- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Surprise
[Author] Doug Stewart
[Type] Mother/son

     I didn't know what to expect or what would come next.  The men
who had kidnapped me were not offering any hints, either.  I was
forced into a dimly lit room and my clothes were pulled off of me.
I tried to pull away, but several pairs of hands held my arms and
legs tight.  I tried to scream, but a powerful hand grabbed my face
and forced something inside of my mouth, a gag of some kind.  It
tasted terrible, and it was quickly tied in place as the hands all
over my body continued to undress me.  It wasn't long until I was
completely naked and pushed down into a chair.  My legs were spread
lewdly apart until I felt like I was going to split in two and then
tied that way to the chair, effectively holding my legs open in
that position.  My hands were also grabbed and pulled behind me,
then securely tied as well.  The men laughed as I tested my bonds
and found them more than sufficient to hold me in place.  I
couldn't move any part of my body, not even the tiniest bit.  I
began to sob into the gag.
     The room felt quite cold, and I shivered involuntarily as my
exposed body became covered with goose pimples.  Idly, I speculated
about what they would do to me next.  Although I was bound and
gagged, they had left my eyes alone, and I could see the men moving
around the room, apparently getting ready for something.  I figured
that they would release me soon and then all take a turn at raping
me.  I was horrified by the thought, but I prayed that they would
not want more ... that they wouldn't hurt me.  I was sure that I
could endure it, if only they'd release me afterwards.
     Suddenly, a side door opened and a man entered holding a
leash.  Following him, crawling on the floor on all fours just like
a dog, was a woman.  The leash was attached to a leather studded
dog collar around her neck.  From my vantage point, I had a perfect
view of her, and she was a bizarre sight, to say the least.  Her
head was totally encased in a black leather hood of some kind,
leaving only her eyes visible.  A small opening was provided for
her nose so that she could breath.  Other than that, she was
completely naked.  I could tell that she was an older woman,
probably in her late forties, and that she had once had a very
shapely figure.  Now, though, her body was mainly pale and flabby,
although she did have an impressive pair of tits.  They were quite
large and they were hanging straight down and swaying lewdly about
as she crawled into the room.  I had a smallish chest, and those
were the kind of tits I had always been jealous of.  Her jiggling
white ass cheeks stuck straight up into the air, and as she crawled
closer, I saw what appeared to be a harness holding a vibrator or
dildo of some kind in her ass.  "What in the hell is going on
here?" I thought to myself.  Fascinated by what I was seeing, I
momentarily forgot that I was a prisoner in this bizarre scene
     The man kept pulling roughly on the leash, encouraging the
strange woman to crawl faster, until they finally stopped directly
in front of me, only a few feet away.  She assumed a kneeling
position, and with dawning horror, I realized that the woman was
right in position to look directly into my spread open pussy.  Of
course, there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  The
woman slowly raised her head and looked at my pussy for the first
time, and when she saw it, she seemed to stiffen, as if she was
afraid of something.  Then, she raised her head even more until she
was looking at my face.  Her green eyes locked on mine, and
although I wanted to, I was unable to look away.  There was
something about those eyes that seemed so familiar to me.
     Suddenly, the woman went wild.  She started thrashing her head
from side to side and kept moaning "no... no..." over and over
again.  She tried to stand up but the men quickly gathered around
her forced her back down.  The man holding the leash yanked on it
very hard, and the woman seemed to choke for an instant, then she
calmed down a bit.
     My thoughts during this were in turmoil.  What was the woman
so afraid of, I asked myself.  What caused her to react like that
when she looked at me?  I had a growing fear that perhaps they were
going to force her to use her mouth on me, and the thought of that
sickened me.  Never in my entire life had I ever even considered
such a thing.
     My thoughts were interrupted as I saw the man reach down and
roughly take the woman's chin in his strong hand.  Turning her face
towards him, he bent down and talked to her softly for several
minutes.  I could not hear what he said, but the woman gradually
calmed down until finally, she seemed to accept whatever he was
saying.  Standing up, he released her, and I heard her speak for
the first time.
     "Yes, Master."  Although muffled by the strange leather hood
she was wearing, I clearly heard what she said.  It was strange,
but the voice sounded very familiar to me, too.  What did she just
agree to, I wondered?
     "Release her," the man with the leash commanded.  Instantly,
another man stepped forward and began to undo the straps on the
hood.  Soon it was loose enough and he pulled it off.
     I instantly realized why there was so much familiar about the
strange woman.  It was my own mother!  Helplessly, I stared at her
face, a face very similar to my own, now covered with streaming
tears.  I couldn't believe what was happening, and I desperately
wanted to ask her what the hell was going on, but I couldn't speak
with the gag in my mouth.  Once the hood was removed, she didn't
make any move to speak or run away.  She just knelt there before
me, naked and looking pathetic, her huge exposed breasts sagging
down and swaying back and forth as she sobbed in tears.
     "Are you ready, slave?" the man asked her.
     "Yes, Master."  I couldn't believe that the same voice that
had scolded me when I was just a little child was now coming from
this woman kneeling in front of me.  What was she doing here, and
why was this man calling her a slave?
     "Tell me one more time, pet," he continued.  "Tell me what you
want to do."
     My mom looked like she was almost afraid for her life.  She
gulped, and then said, "I want to eat my daughter's pussy, Master.
May I please?"
     My God, I thought!  This is crazy!  I began struggling against
my bonds, trying to free myself, trying to get away from this
incomprehensible horror that was happening to me, but I wasn't even
able to move one inch.  I was bound too tightly to the chair.  I
tried screaming for help, but only a quiet gurgling sound escaped
the gag.  I realized that my own mother was about to lick my most
private areas, and in front of complete strangers, and that there
wasn't a thing in the world I could do about it.
     "Yes, you may, slave," the man answered.  I watched, but my
mother didn't move.  She was visibly trembling all over, and I
realized that so was I.  "Now," the man added menacingly, which
made my mom jump as if an electrical shock had been administered,
prodding her into action.
     Almost as if moving in slow motion, my mom crawled over to
where I was sitting.  I watched in fascination, unable to look
away.  She looked up at me one last time, an apologetic look on her
face, and then she looked down, unable to bear my gaze any longer.
Her face was now only inches from my pussy.  She let her hands rest
gently on my thighs as she leaned in even closer, until I could
feel her breath against me.  This is so wrong, I screamed into the
gag, trying to pull away, desperate to think of anything I could do
to get away.  Finally, just as I saw her tongue begin to slide out
between her quivering lips, I screwed my eyes shut and prayed that
this was not happening.
     I felt my mother's tongue in my vagina.  I screamed.
     It was the most disgusting thing I had ever felt.  The first
touch of her tongue was horrible.  It was just a short, quick lick,
but it completely revolted me.  I was holding my breath, hoping
against hope that this would satisfy the man, when I felt her
tongue again.  I jumped, but it was no good.  I felt the slimy
tongue forcing its way between the lips of my pussy as my mom's
face began to get even closer to me.  Unable to resist, my eyes
     Looking down just as her tongue slid along the length of me,
I saw my mom's face pressed up against me.  It was a terrible
sight!  I watched as her tongue darted out again and again and
probed into me.  I experienced the horrible feeling as her tongue
found my clit, and circled around it a few times.  I watched in
disgust as she used her hands to pull her face deeply into me,
forcing her tongue deeply inside of my vagina.
     This continued for an unknown period of time, although it
seemed like an eternity, when I was shocked again.  My mother was
apparently starting to enjoy what she was doing to me.  It was
almost inconceivable, and yet I could tell that she was licking
away at me with real enthusiasm.  She was licking faster now, and
her tongue was beginning to warm me up.  With horror, I realized
that my pussy was starting to get wet, too, causing my juices to
intermingle with her saliva.  I shut my eyes in revulsion, unable
to look at her anymore, hoping against hope that I could fight the
feelings that her tongue was creating in me, but it was in vain.
Her tongue was relentless.  Without interruption, it kept licking
me, darting circles around my clit, occasionally jumping up inside
of my pussy, licking up and down my lips, inside and out.
     I felt like this had been going on forever, but my mom wasn't
slowing down at all.  If anything, she was working on my pussy
faster now than when she started.  I realized that I was moaning,
and I forced myself to stop.  Looking around the room, I noticed
that all of the men were watching me carefully, smiling at me.
They knew I was beginning to enjoy it!  I tried desperately to stop
myself from liking it by thinking of other things, but it was no
use.  No matter what I tried to divert my attention, I couldn't
stop thinking about my own mother's tongue furiously licking away
at me.  My mother knew what she was doing, and her tongue was
beginning to feel too good too ignore.  I still fought against it,
but I was quickly approaching the point where pleasure would soon
outweigh everything else and I would give myself over to it.  I
didn't want this to happen.  Mom didn't know any of this, she just
kept licking like crazy.
     I realized that I was moaning again, and I tried to stop it,
but I couldn't.  I was moaning into the gag like some animal in
heat, and I didn't even have enough control left to force myself to
stop.  I saw the men watching me lewdly, and I still couldn't stop.
I realized that I didn't even care any more.  My mother's tongue
was making me feel too good, I was actually enjoying it.  I began
grunting and groaning involuntarily, pushing my hips forward
against the bonds that held me, trying to push up onto her face.
My body was betraying me, moving of its own will, and I was totally
helpless to prevent it.  She seemed to sense this and pressed her
face even deeper into me.  No longer disgusted, I was now
fascinated with watching her, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
I began to realize that she actually looked really beautiful with
my excretions covering her face and her lips and tongue expertly
eating me out.  Her ass was wiggling lewdly, too, as if she needed
some release, but none of the men were touching her, and she kept
her hands on my thighs.
     I was moaning, bucking, and trembling uncontrollably now, and
I knew it wouldn't be too much longer until I came.  I actually
want to cum, to flood my mother's mouth with my juices.  She looked
like she wanted it, too.  With one final shudder, I began to cum,
and helplessly poured my wet juices down into her mouth.  She went
wild, her tongue going crazy in me.  It was the most incredible
thing I had ever felt.  I kept cumming and cumming, my hips
thrusting back and forth, with me helpless to stop any of it.
Finally, after what seemed like hours but was probably more like
two or three minutes, I relaxed back into the chair, totally
exhausted.  Mother didn't pull away, though, keeping her face
pressed against me, her wonderful tongue gingerly licking my now
super sensitive pussy and clit.
     The man finally stepped up and said, "stop licking, cunt."  My
mom obediently stopped, but didn't remove her face from my pussy.
     "Well, you were right," the other man said.  "She has got to
be the best trained slave I've ever seen.  I didn't think she would
do it.  You win the bet."  The man who was apparently the loser of
the bet reached down and roughly yanked my mother away from my
pussy by her hair.  It broke my heart to see her treated this way,
especially after the pleasure she had just given me, but there was
little I could do to help her.
     Helplessly, I watched as the man held my mother roughly by her
hair with one hand.  With the other hand, he unzipped his pants and
his huge, fully erect cock popped out.  Yanking my mother forward
by her hair, he rammed the giant penis deep into her mouth, saying,
"I need one last blowjob for the road, bitch."  Instantly, his cock
was ramming into her mouth with deep, fast and powerful strokes
that looked like they were hard enough to rip her face apart.
Strangely enough, my mother looked like she was able to take it,
and she didn't resist or fight back in any way.  This went on for
the next few minutes without interruption when suddenly the man
stepped back and pulled his cock out of her mouth, shooting stream
after stream of hot sticky cum right onto my mother's face.  He
seemed to cum forever, and when he finally stopped, her face was
almost completely covered with his fluid.  Rubbing his softening
cock over my mother's cum drenched face, the man turned to me and
said, "Watch this, girl.  I'll bet you never knew what your mom's
favorite beverage was."
     I wondered what he could possibly be talking about, until the
man ordered my mother to "beg for what she wanted."  Mom carefully
avoided looking in my direction and focused her eyes on the floor,
and then I heard her speak.
     "May I please have your urine in my mouth, Master?"  I
couldn't believe my ears!  I had thought I had seen and heard it
all, but my world as I knew it kept getting shattered over and over
     Amazingly, though, I noticed that the man did not seem pleased
with her request.  "You can beg better than that, you fat cunt.
You better," he said menacingly.
     Amazingly, my mom did just that.  "Please, Master," she
moaned.  "Please, put your gorgeous fat cock back in my slutty
mouth and fill me with your piss.  Please, oh please," she begged,
"let me taste your wonderful, wonderful piss.  Please, pee in me!"
I couldn't believe it.  The way mom sounded, either she was the
best actress in the world or she actually wanted it.  I couldn't
believe that either was possible.
     "Please, Master," my mom continued.  "Shove that fat cock in
me right now and DO IT!  Please, oh please, oh please ... "
     I watched in horror as my mother's begging was cut short. What
cut it short was the man roughly shoving his semi-hard cock back
into her mouth.  He did it so hard it hurt for me to even watch,
but somehow, I couldn't take my eyes off of them.
     "You want it so bad, slut, then have it," the man laughed.
Suddenly, I saw my mom's cheeks bulge, and her throat started
bobbing up and down.  I realized that I was actually watching the
man peeing into her, and she was drinking it all down.  In fact,
she looked like she was quite practiced at it, and like she almost
enjoyed it.  Any doubts I had about that were quickly removed.
     "Go ahead, whore," the man ordered.  "Finger that dirty cunt
of yours."  Instantly, her hands were released from behind her and
her hands sped right to her pussy.  I watched in amazement as her
fingers went crazy all over her clit and started thrusting inside
of her cunt.  I have to admit that she was good at what she was
doing.  Not once did her mouth leave the streaming cock and she
never spilled a single drop.  Then, after only touching herself for
a few brief seconds, it was clear that my mother was having an
     I was repulsed, but I watched in fascination anyway.  Even as
my mom's throat continued to swallow, her body was shaking from the
orgasm.  Soon, she stopped swallowing, the man must have run out of
piss, but the cock stayed in her mouth.
     The man with his cock in my mom's mouth sighed.  "God, that
was good, cunt.  I'm going to miss you."  Slowly, he stepped away
from my mother, until his cock slid out of her mouth with a
distinct popping sound.  Looking down, he seemed somewhat surprised
that his penis was hard again.  "But not yet," he added.  Standing
above my naked mother, he looked down at her, still moaning and
fingering her pussy.
     "Your piss eating whore mouth made me hard again, slut," he
laughed.  Grabbing her roughly by the hair, he forced her down on
her hands and knees and positioned her so that I had a perfect view
of her pale, flabby ass.
     Silently, he moved behind her and positioned the head of his
rejuvenated cock directly up against her anus.  It was still
glistening with a combination of his urine and her saliva.  Then,
he reached down with his large, firm hands, roughly grabbed her
ass, and slowly but forcefully slid his cock all the way up her
butt with one smooth stroke.
     My mother grunted in pain, but this just seemed to encourage
him more as he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her then
rammed back in so hard that I actually heard it.  Quickly, he began
to fuck her like an animal, my mother just laying there with her
head on the floor softly crying to herself.
     The man was relentless, and coming so soon after the orgasm he
just had, it seemed like he would be able to hurt my mom with that
cock all night.  He seemed to delight in twisting as he thrusted
into her, doing his best to make it hurt her more.  His hands
rhythmically clawed at her ass - both of her cheeks were now
covered with bright red angry scratch marks.
     I was amazed, though, when I next heard my mother speak.
"Please, Master.  May this whore bitch finger her slut hole as you
fuck her with your magnificent cock?"
     "Sure, bitch," the man laughed.  "Go ahead."  He looked over
his shoulder at me and winked as I saw my mom's hand frantically
move to her pussy and begin rubbing away.  "They don't make whores
and better than this, kid."
     I felt ashamed, but even as I tried in vain to shrink into my
chair, I knew deep down inside that he was right.  My mother
actually enjoyed it!  Even with that nasty man raping her ass, my
mother was unashamedly fucking her fingers in and out of her
dripping pussy like there was no tomorrow, even though she knew her
own daughter was only a few feet away watching the whole thing.
Her whole body was moving in a very sexy manner and never once did
she stop moaning.
     Suddenly, the man grabbed her hair again, and lifting on one
of her quivering legs, flipped her on her back as his cock slipped
out of her ass.  I was startled to see that her hand never left her
pussy, and as soon as she was flat on her back, I saw her other
hand reach around and begin to finger fuck her own ass!
     The man, however, moved his dirty penis right up to my
mother's lips, and opening her mouth wide, she hungrily engulfed it
in her mouth.  My God, I thought to myself.  That thing was just in
her ass!  I had to admit, though, that she didn't seem to mind one
bit as she immediately began to wildly suck on it.
     The man moaned.  "Oh yeah, bitch.  That's it.  Eat my cum."
     At that moment, as the man's cock flooded my mother's mouth
with cum, I watched her cum again for the second time in less than
15 minutes.  She had four fingers of her left hand thrusting into
her amazingly wet pussy as her thumb twitched on her clit, while at
the same time she was able to thrust three fingers deep into her
ass.  Her entire body was covered with sweat and as her fingers
continued to move in and out of her at almost blinding speed, her
whole body just shook all over.
     Finally, the man finished cumming, too.  As he slipped his
cock out of my mother's mouth, I saw that she had swallowed all of
his juices.  I guess I wasn't too surprised as he next held his
cock in front of my mother's face and she began to clean her own
anal mess off of it with her long tongue.
     While the man put his cock back in his pants and zipped up,
mother remained on the floor in front him, still panting from her
own recent orgasms, her face still glistening with his cum, licking
her lips, while she submissively looked up at him.
     "She's all yours, gentlemen.  Enjoy!"  That said, he walked
out of the room and disappeared from my sight. <EOF>