- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] the accident
[Author] codehammer
[Type] Mother/son

Me ?? Oh I was a senior in high school and it was a couple weeks to graduation! I was partying real hard with my friends, drinking...doing a little smoke and getting ready to find the most fuckable girl and do some serious lovemaking. Heh heh. Hey, I waited 12 years for this day!!

Sure all of us knew that driving and drinking was a no-no, but how do you tell seniors this? Ya can't! Anyway, it happened. An accident. All I remember was Tom saying we were gonna roll and then I must have blacked out. I woke up in the hospital. Two busted arms and one busted leg but no serious damage. I am the one that recieved injuries...no one else did! That kinda figures huh? I felt down and I had one of those damn tubes in my dick so I could urinate in a bag at the bottom of the bed. I felt like I was fucked up and even had a hangover to boot! Sex? Damn, even if Gloria Estavan came in wearing nothing, I wouldn't be interested at all! Believe it! (Aw she's my favorite female singer.)

I am the only child and Dad died several years ago and Mom was doing her best to raise me and man, I heard about it when she came to visit me. Mom was a Bible thumper! A complete radical! But, then, she was my mom too!

The doctor said I could go home, but I would have a cast on each arm and one on my leg. Mom agreed that she could take a leave of absence to take care of me and I felt a little bad about it. When we got home, Mr Emerson came over and helped me to the house and to my bed. I was wore out! At least I didn't have that thing in my dick anymore. I was still in my hospital gown and mom covered me with a sheet. Even though I was badly injured, I was glad to be home!

In the afternoon it happened! I had to pee. Now how in the world could I do that? I couldn't bend my arms and i couldn't walk. I missed that damn tube right then. I yelled for mom, who came right in with a worried look on her face.

"What is it? Anything wrong?" She asked.

"I have to go to the bathroom." I shyly said.

"well, now thats a problem." She said thinking about how I could get in the john. She looked through the hospital stuff and found a pee cup and laid it on the bed. "Here you are." She replied.

(Did I miss something in this life as I looked down at the urnial?)

"Mom? Heres a stupid question. How can I...you know...use it?" I said as she mulled this question over.

"Looks like I'll have to help you." She said a little embarrassed. She pulled down the sheet and carefully tried to scoop my dick in the pee cup...wouldn't work.

"Mom, this isn't working." I said.

"Maybe I could go over and get Mr Emerson to help you." Mom said eyeing my dick.

"Mom, there isn't time. I gotta go bad!" I pleaded. She reached down with a very red face and held my dick between two of her fingers and inserted it in the pee cup. I went like a race horse ahhhhhhh. She then removed my dick and took it into the bathroom and emptied it and brought back a wash cloth. She seemed to study my dick for a minute and apologised. I told her it was okay, so she used the washcloth and wiped the remaining pee off. Some dribbled down to my balls too.

"I...I..I'm sorry Mom." I said as my dick was getting hard. I saw her eyes widen at the full length of my dick. Both of us were very embarrassed, but she finished cleaning me and covered me up again. Damn, here I was with a hard on and couldn't relieve myself. Mom left the room leaving me in a frustrated state of mind. Supper time came and i was hand fed like a baby. Mom was wearing her robe and everytime she fed me it opened a little, giving me a little shot of her tits. DAMN! I was getting hard again. I tried to keep my mind on the food but couldn't! This had to be my punishment for partying! I knew it was!

"Damien, will you quit that!" Mom said looking at my bulge under the covers.

"I'm sorry Mom, it does it on its own." I meekly said. She finally finished feeding me and took the tray into the kichen. Oh, I was dying!! Maybe my girl friend would come over....maybe. It wasn't a half hour that mom came back with a pan of water, a wash cloth and towel.

"Bath time." She said with a smile. I couldn't say anything! She pulled the sheet off me and threw it on the floor and removed my gown. She started to wash me and then she came to me dick. She thought for a minute and then continued. The warm water and her touch was driving me nuts! Bingo, hard on again.

"Oh my Baby." She cried a little. "Now what I am going to do, you must never tell."

"I promise." I said not really understanding what she meant. Her hand went slowly to my dick and she held it and then slowly started to jack me off. I was close to coming and Mom must have sensed it.

"I don't want the clean sheet to get stained. But I want to satisfy you." Mom said in question. She was still slowly pumping and with her other hand was cupping my balls. "Oh hell." Mom said. This was a shock to me because I never heard mom cuss before. She bend down and started to suck my dick! Finally she was going faster obviously enjoying it as much as I was! My dick started to throb and swell and then I was cumming! I was cumming in my moms mouth and that made it even more powerful! In a couple minutes she raised her head and cleaned me as my dick started to go down.

"Feel better?" She asked.

"Yeah. Thanks." I said completely satisfied and relaxed. The next morning at breakfast, I was hard again. Mom didn't seen to notice either. I was squirming on the bed.

"My goodness, Damien. I know teenagers stay horny, but gosh." Mom said looking at the bulge.

"I'm sorry Mom." I said. She reached down and squeezed it through the covers.

"Would you like for me to...to suck it?" Mom asked.

"Mom, why don't you call Nicole and have her come over." I asked. Boy, that was the wrong thing to say!

"This isn't a whore house young man! I am your mother, you remember that!" She hollered. She took the sheet clean off and then she stood up and removed her robe giving me a shot at a slightly overweight woman. She climbed on the bed and straddled my dick and inserted it. "Not a word about this." She said as I went to the hilt. She was starting her rhythm and her tits were just inches from my face. Mother or not...I stuck my tongue out and liked the nipple. "Ohhhhhh." Mom said with her eyes closed as she brought her tit closer. She started to hump faster and faster. Then she threw her head back and froze. I just gave mom an orgasm!!! Then I felt my body shake....I was cumming! After I was finished she eased off and gave me a kiss on the forehead. She cleaned me up again and got dressed.

"Mom...I...I." I tried to talk.

"Shhhhh. Don't talk. Its all right. We can do this everytime you need it until you get better." She smiled. Well, it was two weeks more before I could get out of bed and go to the kitchen and bathroom. Nope sex, didn't stop either. When I was fully re covered, Mom would always come into my room for sex. Come to find out, my girl friend, rather my ex girl friend tried to visit but mom said I wasn't recieving visitors. In a month or two we moved away to Wyoming. I still live with my mom and we are living like husband and wife and very happy.