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[Story Name] Playing with Mom & Dad
[Author] from family tales
[Type] more family

I don't know why my mom and dad decided to get divorced. After all, they may be two different people, but they share one similarity. They both like fucking their daughter, me. I shouldn't make it sound like that because I absolutely love it. I just wish I could have them both at one time. They both became my lovers when I turned the tender age of eighteen. It really didn't surprise me that much, since they both always told me how beautiful I was.
I stayed with my mom during the school year and February was my birthday. It was a grand birthday indeed when Mom bought me a whole bunch of toys and taught me how to use them. I opened my presents as soon as I got out of bed, and after taking a shower, my mom was on the bed, naked, waiting for me with all of the toys spread out on the floor. When I saw her naked on the bed and I, too, was naked. I creamed my pussy so fast it was like a crack of thunder. I was soaked, and I hadn't even done anything yet!
"I thought you wouldn't mind if I showed you how to use all of these toys. Sometimes, toys are better. No men, no bullshit, just the two of us women," she said as I stood in the doorway and admired her body. Okay, so maybe I was lusting, but why shouldn't I be? She had a killer bod. She had one of those slim executive-type figures, with the long slender legs and shapely breasts that were just the right size for her petite frame. I should know; my body was turning into the spitting image of hers and I had no complaints.
It was I who initiated our first kiss as I sat on the bed and moved forward. My lips touched hers and soon our mouths parted, my tongue exchanging places with hers until we were on the bed and our bodies were entwined, exploring one another. Mom got on top of me and then she switched her head around so that her face was looking right at my blond triangle and was looking at her completely shaved snatch. As if it was
mother-daughter telepathy, our tongues touched each other's forbidden flesh at the same time and soon we were munching on each other's clit.
The heat escalated within my tummy and soon I had my face pressed into her mound so hard that I was breathing in her pussy secretions. My hands grabbed both of her firm ass cheeks. I even slipped a finger into her tight turd tunnel and started massaging the inside of her anus. She followed suit right behind me as I should have guessed she would. Nevertheless, I still gasped as her long nail raked into my anus and forged its way up my rectum until she began moving it back and forth. It was then that I had an orgasm and it was more intense than any I had ever given myself. My pussy throbbed with delight and my quivering asshole clenched my mother's finger as she kept on stroking it in and out. My mother came shortly after and I felt her bowels clench my own finger as she writhed on top of me. My face pressed harder into her snatch as if I was afraid of missing one drop of my mother's orgasmic cocktail.
We came up for air and panted for a second before my mom got off me and took a strap-on dildo and anal beads from the floor. "Do you want to be the fuckee or fucker?" she asked me as she gave me a mischievous grin.
"Fuckee!" I demanded. "Fuck your naughty girl, Mommy," I purred as she strapped on the eight inch dildo and bent me over as if she was going to spank me. I was hotter than the Sahara Desert in mid-August when she started to push the anal beads one by one up my anus that was puckered tight. It was not the fact of the anal beads being pushed into my rectum that got me so hot; it was how my mom was doing it. She had the whole string in her mouth, and after she pushed the first one in, she would push the next one in, slightly bigger than the one pushed in previously, coated in saliva with her tongue. I could feel the beads pop in one by one, followed by her tongue as it chased the beads deeper.
The last one was murder, as it felt like my asshole was being split apart, but she got it inside and then she proceeded to push the dildo against my pussy lips from behind, intent on fucking me like a bitch in heat. Okay, so maybe I was a bitch in heat, in a manner of speaking. I certainly enjoyed it as my mom fucked me better than any many could, using deep, slow, circular in-strokes that left my pussy burning with want. I came as she fucked me, and then I demanded her to fuck me harder and faster as the orgasm blinded my senses, leaving nothing else there but erotic wonder.
"Ooooo, yes, Mommmmiee! Fuck your little girl and make me cummmm!" I screamed, wondering if the whole metropolis heard me.
She fucked me senseless until my whole lower body was drenched in cum and I was babbling like a blathering idiot. I lay there for a minute while I came down from my cum, but it relit like a spark as my mom pulled, or should I say ripped, the string of beads out of my ass! I was literally convulsing on the bed as Mom took off the dildo and comforted me with tender licks and kisses. Once I re-gathered the pieces of my body that had shattered from the countless orgasms, I took the dildo and anal beads from my mom and repeated the whole scene over, with our roles reversed. She was just as hot as I was, and she came hard, over and over again, as I fucked dear old Mommy.
We tried out every toy that day, and she had bought me a lot of them, and then we scrubbed the cum and sweat off during a long bubble bath together. It was so much fun for those months of spring, being my mom's lover and all, that I was a little hesitant about going to my dad's for the summer, even though I missed him and loved him very much. I would go through a sexual dry spell and I could not bear the thought of not having my pussy eaten out every night. It was then that I came up with the master plan.
Dad picked me up in his cool Porsche and he even let me drive it to his house, seventy miles away. The speed and the car made me hot, but not as hot as my handsome dad made me. He was a hunk, and I started to fantasize about what it would be like to make love to him, too. After all, I made love to Mom and broke the taboo, so why not my dad, too? I think Dad noticed I was preoccupied. I almost crashed into a truck head-on at seventy-five miles an hour, thinking about Daddy thrusting away inside of my pussy. The thought of having my first real cock, Daddy's cock, got my panties soaked before we even made it halfway to his house. When we got home, he confronted me about the way I was acting, including the fact that I'd almost killed both of us, in his fifty-thousand dollar car, no less, and the fact that I was blushing ever since I left Mom's house.
"What's up with you, Sheila? You've been acting really strange ever since I came and picked you up. Come on, 'fess up."
"I miss Mom," I said, and then was sorry that I did.
He looked really bad just then, and he said, "I see."
"No, you don't see. Mom and I became lovers on my eighteenth birthday, and now that she's gone, I'm as horny as hell," I blurted out. Talk about not thinking before speaking. I wanted to cut my tongue out.
"That bitch," he said, and then added, "I have to sit down."
"Don't be mad at Mom. I loved every minute of it. There was only one thing that didn't sit right with me."
"What's that?" my dad asked.
"That you weren't there making love to me, too," I confessed.
He looked at me with shock, and then a smile lit up his face. "I'm here now. The question is, what do you want to do about it?"
"This," I answered as I approached him and climbed into his lap. My mouth instantly molded against his until the flesh was fused together in lust.
It was much more hurried and demanding than the first time I made love to my mother. We were desperate for each other's body as our clothing came off, with missing buttons, and took flight across the room. We were naked in the reclining chair lightning fast, and even though it was my first time, I was more impatient than frightened of having Daddy take away my virginity. Well, sort of. I'd had plenty of dildos, Mom's tongue and fingers in my pussy and ass, but never real, live flesh! I could feel Dad's raging hard-on pulse against my pussy as if it had a life of its own, and I could no longer wait for Dad to push it in. I'd waited over eighteen years and that was long enough.
I repositioned myself on Daddy's lap and pulled my pussy lips wide open as I sank his tube of flesh deep into my orgasmic ocean. I realized at once that no matter what they say on the package, no dildo can compare to the real live cock, as Daddy lifted his hips and filled me with it. I closed my eyes and held my head back as I soaked in every delicious minute of Daddy's cock inside of me. The texture, the thickness, the length, the flesh, all felt so perfect inside me that I started to cum before Daddy even had a chance to start fucking his little girl.
"Boy, you are hot, Sheila," Daddy said as he kissed me deeply and moved his mouth down on my boobs while my secretions leaked down his pole of flesh and all over his lap.
I held his head to my breast as if he were my child and I was feeding him. At the same time, I started to ride his thick pillar of flesh into the orgasmic wasteland that I knew lay beyond my next orgasm. What was slow at first became desperate and frantic as I felt every part of my pussy start to boil, even my clit, as I rode him and pressed my body close to his so his flesh rubbed the top of my pussy. I love Mom dearly, but this was the best ride of my life as started to lift me into the air, thrusting back at me. Boiling, steaming, baking, the temperature rose in my pussy until it was like a thermonuclear meltdown! I started screaming and jumping up and down on his love flesh as I came, almost fracturing my poor daddy's cock.
I started panting and howling, "It feels so wonderful, Daddy! I'm climaxing so hard!"
He answered me with his own pleasure as he said, "Do you want me to cum with you? Daddy's going to cum inside of you, Baby."
"Yes, DADDY! YES! CU-CU-CUM IN MEEE!" I screamed, as his cock exploded and unleashed every ounce of sperm he had into my pussy, drenching it until our cum mixed together and leaked out of my snatch and all around Daddy's cock.
That summer was the best I had, but it was time for Mom to come and get me. Not only did I not want to leave Daddy, but had to tell Mommy that I was pregnant ... with Daddy's baby. Ooops ... It all turned out better than I could have possibly imagined, though. Mom came over to Dad's house to come get me on September 2nd, and we all sat down for a long talk.
"Mom, I have a confession to make," I said timidly, and then Dad interrupted.
"No, we have a confession. First, I know you and Sheila are lovers, so I don't expect you to get mad when I tell you that Sheila and I are also lovers. The thing is, Sheila is pregnant with my baby," Dad explained, so calmly that it was almost chilling.
"I guess I can't be mad, but the question is, what do we do about sharing her? I want her in my life just as much as you want her in yours, as a daughter and a lover," Mom said, ins such a loving way that I almost passed out from shock.
It was then that I decided to go for broke. I took off my clothes right in front of them, my belly slightly protruding, and said, "Share me together. That's the only way I can live with this."
My gamble paid off better than I could ever have hoped for. Mom and Dad started taking off their clothes! But that wasn't the best part! Dad went up to Mom and told her he missed her. The next thing I knew, they were making out like that hadn't done in seven years! Dad picked her right up and thrust into her as I watched them make love. It was so romantic that I didn't even touch my pussy. I just watched them with a smile that lit up the world.
I watched them together for almost an hour and I finally said, "Enough already! I want some, too!"
We all laughed in a group hug, then cried, then laughed again. Daddy picked up both up and led us to the bedroom, one of his women on each arm. It was there that I made love to my mommy and daddy together, and the three of us have been lovers ever since that day. I guess the old adage does hold true ... The family that plays together, stays together.

Jersey City, NJ