- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] French incest
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

Lydie was sitting on a couch in the sitting room. She had been working hard and needed some rest.She had kicked off her shoes and now she had them on the carpet.It felt good to rub her tights-covered feet against the soft material and she closed her eyes.She loved to sit in her cozy sitting room and would read there very often.

    Lydie's son, CÚdric, was still at school and he wouldn't be back until 3 p.m.It was still 1 p.m., so she had two hours for herself.Rarely did she have so much time for herself, especially since she got divorced.That had happened three years before and despite working harder she was happier without her useless ex-hubby.He had been a drunk and had even hit her sometimes when he came home pissed.She had done everything to try and make him give up drinking, but he wouldn't do it and eventually she got fed up and left him.

    The only disadvantage Lydie saw in living alone with her son was that she didn't have a man sleeping with her every night and that frustrated her, since her sexual drive was higher than average.She was no nympho, but she sure wasn't a prude, either.She needed as much sex as an average man does, and that's certainly much more than what a normal woman needs.

    She hadn't gotten laid in over three years.She had had no lovers since her divorce.Not that she wouldn't want to have them, it was just that she was a very shy woman.It had been her husband that had taken her cherry nine months before CÚdric was born so she knew very little about men.Michel, her ex-husband, had been a fairly good lover, but he had only made her come twice.

    As these thoughts ran through her mind she realized her crotch was getting wetter and wetter.Her pussy was itching bad and she needed relief.Her panties had gotten soaked, so she stood up and pulled them down.She left them on the floor and went to a drawer where they kept video tapes.She took an untitled one and inserted it into the VCR.She switched on the TV and a couple appeared on the screen.They were fucking doggy-style and the woman's big tits were swinging as the guy behind her pumped her cunthole.

    Lydie started rubbing her wet hairy pussy with one finger as she stared at the screen."I wish I could get fucked like that..." she thought.She then inserted two fingers inside her cunt and began masturbating faster.One of her hands was finger-fucking her wet hole and the other one was pinching her nipples.She also rubbed her erect clitoris from time to time and that was getting her close to orgasm.

    Her fingers buried faster and faster inside her hungry hole and she twisted as her orgasms got closer.Seconds later she was coming like crazy, her juices oozing from her depths.She smeared them all over her matted pussyhair and then stood up.Her girl-juices had formed a little pool on the couch, so she went to the kitchen to a get a cloth and wipe it up.The porno movie was still on as she did this and when she looked up she saw 15-year-old CÚdric standing at the doorway.Lydie froze.

"What are you doing, mom?" he asked.

"Er...well, I...Come on, CÚdric, you know what I have been doing better than I do!"

"Why do you finger yourself, mom?"

"CÚdric! Watch your language!"

"Ok, sorry mom."

"That's ok, honey.You know, mom needs sex as any other human being, so the fact that I masturbate shouldn't surprise you..."

"No, actually it doesn't surprise me...It's just that I think you have a nice pair of boobs and a superb ass and you shouldn't be wasting them like that"

"CÚdric! How dare you talk like that about your mother?" Lydie cried.

"Did I say something bad? I just said you have nice tits and a good ass, and I bet you've got a tight wet pussy, too."

"CÚdric! I'll have to smack you if you go on like that"

"Come on, mom...you know you'd love to see my cock...I'd like to fuck your cunthole with it...I got a pair of condoms in my bedroom and we could use them..."

    There was a long silence before Lydie answered.CÚdric feared she was going to smack him, but boy was he wrong...

"Ok, if that's what you want I'll let you fuck mommy's pussy.I know boys your age are always wanting to hump and I bet the idea of fucking your own mother only makes you hotter.But if we are going to do it, we'll do it straight.I want you to come inside my pussy and knock me up; I want your baby very bad, so take off your pants and let mom take care of that hard-on."

"Are...are you serious, mom?" CÚdric said."I mean...I was just joking...I am still a virgin and have no idea about sex..."

"So you are going to back out now..."

"No, I...well, I never thought you'd let me do it to you..."

"Well, I want you as much as you want me and I want to have your baby.I want to feel your cock shooting a big load of cum deep inside my hungry cunt.Come on, let's go to mommy's bed and let her take care of her little boy"

"O-Ok, mom..." CÚdric said puzzled.

    He hadn't expected this, in fact he was just joking, even thought he had gone too far with his jokes and had expected a severe warning from his masturbating mother.Instead, they were now heading towards Lydie's bedroom, where a pastel-decorated love nest awaited them.

    When they entered the room, Lydie sat on the edge of the king-sized bed and stripped off her skirt.Her hairy wet pussy was now visible and CÚdric's penis got even harder.Then, Lydie slipped the shirt she was wearing off and her tits fell free.Her tits needed a 38D bra, so she could be pround of them.Her nipples were big and reddish and were already erect.

"Ok, lover, time to let mommy see your pee-pee" she giggled.

    CÚdric took his T-shirt off and then pulled down his pants.The front of his underpants was pyramid-shaped and he flushed.

"I guess you've grown up since the last time I saw you naked.Come here with mommy, sweetie...and let me be the one that takes off those underpants..."

    CÚdric got closer and Lydie cupped his crotch.

"Mmm, you definitely are a big man, honey..."

    Lydie pulled her son's underpants slowly off and CÚdric's penis suddenly sprang up.It was a thick 8-inch cock and Lydie couldn't believe it was her son's.She was getting even wetter than before and she felt a nice tingle between her legs.

"You are gonna make mommy feel very good with this, sweetie..." she told her son.

    Lydie lowered her face so it was in front of her son's huge prick and slid it inside her hungry mouth.It tasted of pee, but it was her son's pee and she loved it, she loved her son's hard cock.She licked his glittering cockhead clean and then took half his cock inside her mouth.She was so horny and hadn't given head in a long time, so she was enjoying this a lot.Her son's taste was so nice she thought she preferred it to the best meal


    After several minutes of cock-sucking (during which Lydie had stopped from time to time so CÚdric wouldn't come) she took her son's cock out of her mouth and stood up.She lovingly kissed CÚdric's mouth and then sat on tha bed, her back leaning on the headboard.She spread her legs and gave her son a good view of her lavish vulva.CÚdric couldn't hold it any longer and climbed onto the bed.He slowly kneeled towards his mother and stopped when he was between her thighs, his cock ready to explore her love-hole.

"Come on, sweetheart, give mommy pleasure...Put your pee-pee deep inside mom's cunny"

    Lydie grabbed hold of her son's manhood and slowly guided it to the entrance to her hole.

"Now, push, honey...Fuck mommy's pussy hard"

    CÚdric did as he was told and slid his cockhead inside his mother's waiting cunt.He had wanted to do this for so long, but he had never dared to ask his mother until he saw her fingering herself.He could now feel the wetness of her hot pussy and pushed his manhood deeper.It was now half-way in, but he wanted more, he wanted to be as deep inside his mother as he could.

"Oh...you've got a big one, honey...!" Lydie said as she felt her son's meat invade her.

"Oh, mom, it feels so good..."

    CÚdric reached his mother's cervix and Lydie moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain.CÚdric started pumping her hard.He knew he would come soon, but he couldn't go slower, he loved the way his pecker feeled inside his mother.

"Uhhh, I'm gonna cum, honey...!! I don't know how you've done it but I'm gonna cum even before you do it...!!" she panted.

    Lydie had never come so soon, but feeling her son's big cock inside her had been just too much for her.Her juicy pussy made curious watery sounds as CÚdric's cock slid in and out of it.He was very close to climax himself and remembered his mother had told him to come inside her cunt.

"Oh, mom, I'm gonna cummmmmmmmm...!!!

"That's it, honey, cum deep inside mommy's pussy and knock me up!!


    CÚdric's penis shot a huge load of cum in her mom's love-cave and it would soon fertilize her womb.Load after load, CÚdric's balls were drained and his white goo was now in his mother's cervix.Lydie had loved feeling his cock shooting its loads inside her hole and wanted more...But CÚdric slid his cock out and lay beside his mother.They both kissed and hugged for a while until they fell asleep.

    Of course, CÚdric's sperm was doing what it was supposed to do...It would reach Lydie's fertile womb and she would soon have a fat belly.She was going to have her son's baby and loved the idea.From then on, they would have sex at least once a day and nine months after their first fuck they had a beautiful healthy daughter.They would be very happy together, after all they lived in Paris, the most romantic city of all.

Fall of 1998