- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Raper
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

My date for movies has cancelled and I wasn't in the mood for solo going to
cinema so I went home. I slowly opened the entrance door trying not to awake
my parents who were probably sleeping at this time of night. I walked towards
my room when I heard noise coming from my parents room, the doors were half
closed so I peeked to see what's going on.
At first I saw my father tied and gagged sitting on the floor and watching,
and then I saw it too, two guys were raping my mom.
My mother was completely naked, her mouth was gagged like fathers so she
couldn't scream. I have never before seen my mom naked, she has very large
boobs with huge brown nipples and her pussy is clean shaved, for a fourty year
old broad she has beautifull body.
At first I didn't no what to do, I just knew I was getting very horny, my cock
was already hard and my shorts were barely manageing to hold him from bursting
from my pants.
I thought I should call police but I was way to horny to leave this scene so I
stayed and watched.
The two guys rapeing my mom were also naked only had ski masks on their heads,
but oh my god they had huge cocks. I pulled my cock out and started to
mastrubate. My father was very red in his face but he did not move his eyes
from the scene. I was very carefull not to reveal my presence to the rapers or
to my father, I just pumped my cock and watched my mom being fucked by two
huge cocks.
Two guys were both on my mom, one has had his cock in her asshole while other
filled her pussy with his huge cock. They were slamming my mom like crazy,
they shoved their cocks to the hilt in my mom, the tempo was awesome, when
dude pulled his cock from moms pussy the other dude shoved his whole cock in
moms ass and vice-versa. I just couldn't take any more so I just kept cumming
in my shorts.
From my mothers body movements I could see  that she has never been fucked
this hard, she was wiggling all around trying to absorb their strong attacks.
I couldn't tell exactly but I think they continued this orgy for about 40
minutes or so. I was amased by their proffesionality, they cummed for about
five times each, but they had condoms so there will be no evidence of rape,
they were smart. They tryed every pose they could think off but my mother
holes were filled all the time, I even noticed that my mom fainted during the
act but they were just going, like train.
When they have had enough of my mothers holes they took any evidence that
could clue to them and left my house. I just glanced in my parents room to see
that my mom was lying with her legs spread on the bed, I also noticed her
pussy was open and it looked like small mouth gasping for air. I silently left
my house and followed these guys.
After few blocks they split so I followed only one. I found out where he lives
and went home. I expected to find police when I arrive home but was wrong, all
lights in the house were off and it seemed that my folks sleep. Next morning
my parents didn't said a word about last night, so I thought that these guys
can rape anybody and get with it. I found that the guy I followed home was
actually a doctor named Luke, he had a wife and two little children, he really
seemed like model citizen. Every night for whole week I waited at night in
front of his house untill one night around 10 o'clock he left his house.
I followed him to find out that he met with another guy, I assumed the other
dude that fucked my mom. They used public transportation to get to the other
side of town. They seemed they exactly knew where they were going. They put
their masks and entered one house, I waited for about twenty minutes and
carefully entered the same house.
I was very silent and carefull not to leave any sign of my presence.
I heard sounds coming from upstaris so i went there, the situation was same
like in my house, only there were more people here.
There was some man tied on the floor, and beside him there were to kids, I
suppose they were 12-15 years old, they were tied and gagged like their
father, and left to observe their mother being fucked by two huge cocks.
The woman they were just starting to rape was a real wildfire, they had to tie
her for bed before they start to fuck her. The woman they were raping was in
her late 30's, she had[still do] super shaped body, although her boobs were
not as big as my mothers she had very pointy nipples which I found very sexy.
They raped her same way as my mom, she took their cocks in her ass and pussy
at the same time. They tottaly fucked her out for 1 hour then they untied
woman and left. I followed the other guy that night to find out tommorow that
his name is Mike and that he is also a doctor and has a family. I had to wait
another whole week to see some action.
This time they raped young pregnant mother while her young husband had to
watch. The woman, or girl, she had to be 20 or something was really pretty,
long blonde hair, big firm butt and huge breasts, she was a true candy to
fuck, and she was in the 7th or 8th month. While they were rapeing her Mike
was squeezing and sucking the milk from girls boobs. They really enjoyed this
girl, she must have been very tight in her holes cause they stayed there for
two whole hours.
While I watched them rape that girl I was pumping my cock like crazy and
thinking that this girl will remember this night forever.
I couldn't wait for another whole week to witness their next rape so I called
Luke on the phone and told him everything, I told him that I watched them rape
my mother and two other woman, I also told him that I know about his partner.
To my amazement Luke was very cool, he calmly asked me what I want.
I met with Luke and discussed with him about my participation in their acts.
He had no choice but to acept my suggestion, but informed me that at first
they'll just let me watch.
Our next target was 45 year old housewife with huge baloons, almost her whole
family had to watch her being raped: her husband, her mother, her 18 year old
son and his 15 year old sister. While they were doing the wife I was
undressing the daughter and squeezing her firm breasts while her brother
watched. I was about to fuck the girl when Luke warned me with his hand to
just masturbate. I turned toward the girl and mastrubated while guys were
doing her mom. In brothers eyes I could see how horny he was looking his
sisters tight pussy, i unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock and
showed it to his family, he was very ashamed that while mom was raped he was
When the guys finished with mom they turned to daughter. I was pumping my cock
while they were tearing that girls tight pussy and ass, For a moment I thought
Luke will let me fuck the girl but he didn't. We stayed here for a long time
and finally when they emptyed their balls enough we left the house. Luke told
me later how pleased he was with size of my cock and amount of seed I made
just watching them.
We went on three more quests but they just wouldn't let me fuck so I was very
angry. I told him I really liked when they raped my mom, I told them that my
parents didn't tell anyone about that night, so I suggested Luke I will let
them rape my mom again if they alow me to fuck her too.
They looked each other and said O.K.

Next evening we were there, my parents were watching TV and I officialy went
out with friends. All three of us masked entered my house and tied my father
and gagged him allowing him to watch his wife being fucked by three cocks now.
My mom tried to fight back but Mike just slapped her and gagged her. I dont
know how many times they filled their condoms but i saw they were enjoing
I thought they will never stop fucking my mom, they did her for a whole hour
without stoping and then finally Luke gave me sign to come in.
Her asshole and pussy were wide open from Luke and Mikes big fat cocks, I
licked her pussy to find out she was very wet. I couldn't wait any more so I
shoved my cock in her vagina, my cock was smaller from Luke or Mikes so I
shoved untill I felt my balls on her ass. I just couldn't beleive this is so
good, my mom was so warm and wet inside that my cock doubled it's size,
oooooooohhhhhh it felt so good fucking my own mother while my father watched
me bangin his wife. I grabbed her huge boobs and started fucking her. I was
very horny so I didn't pay much attention whether my mom is hurting, I was
just shoving my cock in her as fast and hard as I could. First erection came
very quickly, what guys didn't know is that I had no condom on my cock so I
shot every single drop from my balls right into my mothers womb. While
watching guys rape my mom I had an idea of impregnating my mom, my dad saw
that all three of us have condoms on our cocks but just before I was to rape
my mom I managed to pull the condom off of my cock, without anyone noticeing
it. So if mom got pregnant he would think that it was his job, I think.
I dont know for how long I've been inside my mom, I just remember that I shot
my cum five whole times in her womb, I wood have more but my cock refused to
get hard again so we had to leave. When I pulled my cock out of my mom guys
saw that I wasn't wearing condom but wouldn't say anything in front of my
father. Afterwards Luke told me that thay have raped over 200 women and not a
single one was fucked without a condom. I told them that I just wanted to give
my mother my baby and that I'll never fuck another victim without a rubber.
As the months were passing my mom's tummy was getting bigger and bigger and
eventually she gave a birth to a healty girl. My parents were very happy and
have forgotten all about things that happened 9 months ago.
I was very excited whenever I saw my mom holding "her" little girl and
dad asking me what I think about my little sister. That little sister dad is
my daughter, that little girl that's sucking milk from my mothers bloated
breasts is my daughter, that little girl came from same hole I was shoving my
cock in and filling with my white cream. I never told my father about it and
whats the point anyway.
When my little daughter my parents named Lisa, gets old a little more I'll
call my best friends Luke and Mike and we'll test her holes, I cant wait.
The three of us raped a lot of women together, there were: teens, moms,
pregnants, grannys and anything that has two holes downthere and can accept
our cocks all the way in.