- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] a comfort to his mother
[Author] OneSickPuppy
[Type] Mother/son

After the Funeral

    As a cold rain fell Sharon Powers stood by her husband's grave trying to understand how this could be happening to her.  She was still a young woman, not yet thirty in fact.  How could God be so cruel as to take her husband from her.  The muttered condolences from her husband's friends and coworkers meant nothing to her.

    Standing by her side was her thirteen year old son, Paul.  The child of a wartime marriage he had been born when his mother was just sixteen.  Now almost as tall as his mother, he held an umbrella over her head to keep the rain off.  Finally he touched her shoulder and said, "We should go, Mom.  I don't want you to get sick too."

    Reluctantly, Sharon allowed Paul to lead her from the cemetery and take her home.  She just hoped that the others would leave her alone for a while.  She hated them all for still being alive.

    But her wish was not going to come true.  As she left a pair of eyes was studying her and making plans.  Tom Miller was, he was perfectly willing to admit, a real asshole.  He was already making plans to visit his best friend's widow and "comfort" her.  He had a lot of experience with mourning women during the war and he knew what grief did to their libidos.  Seeing how young and healthy she was he figured that Sharon would be a pushover.

    As they walked towards the car Paul Powers was undergoing some pretty stressful moments of his own.  Like his mother he was devastated by his father's death, but at this moment he was getting embarrassed.  He was becoming aroused by his lovely young mother.  He was doing his best to support his mother while tying to keep the rain off her.  But it was difficult and he kept finding his hands touching her in very inappropriate places.  Several times he had clutched her breast when she slipped on the wet grass.  And more than once her hips brushed his groin; torturing his hardening cock.

    Finally they reached the car and Paul was able to release her.  They drove home in silence.  Paul carried his mother's things upstairs, and then made her a cup of her favorite tea.  "You should rest, Mom," he said.

    Sharon turned to her son to thank him for his assistance and hugged him close.  "You've been terrific, Paul," she whispered.  "I know your dad would be proud of how well you've handled yourself."  Then she kissed him on the lips and said, "You're so much like him."

    For a moment they held each other.  Sharon drew strength from her son's love and support and she wanted to hold him a little longer and feel safe.  She didn't even notice that she was pressing her body to him.

    Paul was very aware of it, however.  Her breasts were pressing into his chest and he could not help noticing how firm and exciting they were.  Worst of all, her groin was pressing against his and once again he could feel his cock stiffen in response.   Fearing she might notice that he was getting a hardon, Paul pulled away from her and went to his room.

    Once he was safe in the privacy of his room Paul couldn't keep himself from pulling his pants down and starting to jackoff.  His mind went back to the moment a few months before when he had passed his parents bedroom and he had glanced in.  His mother had not expected him to be home so soon and she had left her door ajar while she changed clothes.  Now Paul's mind was filled again the vision he had seen that day; her large, heavy breasts, capped by dark brown nipples that made his mouth water, and her long, slender legs that led to her groin and a mass of curly, black, almost oily looking hair.

    Paul had led a sheltered life and knew nothing about sex.  He had no idea of what happened when men and women shared a bed, so he did not visualize himself fucking his mother.  Instead, he saw her naked in his arms and he tried to imagine what it would feel like if it were her soft hand that was moving up and down on his cock.

    As the pleasure increased Paul pumped his cock faster and faster until he felt his balls spasm.  He grunted and moaned softly as the climax roared through his body and he felt his hot cum splatter his chest.  He wished his mother could see him do it.  But then through the wall that separated their bedrooms he heard her weeping and he wished he were dead.

The Visitor

    Tom Miller sat in his car outside the Powers home watching their front door.  He was waiting for Paul to leave for school.  He was anxious to have a little fun with Sharon Powers, but he knew that nothing would happen if the boy were there.  Finally he saw Paul going out the front door and heading down the street.  Tom waited a few minutes longer, then got of the car and headed for Sharon's front door.

    Sharon was sitting at the kitchen table staring at her uneaten breakfast wishing Paul had been able to stay home today.  He was the only thing she cared about now.  If it weren't for him she would give in to the temptation to switch on the gas over and die.  But she couldn't do that to her son.  She thought of how strong he had been yesterday, how he had stood by her and helped her.  He was such a good boy, she thought, strong and handsome and full of life.

    Sharon jumped when she heard the doorbell.  Then she closed her eyes and shuddered at the prospect of seeing anyone today.  Why couldn't they go away and leave her alone.  When she opened the door she saw Tom Miller standing there with flowers and disquieting smile.  "Hello, Tom," she said listlessly.

    Tom wanted to be subtle but he couldn't help himself.  When he saw her standing there a smile of pure delight spread over his face.  Sharon was wearing a housecoat and he was sure that beneath that would be her nightgown, and then only bare flesh.  Oh, she might be wearing panties, too, but certainly no bra would stand between his lips and her luscious tits.  This was going to be easy.

    "Hi, Sharon," Tom said.  "I thought I'd better come by and see how you are doing.  I know Bill would want me to keep an eye on you."  He had a hard time keeping the smirk off his face.

    "That's nice, Tom," Sharon replied, "but I'm okay.  Really."

    "You don't look okay," Tom said.  "In fact, you look terrible."  He reached out as if to put his hand on her cheek and Sharon pulled away.  Which was what Tom had planned.  When she moved back he was able to step inside and close the door.  "Have you eaten anything?" he asked.  "You're a little pale."

    Sharon wanted to scream at him to leave, but her mannerly upbringing wouldn't permit it.  She slumped onto the sofa and said, "I appreciate your concern, Tom, but really, I'll be okay.  I just need some time."

    Tom sat down beside her and said softly, "Of course you do, Honey.  Time and support from the people who care about you.  People who love you.  People like me."

    Sharon was offended when he called her 'Honey', but she let it pass.  After all, nothing really mattered anymore.

    Now Tom put his arm around her in a friendly fashion and said, "I just want you to know that I'm here for you.  I'm ready to help you out in any way you need."  Then he put his hand on her back and stroked her.  "Any way at all," he whispered in her ear as he pulled her close.

    Sharon was shocked at his action and she tried to push him away.  "Tom!  What do you think you are doing!"

    "Relax, Sharon," he replied.  " I know you need this.  You need to be reminded that you are young and sexy and alive.  You know you want me to do this.  Why else did you let me come in?"

    Sharon struggled a bit and pushed harder.  "No!  I didn't let you in!  You just came in!"

    "Are you sure?" Tom whispered.  "If you didn't want me to come in, why did you answer the door?  Why did you step aside for me?"

    Tom started to kiss her now; on the lips and on her neck.  At the same time he slid his hand into her housecoat and squeezed her breast gently.  He loved the way it felt, even through the nightgown she wore.

    Sharon shook her head.  He was starting to confuse her.  He had to be wrong; she didn't want this.  It was all a mistake.  But why wasn't she stopping him?  Why did his hand feel so good on her tit?  Why was her nipple starting to harden?

    "Please, Tom," she whispered, "don't do this to me.  Please let me go."

    "No, Sharon," he answered, "I won't let you go.  You don't really want me to."

    Now Tom pushed open her housecoat and feasted his eyes on her lovely body, which was hardly obscured by the diaphanous negligee she wore beneath it.  He glanced quickly down to her groin and saw her dark pubic bush and smiled to himself.  If she dressed like this when her son was around, she probably slept in the nude when the boy was away, he thought.  She was definitely ready for some 'comfort'.

    Sharon lay back in a daze as she felt Tom's hands running over her body, squeezing her breasts and stroking her mons.  She whimpered and sobbed with both shame and need when he pulled the top of her nighty down and slid her breasts out.

    Tom's mouth watered as he stared at her dark nipples.  They were hard and seemed to cry out for his mouth.  And he wasn't going to disappoint them.  Taking Sharon's right nipple between his thumb and finger  he pulled her heavy tit up from her chest.  "You want me to suck them, don't you, slut.  You want me to lick and kiss and chew your titties, don't you."

    Sharon tried to shake her head, but she had so little control of her body now that the movement was barely noticeable.  And when she felt Tom's mouth suddenly engulf her hard nipples she couldn't suppress a groan of desire.  She closed her eyes so she could pretend it was Ben, her dead husband.

    Tom was an asshole, but that didn't mean that he was a poor lover.  His skillful manipulation of Sharon's breasts soon had her aching for more.  She started to stroke his hair and push her tits up to his lips.  Her dignity was almost gone now.  She needed to be fucked.

    Tom smiled when he noticed the hot, musky sent rising from Sharon's pussy.  He knew she was getting wet and that in only a few minutes more he would have his cock deep inside her hot cunt.  Slowly he pushed the bottom of her nightgown up so he could have free access to her pussy.  It was almost time to claim his prize.

    Sharon started to shake as she felt her pussy being uncovered.  She wanted Tom to fuck her, but she also hated him and wanted him to stop.  She opened her eyes and saw his evil leer and look of triumph.  Then she felt his hand on her pussy.  He parted her lower lips and searched for a moment with his long middle finger, then shoved it roughly into her.

    "I hope you like it rough, you cunt" Tom sneered, "cause now I'm gonna give you the fucking of your life!"

    Sharon summoned up the last of her strength and pushed his away as hard as she could.  "NO!" she said in despair, knowing that he wouldn't stop and that all too soon he would be fucking her hard and she would be screaming for more.


    Tom looked up to see Paul standing over him, a cocked baseball bat in his hands.  As he tried to rise, Paul swung the bat with all his might.

    Tom was lucky that he had started to get up.  Because of his motion the homerun swing that Paul had aimed at his forehead caught him in the mouth instead.  There was a sickening thud and suddenly Tom was trying scream through a mouth filled with blood and broken teeth.

    Paul quickly pulled the bat back and swung again; this time aiming for Tom's knee.  Tom had never imagined such pain, but his ear piercing shriek was cut off when Paul's third blow smashed into his chest and knocked the wind out of him.

    Now Tom collapsed, his head hanging down as he fought for breath.  Above him Paul raised the bat once more.  "Three strikes and you're out, Asshole," he said as he prepared to crush the back of Tom's skull.

    "NO!" Sharon screamed at him.

    Paul stopped and turned to her, stunned.  "Why not?" he said.  "The bastard deserves it."

    "He can't hurt me now, Paul," Sharon said quietly.  "Go call the police.  We'll let them handle it from here."

A Mother's Joy

    The police had questioned them separately.

    Paul had told them of how he had come back home when he realized that he couldn't face his classmates yet.  How he had heard noises from the livingroom and had seen his mother struggling with Tom Miller.  He told them that he had grabbed a bat and rushed to her aid.  Since everything he said was true, he had had no problem keeping his story straight.

    Sharon had a harder time of it.  Everything she had said was also strictly speaking true, but she left a lot out.  She simply said that Tom had tricked her into letting him into her house and then had forced his attentions on her.  She had struggled, but hadn't been able to drive him away.  She didn't say how feeble her struggles had been, or that she was well on the way to giving in to him joyfully when Paul had arrived.

    The investigators sensed that there was something peculiar going on, but they couldn't poke any holes in Sharon's story and so they left.  Not entirely convinced, but sure that they could make a case against Tom Miller for attempted rape, and that there were no charges to be filed against Paul.

    That night Paul was the very picture of a concerned and considerate son.  He make sure that his mother was comfortable and did everything he could to banish the memory of Tom's assault.

    But Sharon was still troubled and at last she decided that she had to speak.  "We can't press charges," said suddenly.

    Paul looked at her in shock.  "What do you mean, Mom.  That bastard tried to rape you!  If the cops let him go, I gonna kill him!"

    Sharon took a deep breath, and then put her arms around her son.  "Paul, I don't want to hurt you, but you have to know the truth.  If this goes to trial, Tom will say that I wanted him to have sex with him and that you just misunderstood.  And that's partially true."

    Paul shook his head and with tears welling up in his eyes he said, "No, Mom.  I say you.  You were pushing him away and you told him no.  That's rape!"

    Now Sharon was weeping as well.  "I'm sorry, Paul, but if you hadn't come in when you did, I would have let him do it to me.  When you heard me say no, I was talking mostly to myself; I was telling myself not to give in.  Not to enjoy it."

    "But, Mom, that's what I meant," Paul said.  "If you didn't want it..."

    Sharon put a finger on his lips to silence him.  "But I did want it, Paul.  Your father's death almost killed me too, Paul.  I don't know how I'm going to live without him.  In fact, if I didn't have to take care of you, I think I would have killed myself."

    "What has that got to do with that asshole, Tom Miller?"

    Sharon hung her head, "When he started to touch me, I felt alive again.  I needed some man to show me that life was worth living.  It may sound shallow to say that getting fucked would do that, but I think it's a kind of primal urge.  I've lost my mate and my body wants me to find another.  When your father was alive, we were more than happy with you as our only child.  Now that he is gone I have this urge to have another baby.  Tom was just taking advantage of that."

    "It was still rape," Paul insisted.  "You know that you never wanted Tom Miller to do anything to you.  You know that under normal circumstances you'd rather fuck a stray dog than him.  You said that he tricked you into letting him into the house.  Was that true?"  Sharon nodded.  "Well, if you had wanted to have sex with him, he wouldn't have had to trick you would he?  So he's still a raping asshole!"

    Sharon felt a great burst of love for her son.  He was so understanding, and he was being so adult about what had happened.  "Then you don't blame me, Paul?" she said.

    Paul put his arms around her and said, "There's nothing to blame you for, Mom.  It wasn't your fault.  Never forget that!"

    "Thank you, Paul," Sharon said, pulling him close.

    They were both crying a little, from happiness and relief, and each of them needed the reassurance of their hugging.  Sharon was so happy that it seemed perfectly natural for her to kiss Paul at that moment.  As she did so, both of their lips parted and Sharon's tongue slid into her son's mouth instinctively.

    Paul shivered when he felt his mother's tongue enter his mouth.  He knew this was not a normal mother and son kiss anymore.  He hoped she would do more, but he didn't know how to ask.

    Sharon was also shaken by what she had done.  But it felt so right.  She knew she should stop, that she she should run from the room at the horror of what she was doing, but she found she didn't care.  She still felt a deep longing to mate and her son was so much like his father that she couldn't resist the urge to seduce him.

    Paul quickly came to the realization that his mother wanted him and that she was his for the taking.  He wasted no time in laying claim to her.  He started to kiss her back with a passion that matched hers.  At the same time he slid his hand into her housecoat, just as Tom Miller had that morning.  And like Tom he gently squeezed her breast and felt her nipple harden.

    This time Sharon was not resisting the sensations that ran through her body.  When Tom took her breast into his hand it was a violation, but when Paul touched her she felt only joy.  "Ohhhh, Paul," she sighed, "that feels so good.  Keep touching me, Paul.  I love it so when you touch me."

    Paul did as she asked.  He shoved the housecoat off her shoulders and then took the top of her negligee in his hand.  He looked into her eyes for a moment and then pulled the thin material down, baring her breasts.  He took a tit in each hand and squeezed gently while he teased her nipples with his thumbs and fingers.

    "Oh, yesssss!" she hissed as she pulled his mouth back to her for another deep and soulful kiss.

    Paul couldn't believe what was happening.  He was sitting next to his half-naked mother, sharing an open mouth kiss and playing with her tits.  His rock hard cock was painfully trapped in his trousers and he was forced to break their kiss.  "I gotta get my pants off, Mom," he said.

    Sharon smiled at him and said, "Good!  I need to get this coat out of our way, too.  And you should take off your shirt; we should be naked together, Paulie, my love."

    Paul grinned when his mother used her old pet name for him.  She hadn't called him that since he was a little boy; it sounded so odd to hear it when he was only moments from fucking her.

    Soon they were naked and Sharon held her arms out to her son.  "Come to Momma, Paulie," she said.

    Paul was soon in her arms again, kissing her passionately.  This time he could feel her hard nipples digging into his chest as they held each other tight.  After a few moments, however, Sharon broke their kiss.  She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them up until her nipples where pointed right at his mouth.  "Suck them for me, Paulie.  Suck Momma's titties."

    Once again Paul was more than happy to do as his mother asked.  He immediately dropped his head and took her nipple into his mouth.  Sharon sighed and moaned as her son's lips closed around her breast and he used his tongue and teeth to tease her sensitive nub.  "Ohhhh, you do that so good, Paulie.  Nobody ever sucked my titties better than you, my sweet baby boy."

    Paul loved sucking on her breasts and he felt like he could die happy at that moment.  But since his hands were free, he decided to explore her body further.  He slowly moved his left hand down her body, sweeping it over her chest and stomach.  He was taking his time so she could stop him if she wanted to.

    But he was sure that she wouldn't object and so he was not surprised that she made no protest as his fingers moved through her pubic thicket and then slid between her pussy lips.  Paul could hardly believe how hot and wet her genitals were.  Then his finger found her pussy mouth and he shoved his finger deep into her body.  Sharon groaned when he penetrated her, but again she made no move to stop him.  Emboldened, Paul added a second finger and moved them in and out, finger-fucking his own mother.

    Sharon threw her head back and laughed joyously.  "Ohhhhh, you naughty boy," she said.  "Sticking your nasty fingers into your momma's pussy while you suck on her titties.  I can't imagine what you'll want to do next."

    Paul looked at her seriously for just a moment.  "I want to fuck you, Mom," he answered.  "I just don't know if you want me to do it to you here, or in my bedroom."

    Sharon kissed him very gently and said, "Neither, Paulie.  I want you to fuck me in our bed."  When Paul looked at in confusion she continued, "It was mine and your father's bed, but from now on it's our bed.  Yours and mine."

    Sharon stood and took her son's hand, "Come with me, Honey.  Let's go to bed and make sweet love to each other."

    Paul nodded and rose.  "I want to do that very much, Mom.  Please show me everything you like and I will be proud and happy to do it with you."

    Moments later they were in Sharon's bedroom.  She sat on the bed and motioned for Paul to stand in front of her.  Then she took his erect cock in her hand and started to stroke it carefully.  "You have a very nice cock, Paulie," she said.  "Nice and thick.  You're really going to stretch Momma's pussy hole with thing aren't you.  Ummmm, long, too.  What are you baby?  About seven inches?"

    Paul gulped as he fought off the urge to cum while his mother played with his cock.  Even more exciting were her slutty words.  Could this really be his demure mother?  He looked down at where she was running her fingertips along the scar left by his circumcision, and gulped again.  "Uh, eight and a quarter, Mom," he replied.

    "A good size," Sharon cooed.  "Is it still growing?"

    Paul grinned at her and said, "It sure feels like it's getting bigger while you play with it, Mom."

    Sharon's mouth watered as she looked at Paul's hard cock.  Then she looked up at her son and said, "I know you want to fuck me real bad, Paulie, and I really want you, too, but there is something else I want to do first.  Could I suck on your cock, Paulie.  Please let me taste you.  And I want to taste all of you.  Promise me you'll come in my mouth!"

    Paul shivered and said, "I said I would do anything you wanted, Mom, and I meant it.  But if you want me to shoot off in your mouth you have to stop talking so dirty.  I almost blew it all over your face just now."

    Sharon smiled and said, "Well, we certainly don't want that to happen."  She moved forward until her lips were almost touching his cock then she added, "Maybe next time."

    Paul stifled a cry when he felt her lips slide over his glans.  The touch of her mouth on his cock was almost more than he could bear, but when his mind processed he last comment it was just too much.  He had hardly gotten his cockhead into her mouth before he erupted.

    "OHHHHHH, GODDDDD, MOM!" Paul yelled as bolts of cum spurted from his cock and onto his mother's tongue.  He groaned and shook even more when he glanced down and saw her swallowing his cum.  "YES, MOM!  EAT MY CUM!  SWALLOW IT ALL YOU SLUT!"

    Sharon heard him and she loved it.  She was a good and proper mother to the whole outside world, but for her son she was a slut and she was proud to be one.  She got a really slutty idea just then.  She stopped swallowing, trapping his last few spurts on her tongue.  Then she pulled off his cock and looked up at him, batting her eyelashes.  When Paul looked down at her she opened her mouth and showed him the cum she had collected in her mouth, swished it for a moment with her tongue, then gulped it down.

    Paul groaned again and fell onto the bed.  "Ohhhh, Mom.  I'm sorry I said that, but the way you're carrying on, I just couldn't help myself."

    Sharon kissed him again, pushing her cum coated tongue into his mouth.  For a second he was repulsed by the idea of tasting cum, even his own, but then he remembered that he promised to do whatever she wanted and so he gave in and cleaned her tongue with his own.

    Then Sharon broke the kiss and smiled at him, "It's okay, Paulie.  I want to be your slut.  Your slut, your fucktoy, your whore, your bitch, your cunt.  Call me anything you want, baby, just keep loving me."

    "I will always love you, Mom," Paul promised her, meaning every word with all his heart.  "I'm sorry I came so fast, Mom.  Nobody ever did that to me before and I guess you were just too much of a woman for me to hold out; at least for my first time."

    Sharon smiled.  "That's okay, Paulie," she said.  "I was doing everything I could to make you come fast.  I wanted you to shoot just as soon as possible."  Paul looked at her with raised eyebrows.  "First because I really wanted to taste your cum, but more importantly because I don't want you to come fast when we fuck.  Since you've already shot one load, you should be able to last longer when you stick your cock into my pussy.  And I want you to do that just as soon as that big boy between your legs get hard again."

    Paul laughed as she put her hand into his crotch and said, "Oh, look!  He's hard already.  I guess that means you're ready to become Momma's Little MotherFucker!"

    "Oh yes, Mom, I am," Paul answered breathlessly.  "Uh, Mom, I've never done it before.  Will you show me what to do?"

    "Of course I will, Baby," Sharon said with a smile.  "Who has a better right to your cherry than your own momma?"

    Sharon lay back on the bed and spread her legs.  "We'll do it with you on top this time.  Get between my legs, Honey, but don't do anything yet."  When Paul had done what she said she continued.  "Okay, now put your cockhead into the mouth of my pussy, just like you did with your fingers earlier.  Ouuuuuuuu, that feels good."

   Paul smiled when he felt his cock start to go into his mother's pussy.  Her moan told him that she was enjoying what he was doing and at that moment he swore to himself that he would make her come before night was over.

    "Ohhhh, Paulie, you are going to be a beautiful lover.  Push more into me, Baby."

    "My pleasure, Mom," he replied and let more of his shaft slide into her.

    "That's so good," Sharon said.  "Keep pushing in, Baby.  Put all of it in.  Don't worry, Momma's cunt can take it!"

    Then their pubic mounds touched and the incestuous pair sighed in unison.  "Oh, God, this is great, Mom.  It's got to be a thousand times better than jacking off."

    "Oh it is, Honey.  We haven't even started yet.  Wait until Momma starts to squeeze your cock with her cunt.  Like this!"  Sharon said as she clinched her vaginal muscles and grabbed her son's hard pole.

    Paul had never even imagined that anything could feel this good and once again he was fighting off the urge to cum.  "Don't do that, Mom!  I don't want it to be over so fast!"

    "Don't worry, Baby, Momma knows what she's doing.  That was just a taste, or maybe a tease.  I'm gonna let you fuck me for a good long time before I make you blow babyjuice in my pussy," she replied as she released him.  "Now lean down a little and hold yourself up with your arms.  Now start moving that big cock in and out of my cunt.  FUCK ME!"

    Paul did as he was told and soon he was in heaven.  His first fuck and it was with his mother!  And it was her idea!!  "I love doing this with you, Mom.  Please say we can do it again!"

    Sharon was now moving her hips to meet her son's thrusts.  "Oh, oh, oh, OH YEAH!" she grunted.  "You won't even to say please!  Just tell me it's time to fuck and I'm yours!"

    "I want to fuck you forever, Mom!  I'll never want anybody else!"

    "Me too, Honey!  We're going to have a beautiful life together!"

    Again Paul found his mother's words pushing him towards a climax.  "OH, I'M GONNA CUM SOON, MOM!"

    "YESSSS!" Sharon roared back at him, and once again her pussy clamped down on Paul's cock.  "DO IT!  COME IN YOUR MOTHER'S CUNT!  FUCK YOUR LOAD DEEP INTO MY BELLY!"

    "AAAUUGHHHH...I CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE...GONNA COME...GONNA COME!" Paul bellowed as his semen poured into his mother's cunt.  And in his mind he was pouring his love into her as well.

    Collapsing onto the bed he moaned, "I love you, Mom." as he felt her arms surround him.  And when he felt her lips touch his forehead as she kissed him like her child again, he fell into a contented slumber, safe in the arms of the woman who would always love him more than any other.

Day of Decision

    The next morning Paul awoke late.  For a moment he was confused to be waking up in his mother's bed.  Then he remembered the incredible night before.  Now he could understand how he could feel so exhausted and so happy at the same time.  He closed his eyes and relaxed, taking a deep breath.  Even though he was alone now, he could still smell his mother's body on the sheets and pillows.  And he could smell the heady aroma of sex.

    Sharon came into the bedroom quietly, fresh from the shower.  She stood there for a moment watching her son.  She knew he was awake, but she wanted to give him time to reflect on what had happened last night, and what might happen in the future.  She knew she was supposed to be wracked by guilt, but as she looked at her son lying on her bed, his body still carrying traces of last nights lovemaking, all she felt was happy and complete.  At this moment she didn't give a fuck what anybody else might have thought about what she and Paul had done; for them it was right.

    At last she sat down on the bed and ran her fingers through his hair.  "Time to get up, Sleepyhead.  We have things to talk about."

    Paul opened his eyes and looked at her.  "Are you sure you wouldn't rather come back to bed, Mom."

    Sharon smiled at him.  "Then you don't hate me for what I did last night?  My 'taking advantage of you' I mean?"

    Paul grinned.  "I always heard that it takes two to tango, Mom, and after last night I know it takes two to fuck.  You didn't do anything I wasn't praying you would do."

    "Then you still love me?"

    Paul sat up and took her hand in his.  "Yes, Mom.  I love you.  I don't just mean as your son.  I do love you like a son loves a mother, but I also love you in ways most other sons don't get to.  I love you as a man loves a woman.  Like a husband loves a wife.  I never want to be parted from you, Mom.  I want to marry you."

    Sharon caressed his face and said, "You're still very young, Paul.  You might change your mind one day."

    "They say a boy's love for his mother never changes, Mom," Paul replied.  "And I know that my love for you won't change.  I will love you, and want to make love with you, when we're both over 100 years old."

    Sharon smiled and kissed her son.  Then she said, "But you will want a family and children, won't you?"  Then as Paul pondered her question she cleared the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat and added, "Of course, our being lovers doesn't mean that you can't have children.  Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

    Paul looked at her in wonder.  "You mean, us?  You and me?"

    "Yes, Paul.  I'm asking if you will let me have your baby."

    Paul sat up and pulled his mother into his arm.  "That is a silly thing to ask, Mom.  I mean, you shouldn't be asking me.  I should be on my knees begging you to have my child.  I can't think of anything more wonderful for a mother to do for her son.  As soon as I get out of school and find a job, we'll move away.  We'll tell people we're married and you can have my baby."

    "A beautiful idea, Honey, but I want to ask you for a very big favor," Sharon said.  "I don't want to wait that long.  Paul, can we have our first child right away?"

    "Did you say our first child, Mom?  You mean we could have more than one?"

    Sharon smiled, "Yes.  I want to have a bunch of babies for my sweet Paulie.  And I would really like for him to get me pregnant now.

    "And you could knock me up now, Paulie," she continued.  "I stopped using any protection months ago when your dad got sick.  You could even have gotten me pregnant last night, but the best time to try will be in the next three or four days.  Can we do it?  Can we make a baby now?"

    Paul kissed his mother softly and said, "I promised to do anything you wanted me to, Mom.  If giving you a baby will make you happy I will be proud to do it."  Then he grinned and added, "I sure hope it makes you happy, Mom, because the idea thrills me to death!"

    "Okay, Baby, we're gonna do it!" Sharon said, gleefully.  "You go grab a quick shower while I call the school and tell them you won't be coming in for the rest of the week.  We don't want some nosey truant officer coming by and finding out just how much of a delinquent you've become."

    As Paul rushed off to the shower Sharon called his high school.  She was annoyed when the attendance clerk said that she couldn't approve so long an absence.  "Unless he has a medical excuse, you'll have to get permission from the Vice-Principal."

    "Then let me talk to them," Sharon snapped.  There was a moment of silence and then a new voice came on the line.  "This is Vice-Principal Jefferson.  May I help you Ms. Powers."

    Sharon had met Gloria Jefferson a few times at school functions and liked her.  She was a handsome woman of about fifty.  Sharon remembered how scandalized some members of the PTA had been when they met Mr. Jefferson.  "Cradle Robber" they had whispered when they saw how much younger he was than his wife.  Some even wondered aloud if they could trust her around their young sons.

    "Ms. Jefferson, as you know my husband died last week.  And I don't know if you've heard, but there was also some trouble at my home yesterday."

    "Yes, Ms. Powers I did hear.  Shocking to think that anyone could be so low.  It was a good thing that Paul came in when he did.  I've decided not to charge yesterday as a cut, by the way.  We'll just add it on to the funeral excuse."

    "Thank you, Ms. Jefferson.  That is sort of the reason I was calling.  After all of yesterday's events, I want to keep Paul at home for a few days longer.  We've developed a new closeness and I really need him to be with me during the next week or so.  I don't think I can tell you just how much I need him right now."

    Something in Sharon's voice, especially the way she said 'need' caught Gloria's attention.  She glanced at the picture on her desk.  It showed her young husband with his arms around their two daughters.  Then she looked around to make sure nobody could overhear her and took the second biggest risk of her entire life.

    "Sharon...may I call you Sharon," she said.

    "Certainly, Ms. Jefferson."

    "Gloria, please.  Well, Sharon, I might understand better than you think.  I lost my first husband in the war.  It was devastating of course, but I also got closer to my son afterwards.  Much, much closer.  He was, and is, a great comfort to me.  I just hope you and Paul are as happy."

    Paul came back into the bedroom to see his mother putting the phone down with a very bemused look on her face.  "What's up, Mom?  You look kinda weirded-out."

    Sharon smiled at him and said, "Everything is fine, Honey.  I was just thinking that I want to get to know Gloria Jefferson a lot better in the future.  She sounds like my kind of woman."

The End