- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Hiking with mom
[Author] Ale Stone
[Type] Mother/son

I just cant believe how it happened or what happened and neither will you,
but still...
My father died when I just had turned six years old so I dont remember more
of him than what mom have told me. He left a good insurance and a rather
thriving business so we were well provided for, but mom worked half time
anyway. Ever since my fathers death mom never have showed any interest in
any other men. I think she is a beautiful woman and Im sure that many men
have approached her, but as far as I know she has never let any of them near
Just before school was out the year that I turned thirteen mom decided that
we should go hiking. She bought all the necessary things. Tent,
sleeping-bags, stow and you name it and she had bought it. I wasnt that
thrilled but since I love mom very much I soon was almost as enthusiastic
about it as she was.
We had a conference about were to go and decided on an rather steep, woody
ridge about twenty miles from home.
We started our trip to the ridge on a sunny Sunday morning and when we
reached the outskirts of the ridge we found a small road leading upwards
into the woods. About four kilometers up-road our car couldnt get any
further so we unloaded it and locked it.
Mom marked the place on her map and off we went. It wasnt that bad walking
beside mom on this warm summers day. It was very pleasant. We didn't talk
much we looked and listened and smelled the more.
By midday we stopped in a little opening and unpacked the stow and some cans
of food.
While mom was busy preparing our meal I spread out some spruce twigs on the
ground for us to sit on.
We ate, talked a little about the day so far and soon was on our way again.
By early afternoon we reached a creek and we decided to make this our base
camp. We put the tent up and again it fell upon me to prepare the ground
inside and by the stow.
The inside of the tent was easy to prepare the outside took a little longer
as mom said that we had to make a fireplace for a fire to keep us warm and
stones wasnt that easy to find so I had to wander off a bit to collect
them. I came upon a shallow bank of the creek which just invited for a bath.
I remembered the location so I could take mom there later.
I told her about it when I came back.
"We didn't bring any bathing suits," she reminded me, "but I think our
undies will have to do," she added when she saw that I was a little
disappointed. "But we have to wait at least an hour after we have eaten."
After the meal we were both to tired to talk we just sat there digesting our
"I think we'll go to bed early tonight, don't you think," mom said and then
looked at me. "Is it really called 'go to bed' in a sleeping-bag?"
I just laughed.

"Call it what you will but I'm all for an early night, after a bath," I

"Yes. A bath. Let's go then."

I led her to the bank and she expressed her appreciation about it and
started to peel off her clothes. She hang them on a bush and soon I could
see my mother in her panties and bra. This wasn't new to me, but she seldom
showed herself in any state of undress in front of me. She wasn't shy or
anything, on the rare occasions when I had caught her in only her panties
she had just smiled and casually put on something to hide her nakedness. Now
I just had yo look at her while I undressed.

What I saw was nice.

A slender woman with small breasts. Wide hips and rounded thighs. Rather
long legs and a flat stomach. I couldn't see anything else of her body
because of her bra and panties but what I saw filled
me with pride. My mother was a very beautiful woman.

I watched her little bum as she walked ahead of me into the stream.

"Oh, it's freezing cold!" she gasped as she put her foot in the streaming

"Chicken!" I laughed as I ran pass her into the water. I almost stopped
mid-stride. It WAS cold. It was almost ice-water but I couldn't back down
now. I had to take a dip. I did and gasped for air as I again surfaced and
ran for shore. Thank god for mom taking towels with her. I grabbed one and
started to rub myself dry.

Mom meanwhile walked into the water, bent down so her body was under the
water and she to grasped for air as she stood and hurried back on land.

"Cold? It's freezing!" she shuttered while she toweled herself.

We hurriedly put our clothes back on and ran to our camp. Mom had lit a fire
and we sat, side by side, shivering with cold getting warm again.

"Well, it wasn't sooo bad, was it," I finally said when we had got our
warmth back.

"N-n-o-o-o," mom giggled. "I think that is what we need in the morning, not
in the evening. What a way to start a day. First an ice-bath, then breakfast
and after that a brisk walk."

I put out the fire while mom changed into her sleeping gear and when I came
into the tent she was already deep down in her sleeping-bag and I soon
followed suit.

The week passed fast and when the day came that we earlier had decided to be
the last we both agreed that we should spend another couple of days in the

That night we had the first stroke of bad weather. It started to rain and it
rained almost the hole night but in the morning the sun again shone and the
weather was warm. The ground was slippery which mom became painfully aware
of just after a couple of minutes into our walk.

She stepped on a half rotten twig and slipped and fell. At that moment we
were on the top of a rather steep hill and she rolled and glided all the way
down. My heart almost stopped as I saw mom fall down the hillside.
Thankfully there weren't any stones sticking up and she avoided all trees
and bushes on her way down.

As fast as I could I climbed and slid down the hill side and soon I was by
my mothers side.

"How are you? You okay?" I wondered.

"Yes. I'm fine. But... But I think I landed in an ants nest."

She started to slap her body and tried to brush of the ants crawling all
over her.

"Help me. Don't just stand there. It hurts!"

I went behind mom and started to brush of all the ants on her backside. I
hesitated a little when I came to her bum. Not quit sure if it was all right
to place my hands on her ass but an "Come on!" from mom made up my mind for
me and I lightly brushed her tight little ass. This ass had I watched wiggle
in front of me most of the time during this week and I had noticed that it
was a very cute little ass. And now I could feel it. This caused my cock to
swell up, not all the way to a full fledged erection but it was making a
noticeable bulge in my pants. Carefully I adjusted it so my cock lay flat up
against my stomach hiding it from mom if she should happen to look at it.

"Oh my god! They are all over me! Under my clothes too!" mom shrieked and
started to get undressed.

True enough. There were lots and lots of ants in her clothes and on her

"Come on! Help me get them off. They sting!"

Tentatively I reached out my hand and placed on my mother's soft skin. This
was the first time I had touched a woman on any other part than the face or
the hands. It was smooth. Not like silk or anything. It had it's own
texture and it felt nice, very nice.

I slipped a hand under the back of her bra and brushed away any ants there.
Lifted the waistband of her panties and peeked down on the crack of her ass.
I almost missed the couple of ants nestled in the crack so preoccupied was I
watching this two glowing halves of the top of mother's ass cheeks.

"Mom. You've got ants in your pants!" I said and as soon as I had said it I
realized how stupid it sounded. Mom didn't pay attention.

"I know. Let them be for the time being. We have to get back to camp. I feel
scratchy and it's smarting. I think I have something in the first aid box
for bee-stings."

Mom put on her shoes but nothing else. I walked behind her as she climbed
the hill and down the path to our camp. It was wonderful to be there behind
her, watching her tight little ass swivel and sway and it made my cock fully
erect and I could feel how the precum started to wet my boxers.

We crept into the tent and mom took out a bottle from the first aid box and
dabbed the liquid on two cotton wads and handed me one.

"You have to help me," she said matter of factly.

I took one wad and started to dab the red blemishes on mother's back. And
when I reached the straps of her bra I lifted them a little to reach under

"Wait I think it's better if I could get the bra of."

My heart leaped as I heard this and I looked in awe as all of my mother's
back was revealed for me. It looked so vulnerable and my heart filled with
my love for her as I continued to dab her blemishes.

She lifted her ass and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties
and drew them of.

"I cant reach it all unless I bath in this stuff," mom said. "You just have
to do it for me."

She laid on her stomach on the sleeping-bag and I ogled her bare ass as I
carefully dabbed it.

I saw some in the crack and with one hand I spread her asscheeks apart and
she stirred a little when she felt my hand on her naked skin there but
didn't say anything and I continued my handiwork.

When I looked I saw the beginning of her brownish asshole a little wrinkled
but clean. And maybe some hair a little further down.

I continued to work the cotton-wad down her legs all the while admiring her
with my eyes and occasionally with my hands. More and more often with my
hands in the pretense to reach some difficult spot.

When I was finished mom turned around and lay on her back and told me to go
ahead finish my work.

I looked at her. I don't know how many first times I had experienced by now.
But this was the best by many miles! My mother naked in front of me, her
tits, barely noticeable over her chest but coronated with to thick raspberry
shaped nipples, flat stomach with a deeply situated navel a slight swell on
her abdomen which sloped down to a furry hill and between her slender thighs
I could just imagine her pussy lips, protruding a little from the hair which
almost hid them for the world.

"Stop staring, close your mouth and do your work," mom almost laughed in
spite of her smarting ants bites.

I looked a little guilty at her.

"Sorry... I didn't mean to... I..." I stammered.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not all that comfortable myself by the situation. I'm
not used to... show myself in front of any men. As a matter of fact, you're
only the second man to see me naked. Apart from my doctor, of course," she

I didn't answer but tried not to stare at her. It became easier not to stare
as I started to dab her front as I could pretend that I was concentrating on
my work.

I started on her neck and soon I was down by her tits and I could grab hold
of one of the protruding nipples with my thumb and forefinger and pretend
that I had to dab some bite on the aureolae which wasn't there.

The best part came when I, after finishing with her legs, I had to pay
attention to her pussy!

I combed the hair aside and looked at the skin underneath it. I combed her
lips apart and could sneak a look inside her pussy, but the lips were so
slippery that I couldn't hold them open for long.

"There's nothing in there," mom panted.

"I thought I saw something red. Irritated like..."

"Oh well," mom sighed and reached down and spread her pussy open for me!
"Honestly, I don't feel anything there. Well, nothing... smarting. But..."

I looked at her opened pussy! I stared at it! Ogled it! I just had to make
an as accurate impression of it in my mind as I could!

"There," I said and stabbed my finger on something red and shiny just at the
entrance of her pussy.

"Ouch! That hurts!"

"Yes. I said so, didn't I!"

"No. No, that's not and ant bite. That's my..."

"What? You're what?"

"My-my clitoris!" she blurted.

"You're cli-to-ris?" I asked.


"Oh. You pee there?"

"No stupid!" now she laughed. "I don't pee there! That's... That's were I
feel good."

"Feel good?"

"Yes. You know when..."


"Listen. Have you masturbated?"


"Never mind. That's what make me feel good when I... rub on it."

"Like this?" I asked and gave it a rather rough rub.

"Y-y-es," she said as if she spoke with a hiccup. "But NOT so hard, I told
you..." she didn't got the time to finish the sentence before I again
flicked my finger over her clit, this time much more lightly. "M-m-m like

Her hips shot up a little as my finger flicked over her clit. She hummed a
little and her hips started to move more and more. I liked this! And
obviously so did mom!

When her hips again shot up in an more intense thrust my finger slipped down
and sank into my mother! All the way to the second knuckle! And she gave a
loud moan as this happened and I could feel how her pussy rippled around my
buried finger and I looked at her in amazement. What was this? I didn't know
much about women but what I've heard I've never heard anything about a pussy
trying to strangle a finger!

"Oh! Oh! Oh! YES! I'm, I'm cumming! Yesssss!" mom wailed and with one last
shaking thrust of her hips she fell down and lay still, panting and with a
few drops of sweat forming on her upper lip.

I didn't dare move my finger while mother lay there panting. Once in a while
I could feel how her pussy-muscles squeezed my finger.

Now I became aware of a new smell too. It was... dark... heavy and, oh so,
intoxicating. I sniffed the air, curious about the source of the smell and
when mom heard my first sniff she opened her eyes wide.

"Oh my god! How cleaver you are! You knew, didn't you, how to distract your
old mother."


She sat up and threw her arms around me and hugged me tight.

"Oh so good of you. To treat your old mom like this."

She strewed small kisses all over my face.

"You know what? I've waited for you to grow up. I've missed a man around the
house. Oh," she went silent for a while.

"What?" I asked impatiently when the silence bore on.

"Hu? Oh. I just come to think about something. You're not a man yet are

"No, of course not."

"Oh I didn't mean it like that. I think it's my turn to do something nice
for you. Let's switch places."

Mom sort of rolled me down on the sleeping bag. How she managed that without
forcing me to withdraw my finger from her pussy I don't know. It slipped out
a bit but it went right in, deeper, when she sat by my side and she closed
her eyes for a second as she felt it.

The palm of my hand rested against her pussy and I could feel the harsh hair
and the soft lips, and wetness. I hadn't noticed till now that her pussy was

I lifted my head and tried to look at it but her thighs and my hand obscured
the view.

And I soon forgot all about it when mom's hand sneaked under my boxers and
found my erect cock.

And I wasn't that keen on this hiking thing to begin with! I didn't know
that paradise was in a tent in the woods!

I thought that I would cum there and then but somehow mom squeezed my
rock-hard cock in such a way that the cum that had started to build up
subsided and I gasped as her hand stroked the length of the shaft while her
other hand was busy unbuttoning my trousers. She had to let go of my prick
while she drew off my pants. I was a little relieved that she let go but at
the same time I missed the feeling.

As soon as mom had my trousers off she crawled, upright, on her knees up
over my legs. Took my cock in her hand, pointed it upwards while her other
hand combed the hair, rimming her pussy, aside. And I could feel something
warm, smooth, silky and wet touch the tip of my cock! Mom's pussy!

"Oh, MOM!" I gasped as her pussy engulfed my hard and almost aching cock.

"Yes," she whispered hoarsely back as she sank deeper and deeper down on me.
"Yes it's sooo ni-i-ce! So nice! Mmm."

She started a riding motion on me, balancing herself on the tip of my cock
before she again sank down, rubbed her pubic bone against mine and I could
feel her wiry hair tickle my own almost hairless pubic bone.

With a hacking of my breath and almost cramped stomach muscles I shot my
first load of cum into a woman! My mother!

Mom stopped with me deeply buried inside her while I spurted my sperm in her
and then she started her movement again. I tried to push myself deeper
inside her for each time she sank down on me and withdrew when she rose
getting prepared to rush my cock in, meeting her down moves. Mom appreciated
my thrust with a loud moan and after a couple of thrusts and moans she fell
down on me and I could feel her pussy give my cock a series of hugs. She
kissed me and rolled off me and lay beside me, panting.

Her hand crept down and cupped my cock which slowly shrunk back to it's
normal size.

Uncertainly I reached out and place my hand on her tit and she turned and
gave me a smile.

"Mmm, that's nice," she murmured as I caressed her nipple with a flicker of
my finger.

Soon I again was hard in my mother's hand and she smiled at me and drew me
up on her. With her hand still around my cock she placed it in place and I
sank into her wetness and stayed there for a long, long time.

Afterwards she told me that she was a sucker as soon as a man got his hands
on her pussy and that was why she hadn't dated all this time and that she
had fantasized about me as long as she could remember, me being the only
"safe" man she knew but as soon as she was naked in front of me she had
decided that I was the man for her, in reality as well as in her fantasies.

We were lucky that she didn't get pregnant during the first week before she
could get to a doctor and get the pill. It would have been much to early in
our relationship. We weren't certain that we wanted it to last for ever, I
was to young to make such a decision and mom wouldn't want to be in my way
if I should find a girl to love.

Now four years later I lay here in bed with my mother. My head resting on
her big stomach listening for sounds from our first child growing in her
womb. Yes we have been lovers ever since that day in the woods. And we plan
to stay that way for ever.