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[Story Name] on a date with mom
[Author] from Family affairs
[Type] Mother/son

When my mom told me to save my Saturday night for us to do something together, the furthest thing in my mind was that she was horny and I was going to get fucked by her that night. But this is exactly what happened.
I thought she was just going to take me to a movie like she used to do when I was a kid, but instead she took me to a fine restaurant where we danced all night. It kind of felt strange going out on a romantic date with her, and her comments made me start to wonder: like, how handsome I was, and that she was glad I was all grown up. When we got home, I was still surprised when she dragged me to her bedroom.
I was always sort of a numbskull when it came to women, so I still thought everything was purely innocent until she kissed me on the lips like she never did before.
She looked me into my eyes and said, "You're a grown man now and I want you to know that I've never been a prudish mother, in fact, I've been quite liberal in teaching you what's right and wrong."
I could she was having difficulty with what she wanted to tell me. Still, she continued. "Other people might think that incest is wrong, but I think we're two adults and there is nothing that I want more at this moment than to make passionate love to you."
Of course I was surprised, but my mom was a beautiful woman and I quickly threw all Victorian morals out the window as I kissed her back, tasting her tongue for the first time.
It was just like a date that went right, all the way from the start. The same butterflies, the same eagerness, yet shyness, went through my body as we began to undress each other.
I desperately soaked in her nakedness with my eyes, as I gulped orally and stared at her beautiful, full melons and her shave snatch. I didn't know if I wanted to kiss it or fuck it, but I sure wanted to do something to it!
Mom solved the dilemma as she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock where her soft and warm hands towards her cunt lips.
I wasn't a virgin by any means, and now I was a motherfucker as well. So be it. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "I'm a motherfucker!" I was so happy as I plunged into her wet cunt.
It was entirely different from those teenaged girls that I fucked during my high school years. It was incredibly more intense. Before, it was almost always limited penetration, but I felt every inch of my cock slide into her wet sleeve of passion, and the way her cunt muscles already started to squeeze and grip my cock was more than mere words can describe. It was better than any fuck I'd ever had, and I slammed my cock in and out of the cunt from which I came as I sucked on her mammoth but firm juggs, having vivid flashbacks to the time of an infant, cradled in my mother's bosom. This was more erotic by far as I plunged desperately within her, holding off for every minute as it stretched to eternity.
More than anything, I wanted to shoot my seed deep into the womb I came from and to have a child born of my seed from the same womb I'd inhabited only eighteen years ago.
I couldn't hold off, because of the intense wet friction and my mother's muscles milking the life out of my balls. "Oh, Mom! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum right up your cunt!"
"Yes, Michael! Fill your mama's cunt with your cum, Baby! Fuck your mama's pussy!" she slurred as I jammed my cock all the way up her cunt in one last motion.
My cock felt like it had caught on fire, as semen shot out with the force of a cannon against the castle walls of my mother's womb. I sighed and snuggled against her tits, just like I had done so many years ago when I was an infant, and fell fast asleep.
I've been fucking my mother for over a year now, but it's just like we're two lovers, romantically in love as well. We even have our first child on the way. People can say anything they want about us, and even call me a motherfucker, and I mean it. I'll take that name with pride any day.