- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] sharing mom
[Author] from Family affairs
[Type] Mother/son

      My father and I both love my mom dearly and we are happy to
help satisfy her together.  You see, my mom is a nympho.  She
just loves sex and, as soon as I turned eighteen, Dad had a long
talk with me about their sex life.

      "You just have to help me out, Son.  She is killing me.  All
the time she wants a stiff dick in her and I just can't get it
up enough to satisfy her.  I want you to help me,"  he told me
as he sat on the edge of my bed.

      I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  "Let me get this
straight.  You want me to have sex with Mom?" I asked him,

      "Yes, that's right.  Don't think badly of Mom.  I already
talked it over with her and she really needs you, so, what do
you say?"

      I smiled and said, "Well, lets not keep the lady waiting."

      My dad slapped me on the back playfully and we both got up and
went to my parents' bedroom.  Mom must have anticipated my
agreement because she was already in bed, naked.  That wasn't
what shocked the hell out of me, though.  My sister, Becky, was
also in the room and she had her face buried in Mom's pussy.

      Dad laughed as he read the expression of total disbelief on my
face and then said, "I told you I needed help."

      Mom sat up and Becky pulled off her as they smiled at my
arrival.  I was even more surprised when Becky literally jumped
at me and started to tear off my pants, saying, "I want his
peter first!"

      Dad shed his clothes and took Becky's place as he tongued Mom's
pussy.  I was kind of glad to have Becky first, for she was a
hot number, and despite the fact that she had small tits, her
pussy was bare from a recent shaving and I drooled while looking
at it.

      Becky was more anxious than I was, and I knew that she was a
nympho like Mom was as she laid me down on the bed next to Mom
and straddled my cock with her bare snatch.  Her pussy was so
tight, I thought I was going to cum as soon as my cock forced
its way inside.  It was fantastic.

      Becky rode my cock with abandon and I was surprised that a girl
so young could fuck so well.  I guess really did teach her a
thing or two.  Of course, I'm sure Mom played a part in Becky's
sexual education and I knew they would play a part in mine as

      I looked over at Mom and Dad and I was surprised at how big
Dad's cock was.  I was kind of embarrassed in comparison, but
Becky seemed to like my cock enough as she slammed her body down
on it until I was deep in her pussy, and then rose herself off
it ever so slowly.  I was mad with lust as I brought her down to
me and kissed my sister like I never kissed her before.  Our
tongues were pulling at each other in untamed desire and I knew
I was going to come inside of her bare cunt real soon.

      Dad stopped licking Mom and mounted her, but not her pussy.  He
lifted her ankles up to her head and I watched in amazement as
he plowed his meaty shaft up inside Mom's ass!  I had never even
thought about doing a girl there!

      The lust was too much, especially when Becky raked my chest
with her fingernails and bit down hard on my lip as she came
hard.  I, too, had one of the best comes of my life as I flooded
my little sister's pussy with at least a gallon of my hot,
potent seed.

      Becky got off me and I was amazed as I watched her suck Dad's
nuts into her mouth while his cock was going into Mom's
bunghole.  It looked like an uncomfortable position, but they
had fun.

      I wasn't about to miss the fun.  I got behind Becky and started
to finger her ass crack.  She was tighter in her asshole than
her pussy, even though I would have thought that such a thing
was impossible.  I could only get one finger in her, but what I
had in her I got all the way in as I reamed her bunghole good.
I had to wonder how I would ever fit my cock inside her tight
ass, for that is what I ultimately wanted.  I was sure going to
give it a try.

      I could hear Dad grunting like a wild boar as he approached
climax, and who could blame him, with his dick all the way up
his beautiful wife's ass while at the same time, his lovely
young daughter sucked on his balls.  Hell, I wanted to blow a
load just from watching it!  My cock had already risen for some
more fun and I was at a loss at where to put it, surrounded by
all these beautiful tight holes just ripe for fucking.

      My other hand found Becky's tight cunt and I started to finger
her small nub that stood out so proudly.  As soon as I did, she
started wiggling all over as the stimulation escalated her body
to orgasm at a speed that defied imagination.

      Dad could take no more of the loving attention of Mom and his
lovely daughter, and he shot who knows how many streams of hot
jizz up Mom's tight ass.  I really wanted to fuck Becky's ass,
but Mom's cunt looked inviting and I certainly didn't want it to
go ignored as Dad pulled out of her asshole.

      My thoughts were concluded for me as Mom held out her arms and
said, "Come here, Robbie, I want some of that stiff cock in my
cunt, too."

      I pulled my finger out of Becky's ass, much to her dismay, and
climbed into the arms of my loving mother.  Her pussy was soaked
and my cock slid right up to the hilt on the first stroke, like
a cream filled covering.  It was like it always belonged there
as I fucked my mom.

      I was really getting into this taboo thing, and my pelvis
ground against my mom as I stroked my cock into her wet gash
deeply, making sure I touched every part of her inner pussy.
She did her part, too, as her hips, buttocks and pussy moved in
unison to bring me to a sharp climax as quickly as they could.
I was resisting because I did not want it to ever end,
especially so soon.

      Dad was on top of Becky now, as he fucked her pussy right
behind me, determined to fill the room that was left in her
pussy with his thick jizz.  I laughed silently at the thought of
Dad getting Becky pregnant while I got Mom pregnant.  Wouldn't
it be wonderful to make a family within the family.

      Becky was literally screaming as Dad pumped her pussy, and I
knew why, too, for if she was tight around my cock, she must
have been impaled on Dad's; it was so much bigger than mine.
She loved it just same though, as she sucked on Dad's neck and
licked his ear while he thrust in and out of her tight bald
pussy.  It was really hot and they could have made a real good
porno movie together.  While my sister was beautiful, my dad was
handsome, and they could have turned anyone on.

      Mom and I were having a good time ourselves as I pumped her
pussy fast, but not so she would come too fast.  I wanted to
stay inside the pussy I came out of forever.  If I could have
crawled back in, I would have.

      I was not content with just fucking my mom, though.  I had to
suck on her lovely tits and cherry sized nipples.  My mouth went
right for them as I took them in one at a time and licked and

      Mom ran her fingers through my hair and said, "You make me so
proud, Son.  You sure know how to fuck your mom's pussy."  I
knew her words were true as I felt her orgasmic dam break and
flood my cock with her juices.  I rammed it now, in and out of
her love box.

      I knew I was about to cum and I thought again about giving her
a baby, and I whispered it into her ear.  "Wouldn't it be great
to have a baby together, Mom?"

      She laughed and kissed me while she replied, "It's all up to
you, Honey.  Dad can't make any more, but Becky and I are not on
anything, so you may just get your wish."

      The thought of getting my mom and my little sister pregnant
drove me insane with desire, and I quickly dumped my load into
Mom's pussy and up into her womb.

      Dad was already done with Becky and I was really excited about
making my own family with my sister and Mom.  I respected my
dad, however, and I asked him, "Dad, would you mind if I made
love to Becky again.  I really want to have a baby with her and
Mom.  That is, if it is all right with Becky."

      Becky jumped off the bed and embraced me fiercely as her small
naked titties were pressed firmly against my chest.  "Please,
Daddy!" she begged.  "I'm all done with school and I'd love to
have a little girl with my brother, Robbie.  Please!"

      Dad smiled and said, "Do what you want, but I'm going to do
what I want too.  Deal?"

      "Deal," we said in unison, although I wasn't sure what Dad had
up his sleeve.  I didn't care at all, though, as Becky went down
on me and sucked my cock to get it hard again.

      She did that for about a minute before she stopped and said,
"Your peter tastes really good, Robbie," and then she went back
to sucking my cock that was slowly rebounding from the grave of
overwhelmed bliss.

      Dad and Mom got into a sixty-nine position and he whispered
something to Mom before they did so, but I did not hear them,
for I was completely lost with my sister's cock-sucking

      Maybe Becky could only get half of my cock into her mouth, but
tell my dick she was at fault, for it certainly didn't think so.
It was now hard as it had ever been.  Her lips held onto it as
if they never wanted to let go and her tongue lightly spanked
the length of my cock.  She may have not been the world's
greatest cocksucker, but she was up there in the ranks.

      I was petrified that she was going to bring me to climax in her
mouth, and although I wanted her to taste my sperm eventually,
that is not what I wanted now.  I wanted to get her pregnant,
but first I wanted to fuck her cute, puckered asshole.

      I pulled out of her mouth with a slurp, and she looked so
disappointed she almost cried, but Dad came to the rescue.  As I
bent Becky over the bed, Dad got off Mom and looked at his
darling daughter.

      "Don't cry, Princess.  You can suck my dick while your brother
fucks your little bum and Mommy licks your pussy.  You like
that, don't you?" he asked.

      She was too busy sucking to answer him, but Dad didn't care.
He closed his eyes and moaned at the wonderful feeling his
daughter's mouth made as it wrapped around his cock and went up
and down the top portion of it, while Becky's hand worked busily
along the bottom shaft, matching the rhythm of her bobbing head.

      True to Dad's word, Mom got under her somehow and again in an
awkward position, she licked her daughter's bare slit.  I heard
Becky moaning through Dad's cock as Mom licked up and down her
slit and I knew that Mom was a good pussy eater.  I would have
to find out later just how well she could give head.

      My dick was aching in hardness by now and I had to plant it up
my sister's tender rear before her split lube wore off.  I took
my cockhead and gently pushed it against her wrinkled bunghole
as I spread her little ass apart.  She was so cute and I was
dying to get into the last hole she had left to offer me and my
hard loving,  prick.

      I struggled my damnedest as I pushed against her sphincter, but
every time I got the first inch in, it would pop out.  I was
getting real upset because I wanted her asshole so badly.
Everyone around me was having a sexual feast and I couldn't get
it in the hole.

      Persistence pays off with a little help and, as I pushed again,
Becky sensed I was trying to get in her and slammed her ass back
into me hard, so that my entire length made it up her tight,
dark tunnel of forbidden love.  She screamed as it went up her
and she nearly choked on Daddy's cock, but she quickly resumed
her cocksucking and I started to pump her ass while Mom was
swallowing her cum, trying to keep up with my little sister's

      I did not fuck her ass by myself, quite the contrary.  Becky
moved her ass back as I pushed up in her at every stroke, and it
felt so intense as her asshole gripped my cock to the point of
compressing my dick to the point of implosion.  Her ass was the
best piece I ever had, and I pumped it hard and fast as Mom lost
the battle with my sister's cum.  Becky's dew covered my mom's
entire face.  I have never seen a girl cum so much in my whole

      Dad was enjoying himself as well, as he rewarded Becky's lip
action by pulling his cock our and shooting his globs of semen
all over her face and on her tongue.  Becky looked so happy as
she licked it all up and swallowed it down into her tummy.

      Mom and Dad left and came back with the camcorder, as they
filmed Becky and me making love for the first time in our lives.
I had enough her ass, and my sperm had a special duty as I
plugged my sister's bald beaver once more and shot all the cum I
had into her.  I prayed she would have my baby.

      We all made love together from that afternoon to the crack of
dawn, until we were all fucked out.  Dad even showed me what he
wanted by taking me up the ass while Mom and Becky giggled and
filmed it.

      That was four long years ago, and I have three beautiful
children now with my incestuous lovers, one with Mom and two
with Becky.  We have never been so happy and none of us have
ever looked to the outside world for love and comfort.  With a
family like ours, we get all the TLC we need right in our own