- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] family bed
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

Well, every since my son, James, was a little boy, he'd had nightmares.
So he slept in our bed (me and his father's) alot. Well, he had grown
very used to this, so he basically always slept with us. He had his own
room but never slept there, unbeknownst to his friends and our relatives.
When he began to reach puberty, he would go in for "naps" in our bed. Me
and my husband Peter figured that he was masturbating, but left well
enough alone. One night he was up late in the other room watching TV, and
me and Peter started making love. He came in after finishing watching TV
and caught us. Well, he didn't really know about sex, and figured we were
wrestling or something. He crawled into bed with his clothes off and
started jumping around. We finally noticed him and he asked us what we
were doing. We said we were having sex. He said something like, "can I
do it too? I sleep in the bed." Well, me and Peter exchanged stares, and
I whispered "why not?", figuring we would just show him the basics. I
looked down and saw his penis, about 7" long. I grabbed him, and my
husband got very horny. I was actually intrigued and sort of excited
myself. I fondled him for a bit, and said "would you like to make love to
me jim?" He said yes, but my husband let out a "hrmph" and I said, c'mon
Peter, you can help him learn. So I got on my back, and Peter held his
son's cock, guiding him into my pussy. Jim got the idea, and said it was
like "slapping his salami." Then Peter told me to get on top of him, and
that we would have double penetration. I went *wild* with this thought.
So they started pumping and humping, in and out, and I was surprised at
how well my son did. He started to moan, as did my husband. Me and Peter
were thinking of having another child, and he figured this would be the
perfect time, involving the first. So Jim took himself out of me and
kneeled down in front of my vagina alongside my husband. They jerked off
right into my cunt as I spread my lips, wondering which one of them would
impregnate me, sort of like the lottery. Jim went wild with ecstacy as he
had a massive orgasm, I guess he hadn't wacked in days. After the ordeal,
Jim said that that was very fun, and that he would like to do it again.
We continued this tradition, at least 3 times a week if not more, and 11
mos. after the first time I had a child. It was my son's, but everyone
thought it was Peter's. The child was a girl. I think Jim might have
taken the incest thing the wrong way though, as he started to rub the
baby's vagina. I told him that he couldn't do that until she was older
and agreed. Now, Jim is 27, and on holidays we have a threesome in the
tradition. Our daughter has just turned 14, and I'm sure her sex organs
are running wild. I would really be intrigued by a lesbian relationship
with my daughter. Thank you for reading this, as I have finally vented
this to someone without getting arrested.