- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Betrayed mom
[Author] mKarl
[Type] Mother/son

Book I Betrayed Mom


The first time Tyrone joked about 'it' Michael got mad. Tyrone just kept talking and talking and talking about how blacks would always be better then whites just because of how 'big' they were. Michael did not want to believe Tyrone even though he had to admit that all the blacks he had ever seen were at least twice his own size.

Still, the stories always said a girl does not care about how big 'it' is. Tyrone had to laugh because blacks knew how to use 'it' better too. All white women dreamed of being put in their 'place' by a black stud. Eventually the whole white race would all be part colored and Tyrone was going to do his part to breed as many white bitches as he could.

Tyrone may have been a bastard but he was the coolest kid on the block. He was already in a gang and had a gun and everything. He even told Michael how it was him and three other kids who had raped Lean and knocked the little bitch up in the boy's locker room at school. Lean had been out of class for almost a month but still had the bruises when she came back. She even said she did not know who had 'did' her (just like Tyrone said all white chicks would because 'once they had gone black they never went back').

It was hard to admit but there was something about hearing this nigger talk about darkening his own race that fascinated Michael. Watching Lean's tummy grow bigger day by day Michael could only imagine the impotent rage a husband would feel to have his wife producing a black bastard. There would be nothing that could be done as Michael had been raised that abortion was impossible.

Sometimes it almost became too much with Tyrone as he would go on and on about every white bitch he saw and how she would love to be his slave. Tyrone finally crossed the line when he said he could even do it to Michael's own mom.

It was foolish really. Michael knew he was nothing compared to Tyrone but you could not allow anyone to talk about your own mom 'that' way. Tyrone got off on it. It was like he was totally proving who was better as he bitch slapped Michael down. Tyrone pinned the white boy's shoulders with his own knees and actually laughed that he could 'do' Michael if he wanted but he was only into girls.

Michael did not talk to Tyrone for a couple days but the thing is he could not get the idea out of his head. It could never happen because she was his mom but Michael had thought about her before and now his dreams became full of images of her with the blacks. It was sick and repulsive to the boy after he had touched himself but in his moments of passion he began to wonder if it was really so impossible.

His mom would be devastated. She was the best and most clean girl alive. Michael could see it in everything thing his mother did. Her love for and devotion to her family was the personification of motherhood. It was not her fault she was built like a walking wet-dream.

In a way Tyrone's comments about Michael's mother excited him a little because Michael had imagined some of them himself. He knew it was not nice to think about his own mother undressed but with the body she had he could not help himself. Michael had never even seen his mother in her underwear. She was so proper but clothes can not conceal everything and the boy knew his mother had the 'goods'.

The real problem with Tyrone's possible use of Michael's mother may have come down to the fact that he almost believed she never did sex at all let alone with a kid she had said was evil. Michael had snooped on his mother over the years and had never seen any evidence she did the nasty anymore. She was so into the church Michael finally guessed that his mother actually went with the bible that the only excuse for 'knowing' a male was reproduction. Either his mom had cut his father off or dad must not have had the 'boys' to do 'that' job anymore because the final fact that Michael was sure of was that his mom used no 'protection'.

It was a dangerous pleasure to think about but Michael knew reality was out of the question. Even if it was true that Lean and every other white bitch could be enslaved to the power of the nigger cock his mom just had to be off limits.

Things had got more intense between the boys since Tyrone had beat Michael like his bitch. Tyrone was becoming more obnoxious and domineering insisting that Michael buy him things and do his homework and other stuff. Michael still envied Tyrone for his sports reputation and his gang connections but he was beginning to see the things his mother had always warned him about.

The second time Tyrone brought up the topic of slaving Michael's mom the boy just took it. Jerome and Mustafa got into it too. They claimed they had did a bitch the night before in her own home. Her husband and kids were forced to watch everything while the bitch came all over their huge black cocks. The boys laughed that Michael's mother would cum with every fuck they gave her.

As soon as Michael had got home he had gone straight to his room for relief. Images of his mother loving the niggers burned in his head as he had to bring himself off three times to drowse his fire. It was so evil but why did it arouse the boy so?

The next day Michael decided he should argue back as Tyrone and Jerome started in on him. There was just no way the boys could have his mom as their slave. She was a good girl and would never stray on his father. The boys just laughed and said they would not be 'asking'. They would just beat her and take her. They beat every other bitch they had so why did Michael think they would not beat his own mom into submission just as easy?

The truth is Michael had not even considered that. Michael feared he actually had begun to suspect that he wanted the niggers to be right on their opinions about his mom…but to have her beaten into submission was going too far.

That night Michael woke with a fright. Even his nightmares had his mother in peril. Michael touched himself as he laid in the darkness. He almost wished he could hear her screams right then from her room.

Michael's dad would have been horrified to be forced to watch. The boys might have had to kill him even. There would be nothing the niggers would not do to get their fun. Yes, his daddy would be hurt but then his mother would get it worst.

Michael's heart was beating as he thought about it more. He imagined if he got out of bed he could go sneaking down the hall in his pajamas to see his mother crying her eyes out for her husband but having Tyrone and his gang just laughing as they started to get ready for her turn. Michael would watch in joy never running for the phone as his mother would be the plaything for every nigger.

Then her crying and screaming would get quieter and quieter as their big nigger cocks did their special magik. That would be the real proof she did not really want anyone to get the police or do anything else to spoil all the 'fun'. His mom might even see Michael watching as she was used and abused but by then all she would do was smile and have him hold her hand while she made his little brother.

The night was quiet once again as Michael's heart rate slowed and he wiped his messy hand on his blanket. It had to happen but he could not allow his dad to be hurt. It would be bad enough that his dad would leave when his mother had the black baby.

Tyrone acted almost shocked when Michael told him his plan. The nigger had not lied about his attitudes towards whites but even though he had always known Michael was a nigger wannabe it still was still sick that he was actually giving up his own mom for rape. Tyrone had planned to do the bitch anyhow but to have Michael's cooperation was a real laugh.

Michael explained they would have to wait three weeks for his dad's fishing trip. Michael would be away too which would leave his mom home alone for five days to take her slaving. Michael agreed that the niggers could do whatever was necessary to break his mother but the condition was everything had to be videotaped for Michael to enjoy later. If his mom could not be enslaved and then tried to get the police involved this could be the only rape she ever took and Michael wanted it for his entertainment. The final part of the plan would be that after the niggers owned his mom's white ass they would arrange to give her to Michael for his sexual gratification whenever he wanted.

Michael was at the mercy of the niggers in a way because they really did not need his cooperation but it would make it more interesting to them so they would honor his desires as much as possible. Getting Michael's house key would let them make a night time attack to lesson the risk of some stupid neighbor getting involved and Michael did have some pretty sick ideas that would be fun to try also.

The days came and went as Michael grew hotter and hotter. He could not stand to be around his mother without getting an instant erection. When he scraped his knee one day and she kissed it better he almost reached down to pull her up by the hair (where he really wanted to make her kiss). He had to laugh as his father acted all loving to her out at dinner on their anniversary because it would be the last such celebration before he would be leaving her. His dad could never accept Michael's mother bringing color to the family name.

Finally it was time to pack for the five day trip. His dad thought the boy's eagerness was over the fucking fish. His mom was all hugs and kisses as Michael just thought she should be saving 'that' for her lovers. Finally they were on the rode to paradise.

Each day was an eternity as Michael could not get rid of his 'wood'. If his dad noticed he said nothing. He had been young once too and boys did get 'that' way sometimes. Michael relieved himself whenever possible and spent his sleepless nights dreaming of all the things back home. As anxious as he had been for the trip to begin the drive back home was like assertion to heaven. The only negative was he knew the niggers would have to be finishing on his mother and that was the shame that she would be getting any break from her new life as a nigger slave (if you call being tied-up naked and left beaten and covered in cum for your family to find a break).

His dad was destroyed. His mother was in a panic that they could not call the police or Michael would be killed. It was all the boy could do to keep from laughing out loud. It took almost an hour for his dad to saw though the handcuffs. Michael had been sent to his room which was a relief so he could get out of his underwear. He was cum in his pants the instant he had seen his mother trussed up.

Michael had listened at his mother's insistence for no police or medical intervention. His father was acting more concerned for the beating she had obviously taken then for the thought of revenge but he was obviously in shock and Michael snickered that once the realization of how filthy she had been set in on his dad then his mother's last line of support would be eliminated.

As soon as his mother had been freed she insisted on taking a shower but some things could never be made clean again. His mother had been the nigger play toy Michael had dreamed about and was probably already starting to fill with her new bastard. Let mommy try to clean that one up.


It was like a death in the family all that first night. His dad still trying to be supportive as his mother cried herself to sleep. She was having a hard time moving from the pain of her beating but Michael could not feel sorry at all just wondering how she had looked taking it all. Michael had seen her wedding dress torn and stained and seen her tattoo when he had gotten his look at her tied-up so he figured the boys maybe had done everything like he wanted.

It had been hard planning his mother's rape. There were seventeen boys that would take part and five days to fill. Most of the time would be gratuitous fucking her in all of her holes but Michael had more ambition then that for the videos. He had made Tyrone promise to do four special tapes each with its own theme. Michael had spent the three weeks of preparation typing out screen plays so all his wishes could be fulfilled now all he could do was wait for Leroy to run off enough copies of the videos for Michael to get his deserved show.






Book II Betrayed mom

This is the second in a five part series of a story of total perversion. Our hero is Michael, a boy you might think you know. Michael had been raised with the most loving mother and father possible but sometimes a boy needs more. Blame it on bad influences or accept that there is true evil in the world but Michael 'loved' his mother in a different way then most boys (if you have already read book one then you might say 'loved' is the wrong word).

At the close of book one Michael had arranged for his mother's brutalization and slaving to a local gang of young blacks from the neighborhood led by the boy Tyrone. Michael had kept his innocence by arranging for the attack to coincide with his own absence from the house for the week on a fishing trip with his father. Before you wonder too much how any boy could miss the opportunity to take a front role seat to his own mother's beating and rape, the boy had taken the precaution of having video tapes filmed of the festivities. Michael would have a permittit show of his mother's initial ruin that he would watch for the rest of his life. All that he needed to do was wait for the copies to be made.

Tape I "The New Wedding"

The only sound at first is the soft hum of the video machine as the tape starts to play and then the screen lights up and the image is pure beauty. The lady's name is Leta but it is not important because for the next hour all that you will watch is to see her destroyed.

You have no idea how many boys there are. They are not shy about being on camera though as if their youth is all the protection from the law they require. The camera work is amateurish at best and it annoys you somewhat but there is a primal quality that adds flavor to the show.

She is crying at first held down on her knees. Even with the boy yanking back on her hair you can see that she is a woman of quality and now some paid whore. She is whimpering about something but it sounds like gibberish.

"No, pleeeeeease. That is my only copy. Whyyyyyyyy? Why are

you doing this to meeeee? I am Michael's Mom."

It sounds good to hear her whine as you can just tell by the looks in the boy's eyes that the reaction they want is for the bitch to suffer and break. The one holding her hair is a magnificent young buck with his giant erection. He is twisting her hair and yanking to inflict the pain to make the shot work.

"I told you to smile for the camera bitch. This is your new wedding video

so you better fucking smile."

Most videos of weddings are pieces of shit with the artistic quality of watching paint drying but you begin to realize the video you are watching is something much more. That it was originally filmed over top the chicks original wedding tape just made it more of a laugh even if the cunt did not agree.

"Please. It is my copy. What did I do to you? Stop it!!!!! Your

ruining my wedding tape."

"Then smile you stupid bitch. This is the happiest day of your life. You

white cunts are all alike looking at us like we are animals but you all

take it just as easy. It makes you sick that we will have you and breed

you. You don't understand. Whitey has to pay and you bitches will be

the fine. If you do not want a bastard then we are going to marry you but

you will be bred. By the time we are done no one will ever be white again."

It is hard to hear the words but the truth is always undeniable. The fact this bitch or you never had anything to do with slaving does not forgive you the crime and for every crime must come a punishment. For the punishment to look to fucking sexy was just an amazing blessing.

The camera pans down to show off the bitch and your cock pays attention. You know her to be thirty-three years of age but her body lies her to be half of that age. Her tits stand up proud without an inch of sag. They are not so big but their shape is mouthwatering and her nipples are the most sensitive and constantly erect you ever saw. If she had ever breast fed her son would have been the luckiest boy ever.

You would like to see her cunt but too much would spoil the suspense and her panties allow for the smallest retention of her 'goodness'. With three other videos there would be hours to study her sex in detail.

"He told you to smile you stupid cunt."

"OWWWWWWWW! Don't hurt me."

The slap catches you by surprise coming from off camera but the effects spring to life as her cheek reddens to ripeness.

"Take it you fucking bitch."

You try not to look away as she starts to scream. You know it is the least of what is to be done but you can not help but feel for the woman. The slaps are unrelenting if only at half strength but even so they accomplish the purpose and the bitch musters her smile.

"Don't fucking mess her up too bad before we get some 'before' pictures

for the Internet."



"You think I don't fucking know that? She is smiling now aren't you cunt?

You think it will save you but it won't. You will get the fuck beat out of you

every time you have to do something."

You reach down to unzip your pants for the first time as your own hardness is getting uncomfortable. You know you should not enjoy such wickedness but the boys evil excitement is contagious and you begin to feel the need to fast forward to the 'real good stuff'.

You contain your impulse knowing there would be plenty of time for slow-motion study of the 'good-parts' later and your patience is rewarded with the next plot advancement. The only hint at the filth of the next act was the look of the bitch .

"You filthy fucking animals. You will all go to hell. I will have

you killed. What are you doing? My husband will kill you."

"We will kill him bitch. You can be a widow or you can get divorced. Your

wedding video is being erased and your photo album is in the trash but

now you need to show the camera you want this divorce. Your wedding

certificate has a good flavor covered in cum so eat it you bitch."


It looked like you might imagine as she tried to keep her mouth shut. The paper was dripping in slime and looked slippery enough to slide down her throat. The one buck continued to hold her by the hair while the second kid reached out to pinch her nose shut. As she started to turn blue she finally was broke and before she could recover he had pushed it all in. The taste must have been hell as she started to gag but with the boy holding her chin the chewing began.

The idiot on the camera lost focus as he zoomed for a close-up. Every chew by the bitch had to give her more cum. The paper had been soaked in nigger cum. You giggle as you count how many times he forces her to chew.

She is really starting to heave. It will be amazing if she will be able to choke it down the way she is panicking and then it happens as she just looses it all. The boys can barely get out of the way as they momentarily release her in her own mess.

"What is the matter bitch didn't your snack agree with you."

Leta could not understand how anyone could be so evil. They were laughing at her shame. She wanted to die. Then she felt him pull her hair again and felt her face shoved down into her own mess. It almost made her sick again.


"Finish eating you bitch."

She has been crying from the beginning but you see even more. It is like stages as she breaks before your eager eyes. As much as a fuck would be nice to watch torture was the real are that made rape special. Still, even you have your standards and as she begins to clean up after herself you find yourself trying not to heave yourself.

The final bites finish her certificate and the camera shot is awesome as she is forced to pose with open mouth for proof that she had really swallowed. It was surreal in its simplicity. A crying slightly bruised face framed to perfection with crybaby eyes shouting her shame and wide open mouth proving the deed.

Symbols can mean so much. That is their power and their curse. What can be no more then a tradition to someone can be the very identity to another. Leta was a girl who lived to be perfect. Her wedding had been in her head from the age of five and the real thing had been her dream. Now everything was being ruined forever.

"Take your ring off bitch or I will break your fucking finger."

She could not do it. The ring had been in the family forever.


Her finger is not broken but that is her only solace has he takes the ring from her. The camera begins to pull back to allow passage as the boy holding the bitch by the hair yanks her off balance. It is a scene from a cave girl movie as she gets dragged to the washroom and the camera zooms in to show the toilet had been prepared.

"Put it in the shit, bitch."

You can not help but smile your appreciation. The ring was her life and now she was the one to put it in the toilet. The lady's white hands made such stark contrast with the dark shit as she suffered the outrage. It had required another slap to her face and you knew her eyes were about to be blackened. Her hands were a tremble as the black helped her flush and then all the sound was of her sobbing.

"You are all divorced now bitch. You did good so we will not have

to make you into a widow. Now you can marry one of us so the baby

will be proper."

The tape seams to have a break as the bitch is suddenly in white. Her dress must have been special on her first day but you can see it now had been altered. You see her panties have finally been removed but the cuts in the dress give only the most fleeting of looks.

The ceremony is performed with her very own bible but the vows she has to use are not any you have heard before. Her voice drops to a whisper and a few slaps are required to get her through it but finally you hear the submissive 'I do'.

The wedding had been a little tame for your tastes but the consummation was going to be the stuff of legend starting with the replacement for the kissing of the bride.

"On your knees bitch."


"Open your mouth now."

"What are you doing? Please stop."

"Drink it wife."

It was something you wanted to see but had not expected as part of the wedding. It made sense in its way it you thought about how animals mark what belonged to them. It looked at hot as hell. She started to shut her lips but it was too late as she caught a mouthful. It would have been nice if she had been made to swallow the whole load but as he lost that option the black countered nicely with getting some in her eyes.

You laugh at the site before nervously checking your room to reassure that you are still alone. If some was too surprise you now you would be humiliated. Some people would not appreciated this piece of art you now were watching but that was their problem and not yours.

In most weddings after the bride is kissed by the groom the guests get a go at the reception and you are joyful to see the custom take its own meaning in the video you now watch. It had to be planned as all twenty-three boys were ready and able. No one got stage fright as they stepped up to bat and soon she was soaked from her head to her toes. Several boys took her by her wet hair and kept her mouth open as they forced her to drink load after load.

You did not know how the bitch kept from throwing up again as she drank the boys piss but finally after nearly half an hour of just gratuitous pissing the final boy dropped poor Leta into the puddle on the floor and before the video faded to black you hear one last thing.

"Clean yourself bitch. It is time for the hornymoon.".







Book III Betrayed mom

This is the third in a five part series of a story of total perversion. Our hero is Michael, a boy you might think that you know. In Book I we learned what Michael had arranged for his mother to experience and in Book II we were along for the show of the wedding video. Now in Book III we will be front and center for the hornymoon because Book IV lets us understand how she was put to the dogs and finally Book V is a happy ever after type of summary. This is my first story on the net but if it does well I will be posting more so keep your eye out for Mkarl.

Leta felt like a fucking whore. She had always been such a good little girl going to church every Sunday, Saying her prayers and saying no to all the nasty boys. She wanted to were white on her wedding and then the day had come. She was a princess in her fairy tale. Dwayne was a good man in every way and fulfilled her completely as a wife and a woman. They did their marriage duty on her honeymoon and Michael came into the picture.

There was no more time for the messiness of lovemaking with a young baby in the house and Dwayne did not make enough money for more then one child anyhow. Leta knew god loved her and she never did anything that was bad until the night her husband and son left her home all alone as they went on a fishing trip.

She had no warning when they came into her room. They had not broke the door or a window. She was held by the hair to far from the phone as she recognized first Tyrone then Leroy, Toby and Jerome. There were more then twenty boys in all although not all had fit in her room at first.

She had been dragged to the living room for more space and that is where they had told her that she was going to be a slave and get bred. The boys were all niggers and she felt ill just too imagine herself with child by one of them but she was hopelessly outnumber and slapped quiet when she tried to scream.


The filthy bastards laughed at her as she started to cry. She asked them why and they told her she was going to pay for white crime. She had never done anything but Tyrone had stepped up and took her by the hair. He called her white trash and said she was a bitch. He would kill Dwayne if she did not let them act like they were giving her a divorce and a new wedding. For all Leta knew they may have had some sick nigger religion where the new wedding would be legal.

She had tried to be brave for her family and do what was needed so her husband would not be killed but the bastards kept pushing her further and further. They had destroyed everything she treasured from her wedding video and album down to her wedding dress and ring. They had filmed everything as they made her act like she was going along with the outrage.

Now she felt like a whore or at least how she imagined whores felt like. She had just finished in the shower while four boys watched her try to clean herself after serving as their communal urine for the past half hour. She felt ill to her something but something kept her from vomiting. The taste would not go away.

Leta had once read a story where a girl fantasized being raped. Leta had been young then but it had horrified her that anyone could be that low of morals. Now that Leta was at the mercy of real rapists it was only more proof that for a girl like her rape was worse then death. She half hoped the filthy animals would kill her because she could never face her loving husband or precious boy after having been a nigger fuck toy.

"Your clean enough bitch. You do not need to dry off. Now get ready for

your baby."

She did not know if she wanted to kill the bastard or herself. The niggers were really fucking serious. How could they know she was not on the pill? There was no way they could have kept close enough tabs on her to know that she was at her time of the month. Leta had no intention of having any more children after Dwayne had his accident. He could barely function at all but she had fulfilled herself in the other duties of wife and mother. She was certainly never going to fuck around so there had never been a need for the pill. Now if she was knocked-up she would be unable to use abortion or even the morning after pill so she was screwed in every way.

Tyrone had married her and he was going to have the first try at breeding her. Mustafa held her by the hair for a moment and then shoved her at Tyrone who took her for a kiss. Even in this instant of total danger she could not help but be aware of something as simple as her nakedness.

She felt him pressing against her belly. It seamed to be huge but she would not look. She wanted to break the kiss but he was pulling her hair again. It was a fucking wonder she had not been rendered bald the way they pulled her hair. There was some types of pain a girl could not get used to.

His kiss was wet and slobbery but not the kiss of a virgin. She was obviously not his first. She knew he was the age of her son and that thought brought a swell of disgust that she was at the mercy of kids. Tyrone pressed against her full body squishing her tits against his chest while reaching with his free hand to take a pinch of her firm white ass.

The boy had done five bitches in his time. Lean had been young and wild while his aunt Trudy had been some fine black licorice but Tyrone had never been so eager to breed as he was with this honky bitch. She had given him that look the first time he went over with Michael like she was afraid he was going to steal her blind. Tyrone hated that look even if he did do it to whitey every chance that he got. He was only evening things up for all the slavery times. Whites thought they were better because they were smarter but it was Tyrone and niggers like him that had it figured out if enough white bitches got put with some color eventually whitey could be bred out of existence. It was fun too. Usually the bitches screamed for the first but always after they were full of his juice they calmed right down and never went to the 'man'.

Leta would be no different then the other bitches. Even if she got the video to the cops he could only do time until he was eighteen. The young offenders law was the greatest thing ever and he had four more years with it to protect him so he was going to rape hundreds of more bitches. Still Tyrone was taking nothing for granted with Leta. The way this bitch had cried her eyes out she really was being destroyed by his nigger love. She might just fucking shut right off when he filled her full of cum. It was going to be sweat to finish this bitch off.

There was nothing remotely romantic in Leta's mind as Tyrone continued to molest her ass before suddenly twisting and taking her hard to the bed. He was like an animal pouncing down to pin its bitch for mating. Leta responded with a kick which brought a hard slap to her already tender face. She had seen herself in the mirror and almost cried just from the sight of her eyes already blacked and the cut on her lip. The damn video tape kept recording her entire humiliation. Leta had no idea who would possibly see this tape but she wanted to scream into the lens for them to have the fucking decency to turn off the television. If someone ever watched and got excited to see her beaten and forcibly bred he should be damned straight to hell.

Hell was too good for Tyrone. If the devil took him right then it was already too late. As Leta felt him trap her leg and shift down into position her last thought was why her lord had forsaken her to the agents of darkness.

Tyrone grunted in pleasure as he pushed in. Michael may have been right about his mother's lack of sex. She felt like a fucking virgin. Tyrone was only nine inches long but that was still big compared to white boys. He pumped his athletic ass to power deeper into the cunt. He would have given his left nut to have the bitch cum all over his big black cock but she seamed to be going all spacey on him. He spit on her to keep her in the moment and started his love talk.

"Your going to breed for me bitch. We are going to make you all big

in your baby making tummy just like when you had Michael. You

are going to grow Michael a little brother. Your very own nigger.

Think about it bitch. Tell the camera you want to make a nigger baby.

Tell the camera you love my black dick putting my baby into your white

cunt. Your going to dirty your whole family. Everyone will hate you.

Little kids will see you with the baby and want to piss on you. Your

ex-husband might fucking put a bullet in his head if you shame him

with color for his family name. Tell the camera bitch. Tell the camera


She wanted to allow him to choke her. It would all be over. It would be so easy just to die but Michael would be alone. If the niggers did kill Dwayne then Leta would be all Michael had left. She had to survive for her son. She wished Dwayne could forgive her.

"…I want it"

"Speak up bitch tell the camera what you want."

"A baby…I want a nigger baby. A dirty nigger baby."

"Your kid will kid this video bitch so talk nice."

"Please don't do this to me Tyrone."

"Talk for the camera bitch. Michael will get to see this video too."

"No. Nooooo."

"Yes, yes bitch now feel me throbbing your about to be a mommy again."

"Get off of me you nigger."

It was a desperate last attempt to save herself but he was ready for it and rode her back hard. He felt it inside and cheered "Come all over my cock bitch."

It would be a good laugh if Michael believed his mother had cum for the baby. Her face was a mask of despair and defeat and it gave the nigger joy to imagine her thoughts how she had betrayed her husband and family. Tyrone grabbed her ankles and lifted her like she was a prize fish so his boys could get the help of gravity to do their job.

It was obscene as Leta was held by her ankles. She felt the wetness inside and knew it was over. The video was now of her conception and Tyrone had said her kids would be watching. Leta could not believe Michael would watch even ten seconds of seeing his own mother hurt so bad but her future child might watch and even like it. Even if the baby would be a bastard and half-nigger it was still going to be hers and Leta would just die to know her own child could feel lust at her total humiliation.

"Rest time is over bitch."

Leon was trying to force her to suck. Leta had never allowed it with Dwayne. Her mother always said only whores suck cock. A boy tried to make her do it when she was sixteen. He had lived on the next farm and one night got her behind the barn. He was too young and she only got it in the mouth a few times before she bit him and made him stop. He had cried so much she almost felt sorry but now she was tempted to bite until she could take it off as Leon pushed in.

What was the use? They would kill her and then Dwayne and Michael too. She had to be a good mother and wife and suck cock for her family. It tasted so weird not like a finger or thumb but different. Maybe it tasted a little like all the cum that had been on it. Leon was big and it choked her before it was two-thirds in. It was no surprise to feel the pain of her hair as he started to shove to get the rest in.

"Choke for it cunt. Love my big black prick good or I will fucking

Smash us that white trash face of yours until I ugly you forever."


She could scarcely breath as he used her mouth to service his lust. She burned with shame to use her mouth and to hear the giggles of the room made it so much worse. She was not a slut and she would not kiss 'it'.

Her indignation was about as useful as a three dollar bill. The boy got off as he gagged her. The restrictive tunnel of her throat seamed like it was massaging the head of his weapon with each thrust he got in that deep. The bitch had a style he had never seen before like it was fucking killing her to do this simplest of girly duties but he was not complaining cause it would make it all the more sweater when he could cum all over her defeated little face.

"Drink it all bitch."

Poor Leta was held tight as Leon had his cum. As she was too learn it was not an especially heavy load but it was the first time ever in her mouth so there was no comfort in even that. She had been gagging to much to even attempt to swallow. It felt like it coated her tongue as most came back out and down her chin. She knew they could all see her like she was some fucking glazed donut in the display case.

"She's a hot little cock-sucker so line up boys."

It was only the second kid pleasured. Jerome jumped on her and fucked for his turn as did the fourth kid. The fifth one started in her mouth but finished in her cunt for some variety. After Mustafa and three more boys had their turns trying to win the lottery of who would father her child she was beginning to be a real mess.

"I need me a tighter hole" the next kid said. "Get up on your knees bitch."

Leta had been submissive for the past several boys not wanting to give them the satisfaction of getting to see her crying but this next bastard was over the line. She tried to scratch him which got a punch to the head for her trouble. She bucked and twisted her supple, slender body in her futile attempt to escape the punishing violation of her tightest little hole.

Three boys had to step in to help hold her down. She had fallen flat to the bed to try to protect herself but it just gave the kid a lower target. Someone had managed to get her hair and throat while others had her arms and legs. With her face pushed in the pillow she had no idea who was pulling her ass cheeks apart .

She felt like they were tearing her in two. The bastard had not used any lubrication other then the sperm that had run out her pussy from the fucks she had already received. She could not stifle her pain and gave it all for the niggers enjoyment.

"Owwww! Nooooo! You're killing me."

"I think you must have been a virgin back here you're so fucking tight.

Is that right bitch am I popping you're cherry?"

The outrage would never be over for the bitch. Even if they did not kill her when they were done with her she could never feel clean or good again. The cock in her ass fucked her like it owned her and she knew it did. She could not even bring herself to consider her poor husband and son she was now just trying to survive herself.

It felt disgusting as the ass raper finished in her ass but of course she was not allowed to try to clean herself. Two actual brother's taught her the discomfort of a double penetration. Then it just became a blur as she practically could have been confused with a cookie from a bag of Oreos.

With twenty three horny young kids to satisfy the festivities lasted until nearly noon. Leta had the weekend off from work and the kids had all arranged with their own parents that they were supposedly at a friends house so Leta was allowed her first time off from the enslaving as she was allowed to sleep for awhile. There was still thirty hours before her husband would return and Leta could only dream of what she would take in the meantime.




Book IV Betrayed mom

This is the forth in a five part series of a story of total perversion. Our hero is Michael, a boy you might think you know. In Book I Michael was a kid on the verge of embracing the dark side before we saw him take the fall. His mother Leta paid for her son's evil lust. The agents of darkness were twenty-three bastards from the hood. Book II allowed us to watch along with the kink of one of the weirdest wedding ceremonies imaginable while Book III gave us some meat and potatoes of what we all like to hear about (a bitch learning her place).

Now in Book IV we will go over Leta's final day of her first time with the niggers in a little something subtitled 'to the dog'.

Leta was sore. She had been sleeping on her arms bound behind her back. The tape over her mouth had dried her throat until it felt like sandpaper. She had not eaten for over a day but for all her discomfort her first sensation upon waking was the feel of eight big inches fucking her cunt.

"Wakey , wakey bitch. We still got a day with your white ass."

It had not been a nightmare. She tried to scream but the tape kept her quiet. The boys had slept over and obviously had intentions of another go at her poor battered body. She could not even believe these animals could still want her in the shape she was in.

Her face was so sore she knew her eyes would already be black. She had tasted blood the previous day so lips had probably been cut as they had slapped her in her face. Leta had not been able to see herself in a mirror but for as hard as they had pulled her by the hair she may have already had bald spots even.

The niggers had not cleaned her once except after she had served as their urinal following that perverted mock marriage she had performed with them unless you count where they had her lick her fingers and lips to lap up sperm as getting clean. She felt like the filthiest whore alive as even a whore would have to cry to herself to end up this disgraced.

"When your honky hubby tries you out next won't he get surprised how you got so loose from all of it yesterday, huh bitch."

Her 'real' husband Dwayne would never touch her again. Leta knew her life was over. He was a good man but he could never forgive her for breeding with a black. His family would never accept the color she was going to be adding to it.

"Hey Troy are you going to keep that bitch to yourself or can I have a piece of her white ass too.?"

"Help yourself brother. You know this bitch likes to get filled and she is one

hot cunt when she has it in the ass."

Leta felt dead inside. Even with her hands bound behind her back the last shreds of her decency told her to resist as the blacks positioned her for the dual violation. As she was pulled down over the boy beneath her she just went limp. It was hopeless anyhow so why fight?

"Fuck! This bitch really is liking it. I think we are even going to get her to cum. Do it bitch. Cum while we pancake you."

Why was she giving in? Leta had never been the type to do reading on sex but she wondered if it worked like girls held hostage. She had heard they began to love their captors. It made her skin crawl but she actually felt herself with the two boys and that caused her as much grief as what they were actually doing to her.

She ended up servicing five other early 'risers' before she was untied and ordered to fix breakfast. It was eight o'clock in the evening but the boys had a long night planned and needed an energy boost. The bacon fat sizzled and burnt her tits but of course the boys just laughed at that. She was passed around to sit on their laps as she hand fed them and wiped their mouths all while the video camera was worked to capture her for some perverts enjoyment. She had nothing to eat herself but was allowed water to wet her throat again. Then she was put back to her 'proper' duties.

She was fucked for a few hours with a break to watch the last quarter of the Bull's game. She was finally thrown into a bathtub to clean the past days dried mess off of her but it was as much to torment her as clean her while the boys held her deep in the water and forced her to suck a kid off before she was drowned.

A second game had the boys order some pizzas. Tyrone held a gun on her and the delivery kid from the closet as she tipped him with a blow job. It was too late to save herself anyhow so she performed like a slut for the surprised virgin. He asked her to fuck and Leta agreed even though she had not been ordered to. She even allowed herself a hope that maybe this kid could win the job of knocking her up.

She did not know if the boys had been pleased by her performance with the pizza boy. They seamed to be enjoying the degree they were breaking her but with each escalation it seamed as if they missed her fight from the previous day. When the phone rang at ten-thirty they thought they had their opportunity.

"My husband said he would call. If I do not answer he might worry."

"You will answer bitch and you will do phone sex with him while you are

really raped. Make him think you are only faking or all he will find when

he gets home is a dead wife."

Her husband was embarrassed as she insisted on playing. She had to spend ten minuets pleading that she needed it. They barely had real sex so she knew her husband was shocked but then she started to perform while he listened and allowed her that he was masturbating for her telephone show."

She was fucked by two boys and did a blow job for her husband to hear before he finally said he had to get to sleep so he could take Michael out in the morning. With her face freshly soaked and her legs getting slimed she almost gave in to her last wish to scream out to her husband but then the phone line was dead. For whatever else he may have forgiven her acting the slut on the phone had pushed it too far. The boys had new eagerness to continue her torture.

"What you need to really feel your place bitch is an old-fashioned whipping."

It was a little past two a.m. But on a Saturday night any neighbor might still have been awake. The boys wrapped the duct tape around her head three times so she would be unable to get enough volume to attract the wrong attention. They used the handcuffs on her wrists and then threw a rope over a branch of the tree in the back yard to hang her in place. They used three belts so everyone could get his turn beating her ass in a quick an orderly manner.

Some of the kids got into it as though this was the ultimate payback for what had been done to their kind all those years ago. The belts started striking at every inch of her body. At first possibly missing her ass by accident but then by design. Her tits and cunt both became targets as the whipping continued.

There was no mercy given but then none was expected. She had already been put in her place and would never expect anything more from her masters then pain and abuse. She felt herself bleed but it could not finish her off. Broken bodies might heal but her spirit was what had already been destroyed. She could not imagine how they could get the reaction they still obviously wanted from her as they had ruined it for themselves by breaking her too fast. She almost laughed to herself at their impotent rage as they completed whipping her expecting her muffled screams of despair but getting only subdued moans of suffering. As strange as it sounds this was a victory for Leta if anything was but the game had one final play as she was about to discover.

Jerome saw the beast first.

"Hey boy. You're not a police dog are ya?"

"Fuck no. Police dogs are shepherds not danes."

"Shit. He's a big enough mother-fucker to be a k-nine. I would not want to

be at the business end of his attitude."

"Danes are lovers not fighters. That is why the beast came up. He smelled

himself a bitch and came to have his way with the cunt."

"I always heard jokes about it. These dogs get like so big they stick in the cunt."

"I see it on the computer. It feels good for the bitch too cause dogs keep

her getting fucked until the dog is done so the bitch knows who is boss."

"Let's give the bitch to the dog and video tape it to put up on the Internet."

It would be the crowning achievement of the destruction of the bitch. From proud little angel to dog fucking whore in ten easy steps. It was a delight to the boys as they cut the bitch down and took her for one more drag by the hair. The dog was coaxed along so the show could get behind closed doors for it's play.

The boys took off of her cuffs and callously un-peeled the tape from her head playing murder on her hair.

"I won't knew it you little freaks. Not with a fucking animal."

They had her fighting again.

"Not 'with a fucking animal' bitch. 'Fucking with an animal."

A kid held her by the hair as a second one tried to get the dog up before her.

"Show him that your friendly cunt."

The dog was excited but almost seamed overcome by the situation at first as if he could not believe his good fortune to finally have some human pussy. He was a neighborhood pet and one can only wonder how many times he had watched Leta walk her cute little ass in front of him always behind the frustrating protection of those concealing 'pants' things she wore. For every cock-teasing instant she had ever put him or any other beast through she could now pay with her cunt. The question was what were with all the boy humans and what might they do if the beast took a helping of their bitch. In the dog world competition over mating rights could lead to a fight if the little one would not back off but these boy humans actually seamed to be wanting to give their bitch up so the dog started to plan his move.

Leta was desperate now. She hardly had the fight in her. She had not given in as the niggers had whipped the fuck out of her but the beating had still took it's toll. She ached from head to toe in pain. She had been in an almost continuos thirty hour gang-bang and the strain of the nonstop fucking had exhausted her. The only benefit was her pain sensors were so overloaded that she barely registered as the boy with her hair put her mouth down to the dog.

"See doggy. You are going to get a friendly bitch now."

It was like the dog understood or maybe he just could 'tell' from her smell because he was already starting to show that he wanted what was coming. 'It' was a typical dog cock for what that is worth quite pink in its color with it's distinctive shape and taste. Leta had quiet obviously never had anything like it before and she gagged at first and had to pull off.

"Suck him bitch. Show your boyfriend that you can please him."

The kid with Leta's hair was insisting she hold her place. She was pushed so hard the dog moved and jabbed her in the eye. She was afraid the dog would become threatened and might start to bite her. He must have been confused to have such attention on his cock.

If the dog was concerned the pleasure of wet red lips on his ever growing cock gave him some comfort. He had licked himself since being a pup but this human bitch did things that were like magik to the lucky animal. He was not sure if he should but her mouth felt like a pussy the way she was acting so he decided to get down to business.

The dogs cock hit the back of her throat as he began to hump her. It was as awkward as hell and he quickly slipped out. He banged into her face with his next several thrusts and she desperately tried to turn away from his now coming cock. She took a squirt up her nose and some in her eyes. She had the taste in her mouth too proving she had not got 'it' out of her in time.

"Okay now he knows she can be fucked get him on her before he gets too big."

Everyone should be so lucky to get such an easy fuck given to them like the dog had. The dog seamed to sense that the bitch was being hurt by the other humans but that could be of no concern to him. If the bitch expected him to rise up all noble and try to do the Lassie trick then she had forgot that dogs are man's best friend. The bitch had gotten him worked up and he was going to have his satisfaction.

The dane was huge and outweighed Leta. Even without the interference of the boys she would have had a hard time fighting off the dog's mount. He was full of purpose as he scouched for position digging his claws into her ribs for traction.

The first thrusts missed her opening and just drilled her sensitive body. The pain might have been her ass it hurt so bad. With the dog taking her from behind Leta was at the mercy of his cocksmanship as all she could do was submit to the beast and hope he hit pussy before he tore her apart.

The kid with the camera had dropped underneath her stomach so he could shoot up for the initial penetration but as loud as her scream was he could have been in the next room and gotten the proof of the dogs eventual success. The dog had found what he wanted and even though he slipped out a couple of times he was soon pounding to get his knot in.

The way dog's fuck getting all hung up is both romantic and repulsive in it's own little ways but does not lend itself to an overly descriptive retelling. The action had returned to a state or surrealism only broken by the occasion chuckle of a boy telling Leta she was a good bitch and then she might end up with puppies.

As with all things even this too did pass and by the time the dog had dismounted the boys seamed finally sedated. One kid still had enough hostility to make Leta clean the dog off with her mouth as he forced her to thank the animal for being her boyfriend and made her speak on how she would want to be the neighbor hood slut for him and all his doggy friends.

A few boys got a rise over the last few hours but the bitch really had been pushed past her breaking with the dog so it was about as much fun as fucking the dead. Even as they held her down to tattoo her ass she barely felt the needle or seamed to care about her brand. She was a completely destroyed and totally submissive slave and would never recover. The boys knew her husband and kid were already headed home when they tied her up for the last time. Tyrone was the last nigger to talk to Leta as he gave her the final shock.

"If you want to know who we made the videos for bitch then you better

Ask Michael. He paid us with his allowance to filthy you good."

It was a lie. Leta felt her brain shutting off. Her own son had killed her.




Book V Betrayed mom

As you know by know if you have been paying attention and read the preceding chapters this is the last of a five part of a story of total perversion. For readers who enjoy such things we have been transported on a journey through most of the major taboos of human sexuality. Our stars have been a lady named Leta, her young son Michael, and a cast of two dozen rapists. We have been voyeurs to each outrage that had transported the mother from angel to slave and seen her beaten, fucked, bred and used as a human toilet. About the only thing left to wonder is what would her life be like in the days that would follow provided she would live at all.

Michael really had come in his pants when he ran into the house. The truth was he had not been sure that all of Tyrone's talk had not been bullshit from the start. If his mother had met him at the door all smiles it would have pissed him off but as the boy got to the living room all of his fears vanished.

They had thoughtfully had a final jack-off on her so she would be glazed for her unveiling. Tape over her mouth allowed nothing but her eyes to express her shame. Michael quickly took his first look at her cunt since he had been popped out fourteen years before. She had the crap beaten out of her, that much was obvious. Her eyes were blackened and all over her body were the welts of the whippings. Michael even noticed the scratches on her sides and thighs although he did not yet know that they were dog markings.

It was everything Michael had prayed for and more. He almost broke character as he tried to sound horrified while calling to his father. The boy knew he was suppose to be devested by the vision of his raped mother and he managed an 'oh no…poor mom' as he moved to her in a pretense that his only interest was to start to get her free from her shackles. The boy thought he was so sly as he was actually doing nothing more then getting as good of a feel of her naked body as could 'get away with'.

The tape on her mouth was the only thing that kept her from screaming. The bastard Tyrone had told her Michael had arranged for her rape and as her son had moved to her she had seen the proof in his pants. 'It' must have been quite the load to have soaked through so fast.

Her husband was devested as she knew he would be. She could not lie with the tattoo on her ass. He had asked her no questions as he sawed off her cuffs. She thought about telling him about Michael but that would not change anything. She almost held her own self under the water in the bathtub as she tried to clean herself but even that would never had changed anything.

Dwayne stayed in the house for three weeks after she confirmed that she was with child. She hated herself for demanding support but he had been her husband. She had watched her son over the first few days following the rape. The rotten bastard was always around her pretending his only concern was looking after her while she healed while secretly getting off on seeing her pain. She had caught him watching a tape on the Wednesday but just retreated to her room and cried herself to sleep.

Tyrone had come by the house the first week but had not talked to Leta or even met her eye. She was surprised the bastard seamed embarrassed at how he had destroyed her. She thought he was remorse but the nigger was only trying to get a feel if she was going to get stupid and go to the police. He had let her know that he would kill Dwayne, Michael, her parents and anyone else she might care for but they had broke her so hard there was really no predicting how she would go.

Leta had passed her first test convincing her husband not to go to the police immediately. It had been a good sign that she had used the threat against Michael as the catalyst to keep Dwayne quiet. A mother's love for her son must have been something special if she was even leaving Michael alive from her own wraith let alone protecting him from the niggers after what he had done.

Tyrone really did not give a fuck what the honky family was into as long as he was going to get a second fuck from the bitch. Tyrone would have several more white cunts in his day but even had his young age he just knew he would never have a better piece of ass then Leta.

Michael found out that his mother knew his secret and although he was scared at first it was always intended that he was going to have her eventually so he decided to join in when the boys had their return visit. His dad had left the day before so the house was all theirs.

It was a school night so only six of the kids got permission to spend the night from their own parents. Michael had his mother suck him off twice and gave her a fuck for good measure. He pissed in her mouth but decided not to shit with the other boys.

His mother threw up of course but she seamed resigned to her fate and willfully took load after load. Michael slept with his mother and fucked her in the morning.

The new baby arrived in its own time and a second followed before the next year. Eventually Michael grew possessive of his mother and they moved to the country. If their new neighbors ever wondered about the young man with the mother and her young black children

nothing was said to their face. Michael had the slave he had always wanted even if it took several years before he once again got to watch her at the mercy of some black lovers. His young brothers gave him the final gift of our story by starting the third generation themselves having his mother make her own self into a grandmother.

The story lives on but you know how it ends so until next time I am Mkarl.