- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Donna's three sons
[Author] Eros
[Type] Mother/son

    On a hot June day in Los Angeles, Donna Mason looked out her living
 room window and watched the gardener mowing the front lawn of her house.
 He was naked to the waist, and he had a broad, hair-matted chest. The
 sight was turning Donna on like crazy.

    The guy was in his fifties, and he didn't even speak English. Donna
 knew she had to be pretty hard-up to get turned on by the gardener. He'd
 never attracted her before. But she'd been almost three months without a
 man, and it was beginning to get to her. She quickly drank down her vodka
 and tonic and forced herself to turn away from the window.

    Striding to the portable bar, the petite blonde mixed herself another
 drink. There wasn't anything else to do at that time of day. Of course,
 she could join her three teenage sons in the pool. It was summer
 vacation, and the boys seemed to spend most of their time in the water.
 She'd heard them out there when she came home, but had decided not to
 intrude. Donna strolled to the sliding glass door that led from the
 living room to the patio. There she stopped and stared. Her sons were out
 there all right, but they weren't wearing any clothes.

    Donna slowly blushed all the way down to her toes. She hadn't seen any
 of her sons naked since they were about ten or eleven and she'd had to
 help them with their baths. Now they were young men, their muscular young
 bodies as adult in contour as any of the imaginary male figures Donna
 fantasized about as she masturbated. Even Bernie, the youngest, had a
 man-size cock. Donna still thought of him as her baby, even though he had
 just turned eighteen. He certainly wasn't a baby anymore, she observed,
 her glittering eyes glued on his dangling male appendage.

    The boys were just skinning out of their clothes. They stood at the
 edge of the pool, laughing and shoving each other around, looking
 completely unselfconscious about their nudity. Donna couldn't understand
 how they'd pull such a stunt with her right there in the house. Then she
 remembered... they didn't think she was home.

    Ordinarily she went to have her hair done at this time every Tuesday.
 She hadn't told her sons that she'd changed the schedule. So this was
 what they did when they thought she was out of the house.

    Donna carefully kept in the shadows, not wanting the boys to see her.
 Maybe she could learn something else about their behavior when they
 thought nobody was watching them. After all, she was the only adult in
 charge of them, now that their father had chosen to remove himself from
 their lives.

    Just three months earlier, Carl, Donna's highly successful attorney
 husband, had announced that he was leaving her for his eighteen-year-old
 secretary. Donna was still in shock from that. Maybe she wasn't as young
 as his blonde, bimbo girlfriend, but she was still plenty good-looking,
 and they'd been married twenty years.

    Granted, she and Carl hadn't been getting along that well the last few
 years, and maybe the marriage was failing, but it was still a rude
 surprise to be suddenly left without a husband... and without sex.

    It was the sex part that bothered her most. Watching her naked teenage
 sons jostle each other at the poolside, watching their virile young cocks
 bounce and swing, Donna felt her pussy growing hot as fire. Hot, sticky
 cunt-cream leaked from her neglected cunt, moistening the crotch of her
 panties. All of a sudden her own sons were getting her turned-on!

    "Oh, my God," she moaned, "what's wrong with me?"

    Donna already knew the answer, of course... She needed to be fucked,
 and she needed it desperately. Even when she and Carl were quarreling,
 they were still physically attracted to each other, and they'd always had
 pretty hot sex. She missed that regular love-making. In fact it was
 driving her crazy to go without it.

    Now her eyes darted from one handsome teenage prick to another, and
 she couldn't help wondering what those three magnificent young cocks
 looked like when they were stiff. Were her boys virgins, or were they
 fucking their girlfriends? What kind of lovers were they? Could they
 possibly have inherited their father's talent for love-making?

    "Oh, stop it, Donna, that's sick!" she scolded herself.

    But she couldn't get the subject off her mind. She was pretty sure
 that Matt, her eldest boy. was no virgin. Matt was twenty and he'd always
 been very popular with the girls, even in Junior High. He'd had a long
 string of girlfriends since then and Donna suspected that it was because
 Matt liked to `play the field' as far as women were concerned. He was the
 typical wolf.... always on the prowl.

    Her middle son, Terry, was nineteen, and if kids today were anything
 like they were when she was Terry's age, he'd have lost his his virginity
 years ago. Like her other sons, he was dark, handsome and sexy-looking,
 and like his older brother... Terry never lacked for dates.

    But what about Bernie... her youngest? Just turned eighteen, he still
 looked so young... even now, lewdly displaying that huge cock of his,
 Donna thought with a suppressed tingle of lust. Bernie was the `black
 sheep' of the family where girls were concerned. He'd always been the shy
 type, and never exhibited any of the animal magnetism that his two older
 brothers had done. It might even be possible that he still hadn't gone
 all the way with a girl yet.

    Donna was shocked to find her pussy drooling heavily as she thought
 about Bernie thrusting his hard young cock into a girl's pussy for the
 first time. Her own hot cunt began to tingle strangely at the very
 thought. Then her fevered thoughts evaporated as the boys began diving
 into the pool. She watched their lean, tanned bodies flying through the
 air, catching tantalizing glimpses of their young cocks. Within minutes,
 Donna found herself softly whimpering with need, the crotch of her
 panties soaked with her molten cuntal cream.

    "What am I going to do?" she moaned. "I can't go on like this. I'll go

    But what could she do? Drag the gardener into the house and fuck him?
 Dash to the nearest singles bar and hijack some stud? It was so
 frustrating. She couldn't even date, because that might look bad when the
 divorce went to court. Donna wasn't hurting financially. She had a small
 inheritance, independent of Carl, which would support her and the boys,
 but she wanted more out of the jerk!

    She wanted the house, and she wanted enough money to get all three
 boys through college. To achieve that, she'd have to keep her `nose'
 clean. She couldn't afford to be caught in bed with anybody till the
 divorce was over. The only problem was, could she wait that long?

    Right now she felt ready to scream with suppressed horniness. It
 didn't help matters when her three sons started floating on their backs
 in the swimming pool. That presented her with the sight of three
 semi-hard cocks. Apparently the cool water had caused the boys' pricks to
 start stiffening. Either that or they were talking about girls. Donna
 couldn't hear them because the sliding glass door to the patio was

    It didn't matter. The more she watched, the harder their cocks got,
 three rigid hard-ons cutting through the water like sharks' fins. Just
 one stiff cock would have been heaven for her at that moment, and the
 sight of three of them out there, in her own backyard, was just too much.
 She sighed with longing and rubbed her thighs together, trying to ease
 the hot ache in her rapidly-moistening pussy, but it was useless.

    She was going to have to go to her room and masturbate, as she'd been
 doing two or three times a day lately. Ever since Carl walked out, she'd
 had nothing but her own fingers to satisfy her nagging need. She had to
 beat off before she could get to sleep at night, and often she had to
 masturbate during the day. She was about to turn away from the window and
 go to her room, when Terry started jacking off!

    There was no doubt in Donna's mind that that was what he was doing.
 Floating on his back, a wicked grin on his handsome face, her middle son
 seized his cock and started pumping it like crazy, laughing at something
 he'd been telling the others.

    His brothers laughed as well... and then they started masturbating,
 too. Donna barely stifled a wail of shock and outrage. Luckily the back
 yard was well-fenced and none of the neighbors could see what was
 happening, but it was still a very risky and foolhardy thing to do. All
 three boys started pumping their stiff young cocks, fists flying. Donna
 realized that she was accidentally witnessing a jack-off contest.

    She gulped the rest of her drink and set the glass aside. She knew she
 ought to spare herself any more frustration and just quit looking, but
 somehow she couldn't tear her eyes away from the naughty scene in the
 pool. It had been so long since she'd even looked at a cock. Donna
 couldn't resist the sight.

    Obviously Terry had practiced this routine. He was floating around
 effortlessly, his hot horny eyes focused on the sky as he furiously
 pumped his rock-hard teenage cock. Matt was almost as good as his
 brother, but once in a while he had to paddle to keep afloat. Bernie was
 no good at it at all.

    As with girls, poor Bernie had always tried to keep up with his older
 brothers in whatever they did, and the jack-off contest was no exception.
 The kid was valiantly beating away, but he wasn't so good at floating,
 and he kept getting water in his face and coughing. At last he reached
 out with his free hand and grasped the gutter which at least kept him
 afloat while his fist pounded on his huge hardon.

    Soon all three fists were working at lightning speed. As Donna
 watched, her felt her pussy swelling and flooding. She had a wild urge to
 stick her hand down inside her shorts and play with herself. She resisted
 it. It would be too embarrassing if one of the boys happened to glance
 into the house and see her.

    Still, she couldn't ignore the blazing need in her pussy. It was more
 maddening than ever. She didn't think she could last another day without
 a man, yet where was she going to find one? And how could she take a
 lover without Carl finding out? He probably had a private investigator
 watching the house to catch her in the act, right now!

    So she stood there and ached with sexual longing, a longing she could
 do nothing to appease, staring at her three teenaged sons jack off. She
 couldn't believe she was watching three gorgeous young hard-ons being
 wasted, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    Terry was the first to get off, winning the contest hands down. But
 his two brothers were only seconds behind him. Suddenly the pool seemed
 to have acquired fountains, as three streams of jism arched high in the
 air and splattered down into the water. The boys came and came, shooting
 their loads in every direction.

    "Oh, my God!" Donna moaned, forcing herself to turn away.

    She hurried to her bedroom, knowing she wouldn't be able to think
 straight till she'd masturbated. She wasn't proud of having to beat off
 so often, but it was the only thing saving her sanity these days. It was
 always so frustrating to to walk into the master bedroom and see the
 king-size bed she'd shared with Carl for all these years, lying empty
 every night. They might not have had the perfect marriage. but they sure
 had had some terrific sex.

    "Damn you, Carl," she moaned, "I hate your guts, but I wish you were
 here right now... with a hard-on."

    It was true. She was furious with Carl for running out on her and the
 boys, furious that he'd run off with some girl young enough to be his
 daughter, but right now she would have spread her legs for him in a
 second. She would have begged him to cram his cock into her. She didn't
 have any pride left, she was so horny. She missed her asshole of a
 husband.... he was the only man she'd ever fucked.

    Carl had taken her cherry when she was still in high school. He'd
 gotten her pregnant with Matt, so they'd had to get married in a hurry.
 They'd fucked like sex-starved bunnies ever since, and Donna was used to
 it. She needed that regular good fucking, needed it desperately, although
 she hadn't been aware of her need till Carl suddenly left her.

    Now she stripped hurriedly and carelessly, tossing her clothes in
 every direction. Naked, she headed for the bed, only to pause as she
 caught a glimpse of herself in the big dresser mirror. She changed
 directions, walking over to the mirror and inspecting herself at close

    That was something she hadn't dared to do in three months. When Carl
 left her for that `drop-dead gorgeous' young secretary of his, Donna was
 really humiliated. She figured that, in her thirties, she was too old to
 be attractive. But now she forced herself to study her naked body in the
 mirror, deliberately looking for flaws. There weren't any.

    She saw a petite beautiful blonde, a pretty woman with a great body.
 She studied her full ripe tits and saw that they were as firm as ever.
 Her skin was smooth and creamy, her honey-blonde hair cascading thickly
 to her shoulders. She was a very lovely and desirable woman in every

    "So, Carl. you prick, what's wrong with this?" she said. "... Nothing.
 Nothing at all!"

    Feeling much better about herself, Donna marched over to the bed and
 stretched out, already growling with lusty anticipation. She wasn't proud
 of jerking herself off, not exactly, but once she got started, she put
 her whole heart into it. It was the only sexual outlet she had, so she
 liked to do her best.

    She began by cupping and fondling her big, firm tits, just the way
 Carl used to do when he was getting her turned on. She hoisted and molded
 her large breasts, massaging them till they began to swell with arousal,
 using her thumbs to tease her cone-shaped nipples into erect little buds.

    "Mmmmm, yessss," she gurgled.

    While she played with herself she liked to pretend she was getting it
 on with some stranger. One thing she was looking forward to after the
 divorce was finally fucking somebody besides her husband. All her life
 she'd fucked only Carl, and despite the intense pleasure he'd always
 given her, Donna could hardly wait to find out what it was like with
 other guys.

    The moment she was a free woman, she intended to find out, but for now
 all she had was her fingers and her fantasies. She imagined some gorgeous
 young hunk coming on to her, fondling her naked tits and driving her
 crazy with need. She creamed furiously, soaking her probing fingers with
 her scalding pussy-cream.

    Then she trailed her hands down her hot sleek little body till she was
 touching the soft golden fur of her cuntbush. She rubbed her palm over
 the hairy triangle, pressing down to stimulate her swollen pussy mound.
 Then very slowly, she slipped a hand between her legs, opening her thighs
 wider and wider as she did so. She touched the scorching wet flesh of her
 cunt and shivered with excitement.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, yes, honey! Play with me down there," she moaned to her
 fantasy lover.

    Of course she knew just where to touch herself and what felt best.
 First she explored her whole cunt slit, caressing the hot puffy flesh and
 shivering with enjoyment. Everywhere she touched herself, it felt nice,
 but some places were even more sensitive and receptive than others. The
 most sensitive place of all was her stiff, throbbing clit. She found the
 small hooded lump of flesh and began to stroke it with the tip of her
 index finger. Even the most feathery touch felt fantastically good on
 that super-sensitive little button. She whirled her fingertip around and
 around the stiff little shaft... creaming like crazy.

    As if in a dream, Donna felt the molten liquid overflowing her cunt
 and trickling down into the hot, quivering crack of her ass and she
 whimpered helplessly. Images of her sons' long hard cocks flashed through
 her lust-crazed mind as she rubbed her slippery cuntslit frantically. She
 couldn't help herself.

    She pictured them standing in front of her, jacking off as they'd done
 in the pool, only this time their hard young cocks were only inches from
 her face. Their smooth young hands were all over her... squeezing her
 big, sweaty tits and rubbing sensuously between her widely-parted legs.

    "Unnnhhhhh, yesssss! Touch me! Rub Mommy's hot pussy!", moaned Donna,
 completely carried away by her incestuous fantasy.

    Faster and faster she worked her finger around the swelling shaft of
 her fuck button, bringing herself to a fever pitch of excitement. Soon
 she was panting, moaning, and clawing the bed with her free hand. She
 caught her wildly throbbing clit between her thumb and index finger and
 began to knead it.

    "Ohhhhh, God, yessss," she groaned.

    In her mind's eye, Matt was rubbing his cock over her face as he
 squeezed her left tit... Terry was jerking off over her belly as he
 fondled the right one, and Bernie.... Bernie was rubbing her wet, hairy
 slit, sticking his young fingers deep into her boiling cunthole.

    That steady firm penetration was ecstasy to the sex-starved young
 housewife. It gave her a steady buzz of pleasure that made her cream like
 mad. She closed her eyes tightly, shutting out every other sensation.
 Nothing existed for her at that moment but the marvelous sensations
 radiating from her cunt. Molten cream spurted and flooded from her
 overheated cunt.

    "Make me come," she moaned to her imaginary lovers. "Oh, God, I need
 to come so bad."

    Usually Donna brought herself off by kneading her clit. It always
 worked fast, and it gave her a good sharp orgasm. But today she craved a
 cock so badly. She ached to feel something big and hard in her cunt.
 Impulsively she released her clit and slid her middle finger into her
 steamy pussy, pretending it was Bernie's big, hard cock.

    "Unnnnhhhh, yessss! Fuck me, baby... fuck meeee!" she gurgled.

    It was the first time in three months that she'd had anything in her
 cunt, and it drove her wild. In her fantasy, she was being fucked by her
 youngest son's huge cock, then Bernie's face dissolved into Terry's and
 it was he who was fucking her. Finally, Matt's handsome features loomed
 into her blurred vision and it was her eldest son who was grinning down
 at her with that self-satisfied look of his, plowing her horny cunt with
 his massive cock, deeply and deliciously.

    Donna began to piston her stiff fingers hard and fast into her
 cream-flooded cunt, jerking her hips in a hard fucking motion, just like
 she did with Carl when he fucked her, only in her lust-clouded brain it
 was her sons fucking her...  First Matt, Terry... then Bernie, each boy
 taking turns slamming his big thick prick into her yearning cunt, trying
 to outdo the others.

    "Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she howled.

    Some fuzzy part of her mind was thinking logically and hoped the boys
 were still in the pool, because she knew she couldn't be quiet. She
 couldn't stop moaning and squealing as she worked herself quickly toward
 that urgently-needed climax. She arched her body so she could dig her
 stiff fingers as deeply as possible into her molten fuck-hole, simulating
 the cocks in her fantasy as best she could.

    Even as a violent orgasm began in the fiery depths of her cunt, and
 Donna imagined all three of her randy young sons fucking her at the same
 time, one in each hole, she knew she wasn't going to be satisfied. It was
 a body-wracking orgasm, flaming out to sear through every vein, making
 her buck and writhe all over the bed. Yet it wasn't enough. Her starved
 cunt could tell the difference between a slim finger and a thick hard
 cock. And the erotic, incestuous images of her handsome young sons only
 served to heighten her sexual frustration even further.

    "Ohhhhhh, God, unnngghhhhh!" Donna sobbed.

    It was better than nothing, but it wasn't the real thing. As she came
 down from her powerful orgasm, Donna knew that she just couldn't go any
 longer without a man. The fantasy concerning her sons was instantly
 buried in post-orgasmic bliss. Fantasies were just that... fantasies.
 What she thought about as she brought herself off wasn't real. It could
 never happen, but the stark truth remained... She'd go out of her mind if
 she didn't get fucked right away. That much was very clear to her.

    But it was also very clear that she couldn't take a lover before her
 divorce was final. If she was to get the settlement she wanted, the house
 and the college money for the boys, she simply couldn't afford to have a
 man in her life. And that left her in an impossible dilemma.

                              Chapter 2.

    Donna dwelt upon her frustrating problem for the rest of the day but
 couldn't come up with a solution. She knew the right thing to do was
 ignore her lust and get a good divorce settlement for her sons. But it
 felt like her pussy was on fire every minute of the day and night... she
 couldn't think about anything else but sex.

    To make things worse, now that she had spied on the boys while they
 skinny-dipped, she couldn't forget how enticing their firm young cocks had
 looked. Now, every time she spoke to one of her sons, Donna invariably
 found herself mentally undressing him was so embarrassing, yet she
 couldn't seem to help herself.

    She was glad when evening came and the boys began excusing themselves
 to go to bed. They usually watched TV together after dinner, but Bernie
 would soon start yawning and go to his room, then Terry would do the same.
 Matt normally stayed up the latest, but eventually he too headed off to
 his room leaving Donna to watch the late shows alone.

    Tonight, Donna wished they'd all go to bed and leave her to think
 without the distraction of their lean masculine young bodies. But even
 after his younger brothers had left for bed, Matt remained. He was
 lounging on the couch next to Donna, and it impossible for her to ignore
 him. To her embarrassment, Donna's eyes kept drifting to the enticing
 bulge in the crotch of her eldest son's tight jeans. Stop it, she scolded
 herself, he's your own son!

    She fidgeted, and Matt scooted closer and suddenly slipped his arm
 around her shoulders, giving her a squeeze.

    "Hey, Mom," he said, "you wanta talk about it?"

    "Talk about what? " Donna replied, turning scarlet.

    "Aha," he grinned, "I knew it! There's something on your mind, all
 right. What are you blushing about? You can tell good ol' Matt."

    Oh, no, she couldn't. How could she tell her own son that she'd been
 horny day and night and that she'd actually gotten aroused by watching him
 and his brothers jack off?

    "Thanks, honey," she sighed, "but it's pretty private."

    "Hey, Mom, I'm all grown-up now, remember" Matt said. pulling her even
 closer against him. "I understand about these things."

    "What things?" Donna asked nervously.

    Matt nuzzled her neck and said gently, "I know you're horny, Mom. You
 gotta be horny without Dad."

    "Matt!" Donna gasped, "What an awful thing to say to your mother."

    He cupped her chin and forced her to look at him. She lowered her eyes
 guiltily and blushed even harder. Matt laughed knowingly.

    "Come on, Mom," he said, "you gotta share it with somebody. You might
 as well admit it. You've been nervous and snappy as hell lately, and
 there's only one reason for that."

    Had her horniness been that obvious? Donna felt mortified. She tried to
 wriggle out of her son's embrace, but he tightened his grip. Their bodies
 were rubbing together now, side by side, and despite her embarrassment she
 was getting helplessly turned on by the hard masculine feel of him. Her
 pussy began to moisten noticeably, the hot sticky liquid seeping into her

    She felt her tits swelling and her nipples stiffening, just as they did
 when Carl came on to her. But this wasn't her husband, this was their son.
 She had no business getting the hots for him. Donna turned to Matt to tell
 him it had to stop. But at that moment the boy planted his mouth on hers
 and kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth. Donna was completely
 taken off guard.

    "Ummmmmmmmmmhhhh," she moaned.

    She sank back into the couch, and returned her son's kiss. Her mind
 kept telling her it was wrong, but her body didn't give a damn. Her body
 wanted to feel a man's touch, and she was so horny and aroused at the
 moment, it didn't matter whose.

    Matt sensuously explored her mouth with his hot tongue, and Donna
 creamed right through her panties and jeans. He pulled her against him,
 chest to chest. He had to feel her lust-stiffened nipples and big swollen
 tits. He had to feel her trembling lustily, helplessly.

    A sudden surge of guilt roused Donna from her lustful surrender. She
 knew that if she didn't get away from her handsome young son in the next
 few seconds, she'd lose her self-control completely. The consequences of
 that could be disastrous for them both. With every ounce of willpower,
 Donna wrenched her face away from her son's.

    "Matt, this is totally wrong. We mustn't do this", she stammered.

    "How come?" he grinned. "Because it's incest? I just studied that in
 college, in an anthropology class. I just don't see what's so awful about

    Donna gawked at him. Her eldest son was a lot more sophisticated than
 she'd thought. He'd actually been reading about incest, thinking about it.
 And tonight he'd decided to give it the old college try. He'd deliberately
 tried to turn on his own mother, and obviously he liked it.

    "Some cultures allow incest", he was telling her as he stroked her body
 sensuously. "It isn't always taboo. And why should it be? If both
 participants are willing, who's it hurting?"

    As he talked, Matt started unbuttoning his mother's light cotton shirt.
 Donna lay slumped against the back of the couch, breathing hard, trying
 desperately to control herself. She could see that if she just gave in,
 Matt would provide her with that she so desperately craved... a good, hard
 fuck. After seeing the size of his cock at full erection earlier on in the
 day, Donna knew she would enjoy feeling it stretch and fill her poor,
 neglected pussy. It would be so easy.

    But she didn't agree with him about incest. In her book it was
 absolutely wrong. Despite the lust he was generating in her, Donna wasn't
 ready to fuck her own son, no matter how insanely horny she felt. As if in
 a daze, she watched him open her blouse and expose her fully packed lace
 bra. She heard his sharp intake of breath as he ogled her big ripe tits.

    "Mom, you always had the most fantastic tits," he told her, his voice
 coarsened with lusty excitement. "I've been wanting to play with them for
 so long."

    "Matt, what a terrible thing to say!" Donna gasped.

    "Why?" he chuckled. "It's perfectly natural for teenage boys to get
 turned on by their mothers, especially when they're as hot-looking as you,
 Mom. After all, a guy's mother is the most important woman in his life at
 that age, right? So he spends a lot of time thinking about her".

    As he spoke, he reached around her and unhooked her bra. Now she was
 certain he was sexually experienced, because he did it in a second, with
 no clumsiness or fumbling. The bra snapped open, and he pushed it out of
 the way, uncovering her large, firm tits and lust-engorged nipples.

    "Oh, Mom, they're gorgeous!" he breathed.

    "Ohhhh, honey, noooo!" Donna moaned.

    She didn't know where her common sense had gone tonight, but she
 couldn't seem to move. In spite of her words of protest, Donna just
 slumped there and panted as her son reached out and cupped her naked tits.
 His young nostrils flaring with lustful excitement, Matt molded and
 squeezed the hot, heavy globes, and Donna stifled a whimper of longing.

    Each squeeze, each caress, brought her need closer to boiling point. If
 only he wasn't her son! If he'd been any other man, she would have ripped
 of her clothes and begged for his cock. She was horny enough to do
 something that shameless, even with a total stranger... but not with her
 own son!

    Still she couldn't move as he fondled her luscious tits and thumbed her
 stiff pink nipples. She was creaming heavily and helplessly, soaking the
 crotch of her panties and jeans. Her tits throbbed in Matt's hands,
 letting him know just how desperately she needed a man's touch. The boy
 had to know that his hunch was right... his sexy mother was achingly

    "Relax, Mom," he soothed gently, "let me make you feel good. Nobody has
 to know about it but us. We could do so many nice things for each other."

    He was right in a way. He was home from college for the summer, away
 from his usual girlfriends, and about as horny as a virile young man can
 get. Donna was still a couple of months away from her divorce settlement
 and didn't dare risk taking a lover until then. But in the privacy of her
 own home, with her own son, maybe she could get the relief she needed.

    Matt bent down low, stuck out his tongue, and started licking her
 supersensitive nipples. Donna gave a little sob of lust. He squeezed her
 heaving tits tighter together, lining up the swollen nipples side by side,
 and flicked his hot tongue over one then the other, making Donna shudder
 with pleasure.

    "See, Mom?" he said. "That feels nice, doesn't it? And it's not hurting

    Donna let her head slump back and briefly closed her eyes, pretending
 that it was Carl licking her tits. He was very good at it, and it always
 drove her wild. If it were Carl, she wouldn't have to feel uptight and
 guilty. She began to gurgle and moan, only to realize that she was getting
 carried away with her fantasy.

    She opened her eyes and looked down at her eldest son licking her tits.
 As she watched, he opened his mouth and slid it down around both stiff
 nipples, enclosing them in his lips. Donna sobbed. She ached to have him
 go on making love to her, slowly and deliciously, just as his father had
 done. Yet she knew it was wrong. No matter what Matt tried to tell her,
 incest was terribly wrong.

    "No, honey, you've got to stop," she cried.

    Matt paid no attention to his mother's protests. He just went on
 noisily sucking her swollen nipples and driving her crazy with desire.
 Donna knew she had to gather all her strength and get away from him before
 she did something she'd really regret. Taking a big breath, she pressed
 her hands against the boy's muscular chest and pushed.

    "Stop it at once, Matt," she snapped. "You know this is wrong..... Do
 as I say!"

    Matt let her erect left nipple pop from his sucking lips. He looked at
 her, his eyes hot and glazed with horniness. Donna suddenly realized he
 wasn't going to listen to any of her arguments and that he couldn't be
 talked out of fulfillment. He was beyond rational thought. He wasn't going
 to leave her alone till his lust was taken care of.

    "Come on, cut the bullshit, Mom!" he snapped. "You're horny, and so am
 I. So why can't we take care of each other?"

    "Because I'm your mother," Donna answered hoarsely. "Oh, God, Matt,
 please don't push me any further. I'm not ready for this!"

    "Yes you are, Mom," he leered, sliding a hand up between her legs.

    Donna shuddered with excitement as her son's strong hand cupped her
 scorching pussy through her jeans. He began to squeeze the moist, swollen
 flesh firmly and rhythmically. Hot stabs of pleasure ripped through her
 pussy. He was squeezing her off, something she hadn't experienced in
 twenty years, but it brought back some very erotic memories.

    She and Carl had necked a lot before finally going `all the way'. She
 couldn't remember how long they'd been going together before Carl fucked
 her. It hadn't been long, that was for sure. They'd been so hotly
 attracted to each other. It had only been a couple of dates before Donna
 surrendered her cherry. But before that Carl had done quite few things to
 turn her on and make her want more sex with him. Squeezing her off had
 been one of them.

    He'd done it just the way her son was doing it, too. He'd just grabbed
 himself a fistful of cream-soaked jeans crotch and started squeezing her
 pussy-mound in a good steady rhythm...  like Matt was doing to her now.
 She hadn't been able to resist it then, and she couldn't resist it this
 time, either. He squeezed faster, harder, and she slumped back against the
 couch and moaned in total submission.

    "Ohhhhh, God, ohhhhh!" she sobbed.

    "Yeah, Mom, let me get you off," he said hoarsely. "You'll feel so much

    That was for damned sure. Donna was practically screaming with the need
 to come. Maybe if she permitted him to do it just this once, she could
 think clearly again. And besides, he was just squeezing her through her
 jeans. That wasn't so serious. It really wasn't incest, or so the
 frantically horny housewife told herself. Matt's had felt absolutely
 fantastic. Unconsciously Donna began hunching her hips against the boy's
 hand as she rocketed toward that desperately-needed climax.

    "Unnnhhhhh, Jesus... baby! I'm so hot!" she sobbed.

    Matt watched her lust-contorted face as he massaged his mother's moist
 pussy through her clothes. He was damned near coming in his own jeans.
 Ever since he could remember, he'd thought his mom was the most beautiful
 woman in the world, and since becoming a teenager he'd often jacked off
 while fantasizing about her. But it wasn't till his college anthropology
 course that his fantasies had taken a serious turn.

    The more he read about incest, the more the idea turned him on. And
 when he came home for summer vacation and spent days lying around next to
 his beautiful, bikini-clad mother, his fantasies had been non-stop. He
 just couldn't help thinking how exciting it would be to make love to his
 gorgeous blonde mom.

    The last straw was when his father left and Matt watched his mother
 getting more desperately horny by the day. Here she was, practically going
 out of her mind with the need to be fucked. And there he was going crazy
 thinking about doing it to her. It was insane that they shouldn't help
 each other out. Why go on suffering when they could both get what they
 desperately desired.

    Matt watched his mother's lust-contorted face as he brought her to
 climax. Even through her jeans and panties he could feel the scorching
 heat and helpless wetness of her neglected pussy. Her swollen pussy flesh
 was actually throbbing through her clothes as he squeezed her. Then
 suddenly, her whole body stiffened and shuddered. Her eyes were shut
 tight, and her beautiful face was a mask of pure lust as a violent orgasm
 exploded in her pussy.

    "Ohhhhhh, God, Ahhhhhhh! I'm cummmmminnnggg.... so good... so
 gooooooodddddd!" she wailed.

    Her body convulsed as Donna ground her soaked crotch against Matt's
 squeezing hand, her naked heaving tits jiggled and bounced. She went on
 whimpering and sobbing with joy as the intense climax ripped through her
 body. Again Matt damned near shot his load in his jeans. God she was hot!
 He knew now that it wasn't going to be as difficult as he'd first thought
 to seduce his horny mother. He wouldn't rest till he'd gotten his cock
 into her hot, horny little fuck hole.

    "Uuuuuhhhhnnnngggggghhh!" she moaned, as her thighs tightened around
 her son's softly squeezing hand.

    Her climax spun itself out at last, and Donna opened her eyes and
 looked at her son, blushing. Matt didn't say anything right away. He
 simply unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock, his eyes gleaming with
 undisguised lust.

    Donna blushed even harder as she glanced down at his enormous erection.
 It was even bigger than her husband's... long and thick and pulsing with
 adolescent arousal. Her pussy began to tingle at the sight of it. Matt
 grabbed his mother's hand and wrapped it around his steel-hard prick.

    "Jerk me off, Mom!", he said hoarsely. "I helped you out... now you've
 gotta help me."

    Donna nodded helplessly and began to pump her fist up and down her
 son's hard, throbbing cock. Matt let go of her hand and lay back against
 the couch, moaning with pleasure as her slender fingers zipped up and down
 the lust-stiffened shaft of his prick. This was one of his favorite
 all-time fantasies... his beautiful blonde mother jacking him off.

    "Ahhhhh, yeah, Mom, do it to me," he sighed.

    Donna was blushing right down to her toes. yet she felt it was only
 fair to give him some relief. After all, he'd brought her off. Still, it
 was so outrageous to be pumping her own son's stiff cock, jacking him off.
 She'd never even dreamed that she might do something like this.

    Incest had never been one of her fantasies. Not that she hadn't had
 fantasies. As her marriage to Carl worsened, she'd thought more and more
 of making it with other men. She didn't want to go her whole life having
 fucked only her husband. She ached to know what it was like with others.
 Maybe it was time to live out some of those fantasies.

    She couldn't ignore her mounting excitement as she worked Matt's
 throbbing cock between her fingers. She pumped steadily faster and harder,
 and he moaned louder, his handsome face flushing red with lust. His cock
 jerked and twitched in her pumping fist, as pre-cum began to ooze out of
 his piss-hole. Donna eyed the glistening cream and licked her lips

    Donna was not only starved for the feel of cock, she was starved for
 the taste of it. She adored going down on Carl. Her mouth watered as she
 imagined dipping her head down and tonguing up some of the delicious hot
 cream that was bubbling up in the slit of her son's stiff cock. But of
 course, she'd never do anything that outrageous.

    No, her task was to get the boy off, and she wanted to do it as fast as
 possible. Then she could get away to her room and try to think. She
 speeded up her pumping, and Matt groaned in ecstasy, his slim young hips
 bucking up off the couch as he fucked her fist. She breathed a sigh of
 relief and knew that he'd be coming any second.

    "Uuhhhhhhh, yeah, Mom... fucking fantastic," he groaned, "Faster!....
 ohhhhh God, I'm nearly there!"

    Donna began to shiver with carnal desire, her pussy leaking into her
 panties once more. It didn't seem possible. She'd masturbated that
 afternoon, and then Matt had gotten her off by squeezing her pussy, yet
 she was horny all over again. She looked down at his jerking cock and
 ached to feel it in her hotly itching cunt.

    She couldn't deny that at that moment she wanted to fuck her own son.
 She wanted it so badly, she could have screamed. Instead, she began to
 pump his cock faster and harder, wanting to get him off right away so she
 could remove herself from this temptation before she did something crazy.
 Within seconds, Matt stiffened and gasped loudly, his whole body jerking
 as thick wads of boiling jizz began to shoot from his exploding cock.

    "Awwww, fuck! Aaaggghhhhh!" he yelled.

    Donna watched the creamy liquid jetting from her son's cock, and she
 was suddenly overcome with horny need. She leaned down close, opened her
 mouth wide, and caught the last few spurts of sperm in her greedy mouth.
 She savored it, gurgling, then gulped it down. Thank goodness Matt had his
 eyes closed and didn't see the outrageous thing she was doing.

    "Oh, wow, Mom, thanks," he breathed at last, "That was one off the

    Donna jerked her head away from his cock and sat stiffly as he opened
 his eyes. She tried to look at him sternly, but he just smiled at her

    "Matt, you are to forget everything that happened tonight, and you're
 never to mention it to me or anyone ever again", she said, nervously. "I'm
 sure that by morning we'll both have come to our senses. I don't know what
 came over me, but nothing like this will ever happen again. I'm going to

    Donna dropped his cock, jumped to her feet, and fled from the room.

                              Chapter 3.

    Matt stared after her as his mother stood up and hurriedly left the
 room. He couldn't understand why she was so upset. As far as he was
 concerned, the fun was just beginning. He'd thought his pretty mom was
 starting to get turned on. But he hadn't reckoned with her adult hangups.
 She really did have a thing about incest.

    Donna hurried to her room, closed the door, and started to undress. Now
 that it was over, she couldn't believe what an outrageous thing she'd just
 done. She'd actually made out with her own son!  She had a dizzy
 recollection of Matt kissing her, playing with her tits, then squeezing
 her pussy through her clothes till she came like a bomb.

    All that was so embarrassing, but the most embarrassing thing of all
 was the way she'd jacked him off and swallowed his come. She was a decent,
 respectable housewife and mother, and never in her wildest fantasies had
 she imagined doing something like that. Her mind still reeling with the
 enormity of what she'd done, Donna put on her nightgown and crawled into

    One thing was for sure, she could never let it happen again. No matter
 how desperately horny she was, she just couldn't seek her sexual
 satisfaction with her own son. Maybe it was going to take a lot of cold
 showers, or maybe she'd have to start jogging, but somehow she'd have to
 keep her lust in check till after the divorce.

    Then she could find a suitable lover, a man her own age. Donna promised
 herself all these things as she tossed and turned in her lonely king-sized
 bed. Her pussy was still hot with need. That one sharp orgasm Matt had
 given her with his hand wasn't enough. It had just made her hungry for
 more. Obviously she was going to have to rub herself off before she could
 get to sleep.

    She slid a hand down between her legs and felt the scorching, soaked
 flesh of her pussy. But just as she inserted a finger into her slit and
 began to stroke the fever-hot flesh, there was a tap at her door. She
 jumped guiltily, whipped her hand off her pussy, and switched on the
 bedside lamp.

    "Yes?" she called.

    "Mom," Matt said, "please let me come in. I have to talk to you."

    Donna's fist instinct was to tell him to go away. After what had just
 happened it would be dangerous to let Matt into her bedroom. Not because
 of what he might do, but because of what she might let him do. Donna
 agonised for a few seconds, then realized that the boy probably only
 wanted to apologize for what had happened.  Her little beat-off session
 would just have to wait.

    "Oh, all right, Matt," she said, finally.

    Sighing with frustration, Donna sat up in bed, fluffed out her long
 golden hair, and waited. Matt opened and closed the door gently and came
 to sit on the edge of the bed.

    As he approached, he noticed the sexy nightgown his mother was wearing,
 something black and filmy that you could practically see through. It had
 very narrow straps, and it was cut very low in front, showing Donna's deep
 cleavage and much of her big, firm, creamy breasts. The sight certainly
 did nothing to help quell Matt's lust for her.

    He sat on the edge of the bed, as close to her as he could get, and
 breathed in her heady perfume. He tried not to ogle the enticing swell of
 her tits and tried not to act like a sex-fiend. But he felt like one. And
 there was nothing he could do to keep his cock from swelling and rising,
 obscenely tenting his jeans. He just hoped his mother wouldn't notice.

    "What is it, Matt?" Donna asked impatiently.

    "It's about what happened, Mom," he said. "I know you told me not to
 talk about it, but I want to tell you something."

    "I think I know what it is, dear," said Donna, "But It was just as much
 my fault so there's no need to say you're sorry."

    "But I'm not," Matt exclaimed.

    "Y..You're not?!" Donna gasped.

    "No, of course not," he said cooly. "I came to tell you how silly
 you're acting. We could really have a great time together, Mom. We
 wouldn't have to be horny all summer. I'd just like to help you get over
 your hangups about it, that's all... so you can relax and let me give you
 the cock you're obviously so hungry for."

    Donna's mouth fell open. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her
 oldest son seemed to see nothing wrong with fucking his own mother. In
 fact he actually seemed to be scolding her for being so uptight about
 committing incest. Then her eyes drifted down to his fly, and she saw that
 Matt had another very large hard-on.

    "Oh, no," she moaned.

    "Oh, yes, Mom," Matt said hoarsely. "it makes so much sense. We're both
 horny... Let's just go with it."

    He made a dive for her, pulling back the covers at the same time. Donna
 was taken off-guard. The next thing she knew, he was lying on top of her,
 and there was nothing between them but her thin flimsy nightgown. She
 could feel his rock-hard cock pressing into her swollen pussy-mound.

    Matt jammed his mouth over his mother's and shoved his tongue between
 her lips, frenching her passionately. Donna's big tits swelled, and her
 nipples went stiff against his chest. She just barely caught herself as
 she began to grind her hips up at him in an urgent fucking motion. She
 wanted to rub her mound against his cock. She wanted him to lift her
 nightgown, slide down between her legs, and shove his hard young cock into
 her. She wanted it so bad, she could hardly keep from moaning.

    The only thing that saved her was reminding herself that this
 attractive horny would-be lover was her own son. Otherwise she would have
 surrendered to him eagerly. She struggled to keep her body stiff and
 unresponsive as Matt gave her another long steamy tongue-kiss and ran his
 hands over her tingling body.

    At last Matt came up for air, his eyes hot and glassy with adolescent
 arousal. His cock was incredibly hard, and it was throbbing violently
 against her belly. He was all ready for a good hard fuck... unfortunately,
 so was Donna. But she wasn't going to let him know that. She fought to
 keep her body stiff and unresponsive, all the while frowning up at him.

    "Stop it, Matt! I'm not interested!" she said sternly. "Please go away
 and let me sleep."

    "The hell you're not interested," he grinned. "You were plenty
 interested out on the couch earlier, and I bet you're just as horny right
 now... Let's find out!"

    "Matt!" Donna gasped. He was sliding his hand up under her night-dress!

    She didn't react in time, so she couldn't stop him as he shoved his
 hand between her hot thighs and touched the scalding wet flesh of her
 naked pussy. He felt her swollen pussy folds, the thick sticky cream, the
 searing heat. It was obvious how insanely horny she was. Donna blushed
 furiously, and Matt gave her a triumphant grin. He'd had enough experience
 with girls to know what a hot, juice-filled pussy meant... his sexy mother
 was dying to be fucked! He pushed her nightgown up further, uncovering the
 pretty little blonde triangle of her cunt-bush, and began to stroke her

    "Ohhhhh, God!" Donna sobbed.

    She couldn't help it... she creamed all over her son's fingers as he
 gently but sensuously stimulated the fever-hot flesh of her cunt slit.
 She'd always loved it when Carl played with her pussy. Just the most
 feathery touches felt so exciting and she couldn't hide her hot response
 as Matt's fingers explored the ultrasensitive flesh.

    "Relax, Mom," he said soothingly, "I'm just touching you. It's no big

    Her son's voice seemed hypnotic to her. She sank back against the
 pillows and shivered with sensual pleasure as he petted and massaged the
 hot juicy folds of her cunt. She couldn't stop creaming. She soaked his
 fingers again and again with the molten liquid that seeped from her
 thirsty little hole.

    Matt was trying very hard not to show how wildly excited he was as he
 played with his mother's pussy. He'd never felt a pussy that was more hot
 and wet and ready. He wanted to get a look at it. Ever so gently and
 slowly, he eased her thighs apart and bent her knees, till her pussy was
 fully exposed to the light. He ogled her luscious-looking glistening pink
 cunt flesh.

    His beautiful mother seemed torn between embarrassment and arousal. She
 clearly loved what he was doing to her, but she still wasn't responding
 the way he wanted her to. It was almost as if her lust-filled brain had
 reasoned that it was okay as long as she didn't actively participate
 herself. No problem, thought Matt, he was halfway there. All he had to do
 now was how to get her so turned-on that she'd forget her modesty and her
 morality. He slid his fingers to the most sensitive spot of all, the
 pulsating little nub of his mother's clit.

    Grasping the slippery button between his thumb and index finger, Matt
 began to knead it sensuously. Donna gave a helpless gurgle of pleasure and
 drenched his fingers with yet another spurt of sizzling cunt-juice. Her
 eyes fluttered, then closed, and her teeth flashed in a lusty grimace. His
 technique was working great.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, honey," she moaned weakly, "you'd better not."

    "I'll just get you off once, Mom", Matt lied. "Then you'll be able to

    She didn't reply to that, and he knew she wasn't going to fight it. His
 stiff cock almost tore its way out of his pants as he began to masturbate
 his own beautiful mother to climax. It was more exciting than any of the
 jack-off fantasies he'd had about her. He rolled her clit between his
 fingers and felt it throbbing harder by the second, his other hand
 wandering freely over his mother's gorgeous, slender body from her thighs
 to her tits.

    "Ohhhhh, God!" Donna whimpered, her pretty face twisted into a lusty

    She knew how wrong it was to let her own son masturbate her, but she
 literally couldn't bear to make him stop. She was going out of her mind
 with horniness. Her lust was so strong and continual that her own fingers
 couldn't satisfy her any longer. She needed a man, and Matt was the only
 man available.

    Somehow, tomorrow, she'd try to explain to him why it was wrong for a
 mother and son to do the things they'd done, and why it couldn't continue.
 But tonight she just didn't have the will-power to fight him. Donna closed
 her eyes and shut out everything but the delicious sensations coursing
 through her loins as a result of her son's expert fondling. He sure knew
 exactly how to make a girl's blood boil. For a second, Donna wondered how
 many other girls (or women) Matt had done this to. A pang of jealousy
 stabbed through her for an instant at the thought, then it faded as she
 felt the pleasure intensifying in her pussy. Soon, she was writhing in
 total sexual abandon, grinding her cunt up at Matt's probing fingers like
 the cock-hungry whore she was.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, Matt! Yessss, baby!" she moaned, "my God, yesssssssssss!"

    Matt gave a low lusty groan. More than anything in the world he wanted
 to rip off his pants, throw himself onto his gorgeous mother, and fuck her
 till her teeth rattled. He wouldn't rest till he'd fucked her. But he knew
 it was too early to try that. It would really freak her out again if he
 moved too fast.

    He'd just have to be patient, playing little pussy games with her, till
 she relaxed enough to go all the way with him. It might take a couple of
 days, but it would be worth the wait. It would mean having his gorgeous
 blonde mother for a bed partner all summer. That was something Matt was
 more than willing to work for. So he kept his own lust in check as he
 rolled her wildly throbbing fuck button between his fingers and brought
 her steadily towards orgasm.

    Very gradually Matt increased the speed and firmness of the
 cunt-massage he was giving his mom, and every time he did, Donna moaned in
 bliss and creamed all over his hand. By now her whole body was flushed
 with arousal, and she was writhing and jerking her naked hips in a
 helpless fucking motion, her luscious tits jiggling enticingly.

    Matt wondered how his father could leave such a beautiful, sexy woman.
 He shook his head in bewilderment. The old man had to be going through
 some kind of mid-life crisis to do such a dumb thing. Matt had glimpsed
 him once downtown with his new woman. She was nothing special, a pretty
 girl but a bubblehead. She didn't have Mom's outstanding looks.

    However the whole thing was Carl's loss and Matt's gain. Thanks to Carl
 and his letch for that young girl. Mom was horny out of her mind, and Matt
 had been handed this golden opportunity. He meant to make the most of it.
 He really hoped his father never came back. Carl had never had much time
 for the family anyhow, and Matt sure wasn't going to miss him... not now
 that he had his mother literally in the palm of his hand!

    He was massaging Donna's clit very fast now, and she was writhing,
 moaning. and clawing the bed. Thick, pearly juice leaked from her cunt in
 a steady flow, flooding down into her ass-crack. Her pussy felt hot as
 fire, radiating its fierce heat over Matt's hand. Then Donna stiffened for
 a few seconds, gave a sustained hoarse groan, and began to come.

    "Unnnhhhh, God, yessss... rub my cunt... rub my cunt! I'm coming!" she
 wailed. "Ohhhhhhh, unnnggghhhhh! Godddddd!"

    Matt's cock gave a lusty buck and nearly ripped its way out of his
 jeans. His own gorgeous mother was convulsing violently, coming harder
 than he'd ever seen a woman come. She wrenched her way out of his grasp
 and rolled helplessly around on the big bed, whimpering and squealing with
 ecstasy. It was as if she hadn't come so hard in a long time, and maybe
 that was so. At least, she hadn't gotten off with a man in three months.
 Matt knew that for sure.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, uuummmmm!" she moaned.

    Matt stood up and quickly stripped. When Donna finally went still and
 opened her eyes, she saw her naked son sliding onto the bed next to her.
 She took in his lean hard-muscled young body, his hairless chest, and his
 obscenely wagging dock. He reached for her, and Donna put her hands
 against his chest and pushed him back.

    "Matt... no.. we can't!" she cried.

    "We don't have to go all the way, Mom," he assured her. "We'll just get
 each other off with our hands. Please??!! I need it real bad!"

    Donna could see that. The tantalizing evidence was right before her
 eyes, practically poking her belly. More than anything in the world she
 wanted Matt to roll on top of her and slide his magnificent hard cock into
 her slippery, aching cunthole and fuck her like she needed to be fucked.
 Instead she wrapped her fingers around his thick hard-on and started to

    "All right, Matt," she said hoarsely, "we'll get each other off, and
 then I want you to go to your own room."

    "Okay, Mom," he said, "it's a deal."

    He snuggled close to her, sighing with arousal as she worked his
 swollen prick in her hot little fist. He'd far rather have fucked her and
 suspected deep down that his horny mother wanted the same thing, but he
 knew he had to be patient. And this was a lot better than nothing at all.
 He slid his hand between her hot silky thighs and quickly located the
 small juicy opening of her cunt, easing his thick middle finger into his
 mother's steaming fuckhole.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yessss!" Donna sobbed.

    She couldn't prevent that lusty outburst. What she needed most of all
 was something long and hard in her cunt, and her son's stiff middle finger
 felt great. She soaked it with a huge gush of molten pussy-cream. Matt
 pushed it into her as far as he possibly could, right to the last knuckle,
 cramming her with it.

    "Oh, Matt, yes... yes," she wept, "fuck me with your finger, baby... I
 need it so bad!"

    "I know, Mom," Matt said hoarsely, "and I'm gonna get you off real

    Donna closed her eyes and went with her lusts. There was nothing else
 she could do at this point. Now that she had her son's finger in her
 famished cunt, she had to come again or go crazy with frustration. Maybe
 tomorrow she'd be able to think clearly again and get her incredible
 horniness under control, but not tonight. She couldn't do anything but
 surrender to Matt's delicious finger-fucking.

    As he pistoned his stiff finger into her boiling little cunt, she
 pumped his thick throbbing cock. Mother and son went at each other
 frantically, both horny out of their minds. Donna felt herself rocketing
 towards orgasm, and Matt felt his balls swell till they threatened to
 burst. He also felt the inside of his mother's cunt, scalding hot, slick
 with juice, and velvety smooth. Her cunt was really tight, too, nipping
 and squeezing greedily at his finger.

    He couldn't help thinking how fantastic it would feel to have his
 swollen cock in that tight, sizzling little hole. And with any luck at
 all, he would. In the next few days he intended to pursue his mother
 relentlessly, till she gave him what they both wanted.

    Donna didn't know what was going on in her son's mind, and it was just
 as well. She would have panicked to know that he intended to fuck her, no
 matter how much she protested. She wasn't even thinking about the future
 right now. She was just pumping her horny little cunt up and down the
 stiff skewer of her son's finger, till she teetered on the very brink of

    "Ohhhhh, baby, do it to me real hard now," she panted, "I'm gonna

    "Me, too," Matt replied hoarsely. "Jack me off, Mom, do it real fast."

    His finger went into high gear, and so did her fist. While Donna's hand
 zipped up and down the massively engorged shaft of her son's cock, Matt
 pistoned his stiff middle finger hard and deep in her steaming
 cream-filled pussy. Wantonly, she hunched her hips up and ground her clit
 against his hand, desperate for even more delicious sensations.

    Within seconds, a body-wracking orgasm erupted in the smoking depths of
 Donna's cunt and thundered out to shake her whole body. A split second
 later she felt Matt's cock give a wild violent buck in her fist, and he
 was shooting his thick hot cream all over her belly. Mother and son came
 in unison, moaning and writhing together in total abandon.

    "Ohhhhh, Matt, I'm coming, whaaahhhhh!" Donna wailed.

    "Unnnnhhhh, shit, Mom! Me tooooooo! Awwwwwww!" Matt bawled.

    Donna came like she'd been aching to come for the past three man-less
 months. She came long and hard and thoroughly, and when it was over she
 felt fully satisfied and ready for a good sound sleep. She just wished she
 could get off like that every night, but of course it was out of the
 question. This would have to be the one and only time she ever did
 anything like this with her son.

    "Alright, Matt, off to bed. You promised," she mumbled sleepily. "And
 remember, we're not going to do this ever again."

    "Right, Mom," he said, kissing her and sliding out of bed, "whatever
 you say." No point in spoiling her sleep, Matt thought. Tomorrow he'd let
 her know his intentions.

                              Chapter 4.

    Donna slept soundly and peacefully all night. But just as daylight
 began to stream in through her bedroom window, she started having a very
 sexy dream. She was on an airplane and a young man was sitting beside
 her. She couldn't quite see his face, but somehow Donna knew
 instinctively he was young and handsome. They were sitting at the very
 rear of the darkened cabin and the stranger was talking to her in a low,
 soothing voice. Donna couldn't remember what he said, but the general
 tone of his voice was sexy and compelling and, as usual, she was
 extremely horny.

    It was a night flight and the stewardess wasn't paying any attention,
 so Donna let him feel her up. She unzipped his pants and took out his
 cock and started pumping it. He slipped his hand inside her panties and
 began to rub his long, slender fingers into her pussy. It was wild and
 crazy and risky, and she recalled loving every second of it.

    Towards the end of the dream, the stranger eased his finger into
 Donna's cunt and started finger-fucking her. She writhed and moaned and
 creamed all over his finger, aching to get off. Despite the risk of
 being caught any second, she decided to take the plunge. She needed to
 come so bad, she just couldn't resist.

    Greedily she tightened her cunt around the young guy's pistoning
 finger, getting as much friction on her overheated clit as she could. A
 few seconds later his finger dug deep and hard, setting off her orgasm.
 Donna moaned helplessly and went into body-wracking spasms as she
 writhed in ecstasy. At that moment, the lights came up and for the first
 time she got a good look at the young stranger's face. It was Matt!
 Donna choked back a cry of horror as she looked into her son's sparkling
 eyes and saw her own incestuous lust reflected there.

    "I'm gonna fuck you, Mom!", Matt said with a grin. But it wasn't her
 son's voice that echoed crazily from the boy's lips... it was her

    Suddenly, they were naked in bed together and Matt was on top of her,
 his incredibly enlarged cock throbbing between her legs. She tried
 feebly to push him off but her muscles turned to jelly and refused to
 lift her arms. She watched with a mixture of fear and lust as Matt
 positioned himself between her suddenly wide-spread thighs and prepared
 to thrust his cock into her drooling cuntslit.

    She tried to yell at her son to stop, but when she opened her mouth,
 nothing came out. Matt's cock looked about a foot long and Donna gasped
 as she felt the huge, hot head touch her aching pussylips. She looked
 down helplessly as her son pushed forward and positioned the tip at the
 entrance of her tiny, drooling cunthole. She glanced up at Matt. His
 handsome features were a cruel mask of lust as he grinned lewdly down at

    "This is what you really want, don't you, Mom?" he said, his voice
 echoing strangely. "I know you want my cock! You want me to fuck you
 with it, don't you?.. don't you?... don't you?......."

    Donna tried to tell him she didn't, but instead her lips betrayed her
 darkest repressed feelings.

    "Yes! Fuck me, Matt!", she hissed. "Fuck me with your big fat cock,
 and make me come!"

    With a cry of triumph, Matt plunged his hips forward, completely
 burying his impossibly huge cock into her neglected cunt. Incredibly,
 Donna climaxed on the spot, her cunt contracting and spasming tightly
 around her son's deliciously stabbing prick. Then suddenly, she awoke
 with a start.

    "Unnnnhhhh, shit, ohhhhhh !" she moaned.

    Dizzily Donna realized that at least part of her dream was real. She
 was indeed coming... truly having a climax. But it wasn't because of any
 dream lover. There was no cock pounding away in her cunt, just her own
 familiar fingers. While she was dreaming about fucking her son, she'd
 actually masturbated in her sleep and made herself come. Sighing. she
 finished coming and pulled her cream-soaked finger out of her hot little

    Well, lady, she thought, you really must be hard up. She'd
 masturbated a lot since Carl walked out on her, but never before in her
 sleep, and NEVER while dreaming about her own son! Why had she done it?
 Just last night Matt had gotten her off so well, she surely should have
 been satisfied for a few hours.

    Then she blushed furiously as she remembered all the naughty and
 delicious things she'd done with her eldest son last evening. The
 kissing, licking, jacking-off, finger-fucking... she hadn't been able to
 resist any of it, even though she knew perfectly well that it was
 incest. Her sick dream was just an extension of her repressed lust.

    Well, today was going to be different. She wasn't getting out of bed
 till she'd gotten herself off enough to prevent her feeling horny all
 day. She'd just stay right there in bed and make herself cum until she
 was totally satisfied. Then she could get through the day without
 temptation, even if Matt did try anything with her.

    Rolling onto her back, Donna stuck her middle finger back into her
 cunt and began pumping. Just as she'd anticipated, her lust boiled back
 as strong as ever. She'd given herself a delicious hard climax in her
 sleep, but it hadn't been enough. One orgasm never was enough for Donna.

    "Mmmmmm, ohhhhhh, fuck, yessss," she gurgled, "That feels so damned

    Of course, a big hard cock would have felt even better, but she
 didn't- even want to think about that. After the dream she'd just had,
 she didn't want to be tempted by cocks. That had almost been her
 downfall last night when Matt had tried his best to seduce her. She'd
 ached for his cock. She'd wanted to suck it and feel it in her cunt
 like she had in her dream. She'd been dangerously close to giving the
 horny kid exactly what he wanted. But not today. Today she was going to
 take care of her lust even before she got out of bed.

    Donna pistoned her finger faster and faster in her greedy little
 pussy and felt herself rising steadily towards another delicious
 climax. It was a great way to start the day, she told herself wickedly.

    She worked herself to the very brink of orgasm but was reluctant to
 end the fun. It felt so exciting just to hover there, almost coming,
 giving herself those tantalizing stabs of pleasure. She groaned
 blissfully as she worked another stiff finger into her cunt, poking both
 of them in deeply as she greedily prolonged the pleasure washing through
 her quivering loins.

    "Unnnnhhhh, shit, yessss," she whimpered.

    Just a few more strokes, just a little more clit-rubbing and she'd
 get herself off. Moaning loudly, she rammed her fingers as deep as she
 could into her molten pussy hole, then out again, wishing the fantastic
 sensations never had to end. But soon she'd have to get up and make
 breakfast for the kids, so it was probably time to finish. She speeded
 up her finger-fucking, pistoning her middle finger harder and faster in
 her seething little pussy-hole.

    Donna arched her back and hunched her cunt up at her deeply-plunging
 fingers. She was so close to coming, just a few finger-strokes away. So
 close, in fact, she began to gurgle in anticipation. But just as she was
 about to give herself the decisive stroke that would carry her over the
 edge into delicious, satisfying oblivion, there was a knock at her door.

    "Mom," Bernie called, "I tried to make pancakes for breakfast, but I
 just made a mess. I think the blender exploded."

    Donna groaned. "I'll be right there, dear," she said, forcing herself
 to sound patient.

    There were times when she could gladly have shipped all three of her
 kids to the North Pole, and this was one of them. Bernie's timing was
 fantastically poor. Her lust was at boiling point, but she wouldn't be
 able to satisfy it till bedtime, which suddenly seemed a century away.
 Whimpering with frustration, she got up and dressed.

    By the time she got to the kitchen, the boys had mopped up the mess,
 and Donna started breakfast from scratch. It was a major production
 feeding three hungry teenage boys, but she didn't scrimp on anything.
 She stuffed them with pancakes, bacon, eggs and orange juice. She wasn't
 just indulging them. They had a hard day's work ahead of them.

    "Okay, guys," she said as they cleared away the dishes, "today we do
 the back yard."

    There were a few groans but no major complaints. The boys were used
 to helping around the house. Carl had always been so busy at his law
 practice that he'd never had time for mowing, clipping, watering, or any
 other kind of upkeep of their home. So Donna and the boys were pretty
 good at it by now. They went out the patio door and went right to their
 assigned tasks.

    Terry operated the lawn mower, and Bernie raked up after him and
 carted the clippings to the trash pile. Matt's job was to trim the
 shrubs and trees, because he was the tallest. Donna took away the
 prunings and did the trimming closer to the ground. The back yard was so
 overgrown, there was enough work to keep, them busy all morning at

    "Let's start at the back of the lot, Mom," Matt suggested.

    Donna agreed, not giving it much thought, until she realized that
 Matt had led her as far as possible away from his brothers. She and Matt
 were in the back in the privacy of the thick trees and shrubs along the
 high brick wall surrounding the yard. Nobody could possibly see them,
 and with Terry running the mower, nobody could hear them, either.

    Matt dropped the pruning tools on the ground and took Donna's tools
 out of her hands. She realized what was coming, and she gave a squeal of
 alarm and started to run. She wasn't fast enough! Matt tackled her and
 pulled her down on the grass. He rolled on top of her and pinned her
 with his heavier weight.

    "Jesus, Matt! Let me up right now!" Donna sputtered.

    "No way, Mom," he leered. "I wanna pick up where we left off last
 night. Playing with your pussy and having you jerk me off was really
 something, but we can have even more fun than that."

    His hands closed over her tits and started squeezing. To her horror,
 she felt a tingle in her pussy right away as surges of hot lust flashed
 through her loins. Damn that Bernie! If he hadn't interrupted her just
 when she was about to get herself off, she wouldn't be so dangerously
 horny right now. As Matt's hard, young body pressed down on her, she
 felt her pussy getting hot and creamy and swollen.

    "Matt, no." she cried desperately, "I told you last night... We can't
 do this... It isn't right."

    "I know you keep telling me, Mom," he grinned, "but I'm not
 listening. You might as well save your breath. In fact you might as well
 just relax and enjoy, 'cause I know you want it and I'm not gonna give
 up till you let me."

    He shoved her halter top up over her braless tits. The little top was
 only held on by flimsy ribbons which he easily pulled open and flung her
 top away. Donna gasped and tried to cover her naked tits, but Matt
 caught her wrists and forced her arms down. He dipped his head low and
 sucked his mother's left nipple into his hot steamy mouth.

    "Oh, noooooo!" Donna moaned.

    Hot juice welled from her cunt, soaking through her panties and
 shorts. Her nipples had always been extremely erogenous, and Matt's hot
 juicy lips felt wonderful as he moved back and forth between the two
 sensitive little buds, sucking them into stiffness. Even as Donna tried
 to wriggle free her pussy was moistening with arousal. But he was too
 strong for her.

    Matt meant what he'd said. He always did. He wasn't going to give up
 making love to her, and that meant he wouldn't rest till they'd gone all
 the way. Donna wondered what she could possibly offer him to change his
 mind. Achingly horny as she was, she still wasn't ready to fuck her own

    Now Matt lifted his head and surveyed her stiff and glistening pink
 nipples, which he'd sucked into glowing erection. Donna could feel his
 cock steadily stiffening where it lay between them, squashed against her
 belly, and she knew what was on his mind. Finger-play was old hat now.
 They'd already gotten each other off like that. He wanted something
 bigger and better.

    Sure enough, Matt reached for the zipper of her shorts and tugged it
 open. He grasped the shorts and started pulling them down. He was much
 stronger than Donna, and no matter how she struggled she couldn't stop
 him for long. He whisked off her shorts and tossed them aside, leaving
 her naked except for her skimpy bikini panties.

    He reached for the panties. "Oh, Matt, noooo," Donna moaned. "Honey,
 please stop. I just can't!"

    "I can't help it, Mom," Matt said hoarsely, "I just have to get off.
 You can feel my cock. You know how hard it is."

    Donna knew it all too well. It was practically killing her to feel
 that massive hard-on and know that she couldn't take it into her
 seething, famished cunt. But even though she had to deny herself that
 satisfaction, she couldn't deny Matt. She had to get the kid off, or he
 wouldn't leave her alone.

    "Listen, honey, I know you're horny," she said desperately, "and I'll
 help you. How 'bout I give you a blow-job?"

    Matt's eyes lit up. He wanted to fuck his sexy mother more than
 anything in the world, but he realized she still wasn't ready. It was
 still too soon to try for that. The idea of her going down on him was
 very exciting. His cock gave a lusty buck and tried to tear its way out
 of his tight jeans at the very thought of his mother's hot mouth wrapped
 around his stiff prick.

    "Okay, Mom," he leered, "I could go for that. Yeah, go ahead and suck
 me off."

    Donna breathed a sigh of relief. At least she wasn't going to have to
 go all the way with him, and if she got him off now, that would satisfy
 him for a while and give her a chance to rethink the whole situation. He
 rolled off her, stood up, and quickly skinned out of his jeans.

    He wasn't wearing anything else. No shirt, no shorts, no shoes. He
 towered over her, stark-naked, his rock-hard prick wagging stiffly and
 lewdly before him. Once again Donna thought how wonderful that long,
 thick shaft would feel cramming her starved little pussy, pistoning
 inside her and making her come. But she could never allow him to fuck
 her, no matter how much she secretly desired it.

    Matt lay down on the grass beside her, on his back. His magnificent
 teenage cock stood straight up, pointed at the sky, stiff and throbbing
 with a life all its own. Dazedly Donna knelt beside him, naked except
 for her panties. She crouched low, bringing her lips within an inch of
 her son's stiff-standing cock.

    As her hot breath fanned his prick, Matt shivered lustily. His
 mother's stiff nipples were grazing his body, her luscious tits swaying
 gently as she got into position. She reached out and wrapped her fingers
 around the thick hairy base of his prick, steadying the bucking shaft.

    "Yeah, Mom, do it," he said hoarsely. "Suck my cock!"

    Donna blushed hotly at his lewd words. She knew how outrageous it was
 to be going down on her own son. Still, she had to do it, because the
 alternative was even more outrageous. She stuck out her tongue and began
 lashing it all over the engorged, purple head of his cock. Matt shivered
 with delight.

    "Oh, yeahhhhhhh! Jesus, Mom, lick my cock!" he moaned.

    Donna felt her own excitement begin to overpower the guilt and
 embarrassment she was feeling. It had been far too long since she'd had
 a chance to lick and taste and suck a nice hard cock. It was one of the
 things she'd really loved doing to Carl. As she lapped up the first
 drops of Matt's delicious pre-cum, she drooled eagerly.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm", she murmured.

    Matt's nostrils flared with excitement when he heard that helpless
 murmur, because it told him that his sexy mom loved the taste of his
 cock juice. She wasn't just licking his meat because she had to. Her hot
 little tongue worked swiftly and eagerly, swirling around his swollen
 cock head and lapping up his dribbling pre-cum as fast as she could get

    She tongued the thin musky-tasting, cock-juice into her mouth and
 rolled it around, savoring it before swallowing. That really got Matt
 excited. She kept tonguing, savoring, gulping, till she'd finally
 cleaned his cock head of all the oozing cream. But she was still hungry
 for more. Using the stiff, pointy tip of her tongue, she probed right
 into his piss hole and licked out more of the tasty liquid.

    "Ohhhhh, shit, yeah," Matt groaned, "go for it, Mom, lick it all up!"

    Donna blushed as she sucked and licked at her son's prick. She
 couldn't control her hunger for his cock, and was embarrassed that he
 knew it. It was obvious she was getting off like crazy as she lapped up
 the salty liquid, savoring every drop like a good wine. Well, there was
 nothing she could do about it now. Her lust was beyond control. She
 wanted a whole boiling mouthful of his tasty young juice, and she knew
 just how to get it.

    Opening her lips as wide as she could, Donna plunged them down around
 the hugely swollen head of her son's prick, taking in a couple of inches
 of his thick, throbbing shaft. Then, when it was firmly lodged, she
 started sliding her juicy hot lips down around his cock. Matt just about
 flew right off the grass.

    "Ohhhhh, Jesus, ohhhhh, shit! Unnghhhh..oohhh fuuuuuuck!" he moaned,
 almost incoherent in his wild excitement.

    Matt gazed down at his mother with lust-glazed eyes. It was a sight
 he'd never expected to see... something he'd fantasized about dozens of
 times, but never imagined it would ever come true. So often he'd jacked
 off as he imagined his sexy blonde mother sliding her hot sensuous lips
 down around his stiff cock and sucking him off. Now, it was actually

    "Ahhhhh, Mom, yeah, take it all!" he pleaded

    Donna just wished that was possible, because she wanted to suck and
 taste every inch of her son's delicious rock-hard cock. But she could
 only take in about half of it without choking on it. She fisted the rest
 and pumped on it. Drawing in her cheeks in sharply, she sheathed his
 throbbing cock in hot juicy flesh.

    "Suck it, Mom... suck my fuckin' cock!" the horny boy groaned.

    Donna didn't really need to be urged. She was desperate for a big,
 boiling mouthful of cum, and she sucked greedily to get it. The vacuum
 pressure was hot and strong, drawing the hot cream from his piss hole
 and making him groan with excitement. Her blonde hair flew and her tits
 jiggled as her head bobbed up and down over her son's glistening cock.

    "Uuuuuuuhhhhhh, fuck, Mom, that's fantastic!" he groaned.

    He wasn't exaggerating. His own mother gave the best head he'd ever
 had. He'd had his fair share of horny girls in college.. girls who were
 totally liberated and willing to try anything. But Donna was an expert,
 far more experienced and skilled than any of those college sluts. So
 good in fact, that Matt knew he wouldn't be able to hold out long.

    Still he fought back his climax, wanting the wonderful experience to
 go on for as long as possible. He lay back, closed his eyes, and forgot
 everything but the delicious sensations he was getting from his mother's
 greedily sucking mouth. He dug his nails into the grass and shivered
 with ecstasy.

    Donna sucked faster and faster on her son's wildly-throbbing cock,
 driven by the depraved excitement of it as much as for the taste of his
 come. After so long without access to a cock, Donna was starved for it.
 She knew she didn't have much longer to wait for it though. Matt's cock
 was bucking and throbbing in her mouth, and he was moaning steadily.
 Increasing her efforts, Donna sucked her deliriously-horny son right to
 the brink of orgasm.

    "Ohhhhhh, shit, Mom, get ready! I'm gonna come!" he moaned.

    "Ummmm...hmmmmm," Donna moaned encouragingly.

    A second later, she felt the first hot sting of his jism against the
 back of her throat. Matt spun out of control, yelling with pleasure and
 fucking his mother's mouth. He hammered his boiling load of come into
 her mouth and throat, and she moaned with excitement and gobbled it down
 hungrily, as fast as she could.

    "Take it, Mom!" he howled. "Swallow my fuckin' jizz!
 Uhhhnnnnggghhhhhh! Fuuuuuucccckkkkkk!

    He had his eyes tightly closed, aware of nothing but the fantastic
 pleasure he felt as his cock twitched, bucked and splattered his come
 into his mother's mouth. Donna was blinded with excitement, swallowing
 every drop his hot tasty jism, moaning in her lusty hunger. Neither of
 them noticed that they were being watched.

    "Ahhhhhh, fuck yeahhh, Mom! Suck it all out!" Matt groaned.

    "Mmmmmm, uuummmmm!" she cried.

    From about twenty feet away, concealed by the shrubbery, young Terry
 watched in utter amazement. What in hell were Mom and Matt doing? He
 crept closer to get a better view.

                             Chapter 5.

    Terry crawled commando-style through the bushes till he was only
  about ten feet away from his mother and older brother. Now he could see
  clearly what was going on and why Matt was moaning and groaning.

    "Jeeeeeesus!" Terry muttered, staring wide-eyed at the incredible
  scene before him.

    His brother was lying on the grass, buck-naked, and their mom was
  bending low over him, sucking his cock. Matt had in insane grin on his
  face as he pumped his jism into her mouth. Donna was making muffled
  moans of excitement and swallowing down his cum as fast as she could
  get it. She wasn't wearing anything but a tiny pair of bikini panties,
  her big firm tits swinging free.

    Terry shivered with lust which quickly gave way to envy. How come
  Matt was getting a blow-job from their beautiful mother? Mom had never
  come on to him like that. Terry, like his brother, had lots of jack-off
  fantasies about their sexy mother, and it just about killed him to see
  his older brother actually having sex with her.

    He wanted to rush out of his hiding place and demand an explanation.
  Even more, he wanted to demand a blow-job. But he sensed that this
  wasn't the time to make his presence known. He'd better watch a little
  longer and see what happened. Maybe everything wasn't exactly as it

    "Ahhhh, yeah, Mom, that was fantastic." Matt sighed.

    His glistening cock slipped from her mouth, and Donna hungrily licked
  her lips to get every last drop of his cum. Still she looked
  embarrassed and guilty, and she quickly grabbed her discarded halter to
  cover her naked tits. Matt grabbed it away from her and flung it even

    "Uh-uh, Mom, we're not finished yet," he leered.

    "But Matt, I got you off," Donna said nervously. "We'd better get
  back to work now, before your brothers wonder where we are."

    "That's no problem," Matt assured her.

    "The mower's still going. That means they're still at work."

    In his hiding place Terry grinned evilly. His smart-ass
  college-educated brother had made a mistake this time. The reason the
  mower was still going was that Bernie was using it. Terry had paid him
  two dollars to finish the job while he snuck off. But as he was
  preparing to escape over the back fence, he'd heard strange noises,
  followed them. and found his mother and Matt.

    Now he didn't care about sneaking off. He wanted to watch this
  exciting scene. Mom was blushing and trying to cover herself up, but
  Matt kept drawing her hands away so he could ogle her naked tits. They
  were so big and firm and creamy with hardly any sag at all, and as she
  tried half-heartedly to push Matt away, they wobbled on her chest,
  jiggling provocatively. In the bushes, Terry ogled his mother's
  gorgeous tits too, and felt his young cock stiffening.

    He'd never seen nicer tits, even in centerfolds. The sexy little
  blonde he was lusting after was his own mother, yet her tits were as
  firm and tight as a teenager's. Terry just wished he could get his
  hands on them. He almost groaned with frustration as Matt reached out
  and cupped the heavy globes and began squeezing them. Donna blushed
  even harder, but she also gave a lusty little shiver.

    "Relax, Mom," Matt soothed, "we've got time, and I haven't gotten you
  off yet."

    Donna found it hard to reject that invitation. Her son's hot hands
  were arousing her strongly as they played over her tits. She was wildly
  horny by now. First she'd been interrupted just as she was about to get
  herself off, and then she'd sucked Matt off, which only made her
  hornier since she'd received no attention herself. Her need was at the
  boiling point.

    Matt eased her down on the grass, on her back, and went on squeezing
  his mother's creamy tits. Donna felt hot sticky cream oozing from her
  cunt and into the crotch of her panties. She was almost beside herself
  with lust as she eyed her eldest son's long, semi-hard cock. Matt
  teasingly stroked her big conical nipples and worked them into long
  erect nubs.

    "You'd love to get off, wouldn't you, Mom?" he asked softly.

    "Yes, honey, I would," Donna confessed helplessly, "but do you think
  we should? Terry and Bernie might come looking for us."

    "No chance," Matt said. "You hear the mower? They've moved around to
  the front yard now. That'll take almost an hour."

    Donna shivered with desire. It was so tempting just to give in to
  Matt and let him take care of her. She'd feel a whole lot better if she
  could just come. Now he was sliding his hand down to cup her crotch,
  squeezing her fever-hot pussy through the thin silk. Donna shivered
  again as Matt's fingers caressed her, rubbing the damp fabric into her
  drooling cuntslit. He could surely feel how wet she was. It would be
  useless to argue any longer that she wasn't turned on by what he was
  doing. Hot pleasure flashed through her pelvis, and Donna creamed
  helplessly, the molten liquid soaking right through her panties and
  moistening his hand.

    "I felt that. Mom," he said hoarsely. "I know how horny you are. Just
  relax and let me get you off."

    "Oh, God help me... I want you to, baby!" Donna moaned, closing her
  eyes. "I need it so bad!"

    Terry studied the situation from just a few feet away. His initial
  idea had been wrong, he could see that now. Mom hadn't come on to Matt.
  It had been the other way around. Matt had seduced her and somehow
  enticed her into a little incestuous sex-play, but it was an uphill
  battle all the way for his older brother. Mom seemed so upright and

    Yet she was so horny, too. Terry could see that. So horny that she'd
  finally given in and was letting Matt rhythmically squeeze and rub her
  pussy through her panties to bring her to climax. As Terry watched
  that, his cock swelled to its full dimensions and strained against the
  tight confinement of his jeans.

    At that moment, Terry envied his older brother with all his heart. He
  would have given anything to trade places with Matt just then. No woman
  turned him on like his own beautiful mother, and he wanted to make love
  to her like his older brother was doing. Terry's cock twitched in his
  pants, growing big and taut and throbbing.

    "Is this good, Mom?" Matt asked hoarsely as he squeezed her pussy.
  "You like this?"

    "Yes, baby," Donna gurgled, "it feels so good."

    "We both know something that'd feel even better, though," Matt

    Donna reddened and said, "Forget it, Matt, I'm not going to fuck

    "Um, I didn't mean that, Mom," he lied. "I just thought you'd like it
  more if I got you off with my finger."

    As he spoke, he slipped his free hand down inside his mother's moist
  panties. Now he cupped her naked pussy, squeezing and releasing in a
  deliciously-satisfying rhythm. Donna's quivering cunt filled her son's
  palm with thick molten cunt-juice. She simply couldn't resist the
  pleasure. Digging her nails into the grass, she began to pump her hips
  up at him in a helpless fucking motion.

    "Ohh, yeahhhhhh, I figured you'd like that better, Mom!" Matt grinned

    He took his hand off her panties. Now Terry could see his other hand
  at work inside her panties, squeezing and massaging the hot swollen
  flesh of her pussy. Terry gritted his teeth and seethed with envy. He
  wanted to be playing with their mom's pussy, getting her excited out of
  her mind.

    Terry had played with quite a few young teenage pussies in his time,
  and he'd "gone all the way" with several of the "easier" girls at
  school many times. He enjoyed hell out of it and intended to go on
  making out till he was ninety or so. Yet no girl his age, no matter how
  pretty or sexy, could turn him on in the special way his mother did. He
  wouldn't rest till he'd enjoyed her the way Matt was doing.

    "Ohhhhhh, God, yessss!" Donna moaned.

    Matt was squeezing his mother's hot, juicy cunt faster and faster,
  working her into a frenzy of lust. Her hips were pumping and writhing,
  she was clawing the grass, and her pretty features were contorted with
  lust. She was close to forgetting all her hangups, and maybe that was
  why she didn't protest when Matt used his free hand to slip off her

    Terry's cock practically battered its way out of his jeans as he
  watched Matt strip their mother naked. She had a pretty little bush,
  neat and triangular and blonde. Occasionally he got a tantalizing
  glimpse of the glistening pink flesh of her pussy-slit, but mostly
  Matt's caressing hand was in the way. Matt flung her panties away out
  of reach, his eyes hot and gleeful.

    "Now here's something I know you'll love, Mom," he said.

    He stiffened his middle finger and inserted the tip into the little
  hole at the very center of his mother's pussy. He twirled his fingertip
  around teasingly, and Donna groaned with need. She jerked her hips up
  at him frantically, trying to impale herself on the rigid spike of his

    "Oh, please, honey," she whimpered.

    "Yeah, Mom, I'll do whatever you want," Matt replied with a leer,
  "only you gotta tell me. Tell me exactly what you want me to do."

    Donna reddened. It was so outrageous for her to be telling her own
  son, in graphic terms, how to get her off. Yet she had to cum, or she'd
  go crazy with lust. She swallowed her pride and forgot her principles.
  Nothing mattered except that urgently-needed orgasm. She had to have
  it, no matter what the consequences!

    "Stick your finger in me, honey." she whimpered, "right in my pussy!
  Give me all of it!"

    "You got it, Mom," Matt grinned.

    Terry found himself tearing up the grass in his frustration. He
  wanted his sexy mom to be moaning to him, begging him to get her off,
  but instead it was happening to his know-it-all brother. It was just
  killing him. His cock and balls felt ready to explode. He watched in
  furious envy as Matt slid his stiff finger completely into their
  mother's cunt.

    "Unnnnhhhh, yesssss!" Donna moaned.

    She arched her body to take it, wanting his hard finger as deep as
  she could get it. She soaked it with thick hot cream, and the pearly
  liquid overflowed her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass. That
  stiff hard presence felt so good in her fever-hot cunt. She whimpered
  with bliss as he shoved his finger all the way into her.

    "You got it now, Mom," he said hoarsely, "you got it all. Now what do
  you want?"

    He knew perfectly well, Donna realized, but he wanted to hear her say
  it. She had no choice. She was going out of her mind with need.

    "Fuck me with it, baby," she sobbed. "Make me come with your nice
  stiff finger."

    "I sure will, Mom," Matt replied with a triumphant grin.

    He started pistoning his thick finger hard and deep in her
  juice-drenched pussy-hole. Donna clawed the grass and wailed her
  pleasure. This was the sensation she'd been craving ever since Carl
  left, a nice stiff, hard object pistoning in her cunt, cramming and
  reaming. She felt herself hurtling effortlessly towards orgasm.

    "Ohhhhh, yes, baby, that's it," she moaned, "keep doing that, don't

    Matt leered down at her as he worked his finger fast and deep in his
  mother's tight, hot little fuck-hole. He fantasized that she was taking
  his cock, not his finger. As he imagined her wailing and moaning and
  writhing in ecstasy from his pounding prick, his cock swelled and grew.
  In seconds it was hugging his belly, fully engorged and ready for

    Terry noticed his big brother was getting a hard-on. It was a relief
  to see that Matt's cock wasn't any bigger than his own. On the other
  hand, Matt was a lot closer to doing something exciting with his. He
  was staring hungrily at his finger slicing in and out of Mom's clinging
  pink slit, and it wasn't hard to tell what he was thinking.

    Would he do it? Would he stick his cock in her? Matt was no fool. He
  knew she was against the idea, that she'd do almost anything with him
  but fuck. So far he'd played it very cool. But Terry could see that he
  was powerfully tempted, and he didn't blame his brother one bit.

    `Come on, Matt, do it!' he thought excitedly. "Go on! Fuck her!'

    He was envious of Matt, but on the other hand, if Matt fucked Mom,
  she wouldn't have any excuse for turning him down. And Terry knew he'd
  never rest till he'd experienced the ultimate in love-making with his
  beautiful hot-pants mother. He watched and waited, almost breathless
  with excitement, wondering what Matt would do.

    Matt was making up his mind that very second. He knew it was a big
  risk, but he just couldn't resist any longer. He had to fuck his
  mother. She was hot and ready, his cock was hard as steel, and he was
  running out of patience. As quickly as a flash, he whipped his soaked
  finger out of her cunt and rolled on top of her.

    "M...Matt, w...what..." Donna gasped. "Ohhhhh, noooooo!"

    By the time she recovered from her surprise, it was too late. Matt
  was on top of her, between her wide-spread thighs, and his big stiff
  cock was sliding up her cunt. Donna's head spun as she realized her own
  son was fucking her. She also realized that she was taking a cock for
  the first time in three months, and it felt so damn good! She threw
  back her head and moaned in ecstasy.

    "Oooooooooooooh, God," she cried, "unnnngghhhhh, baby!"

    "Uhhhhh, shit yeah!, Matt growled. "Jesus, you're tight, Mom!"

    His face was red, his voice hoarse, as he plowed his stiff cock into
  his mother's snug little pussy-hole. Her cunt was just as deliciously
  tight around his prick as it had been around his finger. It was
  silk-lined, slippery, and hot as a furnace. As he sank into her, those
  satiny walls tugged and sucked at his long, thick cockshaft like a hot
  little mouth. Mother and son groaned in ecstasy as Matt shoved his cock
  to the hilt in Donna's famished cunt, little realizing they had an

    Terry could barely keep still with envy and excitement as he watched.
  He would have given anything to trade places with his big brother, to
  cram his own painfully-swollen prick into their mother's
  eagerly-upthrust pussy.

    Well, just maybe he could do that if he played his cards right. One
  thing was for sure, this wasn't the time to interrupt. Matt would kill
  him if he showed himself right now and probably so would his mom,
  judging by the look of total bliss on her pretty features. So Terry
  kept still in his hiding place, even though his hard-on was killing him
  and he wanted to scream with lust.

    "Ohhhhh, God, yessss! Fuck me!" Donna wailed. "Fuck me with your
  lovely big cock, baby!"

    She'd tried to contain her wild excitement as Matt shoved his
  rock-hard cock into her and began fucking her in swift hard thrusts,
  but it was no use. She needed to be fucked so badly.

    Donna gave up and went with her natural horny instincts, arching her
  body up to take her son's long, pistoning prick as deep as she could
  get it, jerking her hips to his rapid fucking rhythm.

    "Oh, yeah, Mom, this is fantastic!" he panted. "Am I fucking you too

    "Ummmm! No, honey... ohhhhhhhhhh, you're doing just fine!" she

    She threw her arms around him and clung to him, slamming her hips up
  against his, keeping her thighs wide open. She wanted to be fucked as
  deep and hard as possible. She wanted to be crammed with cock, fucked
  till she couldn't take another stroke. She was totally starved for
  cock, so starved that she was even prepared to forget her horror of
  incest for the time being in order to enjoy the fucking she so
  desperately craved.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oooooooohhhhh, baby, fuck meeeeeeee!" she

    Matt was practically coming, he was so wildly excited. His gamble had
  paid off. Mom was ready for his cock, all right... more so than he'd
  ever dreamed! Her body was writhing and jerking in perfect rhythm with
  his, and she was wailing her delight as he hammered his stiff prick
  into the depths of her hot, clasping pussy.

    "Unnnnhhhh, God, honey, I need it so bad!" she moaned.

    "I know, Mom," Matt moaned back, "and from now on, I'll give it to
  you whenever you want it. You won't ever have to go horny again."

    Terry almost screamed with envy and frustration. He wanted to
  volunteer for the assignment of keeping his mother sexually satisfied,
  but he hadn't been given the chance. Matt had seduced her in secret and
  was hogging her all to himself. But things wouldn't stay that way for
  long, not if Terry had anything to say about it.

    Donna couldn't reply to Matt's offer. She couldn't even think about
  it. She was conscious only of the hot blasts of pleasure coursing
  through her body as he slammed his stiff cock into her again and again.
  She didn't give a damn about anything else. If the vice squad had
  rushed up at that moment and tried to arrest her for incest, they'd
  have had to pry her apart from Matt with a crowbar.

    So intense was her excitement, Donna had blotted out everything but
  the incredibly delicious feelings of her son's huge prick pistoning in
  and out of her pussy, and was now incapable of concentrating on
  anything else till she got off. She didn't have much longer to wait,
  either. Wantonly, she thrust her cunt up at her son's pounding cock,
  grinding hips as she mashed her clit against the base his shaft. The
  incredible waves of pleasure increased in her pussy until she couldn't
  contain it any longer.

    The orgasm began in the very depths of her cunt and flashed out to
  shake and sear her whole body. It was the most powerful orgasm she'd
  had since Carl left, the kind she'd only ever been able to get from a
  deeply-pounding cock. It was the kind she'd been seeking in vain when
  she played with herself or let Matt finger-fuck her. It was the real,
  honest-to-God climax she had to have in order to keep her sanity.

    "Ohhhhh, Jeeeesus! Fuck me! I'm coming, ohhhh, whaahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh,
  soooooooo goooooooooodddd!!" she screamed.

    Matt felt his mother's cunt going tight as a vise around his prick.
  Her contracting pussy-muscles nipped at him like a tiny mouth, sucking
  at his cock as she convulsed in orgasm.  It was too much for Matt and
  he yelped with pleasure as his own climax exploded. His young cock
  swelled and jerked inside her, pumping his mother's spasming cunt full
  of boiling hot, jism.

    "Take it, Mom, take my load! Uuuuuuunnnnggghhhh!" he yelled.

    "Oh, fuck, shit," Terry groaned, tearing up the grass again.

    Jesus, Matt was actually cumming in Mom's cunt! Terry couldn't
  control his hot lust a second longer. He couldn't stand watching Matt
  have all the fun. As his mother and brother writhed and howled together
  in an extended mutual climax, Terry stood up and staggered out of the
  bushes, his stiff young cock tenting his jeans obscenely. Matt and
  Donna just stared at him, too surprised and exhausted to do or say

    "Okay, dammit," he cried hoarsely, "I want in on this too."

                              Chapter 6.

    "Jeeeeesus! Can't a guy have any privacy! Fuck off, Terry," Matt
 snarled. "Nobody invited you to this party!"

    "I'm not leaving till I get everything you got, big brother," Terry
 snarled back. "I figure you two are just gonna have to let me in on the
 fun. There'd be quite a scandal if anybody found out about this."

    "You little bastard," Matt cried, "are you threatening to tell on us? I
 aughta smash your face in!"

    It sounded serious, but to a mother's ears it was just another quarrel
 between brothers. It didn't bother her so much that the that the boys were
 fighting. That happened all the time. What bothered her was Terry's threat
 to tell what he'd seen. If word got out that she was committing incest
 with her own son, the consequences would be awful.

    Worst of all, she'd lose custody of her sons. Of course, she wouldn't
 get the house or any money, either, but that was minor. Donna couldn't
 bear the thought of not keeping her kids. So obviously she had to do
 whatever Terry wanted, give him whatever it would take to shut him up. And
 if she was really honest with herself, she didn't mind the idea at all.
 After fucking Matt, Donna knew she wouldn't be able to get through the day
 without his virile young cock pounding her cunt to orgasm, and two
 perpetually horny young lovers would be even more fun than one.

    "Boys, stop fighting," she said.

    "But, Mom, you heard what he said, " objected Matt. "He threatened to
 tell on us."

    "I know, Matt," Donna said patiently, "but be realistic. Put yourself
 in Terry's place. Wouldn't you be acting just like he is?"

    Matt thought it over. He imagined stumbling on his mother and Terry
 making love. Donna was right, he'd beg, whine, and threaten any cheap
 revenge just to get in on the action. Terry was acting like a spoiled
 little jerk, but Matt really couldn't blame him.

    "Yeah, I guess you're right," he admitted grudgingly, "but what are we
 gonna do?"

    "The obvious," Donna said with a sexy smile. "You boys will just have
 to learn to share me."

    That made both Matt and Terry grin ruefully. They'd never been able to
 share their toys and other possessions all the time they were growing up.
 But now the whole existence of their family depended on it.. They were
 going to have to share their mother without fighting. It would be a first
 for the quarrelsome brothers.

    "I guess we don't have a choice," Matt snapped.

    "That's right, big brother," Terry said with a maddening grin, "so why
 don't you just stand back out of the way and let me get it on with Mom?
 You don't look like you could get it up again in a hurry anyway."

    "Mom, he doesn't have to rub it in," Matt complained.

    "Boys, lay off each other," Donna sighed.

    "Now are we going to fight or have fun? It's up to you."

    That put a stop to the needling. Matt sat down and lay back on the
 grass, prepared to give Terry his turn with their mother. Terry started
 stripping off his clothes and throwing them in every direction. It was
 quite a job peeling his tight briefs down over his hugely engorged cock,
 but he finally completed the task. Then he stood before Donna naked,
 stiff-cocked, and ready. Donna eyed his magnificent young hard-on and her
 pussy tingled and creamed furiously.

    She was beyond guilt by now. The damage was already done. She'd already
 fucked her eldest son. So what difference did it make if she did it again
 or if she got it on with yet another son? She was through fighting her
 overpowering need. Besides, if there was anybody to blame for the way
 things had turned out, it was her jerk of a husband, Carl.

    Even if their marriage hadn't been the greatest in other ways, Carl had
 given her twenty years of good steady sex and then suddenly cut her off
 with nothing. Being a naturally highly-sexed woman, it was no wonder she
 was going out of her mind with horniness and that she couldn't control her
 lusts. So Donna decided just to forget her guilty feelings and have fun.

    "Come here, honey," she purred, flashing Terry a provocative smile.

    Donna stretched out on the grass, and Terry hurried to join her, his
 prick so engorged it hardly moved as he walked. She watched the pearly
 pre-cum dripping from the flared tip, and she drooled in anticipation.
 He'd hardly hit the ground before she had her hand on his prick, squeezing
 it and pumping it with her fist.

    "Are we gonna fuck, Mom?" he asked eagerly.

    "Yes, honey, but just let me play with your cock a little first," Donna
 said, her voice husky with arousal.

    Terry couldn't turn down a request like that. He lay on his back and
 let his pretty mother jerk on his stiff prick. She ran her hot little fist
 up and down his rigid prick-shaft, then bent so low over his engorged
 hard-on that her hot breath tickled the sensitive tip. Then her tongue
 shot out, pink and glistening, and Terry yelped with surprise and delight
 as her wet tongue contacted the swollen head of his cock.

    "Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," Donna moaned.

    "Ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh, Mom... Lick my cock!" Terry cried hoarsely.

    He watched his mother's little pointed tongue zipping around the fat
 purple head of his prick. She was lapping up all the pre-cum that was
 spilling from his piss hole, rolling it around in her mouth and savoring
 it, then gulping it down like it was nectar. The sight turned him on like
 crazy. No girl he'd ever been out with had done this to him. He'd had
 several quick blow-jobs in the back seats of his car, but never a
 leisurely sensuous licking like this. He loved it. He folded his arms
 behind his head and lay there grinning like a fool as his cock-hungry
 mother gobbled his cream. This was Terry's idea of heaven.

    Unfortunately it was Matt's idea of hell. There he was. watching his
 younger brother get all Mom's attention and have all the fun, and it was
 killing him. True, he'd had his turn with her, but he still felt ignored
 and cheated. Not only that, but the scene was turning him on in some
 bizarre way. He felt his cock stiffening again.

    He watched his mother's gleaming pink tongue swirling around and around
 the thick head of Terry's cock, and his prick got bigger and bigger. Mom
 was on her hands and knees as she bent over Terry, her luscious little ass
 pointed in Matt's direction. He could see her whole pussy-slit,
 cream-soaked, rosy and fur-fringed. His cock mushroomed to its full
 dimensions as he thought about crawling up behind her and cramming his
 stiff prick into her tight clingy little fuckhole.

    But, dammit, it was Terry's turn with her. Matt had been asked to sit
 this one out... keep out of the way. But still he seethed with lust, and
 his excitement mounted steadily as he stared at his mother's
 hotly-dripping cuntslit and watched her greedily sucking his brother's
 cock. Soon he was glassy-eyed with horniness and breathing heavily.

    Terry and Donna were totally oblivious of Matt's frustration. They were
 too absorbed in each other. Terry's lust-glazed eyes followed his mother's
 tongue as it reamed deep in his piss-hole for more tasty pre-cum. Donna
 was intent on eating every single drop of his hot salty cock-juice. She
 worked her tongue around in the cleft of his prick, scooping out all the
 cream she could get.

    Finally she finished cleaning his cockhead, and she raised her head and
 stared at the rigid, glistening column of fuckmeat. She wanted to suck him
 off and get a whole mouthful of his delicious young jism, but she also
 wanted the boy's rock-hard prick in her cunt.

    She needed to be fucked worse than anything. Fucking Matt had proved
 that to her. She absolutely lost control of herself the moment he pushed
 his cock into her, and she'd been lost to the world while he fucked her.
 She'd been needing a good hard fuck for months now. She'd gotten it, all
 right, but she also knew that once wasn't enough. No, that delicious fuck
 with Matt had just made her eager for more strong, hard fucking. As she
 studied Terry's stiff, throbbing cockshaft, all she could think of was how
 she wanted him to ram it deep into her cunt and fuck her with it, hard....
 fuck her till she squealed in orgasm. She could suck him off some other
 time. First things first.

    She whirled around, presenting Terry with her raised ass and juicy,
 fur-lined cunt-slit. Terry ogled his mother's glistening pussy, the first
 mature cunt he'd ever had a good look at. All his sex up to now had taken
 place in dark, parked cars with young giggling girls. His cock gave a
 lusty jump as he studied his mother's cream-filled, cunthole.

    "Hey, man," Matt said dryly, "you just gonna look at it, or you gonna
 do something with it? 'Cause if you're not, I'm ready."

    Terry glanced over at his older brother and saw that Matt had a
 belly-hugging hard-on.

    "Just keep out of this," he snarled. "You had your turn and left Mom
 horny! Besides, I'm not in any big rush."

    Actually he was, but he wanted to seem cool. Slowly, almost lazily, he
 went to his knees behind Donna and rubbed the swollen head of his cock up
 and down through the scorching wet flesh of her pussy-slit. She shivered
 with excitement, and thick pearly cream leaked from her intensely aroused

    Terry was just as excited as she was, but he didn't want to act like an
 over-eager kid in front of his wise-ass brother. He sank an inch of his
 cock into the dark pink little hole at the very center of his mother's
 pussy, plugging her juicy cuntal opening. When he didn't go any farther,
 Donna whimpered and clawed at the grass in frustration.

    "Come on, honey," she panted, "stick it in and fuck me! Mommy wants
 your long, hard cock fucking her pussy, baby!"

    That was too much for Terry. He lost his cool. Snorting with lust, he
 crammed his thick cock deep and hard into his mother's juice-slick snatch.
 He was amazed at how tight she was. Her pussy was the hottest, juiciest
 and snuggest little cunt he'd ever slid his cock into.

    "Awwwwww, fuck, yeahhh!" he groaned.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, yessssss!" Donna squealed.

    "Aw, shit," Matt sighed.

    It really was more than he could take. His cock was so swollen it felt
 ready to burst, and he had to just sit there while his younger brother
 enjoying the only cunt available. He watched with envy as Terry grunted
 and groaned, shoving his long, stiff cock to the hilt in their mom's
 deliciously tight and juicy pussy.

    It got worse. Grasping Donna's slender hips, Terry howled with ecstasy
 as he began hammering his cock into her sucking cunt. Matt knew just how
 great that felt, and he was seething with envy and desire. He focused
 lustily on his brother's hard-driving cock as it pistoned deeply in and
 out between his mother's widely-stretched cunt-lips, and he could have
 screamed with frustration.

    "Ohhhhhh, yes baby, yesssss!" Donna was squealing. "Fuck it to me,
 Terry, fuck Momma's pussy good and hard!"

    Terry was grinning stupidly as he watched his rigid, blue-veined prick
 plowing in and out between his mother's clasping cunt-lips. The long,
 thick shaft glistened wetly with her fuck-juices and made obscene sucking,
 slurping sounds as it pounded in and out of her juicy, wet twat.

    He looked so damned smug, Matt wanted to punch him. But even more than
 that, he just wanted to shove the kid out of the way and plunge his own
 engorged prick into their mom's hungry pussy-hole. He knew he wouldn't be
 able to stay passive much longer.

    "Unnnnnnnhhhhh, shit, that feel's good!" Terry groaned.

    `Aw, shut up!' Matt thought. Terry was really rubbing it in. He was
 grinning, moaning, and remarking on how great it felt to be fucking their
 mom. Matt tried to ignore him. He concentrated instead on Donna as she
 took the repeated deep thrusts of his brother's rock-hard prick.

    "Oooooooh, yesss, yesssss! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!" she moaned.

    Her pretty face was contorted with lust, her big firm tits swinging
 provocatively, her stiff nipples just grazed the grass. She was getting
 more and more flushed all over her body as her arousal mounted. Matt knew
 it had been a mistake to switch his attention to his sexy mother. It was
 just making him more insanely horny than before.

    "Fuck that cock in there, baby, fuck it! Fuck mommy's cunt!," she
 panted. "Fuck me as hard as you want, Terry, I can take it!"

    Terry didn't hesitate a second to accept his mother's lewd invitation.
 A lusty grin almost splitting his face, he began hammering his cock into
 her with lightening speed, making her slender body shudder with the
 impact. His flat, muscular belly slapped loudly against her ass. The noise
 made Matt even more wildly aroused than before.

    "Oooooh. yeah, honey, that's it!" Donna wailed. "Fuck my brains out,
 baby, fuck hard!"

    Matt groaned and caught himself reaching for his cock. He was horny
 enough to sit there and jerk off as he watched them. But he drew his hand
 back, jacking off was kid-stuff. He wanted to come with his cock squirting
 deep up inside his mother's hot, tight little cunthole. He wanted to
 hammer his jizz into her womb. He wanted to come like a man, not a guilty
 little kid. But it seemed like it was going to take forever before he got
 his turn with her again, the way his brother was going.

    Terry was fucking away like some damned machine, tirelessly and
 rhythmically. Donna was digging her fingers into the grass to keep from
 being knocked forward by his relentless fucking. Of course, she wasn't
 complaining. She had her eyes closed in ecstasy as she enjoyed every one
 of his steady deep thrust. Her increasingly-shrill whimpers told Matt that
 she was almost ready to come.

    "Ohhhhhh, honey, I love it," she wailed. "Keep fucking me real hard,
 Terry, don't stop! I'm close now, baby!"

    "Awwwww, shit, ahhhhhhh, fuck!" Terry suddenly bawled, shooting his
 load into her.

    Matt grinned evilly. His smart-ass brother had surprised himself,
 coming before he intended to. There was a brief expression of bewilderment
 on Terry's face before he was carried away with the tide of orgasmic bliss
 that washed over his shuddering young body. With urgent, jerky strokes he
 hammered his load into his mother's hotly-clasping little cunthole, while
 she moaned with frustration. Unfortunately, Terry hadn't lasted quite long
 enough to get her off.

    "Okay, kid, get out of the way," Matt snarled as he crawled over beside
 Terry. "I'll finish the job for you."

    "The fuck you will," Terry panted. "I can finish it myself. I just
 gotta catch my breath."

    "You're crazy," Matt snapped, "you just got off!"

    "Boys, don't fight," Donna said automatically.

    Then her eyes widened in wonder as Terry started moving his cock in her
 again, giving himself another quick and massive hard-on. He hadn't been
 kidding... he really was going to finish the job himself. Donna gurgled
 with delight and pushed back at her son's pistoning prick. At the same
 time, she heard a disappointed groan from Matt.

    "Fuck! I can't believe this!" he cursed.

    "Well, believe it, big brother," Terry snapped, "and get out of the way
 so I can give Mom the fucking she deserves!."

    Reluctantly Matt backed off. He couldn't believe his kid brother had
 gotten another hard-on so fast, but the evidence was right before his
 eyes. Terry was fucking away as eagerly and stiffly as before. It looked
 like he'd never finish enjoying their mom's hot juicy little cunt. Matt
 groaned in frustration. He felt like he'd go out of his mind if he didn't
 get off soon.

    Then it finally dawned on him that there was more than one way to get
 off with Mom. He crawled around in front of her. She had her eyes closed
 in ecstasy as she took the repeated hard thrusts of Terry's cock, and she
 wasn't aware of Matt getting into position, kneeling right in front of
 her. But she noticed it when he trailed the drooling head of his cock over
 her lips.

    "Mmmmmmm?" she muttered. "Mmmmmmmmmm."

    She stuck out her tongue, tasted his cock, and then her eyes popped
 open. She looked up at her leering eldest son, then down at his rigid cock
 which was poking stiffly against her lips, seeking entrance to her hot
 steamy mouth. Donna reddened. She'd never even dreamed of taking on two
 lovers at the same time, let alone two of her sons! But the more she
 thought about it, the more the idea excited her.

    "Come on, Mom, suck it," Matt urged hoarsely.

    With a lusty little gurgle, Donna opened her mouth and let him glide
 the head of his cock over her slippery tongue. She firmed her lips around
 his throbbing shaft, caved in her cheeks, and started to suck. Matt
 groaned happily.

    "Uuuuhhhhhhh, yeah, Mom, suck my cock," he cried.

    Donna moaned. This was the most fantastic sexual experience of her
 life, taking one hard, pounding cock in her cunt while she sucked another.
 This was an experience Carl could never have given her. She sucked
 ravenously on her older boy's pulsating prick while her middle son
 hammered his rock-hard cock faster and faster in her seething little
 pussy. In no time at all, she was hurtling toward an explosive orgasm.

    "Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmmmm!" she moaned.

    "Oh, Jesus, this is fuckin' wild!" Matt panted.

    "It sure the hell is." Terry agreed hoarsely.

    Donna noticed that for the first time in their lives her sons were
 sharing something they both wanted without fighting. At least she'd solved
 that problem. Of course, there really wasn't anything to fight over. Each
 boy had a hot steamy place to piston his cock. She sucked faster, harder
 on Matt's swollen cock and steadily tightened her cunt around Terry's
 deep-driving prick.

    Both boys fucked her vigorously, their young cocks being stimulated
 intensely, not only by the tight, slippery friction of her mouth and cunt
 but also by the very thought that they were double-fucking their own
 pretty mother. It was soon too much for them.

    "Shit, I'm gonna come!" Matt groaned.

    "You and me both!" Terry groaned.

    A second later, Donna gave a muffled groan of ecstasy and her body went
 into violent orgasmic convulsions. That really set the boys off! Suddenly
 she was taking thick loads of come at both ends. Her cunt filled and
 overflowed with Terry's steaming sperm, and her cheeks bulged with Matt's
 equally hot and creamy load.

    "Swallow it, baby! Aaaagggghhhhh!" Matt yelled. "Take my fuckin' load,
 Mom.. Uuuunnnngghhhhhh! Shit! Yeahhhh!"

    Terry howled out his own orgasm, gripping his mother by the waist and
 pummelling her cunt as hard and as fast as he could, fucking her
 powerfully as he creamed in her belly.

    They were all making so much noise that nobody noticed that the mower
 had stopped. They were so noisy, in fact, that Donna's youngest son,
 Bernie was easily able to trace them to their hidden spot at the back of
 the yard. Curious as to what the hell was going on, Bernie followed the
 strange sounds and peered out through the bushes at the most incredible
 sight he'd ever seen in his young life.

                              Chapter 7.

    Bernie's eyes almost popped out of his head as he surveyed the scene
 from his hiding place in the bushes. His mother and his two older
 brothers were stark naked, and they were having sex!!

    Mom was on her hands and knees, sucking hard on Matt's stiff cock.
 Matt's face was red, his eyes clamped tightly shut, and he was pistoning
 his prick in and out between her full red lips. Behind her, Terry was
 fucking her really hard, his face all red and contorted, just like

    "Suck it, Mom, aaaaaggggghhhhh!" Matt yelled.

    "Her it comes, Mom! Right up your hot fuckin' cunt! Unnggghhhh!",
 Terry howled.

    Bernie began to catch their excitement when he realized that they
 were all climaxing. His brothers were shooting their loads in Mom's
 mouth and cunt, and her luscious, naked body was shaking with ecstasy.
 Bernie just had to get a closer look at these incredible events.

    As quietly as he could, he wriggled closer, as close as he dared to
 his naked family. They were just rolling apart and panting to catch
 their breath. Mom licked her lips to get the very last drops of Matt's
 hot come. Her gaping cunt was leaking Terry's thick, creamy jism.

    Bernie wondered what had brought all this on. Were they high on
 something or what? He was anxious to find out. He was getting extremely
 horny watching them, but he was also seething with envy and resentment.
 How come he was the only one left out of this fuck-party? Why did they
 always treat him like a kid, just because he was the youngest one in the
 family? It wasn't fair. He desperately wanted to get in on the fun. But
 he knew from experience that if he stepped out of his hiding place and
 asked to join in, his brother's would probably laugh at him like they
 always did.

    Suppressing a sigh of longing, he got more comfortable in the
 shrubbery and waited to see what happened next. He felt his cock start
 to stiffen as he studied his mother. He'd always wanted to see her
 naked, but this was his first chance. She had the most gorgeous body,
 petite and slim, yet with fantastic big tits, not soft and saggy like
 some of his friend's mothers... uptilted and firm like the girls his own

    At least she was an excellent excuse for a hard-on. It seemed to
 Bernie that his prick was stiff all the time lately. His prick was
 always swelling into full hardness at the most inappropriate times, like
 in class or when he was talking to a girl and trying to be cool.

    Of course, that was probably the result of thinking of nothing but
 sex all the time. No matter where he was, or what he was supposed to be
 doing, he thought about fucking and girls and making out. He knew he
 wouldn't rest till he lost his virginity, and even that wouldn't slow
 him down much. But for openers he needed a girl who was available and
 would put out.

    Now he knew exactly which girl he wanted... his own lovely blonde
 mother. If she could take on his two big brother's at the same time, she
 shouldn't have any qualms about fucking him, should she. He couldn't
 imagine anything more sexy and exciting than giving up his cherry to his
 mother. He ogled her luscious naked body and felt his cock crowding the
 crotch of his tight jeans.

    Meanwhile however, for the incestuous trio in the clearing, rest time
 was over. His insatiable brothers were getting horny again. They were
 both leering at Mom as she lay stretched out on the grass. Pretty soon
 they were inching closer and closer to her. Donna noticed and smiled.
 She was so sexy when she smiled like that, Bernie thought as he reached
 down to rub the big hard lump in his pants.

    "And just what are you guys up to? " Donna grinned.

    "We've still got time for some more fun, Mom," Matt said.

    "I don't know about that," she frowned. "I don't hear the mower. I
 wonder where Bernie is?"

    "Where he always is," Terry laughed, "in front of the TV with a
 snack. Don't worry about it. Mom. He's just knocked off for something
 to eat."

    That's what you think, dummy, Bernie thought with a wicked grin. For
 once he'd outsmarted his older brothers. But they still had the
 advantage over him. They were getting to to cuddle up to their naked
 mother and stroke her tits, something Bernie would have given anything
 to do. He shivered with envy as Matt fondled Donna's right tit and
 Terry her left.

    "Mmmmmmmm, you guys are talking me into it," she murmured, her voice
 husky with arousal.

    "What can we do to really turn you on, Mom?" Terry asked eagerly.

    Donna reddened a little but said, "I'd love it if one of you went
 down on me."

    Terry reddened, too, and said, "I've never done that with a girl
 before, Mom."

    "Well, I have," Matt said with a leer, "so move out of the way and
 let me show you how it's done."

    Terry glared at him for a second, then sighed and moved off a few
 feet. Bernie kind of felt for him. Matt was such a jerk since he
 finished college, claiming to know all about everything. He was always
 correcting Terry and Bernie. But this time he might really be able to
 teach them something.

    He claimed to know how to really turn Mom on, and that was something
 Bernie definitely wanted to learn. He watched intently as Matt arranged
 Donna with her knees bent and her legs spread wide. Bernie's cock
 throbbed painfully against his fly as he studied his mother's gorgeous

    She was sexier than any of the models in the collection of girlie
 magazines he kept hidden under his bed. Her creamy thighs framed a
 blonde, pouty-lipped cunt that excited him more than any centerfold
 pussy he'd ever jerked off over. He ogled the glistening pink flesh
 between his mother's thighs, a moist narrow slit fringed with delicate
 golden curls.

    Then Matt got in his way. His oldest brother crawled in between
 Donna's legs and lowered his flushed face to within an inch of his
 mother's gaping pussy. Lying lay flat on his belly, Matt folded back
 the golden fur that fringed her gleaming slit, stuck out his tongue, and
 started licking her juicy, pink pussy-flesh. Donna gasped, gave a
 convulsive shudder, and dug her nails into the grass.

    "Ohhhhhh, honey, yesssss!" she moaned.

    Matt wasn't bluffing this time. He really knew what he was doing. He
 raked his gleaming wet tongue up and down over Donna's fuck-slit, making
 her go crazy with pleasure. She writhed and moaned and clawed the grass,
 and hot cunt cream dribbled freely from her little cunt mouth. The
 faster Matt licked her, the more excited she got.

    "Ooooooh, Matt baby, that feels so goooooooood," she gurgled. "Don't
 stop, sweetheart, I love it."

    "I won't stop, Mom," he muttered hoarsely. "At least not until I get
 you off with my tongue."

    Donna moaned in ecstasy. One of the things she'd loved most about her
 husband's love-making was his expert pussy-eating. Carl was always able
 to drive her to bliss with his tongue and lips. She'd missed those
 delicious sensations so much, she was ready to die with longing. But
 now it turned out that her eldest son took after his father in that
 department... he was a natural-born pussy-eater too!

    Obviously he'd gotten more out of his three years of college than
 good grades. He was lashing her pussy-slit with his big hot tongue and
 giving her stab after stab of hot pleasure. Donna couldn't have
 resisted now even if she'd tried. She wanted to gorge herself on those
 delicious sensations. She could have taken hours of his delicious
 tonguing and still be hungry for more.

    Then it got even better. After licking every inch of her juicy wet
 pussy-slit with his hot tongue, Matt zeroed in on the most sensitive
 spot of all, his mother's swollen clit. He used his lips to encircle
 the erect little bud, then flicked at it with the tip of his tongue as
 he sucked on it gently. Donna moaned in ecstasy and creamed helplessly
 all over his face.

    "Oh, yes, yessss, suck my clit... uhhhhh yeahhhh, right there, that's
 it! Unnnnngggghhhhh, don't stop!" she cried.

    Terry crawled up close to see what His big brother was doing that got
 his mom so excited. She was moaning loudly and grinding her cunt up at
 Matt's mouth as she clawed the grass with her fingers, and Terry just
 had to know the technique he was using. He saw his older brother
 whipping his tongue around and around their mom's clit. It was very
 simple and very effective.

    Donna's face was flushed and contorted with pleasure. She was
 obviously absorbed in the hot sensations her son's mouth on her cunt was
 giving her, not caring about anything else. Thick pearly cream was
 pouring from her cunthole. Matt lapped some of it up and swallowed it,
 and the rest trickled down her ass-crack.

    "Unnnnnhhhhh, baby, keep doing that," she moaned hoarsely. "I love
 it, Matt. Jesus, how I love it!"

    "Hey Matt, let me try it now." Terry begged.

    Matt snorted with impatience. "Not now," he snapped, "I'm just about
 to get her off. Wait till I'm finished."

    Terry tried to contain his impatience. He watched to see just how
 Matt would bring their mother to climax. Matt suddenly jammed his lips
 onto her clit and started sucking the rosy little button hard. Donna
 screamed and almost shot off the grass. She screwed her eyes shut and
 arched her back, shuddering in total ecstasy.

    "Unnnhhhhh, yesssss, suck meeeeeeee!" she howled.

    Donna bucked her hips up, shoving her swollen clit against her son's
 sucking lips. She felt herself rocketing toward orgasm, and she silently
 thanked whatever young girl had taught Matt how to eat pussy. He was
 even better than his father! Hot blasts of pleasure ripped through
 Donna's loins.

    "Oh, God, yes," she panted, "Suck hard! Don't stop!"

    Matt's head bobbed furiously up and down between her thighs, while
 Terry was practically bending over them to watch his brother's
 technique. Meanwhile, about ten feet away, Bernie was seething in the
 bushes. He knew Matt was doing something that was exciting the hell out
 of their mother, but he couldn't see what it was.

    All he knew was that Mom kept yelling for Matt to go on sucking. He
 was sucking some very sensitive spot in her pussy. She kept her legs
 wide open, her body arched, as if practically trying to shove her pussy
 down his throat. Then all of a sudden, she stiffened for a second, gave
 a low hoarse moan, and then began to convulse in orgasm.

    "Ohhhhhh, Jeeeeeeeesus, I'm coming! " she screamed. "Ohhhhhhh, shit
 am I coming!"

    Bernie's cock tried to bust its way out of his jeans. His horniest
 fantasy was of fucking his mom and hearing her yell like that, moaning
 that he was making her come. That would be such a fantastic experience.
 And if Terry and Matt could fuck her, why couldn't he? He wouldn't
 settle for that old excuse of him being too young. He was eighteen,
 after all.

    Donna writhed so hard that Matt couldn't keep his lips on her pussy.
 He rose to his knees and pumped two fingers into her sopping cunt as he
 watched her coming, a triumphant leer on his handsome young face. Bernie
 had to admit that old Know-It-All Matt had done a terrific job. With his
 fingers pumping her slit, Mom climaxed for almost a full minute.

    "Oh, God, honey, that was fantastic!" she sighed.

    "Let me do it to you now. Mom," Terry begged.

    Of course, Donna couldn't resist. There was nothing she loved more
 than a good long cunt-sucking. She lay back and opened her thighs wide
 for her second son, peeling her glistening pussy-lips open with her

    "Alright, baby, come and have a of taste Mommy's hot cunt," she

    "Okaaaaaay! Out of the way, Matt" Terry ordered.

    "Yes, sir," Matt said sarcastically. His prick was achingly stiff,
 and all he wanted to do was ram it into his mother's hot juicy cunt, but
 unfortunately Terry was right... it was his turn with Mom. Matt rolled
 out of the way, and Terry took his place, going belly-down between
 Donna's eagerly parted thighs and bringing his face right up to her
 steaming pussy. He stared at the glistening pink slit and licked his
 lips, not really knowing where to start.

    "Come on Terry," complained Matt impatiently. "Are you gonna look at
 it or lick it?... Stick your tongue right up her hole. That gets them
 warmed up."

    Donna found that pretty funny. She was beyond "warmed up", she was on
 fire. She felt like she could never get her fill of pussy-eating. Now,
 as Terry began lashing his hot wet tongue over the swollen folds of her
 pussy, her lust boiled back in full force. She wailed with delight and
 clawed the ground.

    "Unnnnnhhhhh, Terry, yesssss!" she moaned.

    Terry quickly got the hang of it, dragging his tongue back and forth
 through his mother's juicy slit, flicking her clit-bud then probing his
 pointed tongue deep into her hot fuckhole. He, too, had the family
 talent it seemed. His hot young tongue slid and stroked all over Donna's
 supersensitive pussy folds, causing delicious sensations of pleasure to
 wash through her loins. Terry had been a little bit unsure of himself at
 first, but now he was sucking and licking his mother's tasty cunt like a
 pro, eagerly swallowing the hot tangy cream which ran freely from her
 cunt. Matt watched and nodded his approval.

    "Not bad, little brother, not bad" he said. "But now let's see you
 get her off like I did!"

    Terry resented his brother's smug, patronizing tone. I'll show him,
 he thought, I'll get Mom off real good! He opened his mouth as wide as
 he could and plastered it over Donna's gaping slit, probing his long
 stiff tongue as deep up into her tight little cunthole as it would go
 Then, wiggling his tongue inside her pussy like crazy, he began to suck.

    "Uuuuuhhh, yesssss, oooohhhhhhh! Jesus, baby what are you
 do..ooooooh," squealed Donna.

    Terry's stiff tongue was cramming her cunt, his nose was rubbing
 against her clit and his lips were vacuuming her juices into his mouth.
 It was the most exquisite sensation she'd ever felt. She loved being
 tongue-fucked, but this was incredible. She sobbed with delight and
 kicked her heels as her son's talented mouth and tongue sent hot waves
 of pleasure rippling through her cunt. The juice ran from Donna's twat
 in torrents, most of which Terry sucked up greedily, the rest leaked
 out and covered his cheeks and chin with a hot glistening film.

    "Uhhhhhhhhnnggghhhh! Yesssssssss!" hissed Donna through tightly
 clenched teeth. "Suck my cunt just like that! Harder! Uhhhh, harder!

    Terry's head bobbed briskly up and down between his mom's splayed
 thighs, and Donna wailed her pleasure. Her eyes were screwed shut, her
 voice was hoarse. From his hiding place, Bernie could hear an obscene
 sucking noise, which he knew was Terry's mouth and tongue sucking and
 reaming the molten cream from Mom's tight pussy.

    Bernie was beside himself with frustration. It was sheer torture for
 him to lie there and watch all this with a massive hard-on, and not be
 able to do anything about it. He wanted to get off with his sexy mom the
 way his brothers were doing, but he was still too scared at what they'd
 say. He couldn't even jack off because he might make too much noise and
 get caught.

    His balls felt ready to burst with their boiling load, and his cock
 was straining hard against the prison of his pants. Still he couldn't
 bear to miss a second of the incredibly exciting scene enfolding before
 him. As he watched, Donna stiffened again, gasped, and then began to
 shudder and buck as Terry's deeply-plowing tongue and hot, sucking mouth
 brought her off. Watching his sexy mom squirming and squealing in
 ecstasy, almost had young Bernie cumming in his jeans.

    "Ohhhhh, baby, I'm coming!" she howled. "UUHHHNNGGGGHHHH! FUUUUUUCK!"

    Terry's head bobbed with lightening speed as he tongue-fucked his
 mother through her wild climax. Matt, crouching close and watching, had
 a hard-on that you could bend a steel bar on. It wasn't difficult to
 guess what was on his mind. But as Terry finally finished sucking out
 the last of Donna's creamy cum and rose to his knees, Bernie saw that
 Terry had an equally rock-hard erection.

    Bernie grinned wickedly. This was going to be interesting. Both his
 older brothers had throbbing hard-ons, and both were eyeing the
 juice-filled mouth of Donna's cunt. Obviously they both wanted to fuck
 her right away, so a fight was inevitable. Donna finally finished
 coming, opened her eyes, and sized up the situation straight away.

    Quickly, she rolled over and lifted herself onto her hands and knees
 in front of Terry. She crawled right up close, grabbed his glistening
 cock, and stuck it in her mouth. Bernie barely suppressed a snicker. He
 thought ol' Terry was going to rocket into space as Mom sucked his cock
 into her hot steamy mouth.

    "Oh, shit, yeah! Suck it, Mom!" Terry yelped.

    Matt hurried around to kneel behind his mother. He grasped his stiff
 prick and plugged his swollen cockhead into the juicy little mouth of
 her cunt. As he shoved it into her, Donna shivered and moaned with
 pleasure. A fresh stream of hot cunt-cream bubbled out around his
 deep-driving cock and gushed down her thighs.

    "Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm," she moaned.

    "Oh, shit, your cunt's hot, Mom," Matt cried.

    Grasping her slim hips, he began fucking her hard. He was just too
 wildly aroused to do it slowly or gently. But it seemed to be just what
 she wanted, because she creamed all over his cock and jerked her hips to
 his rhythm. The faster he fucked her, the more excited she got and the
 harder she sucked on Terry's cock.

    Bernie watched them all in an agony of need and lust. The whole
 family was having a fantastic time together getting each other off,
 except for him. As usual he'd been left out because they considered him
 too young. Well, he just wasn't going to take it any more. No way was
 he going to be left out of this party.

    "Unnnnhhhh, fuck, get ready to eat my load, Mom," Terry groaned,
 starting to really fuck his mother's mouth.

    "Unnnnhhhh, shit, I'm gonna come too!" Matt panted.

    A violent shudder rippled through Donna's body as she began to climax
 as well. Her hungry, horny cunt went into spasms around Matt's cock,
 squeezing it and nipping at it. She sucked like crazy on Terry's prick
 feeling it swell and jerk in her mouth. Then almost simultaneously her
 two teenage sons yelped and began to jet their hot, incestuous loads
 into her mouth and pussy.

    "Take it, Mom, take it all, unnnnggggghhhhh! " Terry yelled.

    "Ahhhhhhhh, fuck, shit, uhhhhhhh! I'm cummmmmmmmmming!", screamed
 Matt slamming his squirting prick into his mother's spasming cunt.

    That did it for Bernie. His brothers had each had several turns with
 their horny willing mother while he watched in frustration... now it was
 his turn. His lust gave him courage and he stood up. Striding bravely
 from his hiding place, he walked right up to the tangle of writhing
 bodies. Nobody noticed him for a few seconds, not till they started
 coming down from their mutual, three-way orgasm. Then they all stared
 at him.

    Bernie seemed to tower over them, even though he was the shortest of
 the three brothers. He stood there with his hands on his hips, trying to
 look as cool and calm as he could.

    "Okay, you guys," he snarled at his brothers. "out of the way. It's
 my turn to fuck Mom!"

                              Chapter 8.

    Matt and Terry burst into laughter. "Aw, come off it, Bernie," Matt
 howled."You've never fucked a girl in your life. You wouldn't even know
 what to do!"

    "I would too!" Bernie snapped. "And if you two get to make out with
 Mom, then so do I."

    Matt and Terry just continued to howl with laughter, not taking him
 seriously. Donna was inclined to turn him down, too. She didn't find the
 situation funny, but she thought that taking her youngest son's virginity
 was a very sobering one. She decided to send his brothers away and talk to
 him privately so he could at least save his pride.

    "Okay, you two," she said to Matt and Terry, "it's time to get serious.
 You've had your fun for the morning, so go make us some lunch."

    "Aw, Mom, we don't wanta quit, now." Terry complained.

    "How come you're not sending Bernie with us?" Matt wanted to know.

    "Bernie and I have something to discuss in private," Donna replied
 sternly. "Now go on, go make us all some sandwiches."

    "Yes, ma'am," the boys chorused.

    One thing Donna could say for her sons, they were obedient. Once they
 saw that she was serious, they didn't argue. Matt and Terry quickly put on
 their clothes and left. But when Donna turned to speak to Bernie, he was
 taking off his clothes. He'd kicked off his sneakers and removed his
 t-shirt and was just unzipping his jeans.

    "Hold it, young man," Donna snapped. "Just what do you think you're

    Bernie just stared at her incredulously.

    "But, Mom, we're gonna get it on, aren't we?" he asked.

    "No, Bernie," Donna said, "we're not. I'm not ready to take on the
 responsibility of being your first sex partner. I just wanted to tell you
 in private so your brothers wouldn't make fun of you. Now let's get
 dressed and go have some lunch."

    "Jesus, Mom," Bernie fumed. "I'm eighteen for chrissake! I may not have
 gone all the way with a girl before, but I can't think of anyone I'd
 rather loose my cherry to than you! Besides, look at this..."

    Before Donna could protest, Bernie unzipped his jeans and dropped them.
 He wasn't wearing shorts. His cock was stiff as a board and bobbed stiffly
 before him, the head dripping with pre-cum. It was a man-size hard-on.
 Donna stared at it in amazement.

    "See, Mom?" Bernie demanded. "My cock's as big as theirs. I'm not a
 little kid any more."

    Donna swallowed hard. "I can see that, Bernie," she said hoarsely.

    She didn't know what else to say for the moment. She still considered
 Bernie the baby of the family, her little boy, but he was presenting her
 with evidence she couldn't ignore... evidence that certainly proved he was
 not her `little' boy any more, that was for sure!

    And there she was sitting naked in front of him. No wonder the poor kid
 was turned-on. He'd spied on her and his brothers. He'd watched them fuck
 her and suck their cocks. He'd watched them lick her pussy. It probably
 did seem outrageous to him that Matt and Terry were allowed that kind of
 fun and he wasn't. Donna couldn't blame him a bit for feeling that way.
 But could she go so far as to get it on with her youngest son?

    "Well. Mom?" he demanded. "You know it's not fair for you to make out
 with them and not me. How about it?"

    Bernie didn't wait for an answer. He stepped out of his jeans and lay
 down next to her, stark-naked. He pulled his mother into a hot eager
 embrace and kissed her, shoving his hot tongue into her mouth. As he
 pulled her against him. Donna felt his rock-hard cock pressing her belly,
 throbbing. and leaving sticky trails of pre-cum.

    It was that hard cock that did it. In spite of all the hot love-making
 she'd just gotten from her older sons, Donna was still as horny as ever.
 She wanted to fondle his cock, lick it, taste it, take it in her cunt. His
 magnificent young teenage cock throbbed insistently against her belly and
 she just couldn't resist.

    Donna let Bernie roll her onto her back as he kissed her. He scrambled
 on top of her and cupped her firm, creamy tits, eagerly molding and
 squeezing them. Her tits responded, swelling in his hands, the nipples
 going long and erect against his palms. Bernie groaned and started jerking
 his hips in a helpless fucking motion.

    "Please, Mom," he groaned as he broke off their steamy kiss, "please
 let me fuck you. I'm so damned tired of being a virgin."

    Donna kind of wished he hadn't said that. She'd made up her mind to
 fuck him till he mentioned his virginity. Not only was she going to commit
 incest with her youngest son, she was going to take his cherry, too. Once
 again, guilt and shame temporarily cleared her lust-clouded mind.  She put
 her hands against his shoulders and pushed.

    "Bernie, honey, we really shouldn't," she murmured.

    "Please, Mom," he repeated hoarsely, "I'm so horny I could die. It
 isn't fair for you to fuck them and not me."

    As he spoke Bernie wriggled his way down between his mother's thighs,
 and began to probe his steel-hard prick against the hot, slippery flesh of
 her pussy. It was driving Donna wild. She ached to feel every inch of her
 young son's stiff cock in her cunt, yet she wondered if it was right for
 him to lose his virginity with his own mother.

    As it turned out, she didn't have to make a decision. Bernie's cock
 made it for her. He got lucky and hit the target, the fat head of his
 prick slamming into the juicy opening of her cunt. Donna gasped and pushed
 at his shoulders again, but too late. With a lusty growl, Bernie shoved
 his rock-hard cock all the way into his mother's tight, clasping hole.

    "Awwwwww, yeah," he shouted.

    "Unnnnnnhhhhhh," Donna moaned.

    She never could resist a big hard cock in her cunt. She let her hands
 fall from his shoulders and went limp and submissive. He'd sheathed his
 prick clear to the balls in her juice-slick cunt so he wasn't a virgin any
 longer. Why fight it? Why not just relax and enjoy?

    Following his natural horny instincts, Bernie began to fuck her in
 quick greedy jabs. His belly slapped against hers, and his prick
 penetrated deep and hard in her hot, clinging cunt. It was just the kind
 of rough, raunchy fucking that Donna loved best. She lay back and gurgled
 with delight, keeping her legs wide-open for her lusty young son's deep,
 powerful thrusts.

    "Uuuuuhhhhh, shit, Mom, it feels so good," he panted. "How 'bout for

    Why deny it? "Yes, baby, it feels great to me. too," she moaned,
 snaking her arms around him.

    Donna arched her body up against his so that his pistoning prick rubbed
 her clit, increasing the intensity of her pleasure. She kept her body
 raised so she could take his cock as deep as possible. She forgot all her
 doubts and hesitations as Bernie hammered his hard, virile young cock into
 her insatiable little fuck-hole.

    Mother and son were totally absorbed in fucking each other, so they
 didn't notice when Terry and Matt peered out from the bushes, grinning
 lewdly. The brothers watched for a moment, then nodded to each other and
 left. They'd satisfied their curiosity. They'd just had to find out what
 Mom wanted to "discuss" with their little brother in private.

    "Funny," Matt said, "I didn't think she'd fuck him."

    "I didn't, either," Terry said, "but she's been awful horny since Dad

    "Horny enough to fuck Bernie?" Matt said with a laugh. "Man, she must
 be pretty hardup."

    But Matt had it all wrong. Donna could have told him that. She could
 have told him that his kid brother was a terrific fuck. She clung to
 Bernie, moaning and squealing, as he hammered his nice long, hard cock in
 her greedy little cunt and brought her steadily and helplessly towards

    "Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, fuck it to me," she panted, "fuck me good and
 hard, Bernie, Mommy's gonna come!"

    "Oh, shit, so am I!" he groaned.

    Bernie was finding fucking a lot more fun than he'd imagined. He knew
 it had to be fun because it was practically all his pals ever talked
 about, but he hadn't realized it would be this good. His mom's cunt was
 tight, hot and juicy around his cock, the perfect place to stick his
 prick. He never wanted to stop fucking her.

    He didn't have much choice, though, because he was about to shoot his
 load like crazy. His lust carried him away, and he fucked into his
 moaning, squirming mother with lightening speed, their bellies smacking
 loudly together. He was groaning steadily and hoarsely, spinning out of
 control. Then he felt Donna's cunt going vise-tight around his
 deeply-plowing cock.

    "Unnnnhhh, baby, you're doing it to me, I'm coming!" she wailed.
 "Ohhhhhh, shit, unnhhhhhh!"

    "Ahhhhhhhh, fuck, shit, oooooowwwwwwhhhhhhhh" Bernie screamed.

    He came a split-second after she did, boiling a huge load into her
 spasming cunt. He felt like he shot about ten gallons of the stuff. It was
 definitely the best come he'd ever had. In fact it was so good that he
 wanted another one right away. He hugged his mom tight, not letting her
 wriggle out from under him.

    "Bernie, honey," Donna laughed finally, "we better go have lunch."

    "In a minute, Mom," he said with a blissful sigh. "Let's fuck one more
 time, please."

    Donna shivered lustily as she felt her son's prick growing hard again
 inside her. He was a young teen, tireless and constantly horny, which made
 him ideal for her needs. After three months without a man, it was going to
 take a marathon fucking to satisfy her. She creamed all over his
 rapidly-hardening cock.

    "Okay, honey, one more time," she agreed shamelessly.

    "Let's do it a different way this time," he said eagerly, "like you
 were doing it with Matt and Terry."

    Without waiting for an answer, he rolled off her. Donna got onto all
 fours. What the hell, why not give him the sex education he needed? If she
 was going to fuck him, she might as well teach him a few things in the
 process. She settled on her elbows and knees, poking her cute little ass
 up in the air.

    "Oh, yeah, that's it, Mom! God, you look so sexy like that" Bernie
 cried eagerly.

    Donna shivered in anticipation as she felt her son grasping her hips
 and positioning the rock-hard head of his cock into her juicy little
 cuntal opening. He paused, and she knew he was taking in the view. It had
 to be terribly exciting for him to watch his cock gliding into a woman's
 cunt for just the second time in his life.

    "Ohhhhh, yeah, fantastic! You're so much tighter this way, Mom!" he

    Then he was pushing into her, doing it very slowly, still absorbed in
 watched his cock being swallowed by his mother's hairy, glistening

    Donna grabbed fistfuls of grass, anchoring herself, because she knew
 that he'd soon be fucking her hard. She whimpered with pleasure as his
 long throbbing cock gradually stretched and filled her cunt, soaking his
 stiff shaft with her hot juices. Finally Bernie's balls came to rest
 against his mother's cunt-slit.

    "Ooooooh, Jesus, yeahhhh!" he breathed.

    Bernie looked down at the fantastic sight, his cock shoved to the hilt
 in a hot, juicy wet cunt. It was something he hadn't expected to see, not
 for years anyhow. None of the girls he dated wanted to do more than kiss
 and cuddle. He'd started to think he was going to be a virgin till he was
 fifty, or something.

    But his own pretty mother had taken care of that problem. It was her
 cunt that steamed and sucked around his deeply-buried cock. Bernie sighed
 blissfully and started pistoning his young prick in and out of her hot,
 juicy tightness. Donna moaned and began to hump her hips back at her son's
 cock with eager little thrusts.

    "You like it, Mom?" he asked hoarsely. "am I fucking you okay?"

    "Mmmmmm, yes, it's fantastic, honey," Donna panted. "You could do it a
 little harder and faster, though. I can take it, and I like it that way."

    "Great!" he said eagerly.

    He couldn't have gone on fucking her slowly much longer anyhow. His
 instincts were carrying him away, urging him to pound his prick into his
 mother's tight juicy cunt. Renewing his grip on her hips, Bernie started
 fucking into her harder, faster, and Donna responded with wails of
 delight. He felt her clasping cunt soaking his pistoning prick with spurts
 of pussy-juice.

    "Unnnnhhhh, yes. baby, fuck hard," she moaned, "fuck the shit out of
 me, Bernie."

    Bernie snorted with excitement and fucked his mother even harder. This
 was like his best jack-off fantasies coming to life. He always liked to
 imagine that he was driving some gorgeous older woman crazy with pleasure
 as he hammered his cock into her, and now it was really happening. Not
 only that, but the woman was his own sexy mother.

    "Ooooooh, God, oooooh!" she squealed.

    Donna's eyes rolled, then closed tightly, as she felt herself rocketing
 toward another intense orgasm. She didn't know how many times she'd have
 to come before she was totally satisfied, but she hadn't come near it yet.
 She wanted to go on fucking all day. Luckily she now had the services of
 three horny young studs, and her lust-filled mind reeled with the

    No sooner would one lusty teenage son finish fucking her than another
 would be ready. She could enjoy one stiff cock after another. She could
 finally make up for all those lonely, frustrated nights that she lay awake
 horny and without a man. Moaning with pleasure, Donna arched her back and
 enjoyed the long, deep thrusts of Bernie's hard young cock till she was
 teetering on the very brink of ecstasy.

    "Mmmmm, baby, just a little more," she whimpered, "I'm almost there."

    "I'll fuck you as much as you want, Mom," Bernie answered adoringly. "I
 don't ever want to stop fucking you."

    The feeling was mutual. Donna wanted to go on feeling her youngest
 son's steel-hard cock pounding in her cunt for ever and ever. But she felt
 a gigantic climax starting in the quivering depths of her pussy and it
 radiated out to shake her whole body. Her pulsating cunt nipped and sucked
 at Bernie's pounding cock, soaking it with hotly gushing pussy-cream. She
 was so highly aroused, it bubbled out of her tightly-crammed pussy and ran
 down her legs.

    "Ooooooh, Bernie, I'm coming, baby! Oooooooh, Mommy's
 cummmmmiiinnngggg! " she squealed.

    Bernie stared down at his mother in awe as he felt her tight cunt
 convulse around his pistoning cock. Her curvy little body bucked and
 shuddered as the hot orgasmic spasms ripped through her. Her cream bubbled
 up around his prick and her cunt went into contractions, squeezing him
 hard. He didn't come with her, though. His staying power had improved
 after their first fuck, and he wasn't ready to quit yet. This was too

    As Donna came down from her delicious climax, she was overjoyed to feel
 her son's cock as hard as ever in her cunt. Her hot little pussy still
 wasn't satisfied. She was greedy for more, and Bernie was all ready to
 give it to her. But in exchange she wanted to give him a nice surprise.
 She wriggled off the impalement of his stiff prick.

    "Let's fuck another way now, honey," she said shamelessly.

    "Great," he said, "how?"

    "With me on top," she grinned. "Lie on your back."

    Bernie obeyed at once, eager to try anything his sexy mother suggested.
 He wanted to learn everything there was to know about fucking, so he lay
 on his back, his engorged prick standing straight up. Donna straddled him,
 her knees hugging his hips, her dripping little cunt mouth poised right
 over the fat, purple head of his cock.

    Panting with eagerness, she began to slide down his cock. Bernie
 practically came just from watching her. As more and more of his rock-hard
 cock entered her cunt, Donna moaned, squirming her ass down and rolled her
 eyes, overcome with excitement. Her cunt was steaming hot and
 exceptionally tight around his cock. She slid downward till only his balls
 were showing, then fell forward, whimpering with pleasure.

    "Fuck me, Bernie," she begged hoarsely, "Fuck Mommy's hot cunt!"

    "Shit, yeahhhhhhhhh," he yelped.

    The horny young teenager grabbed his mother by the hips and started
 hammering his cock up into her so hard that her body shuddered with the
 impact. But Donna wasn't complaining. She loved his hot, energetic
 fucking. She wanted him to slam his cock into her cunt as hard as he could
 and fuck her like a wild animal. With a moan of pleasure, Donna let her
 head loll back, and closed her eyes in ecstasy.

    "Ohhhhh, yeah, son, that's it!" she howled, "Fuck me hard! Don't stop!"

    Bernie couldn't have stopped even if he'd wanted to. His brain had
 turned off and his prick was in command. He was fucking away as if his
 life depended on it, hammering his incredibly-stiff young cock into her
 cunt with lightning speed. Donna loved it. She couldn't get enough of this
 wonderful young cock. Grinding her pussy down hard, she clenched her
 pussy-muscles around his deeply-penetrating prick and squeezed him
 rhythmically, moaning happily the whole time. Bernie gasped and panted
 beneath her, pumping his slim young hips up like crazy as he fucked
 himself and his mother toward an explosive climax.

    That was how Matt and Terry found them when they returned to see what
 was keeping them so long. The two brothers looked at each other in
 amazement. It seemed like Bernie just couldn't quit fucking. They'd left
 him fifteen minutes ago fucking his ass off, and he was still at it. Of
 course, their mom wasn't complaining.

    "Unnnhhhhh, Bernie, honey, I'm almost there," she moaned. "Fuck me as
 hard as you can, baby, make me come!"

    "I... I think I'm making myself come," the boy groaned.

    Sure enough, as he pistoned his cock into her with all the speed and
 force at his command, Bernie began to shoot his load. But his mother was
 coming right along with him, howling in ecstasy as the delicious spasms
 wracked her body, causing her her big firm tits to sway back and forth.
 Her tight clinging cunt seemed to be sucking the jism right out of his

    "Uuuhhhhhh, fuck, Anhhhggghhhhh!" Bernie yelled.

    "Ooooooh, honey, yessssssss!" Donna hissed. "Fuck it! Fuck me deep! Cum
 in Mommy's cunt!

    She felt his vigorous spurts deep in her cunt, bathing her womb in hot,
 creamy, incestuous sperm. Bernie kept on fucking her even after he'd come.
 But after three orgasms in less than half an hour, even young Bernie
 couldn't stop his poor over-used cock from finally deflating inside his
 mother's cum-filled cunt. As they wound down from their climax, Terry and
 Matt stepped out of the bushes. grinning.

    "Hey, you guys," Matt said, "lunch is ready. It's been ready for
 fifteen minutes."

    "Way to go, Bernie," Terry added admiringly.

    "Thanks," Bernie said dryly. "Have you guys decided I'm not just a kid
 any more?"

    "Hey, man," Matt said, "Anybody who can fuck like that is definitely no

    "Good! That's settled then," Bernie grinned. "Let's go eat, I'm

                              Chapter 9.

    Donna and her sons were just clearing away the lunch dishes when
 Bernie looked out the window and yelled, "Hey, Mom, look who just drove
 up... it's Dad!"

    He didn't look too happy about it, and neither did his brothers. The
 boys knew that if Carl and Donna reconciled, the family fun would be
 over. Their father was a stern man who would beat them black and blue and
 throw them out of the house if he ever found out they'd been fucking
 their mother. The boys looked anxiously at Donna.

    "You guys go on out back and finish your chores," she said. "I'll
 handle this."

    Begrudgingly they obeyed, looking more than a little concerned. Donna
 went to the window and watched Carl get out of his car. Tall,
 dark-haired. and very good-looking, he was just as physically attractive
 to her as ever. But she hated the smug look on his face as he walked up
 the front steps. He really was a self-centered prick, she thought.

    He rang the doorbell, and Donna went to answer it. Brushing past her
 into the house, he said, "Well, this is your lucky day, baby. I've
 decided to come back."

    "You've what?" Donna exclaimed. "What about your little slut of a

    Carl reddened slightly and said, "Aw, the hell with her. That's all
 over now. I'm ready to come back to you and the boys."

    "Really?" Donna said dryly. "Pardon me if I'm a little puzzled, Carl,
 but a few days ago you said you were going to marry this girl. She didn't
 dump you, did she?"

    He got even redder.

    "Would you believe she decided I'm too old for her?" he sneered. "The
 stupid little bitch had it made, and then she decides to run off with
 some young stud she met at the bowling alley."

    Donna turned away to hide a smirk. So Carl had gotten a taste of his
 own medicine? She loved it. But then she stiffened as he came up behind
 her and slipped his arms around her to cup her tits. He began squeezing
 and molding her firm, round tits and rubbing against her. Despite her
 anger, Donna felt her pussy tingle at her husband's touch.

    "I bet you'll be pretty glad to have me back, huh, baby?" he said.
 "You must be pretty horny by now. But I'm all ready to take care of that.
 Let's go to bed."

    Her husband's hands on her body were getting to her. Carl could be
 very persuasive when he wanted to be, but despite the lust rising rapidly
 in her loins, Donna thought about her sons and the fun she'd been having
 with them. That would all end if Carl came back. Not only that, but she'd
 be giving up the great sex she'd been having with her boys only to risk
 having Carl run off on her again. What did she need with a bastard like
 him? If she wanted sexual satisfaction, she already had it with her three
 horny young sons.

    "Carl, I'm not interested in getting back together," said Donna,
 wriggling out of her husband's grasp. "I'm proceeding with the divorce.
 Now, please leave."

    He stared at her stupidly, his mouth hanging open.

    "Jesus! I'm beginning to think all women are crazy," he scowled
 angrily. "Well, go ahead and divorce me, Donna, but you're gonna be sorry
 when you do."

    "Oh, I don't think so," Donna smiled smugly. "Now get out!"

    Carl stormed out of the house and drove away in a cloud of smoke and
 screeching tyres Donna she wasn't at all sorry to see him go. Sure, some
 day the boys would marry leave home, but by then she would have found
 herself another man, a guy her own age, somebody who'd treat her better
 than Carl had. She wasn't worried about the future.

    In fact she wasn't even thinking about the future, only the present.
 Carl's hands had excited her to the point where her pussy was itching for
 cock, and this time she knew exactly how to quench her insatiable
 desires. She hurried out back and as she'd expected, the boys weren't
 doing anything, just pacing around waiting for her. No doubt they were
 wondering what had happened between her and their father.

    "What did Dad want, Mom?" Matt asked anxiously. "He isn't coming back,
 is he?"

    "No, honey, he isn't," Donna smiled. "We just had a few things to
 settle about the divorce. And now I've got a nice treat for you guys, so
 come on in the house."

    The boys looked delighted now that they knew nothing would interfere
 with the fun they were having with their sexy mother. Donna led the way
 into the house, knowing full well that three pairs of lusting eyes were
 focused on her shapely undulating ass. She proceeded directly to the
 master bedroom. There she quickly stripped, then walked over to the
 king-size bed and stretched out.

    "Mommy's feeling horny, boys," she grinned. "So let's have a little
 more fun. Last one undressed and over here is a rotten egg."

    Clothes started flying in every direction as the three brothers
 competed to see who could get to their gorgeous, naked mother first. She
 watched with undisguised lust as they uncovered their trim teenage
 bodies. Their young cocks were starting to stiffen already, and Donna
 wriggled her horny ass on the bed in lusty anticipation. Carl had been
 right in one respect... this really WAS her lucky day.

    Not many love-starved housewives were lucky enough to have three
 handsome, virile young teenage boys to take care of their horniness.
 Donna's pussy grew hot and wet as the brothers finished stripping and
 raced for the bed. They dived onto it and almost broke the springs, all
 of them hitting the bed at the same time.

    "Hmmmmm, I guess it was a tie," Donna grinned.

    "Oh, no, it wasn't," Bernie cried, making a dive for her.

    Before his older brothers could even get near her, Bernie was snuggled
 up to his pretty mother and fondling her hot, naked tits. She felt this
 stiff cock stabbing against her thigh and leaving sticky spots of juice.
 Terry and Matt scowled at him, then voiced their disapproval.

    "Bernie, you little rat!" Matt exclaimed.

    "That's not fair," Terry snapped.

    "Aw, you guys are just jealous 'cause I got to Mom first," Bernie said
 smugly. "Tough shit. You'll just have to wait your turn."

    Donna could see that Bernie was enjoying the hell out of his triumph
 over his older brothers. She decided to add to his enjoyment. She pulled
 him into a tight, passionate embrace and kissed him, wantonly rubbing her
 swollen cunt-mound against his cock. Bernie gave a muffled groan of lust
 and thrust his tongue into his mother's mouth, returning her kiss hotly.

    Donna broke the kiss and muttered lustily, "Mmmmmmmm, Bernie, you're
 making me so horny. Your cock is so big and hard and... uhhhhhh, honey, I
 want you to fuck me with it... right now!"

    Bernie beamed with pride. His mom was making him look really good in
 front of Terry and Matt.

    "Alriiiiight! You got it, Mom!" he grinned enthusiastically. "How
 about with you on top?"

    "Sure, honey," Donna said, staring hungrily at her young son's cock.

    Bernie stretched out on his back, and his tireless young prick stood
 straight up, stiff and steely, drooling pre-cum. It was all ready for
 action... and so was Donna. The sight of a nice hard cock always had that
 effect on her. She threw a leg over her son and straddled his lean young

    Bernie gazed up at her, practically cross-eyed with lust. His mother
 had such a fantastic body, slim and curvy, yet with those big, firm tits
 which were wobbling enticingly as she got into position over him. She
 started rubbing the hot, wet flesh of her cunt-slit over the engorged
 head of his cock.

    "Go ahead, honey," she purred, "stick it in me."

    "Oooooh, shit yeahhhh," Bernie sighed blissfully.

    Lifting his ass off the bed, he positioned the swollen head of his
 cock into his mother's soaked cuntal opening and then slid his prick up
 into her with deliberate slowness. He wanted to savor that first thrust,
 but he also wanted to drive his brothers wild. He succeeded. Matt and
 Terry watched the slow progress of their young brother's long, thick cock
 into their mother's tight, slippery cunt and groaned.

    "Uhhh, shit," Matt cried enviously.

    "Oooh, fuck," sighed Terry.

    Both boys wished it was their own stiff cocks gliding up into the
 tight, juicy heat of their mom's clinging little cunt. They shivered with
 longing and envy as Bernie slowly and deliciously buried his hard young
 prick in Donna's pussy. He prolonged the thrust as long as he could.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, that feels fantastic!" he cried.

    "Awww, shut up, Bernie and get on with it!" Terry snapped.

    "Yeah, hurry up and fuck her, man," Matt growled selfishly. "We want
 our turn, too!"

    "Well, you'll just have to be patient, guys," Bernie said with a
 maddening grin, " 'cause I'm gonna take my time and fuck Mom real slow. I
 wanna enjoy this."

    His brothers looked ready to murder him, but they didn't say anything
 more. They knew he was just egging them on. They lounged on the bed and
 watched, stroking their fierce, belly-hugging hard-ons. At last Bernie
 sank his cock so deep into Donna's cunt that only his balls were showing.

    "You got it all now, Mom," he said hoarsely.

    "Yes, honey, I feel it," Donna moaned. "It feels so good. Fuck me now,
 baby. Mommy needs it real bad."

    She wasn't kidding. Bernie's slow, deep penetration had driven her
 wild with excitement, and she was creaming all over his deeply-lodged
 prick. She ached for some hard action, wanting to feel his thick hard-on
 reaming and pounding her itching little cunt. She didn't have long to
 wait. Bernie gave a snort of lust and started fucking her in the quick
 eager strokes she loved.

    "Unnnnhhhh, yesssss," she gurgled, "really give it to me, honey, fuck
 me hard."

    Bernie didn't need much prompting, of course. He was grunting and
 panting and moaning as he hammered his swollen cock in the tight, silky
 tunnel of his mother's hot cunt. He fucked her faster and harder as his
 arousal mounted, and her body quivered with the impact, her big ripe tits
 jiggling and swaying erotically.

    Donna let her head loll back, and she whimpered and squealed with
 delight. What in the hell did she need with Carl? She had three stiff
 teenage cocks at her service. Her boys were going to be even better
 lovers than their dad, not only because they were young and virile and
 insatiable, but because she'd be training them. For a couple of years, at
 least, there wouldn't be room in her life for a husband. She'd be too
 busy with her sons.

    "Uhhhh, baby! Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she wailed.

    Bernie had a huge smile on his face as he hunched his hips up his
 moaning mother, burying his cock balls-deep in her drooling cunt with
 every powerful stroke. He fucked her for several minutes like that,
 increasing the speed and rhythm of his strokes until he had Donna almost
 on the brink of orgasm. Then he'd slow down and fuck her long and deep,
 lifting her up by the hips until his cock-tip was just between the
 clasping lips of her cunt, then slamming her back down over his prick
 until their hairy wet pubes mashed and meshed together.

    "Jesus!" Matt muttered, "It looks like he's gonna take all fuckin'

    "Tell me about it," Terry sighed.

    Actually Donna and Bernie had only been at it for about ten minutes,
 but to the horny boys it seemed like a century. They focused on his
 pistoning cock, watching it slice in and out between Donna's
 tightly-stretched cuntlips. They watched it cram her belly full then suck
 it's way along the glistening shaft as he pulled out. They could hear it,
 too. Bernie's thick prick made an obscene sucking noise as it pumped in
 and out of Donna's bulging pussy-slit, whipping her cunt-juice into a
 creamy white froth.

    As if that wasn't maddening enough for the two horny brothers, their
 mother was squealing and moaning with pleasure the whole time Bernie
 fucked her. Her head lolled back, and her pretty face was twisted into a
 lusty grimace as she took the deep, hard thrusts of his cock. Both Terry
 and Matt were recalling how deliciously tight and hot their mother's cunt
 was, and they ached to fuck her.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, Bernie, honey, fuck me as hard as you can," she moaned.
 "I'm gonna come."

    "I just hope he comes, too," Matt muttered.

    Terry grunted his agreement, and they watched eagerly as Bernie obeyed
 Donna's request and fucked her with all the speed and force he could
 manage. His handsome young face was red, and he was groaning, which were
 good signs. Then his eyes started rolling crazily, and finally they
 closed tightly as he fucked himself and his mother to the very edge of

    "Ohhhh, shit, unnnhhhhh!" he groaned.

    "Go for it, you little bastard, get off!" Terry hissed.

    "Yeah, hurry up and cum! Fuck her hard! Cum in her cunt!", growled
 Matt, fisting his throbbing cock.

    Bernie didn't hear them. He wasn't conscious of anything but the
 overwhelming excitement he felt as his mom's cunt squeezed and sucked at
 his pounding, hammering prick. Then he felt the molten surge of her
 come-juices all around his cock-shaft, and she threw back her head and
 began to scream in orgasm.

    "Ohhhhh, Bernie, fuck meeeee! Fuck me hard! I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiing!"
 she cried.

    "Awwwww, fuck, shit, awwwwww!" Bernie bawled, flooding his mother's
 spasming, quivering cunthole with his hot sperm.

    "Thank God!" Matt sighed.

    "Yeah," Terry leered. "now we can have our turn."

    Then they stared at each other. One little detail hadn't been decided
 yet... which one of them would go next with their mother. They could
 fight it out, Matt thought, or they could save time. He slipped off the
 bed, got his pants, and fished a coin out of the pocket.

    "Heads," Terry said.

    Matt cursed as the coin came up heads. Terry, on the other hand, was
 grinning fiendishly when Donna finally rolled off Bernie's dripping cock
 and onto her back. The next thing she knew, Terry was kneeling between
 her legs and thrusting his hugely swollen cock into the soaked mouth of
 her pussy hole. She'd hardly caught her breath yet, but as Terry's
 lust-swollen young prickhead lodged itself between her glistening
 cuntlips she felt her lust boiling back as strong as ever.

    "Mmmmmm, yessss" she moaned, "fuck that big fat prick into me, baby!
 Give mommy every inch of your long, hard cock."

    And to make sure she really got every inch of it, Donna threw her legs
 up over his shoulders, completely opening herself to him. His brothers
 crowded closer to watch because the view was fantastic. They watched
 Terry's thick, blue-veined cock gliding fully into their mom's
 golden-fringed pussy.

    "Unnnhhhhh, yesssss!" she wailed.

    "Oh, shit, so tight.... so fuckin' hot!" Terry sighed.

    He was too outrageously horny to be slow or gentle. He couldn't take
 his time and show off the way Bernie had. All Terry could think about was
 getting his rocks off. He started fucking his groaning mother with quick
 hard strokes. Luckily that was the way Donna loved it best. She responded
 with howls of delight, and soaked his hammering prick with molten spurts
 of cream.

    "Unngghhhh, yesssss, Terry! Fuck it to me hard, lover" she hissed,
 "fuck the living shit out of me!"

    That just got him more excited, and he fucked into her like a pile
 driver, grunting and panting with lust. Each deep hard thrust was ecstasy
 to the horny mom, and she creamed heavily and helplessly. The molten
 juice was forced out by his plowing prick, and it soaked her pussy and
 gushed down the crack of her ass.

    "Ohhhhh, harder! Harder! God, yessss, I love it," she wailed.

    Again she wondered what she needed with Carl. Most women would have
 been glad to get their husbands back, but Donna was perfectly content
 with things the way they were. She'd been hooked on the sex Carl gave
 her, but she had a much better source now. Three lovers were definitely
 better than one.

    Donna looked up at Terry's lust-contorted face and realized that her
 son was about to shoot his load in her. Not wanting to be left behind,
 she deliberately tightened her cunt around his pistoning cock, creating
 delicious hot friction that took her right to the edge of orgasm. She
 felt the hot explosion deep in her cunt, then it flashed out to engulf
 her whole body.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, Terry, yeahhh! Oooohh, baby! I'm coming!" she howled.

    Terry felt his mother's cunt spasm tightly around his fucking cock,
 almost sucking the jism right out of his balls.

    "Here it cums, Mom! I'm cumming! Jesus! I'm cumming up your hot
 fuckin' pussy! Take it! Unnnnngggghhhhhhhh!" he yelled, flooding her
 gooey cunt with yet another incestuous load of boiling-hot sperm.

    A few seconds later Terry flopped back exhausted, his sticky,
 glistening cock slipping from his mother's come-filled cunt. Donna saw
 Matt heading for her on his hands and knees, and she quickly went into
 the doggy position eager for yet another stiff cock. She squealed with
 delight as her eldest son grabbed her hips roughly and just rammed his
 rock-hard prick up her sperm-slick cunthole until his hairy balls slapped
 into her clit.

    "Unnnnnhhhh, yes, Matt! Fuck me hard!" gasped Donna, shamelessly
 grinding her ass back at her panting son.

    Matt was even more insanely horny than Terry had been, if that was
 possible. He fucked his mother savagely, pounding his cock into her cunt
 like there was no tomorrow. His belly slapped loudly against her ass, and
 the impact of his urgent fucking rocked her whole body. Donna clawed the
 bedspread and held on tightly, gasping and moaning with pleasure.

    "Ooooooh, honey, yesssss," she cried, "I love it, don't stop... fuck
 me like that. Yeahhhh, real hard! Pound my cunt, baby... fuck it in
 there! Uhhhhhhh, Goddd I want to fuck like this forever!"

    Terry and Bernie exchanged excited glances. They knew their mom was
 serious when she said things like that. She really did want to go on
 fucking them forever. They welcomed the assignment. And they were
 relieved that Dad hadn't returned to be part of the family. He would have
 hogged their sexy mom all to himself.

    As far as the boys were concerned, their family was perfect just the
 way it was. Mom's lust was ample, enough to provide all three of her
 horny teenage sons all the fucking they could ever want... and that was a
 lot!  She needed them, and they needed her. Right now she was proving
 just how badly she needed them, fucking them one after the other.

    Donna's pretty face was twisted into a grimace of lust as Matt fucked
 her to the brink of climax for the third time. She stiffened for a second
 or so, groaned, and then her petite body shook hard as violent orgasmic
 spasms ripped through her. Her cunt contracted rhythmically around Matt's
 prick, and he yelled, unable to prevent himself shooting his load into
 her sucking, squeezing little twat.

    "Unnnnhhhh, God, whaahhhhhh!" Donna wailed.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, shit, yeah, arrrrggghhhhhhhh!" Matt roared.

    After that intensive round of love-making, everybody had to rest. Yet
 they knew the fun was just beginning. As teenagers, the brothers were
 always horny. As for Donna, after so many months without sex, she still
 had a lot of lust to satisfy. She could thank Carl for that, she thought
 with amusement.

    If he hadn't got her hooked on sex and then left her high and dry, she
 never would have gotten it on with the kids. Yet now that she'd made it
 with them, she didn't need Carl. If he'd only known it, he was
 responsible for the whole thing.

                             Chapter 10.

    But of course, Carl would never know. If he found out that Donna had
 been fucking their sons, he'd make sure the boys never saw her again, and
 he'd get everything they owned in the divorce settlement. So Carl would
 never find out just exactly why his wife didn't need him any more. And
 that was fine with Donna. Let him wonder. Meanwhile she'd be having the
 time of her life.

    As she and the boys lay sprawled on the king-size bed she'd shared with
 Carl for so many years, she didn't feel a bit of sympathy for her cheating
 husband. In fact she quickly forgot all about him as she eyed Bernie's

    All the boys had enticing cocks, but Bernie's was closest. Donna
 crawled over to him, bent low, and started lashing his prick with her hot
 wet tongue. Bernie gasped with delight, and in no time at all his prick
 was swelling and stiffening in her mouth. His excited moans got his
 brothers' attention.

    Terry and Matt watched with rapidly mounting lust as their sexy mom
 tongue-whipped their little brother's prick. Bernie's eyes looked about to
 pop out of his head as he watched her, and he was getting all red in the
 face and starting to breathe hard. His brothers couldn't blame him one
 bit. They just wished Mom was going down on them, too, but they'd have to
 wait their turn.

    "Wow, Mom," Matt sighed. "I just wish there was some way you could lick
 three cocks at once."

    Donna's eyes glinted mischievously. "Well, honey, maybe there is," she
 said. "Why don't you two come over here and kneel beside Bernie."

    It was a crazy idea, but she just had to try it. She got the boys to
 kneel side by side, and then she crouched in front of them, on her bands
 and knees, bending low. She stuck out her tongue and started whipping it
 swiftly back and forth, lashing all three cocks. It was a little awkward,
 but it was going to work.

    "Wild!" Matt laughed.

    "Shit, yeahhhhh!" Terry chuckled.

    "Ohhhh, yeah, Mom, lick our cocks!" Bernie moaned.

    For the moment Bernie was the only one taking things seriously but
 before long Terry and Matt were red-faced with excitement, too. Donna's
 tongue was hot, juicy, and incredibly exciting on their cocks. Their
 pricks quickly swelled up as stiff as Bernie's. Soon, three engorged young
 cocks stuck out straight and rigid, driving Donna wild.

    "Mmmmmm, mmmmm," she moaned.

    She lashed her tongue back and forth as fast as she could, hotly
 aroused by having three gorgeous pricks to lick. Soon it got even better,
 as hot juice began to leak from the boys' cocks. She stabbed for the tasty
 cream with the tip of her tongue, swallowing it as fast as she could get

    In a wicked way, she wished Carl could see her now. She wished he could
 see what his cheating ways had driven her to, and she wanted him to know
 that his three sons could take care of her much better than he had. It
 would be quite a sight for him if he happened to walk into the bedroom
 just now. Donna stark naked on her hands and knees, tonguing her sons'
 three stiff cocks at once.

    But of course no one could ever be allowed to know what went on in the
 privacy of this bedroom. It would be a secret between her and the boys
 forever. One day, not too long in the future, they'd be married and she'd
 have another husband, and then they'd have to act as if none of this had
 ever happened. In the meantime, though, Donna intended to enjoy the
 pleasure while it lasted.

    She opened her lips and sank them greedily down around Matt's rigid
 erection, sucking lustily on his cock, as he groaned with delight. She
 grasped Terry and Bernie's stiff pricks in her fists and started pumping
 them. Soon, all three boys were moaning loudly and hunching their raging
 hard-ons at their horny mother.

    "Ohhhhhh, yeah, Mom, suck it!" Matt howled.

    "Suck mine too, Mom!" Terry added hoarsely.

    That was just what Donna had in mind. She sucked loudly and ravenously
 on Matt's throbbing prick, bringing him quickly to the verge of climax.
 She drooled as she anticipated all the delicious cock cream she would soon
 be swallowing as she sucked her sons' cocks one after the other.

    "Unnnnhhhh, don't stop, Mom, I'm gonna come," Matt groaned.

    Donna sucked even harder on his prick as he approached his peak,
 letting her son know how hungry she was for his load. His handsome face
 twisted into a lusty grimace, and his hips began to move of their own
 accord, fucking his glistening cock deep into his mother's mouth. His
 throbbing shaft slid across her slippery tongue and into her throat, but
 Donna managed to take everything he was giving her, moaning with pleasure
 as she pumped her hot little fists furiously on the other boy's cocks.

    "Oh, shit, yeahhhhhh! Cum in her mouth, Mat!" Terry cried.

    Matt couldn't say a thing, he was so close to coming. Bernie wasn't
 talking, either. He was too horny to do anything but groan as he watched
 his mom's tightly-stretched lips sliding up and down the thick blue-veined
 shaft of Matt's glistening cock. Then all of a sudden, Matt let out a
 yelp, and Donna's cheeks swelled hugely.

    "Eat it, Mom, unnnhhhhhh, fuck yeassssssss!" Matt hissed.

    He kept hammering his cock between his mother's lips as jet after jet
 of hot creamy sperm exploded into her mouth. Donna's cheeks kept swelling
 as Matt's huge load filled her mouth to overflowing.  Bernie and Terry
 watched in awe as their brother emptied his balls into their mother's
 mouth. She hadn't even started swallowing yet! Suddenly, hot cream began
 to dribble from the corners of her lips as Donna tried desperately to hold
 the whole load in her mouth. But it was no good, there was just too much,
 she had to gulp it all down now or loose it. Donna gave a hoarse moan of
 satisfaction as she swallowed the whole salty mouthful.

    "Oooh, Christ, that was good!" Matt sighed, flopping back onto the bed
 to catch his breath.

    "One down and two to go!", grinned Donna, licking her spermy lips.

    She didn't even pause to catch her breath. She just moved right on to
 the next cock, which was happened to be Bernie's. She slid her hot lips
 down around it and caved in her cheeks and started sucking like crazy.
 Bernie screamed with delight.

    "Uuuuuhhhh, yeah Mom, suck me off too," he cried.

    Donna was careful to go on pumping Terry's throbbing erection while she
 blew his kid brother. She didn't want any of her boys to feel left out or
 neglected. She suctioned the tasty cream out of Bernie's cock-hole and
 swallowed it, drooling as she anticipated getting a second load of hot
 boy-cream in a few moments. Like his brother, Bernie soon found it
 impossible to control his hip movements and started fucking her mouth.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, shit, yeah, unnnhhhh, fuck!" he moaned.

    His face was beet-red with excitement, his teeth flashing in a lusty
 snarl as he hammered his swollen prick over his mother's hot slippery
 tongue. Donna sucked faster and faster on Bernie's wildly throbbing young
 cock, bringing his arousal to fever pitch. At the same time she felt
 Terry's prick bucking and pulsating in her fist.

    "Ohhhh, shit, Mom, I'm coming!" Bernie suddenly howled.

    Donna groaned with delight as her youngest son filled her mouth with
 his steaming jism. She let her cheeks swell out, just as she'd done with
 Matt, wanting to hold and savor the hot cream as long as she possibly
 could. Only when her cheeks threatened to burst did she finally gulp down
 the boiling load.

    "Mmmmm, uuuummmmmm," she moaned

    "Holy shit," Bernie sighed, his knees trembling.

    He collapsed back onto the bed beside Matt, his cum-coated cock
 slipping from his mother's lips. Again Donna didn't hesitate a moment
 before moving on to the next cock. Terry was ready for her. As she opened
 her glistening red lips, he shoved his rigid prick between them, cramming
 his cock into the tight, juicy sheath of his mother's hot mouth.

    "Ahhhhhh, yeahhh! Suck me off!" groaned Terry. "Eat my meat, Mom!"

    "Mmmmm... hmmmmmm," Donna moaned, sucking hotly and eagerly on his

    Terry had had to wait the longest, so he was the horniest by far of the
 three brothers. He started fucking her mouth right away, slamming his
 prick back and forth over her tongue and moaning steadily. His face was
 flushed and contorted with excitement, his cock throbbing so hard that
 Donna expected it to explode in her mouth at any second.

    Of course, that was exactly what she wanted. She could hardly wait to
 taste yet another hot load of creamy teenage cum. She knew she was having
 a very rare experience, one that few women would ever know. She was
 sucking off one hard, throbbing cock after another and swallowing every
 drop. The fact that the cocks she was sucking so wantonly just happened to
 belong to her own horny young sons, made it all the more exciting.

    "Unnnnhhh, shit, yeah," Terry groaned, "suck real hard, Mom, I'm gonna
 come so good."

    Hungry for his jizz, Donna sucked as hard and fast as she could on his
 pistoning prick, making him whimper with delight. She knew it would be
 just a matter of seconds before Terry squirted his jism into her throat,
 and she drooled shamelessly at the very thought of it. If today's
 experience didn't satisfy her hunger for sucking cock, nothing would.

    "Ohhhhh, fuck, here it comes, Mom! Aaaaagggghhhhhh!" Terry roared.

    "Mmmmm, unnnnhhhhhh!", moaned Donna jacking her fist up and down the
 length of her son's cock between her sucking lips and the base.

    For the third time in just a few minutes, her mouth was filled almost
 to bursting with delicious, hot boy-come. She gulped down blast after
 blast of the stuff, while Terry whimpered helplessly and hammered his
 squirting cock deeper into her mouth. Then he fell back on the bed to join
 his brothers, and Donna licked her lips to get the very last drops of his
 tasty young jizz.

    "Wow, that was incredible," Matt grinned. "I think you deserve a little
 reward, Mom. Why don't you just stretch out and let me suck your pussy for
 a while?"

    "Mmmmmm, honey, I'd love that," Donna gurgled.

    Rolling onto her back, she bent and spread her legs wide, shamelessly
 offering her glistening pink pussy-slit to her eldest son. Matt crawled
 between them. She loved the way he was always so eager to suck her cunt.
 She suspected he had a real hunger for pussy-cream. If so, he could have
 all he wanted from her. She moaned with delight as his hot breath tickled
 the juicy flesh of her gaping cunt.

    "Uuuhhhh, yes, honey... Mmmmmmm, lick mommy's pussy, baby," she panted.

    "Wow, I gotta see this," Bernie announced.

    He crawled up close on one side, and Terry moved in on the other. They
 were almost crowding Matt as he went to work, they were so eager to learn
 his successful techniques. They watched his tongue flash out, red and wet,
 and they saw him whip it up and down over their mother's cream-beaded

    "Oooooh, yes, honey," she squealed, "I just love that."

    The thick hot cream flowing from her cunt proved that she wasn't lying.
 Under Matt's lashing tongue, her pussy swelled and got all rosy-red, and
 soaked with her cunt-juice. Donna kept her legs wide-open for him,
 shamelessly offering her son her whole steaming snatch. Matt snorted with
 excitement as he sucked up his mother's tasty pussy-cream, probing his
 tongue up into her hot little cunt-hole for more.

    "Unnnnhhhhhh, Matt, that's wonderful," Donna sobbed. "You do that so
 good, honey, so damned good."

    Bernie was very impressed. He just had to learn everything Matt was
 doing so he could try it on the girls he dated. Then maybe they'd get so
 hot, they'd let him fuck them. He edged even closer, panting on his
 mother's heaving belly as he watched the lashing action of Matt's expert

    "Let me try it, Matt," he begged.

    "Piss off! I just got started," Matt mumbled impatiently.

    "Matt, I'd really appreciate it if you could teach Bernie how to suck
 my pussy," Donna said seductively. "I promise I'll make it up to you

    "Oh, all right," he sighed, moving out of the way. "Go ahead, kid, give
 it a try."

    "Great!" Bernie cried, scrambling eagerly between Donna's legs.

    He stuck out his tongue and started whipping it up and down the
 gleaming slit of her cunt, licking up all the cream just as he'd seen Matt
 do. To his delight, his mother loved it. She whimpered with pleasure and
 creamed all over his tongue. Pussy-eating wasn't so hard to learn after

    "Hey. there's nothing to it," he said.

    "Oh, yeah, smart-ass?" Matt replied. "Let's see you make her come."

    Bernie reddened. He didn't know how to do that, and it showed in his

    "Move over, squirt," Terry laughed. "I know how to do it." He sure did.
 Matt had taught him how to tongue-fuck their mother earlier, and he was
 eager to try it again.

    He crawled between Donna's splayed thighs and crammed his long stiff
 tongue into her cunt. She almost flew off the bed, the pleasure was so
 sudden and powerful. She moaned hoarsely and creamed all over his face.

    "Ohhhh, yes, honey, yessss!" she cried, clawing at the bedspread.

    "Watch and learn little brother," Matt said.

    "I am, I am," Bernie panted.

    Why hadn't he thought of that? Terry's stiff tongue was stabbing in and
 out of Mom's cunt just like a cock, and she was wailing with pleasure. She
 was responding just as if she was being fucked. It was so simple, yet it
 hadn't come to him when he needed it. Bernie realized once again just how
 much he had to learn about sex. Luckily he had a lot of expert teachers,
 his mother and his older brothers. He memorized every detail as Terry
 flicked his long rigid tongue in and out their mother's juicy little
 fuckhole, bringing her quickly and easily to the verge of orgasm. She
 closed her eyes tightly, whimpering with ecstasy.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, shit, honey, that's the best damned feeling," Donna moaned.
 "Mmmmmm, God, am I ever gonna come!"

    It happened just a few moments later. Terry thrust his thick tongue
 deep into his mother's gooey pussy-hole, and rolled her clit with his
 thumb, setting off a violent orgasm that rattled her bones. She climaxed
 so hard that she rolled right off the impalement of his tongue and writhed
 around on the bed, moaning and convulsing.

    "Oooooh, God, yesssss, ooooooooh!" she howled.

    Donna didn't know how long the delicious climax went on. But when she
 finally opened her eyes again, a deliciously erotic sight awaited her. Her
 handsome young sons all had raging hard-ons. They knelt there, fisting
 their cocks as they stared hungrily at her gaping cunt, each of them eager
 to fuck her. Donna just wished there was some way she could take on all
 three of them at the same time.

    It was such a hassle when they argued over her. Now they were glaring
 at each other, prepared to fight about who'd get the first turn. If she
 could just take care of all of them at once, she could end the arguing for
 good. She thought about it for a moment, and then her eyes lit up.

    "Boys," she purred, "I've got an idea."

    "I hope it involves fucking," Matt said hoarsely, his cock hugging his
 belly in a fierce hard-on.

    "Oh, yes," grinned Donna. "It sure does!"

    "I can't wait, Mom," Terry moaned, "take me first."

    "That's bullshit, Terry," Bernie snapped. "I'm a lot hornier than you
 are. Let me fuck you first, Mom!"

    "What a load of crap." Matt cried. "I'm hornier than both of you."

    They would have gone on and on if Donna hadn't crawled right over to
 Matt and pushed him onto his back. He stared up at her in surprise, then
 started to grin with triumph as Donna straddled him and rubbed her creamy
 cunt-slit over the fat, purple head of his cock. Then, grabbing the rigid
 shaft by the base, she lowered her hips and stuffed it into her
 juice-slick cunt.

    "Yeahhhhh, Mom, let's fuck," Matt cried as his cock slid up into his
 mother's tight, slippery little cunt to the balls.

    "Why him?" Terry groaned.

    "Yeah, no fair," Bernie whined.

    "Now, boys, I'm going to take care of you, too!" Donna said as she
 ground her pussy down over the thick impalement of her oldest son's stiff
 cock. "There's no need to quarrel, because nobody's going to be neglected.
 Bernie, come and stand in front of me."

    Bernie quickly obeyed and found his drooling prick lined up with his
 mother's moist, pink lips. He shivered with excitement.

    "Terry," said Donna, grinning lewdly at her middle son, "get behind me
 and use your imagination."


    "I said, use your imagination... there's another hole back there isn't

    "You mean...."

    "Yes, baby, fuck mommy's asshole!"

    "Holy Shit! You're serious!", gasped Terry.

    "No, she wants you to fuck her left nostril, fool! Jesus, you're lame
 sometimes, Terry!", snapped Matt impatiently. "Hurry up, so we can get
 this show on the road.

    Terry gave his brother the finger and crawled around behind his mother,
 running his hands over her naked ass. He could see Matt's thick cock
 already fucking deeply in her cunt and her tiny pink asshole winking
 enticingly at him just above it. Straddling, Matt's legs, Terry bellied up
 to his mother's ass and prodded the tip of his cock against her pouting

    As she felt Terry's cock nudge her anal ring, Donna gave a moan of joy
 and sucked Bernie's throbbing cock into to her hot mouth. Caving in her
 cheeks, she sucked loudly and hungrily on her youngest son's prick while
 riding his brother's pistoning cock. She felt Terry pressing the fat head
 of his prick into the little puckered mouth of her asshole, and she moaned
 in anticipation. The delicious depravity of actually taking her son's
 three cocks inside her at once was an incredible turn-on.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, mmmmmm!" she moaned.

    Terry had his hands on his mother's hips and was easing his stiff cock
 into her ultra-tight back passage. Once he got the flared head past her
 anal ring, his prick slid into her buttery chute easily. Terry threw back
 his head and moaned loudly as his mother's tight asshole swallowed his
 prick. He just let her satiny anal walls grip the length of his shaft for
 a moment, then he began to move his cock in and out, side by side with
 Matt's rock-hard prick, which was vigorously reaming her cunt. Donna
 couldn't believe the excitement of being impaled by three long, hard cocks
 at the same time.

    "Oh, wow, this is wild!" Terry cried.

    "It sure the hell is," Matt agreed hoarsely.

    Bernie just moaned.

    Donna couldn't say anything either, with her mouth full of cock, but
 her muffled moans of pleasure and the lusty writhing of her body told them
 how aroused she was. She sucked hungrily on Bernie's cock, grinding her
 cunt down on Matt's prick. Her muscular little ass-ring sucked and
 squeezed Terry's twitching shaft as he fucked his mother's tight clinging

    Before long Donna started to come, and she couldn't seem to stop. She
 had a whole string of orgasms, one after the other, as she took the double
 stimulation of a cock in her cunt and in her asshole. Then Bernie yelped
 and started shooting his load down her gulping throat. He was quickly
 joined by his brothers, as Matt and Terry filled their mother's cunt and
 asshole with thick, hot jizz.

    "Uhhhhhh, Mom, aaaggghhhh!" Bernie yelled.

    "Cumming up your hot cunt, Mom, unnnggghhhh!" Matt howled.

    "Ohhhhh, Jesus, yeahhhhhhh....whhhaahhhhh!" Terry roared.

    Donna moaned in absolute ecstasy, taking as much sperm into her body at
 one time as a woman possibly could. She didn't feel lonely and horny any
 more, thanks to her three loving sons. Together they would ride out this
 divorce and have an even better family than before. In the next few years,
 she was going to experience more pleasure than she'd ever even dreamed of
 with her husband.

    So long, Carl, she thought... and thanks for everything.

                              The End.