- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jeff's night
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

Jeff couldn't believe he was this late. his mom was gonna kill him.
she had told him to be home by eleven, and here it was a little after
one in the morning and he was just dragging his 16 year old ass home.
the party had been great but the chicks had all been cock teasers. now,
not only did Jeff have a wicked buzz, he had a bad case of blue balls
also. as he stumbled in through the garage, Jeff quietly snuck in
through the kitchen door. after easing the door shut .... Jeff
FROZE.... and listened!
the house was completely dark. whew, thought Jeff as he said a silent
prayer to himself, his mom had turned in already. now, if he could just
get to his room without waking her .... he'd deal with the lies in the
as Jeff slowly and carefully started up the stairs, glad that his mom
had decided to carpet them last year, he saw the door to his mom's room
slightly ajar with the unmistakable "hue" of the TV light shining into
the hallway.
shit, Jeff said under his breath, now I gotta find a way to slip by her
door without being detected. ok...slowly and quietly... please
god...let her be asleep, thought Jeff.
as he made his way closer and closer to his mom's door, Jeff was
thankful the TV in her room faced her door. that way, she couldn't see
out into the hallway unless she noticed his reflection in the mirror.
lucky for him the door was only open about 2 inches.
piece a cake, thought Jeff as he peered into his mom's room. just as he
was to make it past undetected, Jeff glanced into his mom's room and
beheld a site that stopped him in his tracks and caused his 16 year old
cock to spring to attention. with his mouth wide open Jeff gazed at the
action on the TV screen.
the video tape boxes on top of the TV stand were definitely NOT from
Blockbuster ... and neither was the tape currently playing. the screen
showed an older woman slowly sliding her pussy up and down the cock
shaft of what appeared to be a young boy about Jeff's age. the
actresses tits were huge and all but smothered the young stud.
with his cock all the way hard now .... Jeff peered further into his
mom's room to see if she was in fact awake and watching what he was.
the room was dark, but Jeff could make out the sleeping outline of his
mom on the bed. the empty vodka bottle on the nightstand told the
story. his mom's snoring was soft, but deliberate and her breathing was
heavy and deep. she was completely naked, sleeping on her back and
sound asleep.
Jeff couldn't believe his eyes. his mom had apparently rented the
X-rated movies, drunk herself into a stupor and passed-out before the
videos were over. with one leg slightly bent, and the pillow slightly
covering her face, Jeff took in her naked form. her tits were large and
looked soft with huge thick nipples. he could see the downy patch of
pussy hair and from the reflection in the mirror, her pussy was still
very wet. the tell-tale sign of the dildo still laying between her legs
told the story. with a bad case of blue balls still lingering in his
loins, and the action on the video screen coupled with his mom's naked
form passed out on the bed.... there was no way Jeff was gonna pass up
this opportunity.
carefully pushing the door open, Jeff slid down on the floor and
gradually crawled his way over to the base of his mom's bed, never
taking his eyes off the TV screen. the kid on the movie was in the
process of shooting his load deep into the pussy of the old gal he was
fucking. she at the same time was announcing to the world that she was
cumming. her hips pumped furiously up and down and her pussy made a
loud wet smacking sound as she came all over the young stud's cock.
Jeff slowly peeled his shorts off and deposited them right near the door
in case a rapid exit was in order. he always wanted to see his mom
naked and jerked off many nights dreaming about his mom's body. now up
close, he saw WHY!!!
she was gorgeous!  with one hand slowly pumping his hot hard cock, Jeff
slowly peered over the top of the mattress at his mom's unconscious
sleeping form. he just HAD to touch her. to feel those incredible tits
and that wet pussy was too much to take. the smell of pussy was all
around her and Jeff's excitement was too much to take.
as he knelt on the floor, Jeff began to slowly snake his hand towards
his mom's tits. as he got closer to making contact with the flesh, he
could feel the heat radiating from her body. god she must of been
really fucking herself with that dildo. as his hand made contact with
her tit, Jeff almost shot his load all over the side of the bed. he
slid his hand up and began to tweak and pull the nipple on his mom's
tit. softly at first, then bolder when it appeared she wasn't going to
wake up. the nipple immediately rose to the occasion and got rock
hard. it was almost the size of a dime stuck up almost an inch.
shit, Jeff thought... I wanna suck on it. I gotta see what it tastes
like. without another thought, Jeff leaned over and placed the tip of
his tongue on his mom's nipple. working in circular motions, Jeff
brought the brown bud to it's full thickness. when there was still no
response from his mom, Jeff became bolder and started squeezing and
kneading his mom's tit while he sucked her nipple. his cock was resting
against her hand and he could have sworn he felt her start to close her
shaking with lust...Jeff decided it was all or none. leaving her tits
behind, he slowly slid down her body to her wet pussy. the smell was
intoxicating and for the second time Jeff almost shot his load. Jeff
positioned himself between his mom's legs and gently lifted the still
wet dildo to her pussy lips. her legs spread automatically and Jeff
went stone still.
please god... don't let her wake up now.
when his mom resumed her rhythmic breathing, Jeff slowly placed the tip
of the dildo against her wet pussy lips. gently he slid the dildo
inside her pussy and began to slide the rubber cock in and out. her
hips began to move involuntarily and her pussy became wetter and
wetter. Jeff raised himself up on his knees so he could manipulate his
hardon at the same time he fucked his sleeping mom with her dildo.
her breathing became ragged and wet and soft moans began to emanate from
her throat. Jeff knew he was gonna make her cum any minute, but so far
she appeared to be so passed out she wouldn't even know it as anything
except a dream.
that's when the idea hit him!
if he could use this dildo and get away with it...why not his own
cock!?  taking the dildo out, Jeff slid further between his mom's legs
and placed the tip of his cock against her very wet pussy lips. they
flowered open and Jeff slipped his cock inside his mom's pussy with one
fell swoop. in less than a second he was deep inside her hot pussy.
his 16 year old body couldn't take it and he lost all control. as Jeff
began to fuck his mom's pussy, his strokes became bolder and his thrusts
harder and faster. it was obvious she was totally wasted and wasn't
going to wake up, so Jeff took complete advantage. her legs spread
wider and wider and her moans got louder and louder. Jeff was too far
gone to stop and began to slam his cock in and out of his mom's pussy.
Jeff felt his mom's pussy squeeze his cock and he blew his load without
knowing it was cumming. his cock squirted full dripping loads of cum
inside her pussy. at the same time he felt her shudder, then her body
go totally stiff. she was cumming in her sleep and the site was a
wonder to behold.
Jeff could have sworn he heard her whisper .... cccuuuummmmming, I'm