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[Story Name] Even better
[Author] Viper
[Type] Mother/son

one night i was sitting in my room watching TV when my mom came in she shut the door behind her and said that we needed to talk. She said she had found something interesting on the computer. i started to get nervous because i had tons of porn hidden in a file. sure enough my mom handed me a bunch of pictures she had printed out. i looked at them and found it odd that she had only printed out my lesbian pics. i couldnt say a thing all i did was look down at the pics. finally my mom asked me if i liked this kind of thing and if it made me excited. i kept looking down but said yes. then she asked me if i had ever seen a real live naked woman. i told no and that all i have seen is pictures. then she said something that surprised me, she asked if i would like to see a naked woman right now. before i could even think i blurted out yes. i looked up at her and saw that she was unbuttoning her shirt. my cock started to twitch as she reached down and pulled off her tight jean shorts. she just stood for a minute wearing only her silky red bra and panties. she finally undid her bra and slid off her panties. she stood before me completley naked and i couldn't hide my raging hard on any more. she looked down at my bulging shorts and smiled then asked me what i did when i got this excited? i shyly told her that i stroke my cock untill i cum. she asked if i knew how a woman masturbated when she got excited. i told her no (a lie). she sat down on the edge of my bed, spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side. now i had a comlete view of her pussy and it was beautiful. she spread her lips and started to pull at her clit. then one finger shot into her hot, wet hole. then another. she moaned and cried out as she came. after her breathing returned to normal she said i should since she showed me i should show her. i timidly pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. i looked up at my mom and saw that she was smiling, she then came over and took my hand off my cock and asked me if this felt better. she took my cock half way into her mouth, it felt amazing. she slid the rest of it in then i watched as her head bobbed up and down. it just felt soooo good and when i told her that i was about to cum she pulled off my dick and i was a little dissapointed. she laid down next to me and my hand shot out and touched her tit. her nipples were very hard but the rest of her breast was soft and smooth. i guess before this i never realized how big and beautiful my moms tits were. she told me to suck them so i took one into my mouth and slid a hand down to her pussy. it was so wet and hot. as soon as i touched it she rolled on top of me. my dick was still rock hard as she grabbed it and rubbed the head the length of her pussy. then she thrust down untill half of me was inside her. she moaned and thrust untill i was completely in. she started to ride it, up and down, up and down. i reached up and squeezed her tit, she went faster i squeezed both tits a little harder and mom screamed out, "Yeeeeeessssssss, oh god that feels good, im cumming, ohhh yes, cum with me!" i started to thrust and then she screamed out again and that is when i shot my entire load into her hot pussy. i felt it pumping through my dick, and her pussy milking me for everything i had. after i came down from my pleasure high i kissed my mom deeply and we both drifted off to sleep.

we have had sex many times since then but i will always remember the best time of all, the time i got her pregnant.

my sister was at a friends house one summer day and my mom called to say she was cumming home from work for lunch. i thought this would be a great chance to fuck my her, but as she walked in my hopes sank. she had one of her friends from work with her. i started to get up from the couch but she told me to stay there. the two women walked around untill the stood in front of me. my mom shut off the tv and i was about to protest when the two stared at each other then completely shocked me when they began a passionite kiss. my mom unbuttoned the other womans shirt and squeezed her breasts before removing her bra. her breasts were almost as big as my moms and every bit as firm. i looked over to my moms tits and could tell she wasnt wearing a bra because her nipples were poking out and it looked like the shirt was ready to rip open. my mom was no licking every onch of the other girls breasts. after they kissed again the woman pulled off my moms shirt and suck loudly on her hard nipples. mom said, " Mmmmmmmm, god that feels good, Robin." after robin sucked my moms tits she pulled up moms skirt and i saw she was wearing no panties. mom pulled robin up, then pulled her shorts down. robin had on very sexy and lacy black panties. my mom licked the outside of them as robin laid down. om pulled the panties down with her teeth to reveal robin's completely shaved pussy. mom kept her hair trimmed neatly but robins pussy was totally bare. mom spread her puffy cunt lips and sucked on her clit, then she put a finger inside robin's already dripping pussy and sucked harder on her clit. i couldnt stand it any more so i pulled out my cock and stocked it while i watched this very sexy scene. robin moaned out and my mom's tounge shot into her cunt to lick her hard untill she screamed out and came in mom's mouth. they both looked up at me, robin had her eyes on my cock. mom laid me back on the couch as robin began to suck me off. mom stratled me and i grabbed her ass, pulled her pussy to my mouth and licked and sucked her untill she came into my mouth, god i love that taste. my climbed off of me and i couldn't hold back any longer. robins blonde head was bobbing up and down, i told her i was going to cum and as soon as i started she pulled me out of her mouth and i shot it all over her face. my mom laid robin down and licked my thick cum off her face, neck, and some that had run down to her tits. robins legs were spread wide so i decided to return the favor she had given me. i licked the outside of her pussy and spread her lips to suck on her clit. he pussy was soooo wet and it tasted a little like moms but not much. between my licking her clit and mom sucking and pinching her nipples robin came very soon. i shot my tounge into her hole and tasted her cum. i was in heaven because it tasted even better than my moms. i just kept licking and sucking her pussy, it tasted so good, and i couldnt get enough. while i was sucking her cunt i took one finger and found her ass hole. i rimmed the outside the put the tip of my finger in. robin thrust her hips up pushing her pussy into my face, she cried out "yeeeeeessssssss" i pushed the rest of my finger in and she moaned so loudly that i thought every one in the city could hear it. she was thrusting her hips all around and i dont know how but i kept my tounge in her tasting every drop. i kept sucking her untill she stopped cumming. i pulled away from her cunt and mom pulled away from her tits. we both kissed as mom laid me down on my back and guided my cock into her pussy, she leaned down and wispered into my ear " Fill me up with your hot cum, i want you to make me pregnant!" i was a little shocked but incredibly turned on. she started to ride me and i reached up to pinch her tits, she moaned out and before long was cumming. she stopped thrusting and fell onto me becuse she was tired and her orgasm was too strong. i rolled us over, and pumped my dick in and out, mom was screaming "ohhhhhhhh god yeeeeeesssss, fill me up!" i looked over to robin who had obviously recovered because she was finger fucking her self hard. this sent me over the edge and the cum shot out of my dick and deep into the womb i came from. i kept thrusting until i was exahuasted. i fell onto mom and felt her pussy squeezing my cock for every last drop. i drifted off to sleep hoping that our child was a girl so when she grew up, i could teach her about sex the way my mom taught me.

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