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[Story Name] First time I fucked mom
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

As a kid I'd had many fantasies about having sex with my mother.  Mom was only
17 when she had me and she was always a very good looking woman.  My fantasies
remained just that as I grew up.  When I reached the age of 34, my dad passed
away and Mom was pretty crushed by the experience.  After some time of
mourning, she gradually began to live again.  there were many men who wanted
to date her because she was still very attractive at the age of 52.  To me she
was even prettier at 52 than 20 years earlier.  Mom had brunette hair which
she generally kept at shoulder length.  She was about 5'5 and was always fit
and trim.  Her breasts, I would guess, were probably 36B's.  Not huge, but
very sexy.  I had caught a glimpse of her tits a few times as a kid and really
liked what I saw.  The idea of fucking my mother faded into obscurity after I
moved out of the house and on my own.  It had been 13 years since I had left
home in NY and moved to Florida, where I had a successful business.  Mom
called me one evening and asked if she could stay with me for 2 weeks.  She
wanted to come to Florida for a little change of pace.  I said I'd be happy to
have her.

I picked her up at the airport, we hugged and I told her how good she looked.
She smiled that wonderful smile of hers and returned the complement.  I had
seen her at the funeral, of course, but she looked terrible then and sexual
thoughts were the farthest thing from my mind then.  Now, however, I found
those old thoughts returning as we drove back to my house on the East Coast of
Florida.  We made some small talk on the way home, relived some old memories
and enjoyed the ride.  Mom asked how my girlfriend Karen was and when we were
going to be married.  I told her that Karen and I had broken up several weeks
ago and that there was no marriage in my immediate future.

We had some dinner together, I showed Mom her room and, as she was pretty
tired from the trip, she kissed me good night and went to bed.  I went to my
room, got undressed, lay down and tried to sleep.  I found myself with a big
hard on thinking of my mother in the next room lying there in bed.  I wanted
to slip in beside her and make love to her so badly.  Those old fantasies
seemed stronger than ever.  I had no choice but to jerk off thinking of her.
I finally got to sleep....with mom on my mind, of course.

The next couple of days went by without incident.  I went to work, Mom spent
her day sitting by the pool, doing a little shopping.  By the 3rd day she was
getting a very nice tan, which only added to her beauty.  We had some nice
talks, but the conversation never involved sex.  I was getting very horny for
her and I realized that if I was ever going to fuck my mother, I had to do it
while she was here visiting me.

Now I was in the publishing business and had a very nice computer setup at
home, where I did a lot of work.  After Mom had gone to bed one night, I sat
down at the computer, took out a couple of photos of her, scanned them in with
my scanner, then took a few hard-core photos I had downloaded from the net and
overlaid mom's face using PhotoShop (A terrific graphics program).  It looked
so real!  I was totally turned on.  I did another one where these 2 people
were fucking and I put mom's face and mine on the photo.  It looked as if we
were actually fucking.  I got a huge hard on and sat there at my computer and
jerked off, imagining that it was really the 2 of us.  I did a few more after
that and began to accumulate a small collection of nude photos of my mother.
The PhotoShop program is so good, you couldn't tell that these photos were

Mom had seen me working on the computer (though not making pornographic photos
of her!!) and had expressed some interest in using it.  When I took a day off,
mom asked me if I could show her how to use it.  I said, "Sure".  She had
talked about the Net and was very interested in what was going on out there in
CyberSpace.  "Is it true that there is a lot of pornography on the Internet?"
she asked me.

"Well, uh," I was a little taken aback by her question, "Yes, there is.
Actually, there's a ton of it," I smiled.  "I've been thinking about getting a
computer, actually," Mom told me.

A little later on we sat down at the computer and I showed Mom around.  One
thing about her, she was very smart.  She learned things easily.  She was very
excited about learning to use the computer.  I logged on to the net and showed
her around a bit.  She was fascinated.  She especially liked the IRC, where
she could actually converse with real human beings.  She was a bit shocked at
some of the rooms offered, and I was a little embarrassed having her see that,
but she seemed pretty cool about the whole thing.  I showed her how to log on
and off and told her she could fool around with it anytime she wanted.  She
asked lots of questions and I answered them all for her.  I also showed her
the Web and the newsgroups.  She seemed particularly interested in some of the
newsgroups and she began to explore a few of them.  I showed her how to post a
message and she found that very interesting.  "It's amazing what we can do
these days!"  she told me.

I had to go out for a few hours.  I left her at the computer and she barely
noticed I was walking out the door.  "See you later, Mom," I called out as I
was leaving.  "Bye, Honey," she said without turning her eyes from the
computer.  I guess she was hooked!

When I returned, Mom was sitting by the pool, wearing a two piece bathing suit
and looking VERY sexy.  She had a drink in her hand and smiled when she saw
me. "Come, Baby," she smiled, "Let's talk."  I told her I was going to change
into a bathing suit and would join her in a minute.  I returned as promised
and sat down next to Mom.  I was definitely admiring her tanned, slim body and
I felt a hard on coming, so I tried to think of something else.  "Did you have
fun on the computer?"  "Oh, I had a ball!  I had to tear myself away from it.
I found some very interesting things there, Sweetheart!"  She said, coyly.  I
wasn't sure what she was referring to.  I wondered if she was talking about
the Net or maybe she had found those pictures I had retouched.  "Nah," I
thought, she wouldn't be able to find that.  She started off by telling me
about some of the newsgroups she had perused.  She had found the alt.  groups.
She asked me to show her how to download things off of the net.  I promised I
would.  She got up from her chair, took me by the hand and walked me to the
computer.  "I want to show you something I found," she said.  She didn't seem
angry, and I didn't think it was those pictures.  I was wrong.  She booted up
the computer, went right to PhotoShop and brought up the picture of me fucking
her.  "What is THIS????"  she demanded.

"Don't be mad, Mom," I tried to assuage her.  "I was just fooling around one
day, that's all."  "How did you do this?  she asked.  "I mean, I don't think
we ever posed for this, did we?"  She broke out into laughter and I was
relieved. I laughed along with her.  "It's pretty easy to do with this
program, Mom."  I told her.  I briefly explained the theory of cut and paste
to her.  "Very interesting" was her reply, "But let's get back to the picture
itself.  Why did you do that?"  she inquired.

"Well, uh, look, Mom...we're both adults.  I think I can talk to you frankly,
can't I?"  I couldn't believe I was about to tell my mother I wanted to fuck
her.  She nodded her head and I went on.  "You know, when I was a kid, I used
to fantasize a lot about you."  "Most young boys do, you know," she
interjected. "Well, after awhile, it sort of melted into the background, but
it was something I never forgot.  When you came here, and I saw how beautiful
you look, well, those fantasies came flooding back in my mind.  Those pictures
you saw were just a result of that fantasy.  I guess most people think that
incest is wrong, but I really don't understand why."  Mom was listening
intently to me.  She was a little shocked, a little flattered and a little
turned on.

"Sweetheart," she answered me, "Now I'm going to be totally honest with you."
She looked me straight in the eyes as she spoke.  "I've always felt something
special for you, my darling.  It began when you were very young.  I had many
thoughts about touching you and letting you touch me.  You know, your father
and I didn't have a great sexual relationship and I guess I used to fantasize
about you to relive those sexual tensions.  I knew it was wrong, but I
couldn't help think about it.  I used to watch you as a young boy.  I enjoyed
seeing you naked, but I never let on.  I swore to myself that I would never
take out my sexual frustrations by using you....unless you showed me that you
wanted to enjoy the sexual pleasures of your mother.  I told myself that if
you ever came on to me, I would allow us to be together, but that I would
never initiate the first move.  Now you are an adult.  A man.  You can make
your own decisions.  I love you immensely, darling, and always have.  The idea
of making love with you has been in my mind for many, many years, though I
have tried to surpress those feelings to no avail."  I was totally floored by
my Mother's speech. There was a moment of indecision and tenseness, then Mom
put out her arms to me and I rushed to her, embracing her tightly.  We hugged.
Mom ran her hands through my hair, pushed my head back, looked me straight in
the eye and put her lips to mine.  In that one moment, an eternity, our
relationship changed forever.  We were no longer just Mother and Son, but
lovers.  That first kiss was deep, heavy, passionate and so very fulfilling.
"Oh, my baby!  My wonderful baby boy!"  Mom sighed.  "I love you so much,
Mom," I cooed into her ear.

Our lips pressed hard against each other's as our tongues engaged.  Wild
thoughts flew through my brain as I kissed my mother as her lover, not her
son.  It seemed so natural.  It certainly was incredibly erotic.  Mom clutched
my hand as we kissed and drew it to her right breast.  I clasped her small,
but tender breast in my hand, my fingers feeling for her nipple, which was
hard and erect.  She moaned as I squeezed her breast.  She kept moaning to me,
"My baby!  My baby!"  We sat by the computer for a bit, kissing, hugging,
touching. We looked so lovingly into one another's eyes.  Nothing needed to be
said.  Mom stood up, took my hand and let me to the bedroom where we lay
comfortably on the big, soft bed.  We cuddled up closely, kissing again and
again, soft moaning, oohing and ahhing coming from us both.  I was hot, hard
and wanting to fuck my mom in the worst way.  She undid the bra of her bathing
suit and there she was, her breasts exposed to me.  They were gorgeous.  Her
nipples were dark brown and very erect.  I thought they were the most perfect
breasts I had ever seen.  I slipped my tongue around her nipple and began to
suck gently on her tit, as I had done as a baby, not realizing the ultimate
pleasure of such an act before now.  Mom thrust her head back, closed her eyes
and held my head in her hands as I sucked her nipples, one, then the other.  I
kissed her firm stomach and my body ached to touch her pussy.  She arched her
back up, lifting her ass as she did, telling me without words to slip off her
panties.  I obeyed and discovered my mother's wet, sexy cunt for the very
first time.  She had light brown hair around her pussy which tended to shadow
her precious clit.

I was wearing only my bathing suit, but my cock was so hard, it ached against
the restraint of the suit.  I stood up and slipped off my trunks.  Mom watched
intently as I revealed my throbbing, hard cock to my mother.  Once my cock was
freed, Mom looked at me in awe.  "Baby, I'm glad you weren't that big when you
were just a boy...I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off you" she
laughed as she sat up.  "Lie back, my baby boy, and let your Momma tend to
you."  she nodded as she set me back against the bed, spreading my legs apart
and giving her complete access to my cock and balls.  Mom slid up close to my
cock, slipped her hand around my balls and squeezed ever so gently.  She had
the right touch and drove me mad with hot desire for her.  I watched her every
move as she glanced up at me every now and then to make sure I was enjoying
every minute.  She flicked her tongue across the top of my hot cock and then
pressed her lips over my aching head.  She slid her mouth down over my cock
slowly, driving me wild.  I could have cum right then, but I managed to
withstand the desire.  This was too good a blow job to end now.  Mom moaned as
she sucked my willing rod.  She went down, down, down all the way to my balls.
My cock was about 8 inches and she had every inch down her throat.  She slid
up and down, a little faster each time.  I was going to explode, as she sucked
and rubbed my balls.  My mommy was sucking my cock and I was in heaven.  I
couldn't hold back any longer and she knew I was going to explode.  Just in
case she didn't, I called out in a hard moan, "I'm gonna cum, Mom!"  She
nodded as she sucked me, indicating she wanted my cum in her waiting mouth.  I
shot what must have been the biggest load of cum I've ever had into my
mother's waiting mouth.  As I came, she slipped her hands around my ass and
squeezed me ever so tightly closer to her already engorged mouth.  She sucked
and sucked, refusing to let go of my cock.  She sucked out all of the cum I
had and, finally, slowly relinquished her loving grip on my cock.  Her lips
were covered with cum.  I could not believe I was lying there, just having cum
in the mouth of the woman I have loved all of my life...my Mother!

Mom looked at me as I lay back and smiled broadly, "My little boy has such
sweet tasting cum."  I breathed very deeply and drew her up to me.  We
embraced and hugged while I regained my strength.  She asked me if I enjoyed
having Mommy suck my cock.  "You know I did, Mom!  I answered her.  We lie
there for awhile, just holding and touching one another.  it felt so good to
be naked with my mother and enjoying each other's bodies.  Mom kept telling me
how good I looked and I returned the compliment many times.  She DID look

Mom held my hand as it explored her breasts and body.  She directed my hand
down to her pussy.  She wanted me to touch her.  Her pussy was covered with a
fair amount of pubic hair, not too hairy, but just right.  I twirled a few
hairs in my finger while searching for her clit.  Mom's cunt was wet and
waiting impatiently for the touch of my hand.  I cradled my left arm under
Mom's shoulders and with my right hand, I touched that wonderful pussy of hers
from where I first arrived in this world.  It was at once a strange,
wonderful, and totally erotic experience.  My cock sprung to attention as my
fingers began to fondle her wetness.  Her cunt was pink and wet and so very
soft to the touch.  She had a much bigger clit than any women I had been with
and it was very enjoyable to feel and touch.  Mom spread her legs and moaned
as my fingers began to explore in earnest.  I slipped one finger inside of her
and then another.  She moaned loudly as I entered her.  She turned her head to
my cheek and whispered softly, lovingly, "I've waited over 30 years for this,
my darling, and it was well worth the wait."  She pecked my cheek as I
continued to arouse her pussy.

I was totally aroused as well and totally into the task at hand.  My fingers
probed deeper and deeper inside my mother's pussy.  I slid down slowly,
positioning my head between her legs.  At long last I was going to eat my
mother's fabulous pussy.  I sniffed her erotic scent deeply as my lips drew
closer to her.  My tongue slipped over her clit and began to flick across it,
slowly at first and then building to a perfect crescendo, as if in perfect
rhythm to my mother's beat.  She wriggled back and forth as I ate her, my
tongue alternately sucking her clit and then slipping down the dark passageway
of her pussy.  Mom came at least twice as I ate her.  The second time, she
grabbed my head and pushed me deep into her.  I almost couldn't breath, but
that was ok, I could have survived breathing in her sweet pussy juice.  I'd
never been so into eating out a woman before.  I didn't want to ever stop.  I
can't explain it totally in words, but if you ever get the chance to eat out
your mother, you will know the feeling.  I lapped up her pussy juice as mom
collapsed back on the bed with a huge, deep sigh of ecstasy.

It was time to fuck my mother, and I was ready, willing and able.  Mom helped
me up over her naked body.  My cock tight against her right leg, my chest
directly over her beautiful tits, my mouth over hers.  I looked her in her
eyes and there was this deep, incredible fire that burned between us.  I
realized that I was truly in love with her.  Yes, she was my mother, but she
was also my lover.  The combination of the two is an incredible coupling, one
I was not all that prepared to understand at that moment, but one which I have
come to understand since then.  We both felt it at the same moment.  We kissed
as I lay over her.  My chest collapsed over her breasts, pushing them tightly
against me.  We kissed long and hard as we both whispered our love for one
another at the same time.  "Fuck me, sweet, darling son.  Fuck me, please!"
Mom called out in a lover's rage.

I raised myself up so I could slip my hard, throbbing cock into my mother's
hot cunt.  She took the shaft of my cock in her hand and guided it to its
rightful place.  For a moment, she rubbed my cock over her clit and cringed
with excitement.  "I can't wait any longer," she moaned as she guided my
member to her waiting hole.  I made sure not to thrust my cock in too deeply
at first. I wanted us both to enjoy this firs moment of penetration between
son and mother.  I wanted that moment to last forever and be impressed on our
minds for all time.  Slowly, I slipped my cock into Mom's pussy.  It was wet,
not too tight, but just right for me.  Mom yelped as my cock slid down her
cunt, but she wanted me deeper.  I went as deep as I could, she grabbed my ass
and pulled me deeper, at the same time pulling her legs high in the air.  She
wrapped them around my shoulders as I began to fuck her.  Slowly at first,
then a building rhythm.  We were perfect together.  Somehow, we knew just how
to please the other.  Our breathing increased, the moaning turned up a notched
and the fucking became harder and faster.  I was sweating, but kept going.  If
my mom wanted me to fuck her forever, I would.  Anything to please her, I said
to myself.  Mom rubber her clit with her fingers as I fucked her and she
screamed as she came.  Once, twice, three times.

Once mom had cum, I knew it was all right for me.  I thrust my cock in and out
of her wonderful cunt as I readied myself to blast off inside of my mother.
It was an incredible feeling, knowing I was about to cum in my mother's cunt.
I cunt I had dreamed about fucking since I was a kid.  Having a fantasy like
this come true is just an incredible experience.  I breathed heavy and mom
knew I was going to cum.  I could have melted when she said to me, "C'mon,
baby.  Cum inside mommy.  Cum for your mommy, baby."  That was all I needed.
"Oooooooh, Mommy!"  I yelled.  I felt like a little boy as I came inside of
her.  It was the most satisfying orgasm I've ever had.  I collapsed over mom
as I finished cumming.  She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly.
"God, I love you sooooo very much!"  She whispered to me ever so lovingly."
"I love you too, mom," I whispered back.  We kissed and lay together for a
long while.

After awhile, we fucked again and were very playful.  We were like new lovers
who had just discovered the beauty of one another.  IT was wonderful.  We fell
asleep in my bed together, holding one another, totally in love.  We still

The rest of the time mom was at my house, we fucked every day....sometimes 2
or 3 times.  It was difficult when she left, but she did have to go.  This all
took place over a year ago and we have come to the conclusion that we'd like
to live together....as lovers.  The people down here don't know she is my
mother.  I suppose they would just think that I was fucking an older woman,
which isn't so unusual these days.  We've been discussing the prospects of
living together and soon we will make that final decision.  I know I don't
want anyone else.  I want to be with her always, as she does me.  She
was...and is...the best fuck I've ever had.  God, it's wonderful to have
finally fucked my mother.