal, as her brother's hot cock pumped in and out of her no longer virgin cunny, 'Fill me with your sperm.'

'I'm coming!' cried Paul to his sister as he pumped deeper and harder. Her young cunt felt so hot and tight, it was like having his cock in a milking machine.

'I'm coming too!' screamed Crystal and she thrust her hips up at him, forcing him deeper. Suddenly she felt spasms run along his cock, it lurched inside her and began to spray cum everywhere, coating the inside of her freshly deflowered cunt with his hot semen. He came, and came, and came, spewing out his hot sperm, until the hot spunk began leaking out of her cunny and running down her cheeks.

'We have got to do this again!' said Crystal.

'And often!' replied Paul.

Meanwhile, downstairs... Lee-anne had reached her own orgasm. Michael had drained her milk laden breasts, and she could already feel them refilling. Together, she and Michael cleaned themselves up then headed back up the stairs.

As they approached the toilet door they heard a loud fart, followed by a moan. The door had been left open and there sitting on the toilet was Crystal. Her eyes were closed and she was masturbating. She had one hand between her legs rubbing her sperm coated cunny, and the other was rubbing her brother's cum into her budding breasts. With a grunt, she farted again and her moans got louder.

Lee-anne stepped around in front of Michael and bent down sucking his already rising penis into her mouth. Crystal, blissfully unaware on the toilet, was busy farting and masturbating, thoroughly enjoying herself. Finally the moment Crystal had been waiting for arrived, she pooped! Whenever she masturbated on the toilet, she held herself on the brink, until the poop came. Then she let her orgasm explode, triggered by the sweet sensation of her hot poop sliding through her anus. This time, her poop had a hot, burning, semi soft and runny sort of texture, that rumbled out of her into the toilet, accompanied by a rather large and smelly fart. Her masturbating became more furious as she came, and she rubbed her fingers harder in her wet cunny, flicking her sensitive clit and thrusting inside.

Michael looked at Lee-anne and she nodded, 'Yes.' He walked over and lifted Crystal from the toilet, startling her. Her eyes shot open, then widened as she recognised her Daddy standing before her. He turned her around, and using her slippery poop as lubricant, shoved his hard cock deep into his daughter's bowels.

'Ohh yess Daddy, that's nice. Fuck me!'

Lee-anne, who was busy masturbating her slippery cunny while watching, hadn't noticed Paul walk up behind her and was surprised when he grabbed her firm breasts from behind, milk squirting in arcs from her nipples to land on the floor. Feeling his hot cock pressed between her buttock cheeks, she ground her ass back against him. Paul gently pulled her to the floor. Lee- anne spread her legs wide, allowing her son to slip his burning cock into her soaked cunny. It wasn't long before they all came again, Michael spraying his thick semen into his daughter's poop filled arse, and Paul flooding his mother's cunny with hot rivers of creamy spunk. Later that night as they all lay together in the parents' big bed, Michael's hot cock still pulsed as it pumped spurts of hot cum into his son's bowels. Paul could feel every new squirt as it ran along his father's cock and into his ravaged bum. He smiled at his sister Crystal, who was having an orgasm of her own while sucking and swallowing the last drops of cum out of his cock. Lee-anne who had triggered Crystal's orgasm, was still busily tonguing at her daughter's young cunt, searching for the last drops of semen and menstrual mixture oozing from her recently deflowered cunny.

'I guess we're going to need a bigger bed,' chuckled Lee-anne.