- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] incest with mom
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

    This is not only a true story about incest, it is a true story about a
man and a woman who took the final step in their relationship. It happened
not between a parent and child but between two consenting adults who were
full aware of the consequences of their actions. Most people look upon
incest as sick or disgusting. I think it can be a beautiful addition to a
relationship which lasts an entire lifetime.

    My mother had always been my friend and I hers. I was an only child
and both    my parents were loving, wonderful individuals. Sure I
fantasized about having sex with her as a child as do most boys. As the
years passed, my fantasies faded into the background as I had other,
fulfilling relationships. When I turned 40, my father passed away and Mom
was nearly broken by the experience. For nearly two years, she mourned his
death as I tried as best I could to comfort her. She was 61, still very
attractive and certainly eligible to men her own age, but she could not or
would not date them. She was lonely and seemed to be going downhill each
time I saw her.

    At about this time, a family function had been scheduled in another
part of the country. Mom and I lived fairly close to one another and I
convinced her that she should go to the affair and enjoy traveling once
again, which she had done often with Dad. Let me preface the rest of this
story by telling you that I looked alot like my father and even had the
same name, though he always went my Jack and I, John.  I made plane
reservations for us both to fly to Oregon from Florida. She began to look
forward to the trip and I was glad that I had talked her into going. Our
plane had to make a layover in Denver and when we got into Stapleton
Airport, the snow was coming down heavily. As it turned out, ours was the
last plane to get in before they shut the airport down. We were stuck in
Denver overnight and the airlines put us up in a hotel. We were told that
there was just one room available and that we would have to share it,
otherwise we could attempt to take a drive downtown where they would give
us separate rooms.

   Unfortunately, there seemd to be no way to get there as the weather was
deteriorating with each passing moment. We decided sharing a room was
certainly better than sleeping in a chair at the airport. That was the
first surprise.

    The second surprise was that when we got to the room, there was only
one King size bed. I told Mom that I would sleep in the big chair and that
she should take the bed. "Don't be silly, you'll never sleep in that
chair. There's plenty of room in this bed for both of us." I didn't have
to be asked twice. Mom went into the bathroom to get into her nightgown
and I simply undressed to my underwear. I never slept in pajamas and
usually, didn't wear anything. Mom walked out and saw me as I put my
clothes on the chair.

    "You've always been in such good shape!" she admired my body.

    "Well, Mom, you know that if I didn't know how old YOU were, I'd swear
that you weren't a day older than 45." Which wasn't that far from the
truth. Sure she had her share of cellulite and I could see that her
breasts were a little saggy and her ass was spreading a bit, but she was
an attractive woman who looked quite a bit younger than she really was.

    "Oh, you're such a liar," she smiled. "You always knew how to make me
didn't you?"

    "I guess, Mom."

    We got into bed on wither side of the big bed. We both felt a little
uneasy, but we dealt with it. We talked a little and I leaned over to kiss
her goodnight. It was a strange kiss, not like others throughout our
lives. There was something different that I couldn't quite put my finger
on. I knew that I had sexual thoughts about her, but I felt as if she
might have as well. It seemed to make her more uncomfortable and she
turned away, rolled over and went to sleep.

    I tossed and turned for quite some time. Here I was, lying in bed with
my mother, thinking for the first time in a long time about all of the
fantasies I had had about her throughout my life. I thought of rolling her
over and fucking the shit out of her whether she wanted to or not, but I
realized that might not be the best thing to do. I thought that I had
gotten over those sexual feelings for her, but I hadn't. They seemed as
strong as ever. I thought alot about incest. I thought how good it might
be to fuck her. I wondered how she would react to having sex with her son.
I slipped off into a restless sleep.

    I awoke about an hour later when I felt something. I opened my eyes,
she was sound asleep, but she rolled over towards me and her hand was
lying on my thigh. I immediately got a hard on and thought of what, if
anything, I should do next. I knew she was a pretty sound sleeper and I
also knew that if I was ever going to fuck her, it had better be this
night or I might never get the chance. I slowly slid myself closer to her.
Her hand remained in place, only now it was inches away from my aching
dick. I gently touched the back of her hand. She didn't move. "Here goes
nothin," I thought. I figured if she awoke, I would just act as if I were
sleeping. How could she get mad at me? I gently lifted her hand and let it
touch my cock. It felt great. My mother, even though she didn't know it,
had her hand on my cock....finally! I tried to move a little bit to make
it seem as if she were giving me a hand job. I lay like that for several
moments, enjoying the feel of Mom's hand upon my hard cock. God, I wanted
to fuck her so badly. At that point she was lying on her back. The
movement I was making apparently disturbed her and she fiddled about
momentarily and then she rolled over on her side, facing me. I looked at
her face, her body. I couldn't help myself.....I placed my hand gingerly
on her thigh.

    She moaned as I softly touched her precious thigh and, for a moment, I
thought she was awake. I touched her some more, now slipping my hand ever
so slowly up her thigh until I was lifting her nightgown just a bit. Her
thigh was soft and warm. She moaned again and, still sleeping, I thought I
heard her say, "Oh, Jack". She must have thought I was Dad! She moved
closer to me and began to snuggle up next to me. I was in heaven. She
maoned several times as she snuggled up to me, still asleep, still
thinking I was dad. I carefully put my arm around her and held her to me.
Our bodies were touching and I could feel her breasts as they lay against
my chest. I slid my leg between hers and inched upwards towards her pussy.
I stopped just short of that wonderfuly, hairy mound I wanted so much to
fuck. I slid my hand down her back and touched her ass as gently as I
could. She moved around slightly and now I knew there was no turning back.
I also knew I would have some explaining to do if she woke up, but I was
prepared and I wasn't turning back. Not now.
Not ever.

    I had long ago come to grips with the idea of incest. I realized that
my feeling were something I couldn't change, only control. Right now, I
didn't want to control them. I rationalized that two people as consenting
adults should be able to make love no matter that they are Mother and son
or father and daughter or sister and brother.  If there is love, why not
sex? Is is so terribly wrong to want to have sex with your mother? I
decided the answer was no.

    Mom began to awaken as i touched her and my leg snuggled between hers.
She was in some sort of half-sleep when she began to touch me with her
hands. She sloftly moaned, "Jack, Oh my Jack!" Well, so what if she
thought I was dad. If I could fuck her, it would make us both happy,
though for different reasons. My knee inched up some more and finally
touched her pussy. She had on panties, but I could feel the course pubic
hair against my knee. That's when she awoke.

    At first, she opened her eyes, said, "Jack" and closed them agains,
clutching me tightly with her hands. Then, she REALLY woke up. "Oh, my
God! John!" She pushed herself away from me. I figured I was caught with
my hands in the proverbial cookie jar, only it was her pussy I wanted
instead of cookies. "Jesus! I'm so sorry, John honey. I must have been
dreaming of your dad!" Mom said with a chagrinned look on her face. I
couldn't believe it. Here I was trying to fuck my mother and she thought
it was HER that was making the move on me!. She was really shaken, perhaps
mostly embarrased by what she thought she had done. I reached over,
touched her arm and rubbed it. "Mom, calm down. It's okay. It really is,"
I tried to reassure her.

    "But, but, I was trying to...."

    I cut her off in mid-sentence. "No, Mom. It was ME, not you." I

    "What?" She sounded confused.

    "Mom, I was touching you, noth the other way around. I saw you lying
looking so beautiful and I couldn't help myself. I wanted to touch you...
and I did. I'm
sorry, Mom." I gave her my best puppy dog look.

    "But Jack, uh, I mean John! Damn it, I'm so confused. You look so much
like your father! John, you're my son, I'm your mother. Mothers and sons
don't, uh, you know, do this sort of thing."

    "Why not, Mom. Give me a good reason."

    She thought for a moment, fumbled around for some words and the only
thing that she could utter was, "Because it just isn't done."

    I countered quickly, "That's not a good reason, Mom. Let me ask you a
question," I said to her as my hand continued to rub her arm. She relaxed
a little bit.

    "Forget for a minute that I'm your son. Now, if you had met me
would you be attracted to me in some sort of way?"
    "John, that's not fair. I'm your Mother."
    "Just assume that you're not for a moment."
    "Well, uh, yes, of course I would be. You're a handsome man."
    "Do you love me, Mom?"
    "Now you know I love you."
    "So if you find me attractive and I find you attractive and we both
love each other, wouldn't it seem perfectly logical that we made love
    "Sure....if you weren't my son!"
    "Mom, why is incest so wrong? You're not going to get pregnant and you're
not corrupting the morals of a minor. We are two adults and I am, if
you must know, incredibly attracted to you physically. I always have

    "My God, John. This is absolutely insane!" She began to turn away, but
I caught her head with my hand and turned her back to me, I reached my
head over and kissed her gently on her neck

    I slid up closer to her, kissed her on the neck again and whispered in
her ear, "Why don't we just see how insane it is, Mom?" I eased up closer
before she could answer and I felt my hard, throbbing cock against her
warm thigh.

    "John. John! It isn't...." Before she could say "right", my hand was
reaching up her thigh and rubbing her leg. She let out a soft moan as my
hand reached around her, touching her back. I slid my hand down to her ass
and pressed my fingers into her soft flesh, pulling her closer to me. "I
love you so much, Mom. I want to be inside of you" I whispered lovingly to

    "Ohhhhhhhhh" she sighed and breathed deeply. She pressed her fingers
into my hair as I touched her tender body. I knew that we would make love
that night......and we did. Things didn't go all that smoothly due to the
fact that I was nervous and Mom was EXTREMELY nervous, but we did have sex
together...and it was wonderful. I have slept with my share of women
before, and since, but nothing has ever compared to that night when my
mother and I made love. Making her cum was the most pleasureable
experience of my life and lying on top of her, staring into those
beautiful eyes, my body a part of hers I knew what love could really be.
When I came inside of her, I collapsed into her waiting arms. I lay there,
spent, in my mother's grasp. I had finally fucked my mother!

    We fell asleep holding one another and when I awoke in the morning,
nefore Mom, i was anxious to see how she would react to what we had done.
I looked at her lying there, naked beside me, and smiled at her. She
finally awoke, sleepy eyed. I waited for her words. "Good morning, John!
Was that a dream I had last night or did it really happen?" She smiled as
I leaned over and kissed her gently on her lips. "No, Mom. It wasn't a
dream." "Oh, I'm so glad it wasn't, darling." Mom and I have been best
friends.....and lovers ever since, though not a soul has ever known about