- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Boffing mom
[Author] Eros
[Type] Mother/son

      It was late afternoon. Mom was on the back porch with a romance novel in
front of her face. It wasn't clear whether she was actually reading it or just
day-dreaming behind it. In either case, I was feeling extremely horny and my
gorgeous mother was looking decidedly fuckable. I didn't see any reason to hang
back from acting on impulse. So I came up to her chair and cupped her
underneath her big, firm breasts. As I massaged those fine, full titties in
both hands, I asked her where Daddy was.

      "Mmmmmmmm, who knows? Working late again, probably," Mom replied pressing
my hands over her tits with her own.


      I bent down and kissed her hard on the lips. My tongue slithered into her
warm, wet mouth, which tasted vaguely of sweet wine. She kissed me back with a
passion that wasn't entirely unexpected.

      "Think we have time for a quick one, Mom?", I asked tweaking her erect
nipples between thumb and forefinger.

      "Hell, I sure hope so," grinned Mom. "You've got me hot now, honey. You
better finish what you started.

      Don't be shocked. I'm not the only son screwing his sexy mom these days.
Where the hell do you think they got the term "mother-fucker" from, anyway?
Almost a year has passed since that delightful afternoon when I discovered that
a middle-aged woman has the experience and the desire to show a young man
around the bed in ways that a younger girl could never dream of. The fact that
the middle-aged woman in question was my own mother certainly didn't bother me
if it didn't bother her.

      We stripped each other quickly and passionately, dropping our clothes
where we stood on the back porch. I wanted to move inside, into the bedroom
like we always did, but Mom was so hot that she squatted in front of me right
there and grabbed my asscheeks with both hands, pulling my cock toward her open

      As always, I whimpered a little as her talented lips enclosed themselves
about the swollen head of my prick. How could a woman be so good at what she
did?  I know, I know. My mother always says that the answer to that question is
practice, practice. practice,but I sincerely believe that most of my giggling
teenage girlfriends could practice for a million years without getting as good
at sucking cocks as my Mom is.

      Every time I'm with my mother, I thank my lucky stars that I'm the right
age to enjoy her as a young man. Her mouth action is so good that you can't
help but shoot between her lips, flooding her taste buds with your ripe spunk.
And Mom is the kind of girl who would insist on drinking your jizz even if you
were trying to avoid squirting in her mouth. So it never did any good for me to
tell her that I wanted to save it for her pussy. Fortunately, my youthful body
still has enough rebound to get hard again within minutes of enjoying one of
Mom's monster suck-offs.

      It wasn't long before I was filling Mom's mouth with my first load of
jizz. Being the first, it was almost too much for her to handle. But, as
always, she managed... gulping and swallowing madly as my thick, creamy sperm
squirted down her pretty throat.

      Her mouth was still working up and down when I gently took her by the
hand and pushed her back into the house. I squeezed her firm, naked little ass
and ran my fingers up between her legs from behind, giving her juicy, wet pussy
a little feel up as we headed for the bedroom. I could feel my cock returning
to its former hardness with every step I took. By the time that we reached the
bedroom that my mother shared with my father, I was ridiculously hard again, so
hard that you'd think it was a wonder my nuts didn't explode in her face.

      "Fuck me, Mom," I begged as I spread myself across the mattress. "Sit on
my cock, and ride me!"

      "You got it, son," said Mom, straddling my thighs.

      She lowered herself down on top of me real, real slow. The sexy bitch! I
should have known. Mom always has that tiny bit of self control that she brings
into play at just the right moment. It seemed to take forever for her soft,
warm pussy to completely envelop my pulsating prick. The sensations of being
engulfed, swallowed, and totally devoured were so obscenely delicious, I was
groaning long before she'd stuffed half of me inside her hot, hairy twat.

      "Ride me," I encouraged her. "Ride me hard."

      Trust me, she did. Harder than any cowgirl. Rougher than any rodeo star.
My cock was a wild bronco that lived to be broken by her insatiable animal
needs. The more I thrust into her, the more Mom humped back. Then, when she
came in shrieks and throbs, I came too, my jerking, twitching cock shooting jet
after scalding jet of thick creamy cum deep up inside my mother's heaving

      We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking and resting...
then fucking and sucking some more, until we were both totally exhausted.

      Some people say that fucking your Mom is wrong. Those people obviously
don't have a mom as sexy and as horny as mine!

                                    The End