- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] African prince
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

As Mikey mechanically got off the schoolbus and turned toward his house
he mentally kicked himself for missing his stop again.  The monotony of
six years of elementary school and a year and a half of junior high had
given him an uncanny ability to zone out and disappear into his own mind.
 Unfortuanately the ability reared itself regularly, wanted or not.  He
reassured himself that it was no big deal.  He would walk an extra half
mile or so today.

As Mikey walked, still in the fog  that had caused him to miss his stop,
he kicked rocks, garbage, sticks and any other targets that happened to
come in range of his foot without forcing him to break stride.  What was
really on his mind however was the erection he had sprung on the bus
thinking about his neighbor Julie Osbourne.  He had come to think she was
the cutest girl in school. 

Julie had moved to town two years earlier.  Although she lived right down
the street from Mikey and was always especially kind to him in school, he
was just too shy to pursue anything.  They often talked in school and she
was downright flirtateous with him at times.  Although he enjoyed this
immensely, his shyness was overpowering.  He always wanted to further the
relationship, but he could only manage to do so in his fantasies.

Perhaps his shyness arose from the fact that he felt so out of place in
his small, White, largely Christian town.  Mikey's Mom was African, and
his father had been of Native American descent.  His Mom was a deeply
spiritual person, but this quality seemed to Mikey to come out as
eccentricity.  The house was thoroughly decorated with African and Native
American art.  To Mikey it was all just a reminder of how different his
house was from everyone else's in town.

Trying to think of other things, Mikey managed to get his erection down
to a softer, controlled, less visible phenomena before he entered the
house.  His Mom had baked some cookies for him - the closest thing to
junk food he ever found at home.  He gobbled the cookies down one by one,
pausing only for  intermittant gulps of milk.

"I've got to go to the bank and run some errands, honey."  His Mom said
in her sweet motherly voice. 

Even though he was embarrassed of his Mom's eccentricity and sometimes
even her race, Mikey loved his mother dearly and he felt closer to no one
else.  He had only a couple of vague memories of his father.  He was
killed by a policemen when Mikey was a small child.  His mother believed
the policemen had killed her husband out of mistaken identity, brutality,
or racism.  Regardless of the reason, to cover up their crime the
policemen had planted a gun and a large bag of cocaine on her husband. 
He was a strong man and a good husband, and with justice never having
been served nearly ten years later it still tore her up inside.

"Okay."  Mikey replied, hiding his genuine happiness that she was going
out.  He would have a chance to take care of his horniness at last. 
Still sitting at the kitchen table, his erection started to swell again,
and he pulled his teeshirt down to be sure his Mom couldn't see the
bulge.  He waited and watched as she got her purse and keys together and
finally went out the door with the final words, "I'll be back in a little

As soon as the door closed behind her, Mikey got up and walked to the
bathroom.  He retrieved a handful of tissues and proceeded upstairs to
his room.  He was quite paranoid of being caught, and on his way by
locked the front door to slow his Mom down if she came home sooner than
expected.  As he entered his room, he closed the door firmly behind him,
pulled all the shades in his room, and got naked.  There was something
energetic and erotic about just his own nakedness, and especially so with
sexual thoughts about Julie racing through his head at a phenomenal rate.
 He layed down on his bed, his erection unbelievably complete.  The skin
on his penis was so taught that the slightest touch by his own hand sent
a shiver through him.  He couldn't believe how charged up he was.  It
seemed his erection was bigger and harder than it ever had been before.

As thoughts of Julie naked, smiling, running her hands across his bare
chest filled his mind, he began to slowly stroke.  Mikey forced his
imagination to backstep the encounter with her.  He liked to imagine the
seduction, the kissing, the removal of clothing, the sucking of nipples,
eating her out, her giving him head, and not until he was ready to blow
did he reach the ultimate fantasy of sinking his dick into her.  One by
one he proceeded through vivid mental images of the encounter, stroking
himself slowly, forcing himself to slow or stop when he felt close to the

Although Mikey had only been masturbating for about a year, he had
mastered the technique of bringing himself to mind-blowing ectasy. 
Whenever he masturbated he tried to make it the best he could.  He had
realized the sacred rule of masturbation.  There is no point in rubbing
yourself raw for a mediocre reward; If you're going to do it, do it

His Mom was a deeply spiritual person and it was that spirituality that
gave her a philosphical strength that made her a perfectionist in many
respects.  Mikey's upbringing was both solid and chaotic.  His Mom was
truly a role model, and internally Mikey was strong like her.  But when
it came to dealing with the external world, socially, Mikey faultered in
embarrassment or fear.

Mikey's member was oozing precum at a prestigeous rate.  Meanwhile, Julie
had just planted her first kiss upon the head of his penis.  He had a
crystal clear vision of her wrapping her lips around just the head of his
penis as she looked into his eyes.  He removed his hand from his penis
momentarily as this image was just too much to hold out any longer.  It
was too late.  He began sliding his open fist up and down the length of
his penis faster than ever as he imagined plunging into her from behind.
 Julie on all fours;  Perky breasts shooting down toward the bed that
they were on;  Her cries piercing the air as she screamed his name in
passion.  As he began to spu, the first blast of cum landed on his
stomache.   Images began to race through his head.  The second, much more
powerful blast landing in a line running across his left nipple.  His
thoughts raced from Julie to a thousand other sexual desires.  Another,
spuing across the center of his chest and landing at the base of his
neck.  Images of girls and women from every aspect  of his life.  He saw
his cum splashing on the face of his best friend's older sister.  A
fourth shot of cum hit the underside of his chin.  He saw Mrs. Andersen,
his biology teacher, bare chested; his cum dripping from her mouth; she
rubbed it into her tits.  And he spued and spued and spued and it
splashed across his chest.  He saw Amy Christians sliding her pink and
wet and smooth and naked pussy down the length of his dick; she still
holding her cheerleading pom-poms.  A jet of his own cum hit him in the
face.  He saw his Mom; he saw her face; he saw her smooth wet lips
accentuate her mouth; she wore her favorite headband - yellow and black
and distinctly African; she wore her favorite dress - red and black and
yellow and wrapped loosely but sclupted to her chest;  her breasts,
large, perfectly rounded; he saw a hint of cleavage; and he slid his dick
between her tits.

Mikey's penis fell limp and lifeless and his hand fell away beside it. 
Even as the orgasm still tingled through his body, he felt guilty for
what he'd done.  His mother?  Where had that come from?  He'd never had a
sexual thought about her in his life.  Yet as if he had dedidicated some
sexual memorial to her, his last masturbatory image had been of her.  The
guilt grabbed his hand and reached the tissues and tried to wipe him
clean of what he'd done.  Cum had dripped off his chest, his neck, his
face and now his bed was nothing for his Mom to make.  He bundled up the
bedspread put it in his closet, grabbed a towel, and got into the shower.

As the hot water began to rinse him clean, he relaxed a little.  "No big
deal.  A freak thought entered my mind in the throes of passion."  Mikey
washed himself thoroughly head to toe, and the more he washed the better
he felt.  He shut off the water, dried himself, wrapped a towel around
himself and headed for his room. 

"I'm going out tomorrow evening Mikey, so you're going to have to make
dinner for yourself."  Mikey's Mom said as she scooped a big spoonful of
mashed potatoes onto his plate.  As always the dinner table was set for
two.  The size of the house seemed so excessive to Mikey's Mom,
especially since Natasha, Mikey's older sister, went away to college. 
Regardless, she did a good job maintaining it, made easier as much of the
space was never used.

"You got a hot date Mom?"  Mikey joked.  He was surprised when her answer
revealed this to be true.  She had not seen anyone since her husband's
death.  Although the concept of his mother with another man was foreign
to him he tried to encourage her as best he could, "Good for you.  Who is
he?"  He was a man she had met through a friend at work.

"He's rumored to be quite handsome."  Mikey's Mom smirked.  This struck
Mikey in a funny way.  He had never thought of his Mom as a sexual being
before.  Well until a few hours ago that is, but he pushed that out of
his mind.  Now for the first time she was talking about men and dating. 
Even though it made him a little uncomfortable, it struck Mikey as a good
thing.  He didn't necessarily want a new father figure in his life, but
he knew it would be good for her.

As his Mom got up and began carrying dishes over to the sink, Mikey let
his eyes fall to her ass.  She was truly a shapely woman.  Mikey's eyes
ran down her legs then back up across her ass and back to her neatly tied
hair.  She was slim, in good shape, she ate right, and she worked out
from time to time.   Mikey did not feel guilty about this.  He was not
looking at her sexually so much as he was sizing her up as a woman for
the first time.  He was impressed, but he forced his eyes away.   

* * * * *

Mikey sat through another boring day of school and another monotonous bus
ride home but he managed to get off at his stop this time.  It was Friday
and he had thought up a plan for this evening's entertainment.  His Mom
was going out, and he had a night of fun planned.  The woods behind their
house ran along the back yards of every house on the street.  He wasn't
sure why he had never thought of it before, but if he cut through the
woods to behind Julie's house, he just might be able to catch a glimpse
of her through the window.  The woods were pretty deep and dark and he
knew that he and his Mom never bothered to pull the shades on the windows
on the back of their house, maybe the Osbourne family was as trusting as
his own.  He felt his penis bulging at the prospect.  When he got home he
waited patiently for nightfall to come.

"Okay honey, he is going to be here any minute."   Mikey's Mom was
dressed just as she had been in his fantasy.  For a second it made him
feel uncomfortable, but that was ridiculous - she always wore this outfit
when she wanted to look especially nice.   And she did.  She looked
beautiful.  The dress had a loose quality about it, but it also showed
her curves exquisitely.  The fabric was light in weight but rich in
color.  And her headband - that handband Mikey had seen so clearly in his
brief fantasy - held her hair back in a fashion half way between chaotic
and neat.  The necklace she wore was both extravagant and simple; It had
a decorative and tribal quality to it, and it accentuated the smooth dark
skin of her tall neck.  If she wore makeup it was applied lightly and
with the greatest of skill.  Her lips were moist and seductive and it was
almost impossible to tell that she wore a thin layer of lip colored
lipstick.  Mikey couldn't help but admire his Mom's beauty once again. 

"There's some leftovers in the fridge you can heat up,"  Mikey's Mom
explained caringly.  "Or you can cook some of this chicken and there's
rice and peas and green beans- and let's see,"  She continued, while
looking through the refridgerator.  "And you could make soup, there's a

"Don't worry Mom, I'll figure something out."  Mikey interrupted.  "I'm a
big boy now,"  He said sarcastically.  "There's headlights in the
driveway.  Go on, have a good time."  He almost couldn't wait for her to
get out the door.  He was getting aroused with excitement for his plan.

"Okay," His Mom said with a hint of anxiety in her voice.  After all,
this was her first date since her husband died, and on top of that it was
a blind date. "I won't be too late."  Mikey's Mom smiled nervously and
spread her arms to give him a hug.  They hugged deeply, and Mikey
couldn't help but take note of how his Mom's large breasts pushed into
him, just below his shoulders.  At 5' 7" Mikey was fast approaching her
height, but she still had a couple of inches on him.  She gave him a
quick peck on the cheek and disappeared out the front door. 

A residual excitement tingled through Mikey.  Her breasts were both soft
and firm and even though he and his Mom hugged quite often he had never
really paid attention how they felt before.  The smell of his Mom's
perfume was barely noticable; She was a master of subtlety, but even as
she was already out the door  the smell stayed with him and excited him
even more.  He touched the moist spot on his cheek where his Mom had
kissed him, then brought those fingertips to his lips and licked them. 
"What am I doing?"  he said out loud.  "I'm just horny, I didn't jerk off
this morning."  That guilty feeling he had felt the day before returned,
despite his attempt to explain himself. 

But all these thoughts were out of his mind as soon as he remembered his
plan.  He ran upstairs.  He put on his black jeans, black sweatshirt, and
his black winter "burglar" hat.  He laced up his boots, and just for
effect he slid the sheath for his 4" blade onto his belt.  He took the
knife out and looked at in the light of his desk lamp.  He kept good care
of the knife as it had been his fathers.  He polished it and sharpened it
regularly.  He saw his own face mirrored in the blade.

There was a path leading out behind his house that ran parrallel to the
street.  He could take it most of the way, but he would have to cut
through some dense swampy woods to get within visual range.  Halfway
there he realized he should have brought his binoculars, but he was too
excited to turn back.  He had brought a small flashlight but the moon was
almost full and he didn't want anyone to see a light behind their house,
so he was not using it.  He found his eyes adjusted quite well to the
dimly lit forest.

Mikey came out to the edge of Julie's back lawn.  Immediately, he saw
Julie.  He couldn't believe his luck.  Even if he saw her only fully
clothed, it was already worth the trip.  His dick was almost hard all the
way down here, but upon seeing her it became fully erect.  She was on the
first floor and in the corner of the house closest to him.  There would
be no need for binoculars.  He could see her perky, developing tits
forming two tents in her white teeshirt.  He could see her face clearly,
and for a second almost thought she was looking at him.  However he knew
from experience that when you are inside at night with a light on, a
window might as well be a wall from your point of view.  He reassured
himself and admired her beautiful face.

His penis was snagged uncomfortably in his underwear.  He unzipped his
pants to rearrange it and then decided he might as well leave it out. 
The excitement was overpowering, tingles ran through his body, and
butterflies tickled his stomache.  He began stroking himself ravenously.
 She turned and bent over and seemed to be picking clothes up off the
floor.  Frustratingly, she began walking in and out of view, apparently
tidying up the room.  What luck it was that her room was on the first
floor.  Timed with each glimpse of her, Mikey stroked faster.  And as she
momentarily disappeared out of view he imagined her slim rounded ass, her
lips, and the head of his penis swirling between them.  He imagined her
on the bed, bent over, her own hand reaching behind her, parting her
pussy lips with her fingers, inviting his entry.  He imaged her standing,
him right behind her, penis pressed against her, him kissing her neck,
and lifting her skirt, and sliding her panties...  As he was ready to
blow she came into view and stood facing the window and shook her head
lightly tossing her hair.  Being this close to Julie Osbourne, his dick
in his hand, her looking right toward him, was the most erotic thing his
virgin body had ever felt.  He shot jet after jet into the air, all the
while looking into his fantasy's eyes.

Mikey sat on the couch watching tv.  He heard a car door in the driveway
and he looked at the clock.  It was 10:00pm.  His Mom was back already? 
He got up and walked to the front door. Just as he was reaching for the
handle to open the door, it turned; the door opened; and his Mom came in.
 The look on her face was not happy.  She said hi matter-of-factly and
walked past Mikey.  Mikey wasn't sure what to think. 

"What's the matter Mom?  He wasn't good-looking after all?"  Mikey asked,
not sure if joking was the right thing to do or not.

"Oh he was good-looking alright,"  She said, obviously distraught.  "But
the man is a fucking pig."  Mikey had never heard her Mom swear like that
before, and he knew something must have went really wrong.  "He had
nothing intelligent to say, and all he did was stare and my chest and he
kept trying to slide his hand up my dress, and he was a slobbering fool
who chewed with his mouth open," She went on hysterically, "And he took
me to the seediest bar I have ever been in, and he-"  But she burst into
tears and covered her face with her hands.

Mikey had never seen his Mom like this and he wasn't immediate sure what
to do.  He slowly approached her and tried to speak some comforting
words. He put his hand on her back.  Still balling she wrapped her arms
around him and hugged him.  And she did not let go.  She buried his face
in his shoulder and continued to weep hysterically.  She was squeezing
him so hard Mikey was finding it hard to breathe.  After struggling for
enough air to speak, he suggested she sit down on the couch.  She
complied, and Mikey sat down next to her.  The tv was still on; he
grabbed the remote control and flicked it off.  Then he looked over into
his mother's eyes.

"I don't think I'll ever be able to find another man like your father,
Mikey."  Tears wear still rolling down her cheeks, but she was struggling
to hold them back now. 

"I think you've just got to give it time, Mom."  Mikey said without much
confidence.  He wasn't really sure what to say.  He wasn't used to
comforting his mother;  Usually it was the other way around.

"Oh, why did they have to do it?"  She burst out it to full fledged
balling again.  "Why did they have to kill your father, Mikey?  Why?" 
Her words turned into sobs, and she grabbed Mikey and hugged him even
tighter than before.  There was nothing he could say, he knew he just had
to be there for her.  He hugged back and whispered in her ear that it was

Eventually her sobs silenced and her tears dried.  But Mikey and his Mom
still held their hug.  Mikey rested his head upon his mother's breast,
but there were no sexual thoughts now.  In fact, there were no thoughts
at all.  The two of them rested, arms entwined, silently enjoying each
other's comfort.  After what seemed like hours the embrace ended. 
Mikey's Mom's face was calm and collected once again.  Mikey suggested
that they pop up some pop corn, butter it up good, and watch the late
night movie on cable.

"That's the best idea I've heard in a long time."  Her voice was calm
again, but softer and more vulnerable sounding than Mikey had heard ever
before.  Mikey volunteered to do the corn popping, and his Mom said she
would go upstairs to get changed.

Although they had a hot air popcorn maker, both of them liked it better
the old fashioned way.  He poured in the oil, the kernels, cranked up the
heat, and started shaking.  As the sound of popping corn started to
subside, Mikey's Mom came back downstairs.  She was wearing a light silky
nightgown.  Mikey glanced over from the bulging popcorn pot and gave his
Mom a warm smile.  She had washed up and calmed down, and it was all but
impossible to tell she had been crying ten minutes earlier.

"I'm sorry, Mikey.  I really overreacted.  After all it was only one
date."  She smiled a wide smile and Mikey was truly happy to see his Mom
had cooled down.  " I'm sure there's plenty of good men out there." 

"That's the spirit."  Mikey tried to sound encouraging, but his mind was
wandering from her words.  Mikey could see the outlines of his Mom's
nipples through the nightgown.  He watched her moist lips accent her
smile as she continued to joke about her date.  When she turned around to
set up the tv for the movie, his eyes once again fell to her ass.  He
watched as her cheeks move up and down, each in turn.  He looked at the
way her dark skin contrasted with the pale nightgown.  He watched her
hair glide across the back of the nightgown as she walked.  He looked at
her lower legs, the nightgown came right to her knees, and he noticed for
the first time how shapely her legs really were.  He watched the point
where the skin met the nightgown.  There was something so intruiging
about that point.

"What are you doing?!"  He screamed inside.  He took his hand and slapped
his own face.

"What was that?"  He heard his Mom call out from the tv room.  Without
answering he poured the popcorn into a bowl, soaked it in melted butter,
and walked into the other room.  His Mom was taking up the whole couch. 
She was laying on her side, her head resting on her forearm.

"Where am I supposed to sit?"  Mikey asked, feigning playfulness, but
actually quite concerned with the situation because of these unwanted
sexual feelings he'd been having about his Mom. 

"Oh, Come on."  She smiled playfully.  "You used to cuddle with your old

"How are we going to watch a movie like this?"  Mikey asked, trying to
find some excuse to get out of it.  But he already felt his dick
stirring, he would have to lay down soon so she did not notice it.  She
slid back so that she was still taking up the length of the couch, but
she was pressed up against the back of the couch so there was room to lay
in front of her.  She patted the open space invitingly.  Mikey felt his
dick rising, so he obliged.  He layed in front of her with his back to
her.  His Mom put her arm over him and the movie came on.

Mikey's dick immediately became fully erect.  He was simulataneously
stimulated, disgusted, and scared of being caught.  He was slightly
further down the couch than his Mom and her breasts were pushing against
the back of his neck through the thin nightgown.  His Mom asked him what
the movie was about, completely unaware of the havoc she was reeking in
her son.  Mikey tried to be cool, but his erection was unbelievably hard.
 His Mom ran his finger through his hair, and he gasped out loud.

"Jees, your mister tense all of a sudden."  She said.  Mikey wasn't sure
what to say, the sensation of his Mom's fingers going through his hair
was almost too much to bear.

"Do you want to try and pay attention to the movie, Mom?"  Mikey said in
an almost annoyed tone of voice.  He felt bad but he had to do something.
 He wanted to get up, but his erection would be immediately noticeable. 
He was stuck and his dick felt like it was going to burst.

"All right, all right, mister serious", his Mom said as she blew on the
back of his neck.  Mikey took a deep breath - this was too much, he was
too close to her, she was too beautiful - but he tried to disguise it as

Finally they settled into watching the movie.  Mikey's erection did not
subside, and the feel of his Mom's breasts on the back of his neck was
unbelievable.  But he used everything he had to keep himself in check. 
But he had to - this was his Mom!  His Mom pulled a blanket over both of
them, and that made him feel a little better;  His bulge was less likely
to be discovered.  After about a half hour of this torment, with Mikey
trying to keep his mind on the movie, his Mom said she had to run to the
bathroom.  As she walked away Mikey looked at that perfect ass again, and
this time reached into his pants and gave his dick a few strokes as he
was doing it.  The sexual desire was so strong, he couldn't even feel
that guilt that been tearing him up earlier.  He knew he couldn't get up,
his erection was bigger than ever.   Before he knew it he was looking as
his Mom's nipples through her nighty as her tits gently bounced as she
walked back to the couch.  Not knowing what else to do, Mikey slid back
on the couch so that he was the one against the back of the couch. 
Before he knew it his Mom was laying in front of him, her back to his

She snuggled up against him playfully.  Innocently.  But Mikey did not
feel innocent at all.  He pulled his hips back against the back of the
couch as hard as he could.  His chest was pressed firmly against her
back.  Her hair was flowing teasingly right in front of his face.  He
couldn't help but smell it on every breath, and it was the most erotic
smell he could imagine.  He was physically exerting extreme effort to
keep his erection out range of his Mom's ass.  He was pushing his ass
hard against the back of the couch, and the cushion was pushing back. 
There was no way he could maintain this for long, not even physically,
say nothing of the sexual desires.

He put his arm around his Mom.  She clasped his hand in both of hers, and
pulled it to her chest.  She held it there just above her breasts.  Mikey
could hold out no longer.  He pressed his nose into her hair, and took a
deep breath.  He relaxed his hips and his erection, bound inside his
pants, pressed up against his Mom's plump ass.  He heard her gasp.  Mikey
felt terrible, but there was nothing he could do.  He tightened his arm
around her, in some attempt to show his sorrow.  Every breath he took he
breathed through her hair.  His mortified eyes seeking shelter saw
everything through a mask of her black locks.  He felt his Mom's grasp on
his hand tighten, and he didn't know what it meant.  He did not move, he
stayed perfectly still, dreadfully awaiting her reaction. 

It didn't come.  His dick seemed to get even harder.  Still bound
unmercifully in his pants, he was starting to feel pain.  Still his Mom
held still, held his hand, and his face stayed buried, scared, ashamed,
in her waves of black hair.  Still no answer, still nothing, he still did
not know what to think.  An airy sea of pain and shame and confusion
consumed him and he seem stranded there for hours.

And at last an answer.  One way or the other would be better than this
abyss.  He felt the mound of flesh his penis pushed upon- push back. 

His Mom pushed her ass backwards, into him.  For better or for worse, it
was what he needed.  She released his hand, and he couldn't help but grab
her breast.  His hand filled with flesh, and through her nightgown he
gently caressed it.  He felt her nipple with his thumb, and through the
silk ran circles around the little peak.  His Mom gasped and started
breathing heavily.  Meanwhile, he pushed back.  He began to slowly,
gently dry hump his Mom's ass.  It was fleshy shapely firm and round.  He
slid his other hand down and grabbed a fistful of her ass.  As he did his
Mom took in a short gasp.  Mikey wasn't thinking now, it had already
begun.  He pushed her hair aside and kissed her on the neck.  He ran his
tongue across her skin up into her ear.  And he whispered.

"I'm taking it out, Mommy."

She responded with nothing but something between a gasp and a cry.  And
he moved his hand from her ass to his own zipper.  His Mom heard the
sound of his zipper, and didn't know what to think.  What was she doing?
 But even as the doubts and confusion ran through her mind, Mikey
shuffled his pants and underwear down to just below his balls.  It wasn't
exactly sexual freedom, but it was all he would need.  Mikey kissed his
Mom again, stretching forward to reach the side of her face.  While one
hand continued to caress his mother's breast, the other reached the hem
of her nightgown.  The magic point where her dark flesh intersected the
silky off-white material of her nighty moved up her legs to and past the
hump of her ass.  From behind Mikey slid his hand between her thighs. 
His Mom half-heartedly held her legs together, still trying to stop what
was about to happen, but showing she could not.  Mikey's dick, now quite
free, poked against her ass.  He took his dick in hand and guided it
between her thighs.  The top side of his dick slid up against his Mom's
panties, and now he felt how wet they were.  She wanted this as well.

The tip of Mikey's dick poked out between her legs, and his Mom's hand
reached down to feel it.  Her long and gentle fingers laid in upon his
shaft.  She reached between her own legs and stroked and squeezed her
son's penis for the first time.  Mikey began to hump his dick between her
thighs as she gently caressed it.  The top of his penis was rubbing up
against her wet and panty clad vagina.  The sensation was exquisite. 
Mikey paused his humping, and reached in to free his mother's pussy of
the thin panty shield.  His mother cried out as he reached beneath her
panties and sunk his fingertip inside.  He pulled the panties to the side
and continued humping as before now the top side of his dick sliding
across his mothers bare slit.  He pulled back and pushed the tip to the
entrance of his Mom's pussy.  He started to push forward but she grabbed
onto his dick.

"No, not now.  I know we gone this far and I know you've got to finish,
but we have to talk before you go in."  She said between gasps and cries
and deep breaths.

"Mom, I've got to.  You don't understand."

"I do.  I know.  I'll help you finish, you just can't go in."  She guided
his head away from the entrance, but continued to stroke.  Mikey,
frustrated, but with no other choice continued to fuck her inner thighs.
 With each pump his dick slid across his Mom's clit, and her gasps were
faster and her cries louder with every stroke.  Mikey felt it swell up
inside of him, and he knew he was going to blow.  He pulled his dick from
between her legs and rolled her on her back.  He lifted one leg over her,
and facing her, straddled her stomache.  His Mom took both her hands,
encircled his penis, and stroked him over the edge.  Her nightgown was
still on and he was regretful he could not see her tits as he came.  But
there was no time for that now as his dick began to spu.  As cum streaked
across her nightgown, he watched his mother's eyes.  They were fixated
upon his penis and the jets of cum that flew.  As his dick began to pump,
he watched his mother's lips.  They were moist and plump and somehow
embodied her beauty, her womanhood;  It was something he had seen in her
for the first time just the day before.  He watched her mouth- the subtle
movements of her lips as they seemed to mouth inaudible obscenities.  The
first three squirts of cum landed on her nightgown, the fourth upon her
neck.  The fifth and sixth hit her square across the face.  He watched
his mother run her tongue full circle round the outside of her mouth,
tasting all the cum she could get her tongue to reach.  With one hand
still gently holding her only son's penis, she used the other to gently
massage his cum into her face.  Mikey looked deep into his mother's eyes
before leaning forward and letting himself fall atop her.  He wrapped his
arms around her and hugged her harder than he ever had.  Mikey began to

"Honey, there's something I must do."   Mikey's Mom said in a voice as
sweet and motherly as ever.  "Baby, can you push over for a second? 
Because I didn't let you go in I've got to finish up."

"I can help you out, Mom."  Mikey said making a gesture with his tongue,
tears still running down his cheeks.

"Look, we're going to have to talk.  For now I must do this myself." 
Mikey rolled off to the side.  He watched his Mom strip her soaking
panties off and spread her knees apart.  She reached down between her
legs, and a light and pure and womanly cry escaped her mouth.  Mikey,
wedged between his masturbating Mom and the back of the couch, managed to
sit up.  He got his first glimpse of his Mom's pussy.  It was a sight
more majestic than he ever would have imagined.  He had seen his share of
pornography and he of course enjoyed it, but they were mostly photos of
white women.  He had never seen a naked African and certainly not one as
glorious as his Mom.  He had never seen any woman as glorious as her. 
Her pussy lips were even darker then the skin around them, and there was
something so provocative about just that.  But as he watched his mother
slide across and shallowly delve into her slit he saw her inner lips. 
The deep pink contrasted so obviously, so beautifully, so moistly - he
could only think of fruit.  Mikey thought of the black raspberries he
picked behind his house every summer.  When you bit down on them they
burst at once, releasing juice somehow both tart and sweet.

His Mom's breath became faster, her cries shorter, higher.  His dick
began to get hard again; Watching his own mother bring herself to climax
was nothing short of painfully erotic.  His eyes moved from his Mom's
pussy to her face.  Her eyes closed, her head back, her lips slightly
parted allowing her sensual cries to escape into the air;  She looked so
precious.  Mikey watched her face as she came.  Her eyes closed tighter,
wrinkling her face.  She inhaled deeply and held it in.  She lifted her
head from the arm of the couch.  Her lips sealed.  A strained look fell
upon her face.  A few seconds past.   All at once the tension broke, her
eyes relaxed.  Her lips parted once again.  She leaned her head back. 
And as she exhaled at last a moan came out and through the moan a word
was sung.

"M i k e e e e e ..." 

They layed together, mother and son, arms entwined in timelessness. 
Mikey's dick of course was hard again, but even so he was content to lay
still, his fleshy member pressed up against her skin.

When someone finally stirred it was Mikey.  "Mom?"

"Yes, honey?"  She said in her sweetest voice.

"Umm,"  Mikey paused.  "I've got to take a leak." 

With these words his Mom began to laugh and through her laughter, "Yeah,
me too."  With their laughter they regained the will to seperate.  Mikey
rolled off his mother and stood up.  Still facing her, with her watching
him, he tried awkwardky to put his still hard dick back into his tighty
whitey underpants.  Her laughtered intensified and he couldn't help but
join her.  As strange as it seemed, he decided to walk to the bathroom,
his mother watching, with his pants still half pulled down.

Once they had both relieved themselves and their laughter had died down,
Mikey wasn't sure how to feel.  They met in the kitchen, Mikey with his
pants back on, and his Mom with her now cum-stained nightgown covering
her again.  "Mikey dear, we're going to have to talk about this.  But
let's leave that for tomorrow, why don't you come upstairs with me. 
We'll both get cleaned up and just relax tonight.  This was unexpected,
but know that your my son and I love you as my son and for now that won't
change."  Mikey wasn't sure quite what she meant by this.  His confusion
showed on his face.  His mother saw this and spread her arms to hug him;
He moved to her and they embraced.  And it was like it always had been; 
Although her breasts pushed hard against him, he didn't notice them; It
was as it always had been, her touch was only warm and motherly and
comforting.  He felt relieved.

Upstairs they each took their turn in the bathroom.  Mikey washed the
smell of his Mom's pussy from his hands.  He wet a towel and washed his
penis of remnants of his own dried cum and his mother's juices.  He
splashed warm water on his face.  His Mom stripped off her cum stained
nightgown and replaced it with a terry cloth robe.  She washed her hands
and her face thoroughly with hot water, extracting her son's cum.  When
she got out of the bathroom she found Mikey laying on his bed wearing his
jeans but no shirt.

"Mikey, why don't you come sleep with me in my bed tonight.  Not as we
were tonight but as we've always been, mother and son."  She said,
sitting on the bed beside him, placing her palm lovingly his forehead. 
And in a much quieter voice, almost whispering, "I want to be with my
baby, my first and only son.  I want to be close to you, I want you to
know how much I love you.  I want to be your mother and only your mother

"Mom, I love you.  That will never change.  I know what we did tonight
was wrong--"

"Shhh."  She whispered, silencing him by putting her finger on his lips.
 "We'll talk tomorrow.  For now, be at peace.  Let me be your mother and
let us sleep beside each other.  I need this to remember you as my only
son and only my son."

"But, what do--"  Mikey started to object, confused.  What did his mother

"Shhh."  She put his hand over his mouth and kissed him on the forehead.
 "Come with me."  Taking his hand she stood up and helped him to his
feet.  Hand in hand they walked to the hall and toward her room.

"Mom," Mikey said, letting go of her hand.  "I'm going to go grab a glass
of water.  I'll be right in."  His Mom smiled in agreement and let him
go.  As Mikey walked back downstairs and into the kitchen thoughts we
racing through his mind.  His mother seemed okay with everything that had
happened, but he wasn't sure he was.  Right now he saw her as his mother,
the loving mother he had always known.  He felt that guilt again.  He
felt nothing sexual towards her now and he was confused as to why she was
doing this.  He filled a glass with water and thirstily gulped it down. 
He filled it up again and reluctantly made his way back upstairs. 

As he turned into his mother's room, he saw she was already in bed and
under the covers.  He looked at her, and she smiled to him.  And that
smile was so motherly and so comforting that once again Mikey felt
alright.  He walk over to the bed and set the glass upon the headboard. 
He reached down to the button of his jeans, but hesitated.  His Mom
smiled and said, "It's okay honey, I know you usually sleep in your
underwear.  There's no reason tonight should be any different.  I'm your
mother and your my son."  Her words were so relieving.  This was his Mom,
the woman he had always felt so close to.  The sexual thoughts he had
earlier seemed so perverted, so misguided, but now everything was okay. 
Everything was back to how it always had been.  Mikey unbuttoned,
unzipped, and dropped his pants.  His penis soft, wearing just his
underwear, he climbed into bed with his Mom.

He shuffled over in bed until he was beside her.  He rolled over halfway
so he was facing her and she him.  He looked into her eyes as she smiled
and briefly closed them.  Her face was so warm, so noble.  His Mom gazed
back admiring her son's innocent but strong facial features.  In him she
saw a face that made her believe a part of her husband was still alive. 
The moment between them was too strong.  They needed to be closer and
they both moved towards each other, arms out stretched.  They pulled
themselves together, until flesh pressed against flesh.  Mikey then
realized his Mom was fully naked.  Her bare breasts pushed against him as
they never had before.  But somehow it was okay, it was motherly;  Even
her nakedness was motherly.  The feeling was so pure, so right, that
neither he or his Mom had felt his dick get hard.  Nevertheless, in their
closeness his hardness pressed flat against her naked slit- only the
cotton of his underpants keeping them apart - but somehow this wasn't
sexual;  This was mother and son in the ultimate embrace.  They both
began to weep.  They were not tears of sadness.  They were tears of
comfort, of love, of closeness, of a truth between them so deep it seemed
they never could be seperated.  And they slept.

Mikey woke to a beam of direct sunlight from the skylight above the bed
cast into his eye.  He shifted his head slightly to avoid it. 
Disoriented- he did not have a skylight in his room- it took him a moment
to remember where he was.  He turned his head to the side and saw a truly
magnificent sight.  His Mom lay still sleeping, the sunlight had not yet
reached her eyes.  She lay on her back.  Blankets had been cast aside
during the night and for the first time Mikey saw her bare tits exposed.
 Her nipples were amazing- a large circle of darker nipple flesh covering
the entire rounded top sides of each her large breasts- and each
highlighted in the center a wonderfully steep and round nipple tip.  A
night of sexual dreams had his morning boner revved up and ready to go. 
Even before he touched himself Mikey felt precum oozing out the tip of
his dick.  His Mom had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen.  In
fact, it was only now that Mikey fully realized it, but his Mom was the
most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Her body was perfect.  Her face
was perfection, as if sculpted from both wood and stone by master tribal
artist.  The sight of her lips accentuating her slightly open mouth
glistening in the ambiance of the morning light prompted him to reach
into his undies and give his dick its first few morning strokes. 

At no time during the day was Mikey as horny as he was first thing in the
morning.  Seeing his mother sleeping beside him, her beautiful brown tits
fully in his view, was more than enough to convince him that the previous
days activities couldn't be a one time thing.  He rolled up onto his side
and slid over towards his mother until he was inches from her naked
flesh.  There was no way he could resist.  He wanted to deliver his first
touches perfectly.  From what she had said the night before he wasn't
sure what she had in mind, but he was worried she might say no.  Judging
from the precum now oozing from his dick, it didn't seem like an answer
he could accept.  He put one hand on his mother's side and slowly, gently
slid it across her skin up towards her chest.  He planted a loving kiss
upon her cheek as she began to stir.  Eyes still closed, she rolled over
so that she was facing him.  He took this opportunity to cup and massage
her breast.  With a sleepy look of pleasure, her eyes opened and focused
upon his face.  With recognition of who this was, she pulled her head
back away from his.  Mikey ran his fingers gently in a swirl around her
nipple.  His Mom breathed in a gasp of air.  Mikey moved his head down
and his lips to her left nipple.  It reminded his Mom so clearly of the
wonderful and sensual feeling she felt when she had breast fed Natasha
and then Mikey as babies.  Her objections were forgotton.  As her son
swirled his tongue around the edge of her nipple, she weaved her slender
fingers into his hair.  While continuing to massage his scalp, she
lightly pulled his head even more into her breast.  Mikey brought her
nipple between his teeth and ever so gently rolled it side to side.  His
Mom cried out lightly and passionately dug her nails into his scalp. 
Mikey removed his mouth from her nipple and replaced it with his hand
while moving to her other breast.  Her sucked hard on her right nipplr
while using his thumb to swirl around her now saliva wet left one.  His
Mom's light cries intensified.  She pulled his head away from her and
forcefully brought his lips to hers.

For the first time in his life, Mikey kissed his Mom in a sexual and
passionate way;  He pushed his tongue inside her mouth.  She bore her
lips into his as she rolled her body up and on top of him.  Her wet and
naked cunt once again pushed against his hardness, seperated only by his
cotton underwear.  As she kissed him her breasts pressed and slid across
his bare chest.  Their nipples collided with a wonderful friction as she
poked back with her own tongue.  He wrapped his arms around her and as
they kissed he pulled them together tightly.  Mikey's underwear was still
on and he knew they had to go.  With his mother on top of him, bearing
into him, he could not reach down there to remove them.  With a burst of
decision, he gained some leverage and in one strong and determined move,
boldly rolled his Mother over so she was under him.

With her knees spread wide apart and her son in between them, his Mom
wrapped her legs around him in some kind of scissor lock.  Continuing to
kiss her, he reached to his own waistline to pull his tighty whiteys
down.  He planted his feet firmly on the bed and got the leverage to lift
himself slightly off his Mom so he could pull them down.  Awkwardly and
hurriedly he managed to get them almost to his knees.  He pulled one leg
up and used his toe to grab on and push them the rest of the way down. 
Finally he kicked them off.  Mother and son were naked together at last.

He reached to align his pulsating member with his Mom's rasberry vagina.
 As his Mom realized fully what was about to happen she cried out Mikey's
name.  In shameless anticipation she squirmed and kicked her head back. 
Mikey pulled his hips back, dick in hand and aimed to her like some kind
of loaded weapon.

His Mom's head pressed up against the headboard and nudged the glass of
water from the night before.  The glass wobbled and tipped and fell flat
on its side, delivering a puddle of cold water across her face.  The
glass then rolled off the backside of the bed.  The shattering sound
caused Mikey to hesistate and he paused just outside her trying to make
sense of the sudden noise.  The cold water and the breaking glasss served
as some kind of sobering wake up call for his Mom.  With her rational
mind suddenly coming crashing back to her, she planted both her hands on
her son's naked chest, and with a mighty push, showed her strength and
threw him off of her.

Mikey, feeling shocked and rejected and embarrassed and horny as he'd
ever been, tried to reach for his Mom as she got off the bed.  Escaping
his reach, she walked to the doorway and turned to him.  Laying naked and
hard on his mother's bed, he felt so dirty and pathetic.

"Mikey,"  His Mom panted, still out of breath, "I'm going to take a
shower and then I'm going to go out... Alone.  I want you to cool off. 
I'm sorry if I've confused you, but everything will be okay."  Mikey felt
ashamed, embarrassed, and nude, listening to his naked Mom lecture him. 
He felt so small and out of place.  He never felt further from his Mom
than he did at that moment.  Tears began to well up in his eyes.  She
continued, "We'll talk about this, but now we must be apart."  With these
words Mikey watched his Mom's bare ass as she turned and walked into the
bathroom.  He heard the shower go on and he began to cry.  As he wept he
stroked himself.  He came all over his naked body;  Cum dripped off him
and onto his mother's bed.  As his tears dried he dozed off and fell

* * * * *