- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Masturbating about mom
[Author] momlover
[Type] Mother/son

Mom's voice found its way up the stirs from the kitchen and into my room.  I
closed my book and headed to the top of the stairs.  It was about 10:00 PM on
Friday night.

"Yeah?" I hollered down.
"Could you come down here for a minute, please."
"Sure" I replied heading down the stairs.

Mom was standing by the front door, putting on her coat.  Dad had already
started the car and was waiting in the driveway.

"We're leaving for your Grandmother's now.  I left twenty bucks for you on the
kitchen table.  Behave yourself, and we'll see you Sunday morning."
"OK, Mom.  Have fun and tell Grandma 'Hi' for me."
"OK...now behave," Mom said as she leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on
the mouth.  Oh, how I wanted to ram my tongue into her mouth and take her
right there in the doorway.

I gave her a very quick hug, not wanting to her to feel my rising erection,
and watched her ripe bottom sway as she walked to the car.  I closed the front
door, locked it, and leaned back with a sigh, listening to them drive off.

Mom was no model, in fact she was quite average looking, but she was my Mom.
And, I wanted her.  Badly!

I let my favorite mental picture of her drift through my mind as my cock grew
stiffer.  She had left the bathroom, heading to their room, and for a moment
she stood out as the light in the bathroom illuminated her.  Before she
flicked off the light, the mental image had burned itself into my mind.  I
stood on the dark staircase after her door closed and masturbated right there,
spreading hot cum all over the front of my jeans.

Mom's hair was up, her curly black tresses pinned over her ears.  She had
applied plenty of makeup and looked years younger than her age of 40.  In
fact, in the dim light she could have passed for 20, even younger.

She wore a loose purple baby-doll, slit up the sides.  Her toenails were
painted red, her calves were slim, but her thighs were chunky.  She didn't
work out, so her age settled on her, but those fleshy thighs were all the more
inviting since they were real, and not some air brushed photo in a magazine.

The baby-doll had only thin straps over her shoulders and the meaty flesh of
her upper arm was begging for my hands to grasp, squeeze, press my face into,
and nibble.  The straps spread out lower in the front, split to show the tops
of her breasts.  She had the back pulled down, so the front was high on her
breasts, but I knew that with gentle tugging, her boobs would be free to suck
and nibble.

Since she was a little on the heavy side, and had a larger frame than most
women in magazines, her breasts were nicely sized.  36 C in fact...I had
checked many times.  In the baby-doll, her breasts were not supported, so they
pointed down.  I could tell because she must have been excited thinking about
tonight's play with Dad...her nipples were puffy outlines in the silky

Mom's stomach pouched out, and there was a small roll of flesh.  Instead of
being turned off by her not having a flat tummy, I desired to push my face
into her stomach, surround my senses with her flesh, to squeeze and grab it,
to rub my cock on her and fill her belly button with my cum.

The baby doll barely covered her waist.  It went down just about 4 inches past
her belly button.  It didn't look odd because from directly below her breasts,
it started to flare out into a skirt.  The skirt part was slit up the side,
and I could see purple panties underneath.

Dad was in for some fun that night!

The scene lasted no more than a few seconds, I guess she thought I was still
watching television and didn't need her robe.  Then the light was out, the
door to her room open, a brief silhouette, then darkness.

I just stood there rubbing the crotch of my jeans, imagining it was my room
she was coming toward.  I shot a gush of hot semen in my pants right there on
the stairs, then went to my room.

When I was rock hard from my memory, and sure they weren't returning I made my
plans.  My record for one weekend had been 8 jerk-off sessions between Friday
afternoon and Sunday evening.  This was a much shorter break, so I set my goal
at 4. One tonight and 3 tomorrow, and maybe an extra Sunday morning if I have

It was rather late, and I had a long day, so I figured tonight's would be
quick.  I was almost asleep when they left, and the only reason I stayed awake
was to be able to masturbate about Mom on her bed.

I bounded up the stairs, stopped at my room and grabbed my trusty rabbit pelt.
 I had it since I was 7 or 8, but only in the last few years had I put it to
good use.  I quick reach into the back of my shirt drawer for one of my
pleasure shirts, and I was off to their room.

Fortunately, Mom wasn't the best of housekeepers, so their bed wasn't made.
If it were, I'd have to go through the whole trouble of remaking it in just
her way Sunday morning.  Now I could use it and leave it the mess it was.

I opened Mom's underwear drawer and felt through everything, pressing the
slick material up to my face, picturing Mom rubbing her panty covered pussy
over my mouth and nose while I fumbled to pull them aside so my tongue could
sink deep into her.

I left that drawer open and reached for her drawer of bras.  All colors were
there, some cotton, some silky, a push-up or two with extra padding.  Again,
my mind's eye saw a boob filled bra coming right to my mouth with Mom softly
urging me to suck and fondle.

Finally, leaving that one open as well, I pulled out her lingerie drawer.  I
scooped out a handful of lingerie and held it to my face, drowning my senses
in it.  All these outfits: baby-dolls, teddies, bras with the nipples removed,
crotchless panties, leather, satin, her vibrator, feathers . . . all things

By now my cock was straining for release, and I was horny as hell.

I replace the lingerie, but I had plans for it in the morning, and shove all
the blankets onto Dad's side of the bed.  I sat on Mom's side and smelled the
pillow and her sheets.  Mom's scent along with her perfume lingered.  I closed
my eyes and pictured her there with me.

Mom stood before me, wearing her robe and nothing else.  Her robe was open
displaying all her flesh for my hungry eyes to devour.  She told me that it
was unfair for her to be naked, and taking the rabbit fur into my hand, I
undressed.  To my mind, the fur was her soft hand, stroking me and touching
me, gently removing my shirt.

Her warm hand pushed me back and traveled my chest.  The soft fur around my
nipples was really her warm breath, her cheek, anything but my hand.  I took
the claw of the rabbit - the guy who tanned it accidentally left if attached.
To me, it was Mom's deeply painted red nails tracing patters over my, teasing
my nipples, scratching my chest.

Mom told me to remove my pants, so I fumbled them of, taking off my underwear
at the same time.  I kicked them to the floor and lay back once again.  Mom's
hand move lower, over my hips and to my cock.

I grasped myself with the pelt around me and started working up and down,
moving around to my balls and the skin below.  Mom's hand explored, fondled,
and touched.  I just barely rubbed the fur on my cock and Mom's hot breath was
blowing, her lips gently brushing my staff.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming, so I pulled Mom onto the bed.  I
lay out my T-shirt and put the skin on it, and maneuvered myself so the at
full thrust, the head of my cock thrust over the skin, but sill onto the
shirt.  I was quite practiced at this.

I pulled Mom's pillow close and I started humping.  Mom's pussy surrounded me
as my cock slid over the soft fur.  I pressed hard and listened as Mom told me
how much she loved me, her little boy.  Mom's hands grasped me and pulled me
tight.  My semen burst out, shooting up the T-shirt.  I rolled to the side and
squeezed out the last of my cum and wadded up the shirt.  I tossed it and the
skin to the door.  I reached over the side of the bed, grabbed Mom's robe and
snuggled it, turning off the lamp and drifting to sleep.

The next morning I awoke about ten or so.  I thought for a moment about my
plan for the day, how I wanted to cum, what fantasies I would use, things like

I decided on my first for the day and headed to the bathroom.  In the hamper I
found a pair of Mom's panties and a bra.  I took them into the shower with me.
 I started with the water just slightly warm, since I planned on being in here
for a while.  I didn't have much to worry about, Mom had needled Dad into
getting a new hot water heater last year, and it was huge.  Meant for a
three-family triplex, I could shower all day and not run out of hot water.

I quickly took care of the business of washing myself and my hair.  I then
filled my hands with Mom's bath gel, foamed it up and closed my eyes.

Mom walked into the bathroom early that morning.  I was still in the shower.
It was a Saturday and Dad was already at the golf course.  The shower faced
away from the toilet, and Mom told me not to worry, she just had to pee.  She
promised not to flush.

I started to get hard picturing Mom sitting on the can with her legs apart,
her dark, curly bush exposed.  I pictured myself stepping out and just
grabbing her thighs and pulling my face deep into her crotch, licking and
sucking her pussy until she came all over my face.  My lathered hand stated
working its way down my chest to my cock.

I heard Mom wipe and jiggle the handle as she started to flush.  I yelled for
her to stop, but I was too late.  The water became scalding and I jumped to
the edge of the tub and aimed the shower head down.  Mom rushed over.

"I'm sorry, Honey.  It was just habit.  Are you ok?"
"Yeah, just a little burned."

Mom dropped her robe, she was wearing just a bra and panties and stepped into
the shower.

"Ma?!?  What are you doing?"
"Relax, if a Mom can't step into the shower with her son . . ."

She didn't get a chance to finish as her eyes glimpsed down at my erection.  I
quickly turned my back to her.
"Well, the least I can do is to wash your back for you." Mom said as she
reached over my and returned the water jet to us.  I felt her skin touch mine
and shuddered.
"Just let me get warm, Hon," Mom said, pulling me around and getting herself
under the stream.  I still had my back to her as her soapy hands began
washing.  She did my back and my butt, then moved her hands around me to my
chest.  "Turn around, Son." She commanded.

I did and my raging cock slapped her thigh.
"Is that for me?  Are you hard for your old ma?" she teased.
I blushed and looked sheepishly down.
Mom reached for my chin and tilted my head up.
"Don't worry Baby," she whispered.  "You Dad likes to read Family-type letters
magazines and pretend that I'm his daughter."
I looked at her, eyes wide.
Mom caught me expression.  "Don't worry, it's all in fun.  But, there are
stories in there about Moms and their Sons that get me, well. . . you know,
um, horny."
"You get horny thinking about me?" I asked astonished.  This was a fantasy
turned true.
"Yes, Baby.  Mommy gets turned on by her son."

With that, she leaned in and kissed me deeply.  I took the wet bra I brought
in with me and pressed it to my chest, feeling Mom's body filling it.  My
soapy hand went to my cock as she started to slowly stroke it.

"This is. . . OK with you isn't it?  I mean if you want me to stop. . . "
"God No, Mom.  I've dreamed of this for years. Please...umm, Baby wants his
I must have used the right phrase because she grabbed my head and jammed it to
her breast.
I pressed Mom's wet bra to my mouth, sucking the water from it as my mind felt
her nipple in it, hard and soft.

I was getting close to cumming and had to hurry my fantasy.  Eyes still closed
like they were from the beginning, I knelt in the tub and pressed the panties
I brought to my face, rubbing the warm, wet material all over and around my
cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes, ears, and lips.

I had Mom's hips grasped in my hands and was nuzzling her crotch.  She moaned
as I pressed my nose in and then started rubbing my entire face against her.
Then I started sucking.

Water cascaded around my face as I titled my face upward, wadding the panties
and sucking the hot water from them.

Mom pressed into me and I tasted her and the water together.  I slurped and
sucked until she quivered and leaned back to the wall.  I just knelt there
between her legs, worshiping her skin and thighs while she recovered.

Mom pulled me up and we kissed.  Our tongues dances like the water off our
skin, her hand was stroking me, pulling my cock, jerking me.

We turned around and I leaned against the wall as Mom knelt to me.

I refilled my hand with shower gel and lathered it all over my cock.  My hand
was Mom's mouth as she took me in slowly, her hot warm mouth touching all the
nerves in my cock.  Water sheeted off her hair, splaying it into a fan on her
back.  I watched as my cock disappeared and emerged from Mom's mouth.  Her
tongue swirled around the tip, her finger circled my ass, tracing the skin
between my balls and ass.

One hand stroking, the other moved up to my nipple as Mom reached up to fondle
me.  I grunted as I neared orgasm.

Mom pulled back and used both hands on my cock.
"Oh Baby, cum on Mommy, cum in Mommy's mouth, shoot your hot semen on m!"
My cock jerked and I watched Mom aim the first jet into her mouth.  She closed
her lips on my cum as a second spurt smacked her closed mouth, and third
landed on her cheek.

Finished, I leaned back and watched Mom rub my cum all over her face and the
smile of pleasure as she swallowed what was in her mouth.

By now my legs were quite weak and I sat down in the tub, watching my ropy
whit cum float toward the drain, and watched as it swirled away.  I stood on
shaky legs, rinsed all the soap from my cock and a little cum from my hand,
turned off the shower and stepped out.

I wanted to wait a bit before my next one, give myself time to make it a great
one.  I fixed some breakfast and watched some stupid movie on television.  I
turned it off about halfway through and went to the computer.  I switched on
and read some e-mail from my friends and tried to access the incest pictures.
Damn NetPatrol!  I checked the crack and warez groups to see if anyone was
successful in finding a way around it, but there was nothing.

I went to my room and opened my desk.  In the back of one drawer was a stack
of magazines I had found on a newspaper drive.  I had ditched them in some
bushes when I found them, then went back to collect them the next day.  There
were also some pictures of the family, including a great shot of Mom from the
next up.  I pocketed the picture, headed out, grabbed the twenty off the
table, and rode my bike over to Kinkys Kopys.

I took a self-serve counter from the table and headed to the color copier.  I
enlarged the picture, shrunk it, made normal copies until I had about 10 good
head and face sizes.  I cut these out, pasted them onto a white sheet (using
the materials so thoughtfully provided), and made a master sheet.  Then, I
made about 30 copies of that.

Paid my bill, $7.50, stopped at the store for some frozen munchies, and back

Up in my room, I carefully cut out each face from the sheets and then pulled
out my stack of magazines.  There were about fifteen of them, most of them
Women Over 40, and a few Barely Legal types.

I took out my glue stick and looked for women whose bodies resembled Mom's.
Over these, I pasted Mom's face.  A few looked very real.  I did some to the
younger women, but I just couldn't picture Mom that young or in shape.  I
peeled off the faces from those and set them aside for Dave.  We often traded
dirty magazines, ones he'd find for mine.  It worked out great since he liked
girls just a few years older than himself, and I liked them much older.
Finally finished, I slowly turned the pages, picturing Mom as each girl, and
me about to walk into the room.  I started to stiffen and was ready for my
second cum of the day.

This time I took my body-pillow into my parent's room.  Mom bought it for me
last year when I was having some back problems, but I've found it great for
other problems as well.

I reached under my bed, into the spring area for my two hidden treasures.  One
bra with the straps cut off, and a pair of panties with  the crotch cut across
the bottom seam.  Fortunately, Mom taught me a few sewing tricks, she was
tired of sewing buttons.

I took my treasures to Mom's side of the bed and got it ready.  I looped the
bra around one end of the pillow and stuffed it with her socks.  I pulled the
panties up the pillow and lipped the crotch through a little slit I had made -
sort of like a long button hole.  In the back, I safety-pinned the crotch back

I went to her lingerie drawer and looks for something soft and smooth.  She
had a spandex-looking piece that covered the top, but opened at the bottom.
There was supposed to be a crotch on it, but Mom had removed it and but
elastic around the skirt-part.  It looked a little like a dance tutu, but the
skirt was less frilly and was tight enough to hug her hips.  And it was a deep

I slipped the outfit over the pillow and looked at it.  Not bad.  It would
serve...just one more thing.  I took Mom's favorite perfume off her vanity and
dabbed just the lightest bit on the pillow near the top, the "breasts" and the
crotch.  I replaced the bottle and was ready.  Now, All I needed was a
fantasy.  I gazed at the pillow, picturing Mom in that outfit and what she'd
be doing. . .

I closed the curtains and turned off the light.  The room was dark, and with
my eyes closed it was close enough to night to work.  I lay back on Mom's
side, head on her pillow, my toy on the bed next to me.

Mom and Dad were at a party.  It was midnight when they returned.  I often
slept in their bed when they were out, it was larger than mine.  Mom opened
the door and stood there with the light of the hall behind her.  I opened my
eyes and peeked at her, my cock stirring below the blankets.  I closed my eyes
and pretended I was asleep, but she saw through me.
"Don't bother getting up, you may as well stay here tonight."  She sounded
"What about Dad?" I asked yawning.
"Your father had a bit too much to drink and passed out on the couch in his
den.  Looks like it's just you and me tonight, Kid."

I got a little harder placing her word into my context, and hoped she'd fall
asleep quickly so I could innocently touch her arm while I jerked off next to
her.  That thought made my cock twitch just as she turned on the bed-side
lamp.  It looked like a fish catching a fly and dropping back into the water.

"What do you think of this outfit?" Mom asked, wearing what I had put on the
pillow.  "Your father says it makes me look too sluttish, but I like it."

"I, uhh, think it, umm, looks great Mom.  It really flatters you.  Makes you
look younger."

As soon as I said that, I knew I screwed up.

"Younger, Huh!!  I'll show you younger you little squeak!"

Mom bounded into the bed and started wrestling me, trying to tickle me.
I pulled the pillow close and started rolling with it as Mom and I wrestles,
kicking sheets, trying to tickle and innocently grabbing.  I know I got one
great breast feel.  Before long, Mom had me on my back, arms pinned and was
straddling me.  It was then that she realized I had no underpants.

My cock was rock-hard from all the contact and her crotch was radiating heat
as it sat over me, pressed into me.  I couldn't help but start thrusting.  Mom
started to get up, but I grabbed hips and held her down.  She could have
easily broken away, but she didn't.  I pushed and thrust, and Mom started
rocking.  I grunted and came, my semen shooting up my stomach.  Mom watched,
fascinated as my white goo slid up my chest and settled into strands.

I hadn't really cum, but it was part of the fantasy, and with the pillow
pressed hard to my cock, the stretchy material against me, I was close.  I
pushed my self down and pulled the crotch to my face.

Mom had a puzzled look on her face and I knew it was now or never.  With my
hands still on her hips, I bucked her up and pulled myself down the bed hard.
Before she could do anything, I had the white, smooth material of her panties
on my face.  I ripped them aside and started sucking and lapping.

"No...no this isn't right.  Your father would...oh...please..no.."
"If you don't want it, Ma," I mumbled up to her, "then get off my face...get
off the face of your son who is licking the pussy he came from...you son who
wants to fuck you."  I stopped talking and use my mouth for better purposes.

"Tommy, please, we...Oh god...my clit...higher...ahhh...yes.  Oh baby...lick
me, eat out Mom."

I knew I'd get her that way.  I started slobbering and licking her, sucking
her pussy, feeling her moistness.

"In me...I want you in me...oh baby...fuck Mommy...."

I slid the pillow down, my hot saliva was not her wet pussy juice as I ground
the pillow into me with one hand, and pushing it back, rubbed the bra with the

Mom pulled me up and straddled my hips.  All of a sudden I was surrounded by
heat and wet.  Mom pressed hard onto my cock, pushing and rocking.  My hands
slipped up to her breasts and started squeezing and rubbing.

Mom's hands covered mine and together we rubbed her, fondled her.  Mom pulled
down the front of her top and slipped a breast out of its cup.

"Oh baby, suck Mamma's tits, like you were a baby.  Drink me...oh God!"

Mom jammed her nipple deep into my mouth as I thrust up harder and harder,
getting ready to cum.

My mouth was around the bra, the sock pushing out the cup deep between my
lips.  Both hands were grinding the pillow down.  The soft crotch, wet with my
spit was rubbing me closer and closer until...
I flung the pillow away as my jets of cum sprayed my chest.  The semen was
thinner, spraying further than this morning as my hips clenched.

"Oh Mom...I'm cumming, gonna cum in Mommy's pussy.."
"Shit yes...fuck Mommy, cum in me I'mmm..."

We came together.  Afterwards she kept rocking on me until her face lowered to
my chest and we fell asleep together.

After a short rest I cleaned up everything.  Replaced the stuff in Mom's
drawers, made sure they were closed, put her socks back, and went to my room.
I had wiped off the cum, but it was still stick y on my stomach.  I took all
the stuff off my pillow and hid them back under my bed.  The pillow, oh Darn,
still had the scent of Mom's perfume.  A quick shower took care of my chest.
When finished, I played some games on the computer, resting my cock and
working on my next fantasy.

For the third on one day, it had to be pretty nasty.  I spent the afternoon
pondering, trying to recall my favorite ones.  I ate dinner about 7:00 and
finally at 8:00 went up to my room.  I first checked their room to make sure I
left no traces of my activities.  I didn't use her bed tonight in case I fell
asleep and slept too late and they found me there in the morning, cum coated
and smiling.

I checked my desk to make sure I had everything I'd need.

I took a sandwich bag, triple bagged it so it wouldn't leak, then filled it
about half way with hand lotion - instant pussy.  I set it aside, undressed,
grabbed a towel and a T-shirt and lay back in bed.

Mom was in the kitchen.  It was summer and Dad was away for a meeting (pretty
convenient of him to take off for all my fantasies).  We had the weekend
together.  Mom was making a loaf of bread, kneading the dough.  As she pressed
into the dough her hips raised and fell, wiggled from side to side.  I stood
and watched fascinated.

I walked up behind her and pressed my palms into her ass, squeezing gently.
She cooed and told me to continue.  I moved closer and dropped my pants,
lifting her skirt and rubbing my cock up and down her crack, over her silky

Nah...wasn't getting me hard enough

I was studying at my desk and glanced out into the back yard.  Mom was sunning
herself.  As I watched, she reached for the oil and spread some on her legs.
Her hands moved slowly up her leg, and pack down, massaging and oiling.  Then
she poured oil on her stomach, both of us watching it pool, then her fingers
started tracing it around.  She drew some to her arms and back down, her neck,
but the part I was waiting for, her breasts, was taking a long time.  In fact,
it seemed she was avoiding them.

Finally, her oil covered hands covered her breasts.  But she spent more time
than needed just to put lotion on.  Wait, she's leaning up and...untying her

The yard was surrounded by tall hedges, so the neighbors couldn't see, and I
guess she just hoped I wasn't looking.

She started to pull on her breasts, and rubbing and smooshing them down.  Her
pale skin glistened with oil as she circled her nipples.  I spent about ten
minutes stroking my slow growing cock, my mind watching her fondle her

Her hands started moving lower.  She spread more oil on her tummy and both
hands pushed downward, rolling the fat a little, creeping toward the bottom
piece of her bikini.  Her fingers slipped under the material.  Her hands
started working up and down, wiggling faster.  One hand reappeared to cup her
breasts, her head back, eyes closed.  She started to shake, hips thrusting and
across her lips formed a word...my name.

My cock was already out and in my hand, so I kicked off my pants and ran out
to the yard.

My hand was stroking my hard cock faster, but I knew orgasm was a long way

In the yard, Mom was still on her back, lazily circling her nipples with a
finger, eyes still closed.  I crept closer, positioned myself and started to
lean over her.  My shadow crossed her eyes.
"I want you, too, Mom!" I said as I lay atop her and started thrusting up and
down, humping Mom.
Mom held me there, pulling my hips down hard to the bottom of her bikini.
"Oh baby, I was hoping you were watching, but Mommy has to pee first."
"Need help?" I asked, expecting her laughter.
Instead, Mom took me by the cock and lead me to the bathroom.  Instead of the
toilet, she opened the shower door and stepped in.

"Come to Mamma, little Man," Mom beckoned.
I slowly entered the tub and her hands were on my shoulders, pressing me down.
 I knelt in front of Mom.
"Son, lick me...lick your Mom's pussy."
I reached up to pull the material aside and she stopped me.
"Through my bottoms...through them," she groaned.

I leaned forward and started lapping at Mom's crotch.  The material felt rough
against my tongue, but soon it became wet, and hot, and I could taste her,
Mom tasted just like I thought she would, like the sent of her used panties

I pulled my face in tighter and inhaled deeply, then set my mouth back to

"Yes, that's it...just a little more...now I can...ahhhh"

Mom released as a hot flood rained around me.  I should have been disgusted,
but I was too horny.

My cock in my hand jumped as the image of Mom pissing on me filtered in.  I
hadn't known I wanted it, but now I had to add it to my fantasy list.

I ripped down Mom's panties and started sucking her pussy.  She let another
spurt out and I closed my lips and felt it run all over my face and neck.  As
soon as she finished, I licked her clean and kept pressing in harder and
sucking.  Soon Mom was against the wall, pressed up and back, pinned by my
mouth at her pussy.

Mom squealed and came, covering me in a different liquid, but still wonderful.

I pressed Mom down and had her start sucking me.

I really didn't need it to cum, but it fit great into the fantasy.  While she
sucked me, I got the baggy ready.

Mom slowly slid her tongue around my cock, licking and sucking.  She swirled
the tip around my head, then ran her wet lips up and down my shaft.  She
bobbed back and forth, her cheeks sucked in as she fed herself from me.
Before long, I could take no more and pulled her up.

We ran to my bedroom and she flung herself onto my bed, motioned for me to
enter her spread legs.

I climbed atop Mom and thrust deep inside her.

The baggy slipped around my cock, and I was enveloped in the warm goo.  I
fisted it back and forth as Mom let me ride her...pound her.

I thrust deep and hard, but couldn't cum...I was close, but not far enough...I
needed it dirtier.

The baggy burst, and my mind saw Mom reach for my bottle of lotion and smear
it all over herself.

Mom covered herself in the slippery lotion and pushed me out of her pussy.
"You can't cum in me, I'm not ready. . ."

My cock slid between her thighs and the slick flesh embraced me.  I moved up
to her tummy, then titfucked her, watching the lust in her eyes.

My hands were busy smearing lotion over my chest and nipples, still fisting my
cock, closer and closer.

Mom rolled over and presented her ass to me.  I had not interest in anal sex,
but I slipped my cock between her cheeks and squeezed.  I worked back and
forth, feeling my cum boiling up.

My hand was a blur on my cock, pulling and squeezing until I hot jet of cum
shot out.  It was almost like water and hit me in the chin.  That was all I
had in me.

I pressed Mom's cheeks around my cock and bore down, putting all my weight
into hit.  A jet of my cum squirted up her back and onto her shoulder.  Mom
reached around and scooped it with a finger and into her mouth.  She smiled as
she sucked it and lay back, grinning at me, pulling me into her arms.

I lay back, toweled myself off and looked at the clock. 10:00.  Not bad, a two
hour fantasy.

I lay back and drifted to sleep, waking in the morning to the sound of the
garage door closing.  Nope, wouldn't have time for another.  Maybe sometime
I'll let Mom catch me... maybe I will have time for another quick one.