- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Slutty mom
[Author] from Xfamily letters
[Type] Mother/son

      I didn't realize that I was such a slut until the experience
I'm about to tell you about happened.

      It was warm weekday afternoon last summer.  My husband was at
work, while my sons, Gary and Dennis, had invited their cousin,
Mitch, and best friend, Jeff, over to swim in our pool.

      I put on my bikini and was about to get some sun, when I
noticed the boys weren't swimming anymore, but were sitting at
the picnic table.  So I decided to bring them some lemonade.
After all, it was the motherly thing to do.

      When I put the tray down on the table I felt a hand on my ass.
I froze in shock and disbelief.  After all, the only one behind
me was my youngest son, Dennis.  His hand traveled all over my
rear end, then under my bikini bottom towards my pussy, which
was now soaking wet.

      I then let out a soft moan which only urged my son on.  I guess
the other young men took that as a signal to make their moves.

      I was still bent over the table, and when I looked in front of
me I saw Jeff with his young cock in his hand.  He placed it
against my lips.  I opened my mouth and moaned again as I took
his manhood down my throat.  Jeff began to fuck my face and by
this time my bikini bottom was off.  My oldest son, Gary, was
kneeling beneath me with his tongue planted firmly on my clit,
while Dennis was bent over with his tongue shoved up my asshole.
 Mitch stood beside me and fondled my chest while removing my

      Jeff began to tense up, then doused my tonsils with his load.
He pulled his prick from my mouth with a little trail of sperm
leaking down my chin, then he gave my head a pat and said,
"Great blow job, Ms. Gould."  I myself then had a mind numbing
orgasm, drenching Gary's face with my love juice.

      I took a look over my shoulder to see Dennis ready to enter me
with his monstrous tool.  Mitch was now standing in front of me
inserting his bone in my mouth.  I gobbled it up eagerly.
Dennis brought me to another orgasm before he himself came deep
inside me, Mitch expended himself in my mouth.  Mitch was
finished before Dennis so Gary took a turn in my mouth, and each
one of them had come once inside of me.

      The boys then took a breathe, telling me I was a great fuck and
that they didn't think I would be so easy to seduce.  They
informed me that they had been fucking Jeff's sister, Carmen,
for about a month, as well as my daughter, Gary and Dennis'
older sister, Sarah.

      Gary started feeling my breasts, when I stopped everyone and
told them there would be no more sex if one of them didn't go
and get some condoms.  I said it might already be too late,
seeing that Dennis had already shot off inside of me.  Jeff
volunteered and went to get some.

      While he was gone I jumped in the pool for a dip.  Mitch sat on
the edge of the pool and waved me over, presenting me his cock
to suck, which I did.  Dennis moved up behind me and started to
ease his big dick into me again.  I took my mouth from Mitch's
rod and said, "Wait until Jeff gets back with the condoms."

      "Why?  I've already come in you once, besides I'd love nothing
more than to get you pregnant.  You're my mother and I love.",
he replied while flashing his baby blues.  My heart melted and I
said it would be okay.  Then I went back to giving Mitch head.

      Jeff returned with the condoms and each of them got to fuck me
twice.  Dennis went bareback, without a condom.

      The next day after my husband left for work the boys were in my
room showing their mother a good time.  Mitch and Jeff showed up
a short time later for another gang bang.  After about a week we
limited Jeff and Mitch's visits to once a week so I could spend
more time with my sons.

      Nine months later I gave birth to Dennis' son, Trevor.  My
husband was happy and acting like Mr. Fertility.  If he only
knew.  "He wants another one.", I said and I told Gary that he
could father this one, although Dennis seems to be the one who
loves to get girls pregnant.  He's trying to get Sarah pregnant
now that she's married.

      Since then I've been a total slut for young cock, especially
between my son's legs.  I've seen the boys bang my daughter,
Jeff's sister, and my sister, Patty (Mitch's Mother).  We've
also welcomed Jeff's cousin, Kevin, and another friend of Gary
and Dennis, Darren.  The boys are working on seducing Jeff's
mom, Claire, and Darren's sister Toni.  Dennis talked Patty into
having Mitch's baby, and even got her to promise him a child.

      I love all the stories of women and their sons, and all the
stories of women who have sex with more than one family member,
especially mothers with more than one son, who take them on as
well as their friend.  Dennis really enjoys the stories of
family pregnancies, so keep up the great work.