- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] the Fisher family: a rape story
[Author] mKarl
[Type] Mother/son

You have to help me mkarl… I am in so much trouble and it is really
horrible. I don’t know how long until the guys come back… I did a
search and found out you write stories about niggers. They are in
my house, and they are raping us… They have a drug too and it is
really bad… The drug is horrible cause they say it makes me want it
and I do makes me want it… I can’t get to a phone… They just lock
me in my room so all I can do is the Internet. I don’t know who
else to talk to… This is way too humiliating. What can I do? Please
help. Write me, please.
I had to admit that this mail got a reaction… I mean, just the thought that there was some rape actually taking place somewhere really amused me, especially since this author wrote kind of young sounding to me and was actually writing me for help…
The sheer absurdity of the situation prohibited me from trying to defend this as anything but appearing to be the most contrived claptrap ever to spring forth from the most no-talent of creative less hacks, and yet for me, the idea merited a response..
Obviously, the mail had to be a prank… It HAD to be… And yet under better conditions when I hadn’t taken a sledgehammer to the head the prior night, I probably would have played this for the whole ride… As it was my decision that day finally boiled down to a simple thanks to this ‘kid’ for a neat little message....
From mkarl2000@hotmail.com
To fischers_the@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing Kate,
I’m sorry to here about your troubles… You ask me for help, but I don’t
know what you are thinking I can do. Unfortunately, if you have already
been raped, it really is too late to save you… It always effects me whenever
I here about some young, white women who has been filthied by niggers.
I wish I had better news for you but it is true if you heard that once you
go black, you never get back.
Perhaps I could help you with more details or something. Tell me how old
you are and what you look like… Maybe send me some pictures. You
should also tell me how many niggers are in your home, and some details of
what they are doing to you…
I am sure that the niggers will have satisfied their filthy desires for you by
the time you get this reply… I hope they haven’t hurt you and that you will
write me back… What has happened to you is disgusting, and you are
probably feeling dirty… it will be better for you to talk to someone, so tell
me all the details… It will make you feel better, and I can help you. I won’t
think your dirty, cause I know it wasn’t your fault… Let me help you.
So that was my reply… Just a casual humoring I guess… Something to maybe get me another thrill if this ‘Kate’ was still into it… For all I knew, I just had some guy or something who had decided to amuse himself at my expense… I mean, I like games as much as the next net perv, and play my share, but this really came off as just a little throwaway exchange that I really had no further expectations for… that is until night fell and I logged back on to the net for my nightly smut fix…
After checking all my favorite story sites, [I do share my recommendations and welcome yours at mkarl2000@hotmail.com] I decided to do mail call and here was what I found…
From fischers_the@hotmail.com
To mkarl2000@hotmail.com
I need help RIGHT AWAY, mkarl… It is all my fault… PLEASE, HELP
ME. They are still with my mom… I can here her screams… Even with the
Drug, she hates it… I know she won’t like it… I hate it too… I really did…
That drug is horrible… I have to get it out of me cause it is the only reason
I am feeling so disgusting.
Why did you ask for what I look like? I am only sixteen. It wasn’t my
fault they tricked me. I thought I was helping dad cause mom wasn’t
good. If she wasn’t being a slut I wouldn’t needed to even do anything…
You have to believe that niggers disgust me… But it was the only way…
If I could get some pictures than mom would have to get rid of that pig…
I was only trying to help dad… He didn’t know what that painter was
doing to her… I wasn’t going to let that nigger do anything… I believed
him that the drug would just make her friendly. All I wanted was pictures
to make her behave but that nigger raped her and now they are all here…
I here mom screaming… I don’t know what they are doing to her. There
are so many in our house… I don’t know how many, but some have
guns… My dad is suppose to come home in just an hour so please call
the police. My name is Kate Fischer, and I live in Lakewood, California
at 10537 harden way. I think someone is coming… HELP!!!
WOW ! The message was sent to me just moments after I had sent my first reply to the girl… I actually had to allow myself a little smile to picture this kid actually being ‘real’ with me… While a house full of niggers were in the process of RAPING her MOTHER … It brought and evil chuckle that this sixteen year old cunt had somehow made it to a computer… Sought out help using a nigger search and found me instead… I still couldn’t ‘believe’ but I sure wanted too
Maybe this kid all teary eyed listening to her mother being raped the whole time I had been thinking it was all some joke… I could just see the kid staring at her computer screen with her little tears of fear and humiliation rolling down her rosy little cheeks, as her chair slowly wet with the leakage of her own freshly fucked and sperm-filled pussy.
The idea that this girl had thought somehow I would be immediately rushing to send in the Calvary before poor old dad returned home to find mom in some sort of obscene gang-bang orgy, brought a surge to my dick as my mind flickered over the images of the smorgasbord of sights that awaited the senior, Mr. Fischer.
Wife doing her oreo impersonation? Little Kate taking it in the ass? Or maybe a mother/daughter cocksucking contest… The possibilities really were without limit and I had to admit, that I was suddenly in some desperate need for relief myself before I was able to carefully scheme out the response which might best realize the maximum return if what I was dealing with proved more factual than I had previously dismissed.
So after doing the Mary Jane and getting my ‘thinking’ head back in the game, this is what I choose as my reply…
From mkarl2000@hotmail.com
To fischers_the@hotmail.com
I am so sorry Kate… Somehow, this Y2K thing effected me and I was
unable to access my mail… Please tell me you are still all right… Did your
dad come home? Please tell me what happened… Let me know all the
details… I fear that things are not well at your home… That is why I am
not going to call the police…
I really hope that the niggers are done with you and your mom and left you
before your dad came home… If anyone has been hurt, I am sorry… Please
let me know… Every detail can be very important… Since you are only 16,
I need to be careful with my actions as you are considered an illegal by
I do want to help you. You are going to need someone to talk too. Kate,
anything you can tell me is important… The police are going to want to
know how many niggers are with you… The types of things they are
doing… Please give as many details as you can… Even if it sounds bad to
you, it is important that I know… If you know any names of the niggers,
that is good… Especially tell me what types of sex they are doing to you…
Don’t be ashamed to use any words you need too…
Another important thing is how you said your mom was making a fool out
of your dad… tell me about that, as I think it may be important… How come
you think it is your fault what is happening… It sounds like you had a good
plan… I don’t think it is your fault at all… Explain your plan better as it
sounds like something we will need to explain to the police.
These are the questions for me to help you, and it will make you feel better
to tell me and will be important that the police will know, so tell me so I can
help you.
Yours sincerely,
I had no idea if I was sounding sincere or just pathetic… Whether it was still a game or if I would get any response at all from ‘Kate.’ I actually waited awake for an extra hour, ‘hoping’ that the kid would write me and send me to bed with another laugh… Even when nothing came through, I still got my amusement, deciding the reason the kid couldn’t get back to me was that ‘it just wasn’t polite to type with her holes full.’
Okay, it was all a fun little way to ring in the new millennium and as my head settled back on my pillow and my hand pumped up and down on my dick, I drifted off with a profound wish that the morning would bring with it an e-mail something like this.
From fischer_the@hotmail.com
To mkarl2000@hotmail.com
I don’t know where my dad is… The niggers say he is okay, but I don’t
Know. If they find out I am talking to you they might hurt him so don’t
call the police.
I’m so scared. They left me tied up last night. They are with my mom now
so I don’t think they will come rape me for at least an hour but I am not
going to risk getting caught… I have to go now, but please don’t call the
It certainly wasn’t the full detailed, ‘umm… first I got fucked in THIS hole, than I sucked THAT many cocks and finally everyone pissed HERE ’ type mail I wanted, but oddly [or maybe not so] I was really starting to suspect I was dealing with the real stuff.
And even if I wasn’t, this was getting fun, so I decided to see what I could go to find out more about this Kate Fischer and her family. I’m no pro, but I can hack a little, and what do I find but that the name actually belongs to a sweet, little sixteen-year-old. Her school file shows her as hot, little blond number… a little pale, maybe… Hard to judge the body from a yearbook photo, but at sixteen, it was safe to assume, tight and nubile might be two adjectives that fit… I tried taping into some other data bases for further info on the Fischer family and was able to confirm the address, and family names of mom being Sherry and dad, Stephen… Maybe more interesting to me was the existence of an older sister named Robin. Of course, my first thoughts were that it was too bad she was missing the ‘party’ at home… As fun as it was to imagine mom and daughter side by side in some obscene ‘cocksucking contest’ or something, having two daughters against the mom would be twice the fun… I mean the possibilities are endless… The girls, huddled in their bedroom while mom’s moans and groans loft down the hallway… The kids, sharing their thoughts on what mom must be doing… Or better yet, exchanging their wide eyed glances as they sit in the same room where mom is being stuffed in every hole simultaneously with over three feet of nigger meat.
FUCK , just the thought of two little blond sisters being reduced to cleaning each other with their tongues after being drenched from head to toe in some super soaking of nigger sperm, was enough to bring about a simultaneous salute from my own little soldier.
I had to make three attempts at my next mail before I came up with this one which I hoped wouldn’t sound like the obvious pervy lure it was.
From mkarl2000@hotmail.com
To fischers_the@hotmail.com
Kate, this is serious now… Your dad could be in real trouble… You have
to be brave for your family… I know it is horrible what is happening…
It seems as if the niggers are serious about you… I need to know more
about them and why they have chosen you and your mom… You say this
was all a trick, and your fault… To help you, I need to find out what you
mean… It is very important you answer all my questions. Even if you don’t
know why… You said you saw my stories, but I actually am someone who
helps, but I live in Canada… I can’t help you unless I find out more about
Don’t worry, the police can help you… They will need to know all the
details though so your dad or mom won’t get hurt. It is important that you
tell me how everyone looks, so the police will know who to save… Any
descriptions are vital…
Tell me how many niggers are in the house and what type of weapons they
have, and what they have done to hurt you or your mom. If you don’t
know how many niggers are in your house than at least try to remember
how many have raped you and, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, I need to
know why they are there.
You have mentioned a drug.. In this crack or something like ecstasy? How
did they give it to you and your mom…
Kate, listen to me… You have been hurt very much… The things done to
you are very humiliating, but you have to tell me all the details… I am going
to help you, even if the niggers have left you, lease write me… You need to
deal with this… When you say it is your fault and your mom was the
reason, please tell me what she did… Do you have proof? Did you really
see it?
This wasn’t your fault Kate,
Trust me so I can help,
My real name is Michael Knight
Yeah, right… As if I am stupid enough to put my real name on the net… FUCK , I can scarcely hold my excitement as I bridge these mails… Trying to recollect my entire motivations as I went…
I was still waffling as to whether I was buying any of this… I guess I was only around 15% but that was still monster for me… I mean, I know that 90% of the time the ‘cunt’ at the other end of the mail is actually another ‘dick,’ but that is the nature of the game… doesn’t freak me… Ideas are ideas… I’ve even done phone with guys, and it is just a goof… but to be 15% that I had a real 16-year-old girl at the other end of the connection, and better yet, that she was actually in NIGGER -HELL , just fueled me to do some computer watching myself as I mentally coached my mail slot to deliver Kate’s fourth.
Time code said I would have needed to have waited until 3:17 am pacific to see the update land live… I had long given up and was snuggled off in dreamland, maybe with visions of Kate in my head… I sure woke good anyhow… Sunday’s are not when I waste any time in Church, and since I had partied out on Friday, Saturday had civilized to where Sunday left me alert enough to hit the net for some rare ‘lord’s day’ morning surfing.
This was Kate’s masterpiece of erotica history which facilitated this easy little post I have elected to share.
To mkarl2000@hotmail.com
From fischers_the@hotmail.com
Dad is okay… They beat him up, but they promised not too anymore… The
worst thing is though that the drug is called NIGAGRA and it makes any
white girls want it… BLACK COCK
Even mom who hates niggers can’t resist… That was why they picked us…
Tyrone says he knew… I never did anything to them, but Tyrone is in a
gang and they invented this drug… They want to get rid of every white
person.. They are breeding us until we are all colored like animals. You
need to stop them or all that stuff in your stories will happen…
Everyone has finally gone to sleep… These stupid niggers took my phone
but they don’t know I can still get on the net… I will tell you everything so
you can get the police to kill all these niggers for helping me…
Don’t kill them all…
FUCK, I can’t even hate them… This drug makes me keep stop writing, but
I have to make myself hate those coons… I am going to call them the
monkeys they are so I can try to do this… All I want is to break the
computer and get fucked.
Maybe I can talk about my mom without getting so confused. That is
what started it. If I told you about her than I will be able to talk about
the niggers. Dad wanted to get the house painted before Christmas, but
the guy he hired was a real asshole… I saw him looking at mom the first
day… She isn’t even like a beauty queen or anything… She is pretty, but
the painter was like only 20… Mom is 38, 5’6", 36c-24-40, blond and
blue eyed… Normally she doesn’t wear too much make-up, maybe to
highlight, but she was getting all dolled up for the painter… Not that it
excused the bastard.
Dad was paying him to paint the bedroom, not mom. I forgot a book for
Chem and when I got home, the door to the bedroom was open… It made
me sick to see her sitting on him like a whore. I always thought she would
never do that… We fight some… Mom thinks I am a daddy’s girl… She
blames everything on him… Says I am always screwing up… I think she
thought I let Brad bust me at homecoming… As if she could say anything…
Not only did she ride the asshole, but than when he came, she let him do
her on the face like a porn-slut.
I was so mad at mom… The next day when I came home, the door was
shut, but I could hear the bed… I almost ran in there and pulled her off, but
instead I remembered a story about a boy that made his mom and dad get
together… All I needed was proof, but the painter was already finished.
I wish I just left it alone, but I couldn’t trust mom when I didn’t know
where she was going, so I told Karen, my best friend… She said we needed
a guy from school if mom liked them young… That way we could control it
and make sure the guy didn’t make things worse. I was so embarrassed and
when I asked Joe, he thought I was sick. I almost stopped, but Karen said
Jake knew someone… Jake is kind of a freak, but he said he knew this
nigger named Tyrone.
I never wanted mom with a nigger, but I knew it would really work except
she is so racist that it could never happen… Tyrone said if mom was really
Racist, he wanted to help me… I shouldn’t have trusted the nigger but he
said some drug would do it.
I didn’t know, you have to believe me… Tyrone came to my house, and we
just acted like friends… I thought it was so he could start seducing mom, but
it was like some test to see how racist she was… That is why they wanted to
test us, to see if this drug could conquer us… It is shit… I have to stop
writing… I need to just go do something.
It makes me feel so dirty… This fucking drug is gong to kill all of us…
When Tyrone told me we were going to do mom when dad was away, I got
suspicious… All I wanted was some pictures of them kissing and stuff…
Maybe pretend fucking, but Tyrone said it was a ‘date rape’ drug that he
needed my help and dad had to be gone so he wouldn’t find out.
Dad works days, so we had to wait until the millennium… Dad would be at
work cause the computers and stuff Y2K… I could get Tyrone to the house
cause I was allowed to celebrate too… Tyrone said the drug was better from
a needle so we needed to get mom… I wasn’t very happy, but he said she
wouldn’t remember. So I made him start to seduce her…
I actually thought it was funny. Mom looked so embarrassed. Tyrone got
her to dance and really ‘felt’ her up. He even tried to put his hands on her
ass. I bet mom was feeling so dirty. She said she was going to go lay
down, but it was only an hour to midnight, so I asked her to wait… I was
going to wait and take the pictures right at midnight, but Tyrone wanted to
attack mom right away. He said the drugs needed some time to work…
I excused myself to the bathroom… The plan was for him to start to ‘rape’
her and I would get to help him before we drugged her for the posed
pictures. My heart was beating as I listened from the hall as Tyrone told
mom he wanted her… I am so evil cause I liked it, how scared mom
Tyrone grabbed her and I peaked out to see her. Tyrone told her he knew
she was a racist bitch but that she still wanted it. He hit her too… Harder
than he was suppose to… I couldn’t believe it. Mom looked so helpless as
he kissed her… It made me happy that I was home cause I was thinking I
could stop it from getting too far.
I went out and mom screamed too me… I told Tyrone to ‘shut the bitch
up.’ Mom looked like she was going to cry and I almost felt sorry for her
but I didn’t… I remember Tyrone had a handful of mom’s hair and the
other hand was grabbing her tits. Mom deserved it though… Tyrone told
me to help him tie mom up so we could shoot the drugs. I don’t know why
they even did all this…
I guess, they thought it was funny to trick me… Tyrone spanked mom’s ass
while I put the tape around her wrists… I did tell her that we weren’t going
to really hurt her, just do some pictures so she would stop being a slut.
Than Tyrone pulled her panties down and got the needle… He shot the
NIGAGRA right into mom’s ass while I held her down and than it all
turned to shit…
You have to believe me that I was never going to let it go all the way… all I
wanted was the pictures that would make mom behave… just like playboy
or something… you know… pretend, fucking and stuff…
Tyrone said that was all he would do… that the drug would make mom so
horny that the pictures would look ‘REAL’… I could than tell mom to stop
making a fool out of dad or I would show him she was with a nigger and
dad would leave her.
I am not really an evil daughter… this was for dad and mom too… I didn’t
Want her getting some disease, or even a baby…
It was going to work. It was actually amazing how fast mom started to
cooperate. At one second she was screaming at me to let her go and get the
nigger off of her and the next she was breathing funny. Tyrone started
talking to her and saying how she was getting all horny and that she wanted
it… he was stroking her hair kind of like petting a dog. I was still holding
mom’s arms…
Tyrone told me get the camera cause mom was ready for some pictures…
he asked if I wanted to see him slow dance with mom and feel her up like
I couldn’t believe she said yes… I know now it was all the fucking nigger
drug… it makes it so hard to think of anything yes and remember it kind of
disgusted me to see mom just pull her panties back up and start dancing
with Tyrone… He flipped the radio over to one of those nigger channels… I
took a couple of snapshots of mom letting this nigger put his big black
hands all over her ass. He had her hem up and she was letting him feel up
her ass.
When he kissed her, it looked like she went to move her head, but his
nigger lips found hers anyhow and than she was letting ‘French’ her… Part
of me really was disgusted and part of me felt bad… but I am ashamed to
say that part of me was getting wet to see my racist, slut-mother doing her
monkey love.
Tyrone was actually grinding against mom and I knew he was pushing his
hard-on against her. Mom couldn’t fight the drugs even to stop the nigger
from rubbing himself against her… I actually remember wondering if she
would have even been able to stop him from FUCKING her.
Of course, that was why I was there. It had only been ten minuets since we
had drugged mom, and even though she was looking like she could go for
just about anything, I was actually thinking that we had acted to fast… It
was just with the millennium and everything that I wanted to coincide the
most incriminating pictures right at the stroke of midnight… it was funny to
me that the stroke of midnight could mean sex too, like Tyrone’s cock was
black and stroking…
Well… the millennium turnover was a big deal, and that is what led to the
complications. Even though I had no idea of the nigger’s real reasons… He
told me we had to take the pictures of mom quicker, cause the drug would
wear off.
I was angry. I tried to tell the nigger that I wanted the millennium picture of
mom naked and sitting like on his cock while the clock struck twelve. The
fucker told me that I had to make do.
I had to admit, mom didn’t look like she could wait… she was holding onto
Tyrone like she wanted to fuck right there, and she didn’t care I was in the
room or not, so I just decided to go for it.
I had Tyrone take my mom to the couch… It was so weird that she didn’t
care I was taking pictures… It kind of was like she wasn’t even real the way
we were talking about her. I told Tyrone to take her dress off. I’ve always
been a little jealous of mom… she tans so nice… I kind of just burn, but
now, mom was as white as could be and that was the contrast as Tyrone
took off his shirt too.
I told the nigger not to get too familiar as he was feeling mom’s tits up pretty
good. He told me just get the pictures as mom was really into it. Even if
she remember the ‘rape attempt,’ she was going to be so fucked, cause she
was loving it… dad would never believe her.
Tyrone said he wanted to take it out… his COCK I mean. I wasn’t sure…
He said it would just be a picture of mom giving him a handjob. It did
seem funny to me… all the times mom told me to not put my hand in my
mouth cause I didn’t know where it had been, and now mom’s hand will
Have been stroking a filthy black cock.
It was embarrassing for me to see at first. I had seen Brad’s when I sucked
him off at home coming, but that was a white cock… not like Tyrone’s. I
thought it was only stories about how big niggers are. It was disgusting like
a horse or snake or something… I almost changed my mind and told the
nigger to put his pants back on but when I saw mom’s hand wrap around
that filthy dick and saw I could get a picture of her ring on that finger, I just
had to do it.
Tyrone was talking all nigger like to mom, like telling her to make him feel
good and stuff. As big as his filthy cock was when he took it out, mom
was making it even straighter and harder as she stroked him. I actually
knew mom would bring him off, but I didn’t even care… I actually hoped
some of his nigger sperm would get on her ring.
Tyrone’s cum went so high, that it actually sprayed mom’s neck with a
splurt… it seemed like a gallon, and mom kept stroking… I took a picture
of her little hand all slimy, but before I could even react, Tyrone pushed
mom’s head down.
I told him ‘no, nigger,’ but I couldn’t stop it before mom was licking him.
I felt like I might throw-up. The stupid coon told me she liked it. I tried to
scream at him that she was being a slut now. He told me to relax cause it
was just the drug.
Of course, I knew that… mom would never be such a slut with a nigger…
but that is the point…
I think writing this, I can start telling you the truth about the niggers.
It was all just to make me a fool, the whole thing with my mom… and they
wanted to have the millennium to themselves.
It is my fault that mom got raped, and me too… When Tyrone was making
mom clean him, I told him it was too far and to stop… that animal just
smiled at me and told me I was a stupid cunt and to shut the fuck up… I
couldn’t believe it… He pushed my mom off the couch and got up… He was
so mean. He told me I was a silly bitch and a racist. He told me he was
going to fuck my mother and there was nothing I could do.
I remember screaming at him and I tried to grab him but he turned around
and back handed me so hard he knocked me on my ass. Before I could
get up, he grabbed my hair and slapped me several times across the face…
it hurt so much I started to cry. He told me to shut up again and said I
better get use to ‘nigger-style’ foreplay cause I was in for a party too.
The nigger just went to the window and made a little wave… I guess the
other niggers had been waiting. Tyrone went over and opened the door…
There were about seven other niggers at first, but they have been coming
and going so I can’t tell the police how many… usually there are only
around five or so here at once…
God… they just gave me another needle full of NIGAGRA… I barely
managed to shut the monitor off.
Two of them just raped me again. I feel so filthy, but I am loosing my
ability to hate… I have to send this before I can’t.
This drug is killing me… I may not be able to tell you more… you have to
help me now before it is too late… PLEASE.
Good stuff… Sad that it ended it where it did… Gave me some food for thought though… It sure as hell was coming off as whatever this NIGAGRA was, it was key to the whole rub… Needless to say it made me chuckle to actually think a drug had been developed by some sinister nigger organization which not only made white women lustful specifically for black cock, but actually even went so far as to actually make it difficult for the girls to willfully act in any way against the niggers consumption… Even something as simple as knowing this drug was a suppository of sorts albeit in needle form was enough to just make everything too perfect.
It had to be a lark… It just had to be…
I was actually battling creative block while trying to compose my next e-mail when Kate sent this.
From fischers_the@hotmail.com
To mkarl2000@hotmail.com
It is so weird mkarl… They’re doing mom again… I guess they only do us
one at a time. Deon was teasing me that they are gonna do us together. It
is so weird to see mom. It all seems ridiculous… This all started to clean
mom, but now she has four guys doing her.
I can watch if I want. It is weird. I know mom hates it inside like I do, but
she can’t fight it either… She likes what they are doing to her just like I did.
It is NIGAGRA that does it… I feel the shot mixing in my blood…
Do you want to know something mkarl? Deon told me that NIGAGRA is
A fertility drug too, and I am knocked up now… Can you imagine that?
I am fucking breeded with a filthy nigger bastard to ruin me… Mom too…
Oh my god… Dad is going to die! Mom is like almost forty… She might
have twins or Oct… Whatever… You know, like that bitch in England…
Fertility drugs are fucked… If mom let me go on the pill I wouldn’t need to
worry. Mom uses a diaphragm, so I see in your stories you like this don’t
you? About us getting knocked up I mean… I can’t believe how scared I
was when the niggers grabbed us…
Did you laugh? Was it funny… I bet you think it was all a joke. You want
me to tell you more… About the niggers right?
Okay… I feel weird… My nipples are so hard… My tits are kind of sore.
Deon and Leroy were both twisting them and sucking them… The said they
were small now, but when I was making milk for my babies, they will get
bigger. They told me I would be such a pretty mom pushing my carriage
to school with my little black bundles of joy to let all my friends know.
Doesn’t matter anyhow, cause NIGAGRA is gonna conquer every bitch
just like me, and mom.
I just took a peak… They have her on dad’s bed. They think it’s funny
when I look. Mom actually looked embarrassed… You want to know.
Don’t you?
Deon was doing her… In the ass… I think… It looked like it anyhow… Mom
was never even fucked in the ass before Tyrone… Least that was what she
said when it happened.
I was telling you about Friday night wasn’t I? Actually I guess it was
already Saturday morning. I thought it was good when Tyrone was
seducing mom… Even when it got rough it was still just fun…
When he slapped me and let those other niggers in, I knew there was
trouble… Jake just laughed at me and told me he was a nigger too when
I asked him what was going on… They told me I was a stupid bitch and
Mom and I were going to be raped.
I tried to scream but they took mom’s panties and put them in my mouth. It
was so damn humiliating and of course I was still like not wanting it. Mom
was pretty much naked except her earrings and wedding ring. I remember
crying when Tyrone made his insertion right at the stroke of midnight.
The bastards were all saying how mom was the first rape of the millennium.
I couldn’t watch. I heard mom moan, but that fucking drug was already
working. It is freshest about an hour after injection, but it starts right away.
Jake gave me the injection… I had been nice to him… I thought we were
friends… I never knew he was a nigger. He told me I was a stupid bitch
and it was time to pay the price…
I remember Jake saying something like he knew it made my skin crawl to
imagine his filthy nigger dick dirtying me, but that I would be all nice after
a shot of NIGAGRA… I tried to squirm, but with my wrists taped together
and that other nigger holding me by the hair, Jake pulled down my jeans
and panties. I was so humiliated, and than I felt the prick of my ass cheek.
It didn’t seem to do anything at first… I think… Jake rolled me over and
laughed ‘time to see your tit’s Katie.’
I never liked to be called Katie… Daddy calls me Katie… Not some no-good
nigger. Jake left my arms behind me and said it made my tits stick up…
The other nigger brought over the camera and they discussed me like how
they wanted documentation of ‘test subject two.’
That was all I was… Just a stupid girl that fell into some trap I didn’t even
suspect, and mom had to pay for my stupidity…
God… I can’t believe I am writing this… I can’t believe I am sending it.
After I jerked myself off… twice; I paused and reflected… it was now mid-Sunday. If I had an actual rapee writing me, she had now spent close to forty hours in her little private hell… The idea excited me to be sure. Perhaps even better than the image of a hapless little sixteen year old cutie and her racist mother being used and abused by some obvious black bastards, was the continued toying with this whole NIGAGRA concept. Truly, above all else, it put a surge to my ‘brain’ to contemplate the possibilities that this little slut was totally on the up and giving me the straight shoot.
I reread Kate’s two most recent e-mails and pondered. Some games get overly complicated in themselves, but I had no choice now but to precede with at least the possibility that this was still all very ‘real.’
Kate was definitely sending some odd messages within the content of her mail… Just when it might seem her train of thought was headed towards some sort of lurid detailings of her humiliations, and perhaps some foul mouthed matterings of racial slurs; a sudden veering into less damning testament seemingly became the course of direction. Obviously, this could have been interpreted as the cock-teasing of someone just amused by these exchanges, but I had to allow an equally valid interpretation was that this NIGAGRA drug shot into Kate’s naked white ass, was not only effecting her on a hormone level to desire filthy nigger cock, but was actually penetrating to the very levels of her conscious [or mayhaps, subconscious] mind, and was actually influencing her actual discourse with me.
The contemplation drove me to action, and taking a chance, I decided to throw caution to the wind and compose this mail for Kate Fischer.
From mkarl2000@hotmail.com
To fischers_the@hotmail.com
Kate, I am a writer of erotic fiction. There are others who appreciate my
attitudes and reflect them in their own works. Any one of which may
have been a better choice for you to contact on Saturday morning.
The truth is, I have read your mails, and each one has touched me… I do
feel for you. To be raped is a traumatic experience. At sixteen, your
thoughts should still be of fending boyfriends off at second base, not
spending two days being savaged inside the ‘safety’ of your own family
In a perfect world, would tell you that I wished this had never happened and
you had never been so hurt, but this is not a perfect world…
When I first got your mail asking for help, my first thought was this had to
be some sort of gag… Even as I realized the full extent of what I was
dealing with, it still hung like the brightest neon sign, ‘why me?’
Kate… you need to tell it. I know… it makes you feel good… it is wicked,
your thoughts and darkest secrets are such that no one will understand…
But you know I will. I write this type of stuff… I am the only one you can
tell this too who won’t judge you, Kate.
Tell me… It is easier, isn’t it? Is it difficult to think of the niggers as
disgusting animals? There is no need… perhaps it will be easier for you to
describe what you need to tell me by speaking of the niggers as triumphant
warriors who have skillfully hunted you and your mother for their sexual
gratification’s… don’t try to force the issue if you can’t bring yourself to
deny the pleasures you have received. It is not shameful… It is all the work
of NIGAGRA, right?
I know you are a good girl Kate… Your idea to stop your mom was the idea
of a good girl… You know she was very wicked for fucking around on your
daddy. Now mommy has been very bad with the niggers… tell me more… I
know it shames you to see your own mother ‘loving’ it… go ahead, and tell
me what your mom is doing with those niggers… It will help.
Your last e-mail was very good… don’t worry about spelling or anything… I
can fix all that. just use your own observations and expressions to share
with me your tale, and I will help it all be better.
I care about you, Kate,
Michael Knight
And Kate wrote back,
To mkarl2000@hotmail.com
From fischers_the@hotmail.com
really Michael? SHIT, when I used to read your sick stories, I never
thought I would ever write you.
Do you know what those niggers made me do tonight? I just fucked my
mom. Actually I raped her.
It was so retarded… Tyrone is here again… Even though he is only around
Eighteen, he seems like their leader or something… Some of the niggers
are like almost my dad’s age, but most of them have been even younger
than me… They’re all such perverts, but they sure know how to FUCK.
Tonight though, Tyrone told mom and me that we had displeased him…
You want to here something sick? I actually was feeling bad… Tyrone
told us that tomorrow the tests are going to get really degrading… we
are going to have to let the niggers do really awful things I guess. It
kind of scares me a little, but it also makes me excited…
Anyhow, tonight, Tyrone said only one of us needs to be really dirtied
tomorrow… He said me and mom were both worthless pieces of white
trash and he couldn’t decide which of us was going to be a toilet and
get whipped and stuff. That was when he told us we needed to fight,
and whoever raped the other one would be the winner.
Mom was dressed in a T-shirt and panties… all I was wearing were my
boxers… it made it kind of weird… I mean, it was weird anyhow to have
these niggers telling me I had to fight my own mom, but we were both
almost naked.
I guess guys like that… my friends and I watched this movie once and
these two girls were like doing it all… We just all laughed and said how
sick it was. Jenny told me that boys like it… now all these niggers were
watching but the girl was my mom.
I remember one time when mom was on m case over missing curfew.
I told her to back off and walked by her so I could bump her, ya know?
Anyhow, mom grabbed me, and I almost hit her. Mom hasn’t spanked
me for as long as I can remember. Dad did a couple times, but that is
another story.
I don’t think mom knew what to do either. Tyrone and the other boys
were telling us to rip each others cloths off. They had this ‘penis’… you
know, like dildo… only this one was in a belt… To win, I was going to
have to wear it and fuck mom in all three holes.
I did it! It was SO FUCKING WILD. When mom started pulling my
hair, I just knew I had to fight. Mom is a little bigger than me, and for
a while she had me pinned underneath her [and you’ll like this]… she
was sitting on my face… THANK GOD SHE STILL HAD HER
Everyone laughed… Mom was such a bitch… She told me it was all my
fault. I felt so bad, I started to cry, but mom just said she wasn’t feeling
sorry for me… She said, I was the one that deserved to be treated bad
tomorrow. Mom started to put that fake cock on.
I didn’t really know what to do… I guess I never fought very much since
I was little. Anyhow, I started to get away before mom got the cock
all the way on. Mom grabbed me by the hair just like the niggers always
did and told me I was going to suck her…
I couldn’t believe mom was trying to shove that cock in my mouth. Of
course everyone was laughing and I heard Tyrone say ‘one hole down,
two to go.’
Mom pushed me back down I guess… I can’t remember exactly… after
mom made me suck her cock, I knew I had to get her off, so when she
reached down to take off my boxers, I just kicked her… I kind of shoved
her backwards so she fell down on her ass. I got up and the next thing I
‘ knew, I was pulling mom’s hair, and she was pulling mine…
I didn’t want to hurt mom, but I was near the table and I banged her head.
Just a couple times to make her stop fighting me. I was able to pull
mom’s hands behind her… I sat down on her back and ripped her T-shirt
off… One of the niggers gave me an extension cord which I used to tie
mom’s hands behind her.
Mom was just screaming at me to let her go, but I knew the niggers were
going to make me rape my mom, and when I saw her so helpless, and
remembered her and that painter, I wanted to do it too.
The fake cock had fallen off mom, so I put it on… It was about twelve
inches I think. Tyrone said I had to put it in ball deep to win…
Mom asked me please to let her go, but I just rolled her over and sat on
her so I could stick the cock in her mouth. Mom tried to bite and keep her
mouth shut, but one of the niggers came over and pinched her nose… the
boys told me to keep shoving it in mom’s mouth so they could take a
picture of me.
Mom was choking, but I did it anyhow… not quite ball deep… Mom was
gagging so much I think I only got about eight inches down her throat, but
Tyrone said that was enough. He told me to take mom’s panties off next
and rape her pussy.
Mom tried kicking me like I did her, but I was ready and caught her leg.
I rolled mom over and grabbed her panties from behind to pull them off.
It is really sick, but I can see why boys might like to rape. Mom couldn’t
stop me… I knew it was really embarrassing for her but all she could do
was just whimper a little as I forced her to spread her legs…
That’s how boys feel when they fuck a girl, huh? I wanted to grab mom’s
hair too and I pulled her head back while I got my cock into her cunt
It went in easy cause how wet she was. I could have really just fucked
mom hard, I was so INTO IT, but Tyrone got his pictures and told me
to pull it out and than put it in mom’s ass to win.
I knew mom had been getting ass fucked for two days, but this fake cock
I was wearing was huge… I actually asked for some lubricants, but the
niggers just laughed… oh well, I tried.
I made mom get up on her knees like a bitch… I grabbed her hair again
for some good leverage while I started trying to get it all the way in her.
Mom tried to fall away from me, but it kind of just helped… We had
some pillows underneath her so she couldn’t escape, and than I finally
got some good traction and was able to shove it in.
So I won… Don’t know what the nigger’s are going to do to us though.
I guess they said use us like toilets… That will be so GROSS!!!
When I read that story of yours where the boy makes his mom be a
pay toilet and even let them shit… G-R-O-S-S… If anyone does that
tomorrow, I am going to throw up… Even if they piss in my mouth…
I won’t swallow, I just can’t.
I had to rape mom tonight. I’ll feel sorry for her if they make her be
a toilet. I guess they might whip her too… One of these niggers is
a freak… Every time he fucks me, he punches me too… He calls it
nigger foreplay and makes me tell him I get horny… It just hurts though.
He is really mean… He said he likes tying white girls up and whipping
them like slaves. He said I will have whip scars so everyone will
I don’t want to be whipped. I guess your right… I do like it though…
some of it. Raping mom was so demented… after these niggers
finally let us go, mom and dad are going to kill me for all this. They
will probably disown me or even send me to jail, but tonight when
mom was my bitch, I knew she deserved it.
I guess all white women are going to become nigger slaves to
NIGAGRA. Me and mom are just the first… It is so weird out of
billions of people that they picked us first when they could have had
any movie star or anyone. I guess cause mom was so racist and if this
NIGAGRA conquered her, it can conquer everyone.
Anyhow, they told me I wouldn’t get fucked again till four this morning.
I guess they are testing the lasting effects of my last shot or something.
I think they said it is suppose to be permanent after just five needles.
I think that second one was more powerful than the first. I am so
horny I can’t even sleep.
You asked for stuff they did to mom and me… can’t tell you now,
cause I don’t want to get caught, but I will send you something later.
If you want to jerk off, go ahead… you can’t help me anyhow, so you
may as well enjoy my rape.
Well… from my point of view I really had no down side at this point. I was still just anal enough to be judging the validity of this whole situation as I am more than cognizant to be aware that a reader of this will be as well, if you are even still giving me the benefit of the doubt. In the end, what really matters but having something enjoyable to read? This was my next present from Kate and the final one I will share for now.
From fischer_the@hotmail.com
to mkarl2000@hotmail.com
I loved it SOOOO much, and mom watched.
For every bad thing I ever said about a nigger, they are so nice.
They wanted it to be bad to me, but it wasn’t. I remember the
first time I saw daddy naked. I was only eight years old. Daddy
didn’t know I was watching him and mom. I thought maybe he
was hurting her but I didn’t do anything. One time daddy left the
door open when he was peeing. I never saw a boy do it before.
It looked so cool… I wished I was a boy… I used to dream of
Holding dad while he did it, you know.
Daddy used to bounce me and let me sit on him. I remember
when I was 12 and one time I could feel dad when I was sitting.
Dad didn’t know but I was trying to wiggle. I think dad never
knew how bad I was being, but he didn’t get me off him.... I
wanted to make him do it right in his pants… FUCK, I wanted it
in me, but daddy never bounced me again.
I let him see me sometimes. I don’t want daddy to think I was a
slut so I had to be careful, but sometimes I could let him peak if I
forgot to put my door shut tight or laid down in front of him watching
TV and made sure he could see between my legs when I didn’t have
to be wearing panties…
I always loved daddy… that is why I got so mad at mom for fucking
the painter. I guess I always wanted to be daddy’s girl and now I am.
This morning was kind of yucky… we were just ordinary fucked last
night… this morning though, the niggers told me to hold my mouth
It was so UNFAIR
They said if I beat mom, she would get it.
IT tastes yucky too… I saw pictures on the net and thought it might
be fun, but it’s not… even from a nigger cock.
I never got my eyes closed in time either so I guess you think it is
funny. I guess maybe it is. Like I was learning a lesson.
Animals mark their property by pissing on it… guess I am an official
nigger’s slut now, huh… just like every girl will be.
They called it flushing when I had to drink… I tried but even though
I wanted to make my niggers happy it made me almost throw up!
After I was every nigger’s toilet, mom cooked breakfast… I was
sitting on the couch with Tyrone sucking his cock and stuff, so
anyhow, I asked him where daddy was. Tyrone said maybe they
killed him.
I started to cry, but he told me to shut up and made me suck him
off. I guess after I game him such good head, he felt sorry for me.
Tyrone really is nice. He just wants girls like me to learn.
He said daddy was in the basement. I was so happy, and Tyrone
asked me if I loved daddy… I said more than anything… so that’s
when Tyrone told me the only way to save daddy’s life was to
fuck him.
I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true.
They said daddy would cause trouble and go to the police unless
I did it right… what I had to do was get mom whipped and me
fuck a dog on video… than fuck daddy on video too, so if the video
got showed I would be totally embarrassed… that way daddy wouldn’t
say anything.
Anyhow, that’s how it happened… hmm… I don’t have time to tell
about the dog now or mom getting whipped. I felt sorry for her cause
I had to whip her too, but it was kind of fun like slave days where
niggers got whipped only this time it is the white girl… the nigger
LIKE that too, so if you are married or have a girl THAT is what
will happen to all of us.
I guess niggers like girls and dogs too… to tell you the truth, the dog
was so stupid he almost couldn’t fuck me… he was all like crazy and
kept stepping on me and scratching me and stuff but all he fucked was
the air… I knew I was saving daddy, so I sucked that disgusting dog
cock and kept him horny until I finally got him in my cunt.
You wrote a story about a dog before right? Did you ever see how
BIG they get? It felt sooo full, but I can’t talk about that now cause I
want to tell you about daddy.
I kind of was mad cause daddy looked like maybe a nigger hit him
or something. Daddy was tied up and I had to say words the niggers
wanted for the video.
I felt so wicked cause I told daddy I was the one that tied him up and
he had to fuck me or I would kill mom… she was tied up too, but no
niggers could be seen so it looked just like me and dad.
I undid daddy’s pants to get it out. I wanted it hard, but daddy was
embarrassed I think so I had to help him… I think nigger cock tastes
best, but I was always an oral little girl… even when I was little and
sucked my thumb… daddy used to stop me, but he couldn’t
stop me from sucking now.
I had to act bossy and tell daddy to admit I was better than mommy.
I knew mom heard me, but they knew I was forced to say
everything so it was cool. I went over to mom and picked her up
by the hair and said I was better than her, and than I spit on her.
Is that funny, Michael?
Daddy had such a nice hard-on… I told mom it wasn’t for her anymore.
Than me and daddy did it. He isn’t as big as a nigger, but he is still
my daddy so I love him anyhow. It is just too bad I couldn’t get his
sperm in me. but only nigger cum can make babies in me so I had to
get daddies cum all over my titties.
Is that good? My sister, Susan told me that cum is full of protein
and makes a girl’s skin smooth… it even makes tits bigger… I might
like tits like that Pamela Anderson slut from those old Baywatch
shows… I guess the baby will make my tits bigger and full of milk.
BY THE WAY… my sister, GUESS WHAT? The boys are making
us get her home. She can’t come until Friday cause she is in university.
Can you imagine… she is trying to learn at school but her education
happens this weekend when she gets niggerd.
BAD NEWS though… the niggers are taking us to a secret club…
just me and mom until we are confirmed pregnant… I guess they
can’t be sure for a couple weeks, so I can’t write you for a while.
Maybe when I get back so I can tell you about Susan and stuff.
You want to know something? Tyrone said they will keep mom if I
want to be daddy’s new wife… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???
xxx love and kisses xxx
thanks for listening
Kate Fischer