- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] my sister and her daughter
[Author] unknown
[Type] more family

     My sister Jennifer blindfolded me and drove me somewhere. In
all our years of fucking, we surprise each other constantly.   We
went into a house, I think, and someone put a hood over my head
to replace the blindfold.  Then I was led downstairs and my hands
were cuffed in leather restraints and my arms were raised above
my head.
     Other people were in the room besides my sister and me.  I
could hear them whispering and mumbling.  Then Jennifer, or maybe
someone else, slowly cut my shirt off my body while my shoes,
socks and pants were removed.  Finally I stood wearing only my
boxer shorts with my hardon sticking out of the fly.  There was
mumbling as my shorts were cut off and I was hanging there naked.
     Suddenly, someone lathered my crotch area and I felt the
cold steel of a straight razor begin to shave my pubic hair.
With slow care, someone was shearing the hair from my genitals
and even though I felt a rush of adrenaline, it was sexual
excitement, not fear, that I felt.  The hood on my head muffled
sound, but I did manage to make out a few words.
     "Looks bigger when it's shaved . . . . "
      "It's big anyway."
     "Look at his balls!"
     "Jenny says his pre-cum is sweet."
     "I wonder who he is?"
     I didn't recognize the voices, but I figured they didn't
know me, either.  My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I
could feel that pre-squirt was dribbling from the head.  Fingers
kept expertly moving the family jewels aside, thankfully as the
razor blade made quick work of my pubic hair then started on the
hair that covered my balls.
     "Just a second," a voice said.  Seconds later I felt a pair
of soft lips envelop my cockhead and I shuddered and groaned at
the sensation.  A few seconds of wonderful sucking gave way to
more shaving, then another mouth, cooler and with an active
tongue, pleasured me for a few minutes, then again the shaving.
     After my jewels were shaved and rinsed and dried, my bare
cock was the center of oral attention.  At least a half-dozen
different pairs of lips wrapped themselves around my prick, a
variety of tongues twirled around the knob, tickled the shaft and
teased the tip.  Different fingers caressed my bloated balls, and
a long finger (I'm sure it was Jennifer's) probed deeply  into my
     I was close.  "Juice him, Jenny," someone said.  My cock
throbbed as my sister took it into her fist and began stroking.
I sensed that immediately in front of me were the women kneeling
or sitting, probably only inches from my prick.  I had fantasized
about jerking off in front of an audience, but since I couldn't
see the spectators, there was a feeling of mystery.  Who was
there?  Had it been the conservative wife of the bank president
who had hummed while she sucked my cock?  Was it Pam, the foxy
aerobics instructor, who was one  of the group?
     I felt the inner tug.  "He's cumming," Jennifer said.
     "Hose us,"  a throaty voice ordered.   Jennifer's finger
pressed my prostate and her hot lips kissed my ribs as she
expertly pulled me off.  The first thick wad rocketed out and I
heard a chorus of oohs and aahs.
     "Ooh, right in her mouth!" someone said.
     "Me next!"  Volley after volley of cum left my tube and I
knew the various women were catching it.  As the force of my cum
diminished to a trickle,  Jennifer wrapped her lips around the
head and lovingly emptied the last of my load.  She squeezed my
balls and milked me dry.
     But the evening wasn't over.  My hands were released and I
was led to some contraption where I was instructed to stand with
my legs apart and to bend forward.  It was like a padded table
that supported the upper part of my body and my hands and feet
were locked into cuffs.
     Abruptly a cold, greasy lube was smeared around and in my
asshole and I knew what was going to happen.  I felt the knob of
a dildo pressing my greased asshole and some big breasts slid up
my back as a woman leaned over me.
     "I'm going to fuck your ass, you pervert.  You want it,
don't you?'
     "Yes," I whispered.  "Fuck my ass."
     "Say it louder, you shit!  I want everyone to hear it.  I
want them to know what a wimp you are!
     "I want my ass fucked with your big cock!" I shouted,
knowing  the hood muffled, and hopefully disguised, my voice.
     "Take it!" she snapped, sending five inches of latex shaft
up my colon.  God, but it almost hurt, but I'd been buttfucked
before, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.     "Look at
that!" someone shouted gleefully.  "The wimp took all that in one
try!  Jenny, are you sure he's not a fairy princess?"
     "Yeah, look at his dick getting stiff again," one of the
women said.
     "Ladies, you're just jealous that you all don't have a big-
dicked lover."   That was Jennifer.  "Would anyone like to suck
him while he's getting fucked?"
     "Not me.  I've want a turn fucking his hairy ass."
     "I'll do it," said a voice I hadn't heard yet that sounded
familiar.  Someone scooted under the table and held my jewels in
her warm hands.  More blood filled my prick as the my fucker had
the entire dildo in my asshole.  Lips and teeth nibbled at my
cock, urging it to life.
     For the better part of an hour, the various women took turns
fucking my ass with various strap on devices while the one kept
mouthing my meat until I finally gave up a soupy load of spunk.
I was dressed in a jump suit and taken to the car and we had been
on the road for ten minutes before Jennifer told me I could take
off the hood.
     No, she said, the women didn't know who her "big dicked
lover" was.  Yes, I'd met most of them.  Would she tell me who
they were?
     She smiled.  "Maybe.  Let me think about it."
     The next Saturday Jennifer called my house and told my wife
that her husband was gone for the weekend and she needed my help
to move some furniture.  I put up a mock resistance ("But, Honey,
I work all week."  "She's your sister.  Go.")  My cock was stiff
when I pulled into the driveway.
     "Sit down and watch this," she said.  She put her hand on my
crotch and squeezed as she turned on the VCR.  There I was, arms
held high as Jennifer whacked my rod.   Yes, I'd met all of them.
Barbara, a clerk at the video rental store.  Sue, the accountant.
Doreen, a brown-skinned former beauty queen who lived next door
to Jennifer.  And Jessica, the woman with the big tits.  She
worked in my office.  I was her supervisor!  Thank God she didn't
know she was fucking her boss!
     After everyone had enjoyed my cum, the camera followed to
where I'd been fucked.  Suddenly I wondered:  Who was holding the
camera?  As Jessica greased my ass and prepared to fuck me, some
of the other women were fondling one another and Barbara was
kneeling in the floor and was obviously devouring Doreen's musky
     The woman who said she'd suck my cock was the one with the
camera.  She handed it to Jennifer who followed the young woman
to where I was.  She panned upward from her bare feet, stopping
for a moment to capture the exquisite undulation of her smooth
ass, then up to the short auburn hair . . . no, it couldn't be!
The woman was young, petite and freckled, very familiar indeed.
     "Monica?" I gasped.  "Is that Monica?"  Even as I watched,
the young woman worked her way under the table and she faced the
camera.  It was the same beautiful, freckled face that smiled
from the framed portrait on top of the television, only the face
of the girl on the screen had an expression of smoldering lust.
Her green eyes flashed as she prepared to suck the cock in  front
of her.  Her uncle's cock.
     "Does she know?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off the
     "No.  Monica has been sexing it up in our group since she
turned 18 last year."
     "You never told me that," I said.
     "I never told you about the group, either.  But I have told
them about my 'big-dicked lover.'  Oops!"  We heard the front
door open and Jennifer shut off the VCR.
     "Uncle Carl!" she said, hurrying over to give me a hug and a
peck on the cheek.  I thought of how I'd just seen her lovely
nakedness and how she'd sucked my cock.  Monica had to feel the
bulge press against her belly. I glanced at Jennifer and nodded.
She smiled.
     "Monica, sit down a minute.  Have you got any plans for the
     "Nothing I can't change, Mom.  What's up?"
     "Your Uncle's cock."  Monica's eyes widened in surprise.
Jennifer unzipped me and released my bone stiff cock for her
daughter to look at.
     "Does it look familiar, Monica?" Jennifer asked as she
rubbed it.
     "Last Saturday," Monica whispered.  "Was that . . . ?"
     "Yes, dear, you sucked off your uncle.  Isn't his cum good?
Here, hold him."  Monica's face had lost its expression of
innocent naivete, the expression an uncle is used to seeing, and
now had the look of a woman in heat.  Yes, Monica had certainly
inherited her mother's acting talent, alright.  And her eagerness
for sex.
     In an instant, Monica had leaned forward and fed my cock
into her mouth.  I reached down and felt her small tits through
her blouse.  Firm, with cherry-red nipples, as I saw on the tape.
And with Jennifer's help, Monica was soon naked as she had been
in the video and still nursing on her uncle's cock.  Her uncle's
cock.  And from the grunts and slurping sounds she made, she
loved it.
     "Tell me, brother dear," Jennifer said to me as her daughter
slurped my schlong, "you want to fuck your niece, don't you?
Monica, do you want your uncle's big prick inside of you?"
     Monica pulled her mouth off of me and nodded.  "Yes, oh yes.
Fuck me, Uncle Carl."  She leaned back, her hands quickly going
to her tits and squeezing the rubbery nipples.  Her legs opened,
showing me her henna-colored triangle.
     "Wait!" Jennifer said.  "Your uncle and I have been screwing
for 20 years.  He might even be your natural father."
     "I don't care.  Fuck me, Uncle Carl.  Fuck me, Daddy.  Just
stick that big dick in and fuck me!!"
     Could any man refuse a woman's plea to be fucked, especially
when she's a petite, naked beauty, his own niece (or daughter)
and he's standing beside her with a cock as hard as granite?
sure couldn't refuse her or resist that lovely pussy of hers.
     "Let me taste you, first," I said.  Monica spread her legs
wide and used her fingers to part the tight lips of her labia,
exposing the scarlet flesh of her sex.  My mouth watered and my
tongue got an instant hardon and I dove for her auburn-fringed
     Ah, how sweet she is!  Her snatch tastes like a spring
morning, fresh and promising, with just a hint of salt and a
syrupy sweetness that reminded me of honey.  And it flowed from
her like molasses.  Very like her mother's.
     But I wanted to fuck her.  I kissed my way over her smooth
stomach, licked her mounds and sucked her nipples.  Our tongues
found each other as my dribbling knob touched her slit.
     "Let me help," Jennifer whispered as she aimed my prick then
pushed my ass.  Monica gasped as my thick cock entered, stretch-
ing her as nothing had before.  Her body strained to take more of
my cock inside and her arms hugged my neck as her legs wrapped
themselves around my waist.
     "Ooh, fuck me deep!" she said, not really talking to anyone.
"Ooh, so good . . . I love this big, thick dick . . . so fucking
good . . . fuck me!"  While my sister watched and fingered
herself, I  fucked her daughter deeply, sending the entire length
of my prick into her pussy.  Her tight cunt reminded me of how
tight Jennifer's pussy had been 20 years ago.  The small, ripe
tits were the same and Monica even had the same breathy squeal
each time I thrust into her.
     "Is she a good fuck, Carl?" Jennifer asked.  "I bet her
pussy is real tight around that great cock, isn't it?  And what
about you, Monica?  Do you like getting fucked by your uncle?"
The questions required no answer.  From the way we were going at
it, Monica and I were obviously having a good time.
     "I never saw an uncle fuck his niece before," Jennifer
breathed as she plunged four fingers in and out of her swampy
snatch.  "So fucking hot!  Never saw a father fuck his daughter,
either!   Fuck her, Carl!  Fuck your daughter's tight cunt!"
     We had long wondered if I could be Monica's father.  A blood
test would have told us, but Jennifer and I had decided that such
a test might create trouble and it would certainly created a
major scandal.  But the thought that I might be fucking my own
daughter was quite a turn-on.
     Monica seemed to get off on the idea, too.  "I'm cumming,
Daddy!  Ooh, your big dick is making me cum!  Oh, yeah!  Cum with
me!  Squirt me!"
     That did it.  The thought of sperming Monica's grasping twat
was more than enough to make me spew my load.  I slammed deep
into Monica's tight little box that spasmed and convulsed around
my prick.  My face twisted into a tight grin as I sent a big wad
of thick cum deep into Monica's hungry cunt.  And she felt every
     I collapsed, exhausted from having just fucked my own niece,
but Monica and Jennifer weren't finished or tired.  While Mon-
ica's juice was still warm and wet on my prick, the two of them
teamed up on me to give my privates a most intimate mother-
daughter cocksucking.  I'd never before experienced two vibrant
tongues on my genitals or two pairs of eager lips  which sent
shivers up and down my spine.
     When I came, I squirted both of their faces and watched as
they avidly licked the stuff from one another's innocent looking
face.  My sperm laced their passion-flushed faces with my white
cum juice.  My spunk was thick and creamy and I knew Monica
wanted another fuck as badly as I did and I could tell that
Jennifer was hot as a pistol.
     We went to Jennifer's bedroom and, while I watched, Monica
strapped on a big dildo and Jennifer got on her hands and knees
and her daughter fucked her from behind.  It was quite a sight to
see the outrageously huge cock sticking out from Monica's 5'1"
frame.  I managed to get hard again and I laid down on the bed
while Jennifer and Monica took turns riding my cock and sitting
on my face.
     Now I fuck my niece as well as my sister.  Jennifer told me
that she found out that my wife has been having an affair for two
years,  so she doesn't mind that I never want sex from her.
Fucking my sister has always been great, and now that her daugh-
ter has joined the team, it's even better.