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[Story Name] the doctor's advice
[Author] from Family Tales
[Type] Mother/son

    I wish I had had enough courage to walk away from my mother, or at least be honest with her and give her a chance to walk away from me.  But I didn't.  I was in love with her and I was too afraid to tell her.  I was trying to think what her reaction would be.  If she'd get mad or what.  I was so mixed up; I knew I needed some professional advice.  That was when I decided to see a psychiatrist before I did something I might regret.  Dr. Jack was a terrific person.  He made me feel very relaxed.  I finally told him my fears.  "I think I'm in love with my mother," I nervously blurted out.

    He didn't seem the least bit surprised by my revelation.  "Well, John, you don't know how many young men I've had come in and tell me a story similar to the one I just heard from you.  Some young men react in different ways, including having deep feelings of guilt."  He assured me, "This isn't as uncommon as you might think.  But the main thing is how you feel about it.  You and your mother will be different from the majority, but you won't be alone."

    As the days passed, I began to realize that what Dr. Jack said was true.  The next thing I knew it was New Year's Day and Mother and I had been drinking to celebrate.  I wanted my mother so much, but said to myself that she would be mortified to be discovered having sex with her son.  I was counting on her not to scream.  Suddenly she was in my arms and I was holding her against me.  Wildly, passionately, I kissed her face, her lips, her throat.  Swiftly, I lifted her, carried he over to the bed.

    "Oh, Mom," I moaned.  "I love you.  I want you."

    She drew my face close to hers.  "I love you.  I want you, too, John," she whispered.  I kneaded her breast and suckled her nipple.  She arched up; she cried out my name.  I removed my pants and my cock began to dance up and down violently.  For the first time she was afraid.  Mom's mouth dropped open as she stared at it and let out a barely audible gasp.  That's when I got the real shock of my life.

    "John, I'm out of birth control, so you'd better use a condom."

    "I don't have one.  Mom, please don't deny me.  I don't know if I can stop."

    She lay down and spread her legs.  Then she trembled as I slipped the huge head of my cock just inside the lips of her pussy and teased her with my cockhead.

    "Oh, don't stop!" she cried as she lifted her legs in an effort to get me inside, but I chose to tease her with just the tip of my cock.  "Don't do that, baby.  You're torturing me," she whispered.

    "It's been a while, hasn't it?" I whispered into her ear.  I began to kiss her again, then cupped her breast and gently sucked on it.  Mom shivered and jerked and goose bumps pooped up all over her belly.  My hard, swollen organ was swaying between my legs.  Her hand automatically lifted, reaching for my organ.  I pushed her hand away, gently but firmly.  "No, Mother dear, I'm in charge."  I nipped Mom's earlobe.  "Will I be able to come inside of you?" I asked in almost a whisper.

    "Yes!  Yes!" she replied urgently.  "I want to come with you.  I want you," she whispered fiercely.  "I want you inside me.  I want to bear you a son."

    She knew what could happen.  Now she no longer cared.

    She could feel the straining desire of my huge dick.  She should have been afraid because she was small and petite and I clearly wasn't, but she didn't care anymore.  Spreading her legs, I moved between my mother's thighs and worked the head of my cock in between her cunt lips.  She opened her legs and I entered her.  With one mighty heave, I slammed into her cunt as far as I could go and held my groin tight against her ass and deluged her belly with whopping loads of hot sperm.

    Her climax came forcefully and unmercifully.  Mom cried out my name, then screamed her release.  I held her in the harbor of my arms to allow the semen to get a good hold in the cervical canal.  My prick was solid inside hr.  We made love twice in an hour.

    She got pregnant and we moved out of state so nobody knows that we are mother and son.

Rexburg, ID