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[Story Name] My sis & Nice
[Author] Harvey W
[Type] more family

My sis & niece [brother/sister uncle/niece]
Like most guys out there, I had sexual thiughts about my younger sis 
growing up. We would play around some, act like we were married, but 
never actually had sex. As the years went by, I regretted never 
having going all the way with her. 
A few years ago, she was having some financial problems, and moved 
into my house with her 15 year old daughter. Crazy thoughts were 
going through my head. Is now the time to pick up where we left off 
years ago? Would she even remember that we used to fool around? 
One night when my neice was out, my sis aked me to come into her room 
and try to fix her computer. Since I pride myself on being something 
of a computer buff, I said sure. Besides, it was nice to be needed 
for something. I was surprised when I walked in. She was wearing just 
a tee shirt and no pants. Everytime she walked or bent over, her tee 
shirt would ride up and expose her pussy. I was starting to get a 
hard on, and I could not keep my eyes off her. 
It got to the point where I stopped fixing the computer, and just 
stared at her with my big boner ready to be unleashed. She turned 
around innocently and asked, all done?? Sheepishly I said, uh, no, I 
am not done yet. I tried to see if she was looking at my boner. She 
asked me to hurry, and I told her it was hard for me to concentrate. 
She asked why, and I told her it was because of the way she was 
dressed, or more to the point, undressed. She said, you like looking 
at my pussy, huh. Then she took off her tee shirt, and there was my 
still hot looking sister, naked and ready to fuck. 
She laid down on the bed and invited me to join her. When I took off 
my pants, she squealed in delight that I was already hard. She 
started to suck my dick, and I felt like I wanted to cum in seconds. 
Sensing that, she stopped and said, no, no, before you squirt you are 
going to fuck me. I have been waitng years for this she said.
At that very moment, my neice came in the room. There were my sis and 
I, naked and having sex. Sweetly, my neice smiled. She said, your 
plan worked, huh mommy. Plan, I said. What plan? Then my neice 
stripped down naked and jumped into bed with us. Needless to say, we 
had a long night, and many more long nights in the future. Many times 
I got to watch my sis and my neice 69 each other.