- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mother & Son incest
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

Mike Watkins watched as his mother got dressed. He hadn't meant to but
while cleaning up the yard he passed by her bedroom window and happened
to look in.  What he saw certainly surprised him.  His mother, a slim
blond in her mid thirtys was just coming out of the shower and drying
off.  She was very petite and wasn't much bigger in size than some of
the freshman girls Mike had dated, what very few he had.  Her breasts
were the only out of proportional part of her, as they appeared quite
larger than the rest of her body.  Mike recalled her commenting to the
neighbor woman once that she always had trouble find clothes to fit in
the bust area after finding them small enough to fit elsewhere.

Mike meant to continue on but this was so fascinating. It was like
watching a girl getting dressed instead of a woman---his mother no
less.  He continued his illicit peeking confident no one could see him
from his location near the bedroom window. The large flower bed hid him
from view. He intended only to watch out of curiosity, but that was
quickly turning to juvenile lust as Mrs. Watkins, or Jean as her
friends called her, began dressing in items more sophisticated that
what a mere girl would wear.

After discarding the bath towel, she opened the dresser drawers in
front of her.  The drawers were packed full of frilly feminine
undergarments. Jean seemed to own at least one, if not several, of
every type of lingerie ever invented for a woman. Her personal
collection consisted of over a dozen different types of bras, panties,
garter belts, four expensive corsets, waist cinchers, tap pants,
bustiers, nylons and a host of related delicious underpinnings.
Although she had always enjoyed these type of garments and the
femininity they brought on with wearing them, it was her husband who
really got her into keeping such a large collection. In fact he had an
absolute fetish for female undergarments. She often wondered if her 16
year old son had any such attachments for female undergarments.

For this evenings wear she picked out a white satin garter belt with
matching white nylons to wear with it. Her beautiful blond bush was to
be encased in a pair of white nylon panties, cut high at the sides so
only the width of two fingers of material covered each side of her slim
waist. The panties had tiny blue dots covering them front and back with
two tiny white bows on each hip where the material joined together. She
slid these quite easily up her nylon encased legs and up snuggly
against her public mound.  They fit her like a second skin, to the
point that a little of her ass cheek on each side hung out beyond the
edge of the panty. Her bra was the last item of intimate apparel to be
chosen.  She decided on a strapless white underwire style with full
firm cups for support. The strap in back was wide enough for four hook
closures which would give her the grip needed to keep it in place on
her oversized melons.

Mike had now seen much more than he had planned on. He originally
intended only to watch his mother's personal activities for only a few
moments, but now the sight of her clad in the sensuous lingerie walking
around in a semi-nude state had hypnotized him.  His balls began to
feel heavy in his crotch and his cock was springing to life
uncontrollably.  He felt is was wrong to feel this way about his own
mother, but the whole scene was so fascinating! Especially now that she
was searching for something in the closet. As she reached up on her
tippy toes to gain a few more needed inches in height, Mike got a
fantastic view of her pantied clad rear.  The panties sucked up even
tighter against her ass end and looked like they had a mind of their
own and were about to try and crawl up her beautiful ass crack. Not
finding what she wanted, she now proceeded to bend over and dig through
the many items on the closet floor.  This not only gave Mike an even
better view but made matters even worst on his rock hard cock. He
couldn't resist any longer and finally surcome to the view before him.

He unzipped his bluejeans and pulled his cock out over his undershorts.
He wanted only to stroke it enough to ease some of his sexual tension
until he could find a more private place for the ultimate release he
needed, but now all that seemed impossible as he could not stop
stroking himself. He was now committed to masturbating to orgasm right
there in the bushes outside the window. He only wished he had a pair of
slick nylon panties wrapped around his own dick right now to help ease
the intense friction.  Indeed more than once he had swiped a pair of
Jean's and use them to cum in.

After school one day he had been so bold as to lay a pair out on her
bed with a bra laying about a foot above them. He then could imagine
his mother wearing the undergarments before him.  That day he stroked
his cock with a second pair of her panties until he violently shot his
thick sticky semen in hot squirts onto the panties on the bed.  He then
wiped his male member clean with the panties in his hand and grabbed
the second semen soaked pair off the bed before his juices soaked
through to the bedspread below.  He was somewhat proud of himself that
most of his load was puddled in the crotch area of the panties. A nice
bullseye shot! He then took both pairs of panties along with the bra
and returned them to the laundry basket where he had originally found
them.  His secret would be safe and no one would ever know, especially
his mother.

Actually Jean had noticed when she did the washing that several pairs
of her panties had areas of stiff material on the front and realized
who and what had happened but was not overly alarmed. She viewed it as
an act of a developing boy.  Her own brothers had did the same thing
when she was about seventeen and they were twelve and thirteen.  It was
simply to her something to expect with having a young boy around the
house.  She didn't even consider that Mike was thinking about her
wearing the panties the moment he shot his load.  She imagined he was
fantasizing about some girl at school and never even considered it
 might be her pussy he wanted to unload in.

Mike's cock throbbed intensely and felt like a hose under high pressure
in the palm of his hand. He gaze at Jean one last moment and got a
frontal view of her melons, ripe and tantalizing, ready to burst out of
the strapless bra as she bent forward to pull up the burgundy evening
dress she had chosen. It was all he could stand and his hot young
member poured forth a sticky stream of hot sexual fluid. His balls
actually ached from it and he felt light headed. His legs felt like
they would give out from under him at any moment.  He slumped back
against the side of the house to try and support himself and watched
through half closed eye as his semen shot out and away from his
weakened body to a nearby bush.  This was not a sight he would soon
forget! He wish he could see her like this everyday! Perhaps he could
find a way to get another view of her.

Mike recovered in time to hear his name being called. He promptly
trotted around the side of the house and in the kitchen door.  There he
found his mother, as ravishing as ever, standing before him in the
burgundy evening gown. It hugged her small well-rounded hips and fitted
her body like a second skin, like most of her clothes did, until the
material came up over the breast area, where things got ridiculously
stretched to the limit. Not only did it plunge to follow the curvature
of her breasts, but the gown had spaghetti thin straps to go up and
over her bare shoulders. The straps hardly seemed sufficient to support
the rest of the material, but of course it was assumed by the designer
that no sudden force was going to act upon the gown, especially a
violent downward force such as two hands on it.

Jean was made up with long eye lashes, powdered cheeks and ruby red
lipsticked lips complete with a shiny, waxy coating.  The glossy
coating reminded Mike of something, and then he remembered.  Her lips
shined like the white material of her garter belt, which he was not
supposed to know she was wearing, but did. He decided quickly he had
better save this thought for later.  "Mike, I would like you to escort
me to the party at the Kane's tonight. I don't want to go alone and
you're old enough to be my companion for the evening. I hope you don't

"Sure Mom, that would be fine."

"Put your suit on and we'll leave in half an hour."

It was dark on the road coming home but Mike wasn't having any trouble
seeing. It was a good thing he had got his driver's license last month
since he was now playing chauffeur for his intoxicated mother. Jean
didn't get out much and had really made the most of the evening. She
was not totally bombed, just a little blown into the wind. She was
sitting in the passenger seat next to him with her head laid back.
Occasionally when passing car lights lit up the car's interior, Mike
could get a brief glance at her condition.  He also could get a brief
look at her body clad in the clinging evening gown. He wondered if he
would have to carry her into the house. Would have to help her to the
bedroom? Would he have to help her remove the gown? Would she even know
he was there? This could have some really grand possibilities!

A hand suddenly touched Mike's leg and his grand ideas turned to
fleeting visions. "I'm so glad your here, it's so much fun when your
with" bubbled Jean in an almost inaudible tone.

Mike immediately wondered just how drunk she was. Certainly she could
not be referring to him.

"You really look good in a suit, you always do."

Mike realized she must be confusing him with his late father since she
was obviously lonely and at his age was about the same size and build
as his father. In her present condition plus it being dark he could see
her confusion. But what troubled him was how far should he let her
continue and what should he do about it?

Now she was rubbing him on the inside of his leg and began massaging
his cock through his pants!  What was he supposed to do?

"I really like when we play in the car like when we first dated,
honey." With that she fondled him erect in his pants and then unzipped
him. She pushed his low rise briefs down and felt around until she
could grasp his erect member and pull it free. Now erect and exposed,
it was hers in all its glory to play with. It was like a hot fleshy
monument of lust in her hand and it was all hers. She could feel its
heat as she rubbed the male organ against the sides of her cheeks and
brushed her lips teasingly over the capped dome of the penis head.

She stroked it another moment and then she began cleaning its entire
length with her pointed fleshy tongue. She pressed her lips to the cock
head and then let in slip past into her warm, moist oral cavity. Mike
had all he could do to hand onto the steering wheel and drive as he had
never had a blow job in his life and the sensation was almost

Jean sucked slowly and sensually, letting the member slide back to the
edge of her lips and then slowly back in again brushing the roof of her
mouth. He could feel her hot saliva running down his cock and he
wondered if she was enjoying it as much as he was.

He pulled into the driveway just as she was coming up for air. He
pulled under the big oak tree by the garage.  Fortunately the summer
foliage on the bushes in the yard prevented the neighbors from seeing
what was going on inside the car.

Jean stopped her cock sucking long enough to kiss her partner on the
neck and then quite passionately on the mouth. Her lips were sealed
against his and her tongue probed inside like it was alive.  After
several minutes she slid back in the seat.

"Why don't you unzip me?" she coyly purred.

Deciding to make the most of it, Mike reached over and pull the zipper
down to the small of her back. This not only exposed a lot of naked
back but also the only thing between him and his mothers marvelous
tits.  That was her bra strap.  Having revealed this, he decided to be
brave and unhook the four eyelets and let the material part and slide
over to her ribs.

"Aren't you naughty?" she giggled. "I might as well let the whole front
down now." With that she slipped the spaghetti straps off her arms and
let the dress fall on its own down to her navel. The top of her garter
belt was now visible and the strapless bra, now having no assistance by
being unhooked, landed in her lap with the empty cups facing up.

Mike thought he was surely going to have a heart attack from the way
his blood was boiling. She was running her hands under the massive
glands in a soothing manner.

"Why don't you come over here?" With that Mike leaned over and she
pushed his head down on her abundantly endowed bosom.  His lips made a
soft sucking noise in the car and he could feel her nipples stiffen and
elongate in his mouth.

After several more minutes she whispered in his ear "Let's go in the
house now, please" she begged slightly. Mike didn't really want to end
the opportunity to nurse on his mother's tits, but he didn't want to
pop the magic bubble either, even if it was a champagne induced bubble.

Jean open her car door and slid out with Mike following right behind
her on the same side. He followed her over to the door with his
twitching cock still sticking out of his pants. He kept it as close as
he could to her naked back, which only made her giggle more.  She held
up the dress to cover her naked tits long enough to get the door open.
The discarded bra was somewhere on the front seat.

Once inside she turned to kiss him again and when she let the dress go
it fell to her hips. With a little wiggle it fell all the way down her
nylon covered legs to the floor. She finished kissing him and stepped
out of the dress. She paused before him for a moment with her hands on
her sides. bare breasted, clad only in her white satin garter belt,
panties, white nylons and matching white high heels. Her ear rings
glimmered like wind chimnes in the dark. She raised her finger to
motioned for him to follow her.  With out saying a word he followed her
to her bedroom.

By now Mike had thrown all caution to the wind and his guilt feelings
of taking advantage of the situation were melting faster than an ice
cube in a hot oven. Jean was acting like a bitch in heat and at the
moment that was all that mattered to either of them.

Jean was a sight of pure lust as she provocatively displayed herself on
two oversized pink satin pillows on the king size canopy bed.  There
was enough light from the street coming through the lace curtains
framing the window that he had a nice view of what was spread out
before him. As Mike walked over to the side of the bed, she reached out
and grabbed his cock again.

"This feels like it's on fire. I can't wait to have your love stick in
me. Hurry up and undress. I want to be naked with you and fuck all

Mike needed no further encouragement and rapidly peeled off his
clothes. He climbed up on the bed and felt it give under their combined
mass. He ran his hands up her nylon covered legs since they were the
first part of her he came to. His hands continued on up until he
reached her panties. With shaking hands he slid his fingers inside the
elastic of the waistband. She lifted up her hips thus enabling him to
slide the slick nylon garment off her hips, down her stocking covered
limbs and off her feet. Holding her panties in his hand reminded him of
how many times he had masturbated into a pair of them. But this time he
would not need to wrap the panties around his quivering member, he
intended to wrap a petite little blond pussy around it instead.  He
tossed the warm empty pants down on the floor next to her heels.

"Come on honey, mount me. I want to go for a ride. Come on and get in
the saddle with me," she said as she simultaneously spread her legs
even farther to accommodate him and slightly upward.  Apparently she
wanted him to hold onto her ankles when they joined.  Mike snuggled up
to her crotch and took hold of his cock shaft. He ran it up and down
through her pussy lips to get the head wet. He got  some feeling of the
size of her opening at the same time.  He had heard a lot of jokes
about how big a pussy gets after giving birth, but this opening seemed
just able to oblige his own tool.

With Jean making slight winning noises and the squishy sound of cock
head rubbing against pussy flesh filling the room, Mike could feel her
juices running abundantly out of her hot, moist tunnel.  Realizing
there was nothing else to wait for, or to stop him, he took two fingers
and spread the soft pink folds of female flesh apart and simultaneously
push forward with his cock. He was actually inside his owns mother's

Hot girl juice rapidly surrounded his member and after a half dozen
strokes he was able to make the final push forward so that he was into
her so far he could feel his balls rubbing the edge of her blond
covered pussy snatch. With such a light color of pussy hair it had made
it easier for him to see his intended target in the semi lit room.
Being petit as she was and having had only one child years ago and not
having sexual intercourse on a regular basis now that her husband was
gone had caused her cunt to be nice and tight over time. It felt like a
hot hand wrapped around him, trying to draw him up inside of her very
being. With his hands wrapped firmly around her ankles and supporting
her legs, Mike literally had his hands full with fucking his mother.

Quickly he gained a rythum with her and the bed squeeked out a tune to
the pace of the incestuous coupling of mother and son.  Jean, lost in a
fog of pleasure reached down and rolled her own nipples through her
fingers. Her sighs and moans became louder and more intense by the

In fact she was quite oblivious to who was indeed fucking her.  Jean
was lost in an alcohol induced fog of fantasy. She could see herself in
an awe inspiring white wedding gown with a magnificent train of cloth
following her as she walked down the aisle. She could see momentarily
the two of them standing before the clergyman taking their vows. Then
the kinky sexual part of the dream took off. After kissing the bride
and turning to face the applauding audience in the church her husband
of only a few minutes took the flowers out of her hands and passed them
to the bridesmaid. He then stepped behind her and grasped the zipper
tab at the nape of her neck. To her surprise and astonishment, she
heard the sizzle of the zipper teeth as he pulled it down to the base
of her spine. Cool air was rushing onto her bare back. Next she felt
his hands pushing the top of the gown off her shoulders.

"Take your arms out of the sleeves my dear" she hear her spouse say. He
was still assisting her with the gown and with this little bit of
cooperation on her part, the gown quickly fell to her waist area. Her
bridesmaid was now kneeling before her and finished to job of pulling
the virgin white gown down the rest of the way to her feet.

Her husband took her by the hand and said in a clear and commanding
voice "Step out".

Standing beside him, with her hand in his, she was definitely a site to
behold. The cheer and applause she now was receiving was more like what
you would expect to hear in a strip tease bar than in a church. And
rightly so. Her new husband wanted to show off his new prize in all its
glory---which was Jean. On her head was the wedding veil pulled back to
expose her lovely, soft features.  Around her neck was a strand of
white pearls which matched the white lace underwire bra enclosing her
firm melons. The scenic tour continued down to her navel where
onlookers received a nice view of a white waist cincher with white
nylons attached to it.  Her feet were fitted into shiny white high
heels and the outfit was completed with a pair of white panties which
were extremely high cut, so much so that the front and back pieces of
material were joined together at the waist with two elastic strings
tied into bows.

Her unveiling was not over yet, as her bridesmaid stood by her side
with the wedding dress across her arms like a courteous butler, she
once again felt the hands at work on her. This time he was undoing her
bra! What was he doing! How far was this man going to undress her in a
public place?  Frozen in place she heard the distinct snap of a
brassiere clasp letting go and felt the straps being pulling off her
shoulders. With an extra tug it was jerked off her lovely, ripe tits.
If the crowd wasn't flying high earlier, they certainly were now as the
pink nipples in all their glory came into full view. Husky male hands
touched her once again, and with a pull simultaneously to each side of
her hips, the panties fell away.  With all of her feminine charms now
fully reveled including her golden bushy triangle between her legs, he
put his arm out to walk her down the aisle.

Going down a side corridor they were met at the door of a small room by
another clergyman, who actually looked more like a monk in the robe in
wore. "This is were you will consummate your marriage" he said softly
as he opened the door for them. "It should only take a few moments, and
then you can join the others for your reception." Once inside he took
Jean's hand and assisted the semi nude woman up onto a leather covered
padded table. He had her lay on her back with her tits pointing at the
ceiling, like cherries on top of mounds of ice cream. After grasping
her ankles and spreading them apart, he departed closing the door
behind him.

Her bridesmaid had been following behind them all this time and
carrying her gown and underthings along with her. Her mate now took
them from her for safe placement in a nearby chair and proceeded to
help the full breasted dark haired beauty out of her pink gown.

She tilted her head enough to see him repeat the process of dress
removal her had used on her. This gal wore simply a full cupped black
bra and black briefs under the innocent looking dress. She turned
quickly on her own without any encouragement, presenting her back side
to him. Just as swiftly, he undone the four stays of her black
brassiere which she pulled free of her full scarlet-dipped breasts as
they swayed provocatively on their own.

Instantaneously she dropped to her knees in front of the groom and
rapidly undid his trousers and exposed him to his ankles. Without
hesitation she took his semi-erect organ in her mouth an without delay
transformed it into a rock hard ramrod. She then walked over to Jean
and parted her legs further. Jean could feel her cunt lips being spread
and a slim finger inserted into her vagina.

"She's ready," announced the bridesmaid and with that she took a hold
of his cock and guide the hot missle to its intended target.  It was a
welcome invasion and they soon were building up a rhythmic fuck.
Standing right next to the copulating couple Jean realized this black
pantied beauty was their witness that the consummation had taken place.
She only hoped the girl wasn't going to stick her finger in her when
they were done to make sure there was cum in her pussy.

With the steel hard prick being covered with feminine juices, they were
soon fucking like two pieces of well oil machinery.
Just as she was reaching her own peak of passion, she felt the hot jets
of steamy masculine cream filling her pussy.  This was just the
stimulation she needed and it drove her on over the edge.


Jean was getting off in her fantasy quite fine, and in reality too, but
it wasn't a new husband fucking her slick groove out. It was actually
her son Mike pouring his hot load up his mothers fiery tunnel, the same
hole which had given birth to him was now giving him extreme pleasure.
At the moment Jean didn't know or care who owned the magnificent organ
being shoved up her love canal. All that mattered was her own wanton
lust. Incest or not.

<end of part I>