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[Story Name] a mother and her best friends
[Author] Carl Granados
[Type] Mother/son

When my husband passed away about six months ago, it devastated me. All I had left in the world was my 12-year-old son and our german shepard, Chip. I was lucky that my husband left me a well taken care of with good investments and a sizable life insurance policy yet this was not enough. Money and comfort could not fill the gap in my life my husband left.

Besides being my best friend my husband had also been my lover. I must admit that I am an over sexed woman as was my husband. This is probably why we were attracted to each other. We had a hot and heavy sex life that lasted our whole marriage. We made love many times a week for hours at a time and sometimes many times in the day. We loved sex. Our sex life was adventurous. We acted out fantasies, enjoyed having sex chats on the net, we loved leather, mild S&M, we loved to talk dirty, and we told each other all our sexual secrets.

Now I was alone. I had my son, Charles, which is, and was our, pride and joy. I am part Japanese, while my husband was Cuban American, which made our son very handsome with exotic looks. In some ways he reminded me of a young Elvis who had also been different bloodlines in him. My son is tall for his age, athletic in a solo kind of way (he likes road bike racing and long distance running). His looks are dark but with piercing green eyes.

I am called Eurasian. I used to be a model until I had my son. Now I am an artist that works with stone and metal. I am also in good shape because I swim a mile 4 or 5 times a week at my local Y. My hair is jet black and long to my small ass. My eyes are dark brown in small slanted slits, which has always made men see me as mysterious. The only thing that is not Asian about me are my large breasts.

At first when my husband died I could do nothing. My son had to be like a father and a mother to me. I came to see him in a new light. He became the man of my house. As I slowly came out of my depression I found myself wanting to look at him more and more as someone more than just my son. I could see how well developed he was for his age and I found my sexual hormones start to become aroused when he was around me. This scared me. The way I fought this was to bury myself into my work.

I had a studio in an old barn next to our home and I started to work 12 and 14-hour days. I would always keep Chip with me but except for him I would spend much of my time alone. However this did not stop my sexual urges but only made them stronger. I found that it even started to affect my work. Where once my art was abstract now it was becoming more sexual… even erotic.

As my work started becoming more and more sexually explicit I found myself getting more and more sexually frustrated. You’d think that if I was this horny I would have just gone out and had some one-night stands but it was not that easy. I was very shy. I am usually uncomfortable with most people. I don’t really party and I am not promiscuous. My ex-husband had only been my second lover.

One day when working on a particularly erotic penis from a young stud I was creating I found my pussy getting wet. I must have been releasing a strong musk because when I sat down to take a break my dog came up to me and started sniffing around my short shorts. Usually I would have pushed him off but today for some reason I let him keep on sniffing. Soon he was even licking around my crouch. Then I did something I would have thought was disgusting minutes before. With my hands I moved my shorts and panties over to expose my swollen cunt. He then started to lick me there.

It was like having lightning run though me. It was like an alcoholic having his first drink after being dry for a year. The pleasure was intense. He licked me and licked me like I have never been licked before. His big wet tongue could lick my whole pussy from one end to the other at the same time. Chip licked it like it was honey and he set me on fire. I soon found that he even liked to lick my asshole. Something even my ex never did.

The pleasure only grew. I was uninhibited because I was with my dog and not a human. I needed this cunt licking so bad that I couldn’t have stopped if Chris Wallace from 60 Minutes walked in with his camera crew. I even spread my cunt lip and I found my gourmet dog even more excited with my fresh pussy cream. He even started sticking his long tongue down my pussy giving me a sensation that I never had before. It wasn’t long before I was coming in a flood. I shook so much I thought I might break.

My beautiful dog just kept on licking. He kept it up for an hour. Much longer than a man would have wanted to. I finally had to pull him away because I was spent. For the first time in what seem like ages I felt almost content.

Later I started to feel ashamed of what I had done. I had committed what the world would see as a terrible sin. Yet within a few days I could not help doing it again and again. Then one day while my son was at school and Chip had been licking me for about half and hour, I noticed his weird erection for the first time and I wanted it in me. I wanted a stiff prick ramming into my pussy. I knew it was sick but I need a dick in my cunt.

So I got on all fours and offered my naked ass to my dog and wondered if he would know what to do. He did. I could not look because I did not find penis attractive, I just wanted to be fucked by it. Soon he mounted me and slipped his weird tool in me. God it was good to have my cunt stuffed again. Chip was able to ram his dick faster and for more time than any man I have ever known without cumming. I have found that most men who try to hump me fast cum before I have had enough of their jamming into me. Not Chip. He pounded and pounded me till my clit was sore from so many orgasms.

These licking and fucking sessions then became a regular part of my life. They are what kept me from drowning in my loneliness and sorrow. This also kept my appetites at bay enough that I did not do something foolish… almost.

Fucking a dog, while better than I would have ever dreamed is still not the same as having a human lover. There is not as much sharing, the sex tends to be the same, there is no communication, and there is no love. It is sex for sex sake alone. It is only two-dimensional. Maybe this is why I was still finding myself becoming more and more attracted to my handsome son.

Then the unthinkable happened. My son caught me fucking our dog. I forgot he got off of school early and he walked in on me when I was getting was getting humped by his pet. I was bent over my worktable and Chip was over me, "doggy style", while I was moaning and pinching my erect nipples. It must have look obscene for he looked at me in shock and ran away. I was in the throes of an orgasm when I saw him and seeing him intensified it beyond belief. I was so overcome that it took me about 15 minutes before I could get myself together enough to go after him.

When I did I went to his room. We live in an old home with keyholes. So before I knocked on his door I looked in the keyhole. There I found him masturbating. I couldn’t believe it. He was only about 5’4" but he already had a six-inch cock. It was beautiful and I was hypnotized by his beating of it. I also found myself getting hot and wet because I knew that he must have been turned on by seeing his mother dog fucked. When he came his dick erupted with sweet come all over his chest and I felt guilty for wanting wishing I could lick it. I ended up going to my room that night and sleeping restlessly.

Part 2

Today I had the shock of my life. I saw my mother being fucked by my dog. I was horrified yet at the same time it somehow turned me on.

I have lusted after my mother for almost two years now. It all started when I heard some friends tell me a joke. In the joke a mother yells for her son to stop playing and get in the house. She says "Rodney, you little mother fucker, stop your playing and get in the house". Rodney answers, "Alright Ma but I ain't no mother fucker". She answers, "You ain't in the house yet Rodney." The mother son incest implication of this joke really turned me on. That was when I started thinking of my mother as my sexual fantasy.

The fantasy grew in power over the years. When my father passed away I had to become the "man" of the house, my obsession grew although I kept it to myself. My father’s death had a devastating affect on my mother. For a while she was in a depression but when she started breaking out of it she seemed a much different woman. It may have been my imagination, but she seemed a more seductive woman yet at the same time she looked weird. This intensified over time and now I knew why. She needed a man’s love so bad that, not having it, she was getting what she could from our dog.

I also now knew what a horny sultry bitch she was and this made me extremely horny. I had to go to my room and jack off or I was going to lose my mind. When I did all I could think of was of me taking the place of our dog. I wanted her to be my private sexual pervert.

The next day, without asking Mom, I took our dog and gave him to a friend of the family that had always wanted him for breading since he was from a champion line. When my mother asked me later where Chip was I told her what I did. She was furious. She acted like a mad woman throwing things, screaming that I was an awful son, and crying. During all this she never eluded to what I had seen her do the day before.

That night she came to my room and I could tell she had been drinking… something she seldom did. She came to apologize for her tantrum and for what I had seen yesterday. She told me she was ashamed of herself but that she could not help herself. She was a hot-blooded woman who needed a lot of sex.

While she told me this I put me hand on her knees and told her it was all right. I told her that I understood. I told her that she was a beautiful and seductive woman and I forgave her. Yet I told her that she didn’t need Chip because she had me.

This made her step away from me and stare strangely in my eyes to see she had understood me correctly. I told her I loved her and that I knew Dad would have wanted me to take care of her in all the ways she needed.

I could see her blush and she said that that would be wrong. That is would be incest, heresy, and an abomination. She told me that it would make us outcasts and perverts. She told me that our sin would shackle us together more than the bonds of matrimony.

I told her that that was all right with me, that I loved her and wanted no one else. That had been lusting for her for years. That I wanted to be pervert with her. She then started to cry and left my room.

We did not talk for almost a week. The tension in our home was like a live wire. Then came my thirteenth birthday. I came home that night to a home lit only by candlelight. My mother was all decked out in sexy outfit that made her look almost like a prostitute… like Katie Bundy from the show "Married with Children". She made me my favorite meal served to Frank Sinatra. All during the meal her heady perfume was making my head swim and I couldn’t help staring at her knockers. She had them stick far out in a sexy lace bra that I could make out through her skintight stretch pull over.

After the meal she brought me a cake with candles. It a special cake my Mother called, Chocolate Seduction. Before I blew out the candles my mother told me to make a wish. She said this in smutty manner that made my cock stiff. She also said this while bending forward to give me a peak at her large tits. After I blew out the candles she smiled and we ate our desserts. She even let me have a glass of champagne. When we finished to told me that I could come upstairs to her room in 10 minutes to get my present and what she thinks I wished for. These were the longest 10 minutes I ever spent.

When I went up stairs she room was only let in red candles. She was wearing an old teddy that my Dad had loved. She sat atop her bed in red satin sheets and cover that she had just gotten. "Well Baby", she said, "do you still want me"?

Don’t you your want slutty old mother who was fucking your dog? Do you still want me when you find out that I love to talk dirty all the time, when you find out how depraved I am and how much more I want to be?

Will you want me when I make you call me mommy and mother when we fuck? Will you still want me when I don’t let you forget about our incest because our depravity turns me on? Will we want me when you find out that I always want a lot of sex and I am always after you like a bitch in heat?

Will you still be able to respect yourself when you know you are a motherfucker? That I am a slut? Will you be able to only love me for the rest of our lives because our incest will spoil me from accepting anything less? Will you hate me when I make you eat my cunt and like my ass? Will you not want me when I make you sleep in my bed and I become possessive of your cock?

"If you answer, like I think you are, then you can have your wish," she said.

She then came to me seductively and kiss me on the lips. Her long tongue then crept in and almost sucked my soul out. She then led me to the bed and spread her legs. She then said, "If you take me as your son fucking wife and I take you as my mother fucking husband. If you accept then you must consummate our marriage, our holy matrimony in sin, by fucking your mommy’s pussy. Fuck me so that I can be your slut for life? I slipped my pants down and with my clothes still on, I stuck my stiff dick up her cunt. "I do," I said.

She yelled with an animalistic pleasure went I entered her hot perfect pussy hole. "Mommy, Mommy", I said. And she said, "Yes my little dirty boy. Yes my little honey bunny. Fuck you slut mother bitch. Slam your hard ugly cock up your momma’s sweat pussy. You dirty horny bastard, you are fucking your mommy’s snatch. Yes fuck, fuck me."

Surprisingly I did not I did not come right away even though I was ramming her like a locomotive. Yet wasn’t long before we were both screaming and she yelled, "Your making Mommy come. Ohhhh your make your hot mother cuuuummmmm. Then a few seconds later, I’m coming again. You dirty boy, you made your momma cum agaiiiinnn. The shortly after that… I am cummingg again. God I have never cummmmm soooo muccchhh." With this I come in hot streams inside her and this made her start convulsing in two more orgasms (later I would learn she had never had multiple orgasms side by side before).

Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. A few hours later I woke up to her undressing me. She then made me kiss, lick, suck, nipple, and bite her tits for an hour. This was the beginning of our incest marriage. We have now been together 20 years and we are as horny and perverted as ever. My mother now sucks my cock almost ever day. She calls it her youth tonic. We make love often and are still turned on by our incest. We also have had a few family dogs over the years that occasionally give her what only a loving pet can. Yet for me this is a special treat because my mother puts on a show for me like she is making me my own private porn film. Incest is not for most people yet it is obviously what the doctor ordered for others.

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