- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mom's aren't that stupid
[Author] mKarl
[Type] Mother/son

I really fucked her… Holy shit, I'm a real mother-fucker. I wanted it for so long. It was to die for. I never cummed so much. Fucking is so cool. I thought it was rape but it wasn't.

Mom never took the drugs. She faked everything. MOM WANTED IT. Ohmygod. She knew I was going to rape her and she let me. She let me bite her tits. She let me put my cock in her mouth… and cunt. I was trying to knock her up but she says she will not allow that.

Ohmygod. She knew everything. She found my secret plan on the computer. I was so stupid to leave it but I never knew she was smart enough to look in my hidden files. I should never had planned the rape where she could find it. Mom could have told dad or gone even to the police.

I never knew she was going to be the slut. I see mom go to church every Sunday and I think she is perfect. Even though every kid says she is the best mom in the whole school, I thought she never new what cock-teasing she did to us. It fries my brain now if daddy knows I rap… fucked mom.

I planned everything so perfect and it went even better. I started to think of how to rape my mom when I was just little. I loved all the time to imagine I could pee in her mouth if she was to try to teach me how to aim my cock sometime when I peed all over the floor. I liked when she cleaned it up so dirty and yucky, but no luck to get her by the toilet for me.

I tried to get chloroform and wait for mommy sometime and put in on her face like on the wrestling shows where it makes the person all passed out, but I could never get any. It made my cock hard all the time to think about fucking my pretty mom but I was too scared of dad.

The only way could be if dad was not to know. I needed to make mom forget everything and then I saw the date rape drugs. They are so wonderful. They make the girl so confused and she falls asleep sometimes, and sometimes she does not remember anything. I never could figure out why just in bars the drugs were used with college girls, unless most mom's in homes never know what is done to them.

The GHB is so easy to buy. It is not even illegal in lots of countries. It is dangerous though and should never be used [except in fantasies] [Please have respect for human decency and reserve these impulses to role-play and/or fantasy]

I got the GHB and studied it on the computer. It said mom might sleep for a couple days and if I gave her enough she would never remember except being sick. I had to wait to the perfect time when dad was going to a week hunting trip. I arranged to spend the weekend at my friends house if he could get pictures of mom's cunt. Mom would think she was alone and could never blame me.

I snuck in the house when I saw her take her nightly bath. I went to the coffee pot and put lots in. Then the Juice and Milk and Water too. Whatever Mom drunk she would get so wasted and then raped.

This is where mom was not stupid. She had seen my plan on the computer and knew I would put the pills in everything. I guess she went to my room as she knew where I kept my porn and she got my GHB and replaced them.

I was so excited to be drugging everything that I did not even make sure that the pills looked right or anything. They must have been close because I was not the least bit suspicious.

Mom came out of the bath wearing a short robe. IT MADE MY COCK GET SO BIG TO THINK SHE WAS STUPID AND FALLING INTO MY TRAP. Mom looked so good in the robe and it was not tied very tight so I saw her boobs. If any pervert was peeking in the window he could have saw.

I was pulling on my cock when mom poured a coffee and drank every drop. I was loving it. I knew it taked time to get mom knocked out but I could just wait. Mom went and had milk and cereal. I watched her get so much GHB. It is dangerous to get too much so I was worried but could do nothing when mom got the juice and drank the whole bottle. Then mommy got the bottled water and drank it too. She must have been so full. She had enough GHB to drug a heard of elephants for a month. I saw her just fall down when she went from taking a pee. I saw her lying on the floor all helpless and I went into the house.

She called me when I got in "Michael, is that you honey. What are you doing home?"

"Are you sick mommy."

"Oh yes, Michael… I feel so weird… So helpless… Why are you home?"

I was so full of myself and so evil. "I am going to rape you mommy. You drank a bottle of GHB pills and now you will be passed out until daddy comes home and you will not even remember anything so no one will blame me for raping you and putting my baby in your cunt."

Mom just moaned; the sexy cock-teasing actress.

I wanted to be very mean to my mommy and make her know she was raped so she could feel really dirty. I started by grabbing her hair and dragging her like a cave girl to the bedroom. We started in the kitchen and had to go across the rug. Mom's robe came open and falling off to leave just white panties on her. The rug made her tits get red as I dragged her. Mommy did little screams of owie as I pulled her like a fish. I was not sure if it would hurt her when she had GHB but I was glad it did.

Now that I know she was letting me drag her by the hair it is even more dirty but wait to you hear all the things she let me do.

Mom was almost as big as me since I am only average for my age and I had to take a longtime to drag her up the stairs. She was banging every time and I knew she probably would get bruises. I wondered if they would be pretty. I was so tired to get mom up the stairs that I had to drop her and rest for a minuet. I touched her tits and pinched hard. I told mom I was going to rape her the whole weekend and then act innocent when I came home Sunday night. She would think I was at John and Jenny's house the hole time.

John would like so good and even little Jenny loved that a mom would get raped by me. They are the good friends I needed to do this story.

I grabbed mom's hair again and she acted to say 'no, no, please, help,' but she was so quiet and hardly fighting that I thought the drugs were working excellent. I got mom finally to the bed and threw her on top. I just looked at her and started taking all my clothes off but I was wondering where to start with her.

I was like in a candy store where I wanted everything but at least with the whole weekend to play, that made it like in a candy store and with $50. I could do all the things to mom and first was the cocksuck

I always knew my mom could suck some cock. Even if she thought it was dirty, moms mouth is made for big cocks. I wished mine was huge to fill her. Mom's lips are so nice and she is very smart to put on lipstick. When I tried to stick my cock in her mouth some lipstick got on me and I giggled.

I kneeled on mom's shoulders and pinched her nose so tight that her mouth had to breath and then I suck it in and called her a cocksucker. Mommy did suck and I felt her tongue too. I was not going to let her breath until she could choke good.

Mommy was getting all choked and drool when I pulled it out and ordered her like a bitch whore to lick my dick. I made mom by the pulled hair kiss my balls and all over my cock. I forgot to make her lick my ass… Too bad. It was all such great fun and mom was like a kid with tootsie pops. Maybe I will never know how many licks to the center but I quickly had to find out how much cocksucks took to get my cum all over mommy's face.

I wanted to look real messy and make a beautiful picture. I was also wanting mom to drink my cum but the first time would be the most so I pushed her head down on the pillow and aimed at her eyes. I knew that was dirtiest.

My cock was so powerful the first cum got wasted along her forehead and into her hair. I aimed better and had lots go in the first eye and she started to close them. I had the best cum ever from being so horny and saving for a week. I had lots of cum for all over her other eye and along her cheek and nose to her mouth. It was open so I stuck my cock back in and made my 'drugged' mommy clean me like a kitty cat.

When it was done I looked at the beautiful thing of mom in covered so much messy dirty cum. I wanted the picture forever. I remembered the camera in the hallway and told mom not to wipe off or I would beat her. I ran and got the camera and extra film. I did not even think where could I get the pictures developed but it made me laugh to imagine that the picture would be as big as a poster for my room. I even could make wallpaper for everywhere of just mom all covered all over her face in yucky wet cum.

Mom was still lying on the bed and acting passed out, I guess to explain not wiping off cum. Her eyes were not even clenched so tight. I wonder if it was already stinging. She must have so much control to let the cum in her eyes so much. I never thought anything while I took five pictures from every angle. It was a fun thing but was making me horny so I decided to clean mom.

I thought she was asleep. "You passed out mommy-cunt, but I want you to feel me rape you and cry that you are such a dirty mom. I am going to wake you up like I always wanted and clean all the cum off your dirty face"

Of course I was going to pee on my mom and that is what was done. My cock was hard and it was not easy to get the pee started. It was wild aimed and hit the headboard. I must have had something deflecting. I pushed down and got the pee going into her face. I wetted mom's hair and then waved my cock to wash everything clean. Mom left her mouth open and let me fill it.

I guess maybe I should have been suspicious but things were too fun and I knew nothing that mom was so smart and tricking me into thinking she was helpless and being raped. I should get mad at mom for tricking me so good but at least I got to fuck.
I did get to fuck my mom… Really… In the cunt. I am not making anything up. I thought I was going to put the baby in her because dad had an accident and can't do anything so mom was not any reason for birth control except she actually knew I was to breed her and the tricky bitch was on the pill now. It makes me so mad. When I have mommy as my slave I will trick her out of birth control but that is later and this time she will never know until her tummy starts getting big. I am going to make her have the baby too or I will lie to daddy that she fucked a dog.

I felt like such a big boy getting on top of mommy. She tried to close her legs and pretend roll me off of her but I slapped her really hard and told her to 'lie still bitch'. It sounded nice and sexy to call her names and I used every one as I forced her legs apart and got my hardon into her love hole.

It was baby making time and I told her she would get so big in her tummy. I wanted to hear mommy beg to make my baby so I hit her until she started talking.

"Give me a baby… Give mommy a baby… Mommy wants a baby. Give mommy a baby, baby."

It was not much for variety and she mumbled it to act like she was stoned and the little bitch was lying anyhow because she was on the stupid pill; but all that didn't matter because mommy was begging for my baby and I tried to give it to her.

I came in mom's cunt. I filled mom's cunt with my baby seed. I breeded my mom. I was an official mother fucker. Mom was raped. She was knocked-up mommy. I never loved her more, but the weekend was just starting and you already know the end.