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[Story Name] my mom, my wife
[Author] Diablo
[Type] Mother/son

I feel that my story has to be told.

It was summer vacation and I had to stay home and watch Jake. It had been six years since mom and dad had a divorce. Jake, my younger brother, barely even knew what it meant to have a father. After dad left I became very close to mom and it almost seemed that I was filling dad's place. I had been running the house the whole summer. It all started when I was about thirteen late one night. I can't explain why all this happened but I'm glad it did. I wasn't the sexual experienced person and never got any, especial with my mother but, late one night after Jake and I cleaning the house and went to bed. I settle in my bed wondering what it was going feel like when I get my first piece of ass. I lay there in bed and pictured a faceless woman that let me examine her body and the various positions that we could do. Suddenly I heard mom step in the house coming from work. She started her way back to check up on Jake and I. First, she went into Jake's room then she came into mine slowly not to wake me she crept in. She sat beside me on the bed and started to talk quietly.   "You are getting so big. Your going to be the man your father never was."

  Then slowly she bent down and kissed me. Until then I had never thought of my mom in a sexual way, but after smelling her perfume and getting a kiss I was in heaven. I now had a face to my fantasies, my mom. It felt so weird but it felt so good. I had imagined my mother and me every night, it had been days since that night, and my hornyness was growing. I had to get a peek at her nude body. She came home night later and checked in on my brother and me. Then she went to get in the shower. I hopped out of bed to peep in on her. I crept to the door that was slightly cracked and looked in. She had just got her jeans off and her panties were next. She bent over and removed her white panties. As she bent, I looked right at her ass. A beautiful sight! She had no pubic hair and bubble cheeks that spread to reveal her tight asshole puckered so snugly. She stepped into the shower and then suddenly looked to the cracked door with surprise. I knew I had been busted so I ran back to my room with my penis as hard as steel and pretended to sleep. Mom finished her shower and started back. Her soapy clean smell filled our small apartment. I knew she was going to say something to me so I was going to pretend to be sleeping. She knocked softly and came in. In her wet towels she sat beside me on the bed. I wasn't facing her and she spoke softly saying, "I didn't realize I had that you felt this way toward me. I'm not mad. If you want to look at me in the shower, I don't mind. If you want to ask me anything, don't be ashamed." With that I turned to her and asked if she could tell me what sex was like. She reached to my night-light and turned it on revealing her covered mound and perky tits. She spoke softly "I'm going to not only tell you about it but I'll show you."

  My heart dropped and my shlong hardened. She said "Get your boxers off and lets see that cock of yours." Being only thirteen I wasn't secure with this but I did as she asked.

I got out from under my sheets and pulled my boxers off unleashing my soldier at attention. Surprised she looked at my penis and complemented me on my size. She let a little breath out in astonishment. Quickly she took her towels off and my eyes targeted her bald pussy barely even looking at her firm breasts. She asked if I like what I saw. I answered with a nod. Being that I was in awe. I said "Mom you have the cutest pussy. And to think that's where I came from." Getting back on the bed she spread her legs and asked if I would like to eat her pussy. I asked my self how I was going to do this. So she guided my head to her lips and French kissed me for a while, seeing the confused look on my face. "Do it like that" she said "I'll tell you when you're doing it right." She then pushed my head to her cunt and I sucked that pungent pussy for a good fifteen minutes, she later said she came two times. "Now I want you to fuck your mommy." Lifting my head out of her sopping puss I looked down at my precum glazed cock and then down to her cunt. Trying to fully take in what was going to happen. Fuck my mom. My mother smiled and opened her legs wide and said in a nasty voice. "Fuck me hard!" I popped my dick in her hole in one motion. She gasped as I shoved in. I split her unused pussy and made mom squirm. Her pussy was wet and surprisingly tight for her age.

She yelled "Come back into mommy baby!"

Shaking the bed and making a ton of noise in minutes I was about to unload and I had no idea what was happening. My prick burst and flooded her womb. I told her what had happened and she smiled and said. "You just came in your mommy." Not wanting to quit I asked about her butt and if she liked that kind of thing. She didn't say anything but bent over and spread her ass and told me in an instructive tone. "Lick my ass and get it good and wet before you stick it in."

Wow! I bent down and smelled my mother's butt, it was strong but clean and like her pussy shaven. I spit and lubed that asshole up. When I felt that her tight sphincter was ready a made my way up with my dick. Slowly I set the belly of my dick on her ass, put my hand on top of my dick, and pushed it in. "Slowly" she said with a quick intake of breath. After a few ins and outs I made it the whole way in. I mounted mom and hugged her backside.

I was inside my mother ass and I loved it. As I slowly penetrated my mom's intestines I reached around and massaged her tight tits. I had to have come three times inside my mom's guts that night. She liked anal sex and I gave it to her. Mom and I are lovers now and even let Jake into our fuck sessions. I found out a month later that mom was pregnant by me and subsequently we had Julie a healthy girl. I am the dad of the house now. Jake and I told the ousted dad never to come around anymore. We are a close incestuous family. Mother and I got married when I turned eighteen. I have since gotten a job after graduating. Now I go to college, work, then I come home and fuck my mother-wife.